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my thoughts on OITNB s5
  • That video of Alex getting her arm broken went viral. Kubra thinks that she’s dead. Could he end up seeing that video and sending someone else after her? Or maybe he’ll just try to get her arrested for Aydin’s murder.
  • Even though Daya shot Humps, it was the stroke caused by the oxygen blown into his IV by Maureen that killed him. Will an autopsy be done to determine his cause of death and prove that Daya didn’t kill him. If an autopsy is done and the police question Maureen I’m guessing that she’ll lie. The only person that can discredit her is Suzanne and she’s not exactly a reliable witness.
  • I’m not sad that Piscatella died but I would’ve liked to see him live a little longer. I wanna know if Red showing him mercy would’ve changed his perception of prisoners.
  • Last we saw Piper’s mom she was not a fan of Piper being with Alex. Will we get an explanation as to what changed her mind? Or are we to believe that she’s done caring about what other people think and just wants her daughter to be happy?
  • I know it’s not likely but I hope Maria tells the governor’s assistant that Gloria also helped with the guards’ escape. And will she get anything for breaking out the guards?
  • I’m thrilled Nicky stayed sober this season but it was only 3 days.
  • Will we ever learn how much time Alex has left?
  • If you guys haven’t seen Dreamgirls, you need to. There is a movie that came out in 2006 with a phenomenal cast. There will be no White Effies.
  • The Blanca/Red friendship is something I never could’ve imagined happening in season 1. I love seeing characters that don’t normally interact come together.
  • What will Flaca and Maritza do without each other?!
  • I was loving Taystee all season until she turned down Fig’s offer. She let down all the woman, they ended up with nothing, and because negotiations fell through, CERT went in there and abused the inmates. Never mind the fact that someone might die.
  • Alex and Piper playing house all season was so cute and adorable and perfect. This is probably their best season. AND THEY GOT ENGAGED. They both better live because I need a Vauseman wedding.
  • Speaking of Vauseman, Alex saying Vauseman gave me life.
  • I hate Leanne and Angie as much as the next person, but them burning the files may end up being helpful to the inmates. It seems like common sense for Litchfield to have electronic copies of the files but a lot of things in Litchfield don’t make sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no digital copies (it’s a long shot). And the inmates don’t have their IDs. That might cause a problem when they try to check who they have.
  • With the inmates presumably being sent off to separate prisons, will the show keep them separated and take place between multiple prisons, will the show get everyone back together, or will it just take place in one of the prisons and leave the inmates not in that prison behind?
  • I really wanna know what the point of Pennsatucky and Donut’s relationship is. It’s hard to watch her fall for her rapist. What is Jenji Kohan trying to accomplish here?
  • That Poussey scene was a spot of light in what ended up being a pretty dark season.
  • Michael J. Harney was credited as a series regular this season but Healy wasn’t in a single episode. What’s up with that? (not that I missed him)
  • Mystery solved! The weeping woman is always crying because her dog got blown up by her husband.
  • Kinda curious as to why Piscatella didn’t try to capture Lorna as well, kinda don’t care. I figure it’s because she was in too public a space.
  • I always thought Leanne and Angie were just stupid, annoying meth heads. Now we now that they’re rapists. Can oitnb find someone else to be their “comedic relief”?
  • And why does this show treat rape like it’s no big deal? Angie made a comment in passing about how she’s raped guys. She and Leanne raped the strip dancer guard. Donuts raped Pennsatucky. I think the fat guard talked about how he raped someone last season. What’s wrong with this show?
  • VAUSEMAN GOT ENGAGED (I’m just really happy that they got engaged, okay? I’m trash)

Alex asks the million dollar question at the end: was the riot worth it? The characters and the audience may not be able to answer that question now since we’re still waiting to see the full aftermath, but knowing what we know do you guys think it was worth it? They set out to change the conditions in the prison and got nothing. They set out to get justice for Poussey and got nothing. But they did humanize themselves to the public. Aleida giving interviews, Flaritza’s videos, and Alex’s viral video of her arm getting broken have put faces and names to people that the public never really thinks about. Maybe Piper’s right and change will happen one person at a time and those people will work to change the system. Maybe the public can elect officials that want to reform prisons. Maybe the public will refuse to purchase products made by prisoners.

Maybe the riot was worth it because the women of Litchfield forced the world to look at them and see them as people and not as commodities or unredeemable felons. Maybe it’s worth it in the long run but it doesn’t seem like there will be much take away in the short term.


It was such a massive responsibility to cast Star Wars and I’m really proud we found such a diverse, multi-cultural cast. I remember when Daisy first walked through the door. She’d taken the precaution of wearing her hair in two buns on either side of her head like Princess Leia. We fell in love with her straight away. We’d seen hundreds of thousands of people, but she was totally perfect, and we couldn’t get her out of our heads. It was her energy, she just had something. We then realised that we’d auditioned her on the feisty parts, but could she do the deep, troubled emotions? We asked her to perform the moment when Kylo Ren is trying to get the thoughts out of her mind and she had me crying my eyes out. It was the perfect fit. — Nina Gold, Casting Director


The Cast of Still Star-Crossed

Still Star-Crossed Appreciation Week: Why You Love the Show

Still Star-Crossed has absolutely enthralled me. Since the very first scene, I knew I was starting once in a life experience that I was going to thoroughly enjoy, and indeed I did. This show and the cast deserve everything in the world and I’m very thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to once again get excited about the wonderful story, to meet new friends, and to let me see that there’s a possibility for better future where there is no place for racism, misogyny, and  homophobia. The diverse cast did a wonderful job – they allowed me to see a group of people who are fond of one another, but mostly so talented and mesmerizing that I couldn’t take my eyes of them, every emotion acted out in such details that their actions are believable and understandable. Lashana Lynch proved to be an excellent actress, her face is so expressive and without pretence as if she truly was Rosaline Capulet with all her ferocity, sorrow, affection and love. Wade Briggs presented the character of Benvolio with indescribable honesty, showing us a good man, letting him be vulnerable without taking anything of his strength and character. Sterling Sulieman performed Prince Escalus with inner turmoil always readable on his face and Medalion Rahimi played his sister Princess Isabella, whose posture always resonated with unquestionable ability to rule Verona. But I must include everyone else as well because there truly was no weak link; all the actors were perfect fits for their roles and all the performances were utterly breathtaking.
Most of all, I’m forever grateful for the diversity that has been absolutely wonderful and very natural.
Thus I want to thank the whole cast (and crew) for giving me the characters I fell in love with, the characters, who are so, so human. THANK YOU <3

Okay so remember Dracula on NBC? Did you ever hear Katie McGrath or Jessica De Gouw diminishing Katie’s characters feelings for her best friend? No. Was it ever treated as a joke by the cast that Lucy fell in love with her best friend? No. Did the actresses get uncomfortable talking about the story?No. Did Katie or Victoria Smurfit look uncomfortable talking about Lady Jayne and Lucy kissing or say that it was weird kissing another woman? NO. I know the show wasn’t perfect but at least they told a story about a young woman falling in love with her best friend and showed how heartbreaking it is for young women growing up and living in a heteronormative society. WHAT I AM SAYING IS GIVE ME DRACULA BACK (without the men)

Fascination IV

Fascination Master List [4/?]

He’s staring at you- God is staring at you with such a pained expression it’s making your stomach a little sick. Your hands are slick with sweat, still clutching the angel blade tightly in your hands. Lucifer’s arm is heavy across your shoulders, his taller form leaning down so his head is closer to yours and you know he is smiling.

“I don’t,” Your lips tremble, your body is afraid of the position it is in, but you don’t feel that fear. “I don’t mean to rush you but I have the devil on my shoulder, so if we could get to the point.” You wanted to know what all of this meant, why God recognized you. Why any of this was happening.

Why you were missing a piece.

Lucifer laughs and his breath brushes against your ear, an involuntary shiver crawling it’s way down your spine.

“I like her.” He says calmly, the hand wrapped around your shoulder patting you against your arm.

Chuck frowns, lips twitching down and his mouth opens, closes, eyes the two of you and he lets out a long sigh. “It’s a long story.”

“Well we’re not going anywhere.” Dean says, clearly frustrated now at the predicament everyone was in, that you were in.

“Right, right.” Chuck says, resembling his vessel more than the almighty God that everyone praised him to be. He was, maybe, but in this moment he looked confused, hurt, and you didn’t understand it. Didn’t know why.

“Any time now, before Lucifer decides to snap her neck.” Dean’s anger is growing, frustrated he can’t get you out of the situation, frustrated that none of this is making any sense. But Chuck is quick to respond, confidently.

“He won’t hurt [Name].”

“What makes you think I won’t?” Lucifer takes it as a challenge, the arm that’s not wrapped around your shoulder moves back to your chin and tugs on it.

“Because she’s your charge.” Chuck says finally, the sympathetic expression on his face wiped away to a more serious one as he eyes his favorite.

What?” Castiel finally speaks up, apparently knowing exactly what that means, but you’re still unsure of it. Chuck glances at Castiel and then back to the two of you.

“When I created humans,” He starts looking at Lucifer. “I wanted you all to live with them, peacefully, happily. For every angel there was going to be a human counterpart. I wanted you all to see why I loved humans so much, and I wanted you to love them too.” His lips purse, a pained expression crossing his face.

“[Name], was-is your charge, Lucifer.”

Lucifer isn’t moving, you aren’t sure if he’s even breathing.

“When I created her, I felt.. She would have been the perfect one for you to watch over. Just enough trouble to keep you on your toes, witty, sly, funny. Caring, kind. Everything I felt you embodied, too. But.. when you refused, when you fell-”

“You mean when you cast me out.” Lucifer corrects through clenched teeth, and the hand around your shoulder tightens.

When you fell,” Chuck continues, “I had only just begun picking each charge for each angel. [Name] was the first one to have been connected to you, I had wanted to surprise you.”

“Color me surprised.” Lucifer says, his tone flat and unimpressed at this information.

“But you fell, and you took an army of angels with you- it screwed up the balance of things. There weren’t enough, I realized then that maybe giving each a charge wouldn’t work. Not if so many of you despised humans the way you did, I was afraid if I had connected everyone to an angel like I did you and [Name] it would end in disaster.”

“Connected?” Sam says slowly, inching forward to look at Chuck with a bewildered expression. Chuck looks over at him and sighs, glancing down at the ground and rubbing at his face.

“The myth that every person is one soul, torn in two?”

“That whole soulmate mumbo jumbo crap?” Dean asks, bemused.

“Yes, the foundation for that myth came from this. I planned to connect the two, so that you could share experiences better, understand one another better and grow from it. But after Lucifer fell, I realized it wouldn’t be good. Not if more continued to fall.”

“I’m connected to Lucifer?” It slips past your mouth, the surprise in your tone matching your expression and Chuck looks over at you and smiles bitterly.

“Yes. You were the only ones I connected before it all fell apart, from there I decided since there were more human charges than angels, I would just assign them to watch over you, quietly, from the distance. To prevent anything happening again.”

“Is this why he said I’m missing a piece?” You blurt, Lucifer’s words about your missing puzzle piece ringing in your head.

“No, that was my doing.”

“Your doing?” It comes out of your mouth a whisper, disbelief.

“When Lucifer fell, you two were connected. Him being in hell was agonizing for you, to feel the flames against your soul, to feel such hatred and anger within you. I didn’t know what else to do, some suggested I.. Some suggested things I refused to do.”

“Destroy her soul, you mean.” Lucifer clarifies for you, and Chuck nods slowly.

“I loved her too much, she’s my child. I didn’t.. I didn’t want to destroy her for my mistake, so I did the only thing I could think of. I took apart of her soul out.”

“Why don’t you tell her what piece?” You aren’t sure you want to know, you do but you don’t. Your fingers are trembling and you must be cold to be shaking his badly, but the little voice is asking where the fear is, why you aren’t scared. You know it has to do with that missing piece.

“I took out the portion of your ability to feel.”

“To feel?” You echo.

“Yes,” His expression is pained, and it hurts a part of you to see it. “It was the only thing I could do, I couldn’t remove the connection I had tried. I didn’t realize.. It wouldn’t separate. So I did the only thing I could do to ease your pain, I took away your ability to feel. Compassion, kindness, I took most of it. Others, like the anger, the fear, those are from Lucifer, muted because your ability to feel is gone, but you can feel that anger through his.”

The irrational anger, that always roared to life like a flame didn’t come from you, it came from Lucifer. You felt those things through him and his ability to feel, not your own.

“If that’s the case why didn’t [Name] turn into some psychopath killer?” Dean asks, as if he isn’t buying this whole fairytale straight from a nightmare.

“Because she still knew right from wrong. Taking away her ability to feel didn’t take away her knowledge of right and wrong, she just.. Didn’t feel anything for either. Didn’t go on a killing spree,” He cast Dean a bemused expression. “Because her moral compass knew better.”

“So she’s mine.” Lucifer says in such a way that your entire body trembles, it knows fear but you do not.

No,” Chuck says, a hard look on his face. “She is not yours, she is not a toy, if anything you were hers. Her guardian angel.”


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Hands of an Artist, Lips of an Angel

Part 1/3

Summary: “You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup, so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I want to kiss you so badly.” Killian is an actor and Emma is his makeup artist.

This one-shot is inspired by the prompt above from @cs-prompts combined with Jen and Colin’s interview and spoilers at aTVFest.

Read: Part 2


Killian sat anxiously in his chair while his makeup artist made the preparations for the various makeup and brushes she would be using on him. Emma Swan was the only person who did his makeup flawlessly while at the same time, making it seem effortless. She made him the best looking Captain Hook there ever was, although it did help that she had a great canvas to work with.

“Ready for your makeup?” She asked him in a tone that was sweet and polite. He gave a nod and let out a long, shaky breath in anticipation. She picked a makeup sponge and leaned in to apply the foundation over his facial prosthetic. It never ceased to amaze him how unwavering her hands were and how she seemed to get lost in what she was doing.

During his six years of being a cast member of the television series ‘The Lost Boys’ he’d been through many makeup artists and was never satisfied with any of them. Emma had started off doing the makeup for Robbie, who played Peter Pan and Killian had witnessed and saw how talented she was and eventually requested Emma for himself. Now that Killian was wearing more elaborate makeup as an older version of Hook, it was crucial to have the right person for the job. Emma had made his facial prosthetic from scratch and was adamant about making every detail of his face look perfect. And it didn’t hurt that he had a work of art to look at while he sat and let her work her magic.

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Top Ten Females from Summer 2015.

So here is the thing I mentioned this before but my Top 5 Females, I considered all of them number ones. If they had been in another season each would have easily been number one respectfully. So this list will be 6-2 Followed by 1E-1A.

6. Tomori Nao (Charlotte) I see a lot of people in forums who hate so hard on Nao and before the show even started I said to myself “I guarantee she’s the worst girl” just for the sheer fact that she was the main girl (Which 95% of the time, I hate the main girl). I did like the way she looked so I figured I’d give it some time, but I really enjoyed her style. Her video tapping was her thing and I liked that. She had a goal to protect students with special powers and I liked that a lot. She then gained the catchphrase “Such a turn off” when Yusarin was introduced and I thought it was hilarious. What won me over though was that she got clobbered TWICE and took it like a champ. She’s a tough chick and definitely deserved to make this list.

5. Naoki Miki (Gakkou Gurashi) The outsider of the group, even though they were in the same school. Miki just had a look that just stuck with me. I find her to be adorable as hell. Her relationship with Taroumaru was rough but they ended up loving each other in the end…(still wiping away tears) Her taking out Megu-nee though was the key for me, that was a great scene.

4. Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Umaru in normal mode was super hot, Umaru in UMR mode was hilarious and I was definitely digging the style with the hat and mask, and Umaru in chibi mode, while annoying at points was precious as hell! She had a love hate relationship with Onii-chan but I liked how they worked together and just made the show better to watch.

3. Kirie Motoba (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Adorable is the word I could use for Kirie, I dig girls are are super shy like Kirie. She ended up being comfortable around Chibi Umaru which I liked and she was hilarious. Especially when she was baking cookies. She had me rolling hitting Bomber with that Bokken.

Okay I’ll say this now I was a Little biased towards Rachnera and Papi mainly because I own the manga and have read a good portion of it before the anime.

2. Rachnera Arachnera (Monster Musume) Rachnera is just…god even for a Spider extremely sexy. Her eyes are hypnotizing and that body is…well something else. When I finally heard her voice I feel in love with her even more which made my choice even easier.

1E. Papi the Harpy (Monster Musume) Papi…what an ASS! I mean she’s the closest one with a full human body. Yeah she is a bird brain but she’s a good girl. She looks out for her friends and her “Boss” The egg laying scene is what got me with Papi…enough said lol.

1D. Akane Sakurada (Castle Town Dandelion) Did I not mention something about shy girls earlier? I think Akane takes the cake for a girl who is severly shy, I mean her goal was to become King to abolish security cameras from following her lol. I loved Akane she was just super cute. Another bird brain in all honesty, who rips their skirt and just keeps underwear on?! haha. Her voice actor played a plus as well, I love Kana Hana.

1C. Rory Mercury (Gate) This was such a difficult choice. Rory seriously drove me crazy at points in this anime, and I am pretty sure I dubbed her as a possibility for best girl of the year. She is the definition of Dangerously Beautiful. Her voice was just so damn sexy and her style, well it’s hard to beat Gothic Lolita, especially when they are of age. I still love you Rory.

1B. Ayame Kajou (Shimoneta) I have been flip flopping with these two. I seriously made the choice after filling out everything first. Ayame did it for me with her body. I know a lot of people liked Anna more but Anna’s body was just too much for me at times. Ayame had a little weight to her and her boobs are the perfect size. Plus she was a girl in glasses, and Ill be dammed if a girl with Glasses is not at least top 5, especially one so good looking in Ayame.

1A. Fremie Speeddraw (Rokka no Yuusha) Fremie Speeddraw, what can I say I fell in love as saw the cast. Her outfit is just prefect and she is adorable as hell. She’s had to overcome so many hardships and blame that how can you not fall in love with her? Being half Kyouma makes her even more awesome! It sucks she started off as the Brave killer but quite frankly I liked that even more about her.

Bears, Boxes and Broken Bones [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Request: could you please write a fix where the reader & Lin get more serious and the reader & readers daughter semi move into Lina bachelor pad and he finds it weird and then at the end of fic he realises he wants to make a family with reader???? Ish??? Idk??? :)

Word Count: 1,696

Warnings: broken wrist? is this a warning? haha other than that, none!

A/N: So, I changed the request just a tiny bit and made the reader’s daughter a 10-year-old, not a teenager (idk why, i think i like the idea of Lin interacting with kids). Also a huge shourout to mackie @protecting-my-legacy that helped me with this and got a little homage -sof’s injury-. Hope you feel better soon Mackie! So i guess that’s all the notes i have for this one, hope y’all like it! (PS: i am the worst with titles i hate this title but don’t let it define this fic lmao)

askbox | masterlist

“I think you should move in.” Lin’s voice is almost a whisper, but it wakes up from your half-asleep state.

You and Lin have been dating for almost a year, but for some reason he never mentioned you moving in or vice-versa, maybe that’s why it took you so much to comprehend what he was saying. “Wait, what?”

“Don’t you think it’s time?” He says as he plays with your hair. Cuddling in bed with him and having nothing to worry about was always the start of an important conversation for the two of you: The first time this happened, you decided to introduce Lin to your daughter, Sofia. She was 10 and the result of your first marriage, a problematic relationship that didn’t last more than two years. You regretted many things about it, Sofia wasn’t one of them.

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spoilers: wonder woman

okay so i saw wonder woman late last night and i was a fucking Mess afterwards, but now that it’s the morning i will try and write out all my thoughts in a comprehensible way so i can try and convey how truly amazing, powerful, and heartbreaking this movie is and how much it means to me.

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anonymous asked:

Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

nope, I do too.. a lot of people are just really upset rn (myself included) but I think we as a fandom are stronger than the cast’s ugly behaviour 

I’m never gonna watch supergirl again because the show isn’t about the strong supergirl I fell in love with anymore, I won’t support a cast who makes fun of their fans and I’m done with the show’s shitty pro sexism, it’s been going downhill during season 2 and with all that’s happened now, I’ve had enough..

that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shipping supercorp, kara and lena are perfect for each other and the cast won’t ruin this for me!! I understand when people can’t really look at it the same way now after what happened, I’m still kinda struggling a little bit too.. but are we really gonna let them “destroy” us? I don’t think so!!

so let’s create our own supergirl universe where kara and lena can actually be together, our fandom is so talented, there’s so much fanart and fanfiction, let’s have our own safe space where noone makes fun of us and thinks we’re a joke, we don’t need the show or any of them!! 

..and tbh katie mcgrath would support this and that’s really all I care about

Dear Orphan Black and Clone Club,

I almost never post (personal) stuff on social media, but this time I felt instinctively the urge to do it. That’s the least thing I can do for you, because you have done a lot for me.

I started binge-watching the first three seasons of this show when I was at a low-point in my life. Surrounded by heteronormativity and other negative vibes in a conservative town, I craved adequate LGBTQ+ representation on media. Everyday, I escaped on Tumblr and usually reblogged positive and uplifting posts concerning my orientation, because it helped me a bit. Therefore, I discovered a gifset of Cophine and it may sound stupid, but it fascinated me. There was nothing sexual, nothing perverse, nothing for straight cis-male eyes, just two girls/women flirting with each other. Came for the gays, stayed for the whole show (I guess some other Clubbers would agree). At a first glance, Cosima reminded me of myself. I don’t think that I immediately started watching the first episode, but after a certain time I did and it was intriguing. Nowadays, in a period of bullshit television and crappy cinema, Orphan Black is something different and truly a high quality show (and I am not really somebody who regularly watches TV shows or movies). I loved the plot, the cinematography, the vibes, Tatiana’s acting skills were clearly amazing- and this applies to the whole cast also. After I watched the first episode, something interrupted me and I didn’t continue watching for weeks or even months.

One day, I was in a really bad mood, and I suddenly had a random feeling, that I should continue with the show. As you can imagine, from that day forward, I was invested and welcomed to an unforgettable trip.

One thing I want to tell you is: Thank you. Thank you so, so, so much.

Because of you, I

  • feel more accepting of and more comfortable about myself
  • see a brighter future
  • met my girlfriend
  • met many different people who were funny, bitchy, nice, weird, creepy, interesting, artsy and chill
  • fell in love with the cast
  • fell in love with Tat’s German and laugh
  • fell in love with Ebro’s hair and laugh
  • have found other good movies and shows in relation to the cast
  • have found exciting books
  • came to know Trevor Yuile
  • have faith in the film industry to become more creative and not monotonous as it is now
  • am amazed by your special effects
  • have hope that I will find a family who will accept me as I am

I repeat myself, but thank you for such a beautiful, kinda life-changing story with such a perfect music soundtrack. Hopefully it doesn’t sound exaggerated, but it’s just how all of this affected me. Because this is how high art works.

So, to my galaxy of people; thank you for the nurture. I wish you all the best.

A Clone Clubber from Germany

anonymous asked:

So apparently Tyler played Superman on Supergirl?? I saw those episodes and I didn't even recognise him without the beard! (Admittedly I'm only a casual watcher (but big time shipper and reader of sterek fan stuff) of TW).

Hoechlin, to me, is the perfect Superman/Clark. I haven’t felt this attached to an actor playing the role since Dean Cain in Lois & Clark. He’s really good. Like, just….insanely wonderful. I’d go as far as to say it feels like it was actually written for him. When I look at Hoechlin as Derek Hale, I see this beautiful, precious big brother figure who I just want to wrap a blanket around, but Hoechlin as Clark Kent? Man, was I smitten. There was no denying it, I was just…..*sighs*. Pretty sure I fell in love on sight. (Dammit, I’m Winn!) He just fit into the role so well - every scene was carried to perfection. Brilliant casting. 

Weirdly enough, I do what you did with the actor Anthony Head (who played Giles in Buffy). Like, it doesn’t matter what he’s in, I will never recognise him until someone is like, “oh, it’s Anthony Head!” And I sit and stare at the screen because….”you mean to tell me I have been watching this for 3 seasons and did not realise this was Giles??????” I don’t know why he eludes me, nonnie. But I feel you on the “WAIT, WHAT?????” front, I do. 

and i’m ready to be found

Adrien’s father wants him to spend more time with Chloe, and Adrien wants to stay as far away from Chloe as possible. What started as a way to please his father grew into something that he never could have imagined.

“‘Oh, I wish I could, Chloe, but I…have…’ His eyes fell onto Marinette, whose head was just peeping around the corner. He reached around the corner, and had an awkward second or two of patting around her leg before he grabbed her hand and pulled her around to stand next to him. ‘A date! With Marinette! Yeah!’”


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pleasemakeitgayer  asked:


so i saw fun home for the first time ever last night and it was just so amazing and i nearly cried (joan is a fucking lesbian fashion icon just saying)

when i got to the theater abby walked in like five minutes after me and i saw her and just like instantly fell in love

i got to meet her after the show which was just absolutely incredible and she talked to me and my friend even though she was sick

also i saw her hanging out with the younger kids that are part of the cast and it was just so wholesome

like honestly i didn’t realize just how gay i was until i spoke to her lmao


»At last Fingon stood alone with his guard dead about him; and he fought with Gothmog, until another Balrog came behind and cast a thong of fire about him. Then Gothmog hewed him with his black axe, and a white flame sprang up from the helm of Fingon as it was cloven. Thus fell the High King of the Noldor; and they beat him into the dust with their maces; and his banner, blue and silver, they trod into the mire of his blood…«

My wingless body crumbles as the night falls in a disastrous, suffocating cloak as I yearn for nothing but to feel pure once again;

They call me a Divine king, when soulless am I,
The god for which you sacrifice yourself for flares once, then dies with your torn love for me.
You were enveloped into a perfect mess, devoured by me into a crimson ebon nothingness,
But again, my beloved, all hope must surely perish.

You claim I’ve become one of them, yet I see it different.

Although I wait, I cannot bare it any longer; I must face the truth:

Your love for me is no more.
How could you not understand me?

Disbelieve me?

Hate me?

… Abandon me?
Even the demons surround me, crying, but no longer you.

You have cast me aside, my beautiful forbidden fruit,

And in our tragic tale, you fell alone.

You have lost your love,

I have lost my purity, and together, my darling,

We have lost our light.

All Yours

Title: All Yours

Song: It Turns Me On by Kane Brown 

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 556

Request by @ryleeroseb4 : Can you do a Jensen x Reader to the song It Turns Me On by Kane Brown???

A/N: This is written from Jensen’s perspective. Hope you like it!!!!

Walking up to the head table at the reception you grabbed your glass, taking a drink you scanned the crowd of people, all of your loved ones in one room, here to celebrate you and Y/N.

She throws her Braves cap on her head, every time it rains

And when her favorite song comes on, she sings out of key as it plays

Always leavin’ the car on empty, and blamin’ me for what she did

But when we talk about our future, or the name of our first kid.

Your eyes fell to Y/N as she talked with guests. Your breath caught in your throat, just like it had when you saw her walk down that aisle. Y/N was always gorgeous, but how she looked today, in that perfect dress, beaming from ear to ear, she glowed. Her beauty just radiated and you couldn’t help but pinch yourself to make sure it was real. That she was really yours.

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Black Magic

Request: Hey ! Can you do one with Peter based on the song “Black Magic” by Little Mix please :) thank you

Warnings: none

You gritted your teeth and seethed as you watched Peter with her from afar. Peter was yours and only yours. Ever since that Wendy Darling showed up, he was all over her. Trying to win her over, get her to trust him. It was pissing you off, making you mad. Peter belonged to you and only you. You belonged to him, and that’s how it was supposed to be. 

But no. Now with Wendy here, he spent all his time with her. What made it worse was that he never even mentioned you to her. Plus, he told you you couldn’t flirt with or mess around with the Lost Boys, but here he was doing the exact things with Wendy. He was flirting with her, showing her places of the island that only you and him knew about.

“I don’t understand!” You raged. “What does he see in her? I’m better, and he is mine!”

Felix, the Lost Boy you were ranting to, chuckled at you. “You and Pan really are a match made in heaven, aren’t you? Both equally jealous.”

You glared at the tall boy. “Slim your hole, Felix!”

“Relax. He’s only doing that just to get her to trust him. To get on her side. It’s all a game; a trap. Once he has her in his grasp, off to the cages she goes.”

“Yeah, but he’s getting too friendly with her, and he’s letting her get too friendly with him. Game or not, he is mine and I am his.” You hissed, watching them laugh and giggle from a distance. If looks could kill, that vile girl would’ve been dead long ago.

“Okay, listen. You really want him to remember who he belongs to? Cheat. Make this a game and cheat like he does.” You gave Felix a look, silently telling him you were interested with what he had to say. He continued, telling you a plan that dealt with magic. You were all over it in a second.

The potion you were going to create only required a few ingredients. Nothing hard to get. It required honey, crystal, Black Magic that you got from Felix, and a strand of hair from you. It was some love spell that would have Peter on his knees, kissing your feet. It was the ultimate love spell, and he’d be hooked on you forever.

Combining the ingredients, the stuff combined and mixed together. They dissolved with help of the black magic, and soon enough formed into a galaxy in the bowl you were mixing it in. Extravagant colours of pinks, blues, blacks, purples exploded in the bowl. It was shimmering and you knew it was perfect. You quickly poured in into a potion bottle. Felix had told you just one drop of this stuff should be enough to have him forgetting about Wendy and keeping his eyes only on you.

“Oh, Peter,” you sang his name, walking up to him. He turned around swiftly. A smile played on his face, his hands going straight to your hips.

“Yes, my love?”

“I was thinking, since you’ve been out here all day, you’d be a little thirsty and hungry. I whipped you up a snack,” you smirked, holding up a green apple and some water. What Peter didn’t know was that you put one drop of the spell into his drink.

His mouth twitched up again into a grin. “Always thinking about me. Thanks, Y/N.” He munched down on his apple and drank the water. Your smirk grew into an evil grin. Now you had to play the waiting game. Wait for the potion to kick in.

Not even a minute later, Peter’s eyes went wide. His pupils dilated, growing huge. It worked. Peter was on you in a second. Smothering you in kissed, his hands going to your hair, then your cheeks. Your hands went up to his shoulders. He held you close, muttering sweet nothings into your ear. You were enjoying the attention, enjoying his attention.

“Who do you love?” You asked, just to make sure.

“You,” he grumbled before placing a quick kiss on your neck.



Hours later, when the sun went down and night came, you were laying peacefully in your room. Today was a victory.Peter was all over you, and away from Wendy. Wendy Darling who was crushed that Peter was no longer giving her his attention. Instead, Peter had forgotten all about her. You were on his mind now and that was it. It made you happy.

“Love, you awake still?” Peter poked his head into your room. You stared at him, nodding.

Peter walked in, going straight to you. He got on top of you, placing his lips tenderly on yours. He kissed you long, your hands going into his hair. 

“I love you so much,” he muttered, placing kisses all over your face. He kissed your nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, lips. He kissed your neck, and eventually nibbled on your ear a little. “So, so much.”

“Peter,” you giggled as his lips tickled a sensitive spot.

“And you know what I love most about you?” He smirked under your skin.


“That sometimes, my little Lost Girl gets so jealous, she thinks she can spike my drink with some love potion.” He stopped littering you in kisses, pinning your arms down now on your bed. He glared at you, sending daggers. His voice dropped, going completely serious. 

You were taken aback. Who knew Peter was such a good actor. “Wha? Wait, what? How did you… But you drank your entire drink!” You stuttered and stammered, confused.

“Love, you can’t be serious. Don’t think that I didn’t know. This is my island for Christ’s sake. I know what everyone is up to. I knew how jealous you were. I knew about your talk with Felix, and how you made a spell. I caught you in the act. When you gave me that drink, I could smell that potion in there. So I simply made it disappear until I knew it was regular water. Though I thought I’d have a little fun, beating you at your own game.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at him, squirming and trying to free your hands from his grip. “Peter!” You shouted angrily. You jolted and struggled to free yourself, but it was no use. He was straddling you, keeping your lower half pinned down, and his hands held your wrists down. You were stuck.

“I’ve just one question for you,” Peter got super close to your face. Your breath hit his breath, the air colliding. He had a smirk playing on his lips. “Did you really think I’d choose her over you?” His voice was low and husky.

“I… Uh, I-I… Um…” You were a mess. Your brain forgot how to produce words.

“Because really… do you ever think I’d give up this? Give up you? You mustn’t be serious. I could never… ever… replace you.” He inched his face even closer to yours. He barely finished his final word before colliding lips. He kissed you, this time it not being part of an act. 

“Wa-wait,” you turned your head away. “But… you’ve been all over her. Haven’t even told her about me, Peter! You’re acting like I don’t exist in your world, like I’m nothing to you.”

Peter turned your head so you were facing him again. He pressed his lips to yours before replying. “Beautiful, it was all part of my plan. She didn’t know you existed because I was waiting until she was under my fingers, and when the time came, I could crush every fiber of her being by showing her you. Then off to the cages she’d go. And the perfect part about this? Your jealousy spell fit in perfectly, because she saw how I was with you and that broke her. Now she lives in the cages.”

Your mouth fell open. You helped out with his plan without even knowing you were doing so. You didn’t say anything though. You were still rather speechless about this whole thing.

“Besides, I’m already under your spell, love, and you didn’t even have to cast a real one to do so.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Just kiss me, Magic Boy.”


Sketchbook – 19.06.2016

Guess which movie I’ve just seen today!! XD The live action Ace Attorney flick is just amazing, guys. If you’re an Ace Attorney fan and haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. Like, now! I swear, the casting is perfect! Especially Phoenix. Hiroki Narimiya is a total cinnamon roll and just… he’s a perfect Phoenix. Seriously.

Actually, I loved the movie so much that I added the live-action hairdo to my usual Phoenix drawings and somehow that lead to me reverting back to a more cartoony style. (also, the coat. I totally fell in love with that white coat.) I totally dig it though. I didn’t realize how much I’ve neglected my personal art style lately and I had so much fun going like 1000% cartoony again.

That’s a bit of a problem with me, actually. I’m really good at copying, so I tend to pay too much attention to drawing characters “right” instead of translating them into my own style.