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Valentine's Day

Summary: After a rough Valentine’s Day, who else would be there to comfort Lucy other than Natsu?

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship

Word Count: 1,561

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Valentine’s Day. A day loved by many, and a day hated by others. Usually, Lucy would be a part of the ‘love group’ but not this year. No, this year her boyfriend of ten months broke up with her in a text message on the day she looked forward to each year.

So that would help explain why the blonde woman was currently sitting on her couch in her apartment with a tub of melting chocolate chip mint ice cream and watching Hallmark movies.

She was swaddled in an oversized hoodie she had “accidentally” taken from her best friend a few months back. With the hoodie, she wore a pair of old ratty sweatpants and had her golden hair in a very messy bun. She didn’t care in the slightest about how she looked at the moment.

Lucy glared as she watched the actors in the movie she was watching kiss after they confessed their love for each other. She bitterly stabbed her spoon into her ice cream in an attempt to stop herself from throwing said spoon at her TV screen. It’s been proven to be a harder task with every movie she watched. Why she was torturing herself like this? Who knows. Maybe it’s for the ice cream. At least, that’s what she tells herself. She pulled the red fabric of the hoodie’s sleeve that bared her old college logo over her hand as she wiped away the tear forming in her eye.

She refused to waste anymore of her precious tears on that fool. Erza’s words, not hers.

Her phone buzzed on the coffee table going unnoticed until a familiar ringtone drowned out the noise coming from the TV. The song ‘Strike Back’ blared through her speakers loudly, Natsu’s name flashing on the screen next the picture she had set for his contact which was of him and her the day they went to the fair, two wide grins directed towards the camera with his arm wrapped around her shoulders.

She sighed slightly, knowing that it would be best to pick up the call instead of declining it like she with all of her other friends. It seems that she had taken to long to answer though, because as she was reaching for the cell, her phone went silent.

Mentally, she was relieved. As much as she would want to talk to Natsu she knew it would just end with him scouring the city for Dan so he could challenge him to a fist fight, and Lucy really did not want to be called down to the station again to post bail for her best friend. It was bad enough that Laxus had her set on speed dial!

And if Laxus had gotten wind of the situation from Natsu, he would’ve just joined in on the fight somehow managing to find a way to drag Gray and Gajeel into the matter as well. So all in all, it would just end up being a giant mess.

Instead of sitting around and moping for the rest of the day. Lucy decided that it was high time for her to get herself in bed after a nice long bath.

Once she had finished her relaxing bath, she changed into the fuzziest and warmest pajamas that she owned before tiredly crawling into her bed, ready to just sleep the rest of this horrible day away.

But of course, fate had a different idea.

Lucy cuddled into her covers, closing her eyes and was ready to fall asleep. But suddenly, her door was kicked open, followed by Lucy screaming bloody murder until she saw locks that were her favorite color. Pink, letting her immediately know who it was that had broken into her house. Again.

There, under the doorframe leading to her bedroom, stood her best friend with a wide grin. Natsu’s smile grew as he saw Lucy’s face. In his arms were his laptop, a box of her favorite chocolates, a bundle of red roses, and Happy. His poor cat was squashed between everything and held tightly to his owner’s chest, meowing in annoyance.

“Natsu? What are you doing here?” Lucy yawned as she pushed herself up. The oddly colored cat managed to writhe his way out of Natsu’s arms, dropping to the ground before skidding his way over to the blonde woman. Happy hopped onto her bed before immediately pushing his head into her chest, purring as he crawled his up to her shoulder.

“We’re havin’ a Netflix binge day and yer gonna like it.” Natsu declared, tossing her silver laptop that was decorated with a beautifully drawn dragon that was surrounded by flames onto her bed. She spent a little while admiring his artwork as she always did before eying the chocolates and roses. On the hand that was holding the flowers, was a mirage of blues and purples that covered his knuckles. Upon further inspection, Lucy noticed that his lower lip had an angry red gash running up it, disappearing at the curve of his lip.

“Did you get into a fight Natsu? Again?” This man that she called her best friend always got into fights, at least twice a week, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he did. But just because she should have gotten use to it by now after all these years, it didn’t mean that she had to like it.

When Natsu’s body went frigid, her question was confirmed as he began to shift in place and twirled the bundle of roses in his hand as some sort of distraction, keeping his olive eyes away from her brown ones. When Lucy sighed he glanced up at her, gazing at her through his surprisingly thick lashes as he gave her his best puppy dog look, his busted up lips curling into a pout knowing that it would sway her. It was after all her weak point.

“He deserved it Luce, he really did.” Lucy frowned at the tone of his voice. Typically after a fight with his opponent, all the malice that Natsu had felt towards them disappeared as he usually got his anger out with each fist thrown at them, so to hear him still sound so angry at the person was extremely rare. His puppy face morphed into a glare as he scowled at the ground.

“No one gets to do that to ya and gets away with it Luce, no one. So he had it coming. Plus,” Natsu added, looking up at her with a cheerful expression, “I’ve been wantin’ ta punch that bastard for months now! Now I finally had a reason!”

Lucy didn’t need to ask who it was he fought, she didn’t need to. Natsu always had a strong dislike for Dan, ever since she had introduced the brunette man as her boyfriend. Plus, he was the only one who had wronged her as of recently, so he was the only person that made sense. Lucy didn’t question it as Natsu laid the roses on her nightstand before crawling into the bed with her and Happy, setting the box of chocolates off to the side.

“Do… Do ya need a hug?” Lucy felt her face flush at the innocent question before nodding, wrapping her arms around his sculpted torso. She didn’t get hugs from Natsu often, even though she wished she did seeing as his hugs were the best. It was rare for him to even offer one, it was usually Lucy who stole hugs from him and they were always from the back when she needed him to comfort her. So why would she say no?

His arms circled her waist, bring her close to his chest as he held her tightly, feeling Happy squirm between them until he decided to rest on their laps. Lucy smiled, the first smile all day as she rested her head on his collar feeling his oddly high body heat surround her, warming her from head to toe. It was times like this, moments like this with Natsu that she wished would be frozen forever. But unfortunately that would never happen.

“Now,” Lucy said as she pulled away from him looking up at him with a smile. “I believed I was promised a Netflix binge day, which comes with cuddling, right?” Natsu barked out a laugh, startling the blue cat that was laying on their legs as he bent over to grab the laptop he had brought with him, letting Lucy type in his password as he settled back, Happy padding on his stomach until he curled up into a ball, his back pressing against Lucy’s abdomen. Lucy was lying on her side, head on Natsu’s chest as they pressed play.

It was then that Lucy realized that this was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be curled up with Natsu, his arm secured tightly around her as they binged on The Office, cuddling and just being happy. She didn’t need Dan, and she didn’t need anyone else for that matter. All she needed was Natsu, and even if he wouldn’t be there for her as a boyfriend, having him there for her as a best friend was enough for her.

So that’s what she did. On the day of love, she laid with him, hearts beating in perfect harmony. Because she wouldn’t want to love anyone else.

Forever//Daryl Dixon

Info: y/n is split up from the survivors and her boyfriend, Daryl. She is lost on her on and in the country, surviving on almost nothing other than hope she’ll find them again. When she is finally reunited, she isn’t the same.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual abuse and abuse

It was a mess, panic, walkers, gunfire. The governor had blown up the prison and y/n happened to lose the rest of the group. She had been alone for months on end, seeing signs of sanctuary, the closer she got, the signs changed. ‘No sanctuary’ is what she read. She sighed and moved on down the tracks.

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Got a Mouth on You

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader
Word Count: 1873
Warnings: Smut, oral sex, cursing (?)
Author’s Note: I’m super bad at warnings but I had a lot of fun with this one. @darcia22 said she’d pay for soulless!sam smut so here you go sweetheart. Enjoy ;)

Originally posted by deanskitten

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I’m Not Alone (Sonny Carisi)

Title inspiration by “I Sleep Alone” – Meriwether (This is a really great song and I think the lyrics go with the fic really well. Go have a listen.)

I sort of channeled “Downton Abbey” with this one and also I’m sorry I don’t know why I wrote this I guess I wanted to hate myself.

You stood outside of the church, afraid to go in. Terrified of how you were going to feel once inside. You wanted to be alone through this process, because no one really mattered to you in that moment except for Sonny. You felt alone, so you wanted to be alone with your thoughts and your dreams that would never come true now. 

The thought of walking into the church made your chest feel tight and your throat feel raw and the last thing you wanted was to cry in front of these people. Retreating into your mind was the only way you hadn’t lost it yet, thinking back to the last day, three days ago.

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I Love You

A/N- If you don’t know about the tragedy that is Gabriel’s life then please don’t read! This idea occurred to me a while ago and well… I’m sorry… Tell me what you think! x)

Prompt- The reader has an unspecified incurable disease. Their boyfriend, Gabriel, though he can’t cure them, finds a way to keep them alive for as long as he is alive. One day he meets the Winchester and faces his brother Lucifer.

Gabriel x Reader

Word Count- 1411

Warning- Characters death

It was dark. All around you was pitch black. Your entire body was illuminated by a soft light. Then you started to hear his voice echo all around you. It was just as soft and full of love as you remembered it being.

Don’t worry…


I’ll take care of you…


I’ll always take care of you…


Even if I’m not here with you…


I’ll take care of you…


As long as I’m around…


You’ll live…


You’ll live… with me…


Forever if you want…


“Of course I want that Gabe… But” you say just as you had the day it actually happened. Though this was just a memory within a dream. “To be with you forever… but… I’m… and… You’re an angel. I won’t be able to live… as long as you,” you added while avoiding his gaze, but he took your hand in his. You looked up and he was smiling confidently. You hadn’t even realized when his image appeared before you.


I know…


I know you’re sick…


“It’s not something you can heal Gabriel. Even if you’re an amazing angel. You can’t cure me. I wouldn’t want you to… I just… When I die… I want you to just move on,” you tell him. He smiled sadly


If I were to die… would you like it if I asked you to move on?


You shook your head, “Of course not. How can I ever move one from you?”


Exactly. I feel the same way. Plus… I may not be able to cure you but I have second best solution.


He was so excited. “Gabe…” you say with a sigh. You had given up hope many- many years ago. Gabriel only made your remaining life happy and fun.


Look just humor me okay?


You nodded slowly, “Okay.”


There’s a spell. It will connect your life span to mine, by giving you some of my grace, but… You’ll still feel a bit sick at times. You up for it?


“Gabe that… that sounds dangerous… For you I mean. If I die… won’t you die too?” you questioned.


No- no It’s the other way around. If I die, you will die too… But you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll never die. We can be together forever.


You sighed, but, for the first time you felt the slightest sliver of that bright light called hope. “I can… be with you… forever? Can I really be alive with you by myside for years and years? You won’t… You won’t get tired of a plain human like me?”


Of course not. I love you. If I’m gonna live an eternity then, as cheesy as it is, I wouldn’t want to live with anyone else besides you.


Tears welled up in your eyes and you couldn’t contain them even if you wanted to.


Is that a yes?


“Of course!” you responded.


Great! We can get married too. Maybe even have a little squirt or two. Or adopt, I wouldn’t mind. Of course we’re going to need a dog, unless you want a cat then we could have both. A pet dragon would be amazing and-


“Gabe! Gabe! Calm down. We’ll… get there when we get there. We don’t even know if this spell thing works,” you said.


Of course it will work! You gotta have a little faith.


A few minutes and several strange words later, he pulled an orb of light from within him. He slowly placed it in you, and though it hurt more than you let on, you felt better almost immediately. Not only were you somewhat healed, but you were able to see Gabriel’s wings.

Then you woke up.

You sighed, “I’ve been having that dream all week… I hope Gabe is alright,” you whisper to yourself.

It was a week ago that Gabriel told you he wouldn’t be around for a while. Saying that he had to help some Winchester boys and fight his brother Lucifer. It all seemed so scary to you and you were strongly opposed to him doing anything dangerous since he no longer had all his grace. It was years since that day. He was used to his shortened grace, but you, you didn’t even know how much of his grace he actually gave you. He had told you a small chunk size, but the fact of the matter was that he gave you a little more than half. He knew that, had you known, you would decline the offer entirely, and he was right.

‘Babe? Thinking about me again?’ you heard his voice in your head.

“Huh? How’d you know?” you questioned.

He chuckled, ‘I’m an angel darlin’ I can sense your longing,’ he responded.

You covered your face out of sheer embarrassment. “Oh sorry about that. Um… but… I have this bad feeling… Well it isn’t so much as a bad feeling but… I guess…” you start but let your words fall.

‘Miss me?’ he asked, and you shook your head as if he could see. ‘I miss you too babe. Don’t worry your pretty little head. We’re almost done here. Just gotta meet some gods, they’re havin some meeting. It should be fine. I’ll tell you all about it when I come back to you alright?’

“You will come back to me right?” you question.

‘Of course I will. You gotta have a little faith,” he said. ‘I gotta go now alright. Hang tight a little bit longer and I’ll be there before you can say Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world. OKAY! I really have to go-’

“Okay… be careful” you whisper before sighing. You closed your eyes, “Gabriel is the best angel in all the world and I love him more than anything in the world…” Slowly opening your eyes, you were sad that he wasn’t there. You shouldn’t have thought he’d actually be there after saying it.


“Oh I’m loyal… to them-” Gabriel told his brother, angel blade in hand.

“Who? These so called gods?” Lucifer questioned.

“To people Lucifer,” Gabriel answered, as if it hadn’t been obvious before.

Lucifer scoffed, almost smiling at his answer. “So you’re willing to die for a pile of cockroaches, why?”

“Because Dad was right… They are better than us,” Gabriel responded, with more conviction than he had ever had in his life. He was thinking of you. He thought you were better than anyone, angels included.

“They are broken, flawed, abortions-” Lucifer almost shouted.

“Damn right they’re flawed,” Gabriel said, pausing a little before continuing, “But a lot of them try.” Again. He thought of you. All he could think about is you. Why was he here facing off his brother? If he died here, you would die with him. He didn’t want that but, if he ran away now, and went back to you. You’d be angry that he did. He was doing this for you.

They continued to talk as Gabriel stalled for the real version of himself to sneak behind his brother and finish him off.

“But I know where your heart truly lays,” Lucifer said.

Gabriel, for a second, feared that Lucifer knew about you. Gabriel swung his arm down, but Lucifer turned around and forced it into him.

“Here,” Lucifer whispered.

Gabriel was shocked and gasped, looking from the blade back to his brother.

“Y/N I love you,” he said softly, though it was inaudible to his brother before him.

Lucifer twisted the blade and Gabriel was lit in a bright light as he screamed in agony. Leaving behind an imprint of two wings.

At the same time~

You were making or trying to make homemade chocolates for Gabriel. You didn’t even know if he was coming back that day but it was good to be ready just in case. You held the bowl against your hip as you mixed the chocolate, and read over the recipe in case you missed something.

That’s when you felt a sharp unbearable pain on your stomach. You screamed and dropped the chocolate as you were engulfed by the same bright light. Before you fell to the ground you whispered, “I love you Gabe,” knowing in the back of your mind that Gabriel was gone. But, because Gabriel have you some of his grace, you also left an imprint of wings on the ground. The wings Gabriel was initially missing. He had given them to you. Willingly so.

He knew you were more angel than any angel could ever be.

Hope you liked it!

ameb-stuff  asked:

Hey, I heard you plan on writing some Undertale drabbles? How about post-FINAGLC story, where Sans and Papyrus discuss the content of Pap's nightmares and how to make them less scary? :D

Took a few days but here it is!!  I hope you like it!  ;w;  Please forgive me for how long it is. It’s just what felt natural to me, and I’ve never been good at writing super short bits. This is also the first time I’ve actually written something in probably close to 2 years, so I’m a little out of practice. *NERVOUS*

also, this is set after the events of FINAGLC, by @unrestedjade, which everyone needs to go read if you haven’t yet!!

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33. - Like the Stars Miss the Sun in the Morning Sky.

I got so scared, I thought no one could save me
You came along scooped me up like a baby

Every now and then the stars align
Boy and girl meet by the great design
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?

Everybody told me love was blind
Then I saw your face and you blew my mind
Finally, you and me are the lucky ones this time


“So you just gone act like I aint here the whole time?”, I questioned with a smirk while staying hot her heels as she entered the kitchen. Instead of replying Knoelle continued to act like I was in visible while I dropped my eyes to that toned ass she was flaunting in some tiny booty shorts.

“Damn I get the silent treatment too?”, I chuckled in her ear as she purposely turned around and bumped my shoulder as she headed to the fridge. It was the same old shit since I met her a week and a half ago. Everytime Malakai made the effort to come past the apartment, I would tag along in hopes of getting a few minutes with Knoelle.

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I am so frickin’ proud of all of you, all of you, this place, the art, the talent and of course, the Role-playing has been one of the best Fandoms I’ve ever been in! I have been inspired and constantly overjoyed by this community and many of times when I’ve been in the gutter or felt worthless many of you, even indirectly, have made me feel so much more!

Lately, I’ve been having difficulties with my life, correlating with my College Education, I know this is getting a bit personal but, I just want all of you guys to know just how much I appreciate you! I failed my first Quarter in college and it has really put a big dent in my confidence. I spent my Winter Break in absolute disappointment and not knowing what I could possibly do next.

But once I saw a @therealjacksepticeye play-through of Undertale, I fell in love with it. So of course I check out what else this game could offer than just love and Determination. And what I discovered, was an entire community of support that I instantly cherished.

There were so many times that I wanted to give up on everything and just stop all together. For a long time, and I kind of am still a bit like this, I thought my art, my characters, OC(s), skills and my intelligence was shit and that I could never live up to any type of expectations and most of the time I just kept that to myself. People alwaya tell me, ‘Hey it looks good’ when they notice or show them but I didn’t really feel any of that. I used to feel smart but all my grades practically dropped almost near the end of my Senior Year in High School. And among other things, I’ve felt ignored, non-existent and useless.

But now, while there being some other factors that lifted my spirits, I feel more confident than I used to be, I move from RP blog to RP blog on this website, several of them are practically cob-webs. Honestly I would love to get back into all of them, but I don’t have that much time but one day maybe!

For now, I’m most definitely keeping this blog active and I am so proud and happy that so many of you have been patient with me and really bringing me joy ever since I started up this blog. Never in my life have I ever drawn so much before and makes me courageous to even mention it. And never have had so much involvement with so many people to the point of almost being overwhelmed, but I don’t mind, I’m glad people are interested in any part of me.

Undertale has given me the DETERMINATION to continue on and I hope to continue this adventure with all of you!

Now then…



Fuck yeah the best mama out there! Wonderful Multi-muse RP-er, Artist and just person in general and always the best, one of many people around here I can’t wait to talk to, go give them some love! Not LOVE, love.


My main man mirror!sans, we be havin’ some adventures and I always love your art requests, they’re fun to do. And don’t forget, great and cute art plus lovable character and concepts, follow them right now! Right now!


Not only having some of the most cutest characters known to man with some really angsty and super detailed profiles about the six kids, they are extremely talented in the field of RP and I recommend them fully, so give those kids some cookies and milk, they deserve it.


You’re always sending me some cool asks and I’ve always enjoyed your art from afar. Even though we haven’t done anything productive yet, I hope so for in the future. You’re really cool!


You make some awesome icons especially for sans and you make me laugh. I enjoy it when you’re online and love it when we interact.


Beautifulcinnamonrolltoogoodforthisworldtoopure and an epic sans RP blog, I love it when they’re online and reading through their stuff even though we’ve barely interacted and a few other shenanigans.


HOLY FUCK MUFFIN! A great Ms. Muffet RP Blog and fun to interact with, not to mention amazing, did I say muffin? ‘Cause I think that’s what they are, a sweet fluffy muffin. :3


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{Art is Mine(even though it’s a crappy photo)}

Good Girl Gone Bad (Lucas H.)


Turning around, I caught a glimpse of 3 fringe-tastic boys jogging their way over to me. A smile spread across my face, “Hey guys.” I waved at them, “Hey y/n. We have a first gig today wanna come?” Michael asked. My eyes shone, “Of course! I’ve been waiting for you guys to give me the details.” I replied as they all grinned. “Okay good! We’re going to meet up at Luke’s house then Ashton will pick us up.”

Knock Knock!
“Y/N’s here!” A voice called from behind the door, and it swung open to Luke’s mum. “Dear! Nice to see you again.” She pulled me into a hug, “Good to see you too Liz.” I giggled, she started to lead me to the living room where the other boys are. “Y/N!” They chorused with big smiles on their faces. Mikey handed me a controller and I sat down on the couch next to Luke. “Ready to get crushed Lucifer?” I teased, as he laughed and scrunched his nose up. “We’ll see about that.” The blonde said with a playful wink.

“No!” “Yes!” I cried, jumping up in happiness. The blonde boy next to me on my right and the kiwi on my left groaned in defeat as I high fived Mikey who sat on the floor. “We own Mario Kart!” He exclaimed, only to be interrupted by Luke’s brother Jack. “Ash is here.” We all nodded and stood up. The three boys grabbed their guitars and we all walked out of the house. “Hey Ash!” We greeted in unison, “Sup guys! Hop in!” He called ad we obeyed. Since I’m the smallest, I sat in the middle seat in the back in between Luke and Michael while Calum sat up front with Ashton. “Put on Bowling for Soup!” I called, while ash started to drive. He chuckled and attached his phone to the stereo. “DEBBIE JUST HIT THE WALL SHE NEVER HAD IT ALL.” The whole car burst out in a melody, singing along with the music. 15 minutes later, we arrived at the small venue. “Wh- I thought there was gonna be 200 people!” Michael exclaimed, looking extremely Down. I pat his arm, “It’s okay Mikey. It’s good to start out small. Who knows? You guys might play stadiums!” I giggled as my four best friends chuckled and went back stage.

And that was when it all started. Where my best friends left me. Especially my first love. And no one ever forgets their first love.

Slamming down the small glass cup onto the counter, I nodded at the bartender to give me another. “Wow y/l/n. You’re getting pretty feisty tonight aren’t cha?” He said, pouring me another shot and I smiled at him, “Not even a little tipsy bro.” I replied nodding my head with a sly smirk. “Yeah all those shots gave you a high tolerance to alcohol now.” The bartender chuckled and slid over another shot which I quickly downed. “Gimme your strongest.” The bartender chuckled with an amused laugh, “You’re havin’ the strongest already girly.” I giggled, “Well your shots suck!” He chuckled as a tall man approached the counter. I looked him up and down, not really interested until I saw his hair. Black and white. “Nice reverse skunk hair, boy.” I complimented, lighting a cigarette and puffing and small cloud of smoke. The guy turned around after getting his 3 beers, and his green eyes looked deadly familiar. Skunk hair boy looked at my hip tattoo which said Dan with a heart by it. “Thanks miss. Nice tattoo.” He replied with a small chuckle, “So, you need help with those beers?” I asked with a smirk. Skunk hair looked up at me again, “Nah I need to give em to my buds.” I laughed. “I meant do you need me to help carry them to your friends?” He nodded, understanding my statement and handed me a glass. I followed him through the crowd and sat down on a seat by him. His two other guy friends looked up, and again they looked extremely familiar. How the fuck are they all familiar? “Hey, have I seen you guys before?” I asked, pointing a finger at them, trying to see where I’ve seen their faces. “Oh we’re a band! 5 Seconds of Summer!” I felt my whole face drain from all it’s color and I stared at them in shock. That day… It’s coming back.. “Fuck. No!” I cried, standing up, only to trip over my heels. Ashton got up and grabbed my arm before I could react. “Hey! Are you okay?” He asked as I tried to yank my arm out of his grip but the god damn drummer had a death grip. “No! Get away! I hate you!” I cried, trying to pry my wrist out of his fist. “Wait- but..”

“We’re best friends right y/n?” Ashton asked with a small smile, and I returned it with a warm grin. “Of course! Forever!” Calum and Michael’s lips curled upward lightly, as if something was bothering them. I turned to Luke, “Why do you guys seem sad?” They all hesitated a bit but just shrugged. “Uh. We’re just tired.” Luke replied with an eyebrow raise. Slowly, I nodded my head, trying to detect a lie out of his statement. “Um okay. So you guys excited for tomorrow? We get to have a sleepover after school.” I said as Michael, Calum and Ashton got up collectively. “Yeah we’re super excited.” Calum said, “Uh we gotta go somewhere.” “Bye y/n!” Michael and Ashton waved quickly before running out of my house. I looked at Luke again, my stomach erupting in butterflies. He didn’t say a word, “Luke what’s all this about? What’s the big deal-” I was interrupted by him leaning into me, connecting our lips together. My eyes widened but soon closed while I melted into the kiss. He pulled away and I smiled at him, expecting him to do the same but he just seemed shocked. The blonde 16 year old got up in a panic and ran out of the house. There I sat, thinking about my first kiss ever. How I like my best friend and how he just kissed me. And how he just ran off. ‘Ill talk to him about it tomorrow.’ I thought to myself.

Next Day~

As I waited at the lunch table where I usually ate with my three friends, I searched the crowd for them. No one has seen them the whole day and I’m starting to get worried. They were always there to protect me when my bullies came by, and having to sit by myself made me feel extremely vulnerable. Suddenly, I smelt something sour, then something slimy on my back. Spoiled milk. I looked around, and my mouth hung open in disgust. There stood Janelle and her boy friend David with big smirks. “Hey you little goody goody.” She greeted sweety, “What do you want Janelle?” I asked through gritted teeth. “Nothing just wanted to say hi. Since your rock star friends aren’t here.” Janelle smirked, emphasizing ‘rockstar’ since she always teased them about it. “Leave me alone.” I whimpered, shrinking into my seat. She cackled, “Make me! Your friends can’t! Because they left you!” Janelle exclaimed cackling into my face. My whole body froze and I stared at her, “L-Left me?” I questioned, “God you’re stupid for a nerd! They left for this tour with a band!” David said. My eyes filled with tears and I covered my mouth. I got up, grabbed my bags and ran to the girls restroom to call my dad. I cried in his arms while he tried to soothe me. He called their mums and they all said that they had no idea their sons didn’t tell me about them leaving. Especially Liz. Her son kissed me for goodness sakes! “I hate them!” I screamed into my dad’s arms. “I hate them! Forever!”

And there was the death of a good girl. And the birth of a bad girl.

I snapped back into reality with 3 pairs if eyes staring into mine. “Hello? Ms? Are you okay?” Calum said, shaking me a bit, “Get the fuck off me Thomas.” I seethed, pushing them all off me. I froze, realizing this wasn’t the club I was at, but was now a hotel room. “Why the fuck did you take me here?!” Ashton tried to calm me down, but I pulled my fist back but then decided against it. “Hey hey. Why are you mad at us? Why do you hate us?” Michael asked, putting his hands up in defense. A low, throaty humour less chuckle escaped my lips as I blew a bit of my y/h/c hair out of my way. “You don’t recognize me huh, you dickheads.” The three boys seemed taken aback at my question, “Um. Not that I know of.” Ashton said, cocking his head. “Where’s the other cunt? Huh? That big fucktard. Lucifer.” I no longer felt just mad, but my body filled up with disbelief and rage. “Uh. No. We never met you. Miss. And Luke is in another room. He should be coming soon.” Calum stated, still kind of unsure of his words. “What? You guys don’t remember your best friend?” I cackled as the three boys stopped in their tracks, “C-call Luke.” Calum said, with all his color draining from his face as Ashton grabbed his phone only for me to snatch it out of his grip. “That’s all you guys can say? ‘Call Luke’? 2 years later, that’s all you can say?” I grit my teeth so hard I was surprised I didn’t break any molars. My y/e/c orbs flashed at theirs, “Yanno. Fuck it. I’m out.” I threw my hands up and got up to get my purse. I popped a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it before puffing a cloud of smoke. Ashton’s eyes were sad and he looked like a scared little puppy, “Y/N… You’ve changed a lot.” I turned around and laughed at his comment. “Gee Ash. Didn’t know you were smart enough to figure that out.” The sarcasm on my statement was strong and his face dropped and he looked down, and Michael spoke up. “Why?” Strangely, a pang of guilt hit me in my heart, but I avoided it and continued. “Well. Mikey. People change when they’re fucked over.” My hand reached for the doorknob of their hotel room but the door swung open, hitting my left hand in the process. “HEY GUYS!” Great. The person I was trying to avoid just FUCKING CRUSHED MY HAND. “Ow! You asshole!” He looked taken aback, “Sorry Miss. I didn’t see you there.” Luke apologized only to get scared looks from the boys. “Luke! It’s her!” Calum emphasized ‘her’ as if I was the girl version of Voldemort. “Who?” A groan left my lips and I rolled my eyes, “I’m out.” I turned around and grabbed my heels before walking out.