i felt like crying making this omg i just

Bts reaction to gf being scared when they are angry.


Requested by anon. I hope you like it! 

*Gifs are not mine. Credit to the owners*


Jin doesnt strike as the type to lose his temper. You hadn’t ever seen him angry, so when he did get angry it wasn’t pretty. He came home from work and you did the usual stuff of asking him about his day. You went up to him and back-hugged him but he pushed you away a little too hard. You fell on the ground. “Oh shit” he said and ran up to you to help you up. “Jagi I am so sorry, I had rough day at work and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I would never hurt you” he sincerely apologized. He pulled you into a hug and whispered sweet nothings in your ear.


Yoongi is more of a passive aggressive person. He had been holed up in the studio the whole day without eating anything. You didn’t want to disturb him because you knew he would not like it, but you cared about his well being. So slowly you tiptoed in his studio, took the earplugs out of his ear and put the tray of food in front of him. “What the hell y/n?”he yelled and he knocked the tray of food over. You moved out of the way because you didn’t want it to spill on you. After a while Yoongi came to you to apologize and as an apology he made dinner for you. “I am sorry babe, I didn’t mean to be mean or angry. You know how sensitive I am regarding my work” he explained. The rest of the night was spend cuddling and watching tv, with Yoongi occasionally slipping in a sorry.


Hoseok also doesn’t seem like someone who gets angry often like Jin. You and him got into a heated argument, the beginning of which you could not remember. Hoseok just knew he felt insecure and that he has to make you see it. In the process anger took the bets of him and he ended up scaring you. Hoseok felt awful for making you cry. “Jagi I am so so so sorry. I don’t know what got into me. I was just jealous and I was scared your friend had feelings for you. I love you too much to lose you” he justified his anger. The moment he heard your whimpers, he started crying as well. The both of you cried hugging each other. “I promise to never get mad at you like that again. I would never hurt you baby. Trust me” he smiled at you and wiped your tears away.


Namjoon didn’t know what happened to him but when he heard you went out for movies with a friend, who happened to be a male, he felt territorial. “Babe, who is this guy?” He asked you while waving your phone in your face. You could tell he was angry. He usually was good at self-control, but somehow he felt threatened. He raised his hand to rub his neck, but you thought of something else and flinched. He stopped mid-sentence. “Jagi… I would never do that to you” he would say. He felt hurt that you thought he would hit you. He slowly approached you, and made sure to reassure that he wouldn’t even lift a finger to hurt you. “Babe, I wasn’t going to..” He stopped mid sentence again. He would be too baffled to say anything else, except for pulling you into him.


I can’t see him getting mad, but if he ever did it would be pretty bad. It wasn’t anything you did, but just something you said sent him over the edge. He turned around to face you, and sighed in frustration. He took a step towards you, but you however took a step back. He reached out his hand to touch but you cowered back.


he whispered your name softly. When you stood frozen in your place, he stepped forward, and kissed you. It took you by surprise.

“I love you and I am not that kind of man y/n. Its me, Tae. Your Tae.”

He softly kissed you again. He pulled you to himself even tighter.


you tried getting out of his grasp. However he was just a tad bit stronger.

“Tae.. can’t breathe”

you choked out.


He is probably the scariest person when he gets angry, so granted when he did blow up it was very scary to say the least. You were arguing about god knows what, and he lost it. He started screaming at you and he pinned you to the wall and tightened his hold on your shoulders. “Jimin..” You called out to him, but he didn’t hear you. His grip was tight that it was hurting you. “Jimin you are hurting me” you yelled over his voice. It was like your voice brought him out of a trance. “Jagi.. I am.. I just don’t know what happened” he stepped back from you and gave you space. You were in tears and seeing you made him hate himself in that moment. He couldn’t believe he hurt you. “I am sorry baby, I am so sorry” he said and started crying too. “I didn’t mean any of it. I just love you” he said while softly kissing your hair.


He would be totally and utterly shocked. He had no intention of hurting you in any way, but he was way too angry when he saw you with another guy. He took you towards the car and opened the door for you and made you sit in. Once you got home. He loosened the buttons of his shirt. He paced around for a few seconds before grunting and punching the wall. You screamed in horror, but did not dare move. He moved towards you, but you moved back and flinched away. He would immediately feel horrible for making you fearful. “Baby, I am.. I don’t why I got so mad. I don’t know what to say.. I feel terrible. I was way out of line” he said while tears streamed down his face. You approached him and engulfed him in a hug. He held on to you like a baby, and just cried. “I love you” you said to him and he tightened his grip around your waist, letting you know he felt the same.

*excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes*

OMG I hate these crying gifs, but they were necessary. Anyway I hope you guys like it! Have a good day everyone and keep smiling. You can do it :)


OMG SO I just reached to over 1,000 followers on here and I just wanted to thank all of you for following me. I made this blog cause I felt like I needed to have a place where I felt free to talk about wrestling, cause my friends don’t watch and won’t have a clue of what I’m spending 90% of my life crying over.  So thank you. I love making gifs and talking about the little things about our faves that only we really get. It’s beautiful. 💕💕💕 
I’ll list a few blogs that are my favorite, if I leave anyone out please forgive me, I’ve slept like 3 hours and still gotta stay up for NJPW soooo yeah lol.
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∆ One of the best days of my entire life ∆

Alright. So. I am going to do my very best at this. But here it finally is, in its entirety in post form: On Saturday May 6th, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina, I saw my favorite band, Bastille, again. And by some all-powerful grace of a god in the sky or the universe rewarding me for some reason, I got to meet them. Here is the story:

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Just finished your lord of thorns story on ao3. I loved it! Batb has always been one of my fave stories and i love the spideypool take. It made me cry

Ah!! Lord of Thorns is one of m FAVORITES!!!! Beauty and the Beast is one of my FAVORITE stories ever and making it Spideypool was a challenge but omg I felt like it turned out so well!!!

danceyreagan  asked:

Finished "The Take" yesterday. 😫😫😫 poor lil Jimmy? And no matter how despicable Freddie was I felt sorry for him in the end. And Charlotte Riley is an excellent actress as well. It was sooo goood!!!! Glad I stuck throughit. Im gonna watch Warrior today. If you have any other Tom suggestions let me know.

OMG can we talk about Freddie Jackson???!!!   Selfish. Vile. Bastard.    I mean he makes James Delaney look like a boy scout, right?

And yet, I think I might just still be tempted…???   Why am I like this???   The rawness and power exuded.  Magnetism, but you know you’ll be completely ashamed when it’s over.  LOL

But then, he made me cry and I was like:  ok first, how dare you Mr. Hardy!!!

Originally posted by bootycall-frogclickers

The nerve of imbibing this sick, twisted soul with even a shred of humanity??    A vulnerability.  No. I am not willing.   And yet I was crushed for him by the turn of events as you mentioned Little Jimmy. (I don’t want to give spoilers - just watch folks.)

This is the mastery of Tom Hardy.   That you felt even a shred of sorrow for this despicable character.    But the thing is, or I believe anyway, Freddie is bona fide psychopath.   Which one can’t really help since it’s mental condition…. but you can see his pain regarding Little Freddie, and that tells you a little something about him that makes it not quite so black and white.   That he could love one boy, and not the other: as if he was subconsciously rejecting his own self.

Just bloody brilliant.   Tom is unbelievable - you will not recognize.  It’s definitely one of his best performances, if you can bear to watch.   The rest of the cast is great too - as you mentioned Charlotte.

Warrior is a completely different kind of character in Tommy Conlon.  Although we will have emotional unavailability and mental anguish again.   The movie is really good and I love the family dynamic in the centre.   Enjoy!!!

After that, for a complete switch up, I would suggest either The Drop or Locke as they are quieter performances with much subtlety.  Bob in the Drop is so easy to fall completely in love with…. but ha….. well, just watch.   Whereas I think Ivan in Locke is his best technical role.  Brilliant script.  Well executed concept.  Flawless performance.   Even if he’s a bit of a cad. 

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Have fun @danceyreagan  :)

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I just finished skyline and that...was one of the best things I have ever read. You weren't just telling a story, you were making me live the story. I felt it.I felt the angst, the happiness and the pain. And it was beautiful. It was perfect and pure and everything I imagine love will be like. I am legit crying. So thank you. For that beautiful, awe inspiring story! Thank you. Sincerely, your fan, A

omg thank you for saying that!!!!!!


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hey i was one of the anons who vented to you about trans stuff a while back and i wanted to tell you i finally found some resources not far from me and i'm so excited because i feel like i'll finally be able to transition when before it just felt hopeless and i'm just so happy right now i could cry, also i sat down and had a talk with my mom and she agreed to support me. things are finally starting to look up

OMG! this is big news, i’m setting off confetti cannons for you!!! i’m glad things are looking up it’s always good to see that, thank you for telling me this makes me so happy 💛

Does anyone remember in the third skulduggery pleasant book “the faceless ones” when fletcher renn first teleported Valkyrie on to the top of ghastly’s roof and when skulduggery arrived he was like a protective father over her and was like telling fletcher to never do that again like a father would an omg I just can’t I feel as if skulduggery treats Valkyrie like the child he lost during the war and this makes me cry ok you can’t tell me any different

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Okay spoiler alert: I'm that anon that asked about the whats prank thing 😂😂 I just used it to make a text imagine, and for some reason, I felt like writing angst. I think you're rubbing off on me too much 🤣 I almost made myself cry 😭

lmao Rae whats with the anon 😂 oopsies? 😂 ANGST IS LIFE OMG

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I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! Like I keep saying I felt awful for making you guys wait so long, so the fact that it was worth it (and SO many people keep telling me they cried–sorry!!) makes me feel really good! I know I spent a crazy amount of hours and I did a lot of research for the fight scenes (and the smut as well) SO LIKE THANK YOU SO MUCH oMG 🖤🖤 🖤🖤            

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Hello~ could you do a monsta x reaction where they accidentally make you cry? Thankyou!

Here you are Anon! I hope you enjoy! I think I am slowly getting better at these. I will never be as good as Admin O though!

-Admin Hyun Mi

Shownu-  The second he saw you cry he would kind of freeze/blue screen like a computer. Stunned that he just made you cry. Once he shook himself out of the shock he would quietly come and hug you softly.

Originally posted by adorablewoo

Wonho- He would have pure shock on his face and immediately apologize looking like he is going to cry with you. “Jagi omg I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry …..” “Shhhh Hoseok it’s fine” You would give him a peck on the cheek and hug him tightly to reassure him it was ok.

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Minhyuk- Instantly he would be apologizing and giving you kisses all over your face. The whole rest of the day he would just cuddle and kiss you to make sure everything was ok. This lil puppy felt so bad for making you cry.

Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun- He got a little to sassy with you because he was frustrated but the second the words came out of his mouth he knew he was harsh. He came up behind you and gave you a back hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Originally posted by j-miki

Hyungwon- Once again another sass machine had just had it that day and was rude with you for no reason. When you walked away he immediately grabbed you and fall back on the bed with you holding you captive. “Jagi I’m sorry. Let’s take a nap and cuddle”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon- Aegyo need I say more. Immediate aegyo and the promise that he was going to the store for whatever snacks you wanted. When he got back you would watch any movie or drama you wanted no matter if he was into it or not with lots of cuddles.

Originally posted by adorablewoo

I.M- This kid would kind of be blank for a minute. Shocked at what he did and that you were crying a little. He was not quite sure what to do. He apologized and you walked over and gave him a big hug so he knew that it was all going to be ok.

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He needs you.

He needs you 

Zayn: (his P. O. V.) 

I was walking with my beautiful girlfriend hand in hand through an empty park. I loved times like this, when I’m only with her. With no Paps. Just me and her.

 "Omg. That’s Zayn!!!“ I heard a girl shouting. Maybe I spoke too soon.
Y/n let go of my hand to let the girls have time with me and I love how understanding she was. In less than a minute there were at least ten girls asking for photos and autographs. I looked for y/n and I saw that she was taking a photo with a guy. I felt how the blood boiled inside of me. A couple of girls noticed it and began to tease me about it.
 He was flirting with her! She was just smiling tightly, obviously getting annoyed by him but being her polite self, she didn’t pushed him away. I know her. He was the one who was bothering her, us.
I didn’t want to cause an scene, but he was getting too close to her. Beside me there was a tall and quite intimidating fan and I got and idea. 

"Do you want me to follow you on Twitter?" 

She seemed surprised by my question but nodded intensely. "Bring y/n to me.” She approached y/n and said in a very loud voice, probably due to the nervousness “Zayn needs you. Follow me.” Y/n followed her without a word and I got her in my arms. All the fans awed. I quickly took a photo with each one and even talked to them. They all loved y/n. I didn’t punch that guy, I got my girl in my arms again and I followed a fan on Twitter. Everyone happy. 


It was 2:30 am when your phone started to ring. You were grumpy whenever someone woke you up and yet very sleepy you accepted Louis’ call.
“Louis, it’s 2:30 am, this must be very important.” You growled.
“I’m sorry sweetie, it’s just… Harry, he’s having a breakdown. He’s been crying for hours now, and he doesn’t let us in. He only wants you.” All the grumpiness left your body as you felt your heart break a little by just imagining a crying Harry.
“Can you hand the phone to him, please?" 
You hear Louis telling Harry that it was you on the phone, then silence.
"Love?” His voice was broken, you could feel the tears in your own eyes. He was usually so strong.
“Handsome, what’s wrong?” He sniffled, making you want to be there with him, in his arms. You hold back your own tears. Then he let out a big sigh.
“Paps created another rumor about me dating Lou’s sister, they called me womanizer, I swear it’s not true. I was helping her, she wants to buy something for Lou’s birthday then we bumped into a girl, she told me she hated me, that I’m the worst singer ever, many girls did. That I was just in the band for my nice face. Then I didn’t hit so many notes on stage. Maybe they are right. And I miss my family, I miss you so much, I can’t. I can’t do it anymore. I just want to have you in my arms. I miss your coconut and vanilla scent, your smile, everything.” You wanted to be in front of that bitches and scream at them, how could they? And those Paps… They would have definitely taken a bit of your mind.
“Harry, babe, it’s ok. I believe you, and I’m here talking to you. The best singer I’ve heard, the most intelligent, humble, selfless human being I know. The one that laughs it off when a note doesn’t go like you would like to, because you are human, love. Me, your mom, everyone supports you. We love you. I love you. Please, don’t cry, or you will make me cry too.” You could feel how he slowly calmed down.
“I love you, babe”
“I love you too, H.” You stood silent for a few minutes, just hearing each other’s breathing.
“I will get you on your next show, Hazz.”
“Omg! Are you serious love?” He sounded like a little child, happy, and you felt so blessed to be the one who, at the end of the day, stood with a loving man. “Very." 

Niall: (his P. O. V.) 

I was trying to make a new lasagna recipe for my beautiful princess, but it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted it to. She always makes the most delicious dishes in the world for me, and I want to make it up to her, at least for today. But I seems like I can’t. I kept tasting it over and over again.
Maybe I did put too much tomato sauce.
Or maybe I put too much salt.
What else should I..?

"Boo” Oh shit. I almost drop the whole package of tomato sauce. I turn around only to she my beautiful girlfriend laughing at me.
“Your face was priceless, babe.” And the sound of her laugh made me laugh too. It took her a while to calm down.
“Ni, you’re doing lasagna, my favorite!”
“Only for you, babe” She was going to taste it but it wasn’t ready.
“Wait! It’s not ready.”
“Ok, I’ll wait then.” Before she could get out of the kitchen I took her hand.
“Love, I need you. I know it doesn’t taste good. Can you help me? I will do it all by myself next time.” She gave me the warmest smile ever, kissed my lips and nodded.
“I love you, Ni.” Only those four words made my whole world better.
“I love you, princess." 


I was brushing my teeth when I got a call from Louis. I quickly wash the toothpaste out and answer it.
"Hi babe” I said happy, even when I just saw him this morning.
“Love, I need you, can you come and meet me at the mall asap?”
“Yeah, sure. Can I know why?”
“I had totally forgotten that tomorrow is my mum’s birthday!!”
“But love… We bought her gift last week, don’t you remember?” You laughed. His life was so busy that we often forgot little things like that.
“We did?” He sounded so confused and it was so cute.
“We did, Lou. I have already called the boys and they all know that tomorrow you won’t be going out with them so you can be with your mom.” He let out a relieved sigh.
“I don’t know what I would do without you, baby.”
“You would probably forget to wear pants.” We both laughed.
“I love you, babe.”
“I love you, boo bear.”
“I will bring pizza to my life saver.”
“Know I love you more. Don’t be late.” And I ended the call. He can be all the vague he wants and say that he needs me but I am the one who actually needs him, and I am the lucky one who can call him mine. 

Liam: (his P. O. V.) 

It’s been eight days since I last saw her beautiful eyes, heard her laugh or taste her lips and it’s all my fault. I made her leave home due to my constant grumpiness. It’s my fault that she got into that car accident. 

And now our kids are asking for their mom, and I can’t just tell them that she’s in coma. They are just 3 and 4.
Seeing her in that bed, pale and with stitches makes me wanna cry and cry. I approach her and take her hand. At least it’s a little warmer than before. I open her favorite book as I almost finish it. I have been reading to her since the car accident. An hour later I can’t take it anymore.
“Love, I need you. I need you to wake up so much. I love you, our kids love you. We need you. I love you.” I sniffle, feeling how my heart a sinks when she doesn’t answer.
“I miss your smile, your laugh and your beautiful voice.” I let a dry laugh out as I almost hear her laugh in the back of my head.
“The kids won’t stop asking for you. They want you, they miss their mom. This is probably the longest I have been near you since you first got pregnant, and I am so sorry. I promise I will make it up to you. We will never fight, but please. Don’t leave me.” I can’t control the tears in my eyes. 

But she doesn’t answer me. 

She doesn’t even move a finger and it kills me. It kills me to know that she may not… That she may not make it. And it’s all my fault. 

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Can I request for BTS Reacts to their girlfriend having mood swings during her period and whatever they do annoys her. Could go either way, fluff or angst up to you! 😊🙆🏼

thanks for the request~  I felt like this has been done many times before but I’ll try my best to make it more original.


You: *a frustrated yell*

Jin: *gif*

Jin: Time to raid the chocolate section.

Originally posted by daesbulge


You: I just don’t get why us women have to suffer a week of pain every month.

Suga: Babe, please sleep. It’ll help.

sleep is the cure to everything

Originally posted by minsnuggles


You: Do you still love me?

Rap Mon: Yes, of course.

You: Are you sure??

Rap Mon: Always.

You: Then go get me tampons.

Originally posted by yoongijae


*finds you crying*

Jhope: *literally so sweet and would comfort you with his love*

Jin: Get a room — OMG (Y/N) WHY ARE YOU CRYING?

Originally posted by hobilu



Jimin: Honey, don’t get mad~ Look at your cute boyfriend ^.^

You: Where? *joking*

Jimin: *aegyo*

Originally posted by forjimin


Taehyung: How was your day?


Taehyung: *gif* I’ll go get some chocolate…

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


Jungkook: Why are you so quiet?

You: I’m in pain.

Jungkook: *becomes a meme and tries to make you feel better*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

It’s strange how I am doing this request as I’m on my period lmao

Requests are Open.

Top 5 Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What

tagged by mah girl  @jazzybizzle

1)Sonamy (Sonic X Amy) Boom!Sonamy

I like Modern Sonamy, but I lean more towards the Boom!Sonamy. Hands down my top OTP. ‘Nough said. 

2) LadyNoir (Ladybug X Cat Noir)

As of late, my second fav OTP. I mean look at these dorks. I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for them cuz I’m in shipping hell with these two

3) Asuto (Asuna X Kirito)

Omg I am so in love with this couple, guys. They make me cry tbh because they’re so perf and just so in love. I recommend watching SAO (Sword Art Online) btw

4) Yatori (Yato X Hiyori)

I just love these two. Yato’s the biggest dork there is and Hiyori is just so in love with him, whether she’ll admit it or not. 

5) Sasukura? (Sasuke X Sakura)

I mean I’ve always felt these two were meant for each other? More like i think they’re soul mates but i can’t really see it happening, but i’m pretty sure they’re perfect for each other but like i don’t wanna get my hopes up XD It was always a light switch concept for me with these two cuz sasuke was so unpredictable. But bam, there it is

I guess I’ll tag a few peeps: @loveandpeace255 @celepom @we-laugh-till-we-cry @elyzahere and anyone else who’s up for this I guess? 

So i was drawing Amy on a seperate piece of paper with like a rain coat and then i thought of this scene where Amy, Aurora, and Sonic got stuck out in the rain so when it finally stopped they were going back and letting little aurora run around and play til…
she slips on mud!!
dun dun dun!!
and yeah lol i just pictured sonic running in slow mo to catch his baby girl and falling face front in the mud in the process.

on a side note ive heard many times that if you make a big deal when a kid falls if you panic and are all over them then they think what just happened is bad and what felt like a little tumble now is like ‘omg im hurt!’ and they’ll cry.

i dunno if to believe it but Aurora kinda got freaked by her father so shes kind got sobby eyes anyways

just thought id explain that ;w;
i drew Modern Sonic for some reason..but oh well still our silly Sonic

[More fan art from Kiki! This is too adorable! Sonic would absolutely do this all the time, hahaha. GOTTA PROTECT THE TINY!]

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sooo... how was the concert and meeting selena?!

sorry this is so late and long i’ve been working my brain all day to fully remember the full extent of our conversation because i could barely remember it when i first got out!!! i also wanted to write out a little memoir for myself to look back on

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I love the idea of Levi being 3000% done with Eren, Jean, and Marco lovefest. Like they're all super efficient and professional during missions so Levi can't /technically/ reprimand them but after missions they're all like 'omg I was so worried for you' 'i felt so safe with you there' 'oh thank god you're both okay' while they all hug and cry and kiss each other in the back of the van and Levi just takes a really sharp turns to knock them over to shut them up.

Bahahah yes, pretty much

But he can’t deny they make a great team

#190: the type of dad they are omg

Mark: The type of dad who makes his toddler wear those little shoes that squeak whenever they walk and laughs hysterically when the kid walks around giggling omg and then probably videos it and puts it on Instagram omg 

Junior: The type of dad who INSISTS on bedtime story every night so they can get a HEAD START ON LEARNING but it’s really really really sweet and cute and kisses his kid on the top of their head and ruffles their hair aw omg 

JB: The type of dad who’s so chill and lets his kids have an extra helping of dessert and takes them out to ice cream when they’re supposed to be doing homework LOL omg 

Jackson: The type of dad who talks to his 1 year old about his old fencing days and when he was in GOT7 and rambles on and on even though the kid is half asleep in the car HAHA 

BamBam: The type of dad tries to be really cool so he picks up his kids in an obnoxiously coloured convertible with the top down with GOT7′s music playing REALLY LOUDLY and all his kids do is face palm at him 

Youngjae: The type of dad who hears the baby monitor going off and goes into the room and tries to sing so the baby will stop crying and when you come into the room to check on him he’s finally got the baby to sleep and shushes you because he put so much work into what just happened LOL 

Yugyeom: The type of dad to see the baby crying and just hold it up staring at it in confusion as just tries to make funny faces in an attempt to make the baby laugh instead of cry but the baby just cries more instead HAHA 

I just had the best, weirdest and most realistic dream ever.

I forgot what happened in the beginning, the only thing I remember is that all of a sudden Chris came into my room. And for some reason I didn’t fangirl like I’d probably do in real life, it was like no big deal. And when he entered my room I asked him: “Chris? Chris Wood? What are you doing in my house? Shouldn’t you be in Atlanta on the TVD set?” He smiled, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes. AND SUDDENLY HE KISSED ME?! I’M FUCKING SERIOUS!! The door was open and my mom came in and saw Chris and she asked him: “Oh, aren’t you Kai from the Vampire Diaries? Did they sew your head back on?” He looked at me with that ‘Is she serious right now?’-face and I just nodded and he then said to her: “Yes, yes they did…” And my mom laughed and said: “Oh good. You looked weird without it.” I told her to leave and she did. And I stared at him and asked again: “What are you doing here?!” And he sighed: “Please. Just stop talking.” He kissed me again but not that sweet and innocent way like he did before, he kissed me like he had been searching for me his whole life. We started making out, he pushed me into my bed and omg he tasted and smelled just like I’ve imagined it. (Duh, it was my dream)It felt soo real. I felt every touch, his racing heartbeat, I smelled his cologne. I tasted his lips, his tongue. like he was really there with me. Everything felt so real, I started crying after I woke up.

That was that from me. How are you guys doing? :D