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Cameraman: Spyro the Dragon, you’ve defeated Gnasty Gnorc, collected the dragon eggs, saved all the dragons, and recovered every bit of treasure in the dragon kingdom. How do you feel?

Spyro: I feel fired up, Bob, and I’m happy for the dragon worlds, of course. I certainly won’t want to spend the rest of my dragon days butting heads with Gnasty Gnorc and his weird minions.

Cameraman: What’s a minion?

Spyro: Uh, never mind. You know what they say: “For every good battle, you need a good adversary.” And I felt that Gnasty, in spite of his misguided nature, was a worthy opponent. [The dragons turn to crystal again] Uh-oh. Here we go again!


I like how some of my irl friends have built up this image that I’m the girl who never revises and thinks “o shit” before an exam. Little do they know, I bust my ass revising every single night until I physically can’t stay awake, and I often dread exams because I always feel like I’m going to be sick due to my anxiety making my stomach churn.

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How do you know when you're no longer a "beginner"?

FAQ:  How do you know when you’re no longer a “beginner”?

This is how I personally judged the moment when I felt I was no longer a beginner.

It was when I realized that I was able to do magic pretty much whenever I wanted with anything on hand.

  • I no longer needed books to look up spells or rituals, because I could craft them on the fly.
  • I no longer needed to look up the uses for the ingredients or tools I had on hand, because I knew the spirits of these things and therefore, their uses.
  • I could rapidly discover the magical uses of average objects according to my goal, such as cigarettes, soda cans, lighters, celery, etc.

When I could go about a banishment at my friend’s house using what I could find in the kitchen cupboard and under the sink. When I could cleanse my room with loud music and a lamp. When my 101 books started collecting dust.

Others need not judge themselves by my rubric. This is just my own way of looking at things.

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I know this is wild to some of you but..youre not required to like every headcanon so if it’s not a harmful one, then just leave people alone and don’t reblog the post adding your negative opinion to it?

A letter to everyone I’ve loved

Don’t blame yourselves. There’s nothing you could have done. No amount of love could have saved me. Nothing anyone did or said made me do it, I just lost the battle with myself. There’s no one to blame except me. So many of you were there for me when I needed you, and tried your hardest to be supportive. I appreciated all of it, but still felt I was ungrateful and took you all for granted. It got to a point where I just felt like I was burdening everyone around me, because I wasn’t getting any better, and I wasn’t trying. The future was always dull for me, and I wasn’t a strong enough person to hold onto hope. I let myself and everyone else down, I know. A disappointment in life and death. I tried to continue to give life a chance, but it always let me down too. I can’t say that there is anything specific that lead me to this point, just that I was not someone strong enough to survive. The world and life itself is very cruel and unforgiving, someone like me was never meant to be here. My mind was very sick and I couldn’t even love myself enough to try and make it better. I know so many people wanted me to, and I wish I could have done it for you. I wish I could have had enough love in my heart to live solely for other people, but I truly felt things would be better off this way. No one will have to worry about me anymore, no one will have to take care of me anymore, loving me was just a burden that no one should have dealt with. I was a child that couldn’t grow up and depended too heavily on finding happiness in someone else, leaving them drained and used up, and leaving me still unhappy and not understanding why. But I did start to understand. I was selfish and immature, and used people only for my own benefit and I’m so sorry. No one deserved it and I understand why so many of you turned away from me. I eventually had to turn away from myself. I’m the most sorry to my brother and sister, but you were growing up without me anyways. You should have had an older sister that was a role model, someone you could look up to and depend on. Someone who was there for you and cared more about you. You’ll still have normal lives surrounded by plenty of love and support that I could not give you. I’m sorry to all the family I was so distant from, and never let into my life, it wasn’t your fault. I preferred to isolate myself to make it easier on everyone else. I’m sorry I didn’t accept your love, but it wouldn’t have made a difference so I figured it should be put towards other people who deserved it more. I’m sorry to my best friends, you really made some moments in my life bearable and gave me the best memories I could ask for. Don’t ever think you didn’t do enough for me, it was me that wasn’t enough. I’ve been empty for as long as I can remember and it was wrong of me to let you all try to fill what I thought was missing. To my lovers, current and past, I am so sorry for the way I treated you and for taking advantage of your love for me. I mistakenly believed that you could have saved me. I believed I could do no wrong to you and your love was unconditional. I was manipulative and inconsiderate of your own personal struggles. I was selfish with you, and drained you of any happiness and stability I could. I wasn’t fair to any of you, you all deserved so much better and I hope you find it. And my parents, you didn’t deserve to deal with a daughter like me. I was ungrateful, cold hearted, and closed off from you my entire life. You only gave me the best that you could, and I always saw it as the least. I regretfully resented you for so long, when I should have let you be there for me. Even now, I’m not doing you any good and I’m so sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted. I know this isn’t the right thing. But I couldn’t continue living on in a constant battle with myself, so please forgive me. Know that despite my feelings, I understand how terrible my actions are. I would have never been able to give anyone what they needed from me, and I couldn’t live knowing that all I do is selfishly take and take from everyone I meet. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done, including this. You all deserved a happy, hopeful, selfless person in your lives and I could never be that for you. I can’t justify this, just as I can’t justify any of my actions and feelings prior. In this moment of writing this, I’m scared and I want to reach out to everyone in my thoughts, but I know it’s useless. Some of you don’t care enough anymore and have given up on me just as much as I have, and I already know that no one can save me but myself now. I’ve failed you all, as well as myself. I can’t apologize enough or say anything to make anything better now, or to take back what I’ve done. Just see this as another failure, another disappointment, another thing I have to apologize for. Another thing none of you deserve to be put through. I’m sorry I couldn’t save myself. I’m so sorry. Please don’t believe that I didn’t love you enough, or that you didn’t love me enough. There’s no way I could ever put the blame on anyone who’s done nothing but love me and tried their hardest to be there for me. You were all blessings in my life, but it just wasn’t enough for me to win against my own demons. Please continue to show other people the amount of love and care you showed me.

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So cute that your husband watches you paint and knows what "shipping" is! My husband always wants to know what I'm reading and I think he just wants to know the smutty details, as if all I read is porn or something. It's always nice to have supportive partners when it comes to your hobbies. Idk why I felt the need to say anything at all, but keep doing you because you're amazing! :3

It really is adorable. He doesn’t understand my obsession but supports it because it makes me happy. We were just watching TFA (3rd-4th time for him, 150th for me probably) and Finn comes on screen and he goes “There’s your Boo #1” and then Rey shows up and “Boo #2!” and then Kylo much later and he’s like “And there’s the boyfriend.” ahahaha. He’s always encouraging me to write, too, despite fully knowing it’s fanfic even if he hasn’t read a word of it. I think partners that encourage your hobbies are the True Keepers tbh. 

And thank you, you sweet darling you. 

okay so after stiles got taken away from lydia. did she stay in the jeep and cry??? did she go to find scott or call scott but as soon as she has the chance to tell him about what happened she forgets stiles ?? like did she call scott and as soon as he hears her voice he asks if she is okay because he could tell from her voice that she has been crying but when she is about to answer suddenly she can’t remember what she wants to tell him so she replies with “i don’t know” ??? or did she go home not knowing what to do and she cried herself to sleep and when she woke up she didn’t remember the reason why she was crying ???? or did she wake up like everything is normal but as soon as she entered the school she felt like something is wrong ???? i need answers. 

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It's just that whenever I'm in an argument with someone who is fatphobic, they ask me to link them to legitimate studies that support my claims that being fat isn't unhealthy and that losing weight isn't feasible for everyone. I figured you guys would have a bunch of sources at your disposal and it wouldn't take me forever to google it because every time I do google and then send them something they just say it isn't legit

Okay, yes, we do. But I still can’t get them for you right now. I still am busy and I am still on mobile.

This also doesn’t explain the fact that you felt the need to demand our qualifications, which I found quite upsetting.

And, I’m going to tell you something that’s going to hurt. Those people demanding links? They don’t actually care. When you give them sources, they won’t read them. They will say they are wrong. They’ll provide you with other commonly cited sources, the ones your sources literally just debunked, as proof you are wrong, and mock you, and insult you, and keep being stuck in their ways. They aren’t going to listen to you or learn. They don’t want to learn. They want to tear you down even if it requires jumping through hoops to do it.

Trust me, because this happens literally every time we do this.

You know who needs those sources? People with legitimate questions who want to understand. People who hate themselves so much they can’t even look at themselves. People who are willing to hurt themselves if that’s what it takes to be “healthy” or “pretty.” People who want to stand up for us or for themselves but don’t know how. People like you. People like me.

Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t worth it, who don’t want to learn, who don’t care about you or what you have to say. Spend that energy helping people, being a role model, educating those who want to learn, standing up for those people and giving people hope.

Or, don’t, I guess. You can do what you want. I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s worth it.

-Mod Bella

P.S. I’m going to be adding a page to the blog with tons of sources over the next few weeks. If you can wait, come back here a few times in May and eventually a list of all the sources you could ever need will be readily available to you.

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I love Liam's loyalty mission. It fits so well with his character and personal motivation. The whole game he is talking about how he left his friends and family behind and how if this doesn't work out he did it for nothing and he's so overly optimistic about Andromeda "It's going to work out it HAS to" when actually he cries every night over his family and it make sense he would take a stupid impulsive risk to FIX IT NOW because he's struggling so hard with that. Hug Liam 2k17

I know!!! I really felt for him because he was genuinely suffering but he was also willing to do everything to make everyone happy. And you could guess that urgent need him would eventually get him in trouble, hence the loyalty mission. 




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I really felt there was something wrong with Tripp once he told Jemma that he believed her story. It's just a gut feeling but do you think he might be a traitor?

Hi @asdfsweets

I’ve discussed in previous metas how we need to be careful with all of the Avatars.  Because its very clear AIDA Is the Puppet Master and has manipulated that world in order to get what she wants.  It seems that nearly every hostage has a ‘guardian’ to keep an eye on them too.  

  • Fitz:  His father/Madame Hydra
  • May:  In the heart of Hydra
  • Coulson:  His students
  • Mack: Hope
  • Daisy: Ward
  • Mace: Trip
  • Jemma: was dead

Trip isn’t like Ward where we are a bit leery.  We (and the team) just automatically trust him because its Trip.  Trip accepting Jemma’s story no question is what our Trip would do, he always just kind of rolls with all the crazy stuff.  But yes, everyone just be ready.  Because in the end ALL of the Avatars are part of and programmed by AIDA.  

That being said we are really running out of time fast here.  They are out by the end of 21 or at some point in 21. 

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Good morning! Thank you for all your wonderful stories. obsessed with everything. I think i saw a while ago you mentioned a new story on imagine. impatiently waiting! any word?

Thanks nonnie!

Well actually, I’ve since shifted away from that particular story (St. James’) . The more I worked on it, the more it became apparent that it was going to be really hard to keep the focus on j/c so I need to spend some more time playing around with it. There’s potential there, it was just going down a track that felt hard to reign back, so taking a break from it and letting it prove for a bit (GBBO anyone?).

BUT I’ve got just two more chapters of Hail Mary, and once that’s done, I’ve got a new project in the works centered on Claire’s role as healer extraordinaire of Fraser’s Ridge, so do keep an eye out for that in a few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by!



It’s bellarke fam selfie night and you guys know what that means… it means I have to find decent selfies to post wow… anyways these are from 3 weeks ago when I temp dyed my hair ginger-ish so I felt the need to take selfies (excuse the lack of slaying eyeliner in the bottom three)

Thank you to @bellammy @clarkegryphus @bellamybb for tagging me, you’re all so beautiful and I’m jealous <3333

I would tag other people but I’m lazy so I’m daring anyone that sees this to do it! (if you’re comfortable with it that is) It’s fun seeing everyone’s faces (and tag me in it so I can see youuuuu)


The following comes from a Dengeki Nintendo interview with producer Hitoshi Yamagami, director Kenta Nakanishi, director Toshiyuki Kusakihara and producer Masahiro Higuchi.

Q: Though not directly related to Echoes’ contents, how do you feel about Fire Emblem’s constantly expanding popularity?

Yamagami: As we said in an interview with the company president about Awakening, though the Fire Emblem series was known by many, its sales were subpar up until then. We needed to sell more games, and often overthought how to go about doing it. Mr. Higuchi and I also constantly had opposing viewpoints on how to go about doing this, too.

Higuchi: (Sarcastic laugh).

Yamagami: I felt I had to make it more interesting to potential customers even if it meant changing things up significantly if need be. But Mr. Higuchi did not want to change it too much out of fear of losing what makes Fire Emblem what it is, and was protective of it that way. Our opinions were at complete odds with each other, not much could be done, really. I was still young at the time, so had little influence and was bad at wording my arguments. So I made a proposal in hopes of compromise. From that, New Mystery of the Emblem gained a casual mode where no units die. It was well received –and yet the sales did not improve.

So, at the beginning of Awakening’s development, we were warned by the parent company: “Look, if the sales continue to be subpar, then this is your final game.” Hearing that, the development team went, “Well, since this is probably the end, we can just do whatever the heck we want. Let’s throw something together with no regrets!” Everyone threw out various ideas and ways they could be implemented. Yokota and Maeda especially emphasized wanting to depict characters with their own unique traits and individuality. To that end, they brought in Mr. Yusuke Kozaki* as they felt his style was a match for Awakening and a way to bring it to a greater audience.

Nakanishi: That game ended up selling over one million copies overseas.

Yamagami: I wasn’t even thinking of the overseas audience at the time, so was quite surprised by those results. Anyway, the company then came around simply asking: “When’s the next one?” (Laughs). The exchange that followed went something like: “Didn’t you say this is our last one?!” “Well it sold, so that’s how it is.” Even though it was a rather silly argument, deep down I just felt a great sense of relief.

Does anyone ever like … just feel fuckin lost????  Like … I have no idea what to do … I don’t know whether to go back to college or find a new job, or whether I should leave where I live now because things have grown stagnant … like … people say “follow your dreams” or “follow your heart” but tbh I don’t even know what my dreams are???? Or what my heart wants????  There’s just … nothing I really *want* out of life other than to love the people around me and be loved by them … that’s all I really want … but that doesn’t work for a career :/

idk what the fuck to do. DX

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Hi, I'm the anon from the ask about being afraid of publishing my story. At the end of the story, I'm going to have a picture of all the major characters together years after the events of the story, and you'll just barely see the protagonist and his friend wearing wedding rings. I've been developing this story for 3 years now, and I felt so upset when I explained this to my friend and she responded with "why not make them get married sooner?" You know why she said this? They're gay.

Again if your reasoning behind dictating or trying to over-establish a relationship between two character that aren’t even yours is because GAY PEOPLE NEED TO BE TOGETHER AND MARRIED OTHERWISE ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH then you’re a piece of shit. Your friend is a piece of shit and honestly, they’re not going to be the last to do that. The same with anyone that produces and kind of content - the moment it hits this hellsite people are immediately ruin everything. I hope everything goes well, anon, and that you find enough inner peace along the way that whatever barstardisation or fetishisation, even unnecessary criticism because your characters aren’t “gay coded” enough won’t bother you. Godspeed and papa bless.

- Mod Bunny

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Hi :) well we all know the latest episode was just... shit. But do you remember the spencer - veronica scene? Spencer says something like "It feels like some part of me is still locked up in Radley." Well im kinda gettin' some twin vibes here...?

Haha I love how you started that like it’s a mutual understanding now between us fans that 7x12 was bad. I have to admit, initially I was defending that episode, probably the only blog on tumblr to do so because I thought the little hints in the episode were enough. I was fine with it because I got more evidence for Alison being A.D. Perhaps I’m just sick of hating on the show and doing so would only lessen my enjoyment of the show and I didn’t want that happening because we only have 8 episodes left. But I’ve changed my mind and I do agree with you now. I don’t know why I felt the need to comment on this lol but I’ll move on now.

I saw that clue on my feed that you are referring to! It could definitely be pointing towards a Spencer twin. But I don’t want that to happen because they are not dropping enough clues for that! SO MANY other characters, ones like Wren that I’m sure wont be Uber A, have more and better clues than Spencer potential twin has. If this was something we could go back to season 1 and say “Oh yeah! It was there all along!”, I’d be fine with it. So I hope that line doesn’t mean something.

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"umbrella won't extend", you pick the pairing

“Oh my god!” the redhead exclaimed. “I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Podrick grunted.

“Oh my god, my umbrella wasn’t opening and then it did…I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine, really,” he managed.

“It’s not! You must be in so much pain!”

“I am,” he confirmed. “But it’s fine. Really.”

She was giving him the most concerned look. “Can I at least…buy you a coffee or something?”

“I do need to sit down,” he said. “So…sure?”

She smiled, her pretty blue eyes flooding with relief. “There’s a coffeeshop around the corner.” She took his arm. Podrick felt a stirring that he was pretty sure had nothing to do with the umbrella.


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.