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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “Hey I was wondering if you could write an Alex Standall imagine? Maybe it can take place around the time of the dollar valentine and since he’s trying to get over jess, then he decides to call the first person on his list - which is the reader. Maybe they go to the diner and eat and it’s a little awkward at first but then they find something in common and it ends fluffy and cute? Alex deserves some happiness and good imagines imo.”

Words: 2.330

A/N: An Alex imagine is up again! Alex REALLY deserves some happiness, because he deserved way better, just like Jeff! I love those two cinnamon rolls, really!
I hope you enjoy and like this imagine! Thank you so much for requesting!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/F) is Your Favourite Flavour.

It was Valentine’s Day and you were so nervous because it would be your first date ever since. You joined the Oh My Dollar Valentine and it got you a date with the infamous platinum blonde haired boy, Alex Standall. He was the only one who had his hair in that way, so it was impossible not to know him.

You never liked participating at any school activities, but they came up with the idea of Oh My Dollar Valentine and you thought of giving it a shot.

The event consisted of filling up a form, where you chose your interests and the things you looked for someone, and, with just a dollar, you could have the name and the number of the people that had the same interests as you did. The earnings of the event would go to the cheerleaders’ camp and why should you not help them?

You remembered how you got your call and you didn’t even expect it. It was during your lunch break and you were getting some books for the next class in your locker.

“Uhm, hello Alex?” You hesitated to answer his phone call, because you weren’t close to him, not even a little bit. You had him in few of your classes, but you never bothered to talk to him.

“Hey, (Y/N). How are you?” He asked you and you could hear the nervousness in his voice.

“I am good. How about you?” You weren’t sure how to answer him and, in fact, you were feeling uncomfortable to talk to him.

“I’m… good.” He paused for a little bit and you could say that he didn’t know how to talk to you either.

“Are you sure?” You assured him with a corrugated forehead while you were searching for some books.

“Yes.” He shortly answered and it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk about it. “Look, you were in my list for the Dollar Valentine and…” He cut what he was about to say and he thought that it was understandable that he was asking you out for a date on Valentine’s.

“And?” You raised your eyebrow as you asked him. He wasn’t really an extrovert person and you could hear that he was having some kind of trouble on talking to you.

“And I am asking if you… you could g-go o-out on a da-date with me next week, on Valentine’s Day?” He stuttered as he proposed you his thoughts. You found it cute that he was feeling flustered to ask you out, but you wondered why he asked you.

He was in a relationship with Jessica Davis, one of the cheerleaders in Liberty High, and it didn’t end pretty well between the two of them. Maybe Alex was trying to move on, but you thought why would he choose you, when there were other people to ask out?

“(Y/N)?” He assured that you were still there, because you didn’t answer his question. You were shocked, of course.

“Alex, I’m still here.” You shook your head as you got your book and closed your locker.

“So? What’s the answer?” He asked as you saw him along the hallway, holding his phone and looking at you.

He was far enough to see you properly, but you flashed him a wide smile. “Of course, Alex. I would love to.”

You heard him unleashing a sigh of relief and you laughed because of his actions. “Dinner at Rosie’s diner and maybe I can walk you back home?”

“Sure, that’s fine. What time?” You asked as you started to walk towards your classroom, the space between the two of you was diminished as you took some little steps forward.

“Eight o'clock would be perfect.” He answered, seeing him smile confidently now. He somehow relaxed, since he got his comfortable pace during your conversation.

“See you at eight, then.” You winked at him as you ended the phone call and walked passed him.

“See you, pretty.” You heard him giggle and you just shook your head. Heading in your History class.

You entered the diner and you quickly saw Alex, waiting for you while fidgeting with a long stemmed red rose in his hands.

“Alex!” You called his attention and he quickly shot his glance at you. He quickly stood up as he waited for you to reach the booth.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You both smiled and you stopped yourselves from hugging each other because there was still an awkward atmosphere between the two of you.

“Uhm, for you.” He handed you the rose and you avoided some thorns of it.

“Thank you, Alex.” You smiled at him and you both took your seats.

“Uhm…” Alex started to kill the silence between the two of you. The slow love song in the background and some murmurs could be heard inside the diner and it made you sick.

“Yes?” Your gaze brighten, couldn’t wait to know what he had to say.

“Oh,” He bit his lip as he thought that he might say some wrong things and he was afraid to offend you. “I mean…” He tried to find the right words, but they didn’t seem to flash in his mind. “Never mind.”

“Oh, okay.” You shortly answered as you looked at his eyes. He felt uncomfortable, because he avoided the eye contact.

You tapped your fingers on the table, since you were both silent and you didn’t know how to start the conversation again.

“Alex, you play the guitar, right?” You suddenly blurted out to have a little bit of dialogues with him.

“Yup, I do.” He smiled once again, thankful that you thought of some topics to talk about. “Why?”

“Nothing, I am not seeing you play in the jazz band anymore.” You pointed out as you let him know that you noticed the small things.

“I quitted, since I really can’t focus on it in these days.” He explained and you listened as you fidgeted with the flower that he gave you.

“Jessica?” You whispered and he nodded quietly. You hinted that he didn’t want to talk about it. Why would he? You were not even close. “Sorry.”

“It’s not because I don’t want to talk about it.” He said as if he read your mind and then he rested his arms on the table. “It’s because I respect you. You are my date for tonight and not Jessica.”

“Thank you.” You happily answered and he smiled at you. You thought that he was a sweet and an altruist person.

You stared at each other and you took the chance to admire his features. You noticed his dilated deep blue eyes and his septum ring, his lips were reddish and the pale skin enhanced them. Of course, you adored his platinum hair even more, you thought that it was cool and unique.

“(Y/N), what do you want to eat?” Alex asked you and you shook your head to forget about your thoughts. You noticed that the waiter was waiting for you and you bit your lip as you were so embarrassed.

“I’m having a cheeseburger with fries on the side.” You said as you went through the usual food you order in that diner.

“Drinks?” The waiter asked and you just smiled as Alex ordered a (Y/F/F)-flavoured milkshake.

“Same for me.” You answered and the waiter smiled before going back to the counter, probably giving the orders to the chef.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Alex asked as with a smirk as he noticed that you were smiling widely.

“Nothing.” You laughed as you felt a little bit comfortable with him. “It’s because the (Y/F/F)-flavoured milkshake.”

“What about it?” He chuckled a little bit. “It’s my favourite flavour.” He smiled as he gave another information about him.

“It’s my favourite too!” You exclaimed and you both laughed, feeling more confident now.

Few moments later, your food arrived and you both started to eat while you talk of some stuffs.

“Cheers to my milkshake buddy?” Alex raised the glass of his cold milkshake and laughed.

“Cheers!” You exclaimed as you both clinked your glasses while looking into each other’s eyes. You then sipped a little bit from it and you let out a loud laugh.

You both let yourself in and the awkwardness between the two of you faded away as you shared some of your stories.

“Sir, may I have the bill please?” Alex shouted as you finished your meal and you decided to go away.

“Here you go, sir.” The waiter gave Alex the bill and you were about to give Alex some dollars for it, but he refused to get it.

“Nope.” He shook his head. “I pay for this.”

“But…” You insisted but Alex is hard headed too, just like you.

“No buts and ifs.” He winked at you as he got some bills from his billfold wallet.

“Thank you.” You shyly said to him and he just smiled at you. You thought that he was really a gentleman and he knew how to treat a girl right.

“Here it is.” Alex said to the waiter as he paid the bill, giving him some extra bills for the tip. “Keep the change.”

“Thank you.” The waiter gratefully said as he took the empty plates away. “Have a nice night ahead.”

You looked at each other and you both had a nervous laughter as you blushed for what the waiter has said. Of course, what did he mean by that?

“Thanks.” Alex said with an embarrassed smile and you both got up from your table, giggling.

Alex decided to walk you home and to talk about more stuffs.

“You are really fun to be with, why didn’t I ever notice you before?” Alex asked and you just laughed at his question. You walked together slowly as you enjoyed the moment.

“Well, I don’t really know.” You raised your shoulders. “Probably because you hang out with the popular kids.”

“Right, but I would choose you if I ever have to.” He winked at you, trying to flirt and you knew that your face became red that moment.

“Shut up!” You playfully punched his arm. “Besides, I have a crush on your best friend Zach.” You jokingly said and he looked at you, shocked and offended.

“You are horrible!” He pouted and you just let out a loud laugh, not minding if the street was quiet and calm. “I dated you tonight and you are just admitting that you liked Zach?”

“Well, you still love Jessica.” You pointed it out. “Fair enough.”

“I am trying to move on, if you didn’t notice it.” He rolled his eyes, showing a pinch of his jealousy.

“Oh my God, Alex! You are so touchy.” You complained and you smiled at him. “I was just kidding.”

“Really?” He wanted to be sure before he pushed this moving on thing and dating you. Well, he didn’t want to use you because he really thought that you were fun to be with and your life was interesting.

“Really, Standall.” You seriously said, kind of emphasizing it to make it clear. “Isn’t it funny?”

“What?” Alex admired you as you were few steps ahead of him. He just studied your features, like what you did to him before.

“I mean, everything was so awkward before and now? It seems like we’ve known each other for years.” You shook your head while you let out some soft giggles, still looking at the road.

“We have that connection, maybe?” He pointed out and you just raised your shoulders.

“Yup, the milkshakes!” You happily exclaimed.

“True!” He agreed as you both laughed loudly, finding it funny that those milkshakes helped you to be confident to each other.

Once you arrived home, you both stopped in front of the front door.

“Alex, thank you so much for the night.” You gratefully blurted out and he just shook his head with a smile.

“Thank you, instead.” He carefully pulled you into a hug and you were shocked because you didn’t expect it. You felt the heat of his body and you hugged him back, burying your face in the crook of his neck. You had the possibility to smell his perfume and you couldn’t deny that he smelt really good. “You made me happy.”

“Guess we should thank that Dollar Valentine too.” You suggested, still hugging him.

“Precisely, thank George Washington, who had his face in that bill.” He joked as you heard his heart beating fast.

“Idiot.” You laughed and he joined you, feeling his muscles and his vocal chords vibrated.

“Have a good night, okay?” He reminded you as he left a soft kiss on your forehead, another thing that you didn’t expect to get from him.

“Same to you, Alex.” You smiled at him and you broke the hug. You still had Alex’s smell and you honestly didn’t want to let him go.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school?” He sweetly asked as if he was longing for your presence. He really enjoyed your company and, little did you both know, he was already forgetting Jessica.

“You will.” You winked at him as you started to walk towards the door. “Take care, okay?”

“I will, (Y/N).” He assured you and you smiled widely once again.

“Good night!” You both said in unison and you stayed in front of the door to watch him walk away. You only went inside when his silhouette wasn’t visible anymore.

You vivaciously entered your house and you leant on the door, smiling while you dealt with the loud beats of your heart.

Your first date went very well, being so lucky that you were on Alex’s list and he called you, instead of the other four people on it.

You might sound selfish and egoist, but you couldn’t deny that Alex made you happy and you were very pleased that you accepted his proposal, nevertheless the uncomfortable stares and the awkwardness between the two of you.

ER JEG SEN? [AM I LATE?] Translation


MUM: Join the theme night in mosque on Friday, about the women’s role in Islam
SANA: Is Jamilla coming?
MUM: [reprimanding] Sana
MUM: I don’t think so
SANA I’m in ❤️

ISAK (BACKGROUND): We gotta celebrate
EVEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. With sparkling drink
ISAK: Sparkling drink?
EVEN: Isn’t that how to celebrate?
ISAK: But I want beer, though. I want beer.

EVEN: Oh, now you’re here!
SANA: Am I late?
ISAK: We’re done
SANA: Oh nooo. Sorry, I messed up, I took the tram in the wrong direction, and…
MAHDI: Yeah, I’ve heard that one before
ISAK: Took the tram in the wrong direction?
MAHDI: Took the tram in the wrong direction
MAHDI: Yeah that’s what I use to do when I can’t be bothered to show up to stuff
ISAK: But, then you can come along with Even and I and help us unpack. That takes time.
SANA: That sounds like a lot of fun, but I’m super busy. Are the girls upstairs?
ISAK: Go ahead
MAGNUS: Sana, can you tell Vilde that I miss her. Already.
MAGNUS: What I meant is that you gotta tell them you miss them, so they go like “aww”
EVEN: It’s just like that with girls
ISAK: You are cute together
MAGNUS: Cuter than you two

VILDE: No, I prefer– No, there’s something with that ocean blue colour that’s
EVA: Ocean blue?
VILDE: Ocean blue
CHRIS: Is it like royal blue, or? Is it blue?
NOORA: No, royal blue is like that sweater–
VILDE: It’s like, Marbella Beach
EVA: Marbella Beach?
VILDE: Yeah, that’s how the beach looks in Marbella
NOORA: Have you been there a lot, or?
SANA: Halla!
SANA: What’s up?
EVA: Noora got her room back!
VILDE: But what I was saying was that, er,
EVA: Pizza?
VILDE (BACKGROUND): We tried a new position, which was-
EVA: We have one with beef as well
SANA: Thanks
VILDE: Which is like, I’m sitting on top of him, just like cow girl. But I reverse– it’s reverse cow girl. So then he sits– It’s a little bit uncomfortable at first, because I felt like he could se straight up– Because his head is, like, on – Well, if we did it right– And that was so incredibly good, because it hit something, that– it hit the g-spot.
CHRIS: No… isn’t the g-spot on the upper side?
VILDE: No, I’ve heard that the g-spot is in the anus
EVA: Isn’t that with boys?
CHRIS: What?
VILDE: There’s pretty many ways– you have multiple g-spots.
VILDE: But, anyway, the thing is, I have never had it that good with anyone before. I have never come as much as I do when I’m with Magnus. It’s just like I’m coming, and coming, and coming, and coming–
SANA: Do you have, like, no boundaries? For what is okay to share?
VILDE: How do you mean?
SANA: Do you really have to share every detail of you guys’ sex life?
VILDE: I get that it’s tough for you to listen to, since you can’t have sex
SANA: I CAN have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to have it.
VILDE: Yeah, I’m just saying that it’s okay if you get sexually frustrated.
SANA: I’m not sexually frustrated! It’s not like I walk around thinking a lot about boys and sex and… feel as if I’m missing out on something!
SANA: I just mean that sex should be something nice between you and Magnus… and not the whole world

NOORA: Would anyone like some tea?
NOORA: Then we’ll fix that right away

EVA: Okay… I gotta say something, but I don’t know for sure if it’s true, but I’ve heard that William has a new girlfriend in London
VILDE: What? Are you for real?
EVA: Chris said so. Should I tell her?
SANA: Of course you should tell her
EVA: But… shouldn’t William be the one to tell her?
SANA: Uh, yeah. But he clearly hasn’t done it.
EVA: But then, I don’t know for sure that it’s true. And I still don’t get the thing between William and Noora. Are they, like, together or not?

NOORA: What’s up? What are you talking about?
VILDE: Anal sex. Magnus and I were thinking of trying it.
VILDE: Have you tried it?
NOORA: … No.
VILDE: No, you and William, you didn’t–
EVA: Vilde!
EVA: Speaking of William, how is he doing?
Noora: …Fine
CHRIS: We have never really understood the deal… Like if you’re together, or… not, or… not, or?
NOORA: It’s always going to be me and William

anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where you are the new girl at black jack pizza and Eric finds you extremely sexy and he asks you to get high in the restroom and yall end up having sex

Have it my hungry children and again you are wearing a skirt with easy access lol I’m just too lazy for trousers

Warnings: a little bit of degrading? there might have slipped one little ‘daddy’ but it’s not really daddy kink 

“Have fun!”

“I won’t.”

You muttered at your mother as she dropped you off at Blackjack Pizza. Your parents had always spoiled you but at the end of the school year your father had insisted that you’d get a summer job and now you were here. This was your first workday. You sighed a bit annoyed while you went up to the door and entered.

You had talked to that guy, Jason was his name, who did the job interview with you and he had only given you the date of your first workday. Just that you should come here, you had recieved no other instructions on what to wear or what your task would be. You felt a little bit unsure but just walked in, it was still early so there were no customers but only employees that prepared everything. You looked around shortly before you spotted someone at the counter. It was a tall boy with blonde hair, standing with his back turned to you. You cleared your throat, feeling a little bit uncomfortable and he turned around.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).”

You said while you looked at him. He had unusual features to be honest, not unattractive but just unusal. His blonde hair fell in slightly curled waves almost down to his shoulders and he wore a strangely formed ear ring on his left ear but it looked cool somehow.

“(Y/N)? Jason told me that you’d come today. Hey, I’m Dylan.”

He reached out his hand and you shook it, looking around. You had no idea where to go or where to start, what was your position here?

“Okay Dylan, can I be honest? I have no clue what I have to do here. I never even had a summer job.”

You said, feeling a little nervous and being a bit afraid that you’d leave a bad first impression but he just laughed slightly.

“Don’t worry. My friend and I didn’t know it either when we started working here but I’ll show you. It’ll quickly become routine.”

He assured you and you were relieved to say the least that your coworkers were obviously not so stuck up but rather cool. Dylan showed you everything and informed you that you mostly only had to clean up, clear tables and make the pizza toppings. It sounded boring but it was better than hard work, wasn’t it?

After that short tour, Dylan immediately instructed you to store a delivery of groceries that had just came in. You didn’t complain like you wanted to but just started, wishing you would have chosen different clothes for your first work day than a skirt. This really did not come in handy. But Jason had said that he still had to order your uniform so you had to wear private clothing for the next days still.

You sighed as you stocked packet after packet in the pantry. You really wished your father hadn’t forced you to get a summer job. There was nothing good about a summer job, what could be considered good working during summer?

“What’s up V?”

You heard a voice coming from outside and wanted to look but the door to the restaurant wasn’t opened enough for you to see and you should probably finish this first before going outside again.

“You’re not doing the afternoon shift?”

“Nah man, I already took the morning shift, you assigned me Eric, don’t you remember? You, Michelle and (Y/N) are alone until afternoon. Michelle will come in a few minutes but I will maybe cover her evening shift tonight.”

“Who the fuck is (Y/N)?”

You heard the stranger’s voice ask and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Should you burst out of the room and introduce yourself? No one had ever educated you on how work life ran, dammit.

“She’s the new one.”

You heard Dylan say and could spot him through the crack, taking off his Blackjack Pizza t-shirt to reveal a normal one underneath.

“I showed her everything for now, just don’t be too hard on her.”

Oh great. Now Dylan was leaving and you still had no idea if it was appropriate to step outside or finish your task first. You heard Dylan yelling bye and as the bell on the door rang when he left. You were alone with the stranger. No worries, no worries. You could totally manage that. You bowed down to pick up the last packet with groceries next to the door as you screeched and jumped up upon seeing two feet next to the packet.

“I’‘m Eric.”

The boy in front of you said with a cheeky smile, not even bothering that you had almost just gotten a heart attack. You looked at him, he was a little bit smaller than Dylan but still taller than you. He wore a black cap, turned backwards and overall black.

“I’m (Y/N).”

You stuttered and placed the packet on the shelf to your right.

“Do you always wear that to work (Y/N)?”

Eric asked and pointed at your skirt. You quickly shook your head.

“No but it’s hot and I didn’t know what to wear to be honest. Jason said he’d get me my uniform by the end of this week.”

You tried to justify yourself.

“That wasn’t meant as a complaint though.”

He said and winked at you before he turned around and left, likely to change. You blushed. Oh boy, your coworkers weren’t tensed up at all. A little bit later a girl arrived who introduced herself as ‘Michelle’, she seemed a little bit shy but quite nice and Eric also came back in his uniform.

“Hey (Y/N), do you wanna have some fun?”

You looked at him, a bit confused but damn every word leaving this guy’s mouth caused something inside of you. You raised one eyebrow and Eric grinned while he pulled a neatly rolled joint out of his pocket. You grinned and nodded and Eric quickly turned to Michelle.

“We’re going outside for a sec you got this.”

You followed him out of the restaurant and were surprised as he lead you to the bathroom, holding the door open for you and locking it with a key from the inside.

“Ladies first.”

He said, handing you the joint and you took it with a smile.

“If someone would have told me that my work includes smoking a joint in the bathroom then I would have worked her much earlier.”

You joked and took the first drag before handing it back to him, watching as Eric did the same. It was some good weed, wherever he got it from, you had to make sure to ask him for the source later.

“I assigned you the morning shifts for this week.”

Eric said after taking another drag and you sighed.

“So you’re the shift manager? Great, I love standing up early.”

You answered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You can ask me to change them.”

Eric said with a smirk and gave you the joint again while leaning back against the wall, letting the smoke out through his nose. You took another drag, slowly feeling as it began to work.

“You can bet your ass I will.”

“Oh yeah, but if you want to have a shift change you better get in with me.”

He said and you smiled, handing him the joint, so small by now that only one drag was left.

“Oh is that so? And how do I get in with you?”

Eric grinned while he threw the stub of the joint in the sink and came closer to you until he was barely a few inches away.

“Well, there certainly is a way for girls to get in with me.”

He whispered and his tongue darted out to moisten his lips.

“Enlighten me.”

You said with a cheeky smile and immediately put your arms around his neck as his lips crushed against yours, pulling his cap off to run your fingers through his hair. Your first workday was running pretty smoothly, you couldn’t complain at all. Making out in the bathroom with the shift manager that you had just met a few hours ago, your mother would be proud.

“Am I doing well at earning my shift change?”

You asked as he kissed down your neck, while his hands sneaked under your skirt and up your thighs. Eric hummed approving.

“You’re doing freaking great, baby.”

He said and you felt his hand sliding over your  hip and to your back to grab your ass.

“Such a little slut, wearing practically nothing to work.”

“That’s not nothing-”

You started to protest but were quickly silenced as Eric grabbed your chin and pushed his thumb inside of your mouth.

“Do me a favour and only speak when you’re directly spoken too, alright?”

You nodded and stood silently as Eric’s gaze dropped to your mouth enveloping his thumb. He seemed to get an idea as he pulled it out and pushed it in again before grinning.

“Now, I do appreciate a girl that knows her place.”

He said and you understood in a heartbeat. You slid down against the wall, ending up to kneel in front of him, waiting for anything he would tell you to do.

“Aren’t you a smart one? Obeying without me commanding.”

Eric said as he unbuckled his belt and you placed your hands on his thighs, impatiently waiting. You watched as he dragged his zipper down, agonizingly slowly and pulled himself out. You began to shift around, silently begging to touch him.

“Go ahead.”

Eric said with a grin and you wrapped your hands around his length, kissing his tip hesitantly before you took him into your mouth. You were sure that Eric was one of them guys that wouldn’t let the girls suck them off in peace but rather fuck into their mouths but he didn’t. Whatever it was, if he wasn’t one of them or just had mercy with you at this moment, he didn’t. He just watched you intensly as you sucked him off, choking a little bit.

“Take it easy kiddo.”

One of his hands tightened in your hair to guide your pace while the other stroked over your cheek.

“You’re doing well.”

Eric groaned and you had to confess that you had never before enjoyed a blowjob this much and therefor whimpered when he pulled you off of him, earning a chuckle.

“Turn around.”

Eric ordered and when you didn’t comply immediately spun you around and pushed you against the wall, your skirt got raised and your panties were pulled down, pooling around your ankles. Eric kicked your legs further apart and smiled against your neck as he pushed you into the wall.

“You are a lovely sight right now if you care to know.”

He said and you couldn’t even brace yourself, moaning loudly as he thrust into you all of a sudden. Eric stroked a few strains of your hair away to kiss at your neck.

“I know baby, feels good doesn’t it?”

He growled, resting inside of you, not thrusting but just softly grinding against you for that moment, letting you both enjoy his cock being so deep inside of you. You whimpered in pleasure.

“Sh, sh, sh, daddy knows.”

He pulled out and thrusted back inside of you, making you moan again.

“Now that is better, isn’t it?”

Eric asked and began to increase his pace, thrusting inside of you and pulled at your hip, encouraging you to push back against him.

“Oh yes, you’re doing good on your first workday.”

He hissed. You moaned louder at both the praise and the feeling of his cock rubbing deliciously against your inner walls. You couldn’t resist and dropped your hand between your legs to touch yourself.

“No way.”

Eric chuckled and pulled your hand away, pressing it against the wall next to your face.

“You won’t touch yourself unless I say so.”

He growled again, sounding quite possessive and increased in pace. You were helplessly trapped between his body and the wall, begging him to give you that last bit of friction that you’d need to cum. Pleas left your mouth, incoherent words and Eric seemed amused at the fact that he was the one making you do this, fucking you so good that your brain seemed to fail.

“Do it then.”

He finally panted and let go of your wrist, allowing you to touch yourself and that was literally what it needed, only one touch, a little flick against your clit and you whimpered and moaned as you came. Eric pushed deeply inside of you and bit into your shoulder as you felt him coming inside of you. This had certainly not been the plan but you couldn’t care less at this moment, still contracting around him. He groaned behind you and dug his fingers into your hips, grinding against you.

“That was fucking nice.”

He said and kissed your shoulder where a mark of his bite slowly formed. Eric pulled out of you and quickly tucked himself away before he pulled up your panties and smacked your ass so hard that you winced.

“You better not wear something this short again.”

Eric whispered huskily into your ear. Eitherway he was still very much lost in the situation or he was always like that but you couldn’t care less. You didn’t turn around until you heard him unlocking the door and leaving.

Your legs were still shaky as you fixed your clothing and walked out of the bathroom, running into Dylan who arrived for his shift.

“Hey, how is your first work day going so far?”

Dylan asked with a smile, seeming genuinely interested. You pulled your skirt a little further down and ran your fingers through your hair as you were still trying to catch your breath.

“Better than I could have ever imagined.”

You replied out of breath and with wobbly legs walked back to the counter, Dylan’s confused gaze following you. You would make sure to wear something shorter tomorrow, presuming Eric had shift.

Where villains spend the weekend

REQUESTED by @isamaegreenleaf​:
I know your so busy but if you can can you fit in my request? Can I get a Clark Kent/Superman request where reader is a rookie reporter and is working with Clark and she goes off on a lead and gets in trouble? Clark senses something’s wrong and goes and rescues her as Superman. Then when he drops her off at The Daily Planet-or hospital whichever you like he quickly changes and goes rushing in fretting over the reader and then scolds her for not being careful? But he’s fallen in love with her?

WARNING: Anxiety rising, being hit in the face, bruising and mild blood, clubs, loud music and flashing lights; little mention of alcohol intoxication; mild profanity, mysterious masked man using stuff animals. No teddy bear was harmed in the making of this story.
Notes: Thank you for requesting! And yes I’m still working on other requests, not exactly in order so they’re going to be at random. Enjoy!

clarkkentxreader supermanxreader

“Hey Clark!” You greet the cute man with a little wave as you pass his desk. He looks up with a smile, eyes as blue as ever.

“Good morning (Y/n),” he stands to hug you. You accept it as always, you loved the way he would hold you close to him. Of course you never told him that or the fact that you have the biggest crush on him in the world. He’s older and is into Lois, obviously, he could never go for a younger naïve rookie that’s still learning the ropes.

So you kept your feelings doorment, hoping they would just fade away…. but only if you knew that the cute man himself fell for you as well, if not, more.

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one safe haven.

When Ozpin speaks in his mind, it is often to tell him of his great destiny, of what he must do, of what lies in wait, and the terrible things that are coming. Other times, it is of his memories, vibrant and terrible things that blur through Oscar’s mind like pages caught in a high wind.

Tonight, it is neither. 

xx read on ao3 xx 

Ozpin had been silent for a while.

Ever since Oscar had boarded the train and left his farm, auntie, and Hazel behind, his head had been filled with silence. It was a welcome change— Ozpin’s constant nattering in his head was, admittedly, getting old— but it was unnerving. He’d become almost used to his incessant prattling, and without it, it felt like something was… off.

I believed you did not wish to speak with me, Oscar. I can sense your disillusionment… your indecision at leaving your home and coming out here. It was a brave action on your part… though I know this is not what you wished to do with your life.

Right, Oscar thought back with gritted teeth. So now you show up, huh? I guess you’re not here to make pleasant conversation…

No, Ozpin said, almost regretfully. I wish it were so, but our paths twine in different ways.

Whatever you say, Oscar said.

Oscar, I’m not here to idly chat. Ozpin sounded faintly sharp; Oscar could imagine him in his head, eyes piercing, back straight. A matter has come to light, one of most urgent importance. Do you remember the Huntsman I spoke of to you?

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1 HOUR {part 7 of WE GOT MARRIED}

Namjoon walked into your place as you rested your head back on the couch back. Your manager was texting you every two seconds wanting updates, your friends were all freaking out over how the series was getting picked up by the press, and every entertainment outlet was emailing for an official statement.

Stressed? Namjoon asked and you opened one eye. You had given him the code about 3 days into shooting because he was always leaving the apartment and knocking to come in. Now it just seemed natural for him to be around.

You have no idea. You sighed and tossed him your phone. He fumbled to catch it, but then began scrolling through the messages and laughed a little. It’s not funny, Namjoon. Aish, my head hurts. You put your hands over your eyes and Namjoon sat next to you on the couch.

Well now starts your hour of break. Let’s make something. He stood up and you lifted your head.

Make something? You asked in a concerned tone. Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I’m not going to burn your apartment down, so don’t give me that look! Also, taking your mind off things completely by doing something totally different, truly helps with your writer’s block. He stated matter-of-factly. Jin always makes me bake with him when I’m stressing over a new album. He shrugged and you laughed at the thought of Namjoon and Jin fighting over a mixing bowl in the kitchen with matching aprons. Standing up, you dusted off your ripped skinny jeans and threw your hair up.

Alright, I think I have some cake mixes in the cupboard. But I’m setting a timer. I do need to get back to writing in an hour. You took the kitchen timer from your counter and set it to an hour. And with that the two of you made your way into the kitchen.

The two of you were pretty quiet as you started to mix the contents of the bowl together. It was easy to sit in a comfortable silence, but Namjoon wanted to know more about you.

So, you moved to the city for university right? Namjoon asked and you nodded.

Yea, my parents were very persistent on me going away to school. But a huge part of me wanted to stay in my hometown. That’s the place I knew. I wasn’t a super adventurous kid, so I only had a small group of friends and they were all staying in the area. But my parents won the war. I guess I have them to thank for all of this though. You motioned to your apartment. They weren’t always incredibly supportive of my dream of being a writer, but they pushed me to think outside the box. I actually got a degree in business management. You muttered and Namjoon stopped stirring. It was rather unheard of for people to venture outside of their majors in their professionals. You said it so nonchalant, that Namjoon didn’t know if you realized just how amazing it was for you not to have been a creative writing major.

Business management?! He exclaimed and you shrugged.

My parents wanted me to do something “professional” You made air quotes as you said it. But I do manage a lot of my publications and stories. I have my manager for more of an organizational confidant. You said and Namjoon’s mouth hung open.

Seriously, you amaze me at every turn. I could never manage all of that. He mumbled and you rolled your eyes.

From what I saw yesterday with the guys, you do a pretty good job of managing those guys. You laughed and Namjoon chuckled.

They are a handful. He stated and you nodded.

A handful? Try a mouthful too. They almost ate through my bank account with that meal yesterday! You exclaimed and Namjoon couldn’t stop laughing. It was moments like this that Namjoon was getting more and more comfortable with. When the two of you were filming, he had to be careful of how he looked at you, how he talked, how he fidgeted his hands. He wanted to make this re-branding work, but it was just so easy to talk to you, that when the cameras weren’t around, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The two of you continued to banter back and forth about various topics until you asked Namjoon a simple question.

Why do you need to re-brand? I think you’re great the way you are. You said it so matter-of-factly that Namjoon felt a little ashamed.

Management wants me to start getting more fans. So I have to cater to a younger audience. He said and you looked at him. At this point, the cakes were in the oven and you were anxiously waiting to sink your teeth into them. Now you were a bit appalled.

So management tells you what to do and you just let them? You asked. It just seemed so strange to you, you rarely took orders and here was a guy that was perfectly fine the way he was and yet management was calling all the shots.

Oh, sorry that I don’t fall into your perfect idea of how I should act, but I like BigHit and I don’t need to piss them off. Namjoon spat a little more intensely then he had planned. But now that the floodgates were opened, he didn’t hold back. I want to stay on the public’s good side and if that means I have to kiss up to the camera then so be it. At least they will like me and they won’t see me like you. Once those words came out of his mouth, you moved back a little bit.

Like me? You’re saying they don’t like me? Your voice was small and a bit broken at the idea. You had always played it strong against critics, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt to hear.

Oh, they have a name for you in the industry, the witch. He spat. You looked at him up and down. This wasn’t the same Namjoon that you had confided in days ago or the one that walked you down the hill yesterday. This guy was a fan hungry piece of shit. You walked over to the door and opened it.

Just get out. You put your head down and you heard Namjoon huff as he grabbed his coat and left. Closing the door, you felt a tear slip out of your eye, the timer went off, it had been exactly one hour and writing was the last thing on your mind.

Namjoon walked home in an angry rage, but the further he got from your place, the more he thought about what he had said. It wasn’t that he was angry at you, it was that he was scared. He was always worried about how people thought of him and you were climbing the list of people he sought approval from most. Now he realized everything he had said and pulled out his phone. Calling his manager he mumbled.

Hey can we cancel filming tomorrow?

You sat on the floor, staring idly into your apartment. An email was received on your phone from the film crew. FILMING CANCELLED TOMORROW. You let out a large sigh and rested your head against the wall. You didn’t seem to care about the smell of burnt cake that now filled your apartment, you just didn’t want to get up. It was at that moment that an idea sprung into your head. Without even knowing it, Namjoon had completely fixed your writer’s block and given you inspiration for Jungkook’s series.  

Joker Imagine - ‘Just Kill Me!’ PART 2

Part 1 here

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Your P.O.V.

The next day I woke up alone in our bed. The other side of the bed was still a little warm so I knew J hadn’t been up for long. I yawned and sat up, but stopped in my tracks as I felt a paint in my ribs. ‘’Ouch’’ I mumbled, knowing immediately that a bone must have been broken. I got out of bed and made the bed before getting dressed. I was wearing a silky nightgown and that’s all. I fluffed the pillows and then made sure everything was neat.

I got in the bathroom and washed my face. As I started to brush my teeth and put on make-up, I thought about yesterday. What a horrible day. J promised to not hurt me again and I really wished with all my heart that he wouldn’t. I was terrified.After a long bath and being kissed all over, he ordered some pizza for us. The rest of the day was ok.

Fifteen minutes later I was done with my makeup and I changed my clothes.  J was probably two floors down with his henchmen, planning the next mission. I was still not sure whether I could come or not. But based on his anger yesterday, I doubted it and I wouldn’t even ask.

Another ten minutes later I was dressed in red underwear, black jeans and a blue button up shirt of his. His shirts were comfier than mine , at least at home. I walked out of our penthouse and got into the elevator. As I saw myself in the mirror, I realized that the bruise on my jaw was still visible from under the foundation. ‘’Oh well..’’ I sighed just as the doors slid open. His henchmen were around computers and some of the offices were taken. I walked further inside and tried to find my J.

Instead of finding Joker, I saw Frost by a group of henchmen. I felt like I had to apologize to him sooner or later, even tho I couldn’t remember quite what I did wrong. Just then I heard J’s angry voice. I followed it and stayed behind a corner where I saw him in front of about 10 of his men. 

‘’If I see that one of you do that again, I will put a bullet through your fucking head!’’ He snarled angrily at them. My heart started to beat harder in my chest even tho he wasn’t yelling at me. The henchmen nodded and some said ‘yes sir’ or ‘yes boss’ in fear. Everyone feared Mr.J. Even Batsy even tho he tried not to show it.

‘’Oh and one more thing’’ J suddenly remembered and walked towards the corner where I was. I literally held my breath so he wouldn’t notice me. I watched as he got in front of a dark haired guy. J smiled evilly and I recognized that smile. It was a smile you didn’t want to see, because nothing good ever followed afterwards. ‘’I know how you looked at my girlfriend yesterday during mission’’ J told him, making a shiver run down my spine.

‘’Boss I-I didn’t..’’ He defended himself with a stuttering voice. ‘’Oh’’ J fake pouted and grabbed his gun from his silver jacket. I watched as he pressed it against the man’s abdomen. ‘’You tried to distract her didn’t ya? It’s you who wanted her to fail..’’ He growled deeply, raising the gun up until he was pointing at his head. ‘’No boss, I didn’t’’ The guy gulped, but even I could hear it was a lie.

‘’Oh such a shame..’’ J sighed and pulled the trigger. I had never startled from a gun before, but suddenly my heart jumped to my throat and a flashback of him hitting me flashed before my eyes. I saw the guy fall dead on the ground and blood pooling on the hardwood floor.

‘’To the others, don’t ever mess with Y/N’’ J warned them,but I was too shocked to focus. I could literally see him hitting me again and again and again. Before he could find me, I hurried back to the elevator. I pressed the button to get on the 30th floor which was our penthouse. Just as I thought the doors would shut, J stepped in. ‘’Oh you’re awake’’He noticed and smiled.

‘’Yeah, I was..looking for you’’ I said nervously, ignoring the fact that I had seen him kill the guy and that I had a flashback. ‘’You found me’’ He chirped and then the elevator shut and went up. ‘’Y-yeah..’’ I mumbled quietly.Fuck it, I was a bad liar sometimes. But J didn’t question me. I saw that he raised his arm and it caused me to flinch. I raised my arms in front of my face and shut my eyes tightly. My muscles grew tense and my breath hitched in my throat as I waited for a hit.

‘’Sorry! Sorry..I didn’t mean to lie!’’ I whimpered and my knees started trembling. ‘’Y/N..’’ J said my name sadly. I gritted my teeth nervously and peeked at him between my arms. He looked sad, not angry or shocked, just really sad. ‘’I wasn’t going to hit you’’ He told me with a broken voice. Oops. I lowered my arms and then bit the inside of my cheek. The elevator doors opened, but he didn’t walk out. ‘’Did you think that babe?’’ He whispered and slowly moved his hand on my shoulder.

A blush spread on my face from embarrassment. ‘’Sorry J’’ I apologized and felt uncomfortable. Why would I do that? ‘’Don’t be..’’ He sighed and then walked into our penthouse. I followed him and stayed quiet. Just as he shut the front door, he spoke again. ‘’What were you saying in the elevator?’’ He asked me and walked to the kitchen. I followed him a little nervously. Would he be mad again? I guess I just had to find out.

‘’I saw that you shot him..’’I admitted and then played with the hem of the shirt I was wearing. J faced me quietly and it made my heart beat harder and I hated it. I hated to be scared of him. ‘’Good. At least I don’t have to tell it to you’’ He said rather calmly which surprised me. ‘’Are you sure you’re ok with it?’’ I looked up to him in surprise. 

His red lips curved into a sweet smile. ‘’Yes doll’’ He purred and suddenly I felt his hands on my hips. ‘’Relax babe’’ He told me, probably noticing that my soul nearly jumped out of my body whenever he moved. ‘’I’m trying’’ I admitted shyly and looked away. Usually I was carefree and hyper around J. He probably hated me like this which made me feel more of a bother.

‘’Let me make you feel good..’’ He whispered into my ear and suddenly pressed his crotch against mine. My eyes widened and I was sure I was blushing. ‘’Okay babe?’’ He asked me and rubbed my back. Holy shit he was hot when he spoke like that. I nodded and let him lift me onto the kitchen island so I was sitting on it. I wrapped my legs around him and then kissed his red lips. J kissed me warmly and was quick to push his tongue into my mouth. I could kiss him until I’d choke because these moments were somehow rare but so amazing.

J touched my body softly and started to unbutton the shirt while his lips were devouring mine.His warm kiss made me relax and melt onto him. ‘’You have the sweetest lips doll’’ He let me know and then threw the blue shirt on the kitchen floor. Then he unbuttoned my pants and dragged them off. ‘’Eager much?’’ I smiled and looked into his darkened eyes. ‘’I’m hungry’’ He told me raspily and I swear it was the hottest thing. I nearly came at the sight of him being horny.

His fingers hooked around my red panties and he pulled them off. I kicked them on the kitchen floor and then laid down on the kitchen island. J sat down on a stool and wrapped his arms around my legs. ‘’You’re so wet doll’’ He let me know raspily and then kissed my thigh. ‘’Don’t tease’’ I begged, really eager to feel his mouth do the magic on me.

Suddenly J pressed his warm mouth on my wet pussy and licked up from my slit so he could taste me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head from the pleasure I hadn’t felt in a few weeks now. Foreplay had stayed aside lately which was kinda sad. ‘’So good’’ He purred and pressed his tongue on my clit. It felt so good.

‘’Yes J..’’ I moaned as he started to eat me out real good. He pushed his face closer to me and gently nibbled on my sensitive nub. I moved my hands to his hair which I usually wasn’t allowed to do. The only time I could mess with his green hair was when he was between my legs. J pushed his long tongue inside of me, spreading my soft walls a little bit. Then he started to push his tongue in and out of me, making pleasure build up in me.

‘’Fuck yeah’’ I purred happily and bucked my hips against his face while pushing him closer by his hair. I was so fucking sensitive so it felt ten times better. Each time he did a little rougher move, I bucked my hips and moaned louder. After a while he pulled back and I looked down at him. His face was glistening because of my arousal. He was smiling and looking at me darkly because he was so lustful. 

‘’Boss are you here?’’ Someone yelled from behind the door. ‘’Yes and I’m busy’’ He shouted back and suddenly pushed two fingers inside of me, making me gasp in surprise. I had to cover my mouth with my hand so the man behind the door couldn’t hear me. ‘’How long?’’ He asked J. Joker started to fingerfuck me roughly, pushing his fingers deep inside of me each time. I could hear my wetness as he fingered me. It felt so good that it was nearly impossible to shut up.

‘’Twenty minutes or something’’ J informed the guy and came closer to me. As he fingered me with his long fingers, he pressed his warm mouth on my throbbing clit. That’s it. A loud moan escaped my mouth and I felt like heaven. I knew the man had heard us, but I didn’t care anymore. An orgasm was building up inside of me and J pushed me closer each time he touched my G-spot.

‘’Fuck J!’’ I moaned loudly and wanted more. He licked and sucked on my clit and then pushed a third finger inside of my tightness. First it hurt a tiny bit, but pleasure took over quickly. He used his other arm to keep my hips down so I couldn’t squirm if it got a little too much. ‘’Come for me baby’’ He encouraged me and then looked up to me while eating me and fingering me.

I held my breath and then let go. A powerful orgasm hit my like a brick wall and I yelled out his name in pure pleasure. My walls tightened around his fingers ,yet he didn’t stop. ‘’J!’’ I whimpered and tried to wiggle away because I was so sensitive. Every little touch made me jump, but he kept me down. ‘’Relax’’ He told me darkly and continued licking my clit. I couldn’t even breathe properly.

‘’Fuck fuck fuck’’ I grunted and tried to handle the pleasure that was overwhelming me. My vision got a little blurry, but I managed it. Since he never stopped, it didn’t take long for a second orgasm to come closer. ‘’J..Oh..fuck’’ I whimpered and tugged his hair. My other orgasm came out of the blue, numbing all my other senses but the ability to feel. As the pleasure rolled on my body, my legs started to shake and my head fell back in pure pleasure.

I swear I could see stars.

J pulled out his fingers and I felt something wet. He started licking my pussy hungrily, making me whimper because I was still sensitive. This really drained my energy a little bit. ‘’You taste delicious’’ He let me know while finishing me up. My body was taken over by the pleasure and sensitivity of two mind blowing orgasms. J noticed and stood up. ‘’Aw baby..do you feel good?’’ He asked me and helped me to sit. I squeezed my legs together and leaned against his chest while catching my breath.

‘’Mhhmm’’ I tried to mumble a yes. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. ‘’You squirted babe’’ He whispered proudly while holding me. A blush spread on my face, but I didn’t really mind. He did it to me. ‘’The others heard us’’ I reminded him. ‘’So what? At least they know that you’re mine doll’’ 

[Part 2]

Word Count: 1.8k

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Prompt:  You have too much to drink and Eric, whom of which is your best friend, gets called down to the bar to take you home. Once safely in an apartment, you drunkenly admit something.

A/N: Y’all…I’m so sorry if this sucks/if there are errors. I’m also very sorry for not posting in a while. Hope you enjoy!

“Next time I’m accompanying her.” Eric mutters to himself as he makes his way over to your swaying body that was on the dance floor, your eyes shut as you hum along to the music. The bartender, Ed, glanced at you from time to time as he wiped the counter, making sure you didn’t do something stupid. After trying to get you out of the bar many times, since it had been time to close, he gave up and called Dauntless leader Eric, whom of which happened to be your best friend. It was surprising when your friendship was known throughout the faction, mostly because Eric was quite admittingly the biggest asshole alive and you were nothing but kind, but in this case you guessed opposites do attract.

“Eric!” You squeal as you spot him walking in, his dirty blonde hair tousled and sweatpants hanging low on his torso, “Wanna dance?”

“No.” He replies bluntly as he trudges towards you, his grey-blue eyes piercing yours for quite a while. You weren’t sure what emotion was playing in them, but maybe that was because you were totally shitfaced.

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•The Storm• {Carl Grimes Smut}

Word Count: 7,262

I’m so sorry for any mistakes I didn’t edit this.
But if you want to request you can! I will write about anyone on the show. I will also take requests for imagines about the actors! So don’t be afraid to request.

(Y/N)’S POV*

“Carl, come look at this.“ I say smiling.
I’d been pestering him to join me at the window to watch the storm for the last five minutes but he was too occupied on his video game, his hair falling in his face making him look very attractive.
When i glanced over my shoulder at him he brought his blue eyes up from the screen, the light reflected on the shinny golden part on his hat.
“Sweetheart, I’ve seen storms many times,” he said, choosing to stay put on the comfort of our grey colored sofa.
“But it hasn’t rained in months,” i countered, looking back out the window straight across from where he was sitting, “I love watching storms now-a-days because they don’t come that often anymore.” Carl just chuckled.
He’d been spending a lot of his free time going on runs because we were running out of supplies, and even though i supported him because he was doing his job, it got to be annoying on the only nights we had together. Of course he wouldn’t spend the entire time playing them stupid games, but a great portion of it was taken by video game playing.
“Fine,” I finally sighed, walking over to the sofa and plopping down lazily beside him, “pay attention to meeeee!“
Carl sighed when i rested my head against his shoulder.
“Just let me finish this level…”
I knew he’d eventually stop and the two of us could at least cuddle together, but I was truthfully getting tired of just sitting here beside him.
“Your hair, it smells like coconut, it smells amazing,”
he said out of the blue, his voice a little raspy since he’d hardly said a word.
He was always throwing those little compliments at me, whether they were about my hair or my embarrassing singing in the shower and it was so cute the way he’d say those little things when I least expected him to.
With a wide grin i gave his arm a gentle rub before the wind came blowing hard and rattled the windows. The storm had been expected since yesterday and Carl had previously asked if I had wanted to stay in with him, since he wouldn’t be going on a run, and he wanted to spend extra time with me I guess. Of course i agreed and the two of us went out to gather supplies for the storm, like candles and batteries for flashlights in case of a power outage, and of course the little food and snacks that we all had to ration.
“What are we gonna do if the power goes out? Well, what are you gonna do if the power goes out?” I asked him emphasizing the word you, and he shrugged with his mouth in a small frown.
His blue eyes lit up and he smiled wide.
“We could play hide and seek, In the dark,” his teeth showed within his wide grin, letting me know he really would like that while he looked to me, “that would be AWESOME.”
The last of his words came out with his eyes squeezed in excitement, almost as if he’d sneezed without actually sneezing, that cute little smirk playing out over his mouth once he waited for me to respond.
“I want you to really think about what you just said, and then imagine yourself running around trying to hide, bumping into everything in the dark,” i tell him,
“You’re literally almost blind as it is babe, that would end badly for the both of us.”
He laughed it off and eventually nodded in agreement, turning his attention back to the TV screen.
“Would be fun though,” he said softly.
“It would be. But I had something a little more…sexual in mind.”
Carl laughed a little under his breath when i brought my hand to his thigh, rubbing a smooth circle over his clothed leg.
“You’re a real distraction, you know that?”
With a proud nod i brought my hand to the side of his scruffy cheek and gave it a soft squeeze.
“Yep. And in a few minutes I’m throwing that remote into the damn storm.”


The wind blew while rain pounded the roof and windows. Carl had finally decided to turned off the TV nearly a hour and a half later than I’d wanted him to and given the dark clouds and the time, the room was growing darker faster then we both expected it to.
Carl had lit little candles and set them all around the house so you both at least had a dim light so you could see.
“Just in case,” he said as he placed two hand guns down, one beside him and the other down beside me.
He’d just gotten a few newer guns on the last few runs he had been on and talked me into letting him keep two of them here at home with him rather than put them with the rest.
“I feel special,” I said with a smile.
He glanced up, sitting cross legged on the hardwood floor.
For a bit we sat across from each other, I sat on the living room floor in his favorite plaid pajama bottoms, a solid black t-shirt hung over his frame. I really liked the way his bright blue eyes stood out while he’s wearing the dark shirt, his dark brown hair shaggy and flying in all different directions since he hadn’t fixed it. The ends were frayed and he looked especially child-like sitting before me with his legs crossed and his elbows resting on his knees, his attention fixed on my face.
“So I was thinking that we’ve been together for a while,” i suddenly spoke up, fiddling with a small pile bricks, “and since we actually have the night to ourselves I think we should take advantage of it.”
Carl lifted his head and fidgeted a bit before he cleared his throat and rubbed under his nose. He seemed uncomfortable with what I’d said and i couldn’t exactly place what the problem was. Even thought we’ve been together for a long time, Carl wanted to take things slow. He’d mentioned it to me one night and said he wasn’t ready to do anything physical for a while. It wasn’t a problem, especially when he said he wasn’t ready. I would never pressure him into something he didn’t want to do, but after a while, it felt a little too much like rejection to me, and I started thinking that he had no interest in being physical with me in that way.
“What’s wrong?” I asked when he didn’t respond to what I’d suggested.
Carl kept the gun he had picked up a while ago in his hands, his eyes lowered to the floor.
“Nothing’s wrong,” he sighed, “I just-” He was stumbling over his own words and began to stutter a little, which was a clear indication that he was nervous. “I just, I don’t really think I’m ready for any…anything yet.”
When he noticed the hurt look on my face he laid the gun into his lap and scooted a little closer to me to reach his hand out and softly rub the side of my arm.
“Hey, it’s not you, okay?” He said, angling his face to be able to look into my eyes, given that I was staring down into my own lap.
“I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, Carl,“ i started and slowly he let his hand fall away, “I thought you liked me, well loved me, I mean, I love you…a lot, so?”
He shook his head and closed his eyes before taking his hat off, revealing more of his long shaggy hair.
“I do love you,” he started, staring down at his hat in his hands, “I love you a lot too, I’m just..”
He trailed again with yet another exhale of warm air, and I just sat and listened. The anxiety was pouring off of him and i could almost feel it in the air between you, part of me feeling more nervous than anything while he struggled to find the correct words to say. I didn’t understand what could’ve happened to him that would turn him off to any sort of physical contact.
“I just don’t,” he kept trying to speak, “fuck, I mean I haven’t done-”
His heart was pounding in his chest and he was finding it incredibly hard to just sit still. He fidgeted against the floor and kept tucking his legs tighter in while he sat. He was being truthful when he’d said he loved me a lot, I could tell, and it was terrifying him to admit the one thing he was almost too embarrassed to say.
“Carl, whatever it is, you can tell me, okay? I promise I won’t judge babe,”
He sucked in a breath and slowly sat his hat to the side, then swallowing back an apparent lump in his throat.
“I haven’t done anything,” he said quickly, his blue eyes on me before they darted to his hands and the gun in his lap, “I’m sort of…sort of…a virgin.”
I sat quietly listening and his words shocked me enough for my eyebrows to angle in confusion. His cheeks flushed and he bit his bottom lip out of embarrassment, grabbing the gun out of his lap again playing around with it.
“Okay? don’t worry babe,“ I finally spoke.
I would still be a virgin too but in the early apocalypse I was forced to do things for people… For a longggg time.
All those times Carl had joked about it on runs, and just in general I thought it was just that; a joke. Little did i know he really was and it was clear that he didn’t want to admit it.
“But all those times you made those jokes, the,” i trailed off, shaking my head and tried to understand, “I don’t..why wouldn’t you tell me?”
Carl readjusted his legs under him again and continued fiddling with the gun.
“Because I was afraid of what you’d think. And for the jokes and statements I made…I’m a good liar,” he said, “the opportunity came up loads of times but I was always too nervous to go through with it, or tell the truth. And if I ever did blurt it out, sometimes…sometimes they’d just laugh and leave.”
A twinge of hurt stuck my chest and i studied Carl with his head lowered, hardly able to look at me while he shared his most personal secret.
“Hey,” i whispered, reaching forward to gently touch his arm, “it’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Look, I’m not laughing. I’d never laugh at you like that. I’d never leave or make you feel bad about it.”
He shook his head slow in refusal to look up and bit the inside of his cheek.
The shy part of him was making me want to reach forward and press a kiss to his lips but i fought the urge to out of fear that it might make him uncomfortable.
“We can talk about it more if you want,” i told him but he just shook his head.
“It’s okay, there’s not much else to say about it.”
I nodded and gathered my gun in my hands, messing around with it like Carl was and still is.
“I think if you’re ready,” i said softly, “tonight would be a perfect night.”
I said it honestly and Carl just sat messing with his gun before he slowly glanced up at me.
His blue eyes gave off a sense of fear, but not an afraid of heights kind of fear, more like about to be eaten like a walker afraid.
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to do that,” he said, “most girls leave because they know they won’t exactly get much out of it.”
I shook my head.
“I want to,” i said.
He swallowed before he glanced out the window well off to his right.
“Promise you won’t laugh?” He asked and i was almost hurt that he had to ask such a thing while looking away from you.
“Of course I won’t.”
“No matter what?”
I nodded surely and pulled his face toward mine, keeping the tip of my thumb stuck in the dimple in his chin, which was lightly covered by brown stubble.
“No matter what.”
Just after the conversation, we decided to eat, but quickly returned to the living room floor once we both finished. By then the storm was worsening.
I just sat quietly humming a soft melody in the back of my throat.
“I’m sorry,” i sighed and Carl and glanced up at me, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I can’t stop thinking about what you said.”
Carl shifted against the floor.
“Have you done anything? Like…anything?”
He was quiet for a few seconds before he sighed. All i wanted was for him to be comfortable, but i still wanted to talk about it. While softly chewing his bottom lip, his eyes met yours and quickly looked back down when he slowly shook his head the tiniest bit.
Everything was quiet except the wind and the rain behind the windows.
“It’s okay,” I said, “you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about babe.”
He kept his face straight until he shook his head and cracked a smile, a tiny laugh spilling from his mouth.
“It’s pretty pathetic, you don’t have to lie.”
“It’s really not though, I mean, who cares. You seem happy, so what’s the big deal?”
He shrugged his shoulders and the smile faded from his mouth for a split second.
“Getting a bit tired of taking care of things myself though,” he couldn’t help but blurt the words and laugh at himself, his face blaring redder than his hair.
A surprised look spread over my face and I couldn’t stop the laugh either, leaning forward to playfully poke at his right bicep.
“I always thought this arm was bigger. Now I know why.”
Carl covered his face in his hands and let out a high-pitched shout out of pure embarrassment.
“God that’s fucking awkward, I’m never looking you in the eye ever again.”
Slowly i reached forward and pulled his hands away by his wrists, revealing his flushed cheeks and slight grin.
“I was kidding,” I said, fighting to hide my smirk, “kind of.”
Carl flashed his blue eyes at me and shook his head, the two of us forgetting about the storm outside.

(This is where I stopped writing in first person because I like this part better this way.)

After a break of somewhat awkward silence you leaned forward on your knees and softly planted a kiss on his mouth, thumbs resting just beside his ears and your fingers buried in his long hair. His lips were chapped but you didn’t mind, pulling away with a little smack, moving your hand up to cradle his rough cheek.
“Do you want to just go the bedroom now?” you whispered and you could swear you saw him shudder.
“I-Isn’t it still early?” Carl asked with a light stutter, one part of him wanted to avoid it but the other part of him wanted to finally go through with it.
“I know you’re nervous, but we’ll go slow and take our time. I want to make it special for you.”
His belly swirled with nerves and what he swore was butterflies and he just smiled shyly and glancing up at you.
“Okay,” he said softly, his blue eyes darting from your mouth and up to your eyes.
His cheeks were still burning and it sent a little gush of excitement through you when you realized that you would be the one to guide him through something so intimate and new to him.
Without another word you stood from the floor and quickly blew out the candles before reaching your hands out for him to take.
“Well come on then.”
Carl couldn’t stop the full smile that took over and his teeth were showing through when he slowly reached up and met your palms in his.
You tugged him up and he laughed when you both stumbled a little because of how hard you pulled.


Carl stood at the foot of the bed with his hands hanging loosely at his sides. The hair on his face was showing dominant over his pale cheeks and you stood close, teasing your lips over his.
“I’m really nervous,” he whispered, his brown eyelashes stark against his light freckles.
You responded back with a gentle kiss, bringing your hands up to cradle his face. The dark brown hair lightly sprouting from his jaw and cheeks tickled your palms but you held him firmly until he deepened the kiss and brought his own hands to your hips.
He was panting after the kissing grew more passionate, your open mouths and tongues moving perfectly in sync. Carl pulled away, his wet lips smacking when they separated from yours.
“I don’t know if I can do this,” he said through a soft voice, nearly a whisper but enough for you to hear him clearly.
His hands were trembling at your hips and you reached down to take them in yours.
“Do you want to?” You asked him honestly, staring up into his vibrant blue eyes.
After a few seconds of quiet he sucked in a shaky breath and nodded his head slow, strands of his brown hair falling over his brown eyebrows when his eyes darted over yours.
“I’ll walk you through it, okay?”
Carl could feel his feet tingling in his stomach and he cursed to himself for being so nervous when you slowly leaned forward again and pressed your mouth to his, still with your fingers intertwined.
Carl took some control and moved his mouth from yours and down a bit where he paid close attention to the place just under your jaw, planting warm wet kisses along the way. Even with his inexperience in other departments, he was an amazing kisser, and the way his lips laid over your skin was enough for you to liquify right then and there.
Through his kisses you ran your hands up and over to the back of his neck where you carded your fingers through the crazy soft curls at the very base of his neck. They lingered for a bit until Carl sighed warmly into your skin and brought his mouth back up to yours.
His heart thudded under his ribs and you could feel it in the tips of your fingers when you grazed his slim yet broad chest.
In one quick motion you were pulling your mouth away and pulled him closer so you could tug his shirt up, your own breath heavily leaving from your mouth and the growing anticipation bubbling low in your tummy. As he had his arms raised for you to take off his shirt it got stuck and he chuckled with his face hidden by the black shirt, his flat belly inflating with each laugh that left his now cherry red lips . Dark brown tufts of hair wildly poked from under his underarms.
“I feel like a horny teenager,” you smirked, finally getting the shirt off of him.
“You are a horny teenager, Carl,”
He had a cat like grin plastered over his face and he reached up to smooth down his crazy dark brown mop of hair, bits and pieces fluffed straight up from having been trapped in the material of his shirt.
“You have no idea how I feel right now,” he said, reaching forward to bring your hips toward his more.
You inched your hand further down and Carl sucked in a deep breath when you moved lower and felt him already firm and hot under your fingers.
“You’re so sensitive,” you said when he jerked his hips, not to embarrass him, but to acknowledge it.
Carl nodded lightly.
“It actually hurts a lot right now.”
His porcelain colored face was now flushed with red blotches that were traveling down his neck. He was so worked up already and you knew that even if you took it slow gentle, he wouldn’t last long the first time around.
Still looking into his blue eyes you brought your hands to the band and tugged. Carl studied your movements and tried to control his breathing but he couldn’t stop imagining where he was headed.
He stomped out of his pants and you tugged his hand, bringing him back toward the bed. He was still in his boxers but they were tented and had a large darkened moist spot where he was straining against the fabric, his mouth straight and eyes glazed over.
“Climb up on the bed and get comfortable,” you told him when he sat down on the edge of the mattress.
Using his hands and booty, he scooted up toward the pillows in the middle of the bed, watching you undress in front of him, for him. You sat your bottoms with his but kept on your sports bra and underwear, slowly climbing over him on the bed with a small smile.
“You okay?” you asked, reaching up to take his face in your hands.
He nodded and kept quiet, taking his hands and resting then neatly at your waist.
“I just want you to relax babe,” you said.
Carl couldn’t stop the butterflies in his tummy, while he swallowing hard, he was almost ready to lose it at the sound of your voice and his fingers clutching your hips.
“Lay back.”
He listened and slowly sunk down against the pillows, his tummy inflating and deflating while he panted. Still straddling his soft thighs you ran your hands down his chest where you dragged your fingers toward his pelvis, feeling tingles in them as if his skin was made of fire. And you were sure he felt the same when he exhaled a long breath and closed his eyes.
“Relax,” you told him when you noticed his soft tummy quiver, just after you’d brought your fingers to the elastic band of his boxers.
With a slow nod he brought his right arm up and covered his eyes with his forearm, letting his mouth fall open to help get the air in his lungs.
You gave a gentle tug on his boxers and he lifted his hips off the bed, biting his bottom lip tightly when you stretched the fabric over him and dragged them down his legs until he was lying completely nude beneath you.
“Look at me Babe,” you lightly whispered, straddling his bare thighs and the hair there curly and wild.
Slowly he pulled his arm away from his eyes and let it rest over his forehead instead. You leaned forward a bit, pressing your palms flat against his chest and planted a gentle kiss against his mouth.
“I’m sorry I’m just really nervous. And now my dick’s out and I’m freaking out about it,” he sighed with a light half smirk,
With his comment you laughed and glanced down.
“If it makes you feel better, I’m a little scared too,” you said and a concerned look washed over his face until he caught your eyes staring between his legs.
“I know I’m packin’,“ he laughed with a smirk,
You wanted to roll your eyes at him but since it was helping his nerves, you just laughed lightly instead.
“But really, how do you feel? Are you sure you still want to do this?” You asked and pushed your hair behind your ear.
“I haven’t ever been this…” He trailed, pausing to determine the right way to put what he was feeling into words, “this turned on. You’re so beautiful.”
His hips were moving lightly but enough for you to notice and just taking the sight of him lying completely vulnerable to you sent your own blood rushing and a warm throb building between your legs.
“And yes. Yes I’m sure I want this, but I think-I know I’m gonna cum really early.”
He was trying to be so calm about it and it was cutely sweet.
“Well I want you to know it’s okay if you do,” you said, just before he nodded and you gave his cheek a kiss.
From there your mouth met his and trailed down his neck where he groaned low in his throat and shifted his head to offer more room. His skin tasted salty with a hint of sweetness from the nervous sweating and you kissed down and over his throat, grazing his Adam’s apple and eventually following the dips and curves of his collarbone. While your mouth worked its way down slowly you gently held his left arm beside him on the bed, trailing them the further down you moved.
Feathery kisses trickled down and over his chest and he let out a soft moan when you brought your lips to his left nipple, sucking and letting your tongue swirl around the hardening nub. Carl twitched beneath you and strained his hips up, a choked sigh getting caught in his throat when he tried to tug at his arms.
“Fuck you’re driving me crazy,” he whined, glancing down at you working your way from his left nipple and to his right, planting the same wet kisses over that one once you reached it.
Without speaking a single word you slowly inched away and traveled your mouth down the line between his ribs and kissed your way toward the faint light brownish/blonde hair around his belly button.
Carl sucked in a breath and strained his neck to watch every kiss, but it was too hard to stay put with you holding his arm. With another little tug you gave in and let go, figuring you’d need your hands shortly anyhow.
“I swear if you keep at this I might literally explode,” he said, a hint of humor laced in his tone.
“Just take a deep breath and relax.”
You’d pulled your mouth away enough to speak but immediately brought it back to his belly button, working it down and over his right freckled hip until he whined and wiggled lifting his hips.
The raspy groan in his throat sent a tingle low in your tummy and it took a lot for you to not sink yourself down on him right then.
Carl knew your plan when you moved your mouth even lower and your hands grabbed at his thighs to part them a little more. He stuttered and you felt his tummy tremble when you gently kissed him at the crevice of his thigh, the hair there burying your mouth and tip of your nose in a flurry of brown colored hair.
“Okay, w-wait, wait,” he spat nervously, squeezing his eyes closed and quickly reaching down for the sides of your face.
“What’s wrong babe?”
His hands were shaking while he held your face, your hair caught between his palms.
“I want this with you so badly but I’m so afraid you’re not going to enjoy it, I mean we live in the apocalypse… I want you to enjoy something in this life,” his eyes lowered and he slowly let his hands fall away from your face, “Jesus, I’m already so close and you haven’t even done anything yet.”
You wanted to smile but he was genuinely worried about not being able to satisfy you.
“It’s okay to cum fast, Carl, you’re going to anyway because it’s your first time. And that’s okay.”
He nodded quickly and you gently pushed him back down against the mattress, hearing him inhale a deep breath through his nose and let it out in a quick burst from his mouth.
Every nerve in his body was standing on edge and he clutched the duvet beside his hip, trying to find anything to distract him from your mouth dangerously close to where blood was rushing and fluid was leaking from the thick plump purplish red tip.
“Oh fucking hell,” he sighed and jerked his hips up when you gently took hold of him with both hands and planted a soft kiss on the glistening head.
He was clenching his belly and breathing hard, fisting the blanket to fight the complete feeling of ecstasy and letting himself go far too early. His mouth hung open and he let out a throaty sigh when he felt your warm wet lips stretch over him and down until he slid into your mouth almost halfway.
“fucking hell… Oh shit,” he cursed, propped up on his slightly muscly elbows to watch when you used your hand to wrap around the rest of him and you held him still, letting him bask in the feeling of being tucked snug in your warm wet mouth.
You gave him a strong pump, twirling your tongue around his skin. His hips twitched up and he couldn’t help but whine toward the ceiling, his vibrant arms flexing each time he clutched the sheets.
His eyes were slammed closed and he had his nose scrunched up, and when you felt him twitch against your tongue you knew he was already dangerously close. You slowed the pace but still pumped your hand and moved him in and out of your mouth, taking him as deep as you could stand.
“C-close, I’m close. So fucking close,” he breathed, hanging his chin down against his chest in defeat. His hips jerked forcefully and you kept in rhythm with him, deciding not to tease and just let him have the release he was so close to experiencing.
Two more firm pumps and twirls and he swelled with a little twitch, a harsh groan tumbling its way out of his chest when you felt the first warm gush hit the back of your tongue. He’d been holding his breath in the very last moments and he finally released the air when his orgasm took over, face screwed up and faint eyebrows knitted together. Through heavy breaths he mumbled your name from his numb lips and cursed straight after, a quick little grunt bursting from his parted mouth.
He was vocal and that in itself was enough to drive you insane, those throaty little hisses and moans sneaking their way out of him and his soft pale belly quivering.
“That was,” he breathed, panting with one arm draped over his face and the other over his ribs once he fell down flat against the mattress, exhausted already, “fucking shit.”
You pulled away and inched up his body, slowly taking his arm and moving it away from his eyes when you straddled his waist.
“That won’t even be the best part,” you smiled, wiggling your hips a little against his tummy until you knew he could feel your heat and the wetness spreading low between your thighs.
Carl took another breath and let it out, moving his arm slowly to see you reaching your hands behind you to your bra.
“I’m not going to survive this night,” he said with his eyes fixed on your chest.
“You’re doing fine baby, but now it’s my turn.”
He gave you a nod with his trembling hands clutching your hips and when your bra finally came loose he licked his lips.
The room was silent with the exception of the rain hammering the windows, and you reached forward to take his shaky hands, bringing them up to rest softly on each breast. When his skin met yours he squeezed and cracked a tiny smile, using his nimble fingers to knead the soft flesh.
“Does that feel alright?” He asked innocently through a whisper, bumping his thumbs over each nipple at the same time. Your hips jerked and you let out a soft breath, nodding.
“Pull them a little, like this,” you said, guiding his right hand directly to the taut bud, showing him just what you liked.
Carl was so concentrated on your pleasure that he hardly had any expression on his face, his thumb and forefinger lightly tugging and twisting your hardened nipple. He did the same to the other with his left hand and continuously massaged your breasts simultaneously, basking in how it felt to feel your hips rocking against his soft stomach.
“Okay,” you hissed when the sensitivity got too much and he quickly pulled away like he’d hurt you.
“Here let’s switch,” you breathed, your heart pounding when you climbed off him and traded positions.
Carl nestled warmly between your legs, balancing himself up on his forearms. He wasted no time meeting your mouth with his, kissing you with such passion he left you panting and squirming around beneath him.
Down his mouth went to your neck and he nibbled softly at your skin. Your hands clutched his arms the further he went, your hips grinding against his.
He’d gone soft fairly quickly after he came the first time but now you could feel him firming up again between your legs, rocking his pelvis up into you to chase the feeling.
“This good?” He mumbled softly between sticky kisses.
With a nod you gave a little moan in the back of your throat and he felt it against his lips, continuing on his journey down when you wrapped your hand around his head and gently fisted his silky hair.
His hand slipped down between you and you decided on letting him take the lead, nudging open your legs a little more when he teased his fingers at the band of your underwear.
Carl sealed a kiss to your neck and glanced up into your eyes, watching you writhe beneath him. Slowly he tucked his fingers in the band and dragged the material over your hips. You lifted them just as he’d done for you and he tossed them to the floor before he climbed off the bed and grabbed hold of your legs under your knees.
“Come down a bit,” he said, guiding you closer to the edge.
He knelt down on the floor and you kept one foot pressed to the mattress with your knee bent while Carl took the other leg and propped it over his shoulder.
“Okay?” He asked and you quickly nodded your head, holding yourself up on your elbows.
Carl kissed his way up your leg, his brown eyelashes flush against his plump cheeks. With a sigh you widened your bent leg a bit, his warm wet mouth trailing soft kisses from your calf and up to the inside of your thigh. You were panting and trying to keep your hips still for him, his hands clutching around your thighs to tug them open more.
His hair was like silk between your fingers when you tangled them above his temples, feeling his breath heavy and hot where you were aching for any sort of attention.
“Carl, babe,” you whined, circling your hips when he brought his right hand over to stretch you wide, his tongue ghosting over the velvety flesh.
“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he whispered, and after what felt like hours of anticipation he softly dragged his tongue flat up your center and landed the tip firm against your clit.
You nearly shouted but it turned to a high-pitched moan, your fingers unintentionally tugging at his dark brown mop of hair.
“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” You questioned all breathy and you felt him shake his head between your legs.
“Never,” he said before he swallowed, “fuck me. holy hell you taste so sweet babe.”
And with that he pushed the skin further up with his thumb and rolled his tongue over your clit, circling the stiff bud. You sucked in a deep breath and cried out toward the ceiling, rocking your hips back and against his rough face. Your heel dug into his back and you tugged him closer, feeling a tingle work its way up your legs.
A wave of heat flushed between your thighs and low in your tummy when he used his wet lips to surround your clit, lashing it a little faster with the tip of his tongue. Your cries and harsh breathing was encouragement enough for him to continue and he smiled against your sensitive flesh, flicking his tongue faster.
“Don’t stop,” you whined, “baby don’t stop.”
Your hips were a stuttering mess and Carl clutched your thighs to hold you still, using his lips and tongue to send you over the edge. You cried out and pulled his hair hard, lifting your back off the bed as you came, muscles fluttering.
“Oh fuck,” you cried, his mouth still catering to your most sensitive place.
He lapped up your wetness in one final drag of his tongue and pressed a gentle kiss to your clit, the sensation and sensitivity making you jerk your hips and hiss through your teeth.
“No fucking way you’ve never done that before,” you breathed when he lifted your leg off his shoulder.
Carl had a wide smile plastered over his mouth, his lips and chin glistening when he looked up at you.
“I swear I haven’t. I just look up a lot of…articles,” he chuckled a bit, climbing back on the bed once you scooted up.
Before either of you could say anything else you grabbed his face and kissed him hard on the mouth, tasting yourself on his lips and tongue. Carl sighed into your mouth and lowered himself down on top of you again, nudging himself between your legs.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and brought your hips up to rub against him. He gasped a little and pulled his own hips back, still a little nervous about what he was doing.
“Carl, I need you baby,” you whined, trying to create any sort of friction when you pulled your hips up.
He was hard again, but to be sure you reached your hand down to grip him in your soft palm.
“I’m ready, are you ready?” You panted, giving him a long stroke when he hung his mouth open beside yours and nodded.
You locked your feet around him and gently tugged until he brought his hips forward.
“Here, give me your hand,” you breathed, and he looked down to watch you take his right hand and replace it with yours. He gripped himself hard and you guided his wrist to bring him closer until you could feel the plump head pushing against your throbbing center.
“You’re so warm,” he whispered, his eyes flicking up to yours.
You still held his wrist and pulled it down and up, showing him how to spread the wetness over his length. With heavy breaths from each of you your hips circled against his and you helped him push himself in a bit until you could feel the head slip inside.
Carl’s mouth fell open and he trembled above you, trying his hardest to fight the urge to lose control right then.
“Fuck Carl, you’re huge,” you breathed, tilting your pelvis back, and he pushed a little more with your guidance.
A zing of slick heat spread low when he stretched you open, your muscles clenching the first few inches he went in.
“Feels so,” he stuttered, dropping his mouth to yours to press a sloppy kiss against your lips, “feels so good baby. So warm, so tight and w-wet.”
With one long push he was fully inside and he waited for your signal to move. Your heels dug hard into his soft flesh and with a quick nod you used them to guide his hips further to yours.
Your hands clutched his back and he bumped into you hard, his head dropping down to your shoulder where he nibbled and kissed the flushed skin.
With heavy sighs and mumbles of your names stuttered from each of your mouths Carl picked up the pace, circling his hips as he went. Though he was new to the game he was impressing you with his movements and how well he was prolonging his climax.
You groaned hard in your throat and brought your lips down on his neck, kissing wildly and sneaking in little bites until you felt his body shudder.
“So good,” he blurted and though you were wound up and nearly ready to burst, you didn’t want it to end just yet.
“Carl, fuck,” you grunted and cried out, pressing your heels hard into his ass, fingernails scratching down his back.
He was pulsing and hot inside you, rocking his hips forward and back hard. With a grunt low in his throat he felt your muscles flutter around him and his mouth fell open, eyebrows angled together.
“Harder,” you pleaded when you squeezed down on him and he obeyed, biting his bottom lip when he pulled back and jerked up into you, making you hiss through your teeth from the incredible sting of white hot pleasure.
Carl lowered his head again and kissed down your throat, thrusting as hard as he could stand, the smacking of your slick skin flooding your ears and adding to the intense build up. The heat was flushing your body and you cried out when your muscles clamped down hard on him, his firm steady thrusts pushing you over the edge. In the same instance you clutched his back and moaned into his ear he shuddered and twitched inside you, breathy little grunts choking out of his throat the messier his hips went.
You shouted loud and pushed your hips up one last time, liquid heat flooding deep inside you. The feeling exploded from between your legs and up and down in the same moment, spreading pure ecstasy throughout your body the harder he slammed his hips to yours. With another loud shout you bit down on his shoulder and cradled the back of his head with one hand, letting him continue his uneven thrusts while he came.
“fucking hell,” he nearly cried, voice raspy and higher than normal in his exhausted state.
Once he slowed his hips he peeled open his blue eyes and you nodded against the pillow and pressed your mouth to his forehead in a breathy kiss.
“You’re shaking,” you told him, feeling a pulse where he was still snug inside you, buried deep.
“That was fucking amazing I can’t believe I finally did it.”
He cracked a smile and nudged his nose against yours, seeking your mouth for a kiss.
“Give me an hour and we can do it again.”
Your words sent his eyebrows up and he chuckled with a nod.
“Fucking yep.”
You both exchanged breathy laughs and quieted only when your lips met again, his softening length still there buried in you. Slowly you let your legs fall away from around his waist while he planted a final kiss to your neck. He pulled back all slick and sticky and cringed a little, unable to stop himself from looking down.
“I never said sex wasn’t messy,” you smirked and he shrugged before he plopped down beside you and grabbed your hand in his.
“You’re pretty amazing, you know that?”
You turned to face him, still holding his hand over his soft tummy.
“I’m alright,” you smiled, and he lifted your hand to press a kiss to your knuckles with a smile of his own.
“Yeah,” he said all raspy and low with his toothy grin,
“you’re alright.”

Shut Up

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Request: “117. I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” With a really awkward Barry &’ shy reader please.”


117. I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.

Word count: 445

A/N: I finally finished this prompt. I found it a little bit funny and I hope that you like it. I hope it didn’t bore you. Thank you for the request.

- G. x

You and Barry were walking at the side walk as you decided to go to CC Jitters to have some caffeine boost before going to work in the CCPD.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Barry greeted you again for the thousand time now. “What are your thoughts on unicorns and rainbows?”

“Uhm,” You looked at Barry and so did he, but you quickly broke it as you felt uncomfortable and shy. “what do you mean?”

“I mean,” Barry started but then he stopped, raising his shoulders as if saying that it was just nothing. “never mind.”

“Okay.” Your conversation died once again and you just realized that Barry was trying to have a conversation with you with that question. You knew that Barry was awkward, but for all of the things that existed in this earth, he would ask your opinion about unicorns and rainbows? “You’re awkward.”

“Huh?” He looked at you for a while, but then he tripped on air being clumsy as he was and he accidentally gripped on your lower back. “Fuck.”

“Uhm…” You bit your lip as you felt that your cheeks burnt and turned red. You were so embarrassed, because as a reserved person, you’ve never expected someone doing that to you, even though it was an accident.

I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” Barry defended himself. You faced him and you saw that he was redder than you were and his eyes were widened. He was really awkward and you just shook your head, trying to shake the happening off. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, Bar.” You shortly answered as you avoid his gaze. “Don’t worry.”

“But it was pretty good.” Barry blurted out after few seconds and you turned your head to him with a corrugated forehead. He was surely thinking out loud.

“What did you say?” You asked him.

“I said that it was pretty shitty.” He let out a nervous laughter and he walked faster than you were.

“Oh, okay.” You rolled your eyes as you perfectly heard what he has said.

“The happening, not your butt.” He added and you giggled for the bad and awkward figures he was doing in front of you. He quickly slapped his forehead for the words that came out from his mouth. “I really need a coffee.”

“Just shut up, Barry.” You suggested him as you reached him and you were walking in the same line again. “It would be better. Okay?”

“Okay.” He said sighing and he slowed his walking velocity down.

You giggled once again and you wondered how did you manage to work with this awkward dork for almost two years now. Who knew? Surely, you didn’t.

optimusxjazz  asked:

Hmmm how about 2doc. The months after Muds gets out of jail and tries to go straight an narrow. (Straight as he can get) and trying to make up with 2d after the years of abuse. Could be some good sap

(I REALLY HOPE THIS IS OKAY? I tried my very best)

Murdoc Niccals was never known to have guilt eating him up, and when it suddenly started showing up in his range of emotions, he knew something had changed. It had, obviously, being behind bars changed a man and the fact that Murdoc thought that it was going to be easy peasy to go through seemed ridiculous now, even to himself. He was back, and what he had endured there (among things, another two fractures on his nose) had made him realise other things. 2D had gotten less bad attention after the return, and even the blue haired singer seemed weirded out by that. No punches, no things thrown after him - Murdoc was quieter than usually. 

“Faceache,” Murdoc finally said one day and immediately felt the guilt almost burn his tongue, “Stu.” He furrowed his brow and bit his bottom lip as he thought for a moment. There was an uncomfortable silence between them, 2D looking at him with almost the same expression, “I need to say a few things, yeah? They’re gonna be hard, you know I don’t do this very often. I’m glad to be back.”

“You’re back,” 2D said with a small smile, “I’m kinda reluctantly ‘ere but I’m glad you’re back. Gorillaz isn’t the same without you.”

Murdoc gave a little smile, “If you ever say I said stuff like this, I’ll break ya neck, got it? But I’m sorry for these years, I’ve realised I need to change. You know how it is, my bastard of a father. It’s hard for me to tell people I care about them.”

2D raised his brows in surprise, “Wot? You’re apologisin’?” He tilted his head, black eyes full of expression, “For wot?”

Murdoc felt his chest constrict as he thought back to everything he’d done in the past, “You bloody well know what I’m apologising for, you loon. Don’t be thick. C'mere.” He pulled him in for an awkward hug and 2D’s reaction was nothing, he seemed too taken aback by the fact that the bassist would do such a thing. Murdoc on the other hand felt as though a long-time need to be close to someone finally happened. He held on tighter and that was when arms wrapped around him too, and it surprised Murdoc so much that he had to blink a few times. If he could, he would’ve pinched himself because suddenly a croaky but soft voice spoke, “You know I care ‘bout you, Muds… but maybe lay off on the threats.”

BTS reactions:You acting like a sasaeng fan, trying to prank them.

A/N: This request was a bit difficult to do, but I am happy I tried something new and challenging to write. Request are open and sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by: Anonymous 

Request: “ This is might be my cruelest request I’ve ever thought but can I request for all bts members reaction when being pranked by their gf (and maybe other member)? So bangtan woken up to get themselves being handcuffed above their head and their gf (pretend as sasaeng who kidnap them) would ‘spare their life’ only if they kissed her, but they figured the prank bc of their gf’s obvious kissing style??? This is might be complicated but can you do it … ??? “


  Jin is the type of sweet baby that would panic very much when you start with the prank.He would struggle a lot once he found out you wanted a kiss to let him free. Once you get to it and he realizes who are, Jin would get extremely angry at you, like you wouldn’t even believe that this is your Jincess.

“Y/N!” he would yell out “How could you do this!? You know that this isn’t something funny!” he would walk out of the room and leave you there. I feel like he will be so angry that he wouldn’t talk to you the whole day. When you go to apologize to him, Jin will still be mad. Using your cuteness you will try to soften him up. In the end Jin will accept your apology, but will make you promise that you won’t do this again.

“Jagya please, never do this again.These things aren’t funny at all, they are very serious.”he will then hug you 

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 Yoongi will be shocked at first and once he realizes what is happening he would start swearing. When you kiss him and he finds out that you were playing a prank on him, he would quickly jump off the bed and look at you with a disappointed look in his eyes.He wouldn’t have expected this from you.

“I can’t believe you would do this.”he will walk out of the room, grabbing his jacket on the way out

  He won’t come back home for 2 or 3 hours, during that time you would think through what you did and realize how serious this was actually to him.Once he opens the front door, you would run and jump into his arms.

“Yoongi I am sorry. This was really stupid, I shouldn’t have done this.”you would start crying and he will pat your head and hug you back

“The important thing is that you realize how serious this was.”he would wipe away your tears

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  Hoseok is a very nice person that tries to fix everything with love and talking.Once he gets in this situation, thinking that you are really a sasaeng, he will try talking with you. Telling you that there is no need for you to do this. Once you kiss him and he realizes what is happening, Hoseok would be really hurt.

“I never expected this from you jagya.”he would walk in the living room and sit on the couch. Of course you would follow and sit next to him, if you try to touch Hoseok he will move your hand away. As someone sweet like a sunshine, this would be a very big problem.

“Hobi I am sorry.” it would take 30 apologies for him to even think of forgiving you. After he does, he will hug you ,making you promise that you won’t do it again.

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  Namjoon is strong, very strong. When you say that you want a kiss in exchange for letting him go, Namjoon will say yes, just to get you close to him.Once you are and start kissing, Namjoon will swing his body over and tower over you. Seconds after the kiss he would realize what was actually happening. Removing the black material from his eyes and seeing you, he would get really mad.

“Do you think this is funny!?” he would yell out and make you flinch “Who’s idea was it?!”

“Jungkook’s…”you would say 

  He would then get up and grab his jacket. Namjoon will go and talk with Jungkook, finding out that the maknae line gave you this suggestion, because they didn’t think you would actually do it. After he comes back home, he would have a long talk with you, telling you how you shouldn’t do things like this.

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  Chimchim is a fluffy baby, but just like Namjoon he is very strong. Before you are even able to blindfold him, he will grab your hands and push towards the wall. If you somehow escape before he sees your face and end up kissing him, he will be very angry. To him and BTS in general ,this isn’t something that can be used as a prank.

“Why would you ever do this?I thought you were different.”I feel like Jimin will be the one to go out ,leaving the front door open and coming back home the next day. Giving you a big scare and enough time to think everything over. The next day, when he comes back, Jimin will notice that because of that, you hadn’t slept at all.

“Jagya I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worry. But I wanted for you to realize how sever this actually was.”he would hug you and you will fall asleep in his arms.

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  Tae is a very sweet little puppy. He would be scared at first, but after the kiss when he realizes what you were doing, he would get very angry and mad, but never show it. He would give you a very serious look, that makes you feel uncomfortable, but them smile and laugh it off.

“You got me jagya.But please never do that again.” he would walk out of the room. It would take you a couple of minutes to fully understand how he actually felt after this little prank and you would go running to him, apologizing.

“Tae, I am sorry.”

“I accept it jagya. I am happy that you understood.”he would flash you a sweet love filled smile.

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  He would be a bit different.Once he realizes the situation he is in, he would get mad.But as someone who has had some experiences with fans who don’t listen to him, when he asks to not have his picture taken. Jungkook would yell at you for sometime, he would of course stop the moment you start tearing up and hug you.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you jagya.But I wanted you to realize what you did.I am sorry.”he would hug you 

“This was supposed to be a fun joke we wanted to play on you.” he would pull you away 


“Yes, me at Taehyung.” Jungkook would stay with you and not run out of the house, but the next day when he sees Tae, he will not only give him a piece of his mind but tell Jin. Mama Jin would finish the yelling part.

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(William Magnusson x Reader): Honesty is the best policy

Summary: Reader gets pulled into the conflict between The Penetrators and Yakuza boys and gets hurt.

A/N: apologies for any and all spelling/grammar mistakes (some of the phrasing is a bit awkward still, I was having a really hard time characterizing Will so this isn’t great but I wanted to post it anyway)

You knew it was a bad idea to come with the guys to confront the Yakuzas. Unfortunately, Will was on a date which left you as the only voice of reason left in the group. You didn’t like feeling like you had to babysit your friends and act like their moms, but someone had to stop them from doing something they were going to regret.

“Do you really need to do this?” You asked Chris, your next closest friend behind Will, from the backseat of his car, lamely attempting to persuade him to just give it up.

Chris didn’t turn around but he glanced at you in his rearview mirror, “(Y/N), they jumped that first year guy for no reason, we need to put them back in their place.”

You sighed and slumped back in your seat, praying that the Yakuzas wouldn’t actually show up.

When you got out of the car your heart sank when you realized they were already waiting for you. You knew Will wouldn’t want to cut his date short but you had a bad feeling so you pulled out your phone and called Will, telling him where you were and to get here as soon as possible.

You got out of the car with the others, quietly mumbling to Chris, telling him that you should just go home as you walked up the the other group.

“Listen to your girlfriend, you know you’re going to lose.” One of the Yakuza guys said as you walked up.

You rolled your eyes, “First of all, not his girlfriend, second of all, I’m trying to stop them from murdering you because they’ll get arrested, but if that’s what you want…” You trailed off, cocking your head slightly.

“Who the hell do you think you are, bitch?” He asked angrily, stepping up to you.

Chris was about to step in front of you and defend your honor or whatever it is he is supposed to do as your best friend but you nudged him out of the way and stepped up to meet the guy face to face.

“I’m the girl who’s about to beat your ass.” You say before throwing your punch, hitting the guy who was mouthing off square in the nose with a satisfying crunch, silently thanking your dad for enrolling you in all those self-defense classes.

By the time the fight is finally broken up you have a bloody nose and what feels like a long scrape on the side of your face. No one else looked much better than you.

As the Yakuzas guys walk away you see William walking over from his car, his expression a mixture of anger and tiredness.

“Shit,” you mutter as you trying to wipe the blood flowing out of your nose on your sleeve.

“What the hell happened?” Will asks loudly as he walks over.

Chris opened his mouth to explain, “The Yakuza guys-”

“I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t try and start shit.” He replies, shooting Chris a look before turning to you, “I thought you were going to try and stop them.”

“I tried!” You protest, “But then they were trying to say shit and I just couldn’t…”

“She threw the first punch,” Theo offers, causing you to whip your head around and glare at him, “Hey! It was a really good hit,” He adds defensively

“(Y/N)…Why would you get involved?” Will mutters, shaking his head as he gently grabs your chin and turns your face so that he can get a better look at the scape along the side of it.

“Oh please, if you’d heard what they were saying you would have hit them too, they were being really fucking annoying.” You reply defensively as you jerk your face out of his grip and stalked away, trying to ignore the fact that you can still feel where he touched you.

You spent Saturday and Sunday sulking in your room. You’d lied and told your parents you slipped and fell while skateboarding (you were pretty sure they could tell you were lying but they didn’t say anything, which was nice of them). You briefly Skyped with Chris to compare battle wounds (his black eye was a lot larger and more serious looking than your cut and you both had scars across the bridges of your nose so you let Chris have this one) and did some homework.

Sunday night you couldn’t bear ignoring Will anymore and called Will to apologize.

“I’m really sorry Will,” You apologized when he picked up, “I don’t know why I did all of that stuff, I should have tried harder to stop it.”

“It’s okay,” Will replies, his voice gentle, more gentle than it usually is when you talk to him, “I was just freaked out by how hurt you guys all got, it’s not your job to babysit them, I shouldn’t expect that.”

You nodded before realizing that he couldn’t see you, “Yeah, but you do it, you deserved to have a night off and I ruined it, I’m really sorry.”

“That’s okay, the date didn’t go very well anyway, I was a little relieved that you called, you’re a true best friend.” He admitted.

“I thought you really liked her?” You asked, confused, “Didn’t you spend ages convincing her to go on this date?”

“I do-I did- but she was just really aggressive and rude the whole time, I don’t know what I expected from a girl I had to coerce into a date, but I don’t think it was worth it.” He said.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ll have better luck with the next one.” You reply with a grin, ignoring your own personal emotions.

“Yeah…” He trailed off.

“Well I better go, I’ve been avoiding my parents all weekend and they want to talk to me at dinner.” You say, sensing that the conversation was ending

“Good luck, and thanks for calling.” Will says.

“Thank you for being a good friend.” You reply, “Love you,” You add before hanging up despite the fact that it means a bit more to you than it does to him. 

Monday morning Will picked you and a few of the others up for school. You knew that there was gossip going around that you guys got into a fight and we’re hoping that if you all showed up together you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the story continuing.

When you got to school during lunch break you all got out of Will’s car you could feel everyone’s eyes on you as you walked through the school yard. You were no stranger to getting stares as you walked past (first year girls loved to watch the boys walk past them) but it was at a new level today, you all stared straight ahead as you walked through, and once you got into the building you walked straight to your locker, briefly waving goodbye to the others.

When you were grabbing some of your textbooks out of your locker a chipper voice behind you said, “Hi!”

You turned around to see a bubbly, blonde first year looking back at you.

“Hello,” You replied, turning back to your locker. Any time a first year tried to talk to you it was to ask about one of the boys and since you knew Will slept with her earlier this year you had a feeling you knew what was happening.

“Will is fine, if you’re worried about his face getting damaged.” Your you add as you close your locker and turn back to her.

“Oh…that’s good to hear,” she replied, somewhat nervously, “I was just curious what happened, we all heard what happened on Friday.”

“Um…it was a fight, Will came in and saved the day as usual,” you reply, feeling weird and wishing the girl would just talk to Will instead of you.

“He really is brave. isn’t he?” She asks.

“Yeah,” you reply, glancing at her, hoping the conversation will end.

“Well, I’ve got to be in the C building, see you later,” she says before giving you a small wave and walking away. Leaving you to stand in the hallway, mildly annoyed before heading to class.

Friday night you’re at William’s party.

You were talking with some of the guys and feeling pleasantly buzzed when you saw the blonde girl from Monday trying to talk to William. He must have said something to her because you see her quickly walk away and it looks like she’s crying. You know you should feel bad, Will can be pretty heartless when it comes to turning girls down but there’s always a little part of you that enjoys it, it’s like there’s a sliver of hope that he’s interested in someone, someone who could be you.

You walked over to Will, “What was that all about?”

“Fruition of a bad deal that I made, I think I made myself pretty clear though, someone else can clean up that mess.”

“Why are you such a dick to girls?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest, you tried never wanted to get into these kinds of things with Will but you were kind of pissed off that he’d made that girl cry.

“Because those girls don’t mean anything to me, they’re don’t matter to me and I don’t want them to think that I do - it would get messy.” He replies with a shrug.

“Wow…I’m going to go dance, see you later,” You reply before walking away, it just seemed a bit too awkward to hear him say those things when he probably felt the same way about you.

“Do you know why I never commit to any serious relationship?” Will asked suddenly. You were sitting with him on the couch after the police came and shut it down. Neither of you had said much, you were both a little uncomfortable after you’d confronted him about the first year girl, Vilde and didn’t know what to do about it.

“Because I’m in love with someone.” He admits and your heart sinks, “No matter which girls I fuck I can’t get her out of my head and it kills me because I can never have her.”

You nod, inspecting the hem of your shirt because you can’t bring yourself to make eye contact, you can tell he’s talking about Noora, the first girl he’s been obsessed recently, she’s playing hard to get so it would make sense.

“Even when I tried to date someone else, I just can’t do it because I love someone else.”
You look up, your brow furrowed, the only girl he’s gone on a date with recently would be Noora, so if that’s not who he’s in love with, who could it be?

“Who are you-”

“You, (Y/N), I’ve been in love with you for ages and I know that I’m not good enough for you but jesus christ, I can’t just pretend I don’t have feeling for you, not anymore.”

You stare at him a moment, awestruck and he shakes his head and moves to get up, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything, that was stupid, you’ve made it pretty clear that we’re just friends.” He apologizes.

“What?” You blurt out, “No, Will, I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to pretend I’m okay with you chasing after Noora, do you know how painful that was to watch while I was pining after you? Will, I’m hopelessly in love with you, couldn’t you tell?”

“Seriously?” He asks, staring at you

You laugh, “Yes, God, we’re oblivious aren’t we?”

“Does this mean I can kiss you now?” he asks as he moves towards you on the couch.

You nod and he holds your cheek in his hand as he pressed his lips against yours. After first the kiss was soft and slow, you were both savoring something that you’d been dreaming about for as long as you could remember. Once you got over the fact that this wasn’t a dream the kiss got deeper and hungrier, as you both moved your arms, trying to touch every inch of each other and just soak each other up.

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Bullet point fic where Warfstache's S/O has paralyzing stage fright and crippling social anxiety? Like even when wilford does something to over the top the S/O has a minor anxiety attack?

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-At first he didn’t understand what you meant by stage-fright. Why would anyone as pretty as you be afraid to get in front of people? 

-But Wilford would quickly guide you away from the stage when you started to hyperventilate or even become quiet. 

-He’d calm you down and try to think of ways to get you use to such environments. 

-At first he did poorly. Wilford had thought it’d be a great idea to organize a surprise party for you, where you’d have to do a speech and meet heaps of strangers. 

-This only made things worse. And he quickly hustled everyone out, waving a gun to quicken the process. 

-Wilford apologized profusely and promised no more parties. 

-After that incident, Wilford started you off small. By speaking in front of camera (turned off for your comfort) then moving towards putting mannequins in chairs for you to practice speaking in front of. 

-The whole thing had become ridiculous when Wilford started doing voices for each mannequin, asking questions and commenting. He even shouted at a particularly rude mannequin with a big red afro who “booed” you. 

-He shot another who had a drawn on pink mustache.
“I don’t need competition for your advances, my dear.” Was Wilford’s excuse for blowing the mannequins head to bits. 

-If you ever started feeling uncomfortable or uneasy, Wilford would slide up next to you and give you a big whiskery kiss. His arm encircling your shoulders and calming you down with soothing words. 

-If his antics were the cause, Wilford would become a little guilty and hurry you away from the scene. 

-He’d try not to over-react or do anything strange. But, it’s Wilford! He doesn’t know the difference between murder and sarcasm.

-When you felt overwhelmed by being in a persons/people’s presence, Wilford would instantly notice and either move you away, or threaten those who made you uncomfortable. 

-Wilford is very supportive of the fact you don’t feel comfortable, or have terrible fear of being in front of people. 

-He doesn’t drag you into anything you feel uneasy about. Sometimes he’ll whine that his “shining co-star” isn’t with him, but he’ll wink at you. Letting you know that you don’t need to be in the spotlight with him. 

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i mean i get where you're coming from when you say this vid felt forced but think about how far they've come? and i think dizzy made the point about how they never used to have such sexual humor with each other and now it's just their normal? isn't that exciting??

hahah i’m definitely aware of how far they’ve come and am endlessly excited about it. i think i have written about that progression in some form or another in basically every post about a video i’ve done in the last few months? but there are certain times when their own self-awareness about specific jokes or gags can make a video a bit uninteresting to watch. i mean look at something like the most recent golf with friends. it’s full of sexual humor that they aim at each other from start to finish and it was so funny and pleasant to watch, at least for me, purely bc they lacked that element of over-production and self-awareness. it felt very much like an approximation of how their natural banter/flirting must play out in real life. same with pretty much every video they’ve put out in the last few months to be honest! even on their main channels–pastel edits for example was one that so easily could’ve felt forced/unentertaining since it was quite literally them fulfilling a super popular fan fantasy/request. and although it did feel a little bit uncomfortable in some places (mostly when dan kept making exasperated comments about how dumb the video concept was) it was so clear that they were having fun with it and, yes, sexualizing it (dan making comments about wanting to tattoo phil’s penis or ass, the “strapping me up” thing when phil was helping him w his overalls, phil taking off his pants on camera and then moving but still remaining in full view of dan, etc.) but doing so completely on their own terms and seemingly organically. i think the reason the humor in this one felt much less exciting and in fact a little stale was bc it felt like they were trying to live up to a standard they’d already set for themselves in previous videos and it just didn’t work as well, didn’t feel as real i suppose, and felt much more like a performance (sexually charged or otherwise) rather than an organic 20 mins of dnp banting and flirting in their kitchen. which, as i said before, is okay and understandable. this is their job and they’re not always gonna be in the mindset to be that natural–in fact (and returning to your original point and dizzy’s as well) it’s only quite recently that we’ve started to expect that relaxed demeanor as their norm. 

Stalked // Josh Pieters imagine

Summary: One of Josh’s fans is stalking you. You get scared and Josh has to calm you down.

Request:  Hey could you do some Josh Pieters imagines? ☺️

A/n: I’m sorry this took so long! But I hope you like it @serenagrace17. The beginning is quite Joshless, but he becomes more important towards the end. I hope you don’t mind that. I’ve never done a Josh Pieters one before, so I hope it doesn’t suck too much!


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“Hey babe”, your boyfriend Josh called, “Could you maybe bring a Starbucks for me too, please?”. “Yeah sure love. I’ll be home in 20”. You both said goodbye and hung up.

You and Josh have been dating for 2 months, but you’ve been great friends for over a year now. Everyone always said that you needed to get together, but you didn’t want to risk it. Not only because of the amazing friendship you had, but also because of his fame.

Josh is quite a famous youtuber with a lot of fans. And that’s what worried you. But when you first made your appearance in one of his videos, they all seemed to love you.

You got more and more followers on your social media and that made you think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to date Josh. Not for the followers of course, but because they did make you feel a bit more at ease, since you thought they’d absolutely hate you.

So, one night at a club, you kissed. And that’s how it all started.

Now, 2 months later, Josh’s fans liked you more and more for you. Not just because you were his girlfriend.

After the year of being friends with Josh, you started to get used to the attention, but there was one thing that had started to bother you.

You felt like you kept seeing the same girl over and over again. She liked all your Instagram pictures, she retweeted all your tweets and you even saw her a couple of times already.

When you were waiting in line in Starbucks to get your drinks, you were just scrolling through your Instagram feed. Suddenly someone tapped on your shoulder. “Hi! OMG! I can’t believe I’m meeting you. Aaaah! Omg this is crazy. This is a dream come true!”, a girl boomed. When you turned around, you saw the girl that had been “stalking” you for a while.

You didn’t want to be rude, so you just said: “Hi, how are you sweetie?”. “OMG I’m gonna faint. Oh hell. Euhm I’m so good like I couldn’t be any better. My name is Juliette. Can I have a picture please please please?”.

You felt a little bit uncomfortable with her shouting so loud in a public place, but you still agreed to the picture. “Omg thank you so much! I love you so much. And say hi to Josh please”. “Will do”, you smiled,” and thank you for saying hi”.

After she left, you ordered your drinks. It was a lovely day, so you decided to walk home. As you were humming along to your music playing in your headphones, you saw a silhouette not far behind you.

The more you walked, the more scared you became, seeing as the person kept following you. You kept thinking about something that happened before meeting Josh.

You grabbed your phone and called Josh, but he didn’t pick up. “Oh god are you serious?!”, you murmured to yourself.

You looked over your shoulder again and realized that it was the girl form Starbucks who was walking behind you. You relaxed a bit, seeing that she was actually quite nice.

All of a sudden, a whole group of girls walked over to Juliette and they all started pointing at you. And then, there were the flashbacks again.  

At that point, all you wanted to do was run, run to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend. But you realized that if you ran home, they would know where Josh and you live.

You felt your heartrate pick up and panic staring to take over. You tried calling Josh again but he didn’t pick up.

The panic attack started to get so bad that not going home wasn’t even an option anymore. Without even realizing it, you were only one block away from the apartment so you just ran.

Even when you got inside, you weren’t able to calm yourself down. That was until you felt two strong arms wrapping around you.

You looked up and saw the concerned eyes of your boyfriend. “Babe are you okay? What happened?”, he asked.

The only thing that came out, was sobbing. “Hey Capsar mate, would you mind filming later?”. “No, no. you take care of your girl and I’ll text you later, okay”, Capsar said whilst taking his belongings and walking out.

“Y/N, can you please tell me what happened? I absolutely hate seeing you like this”. You really didn’t want to tell him, because then you’d have to explain everything. But if you didn’t tell him about your past, he’d probably thin you’re pathetic.

“I euhm I, I ….”, you managed to get out. “Just relax, love. Focus on your breathing, okay. In and out. In and out. Easy like that”. You breathed in with him and out again.

You had both sat there, on the kitchen floor for a few minutes before your breathing was normal again.

“When I went into Starbucks, there was this hyped girl asking for a picture”, you started. “So I took one with her. But on the way back home, I saw her following me and then lots of other girls tagged along and I didn’t know what to do and I started to panic”.

Josh looked a bit confused at you, so you quickly added: “Now before you think I’m completely pathetic, I need to tell something first”. Worried, Josh encouraged you: “Go on”.

“So before I met you, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years of dating. I don’t why he did it, I guess he couldn’t get over me or something, but he started stalking me. Everywhere I went, he was there. Everything I did, he knew about. I was so terrified. Then when I went out with a friend, he started sending me threats. It got so bad that the police even had to become involved. I had seen that girl on a few occasions and I knew she followed my every move and social media, so I got scared again”.

When looked back up, you saw Josh’s eyes shine bright with love. He gently kissed your lips and tightened his arms around you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Without me that would’ve never happened. I don’t get why they just won’t respect our privacy”, he sighed.

“Josh, love, it’s not your fault, okay. I love you to bits, gorgeous. I just panicked, no big deal. I’m better now. I’m sorry if I scared you”. “Well you did. But I’m just glad you’re alright now”.

Later that night, you saw a tweet from Josh that absolutely melted your heart. It read: “Just found my girl having a panic attack because of some of you. I love you all so much, but some of you need to respect our privacy. I’m happy you all love Y/N, but I don’t want her to get hurt by it. To of some of you this won’t make any sense, to others it well. Just know that I still love you, but I love Y/N too”.

Warm You Up


GENRE: Fluff.. just- just fluff…



SUMMARY: In which Jinyoung is a smooth talker and you blush very easily.

A/N: LISTEN,,,, i know i haven’t written in forever and i’m so fuckin guilty lmao pls don’t unfollow i love y’all… i have so many works to be finished and posted but i just have not done it bcs i’m a piece of shit lol oops. anyway, inspired by my literal walk through the streets of Minato-Ku where i was staying in Osaka.

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The streets were vacant save for the two of you as the city of Osaka stayed blissfully asleep whilst you made your way toward your temporary 3-night home. It was a nice change from the bustling atmosphere of Seoul; streets full of a distant buzzing that never seemed to stop, lingering in the background and constantly there. It wasn’t like that out here in Minato-Ku, far enough from the city that there was barely a soul, but close enough that it only took 20 minutes to get to the nearest shopping district.

Jinyoung took a deep breath in, releasing it with a large grin up at the sky before turning to his companion, grinning at you too.

“What?” you laughed, pulling your jacket tighter around yourself as the groceries the two of you had just bought swung dangerously around in the brittle plastic bag hanging off your frigid fingers.

“This was a great idea.” was all he said, eyes sparkling with a happiness you were always too willing to give him. You were in love with your best friend, you had accepted that long ago.

You reciprocated his smile, eyes dancing around his face with a fondness you tried not to let seep into your expression before you nodded, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.”

Don’t get it wrong, Jinyoung loved his idol life. The fame, the fans, the noise—he never once wished for anything else. It was just that sometimes, it was nice to be able to hear his own breathing and footsteps against the sidewalk.

The silence that took over was not uncomfortable—something the two of you shared often and found great refuge in when life became just a little bit too much for you to handle. It was times like these when you felt you could really hear Jinyoung speaking; when his eyes were doing the talking and the only movements from his mouth were small quirks and twitches here and there to hint at a smile or laughter.

Passing a deserted dock, Jinyoung maneuvered his grocery bags onto one hand and grabbed onto yours, tugging you in the direction of the open water. Setting his bags onto the ground, Jinyoung went to sit with his legs dangling over the edge and you followed suit, looking out onto the water with the same feeling of peace you were feeling before.

“I love the water.” he whispered softly, the wind carrying his voice across the small space between you.

“Jinyoung, you hate the water.” you snorted, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I do not!” he spluttered, groaning as giggles escaped your lips when realisation came that he was trying to be poetic.

Still, you continued, “remember the last time we went to a beach? Or a pool? Or any body of water that actually requires you to get into it? Yeah, neither do I because you constantly refuse to go.”

“Shut up that’s not true~” Jinyoung whined, pushing your shoulder gently. Laughter continued to bubble from within you and after a moment of silence, “I hate you… I was trying to be poetic.” he stated, no malice or sharpness in his voice, only a sheepish smile from being caught in a lie.

“Same though.” you murmured finally, looking back out at the expanse of water upon water, lapping rhythmically against the cement below you; calm but ever moving. “Except I’m not a fake.” you threw out jokingly making Jinyoung shove you once more.

The silence returned, accompanied by Jinyoung’s soft breathing before finally he stood up and brushed at the dirt on his pants, holding out a hand for you to take. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Just before walking away, you took one last glance at the view.

“I wish I could look at this forever. It really is gorgeous.” you sighed, unaware of the pair of eyes taking in not the sight beyond the dock, but the girl standing in front of him with the moonlight on her face and in her eyes, the girl he so desperately wants to call his own but never has the courage to do anything about it.

“Yeah. It is.” he says so breathlessly you turn to look at him, eyes expecting to meet his cheek but instead catch onto his dark irises, a heat flaring up in your cheeks.

“The view, Jinyoung.” you prompted, fighting off the smile on your face as you looked down at the ground.

Taking a leap of faith, Jinyoung stood his ground. “Yeah,” he answers, eyes never leaving your face, “my view is pretty damn great.” which turns the slight pink hue to a dark scarlet that you try fruitlessly to cover with your cold hands.

“Smooth.” is all you can say, still not looking Jinyoung in the eye and you can hear the smirk in his voice as he thanks you, happy he has that kind of effect on you.

“Come on.” he said once more, interlinking your fingers and pulling you along.

The dock wasn’t very far away from the apartment so it wasn’t long before the two of you stood outside the lobby doors, your cold fingers reaching around desperately inside your bag for the damn keys but struggling immensely due to the numbness in your hands.

“Cold?” Jinyoung asked gently, reaching for your wrist to pull your hand out of your bag after setting his bags of groceries on the floor next to where you had set yours down.

You let him take both your hands and watched with baited breath as he brought them between his own and up to his lips, his hot breath weaving between your stiff fingers and bringing some life back into them. Your heart hammered in your chest as his lips brushed your skin and you could have sworn he saw the shiver that passed through your body as you felt it.

“T-thank you.” you stammered, slightly flustered from the intimacy of the moment before trying once more to find the keys only to be stopped once again, your fingers slipping between the space of Jinyoung’s own slender ones as he pulled you closer to him.

There was a playful glint in his eyes as he watched you struggle to stay composed. “What?” you smacked yourself mentally for sounding so damned breathless. But it wasn’t something you could have done anything about because you were, as it was, struggling to breathe.

“What about your lips?” he asked finally, his gaze so intense you felt what little breath you actually had leave you in one puff.

“M- my- my lips?” you whispered in disbelief, eyes wide as saucers and honestly Jinyoung was enjoying himself.

“Yeah. Should I warm those up too?”


And then it was lips against lips and a gasp could be heard but you weren’t entirely sure if it came from you or the boy in front of you who had a hand on your waist and the other still holding onto yours. At this point you were sure your heart was gonna beat out of your chest but with the way Jinyoung was holding onto you so tight, it was as if he was holding all of you together.

Eventually, he pulled away, forehead resting against yours as you both struggled to regain your breaths.

“Are you warm now?” this time it was Jinyoung’s turn to sound breathless, his voice deep and rough from the lack of air.

“I think I could use a little more warmth.”

Running advice that helped me

Before I managed to fully run my first 5k, I got a bit of advice. Literally the DAY I was due to try, I got this advice. I’m actually pretty sure it’s what helped me manage it… so I want to post it here.

The advice:

“You should be able to run forever with distance running. When you run, absolutely nothing should be stopping you besides traffic lights or your shoe falling off.

Your legs should be able to keep going, your lungs should be able to keep breathing, nothing should hurt enough or be uncomfortable enough to stop you.

If your legs hurt, or you’re struggling for breath - if your own body is stopping you - you are going too fast. You are pushing too hard right now, and not running for distance.

Find a pace that you can run forever at, and stick with it. The speed and strength will increase with time, extra training and persistence - but during that run, make sure you can run forever”

And it really, really helped. When I ran my second full successful 5k tonight, it hit me how much it actually helped.. because when I completed the 5k and hit that finish, I felt like I could have run forever. I was breathing hard, my legs were definitely feeling it, but I didn’t need to stop. During the run, even when psychologically I thought I should be having to walk by now, I didn’t actually need to. I could keep running.

The few times I felt things getting a little more uncomfortable, a little harder to breathe, I slowed it down just a tiny bit and let things get easier - strangely, I’m sure doing so actually increased my time/general pace overall, because it meant I was never dragging myself along (and of course never needed to walk). I focused on what my body was doing and feeling, and kept momentum. It helps to be really in touch with your body - don’t be scared of it!

My breathing was heavy, but consistent. My heart rate was higher, but stable. My legs were feeling it, but they weren’t falling off!

I hope this helps other aspiring distance runners <3 Please keep trying! Try with me! The joy I feel from being able to run a full 5k is amazing! I’m still a complete newb, and I wont be breaking any speed records, but being able to properly run it at all has given me hope that things will keep getting a whole lot better!

I hoping hills and sprinting will contribute to helping improve my pace during distance running, among other things!