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Heaven’s Soulmate

Pairing: Sam x reader, soulmate AU

Summary: Imagine sharing your personal heaven with your soulmate, but when you get there he’s the person you hate the most.

Words: 700 (exact! And I didn’t even plan it!)

Warnings: the reader dies peacefully so she can go to heaven, swearing, mentions of being nude (but no smut!)

A/N: This thing popped into my mind and I just had to make a short fic about it.

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You smiled up at your husband’s face as memories of your life together rolled by like a movie before your eyes. You had seen him age along with you, counted and memorized every single wrinkle and freckle. One little accident and a cup of coffee turned into a lifetime spend together. And now that was all coming to an end. The smile that usually adorned your husband’s features was long gone.

“Don’t feel sad, Robbie. I’m going to a better place,” you whispered, your voice hoarse and weak. You felt the life slowly leave your body, your limbs heavy and numb. “Remember I’ll always love you.” And with those words you closed your eyes and let out your last breath.

Once you opened your eyes again you were laying in a foreign bed, in a foreign room with a foreign voice reverberating against the walls, the man’s singing muffled by water splashing down. You racked your brain to find any memory of how you had gotten there, but you found nothing. As you moved to sit up, you noticed how your limbs moved smoothly, not feeling the pain you had gotten used to. The cool wind blowing against your skin made goosebumps appear all over your form. You pulled the sheets closer to your body and only then registered your nakedness. And not just that.

You were young again.

The purple veins, the brown age spots and the wrinkles had vanished, your parchment skin returned to its former glory. Your nakedness forgotten you jumped up and rushed towards the mirror in the corner of the room. You took in your young self again, a look of fear and surprise etched in your smooth features. Your fingertips traced the taut skin of your face as you gazed at the body you thought you would never have again.

“Who are you?” a male voice woke you up from your trance. You shrieked loudly before you turned around and yanked the covers of the bed, pulling them towards you, effectively covering your bare self from his view. Your eyes widened when you recognized his face, his expression mimicking yours.

“You!” you both growled at the same time.

Sam fucking Winchester, the man you hated the most, was standing in front of you. Stark-naked. He noticed your eyes drifting down and quickly covered himself with a towel.

“What are you doing in my personal Heaven?” he spat out, giving you the most dirty look he could. You wanted to return his foul gaze until his words sunk in.

“I-I’m in Heaven?” you asked surprised.

“Personally I think you belong in Hell, but yes, you’re in Heaven. My Heaven,” he emphasized. “You shouldn’t be here.” The look he gave you was made of pure disbelief and disgust. “The only person that can enter my personal Heaven is…” His words faded out as his eyes widened. “Oh, God! Nonononono! This can’t be happening. Not you!” Sam rambled on.

He started pacing up and down the room, his fingers tangled in his damp locks. “I can’t stand you! You can’t be… This must be a joke… Fuck!” His attitude was starting to annoy you and the lack of context was only adding to it. You felt your blood boiling, your anger flaring to highs you never thought possible.

“Stop!” you raised your voice. “What the hell is going on?” You wanted answers right now. Why were you naked in a room with the person you hated the most? Why were you young again? Was this seriously Heaven? Because you pictured it very differently!

“You are my soulmate,” Sam mumbled, looking anywhere but you. A soft chuckle left your lips before it turned into a fit of laughter.

“You’re joking right?” you snickered as you tried to regain your breath. When your eyes landed on his face, the serious look told you otherwise. “Oh, God! You’re not joking.” Your mind went blank as you sat down onto the edge of the bed to steady yourself. You looked at the man who you had despised most of your life, who was meant to be your soulmate and could only think one thing. “Eternity is going to be a bitch.”

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tbh the best way to get Ariel worked up is to ask her about her father.  Specifically, her father in regards to his opinions on the human world.

Ariel’s gone through a few different cycles when it comes to her feelings about her father’s extreme views.  For a long time she resented him for them, but after finding her mother’s music box she felt a bit more empathy for him.  She realized that his heart was hurting, that he was encapsulated by grief and that was why he was so harsh.

And though that empathy is still there, it’s given way to more anger and frustration.  She still loves her father dearly, but his worst quality is how blinded he is by hate and grief.

Ariel may be gullible and reckless, but she isn’t stupid.  She knows there are dangers in the world above, and she knows she has to be careful.  But she doesn’t allow the knowledge that there are some dangers out there to stop her from seeing the beauty in the world.  Good and evil can thrive simultaneously, along with all the grey in between.

And it angers Ariel to no end that her father refuses to see that good.  That he refuses to see that grey.  That he refuses to listen to her.  She’s still young, yes.  Barely a woman.  But she is not a child.  She is old enough to have intelligent opinions, to make keen observations.  She can be smart and clever when she needs to be.  But her father completely disregards anything she has to say on the human world.  He acts like he knows best, even though he has been avoiding it for the past fifteen years and Ariel has been studying, has been watching the humans and learning what she can.  She doesn’t see the evil that he does.  But because one group of humans - one group of pirates - killed her mother, her father refuses to see anything else.

It hurts her.  He is blinding himself to beauty and goodness, and he is also ignoring and invalidating her interests.  

She loves him, but he is wrong.

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Can i request some Double D and Marie together? i cannot get enough of those two they're so cute!

Marie was out walking. It was a rare moment when she wasn’t with her sisters. She needed to think. A lot had happened in the past few days.

They ventured out from their town to save the Eds, witness a awful beating, and then got revenge off that terrible man. Little did they know that Eddy’s brother was a man hiding from the law. Once the kids were gone they dragged him, still unconscious, into his house. His disurbing house she had to add. Just when they were going to give him a well deserved punishment, Marie heard a girls voice calling out.

He captured some girl, barely his age, and her her chained to his bed.

The police were there in no time.

That vile man awoke and took a long look at Marie. “Wanna get into bed when I return?”

Marie felt so uncomfortable. 

She’d been letting people see this punk chick image for too long.

Their mother came to pick them up at the police station. It was a quiet ride home. As soon as they were in their trailer their mother started to cry. Now Marie felt bad for not leaving a not. The three girls were the only thing the woman had.

Marie had to face that she was growing up. But, how? Theworld stweered around she and her sisters because of much terror they caused.

Marie stopped in her tracks.

Edd was sitting alone on a bench in the playground.

Marie stoof in place for the longest time until she decided to walk over to him.

“Um, Double D?”

Edd looked panicked when he saw her. “Oh, Marie.”



Edd’s eyes peared from side to side.

“It’s okay. I’m alone.”

“I never thought you three ever seperated.”

“Same about you and your friends.”

They were silent. Marie finally realized that she didn’t know Edd. The only thing she did know was that he was a very smart boy. He loved science and was also quite generous. He tried to help her out even when he feared her.

“What are you reading?” she asked.

“’All the Worlds Inventions.’”

“I think I’ve read that.”

“Have you?”

“I like to read.”

“Do you?” Edd asked sounding intrigued.

“I used to read all the time.”

Edd never saw Marie smile so genuinely. He nervously asked if she wanted to sit down. They brought up a conversation about books, but then it siezed. Edd could tell that there was something Marie.

“How is Eddy?”

“Eddy? Oh, um… he’s doing alright.”

“Does he know that his brother was arrested?”

“I believe hi-… how did you know?”

Marie told him what had happened. What they found. And then what he said to her. Edd was the first person she told since it happened. She didn’t know why she was alone, but she was.

“He is in jail, Marie.”

“I just hope he stays there.”

“That was very brave of you though.”

“Was it?”


Marie smiled at him. “The way you stood up to that man was awesome.”

“Was it?”

“Of course it was, muffintop.” Marie said giving him a friendly punch in the arm.

For the rest of the day the two hung out. Times were definately going to change around the cul-de-sac.

The lesson

Nicholas, the 18-year old guy liked a rock music, skate-boarding, everything that a young man likes…and he loved the maxi skirts. He wore his mother’s and sister’s skirts everytime when they aren’t home, but only the long ones. He felt a freedom in it, which is the most important for the adolescent guys at their ages.

One day he decided to wear a long skirt on the street too. He liked the most of long skirts, but his favourite was his mother’s long denim skirt. It was so simple a bit flowy, he wore it the most.

“It’s like a pants, i go carefully not to show it’s a skirt” - thought, and gone to the street with an rocker tee and boots. He looked so cool, as he thought.

When he walked, some young guys noticed that he wears a skirt. They laughed, and called him gay. Some girls started to laugh, and whispered behind his back. At least, two elder men started to chase him, they wanted to beat him. He started to run as he could from the skirt, but he wasn’t too fast.

Fortunately, he was slim, and he could squeeze himself through the fence where he could hide from the chasers. He didn’t look back just walked forward. He was scared. After a while, he arrived to the playground, where was a little boy with her young and beautiful mother. The kid noticed that he was in the skirt, and started laughing.

“Look Mom, that man is wearing a skirt!! Ridiculous!!!” and laughed very loud.

The mom looked up from a book what she read, looked Nicholas, and his child. She became very upset.

“Jaden, how could be so rude like this? Did i teach you to disrespect any elder person? I’m so so angry!! Don’t behave like this!”

The young woman became so-so angry, like she said. The little boy became so quiet, and started to cry. The woman stood up, put her book on the bench, and went to Nicholas.

“I’m so sorry, sorry for that, please forgive my child, he was so rude” 

“Ok, fine, no problem” said Nicholas, and noticed that the woman wore a blue, flowy long skirt. He started to smile.

“I’m Melissa, nice to meet you” 

“I’m Nicholas” and they shaked their hands. 

“Come sit down, please!” said Melissa

Melissa and Nicholas sat down on the bench with their skirts. Melissa had a beautiful long brown hair, and her eyes was blue as her skirt.

“So, you are wearing a skirt too. It’s so nice, isn’t it” said, and started to shake her skirt.

“Yes, of course. Yours is nice”

“Thank you!!! It’s perfect for this summer weather, but i really like the denim too. You look so cool in it”


“Absolutely. It’s you. You are in a cool and stunning skirt, what’s the problem?”

“You are kidding”

“Noooo, don’t think that Nicholas. Honestly, you are so brave, but is it a bravery to feel yourself good?”

“In this case…it is.”

“Yes, but come on. You know that the most of men don’t know. To feel yourself free. To be yourself. If somebody hurts you, don’t worry about it. You know the truth. We, the women wear our skirts, because we are women. But you are a man, who have to fight for the right to wear a skirt. And you don’t look ridiculous or feminine. You are a man in a skirt. You deserve a long, flowy skirt so much more than I, or other women.”

“Thank you Melissa, you are so nice. But could a girl love me in a skirt?”

Melissa smiled.

“If my husband wore a skirt, i could love him like this. If someone loves you, loves you in a skirt too. And for the bravery, so much more. Don’t worry about the people…you need only one person, a girl who loves you more then you think. It’s not about skirt. It’s about you!”

Melissa put her arms around Nicholas, and hugged him. He learned the lesson.

“Wear your wonderful skirts Nicholas. It’s you!”

Nicholas went home, and told her mother that he wore her skirts secretly. His mother didn’t dispair, she gave him that denim skirt, and bought some skirts for him. Next year he had a beautiful girlfriend.

On a next day, Melissa and Jaden was on the playground again. Jaden had to wear skirt.

have a pair of hands ever felt so very right on yours?
when your eyes meet those, limbs come in contact,
head rested on chest,
you just know?

suddenly all those people you felt nervous for are long forgotten bare memories,
all you see is that one smile,
all you hear is that one voice
and all you feel all surrounds a single person
suddenly all nerves are gone, and it is just eons of happiness
and anticipation

you know this is not going anywhere
you know by morning you will be forgotten
you will be back to just friends in a crowded room
and nobody will have any idea,
but your memories will remain

all you have is this moment so why not just enjoy it
because you know, you know as much as it breaks you,
that this is it
the one and only
so why not just cherish it

and suddenly all the blood in your body is flowing so fast,
and one organ is so in control
“your heart is beating so fast,” you point out
“it’s all because of you,” i say, only stating the obvious

—  i want to but i can’t by emotionsarecrazy

This is my kitty, Amber. Known to my family as “Flam”. She was fifteen and a half when she passed away in November of last year. Almost at the same time, same minutes, as she was put to sleep in my arms, the Terror Attacks were happening in Paris. The two events were happening simultaneously - I’ll never forget as the world grieved for many lost human lives, my mind was only on my Flam kitty, and how she was gone from my life.

I had her from when I was nine till the age of 24. She (and her sister Fluffy) have always been my closest friends. Flam was not a people person, but she loved her family. She slept her life away in front of fireplaces, in sunbeams, and anywhere else cozy. Her purr was SO LOUD and it made her whole fat little body vibrate. She made a good pillow.

Her decline was not short but it was not long either. It felt like enough time to decide as a family that what was best for her, and for us, is to let her be at peace before she was in too much pain or distress (her mind was going, probably because of a tumour). 

I miss her sickeningly, and every day I think about her. I have comfort knowing that she spent her very long life never uncomfortable or unhappy (except when we were cutting her nails!) She had the BEST LIFE a cat could want and she never knew a day without pure love. How lucky was she?

I have a zillion pictures of her but I love this one a lot because she is posing - she never posed - on one of her favourite chairs. She looks like a queen - she was a queen! 

My beautiful, sweet Amber kitty, I love you dearly, and you are always in my heart. I can still feel your heavy, solid figure pressed against my chest. It makes me ache and also smile - a strange combination, but one only you could inspire.

Amber “Flam”


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Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday - Part 1

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MacCready / Sole Survivor

Just when you think you’re ready to move on, the Past decides to take a big one on your doorstep…


“I dreamed of you as an adult for so long.  Here you are…  and I’m so… disappointed.”  The words tumbled out of him, the hurt in his voice piercing as daggers. 

The response was curt, controlled.  "…Goodbye, father.“  A flash of light, and Shaun– no, Father, was gone. 

Del stood there alone on the rooftop, the cold evening air nipping at his lips, his eyes suddenly tired and his heart aching like it hadn’t in a long time, not since he had seen Nora dead and frozen before him months ago. 

Felt like ages ago. 

His fingers pinched the bridge of his nose as he scrunched his face tight, and he absently noticed his hands were shaking.  He took a deep breath that hitched in the middle, lifting his head to stare at the night sky.

So many stars.  Nora loved the stars.  … Shaun could’ve too.

But that… that man wasn’t Shaun.  He was more of a ghost, an after-image, twisted and distorted.  The nightmare, the bad end.  He wasn’t Shaun, Del’s mind repeated to him, as if trying to convince himself. Shaun died long ago, with her. 

I’m alone in this now.  In all …this.

MacCready had watched the scene play out from a secluded corner of the far end of the rooftop, obscured by a chimney.  He had wanted to keep an eye out in case things went south during Del’s meeting with Father, and it looks like it had, just not in the way MacCready had been fearing.  He knew the kind of guy Del was, that he’d admit he’d helped those synths, and he feared some grave physical repercussions for admitting as much, but it appeared that for now at least that wouldn’t be happening.  He had shrewdly been watching the conversation through his sniper scope, and thankfully, from his years sharpshooting and tracking, he had gotten pretty good at lip-reading.  From his angle he only saw Father’s back, but he was in perfect view of Del’s face, illuminated by the moonlight, and caught almost everything he had said.  … He also caught all the emotion on his face during the last bit of their exchange.

MacCready frowned.  It was a face he was all too familiar with.  The look of loss, of lonlieness, abandonment. 


He knew it so well that he was afraid to approach Del, afraid to intrude on that incredibly personal moment.  MacCready slung his rifle over his shoulder and gently hopped off his small perch, walking slowly over to the silent figure.  He had no clue how to broach the topic.

"Hey,” he said gently, after a long pause.  He didn’t need to ask how it went, or offer any small talk; he already knew.

Del swallowed hard, his gaze still ever upward.  "…Hey,“ he replied finally.

"For… for what it’s worth,” MacCready offered slowly, “I’m sorry.”

Del’s voice was thick.  "… Yeah.“

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Off the Grid [Closed]

 It felt like a betrayal, it left her feeling alone and abandoned in her fear. The worst part was knowing the one person that could put an end to her trouble probably knew about it already, meaning he wasn’t going to put an end to it. The attacks began after Thor had gone back to Asgard the last time, and it started with small things. The blonde woman dressed in vibrant greens with piercing eyes introduced herself at the hospital one night on a full moon and at the time, Jane hadn’t paid too much attention to her.

The E.R. had been hectic that night, and Jane was up to her eyeballs in patients when she first saw the woman. “Ma’am? Are you all right? Are you waiting for someone?”

The leggy blonde had only smiled and let her eyes trace Jane up and down with a slow sort of appraisal that left every hair on the nurse’s body standing on end.

“I was waiting for you,” she replied, her voice silken. “We have a mutual friend, my dear, and I have been sent to…make your acquaintance.”

“Oh, really? What’s your nam—“ Just at that moment, someone cried out in pain from a gurney nearby and Jane instinctively turned, and by the time she glanced back at the lady, there was no one there.

Everything got worse from there. Her apartment would be open when she got home, someone would grab her purse but then there would be nobody around, messages would be written into the fog on her bathroom mirror…

The Enchantress comes for you, Jane Foster…

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