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                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.

Before It’s Too Late (part 3)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Bucky crying like a lil bitch. Lmao jk jk but he does cry

A/N: It’s been 5eveeerrrrrr so here ya go. This fic isn’t going to be too long - I hope. Just a quick lil thing. Also I’m thinking about FINALLY updating Tainted Love :’)))))))))

“You guys are real assholes, you know?”

Natasha shrugged, leaning into the couch. “We saved you. You should be thankful.”

“There was nothing to save me from.” you respond.

“Heartbreak.” Wanda says, looking over at you. “We saved you from heartbreak.”

You let out a chuckle. “Guys, I’m fine.”

“But are you really?” Pepper questioned.

“Y/N, spending time with that girl will only result in even more heartbreak for you and I can guarantee that she will talk about her relationship with Bucky whenever she has the chance.” Peggy adds.

You sigh. “Well you saved me a bit too late. I already gave her my blessing to date Buck.”

They give you a look. “You gave her your blessing?”

“Yeah, apparently Bucky told her that he didn’t want to continue dating her if I didn’t like her which I thought was stupid because it shouldn’t matter what I think but she said my opinion means a lot to him so..” you trail off and they’re all staring at you with their jaws slacked. “What?”

“Are you stupid or something?” Nat questioned, taking you by surprise but before you could respond, Peggy speaks.

“You had the perfect opportunity to get rid of her but instead you decided to keep her?”

You pout. “I’m not a mean person! And I hate to say it but she’s actually really nice and I can’t hate her because she’s so perfect.”

Pepper scoffs. “Here’s a reason to hate her; she stole your man!”

The others nod in agreement and you shake your head. “I’m sorry, I can’t. Besides, she makes Bucky happy and that’s all I want for him.”

“You always say that and we’re always gonna respond with what about your happiness?” Wanda frowns.

You make a face and shrug, about to respond when there was a knock on the door. Eyebrows furrowed, you call out. “Who is it?”

“It’s Bucky! And the other guys. Is Wanda there?” the knocking stopped and your eyes widened as did the other girls.

“Shit.” you whisper.

“Answer the door, I’ll take Wanda to the bathroom and wrap her head.” Peggy whispered and you nod. You watch the two disappear into the bathroom and you shuffle over to the door, pulling it open.

“Hey guys.” you breathe.

“Is Wanda okay? Kristen told me that you had to go early because Wanda was in the hospital. We came over as soon as we could.” Bucky tells you.

You glance over to the hallway, seeing Peggy walking back with Wanda who had white wrap around her head. Turning back to him, you nod. “Uh.. yeah, she’s fine, come in.”

You open the door wider, allowing everyone in and you shut the door.

“What happened?” he asked, standing by the couch.

“I left Peggy and Pepper’s dorm and instead of taking the elevator I took the stairs and I slipped and fell.” Wanda explained, holding a hand to her head and pretending to be in pain.

“It’s not too serious.” you add. “She’s just got to take it easy for a few days.”

Bucky frowns at his friend. “Be careful next time.”

“I will.”

Bucky nods and turns to you, his frown turning into a smile. “How’d it go?”

You assumed he was talking about your day with Kristen and smile. Or at least try to. “It was great. She’s a gem, Buck.”

“So you like her?” his eyes held hope and you felt your heart break.

“Yeah, James, I like her.”

Bucky left with Steve and Vision stared at his girlfriend.


“You’re a horrible faker.” he spoke and she pouts.

“How did you know?” Wanda whined.

“We’re dating. I know when you’re lying.”

Wanda huffed. “You’re no fun.”

So now Kristen and Bucky have been dating for 3 months and it’s nearly Christmas which means everyone is going home and you couldn’t be more excited.

You burst into Bucky’s apartment with a smile on your face, singing a Christmas song but you immediately stop when you see the looks on Steve and Sam’s faces and Bucky’s nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Bucky?” you ask, setting your hands down at your sides.

“Laying down in his room.” Sam responds.

Your eyebrows furrow. “But it’s one in the afternoon. Everyone’s packing to go home for the next four weeks.”

Steve bites his lip. “He… got a call from his mom today.”

“Oh.” you nod and without anymore clarification from Steve or Sam, you guide yourself to his room. Taking a deep breath, you push his door open. The only light in his room was coming from his night light. He didn’t like the dark. It made him feel alone.

You shut the door behind you, your eyes on Bucky who was laying on his side, staring at the wall ahead. You make your way over to his bed and sit down next to him.

He doesn’t take his eyes off the wall as he spoke to you. “She told me not to come home.” you don’t say anything, letting him talk. “She was mad that I didn’t come home for Thanksgiving so she told me to stay my ass here for Christmas.”

None of you went home for Thanksgiving. You had Thanksgiving in Bucky’s apartment. Just your group of friends.

Bucky looks at you, his eyes brimmed with tears. “Now I’m gonna be alone here. You’re going home, Steve and Peggy are going home, Sam and Clint are going home, Nat and Bruce are going; Pepper’s leaving. Tony, Wanda and Vision are going - even Kristen’s going home. I’m all alone.”

“Bucky..” you murmur. Your hand finds his and you give it a squeeze.

“She really doesn’t want me to come home, Y/N. She even said that if I showed up at the house that she wouldn’t let me in.” his lip quivered. “I haven’t seen them since last year. I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss my sister and my nephew and now she doesn’t want me home so now I have to stay here - alone.”

You lean over and hug Bucky, rubbing his back as he cried. “Hey, hey, it’s okay.”

“I don’t want to be here alone.” he held you tightly and you frown.

You didn’t want him to be here alone. He hated being alone. “Then come home with me.”

He sniffled. “What?”

“Come home with me. My mom wouldn’t care, she loves you. And you wouldn’t be alone. You’d be with me and my family who basically is your family too.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to-”

“Ima stop you right there.” you say. “I won’t take no for an answer so start packing. We’re leaving at three.”

You stand up from his bed and open his door but before you leave, you turn to him and point a finger his way. “Three, James. I’m coming here at three and if you’re not ready and packed then you’re going like that. I’ll even be nice and share my clothes with you.”

He laughs at this and you smile. “Three.” he repeats.

With a nod, you leave his room and walk out to the living room where Sam and Steve were sitting. When Steve sees you, he stands up. “How is he? Is he okay?”

“He’s fine.” you respond. “He’s coming home with me for Christmas.”

“Oh thank god.” Steve breathed. “I would’ve taken him with me but my family is meeting Peggy for the first time so..”

“It’s fine, really, I understand. Besides, my family loves him so this won’t be a problem.” you say.

“You’re an angel sent from heaven, Y/N.” your blonde friend says.

“And don’t you forget it.”

Sam laughs.

A/N: Well here it issssss. Tell me what ya think!


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Nursey knocked on Dex’s dorm room door again.

“Dex!  Will!  I know you’re in there!” he yelled, “Just let me in!   I need to know you’re ok!”  He’d been there for at least half an hour with no response, and wasn’t sure he expected one.  Still, Nursey wasn’t giving up.  No one had heard from Dex since that morning, and he was worried.

He was relieved when the door opened, but that was short lived, once he saw Dex’s tear streaked face.

“I’m fine.” Dex snapped, and went to close the door.  Without thinking, Nursey stuck his foot in the way, and forced it open.

“You’re clearly not.” Nursey pointed out.  He expected Dex to disagree, to argue, to kick him out, but he just sighed, and walked further into his room.  Nursey followed, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?” Nursey asked casually as he sat into Dex’s desk chair, and Dex curled up at the top of his bed.

Dex stayed quiet, playing with his sleeves and staring at his blanket.

“Will,” Nursey said. Dex looked up at the use of his first name.  “What’s wrong?  What happened?”  Nursey was worried he was being blunt, and harsh, but he needed to know what was wrong with Dex so he could fix it.

“I…it’s nothing.” Dex mumbled.  Nursey felt his heart clench at how quiet he sounded.  William Poindexter was many things, but quiet wasn’t one of them.

It was one of the many reasons Nursey loved him.

“Rubbish” Nursey said, trying to hide how he felt.  “That’s a lie Will.  What happened?  Why are you so sad?  Where’s Tanner?”

At the mention of his boyfriend, Will burst into tears.  He hid his face in his hands, shoulders shaking as he tried to hold back his sobs.

“Dex?” Nursey asked cautiously.  A million awful scenarios ran through his mind as to why that question would make Dex cry.  “Where is Tanner?”

“We…he….Tanner dumped me.” Dex managed to sob out.  “He dumped me and I don’t know why!  I thought we were great together!  And he broke up with me.  And I don’t know what I did, but he’s gone.”

Nursey felt like his heart was breaking.  Dex, brilliant, smart, beautiful, Dex, was hurting, and blaming himself for it.  He was sobbing his heart out, and Nursey didn’t know what to do to help him feel better.

“Dex,” he began, unsure what he was planning to say after that.  “Dex.  It’s not your fault.”

Dex shook his head, no.

“It’s not.  Just because Tanner couldn’t see how amazing you are-“Nursey tried, but Dex interrupted him.

“Stop, Nursey.  Just stop.  I-I don’t want to talk right now” Dex snapped.

“Ok,” Nursey said. “Ok.  How about I just sit with you, yeah?”

Dex nodded, and Nursey moved over to his bed.

“Could you-?” Dex asked quietly, before stopping.

“Could I what Will?” Nursey asked, knowing already he’d say yes to anything Dex asked of him, especially right now.

“Could you hold me?” Dex asked. “It’s ok if you don’t want to.  And I’m sorry for snapping at you.” He said in a rush.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Nursey assured, pulling Dex close to him. “It’s all gonna be alright Dex.”

“How?”  Dex asked, pulling away slightly to look Nursey in the eye.  “How’s it all going to be ok?  My first boyfriend dumped me. I loved him so much Nurse. How is it all going to be alright?!”

“I don’t know yet Dex,” Nursey admitted.  “But it will be.”

They sat in silence for a while, Nursey holding Dex close as he cried.


The next morning, Nursey called for Dex before morning practice.

“C’mon Dexy!” he encouraged “We got pucks to hit!”

“I don’t really feel like it.” Dex said miserably. “I just wanna sleep”

“Sleep after practice man. I know you have a few hours off then.” Nursey said. “Practice might make you feel better you know.”

Dex stared at him a moment, thinking.


“Absolutely!” Nursey said with a grin.  “And I’ll bring over pizza later if you come.”

“And ice cream?” Dex asked, hesitantly.

“Of course bro!”

“Okay. Just…..gimme a minute” Dex said, and closed his door as he went to get ready.

Nursey smiled. This was progress.  He quickly text Chowder to let him know Dex was coming to practice, and not to mention Tanner.  By the time he received Chowder reply, Dex was ready to go.


Later that evening, Nursey called over to Dex’s dorm with pizza and ice cream.  He pulled up a movie on his laptop and they watched and ate in silence for a while.  It was nice.

By the time the movie ended, Dex was curled up against Nursey’s side, and Nursey had his arm around him.

“I just.  I really loved Tanner.” Dex said out if the blue. “And I know it’s dumb to be this upset over my first boyfriend but-“

“Being upset isn’t dumb Dex. You’re feelings are valid.” Nursey interrupted.  Dex looked at him considering, before he nodded, and then continued.

“It’s just. He was my first boyfriend. He helped me come out to my family, and supported me through everything with my brother afterwards,” Dex explained. Nursey nodded in understanding - he remembered how Dex’s brother had reacted to Dex coming out, and how it had affected him.

“And he helped me to feel more comfortable here.  I know this is Samwell, and there’s the whole “1 in 4” thing, but he helped me brave enough to go to Winter Screw with a date.  And it was such an amazing night.” Dex said, his eyes filled with tears. He was holding them back though, and Nursey realised how much he needed to get through this right now.  To get his feelings off his chest.

“It’s was amazing.” Dex said, “Our first screw together. He looked so good in his suit.  And he told me I looked handsome. No one ever said that about me before.  And he brought me flowers.  Plastic ones because of my allergies.  And we went to dinner first. He wanted to treat me but I argued and he let me split the bill.” Dex laughed at the memory, the sound surprising Nursey. “And then he bought us both desserts anyway. I was so stuffed by the time we got to the Screw; I didn’t think we’d be able to dance.”

“I can’t actually dance,” Dex continued with a sad smile “Tanner said he’d cover for me.  He led all the dances and I still stood on his feet like 10 times.  He just laughed every time.  Told me I was getting better, and I’d be a great dancer by our next screw.  An-and now we’re not going to be going together.” Dex wiped at his tears as they fell, but couldn’t stop them.

“I just. I don’t know why he dumped me!” he said angrily, voice hoarse from his tears.   He stood up, and began pacing the room as he spoke. “We were good together!  I was a good boyfriend. I talked to him about how I felt; I listened to him as well!  I helped him when he needed it, and did my best not to shut him out when I needed help!  I paid for dates just as much as he did!  I went to his swimming competitions when I could!  I didn’t pressure him to coming to the hockey games when he was busy!  I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS NURSEY!” Dex yelled. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG! WHAT DID I DO?” and then, quieter, looking at Nursey as though he might know the answer “What’s did I do wrong?”

“Will- you didn’t-. It isn’t because of you. Tanner just doesn’t see how great a boyfriend you were.” Nursey said, trying to comfort him.  He wasn’t really great at it though, but he was doing his best for Dex.

“If I was so great why’d he dump me?” Dex asked angrily.

“Because he’s an idiot.” Nursey said simply.  He surprised a laugh out of Dex, which he considered a good thing.

“Is he though?  I mean, he’s best in his classes.  He gets really good grades.” Dex said sadly.

“Yeah, but he dumped you. And that’s the dumbest thing ever.” Nursey said.  He wanted to tell Dex he would never do that to him, never break his heart into pieces like Tanner had.    But he knew now wasn’t the time.

“You’re too good for him Dex, and someday he’s going to see that and realise that dumping you was the dumbest decision of his life.” Nursey said instead.  Dex was quiet, staring at him in shock for a minute.

“You really think so?” he asked unsurely.

“I know so.” Nursey said confidently.  If he was Tanner, he’d be kicking himself right now.

“You really think I’m too good for Tanner?  Tanner, captain of the swim team?  Tanner, who everyone wants to be with?  Tanner, who’s funny and sweet, and kind, and -?” Dex stopped, as he felt tears coming on again.  “You really think I’m too good for him?”

“You really are Dex.” Nursey said. “You’re smart, and kind, and honest, and hardworking, and witty, and helpful, and.  And Tanner’s the dumbest man alive if he doesn’t see all that!” Nursey practically shouted the last part, and Dex stood looking at him.

“That-.  That’s …. Um… Thanks Nursey.” Dex managed after a while.  Nursey couldn’t read his thoughts from his face, but he hoped Dex didn’t know how close he’d just come to revealing his feelings for him.

Nursey sat uncomfortably on Dex’s bed, trying to change the subject in case Dex was about to ask him about that.

“Want to watch another movie?” he asked quickly.  Dex nodded, and sat next to Nursey on the bed again.  Nursey put on the first movie he saw, not really watching it, but watching Dex instead.  Dex, who looked sad and confused and angry and like he wasn’t watching the movie either, but was too deep in his own thoughts and feelings to even call Nursey out for staring at him.

Nursey was worried about him.


“You haven’t been to a kegster since you started dating him.” Nursey pointed out.

“Because they’re for drinking and hook-ups, and Tanner and I were exclusive.” Dex argues back.

“Just come for an hour, walk around with some tub juice, talk to the team, complain about Holster’s taste in music with me, eat something Bitty baked, and if you hate it, we’ll leave then.” Nursey tried.  Dex hadn’t been out of his room much apart from meals, class, and practise, and he was worried about him.  The whole team was worried about him.  Nursey would only be able to keep them all from arriving in Dex’s dorm in well-meant concern for so long.

“Half an hour.” Dex bargained.

“40 minutes.” Nursey responded, and Dex nodded his agreement.

“And no more?”

“And no less.”

This was a great idea.


This was an awful idea.

At first it had been good. They’d played pong, talked to the team, had some pie, and chirped Holster for his music taste.

Nursey had decided he needed some air, and Dex had come with him to the porch.  It was full of people, some talking, some drinking, and some making out.  They were mostly strangers, except for the girl with green hair from his poetry class, and her girlfriend, a guy from his crit group and his datemate, and


The guy he was making out with was a stranger though.

Nursey turned around, hoping to steer Dex back inside before he saw but it was too late.

“Tanner?!” Dex froze on the porch, shocked to see him.

Tanner pulled away from the guy he was kissing, and threw a look at him over his shoulder.

“Oh, hey Will.” he greeted casually.  Nursey wanted to punch him in the face.

“What….what are you doing?” Dex managed to ask.

“I’m just enjoying the party.” Tanner said, and turned back to the guy he was with.

“It’s our 6 month anniversary.” the guy he was with said happily.

“Your what?” Nursey choked out.  As far as he knew, Dex and Tanner had been dating for the last 7 months.

“But.  But you can’t be….Tanner and I were.  We were.  We.” Dex stuttered out in shock.  “We were together.”

“We were good friends, yeah man.” Tanner said.

“Good friends?  We were…..we were good friends?!” Dex said in shock.  “Tanner I-“

“Yeah, I’ll see you around man.”  Tanner said, and turned back to his boyfriend.

Nursey needed to get Dex out of there.

“Why don’t we go back to your dorm Dex?” he suggested, guiding him off the porch and away from the Haus.  Dex nodded and walked with him quietly, still in shock.

They were about halfway back to the dorm rooms when Dex stopped.

“He was cheating on me.” Dex said.  “He. He started dating someone. He.  Tanner was dating someone else.  He.  Nursey he was cheating on me.”

“Dex….Will.” Nursey had no idea what to say.  “I’m sorry Will.  He shouldn’t have done that to you.  He didn’t deserve you.”

“But he…I didn’t…I’m so stupid.” Dex said.  “I actually believed he loved me”

“You’re not stupid Will. You deserve better than that.  You didn’t deserve that.” Nursey tried. “You deserve better than that”

“I don’t.  i. I don’t know Nursey.  I.  I trusted him so much.  And he did this.   I…I- UGH.” Dex shouted, throwing his arms up in frustration  

“Hey, Will.  Dex.  Will.” Nursey said again, pulling him close to him.  “You’re ok.  It’s ok.” Nursey assured him.  “Tanners an idiot and you deserve so much better than an idiot.”

“Like who?” Dex asked, “Who do I deserve?”

“Me.” Nursey said, regretting it instantly.  Now was not the time.  

“You?  What?” Dex spluttered in shock.  He pulled away from Nursey and stared at him.

“I’m sorry, Will. That was inappropriate.  I’m so sorry” Nursey apologised, but Dex cut him off.

“You like me?” Dex asked.

Nursey nodded, holding his breath for Dex’s reaction.  He hoped against hope he wouldn’t be mad, or upset.

“I.  Derek” Dex ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, a nervous habit he’d picked up since starting at Samwell.    “Derek, I can’t right now.  This is too much.”

“I know.  Will I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.

“I just.  Can we talk about this tomorrow?” Dex asked, “I…I just want be alone for a while.”


“I’m going back to my dorm. Can we talk tomorrow?” Dex asked.

“Yeah.  Of course.  Anything you want.” Nursey said “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Okay.” Dex said, and nodded to himself.  “Okay, I’ll see you then”

“Will you be ok getting back to you dorm?” Nursey asked.  

Dex nodded, and left, heading back to his dorm quickly.


Nursey showed up at his dorm at 10 am the next morning, hoping it wasn’t too early.  He stood outside for another 5 minutes, debating whether to knock now or not.  Steeling his nerves, he knocked, and Dex opened it immediately.

“Hey” Nursey said quietly.

“Hi” Dex said, “Um, you wanna come in?”

“Yeah, sure.” Nursey said, trying to sound casual.  He followed Dex into the room, and sat on his desk chair, as Dex sat on his bed again.

“So…” Nursey started after an awkward silence.

“So.  Um. About last night.” Dex started awkwardly.  “About what you said.”

“Listen, Will, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that.” Nursey apologised again.

“It’s ok.  It’s just.  I can’t be in a relationship right now” Dex said.  “I’m sorry Derek, but after everything with Tanner…” Dex stopped, swallowing back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand Will.  I’d never push you into a relationship when you’re not ready.” Nursey said.

“Can we still be friends?”  Dex asked quietly, looking worried.

“Of course.  If you want to be.  I want to still be friends.” Nursey said.

“Yeah.  And.” Dex stopped, looking at Nursey nervously. “Maybe someday we could… maybe we could date?  I don’t know yet.  But maybe.”

Dex smiled at him nervously, and Nursey smiled back at him.

They were gonna be okay.


If there was one thing Jules was sure of, it was that he was cursed.

The knot in his stomach, the dryness in his throat, the fact that every single job he got was either some shite delivery or something she was getting for him. The tug at his chest when she looked at him, his ridiculous inability to keep away from her. Hells, even when he’d ditched her in another city and blended into the crowd, she still managed to find him and lure him back into her arms.

Had he angered Menphina somehow? Every night, he wracked his brains trying to figure out what he’d done for the Goddess to have such a tight grip on his throat. Had he spurned the wrong woman? Treated someone too rough? Was it the Auri girl? The Seeker boy? Something he’d said? Hells, he’d never cursed the Goddess, not once, so it couldn’t be that…

Still, every night, every thought, it was the same thing. Images of her in her head, a ghostly tingle on his skin at the imagined touch of her hand… shite. The Lover was punishing him for something, and he had to make up for it, before this devil-woman said or did something to get him to abandon home for good. It was bad enough that she’d already planted the damn thought in his mind.

It had taken him a while to understand how anyone could worship Her indoors, where you couldn’t even see the moon, but he supposed it made praying in the winter all the more comfortable. Not like he could make it out to the Shroud proper at this hour from Ul'dah…

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it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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But seriously though, can I point out how heart breaking this is?? 

I felt like I was watching Ride grow up, I remember feeling happy for him when he got to pilot his first MS, and then feeling proud when he became such a tiny badass when fighting against the mobile armour.

^He was like this, but now he’s like that. I felt my heart break when I saw him make that painful expression after shooting Nobliss…

(All my friends are kinda joking that he has turned into Ride F Seiei now, and he’s going to join Celestial Being soon… So Rustal better watch his back. Ride is coming to get him.)

I used to think love was so beautiful.
That the person you love,
would never hurt you.
That I was the lucky one.
Until it left me heartbroken,
Crying for hours,
With a pounding headache.
Refusing to eat because I felt like I was going to puke 24/7
My heart literally breaking.
You can’t even describe the gut wrenching feeling.
I used to think love was beautiful
Until it tore me apart,
In ways that I never imagined it could.

Me: Oh wow I sure am feeling happy today!

- goes online to see friends are barely on-

Me: O H

Okay, I know everyone is freaking out about how wonderful Beauty and the Beast (2017) is. Well I’m going down the rabbit hole on this with everyone. I’ll admit it: I absolutely loved it.

Is no one going to talk about that scene at the end where Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and everyone is turning into “antiques”? That was absolutely heart-breaking. I felt like my best childhood friends were dying.

Fragmented // Yoongi

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Ansgt

Word count: 1381

Description: It’s yours and Yoongi’s anniversary, but an unexpected turn of events leads to a not so happy ending…

Warning; Slight swearing

You stood in front of the full length mirror in yours and Yoongi’s shared bedroom, fixing your messy bun. You scanned your reflection debating whether the black dress you were wearing was okay or not. Today was a special day, it was 2 years since you and Yoongi had been together, and he had already text you saying that unfortunately he would be home very late from the studio, but you would both still try and do something special regardless.
Coincidentally, today you were also supposed to go out for dinner with your colleagues and boss, to celebrate your companies rising popularity, you were a magazine journalist, and were desperate for your boss to publish the work you had completed recently, hence needed to go that dinner, but you knew how much Yoongi despised your boss and so clearly wouldn’t be happy with you going out with them on your anniversary instead of him. You thought you would just go for a very short while and then make up and excuse, and return home. You picked up your phone to see you had received some messages from your close friend, and colleague:

‘y/n please can you send me the address of the restaurant again? ^^ Thanks’
‘We shouldn’t be late or else (your boss’ name) will be so angry’
You replied, and then threw your phone on the bed, hands shaking, and adrenaline pumping throughout your body. You never wanted to hide anything from Yoongi, or lie to him, but this was incredibly important for your career, besides you knew you would be back at home before him.
You rushed and got your heels on seeing that your cab was waiting outside, you quickly grabbed your clutch and ran outside…

Yoongi’s POV //
I threw my head back in my swinging chair, sighing in relief. I had just finished up a load of work in the studio, and it was only 8pm, I looked at the clock smiling. I was so excited, today was mine and y/n’s anniversary and I had told her I would be home late in order to surprise her. I got in my car, looking at the back seat, there were a bunch of roses, and a box cutely wrapped up which had a necklace in it, and a giant sushi plush, and a giant Dumbo plush.
When I reached our shared apartment, I pulled up in the drive, and quickly took all of the presents out of the back, before opening the door, the lights were all off…strange I thought. I crept into the hallway, and placed all of the presents down quietly before turning the lights on slowly, was she planning to surprise me too? “y/n?” I called out…but no response.

I checked everywhere, the kitchen, the lounge, then I went upstairs slowly, but she was nowhere to be seen. Where on earth was she? She didn’t even have work today, and she told me she’d be at home all day. I whipped my phone out of my back pocket, and dialled her number. But I heard her ringtone coming from our bedroom; I went inside to see her phone was on the bed. I picked it up, and unlocked it seeing it had been left on a conversation with one of her friends, I read the last couple of texts, and immediately my heart sank, she had gone to some stupid restaurant with her colleagues, and boss, without telling me, without asking me, without even having the slightest bit of consideration for my feelings.
I stormed downstairs, through the hallway, accidentally trampling all over the bunch of roses. I got in my car slamming the door a little harder than intended, and sped off to this restaurant to find y/n, I needed an explanation. My hands started to hurt from gripping on to the steering wheel so hard, my blood was boiling so much, I eventually arrived and angrily pulled up into the car park.
I entered the restaurant, to see a large table situated in the middle of the table, underneath a large chandelier, and on it were sat y/n, her colleagues, and that stupid arrogant perverted boos of hers, and she was sat right next to him. I felt my hand clench into a fist, as I walked towards them, y/n was smiling in the face of her boss. When he looked up at me startled, she slowly turned her head, and then her eyes widened. “Y..Yoongi I-“ she started, but I cut her off by grabbing her wrist and forcing her up from her seat, everyone else staring at me wide eyed, but to be honest, I didn’t give two shits. I dragged y/n out of the restaurant, and after she sat in the car, I sped off once again. The car ride was silent, I was too angry and hurt to be able to process anything at the moment, and I saw from the corner of my eye, y/n momentarily turning to look at me, I saw her hands shaking on her lap, and more of her thighs were being revealed than I would have liked.

Once we arrived home, I didn’t open the car door for her like I normally always did, instead I got out and slammed the door, entering out shared apartment, walking straight past the presents I was once so excited to give her. I heard her small slow footsteps following mine. I walked into the lounge, which was only dimly lit by a lamp in the corner of the room, I looked up at the canvas of me and y/n on the wall laughing hysterically and running my hand through my hair angrily.

“Yoongi” I head y/n whisper, but I didn’t turn around to face her. She walked round to face me and my eyes slowly met hers, her cheeks were black tear stained from the makeup she had been wearing, but I was so livid with her, I didn’t even want to look at her face right now.

“Yoongi” she quietly repeated, placing her hand on my crossed arms which I violently pushed away, annoyed, and infuriated.
“What y/n!” I screamed, she flinched in response, taking a step slowly back.
“I work my arse off so that we can both have a safe and secure future, I plan all these things for you, I love you unconditionally and this is what you do in response?” I questioned, she looked up, hurt.
“Yoongi just give me a chance to explain, I just wanted to make (your boss’ name) happy so he would publish my work, I was coming home straight after” she spoke, her voice shaky, almost inaudible.
“Oh so you want to make him happy but what about me hmm?” I screamed.
“You can dress up like a fucking slut to impress your boss, on our anniversary?” I spat, I didn’t want to be this harsh, but my anger had consumed me leaving me no choice.

“You need to stop being so overprotective Yoongi, you’re being selfish” she raised her voice slightly, and as if my heart already hadn’t shattered into a million pieces, this had just spilt it over the edge. I picked up the vase closest to me on the coffee table, and threw it violently, not at y/n, but it flew behind her, she crouched, her hands on her ears, and the only noise that filled the room was the large mirror on the wall smashing, breaking into numerous fragments, mirroring exactly what had happened to my heart.
We both stood, shocked at my actions, after the silence that felt like hours, y/n finally shaking her head slowly, tears fell continuously from her bloodshot eyes and walked towards me. “Maybe we just weren’t meant to be Yoongi” she said, her voice breaking, and I felt like my heart stopped at her words. I raised my hand to protest, but no words came from my mouth, and all I heard was the front door close. I sat on the floor, beside the many pieces of shattered glass, and picked a piece up off the floor and stared at my reflection, what did y/n ever see in me in the first place? I sobbed, staring into the fragmented glass, fragmented like my heart…

falling for you pt.6 | jimin

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Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 1.4k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

Yejin’s POV

A couple months later

JAGIYA!!!” a voice screamed behind me before crashing into my petite body. Feeling his arms wrap around me, hugging me from behind. Jumping slightly in surprise, I spun around and hit him lightly.

Yah! Oppa! You scared me!” I whined, my hands against his chest. Smiling widely at me, he nuzzled his nose against mine, “Mian,” he whispered softly.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, my fingers played with his soft locks. Sighing he leaned against my touch, his arms tightening around my waist.

Yah? Are you okay? You seem extra clingy.” I commented, smiling slightly.

Not that I minded a clingy Jimin of course.

Am I?” he asked innocently, before pulling me in for a warm hug. Resting his head against the crook of my neck, he said,“I just want to spend time with my Yejjinie, that’s all.”

Laughing at his nickname for me, I pulled away and pinched his cheeks before saying cutely,“Aigoo, my Jiminie is so cute.”

His eyes smiling, he bumped his forehead against mine. “Jagi..” he drawled.

What….” I drawled back teasingly, raising my eyebrows at him. Looking into my deep brown eyes, he asked, “Can we cuddle? I wanna cuddle. It’s so cold and your so warm and I just wanna hug you all day long~

Blushing, I giggled, “Yah..

“Please! Please! Pleaseeee…” he whined, opening his eyes wide and pouting his lips, pleading me with his aegyo.

Oka-PARK JIMIN!” I screeched, as I laughed loudly. As soon as I agreed due to his irresistible aegyo , he cheered and picked me up bridal style all the way to the couch. Setting me down softly, he plopped down next to me, pulling me into his warm body.

My head laid against his chest, as I snuggled closer into him. Sitting in a comfortable silence, Jimin’s fingers ran through my hair soothingly. Sighing against his touch, I thought, In just 2 more weeks, Jimin and Jungkook were flying back to Korea, and I was absolutely devastated to lose both Jungkook who over this year became one of my closest friends, and then Jimin, my boyfriend and safe to say, my first true love.

Sniffling slightly, I fought the threatening tears that appeared just thinking about it. Peering down at my face, Jimin frowned.

Yah yejin-ah…” he trailed off, looking at me confusedly. His hands slowly cupped my face, his fingers trailed across my cheeks. Staring at his chocolate brown eyes, I felt myself crumble.

The tears slipped out my eyes, as Jimin’s eyes rounded. “Yah..what’s wrong?! he exclaimed, as he wiped them away with his thumb.

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Wanted - Jungkook scenario (fluffy/angst/slight smut) - Part 4

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PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3

A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^ Enjoy!

: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2950

It was too many calls and messages and just no reply. You never wanted this to end this way. You actually started to like Taehyung. You really did. He makes you forget about Jungkook, that he even exists.

You can’t lose such a sweet and kind person in your life. Why, why even you were doing that.
You want Taehyung back.
Want to feel his hands on your body, his lips on yours. See his smile and look at those eyes that you just can’t get enough of.

“Tae It’s me… Again… Please pick up or call me. Please” you said and stared down at your phone.

You felt so upset.
You didn’t answer Jungkook’s messages. Only left them on read. You wanted him to know that you didn’t lose the game. It only began. It’s not gonna be that easy to win.

In school it wasn’t that exciting anymore. You weren’t looking forward to going there. It was, quiet.
No one running around, shouting, looking for something. It seemed too peaceful to be true.
Rose was with Troy most of the time. They are working on their relationship to be better, they also have been arguing these days over little things that don’t even matter.
You were alone.

You saw Jungkook here and there, he was too calm. Not doing anything special, not even looking at girls. Which was surprising.
Taehyung was with him, they didn’t talk. Taehyung was serious most of the time, he looked really pissed off and you know why. Because of you.
Jimin was the sunshine, always smiling and joking around. Soon as he’s with them two his smile fades away, he becomes serious too. Even though you know he wants to have fun, but he can’t because they are ruining it.

Each day, it was raining. It was affecting the mood, everything.
It was slowly killing you that Taehyung is still not answering, replying.

Jungkook wondered why you never replied. Did he hurt your feelings? Are you angry at him?
Did you actually started to like Taehyung and he made you guys fight.
He wasn’t sure of anything, but one thing he did notice you looking at Taehyung with such guilt and it made him question some stuff.

Maybe it was really a game to you make him jealous, but actually gained feelings for another person and now you actually don’t give a slight fuck about him.
What if actually he maybe or should have just started smoothly. Friends. Just friends and see what it leads to. But you would always keep turning him on and make him think of fucking you and nothing else. That’s a problem, problem is him.
He needs to work on himself.

There’s no way in hell you will even talk to him after everything you guys been through.
But he will try.
Maybe you really are worth knowing, having as a friend.

“YAH JUNGKOOK!” Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts, and quickly looks up at Jimin
“Jesus fucking Christ, Taehyung is having a fight!” Jimin shouts and Jungkook’s eyes go wide and he stands up quickly running with Jimin to outside.

“He’s fighting in the God damn rain?!” Jungkook said and they run up to Taehyung and one guy.

Taehyung was on top the guy, punching him over and over in his face.
Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s waist and starts to pull him off.
“Let go of me!” Taehyung shouted trying to get Jungkook away
Jimin hops in to help, to hold Taehyung.
“The fuck is your problem?!” Jungkook shouts in his face and Taehyung smiles

The guy stands up, standing, staring into Taehyung.
“What happened?” Jimin walked up to the guy
“There’s been tension between us for a while. I am Y/N’s ex. So…?” guy laughs
“What were you saying to him? Why did you do this?” Jimin asked
“No I didn’t start it. I mean we met couple weeks ago. And they were together then, like not together together. I already then told him I bet he wouldn’t fuck her, yet Jungkook did when he didn’t even knew her. AND guess what? Taehyung didn’t ever fuck her” guy laughed harder
Jungkook looks away from the guy at Taehyung’s face.
“Because of a girl? Because of that bullshit?” he asks
“At least I had feelings when you didn’t” Taehyung said coldly and pushes Jungkook away slowly, wiping off the blood on corner of his mouth.
“Taehyung-“ Jungkook puts his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder but Taehyung just moves it away and walks back into the school

“Well at least there wasn’t big of a crowd” Jimin sighs
“Let’s go inside” Jungkook said

All of the clothes was wet, their hair, everything.
Taehyung was walking down the hallway, towards the boys bathroom. You were standing near and saw his face having bloody cuts, his fits red.
It was just your mind “go”. So you did and walked up to him.
“Taehyung what happened?” you asked standing in front of him
He just looks at you and walks pass, still walking towards the bathroom. You take a deep breath and follow him.

“Tae! Please” you said and he shuts the door in front of your face.

You roll your eyes and just walk into the boys bathroom, luckily no one was there except him.
He was washing his hands and his face.
“Taehyung…” you slowly walk up to him
He looks at you in the review of the mirror.
“What happened to you?” you kept looking at his face, his eyes who don’t want to meet yours.
“I am TALKING to you” you raise your voice feeling annoyed, forming your hands in your fists

Slowly his dark eyes look up at you. His hands rested on the sink.
“Fight. A fight, nothing else.” He spoke
“Why did you have a fight?”
“Because of the person saying some stuff about you” his eyes move away from yours and he starts walking pass you but you put your hand on his chest, stopping him.
“Me? You fought because of me?”
“TALK to me Taehyung PLEASE.” You added looking at him
“WHY? Why you want me to talk to you? Obviously I was a fucking toy to you. Go and fuck with Jungkook since that’s all you want.” Taehyung raised your voice at you, staring at your eyes
“I don’t want him. I want you!” you raised your voice at him too and just stopped for a moment, getting everything through your mind, what you said.

Taehyung kept looking at you. He was actually surprised to hear that coming from your mouth.
He felt your hand slowly fall off his chest.
“I’m sorry… I really am for everything I’ve done. And how I made you feel.” You look up and quickly get out of the bathroom.
“Do you think… I mean I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you done.” He said quietly
“Taehyung, please. I regret what I done. I just wanted him to be jealous, but I know he never was. And while being with you I felt so relaxed and happy. I had such a fucking good time.”
He shaked his head.
“Just don’t tell me you didn’t feel the same?” you stared at him
He licks his lips and looks up at you.
You felt like your heart is breaking.
“You’re lying. I know you’re lying!” you shout and push him, walking out of the bathroom.
You put your hand over your mouth, not believing everything you said, what he said.
“Y/N!” you hear Rose’s voice but you just wave your hand and walk away.
You felt tears building up in your eyes, but didn’t want to cry.
You walk outside and sit on the bench right next to the door. You kept listening and looking at the rain falling down.
Jungkook notices you sitting down.
“You have to do this.” He said to himself and walks out
You look at him and quickly wipe off your tears.
“What do you want?” you kept looking forwards
“Are you crying? Why are you crying?” Jungkook sits next to you
“I am not” you laughed and take a breath
“I can actually see that you are, you know?”
“Just, why would I tell you anything? What do you want?!” you look at his face
“Woah chill. I just asked.” He throws his hands in the air
“Just tell me what you want and get the fuck away from me.” You sigh
“I know this is fucking stupid and you will laugh, but… Can we start off again? As friends?” Jungkook was actually nervous to let this sentence out.
You stop and look at him.
“Are you fucking serious?” you laughed
Jungkook sighs and rolls his eyes
“See I knew you will laugh.”
“It’s so fucking funny. I can’t believe Jeon Jungkook wants to be friends with a GIRL” you said
“I am serious though.” Jungkook had a straight face
Your smile fades from your face and you two kept on looking at each other.
“You only doing this, so as friends we can go more and you can get me more easily” you said
“What?! No. Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook turns more towards you.
“I am. NOT. Going to be like I was” he points at himself
You smiled and shaked your head
“Y/N. Trust me for once”
“I had a bad day, so I really don’t want to talk” you said
“Can you please leave now”
“Do it for me. Okay?” you look at him and he slowly nods his head and stands up walking inside again

Unknown number, 5:01PM: You never told me if we are friends or nah
You, 5:01PM: I can’t talk right now.
Unknown number, 5:01PM: I know you’re lying but that is an answer too, so…
You, 5:02PM: Jungkook, come on
Unknown, 5:02PM: It’s fine, I know what I done, how was I towards you. It’s just who I am so. At least gave a try.

You changed the number to his name.

You, 5:02PM: I need time
Jungfuckingook, 5:03PM: Take as much as you need. Peace.

You sigh and turn off your phone. You layed on your bed, hearing the rain still pouring form the sky. You were getting sick of it. You loved rain, but just the sound of it and when you’re inside your room, just it feels calm.

“Y/N!” you heard your mom calling
You stand up and open the door
“WHAT?” you shout but there was no reply
“Ugh” you hated when you answer and she doesn’t say anything and then you have to walk downstairs and see what she wants.
You walk down the stairs and stop Taehyung standing near the front door. He looks up at you.
“A boy says he’s your friend.” Your mom took car keys
“I am going to the store” she added
“Bye” you said and she closes the front door.

You look back at Taehyung.
“What-I- I actually don’t know what to say” you said
“I did lie.” He spoke looking at you
“No matter how much I try, I can’t forget or deny what I am feeling and how I felt when we were well a thing? You would call it?” he smiles looking down
“You.. Um mean it?” you step closer to him
“Yes” he licks his lips
Two of you looked at each other, both of you just walked towards each other and he cupped your face kissing your lips passionately.
Two of you smiled pulling away. He held his forehead against yours and kept looking down at your lips, his thumb runs across your lips.
“I never thought I’ll feel this way” he said quietly
You smiled biting your lip and kissing him again. He slowly pushed you against the wall, not breaking the kiss.
His hands travelling down on your hips, then down behind your thighs, lifting you up. You laughed and kissed him again.
His lips softly were pressed against your neck. You threw your head back, closing your eyes.

You wrap your legs around his waist and your arms were locked around his neck. Taehyung slowly carried you upstairs to your room.
Soon after you were laid down on your bed. Taehyung kissed you more and more passionately.
Your hands tugged on the bottom of his T-shirt, he quickly sat up and took it off, throwing his shirt on the floor.
Taehyung’s hands tugged on your shirt now, sitting you and slipping the shirt off of you.
His eyes travel down your body.
“Jesus you are too damn beautiful” you two lock eyes and his lips find yours again.
Taehyung was so gentle and sweet towards you. His lips touch skin of your neck, leaving marks all over.
His hands travelled down your pants, he sits up again, looking up at you.
“Why did you stop?” you asked
“I didn’t even ask-“
“Taehyung” you smiled and sit up, your face being close to him
“I want you so fucking bad” you whisper to his ear and kiss his jawline
Taehyung licks his lips and smiles, unbuttoning your pants and pulling them off along with your panties.
“Damn baby” he said and leans towards you, kissing your lips again
His hand travelled down your body, his fingers massaging your wet folds, making you let a soft moan.
Not taking long he slipped two fingers inside you, pumping in and out slowly, teasing you a bit.
“Tae-“ you stuttered
He smiled and started to go faster. Your head fell back and a loud moan escaped your lips. It felt so damn good.
“Fuck I need you” you manage to say
Taehyung’s fingers stilled and slowly removed themselves from you. He came on top of you kissing you again. His tongue explored your mouth. It was too damn good. You never wanted him to stop.
His head goes between your legs again. His lips kissing your thighs and suddenly his tongue flattens against you. As his tongue starts circling against you, your hands gripped on a pillow tightly.
His lips wrapped around your sensitive bud, sucking hard. You screamed his name out. You weaved your hands into his hair, tugging roughly. His fingers slip inside of you again, curling his fingers inside you.
“Oh fuckk…” you moan loudly

He was too good. Actually great.
You twitch as he removes his fingers from you again.
Taehyung quickly takes his jacket, getting a condom out of it.
“Wow, you expected this” you laugh
“He’s always in the pocket if something happens” he laughs

Taehyung takes off his boxers and two of you look at each other and you just couldn’t help but smile.
He rolled it on and lines himself up with you.
He looks up at you once more and you nod your head. He began to push himself in you, you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Taehyung started with small thrusts, making you let moans out.
After short amount of time, he sped up, increasing the length of his thrust.
“Fuck.” He groaned
Taehyung’s head fell on your shoulder, he kept speeding up.
Slurs of swear words and names were sent flying of both of your mouths.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight” Taehyung breathes out
You hooked your legs around his waist. You felt a sweet, hot burn that made you tingle.
“Fuck yes” you choked out
You could hear the sounds of skin slapping skin.

After a few more thrusts you came un done around him moaning out his name. your wall tightened around him and soon after Taehyung joined you.
You could feel how his thrusts are slowing down. Two of you rode out your orgasms. Soon after Taehyung pulled out of you.

Everything was silent, all you could hear is heavy breathing coming out of your mouths.
Taehyung looks at you and kisses you one more time before falling to the side.
You smiled and looked over at him.
“Like fuck yes” he laughed
“Y/N I AM HOME!” you hear your mom shout
“Oh shit” you both said and quickly cleaned up the mess and got dressed

You open the door and peek if your mom is coming up.
“She’s not near” you said and turn around seeing Taehyung falling on the floor while pulling up his pants
You laughed.
“Well bravo for me” he laughs and pulls them on

Taehyung walks up to you and kisses your lips.
“I don’t want to leave” he whispers
“And you don’t have to” you look up at him
“I just want to say, sorry for-“
“You don’t have to apologize for anything, It’s all my fault.” You cut him off
“I got all of your messages and calls.” He laughed
“By that I saw you really are sorry” he added

“I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and you wrap your arms around his waist hugging him.
“Hey you didn’t put on your shirt” you laugh
“Right” he smiled and quickly took the shirt off the floor, putting it on, taking his jacket

Tae, 8:36PM: hey so like in case there is any confusion
Tae, 8:36PM: you’re fucking mine.

Taehyung leaves his phone and looks at Jungkook.
“So where you been?” he asked
“Nowhere” Taehyung said
“Yeah right. Come on. Let me hear something funny in a while from you” Jungkook leans back on the couch
“Funny? You know what’s funny, I just fucked Y/N. She’s mine now” Taehyung smirks
Jungkook’s eyes go wider, he starts to be nervous in a way.
“What? No way” he tried
“Yeah, she feels so fuckinggg good man” Taehyung smiled

Jungkook licks his lips. He felt something. He felt jealously.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Kookie scenario where your group and his group are onWeekly Idol and you have to use aegyo on him and both of you like each other. Thank you~ 💗

Originally posted by forjimin

Hey love~ Sorry for the long wait and thanks for requesting <3 Finally here’s your cute scenario ^^ I liked the idea and really enjoyed writing it!!!Please request again , I like your amazing ideas~

Genre: romance/aegyo/fluff
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 1725 words
Summary: You and Jungkook on Weekly idol ,cause you like each other a bit too much. 

It’s been around 2 years since you and your girl group Pinky4 debuted and there has been a lot of rumors stirring around you and one of the members of BTS.Ever since you both have been on the Tv reality Roomates,People can’t help but speculate and make up rumors about you Jungkook. Yes you’ve been living under the same roof for a show with many other celebrities, but why did they had to stick to both of you?!

You and Jungkook  are both around the same age and you were the quiet type of girl.You weren’t crazy or anything, just very shy when boybands were around. Especially when it was Jungkook Sunbae-nim. His charisma is still present offstage and everytime you see him you can’t help but stare at him in fascination, which stirred up a lot of rumors.Why can’t she take her eyes off him?, people thought . Jungkook on his side, was friendly with you unlike how he was extra shy around the other girls on the show with him.

Rumors has it that he’s shy around mature women that are older than him, but what about you?You made him feel comfortable for some reason and he wanted to get to know more about you. From the netizens point of view, you guys seemed like you were having some ‘first love’ kind of relationship.Just why wouldn’t they leave you alone?

Jeon Jungkook’s behavior is what stirred up the controversy. Just Why did he had to play that lie detector game on national tv?!

“Did you have something going on with Y/N from Pinky4?Lets clear this up Jungkook-ah~”, jimin giggled like a pervert as he nudged jungkook while they were on broadcast

“I, Jeon Jungkook haven’t fluttered or wavered when I was around Y/N”, , he put his hand on the lie detector machine and got buzzed right away

The other boys were laughing at Jungkook’s lack of reaction even though he just has been caught lying

“Are you ok, jungkook-ah?! Doesn’t it hurt your hand? Jeon cena he is, indeed”, taehyung chuckled and nudged the kid

“This machine is lying ,hyung”, jungkook got up from his seat with that expressionless face of his

This time both of your groups were scheduled to go on Weekly Idol.You and Jungkook have been the hottest topic among netizens for the past 3 months ,which is why doni and coni decided to invite you guys over.

“Weekly idol~”, doni and coni introduced “Today we brought , two of the hottest groups! Pinky4 and BTS”

“Bang TAN, We are Bangtan sonyeondan”, the boys introduced themselves

“Pinky promise 4 life,We are Pinky4”, you and your bandmates introduced yourself

“I already see you guys giving each other some suspicious stares “doni commented

“Are you talking about me?”, jimin did his famously known eyesmile

“ No not you”, coni replied  in a sarcastic playful tone “I was talking about your golden maknae”

“Oh…Jungkook”, Rapmon pushed jungkook forward

Jungkook’s eyes seem to panic as he walks forward

Why me?! why always me…How much I wished I could hide 10 feets underneath the ground!1Why do they always only pay attention to me for jesus sake, jungkook clenched his fist

“Don’t worry jungkook-ssi, we’re not the kind to put you on the spot”, coni teased “We heard you guys are pretty close “, he added right after

“Pardon?”Jungkook raised a brow still taken aback by this question

“ You and Pinky4′s lead singer, Y/N-ssi”, coni nudges jungkook playfully and the latter can’t seem to hide his shy smile

“No we’re not that close”, jungkook shakes his hands in a denying manner

“ Don’t try hiding it, when its been out everywhere on the internet~”,coni chuckled

“Our maknae isn’t the type to admit things , so I think you’ll have to try harder”, jin comments playfully

“What do you like best about her? Her smile, her hair? Her body?”, doni nudges jungkook

“Her eyes”, the answer came right out of jungkook’s lips as he surprised himself saying it outloud

“He likes her eyes~”, Doni and coni co-ed

“N-No…I-I-I m-mean”, Jungkook just digged his own grave and he couold only stare at his shoes in embarassement

You blush an extra 100 shades of red and feel like killing yourself , cause’ this is so embarassing not only for him but for you too.

What if they discover my crush on him?! Lets not stare at him and look somewhere else, you told yourself

“Our jungkookie is at a very sensitive age, so It happens that sometimes he says stuff without thiinking much”, Taehyung pulled jungkook beside him

“He also get sensitive when Y/N, is around ,isn’t he?~”, doni teased

“Not it’s not like that…”, Jungkook facepalmed  

You chuckled as Jungkook seemed really adorable at the moment . He was a shy and embarassed mess .You just wanted to stand up and give him a hug.Of course you couldn’t  dare to do such a thing when you’re both on TV ,when Jeon Jungkook is still unaware of your huge crush on him.

“Do you like her? Or is it one sided?”, coni raises a brow

“What do you guys expect me to say?!”, he ruffles his hair with a hand still his face a shade of red

“Come on! We need to know the salty stuff!”, doni comments

“ What ‘salty’ stuff?! “, jungkook facepalms

“ You think she’s suitable to be your girlfriend , right?”, doni says sneakily

Jeon Jungkook can’t stare back at you and feels like he’s slowly sinking.He needs to protect his pride. How dare they put him on the spot in front of you?

“ WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS PUTTING ME ON THE SPOT?! ASK HER SOMETHING!”, he fires back  with that adorable expression

You chuckled at his response , because you liked that cute annoyed face of his a bit too much

“Oh, Y/N just chuckled”, doni noticed “ Aren’t you enjoying his flustered sight a bit too much?”, he teases you

“ N-No”, you reply

“She likes it “, coni commented “I’ll ask you a question”. he pauses before adding “When do you think Jeon Jungkook looks the most handsome?”

Your eyes widden and Jungkook buries his face in his hands . He wants to die. Why are they asking you such questions?! You guys are still just co-workers that attended a show, you’re not even that close to be talking about stuff like that.

“3-2-1″, coni counted down

“O-On stage! I mean, Jungkook Sunbae-nim…looks very charismatic and sexy on stage “, you stammer and beg the mc with your eyes to stop

“OOOOH~”, both your bands co-ed

Jungkook’s ears are red and he can feel beads of sweat on the side of his neck.He can’t help but feel his heart racing at your comment. The gorgeous visual of pinky4 thought he was sexy on stage? Was this a dream?

She thinks I’m charismatic and sexy?he doesn’t dare look anywhere but his palms

“Lets ask the main question of the day”, doni turns to look at you before asking “ What is Jeon Jungkook to you?”

You start pondering and your cheeks redden as Jungkook himself stares at you in expectation.It was your chance to be notice by him and leave an impression.

“My Ideal man?”, you hide your face

Jungkook stares at you with his smile that he can’t seem to hide anymore.

“She said you’re her ideal man~”, jhope nudges the maknae

“Jeon Jungkook? do you like it that much?”, taehyung nudges jungkook while chuckling and the latter only hides his shy smile

“ For some reason , I feel like Y/N will answer our questions…lets ask her”,doni comments agains

“Me?”, your eyes widen “Leave me out of this please”, you pout and kick the floor

“Is that aegyo, we just saw?”, coni nudged doni

“I have a brilliant idea”, coni shot up “Since you hate answering questions so much ,Lets have you do some aegyo”

You cringed your face and jungkook chuckled

“ah…I don’t want to”, you furrowed your brows

“Come on , Y/N, just do it”, your leader unnie nudged you

“What do you wanna see, Jungkook-ssi?”, doni asks jungkook

Jungkook’s smile is showing

“hm…how about shy shy shy?”, jungkook smirks

“That’s too simple , lets give her a real dialogue”, doni comments “Please confess your love to Jungkook in a unique way”

“What love? Stop saying such things!”, jungkook redden as he scoffs

You started pondering before you came up with a cheesy scenario

You went close to jungkook and held on your heart while making a sound  as if you were hurting

“My heart just thumped for you~ “, you poked his shoulder cutely

There he was turning red and sweating with no end. You were making him very nervous ,with each thing you did .

“ Oppa…”, you played with your fingers “ I think I might…like you”, you kicked the ground cutely as you tilted your head adorably “Will you return Y/N’s feelings?”, you touched his hair and he stiffened

Just…what in the world were you doing to this kid? He was dying under your touch.You on the other side just felt like cringing at what you just did.

Great way to go Y/N, Jungkook will hate you and think you’re cheesy, You thought as you pouted

“So do you like her back, Jungkook-ssi?!”, coni asked “ I heard you have some feelings for her”

“Oh…it’s all a  misunderstanding”,jungkook rubs  the back of his neck nervously

Of course there was no such thing…Jungkook would never like you back…

“What misunderstand is there, since you admitted on nationnal tv you liked her?”,doni added

“No!! I-I..it wasn’t like that! I was j-j-just taken aback for a second and that machine was lying”

“Aayyyeee…you just stuttered  , it says it all”,doni comments

“Oh look at him, he turned all red”, Taehyung ruffles jungkook’s hair

“I don’t like her”, he stares at you and you felt like heart breaking apart.

Were you so unworthy of a man like him? Of course, he was the ultimate international playboy that all girls craved and here you were trying to have a chance with him

“ I love her”, jungkook smiles at you

Was this a dream? Was this reality? Did Jeon Jungkook just officialized his feelings for you on national TV?It sure was the beginning of another controversy.

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Private Security-Chapter 8

Linnea’s POV

I was frustrated.

Nothing felt right since coming home.

Matthias had assigned Ben as my personal security. Ugh…Ben.

When I woke up in the hospital with him at my side, his first words were, ‘About fucking time’, just before giving me a big, toothy smile. Ben was a short, stocky, bull of a guy. He was a bit brash, but was really funny and quite charming. He busted my balls, not unlike a big brother would; and we became fast friends. He loved comic books, Irish whiskey, and using the word ‘fuck’ as often as possible. He made me laugh; and despite the fact that he was a giant goofball, I felt comfortable with him.

Ben was a good man. But he wasn’t the man I wanted.

He wasn’t Matthias.

It drove me crazy knowing that, due to the heavy security presence, not to mention the cameras in the house and on the property, Matthias could probably see me all the time…but I couldn’t see him. I often wondered, ‘Is he watching me right now?’, ‘Does he miss me?’, ‘Does he care that I miss him?’

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"How fucking dare you?" // Dallas Winston

Requested from the prompt list 💞
WARNINGS: mentions of cheating? idk if i need to warn about that but ya know also this isn’t like a fluffy like relationship Dal, it’s rly angsty I hope nyall are ready™

I was on my bed, sobbing. I was absolutely devastated that he would do something like this to me. But, I guess I should have known, he was your typical “bad boy” character. Lying, cheating, drinking, stealing, the whole package.
He came into the room, looking confused.
“Hey, uh, y/n, why are you crying?” He asked.
“How fucking dare you do this to me?” I screamed at him, infuriated.
“Do what, wise ass?” He said, the look of confusion growing.
“Dallas, you cheated on me! Do you know how fucking horrible that is?” I was sobbing and yelling all at the same time. It honestly felt like I was dying. My heart was breaking in half, but I also wanted to break him in half.
“Oh, that,” he said, not even looking sorry. In fact, he was smirking.
The sight of it nearly killed me. I was sobbing uncontrollably now, hardly even able to breathe.
“Look, if it bothers you that much then just leave. I two time little broads like you all the time,” he said, gesturing towards the door.
“You are fucking disgusting, and you better hope you don’t see me again,” I said as I slammed the door, and running down the street as fast as I could. I cursed myself for falling in love with Dallas Winston.

Props to Ariana for helping out. I hope all the missing kids have be found as well 🙏🏽 I was so mad at the world the moment when I found out what had happened because much of Ariana’s fan based is young girls and if you have a little sister or daughter you understand what I mean the image of them being lost, scared or hurt just breaks my heart that’s why I felt like action and help needed to be taken/sent as soon as possible then after we could comfort each other but my comment was out of place so I apologize to the Ariana’s fan base but you can’t hate me for just wanting people to get the help they needed from every source possible. Let’s pray for a fast recovery of those affected.

We Weren’t Meant To Be

Alright, this is my first angst and non-Peter Maximoff imagine, tell me what you think! @tomhollahd @badassladysif @whoaheather @nerdylizabeth @emmcfrxst @quicksxlvers I DIDN’T KNEO WHO LIKED HARRY POTTER SO TELL YO HARRY POTTER FRIENDS! 

“This whole time you’ve still been in love with her… Not me.” + Ron Weasley

You were so blind. It was obvious but you never saw it, the longing stares at Hermione, the way he talked about her… You didn’t know how you were so damn stupid, that you didn’t notice that the clumsy Weasley wasn’t actually in love with you.

You dedicated your time to him, cancelling events with friends and going with his friends instead, even though it was clear that they would never accept you as one of them. But you loved him, so you stayed and pretended everything was okay, even though it wasn’t.

Your world came crashing down when you saw him, kissing Hermione as if it was the end of the world.

Love was evil. They would take your heart and raise it up for a little bit, then drop it on the floor and watch as your heart shattered.

You wanted to hate him. To kill him and to beat him up. But you couldn’t. You just couldn’t.

Eventually, they heard you and Hermione’s eyes widened as she saw your red and puffy face. Ron turned around, confused why the bushy haired girl looked paralized.

You just stood there, unable to move. Move, Y/N. Run away. So you ran.

It was times like these that apparation was extremely useful. You apparated back to your shared apartment with Ron and took all your items, quickly shoving them into a suitcase.

Then you stopped when you saw a picture of you and Ron, his arm around your waist and big smiles on both of your faces. But his smile was less genuine, it was forced. You dropped down to the floor. He never loved you. He never did.

“Y/N! I swear, it wasn’t what it-” Ron entered the room in a rush, panting heavily as he watched you cry.

“It wasn’t what it looked like? Oh, so you weren’t snogging her face off?” You sniffled and tried to wipe away your tears, but more tears just came. “Do you know how painful it is to hear those words? I-It fucking hurts, Ron. This whole time you’ve still been in love with her… Not me.”

He was quiet and looked down at his feet, unsure of what to do.

You suddenly felt enraged. “FUCKING LOOK AT ME, WEASLEY.   If you loved her, then why did you stay with me?”

Ron looked at you, guilt filling his eyes. “Y-You were so happy and I didn’t want to break your heart…”

It felt like someone stepped on your heart again and you laughed. You were so stupid. He was just dating you because he pitied you. Brilliant. “So it was all because of pity? Because you were scared that  my heart would break?! Well, guess what, Weasley? My heart’s not broken. I-It’s destroyed. I don’t think I have a heart anymore.”

He was guilty. Guilty that he caused all these feelings. He was going to break up with her, but he didn’t have enough courage to do it. Godric Gryffindor must be ashamed to have him in his house.

“Goodbye Ron. I hope you and Hermione are happy.” You finished packing and took your suitcase, walking out the front door.

He was free.


A year later, you got an invitation to Ron and Hermione’s wedding.