i fell in love with this book so hard

I never quite understood why girls would cry over their broken hearts, or whine about how much ‘he loved her’ or spend their days constantly thinking of him. But then I fell, I fell hard. And it all became so clear: the late nights, endless tears, the constant babbling. It suddenly made perfect sense.
—  Classy
moment of silence for High Lady Feyre

Feyre freaking Archeron. Like. DAMN. She’s such a headstrong woman, i admire her so much and look up to her. This lady literally
1. Had to raise her family at age 14
2. While raising family, was still neglected and treated poorly by said family
3. Fell in love for the first time but had to FIGHT for it, literally TORTURED only for the person she’s fighting for to not fight as hard, if not at all
4. Tortured then killed then reborn as a new creature she had to adjust to being
5. Suffered major PTSD, nightmares and vomiting included, eating disorders
6. ‘Love of her life’ practically ignoring said PTSD symptoms
7. The one thing she used to look to when she was down- painting. She stopped doing it. She stopped her passion.
8. Was looked down upon by ‘love of her life’, was told there were no such things as high ladies, felt basically useless unless planning for parties and dressing in fluffy clothes
9. Was saved by legit love of life who supports her and helps her become Feyre again but she finds out they’re mates and was once again hurt because she felt bad for getting over old love so quickly when it was actually beyond her control due to mating bond
10. Finally got back together with legit love of life, BUT NO SEPARATED AGAIN BECAUSE HYBERN
11. The people she used to work so hard for, her sisters, turned into fae against will
12. The one person she used to trust- Ianthe betrayed her by turning her sisters in.
13. Has to stay with her abuser in a single manor
14. Has to pretend to love said abuser once again
Feyre Archeron, you’ve been through so much SHIT and i truly truly admire you for still staying headstrong, a true inspiration. So SJM, thank you for such an amazing character. (And for so many more amazing characters) I wish Feyre gets the happiness she deserves in ACOWAR :)

I never realized how literal “falling in love” was. I didn’t realize it meant actually falling. I wasn’t ready for my legs to feel like jello, or to trip over my own words every time I saw you. I never expected to fall so hard that my heart ached at the thought that you might not love me back.
—  But fall I did. And damn I fell hard.

GUYS I worked so hard on this last night, I’m sure I went through like 10 different disneyland vlogs and you know each of those are at least 15-40 min long.
I finally read the damn book and I immediately fell in love with these two. Story was MEH, but I stayed for them

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I never believed in love, thought it was lust and it’ll end so soon.
Never believed the story that said, “the wolf fell in love with the moon.”
I decided it was for people who believed in fairytales, the ones who could not make it through the hard sails .
But then, it happened and you came, eventhough it sounds too lame, but what power you have that a one look, makes me craving to be a chapter in your book?
The whole thing is bigger than to say you stole my heart, because the truth is, you tore me apart.
Damn, you proved me wrong and I know, I know I’ll suffer so long.
—  Infinite excerpts.

My coloring! It was hard to choose just one book so I did too! I was too sleeepy when I was done and almost fell asleep while coloring 🙊 lol. But had to put all my stuff away Bc my dogs like to eat my crayons lol. I made rainbow dash and put stickers on it! And made hello kitty’s sky yellow aaaand pink! Bc I like when the sky changes colors and gets pink! So I gave her one😊 and gave her sparkly butterflies too! ✨please don’t reblog if you’re nsfw✨

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1. A book you finished in one sitting: Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda / Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

2. Were you always into reading or did something spark your interest? I used to not care for reading until my grade 4 teacher got me to read The Lightning Theif for school and i just,,, fell in love,,

3. Any songs you relate to a certain book? I can relate any song to any book if i try hard enough js,, (although Li’s made an andreil playlist and it’s perfect so yea definitely that)

4. Season you get the most reading done: Usually, the summer time when i have more time to.

5. Book character you most relate to: i relate to so many characters and tbh that list would be wayy too long

6. Reading goals for 2017? i mean like,,, i have yet to finish the Harry Potter series so probs that fight me

ALSO!!! I need to read Six of Crows it looks so good omg

7. Any books that you feel like you need to read or else you’ll miss out on things at booklr? i mean,, harry potter??

8. Most books you’ve ever read in a week/ month/ year? 4 books in a week / 12(ish) books in a month / idk what it would be for a year

9. One character everyone else absolutely loved but you despised: i havent //despised// any character that wasn’t meant to be but i didnt liie Newt from tmr or jason grace from hoo a lot,, so them i guess?

10. Any books that remind you of a certain place? The Lightning Theif reminds me of my elementary school, The Raven King reminds me of the lake at my cottage ( @everythingsdifferentupsidedown ) , and the Raven Cycle reminds me of the creek behind my old school.

11. Number of books you own: I’m not gonna count it but its about 150,, i used to have more but i had to get rid of some rip.

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Confession: I remember when I first played DA:I and thought: damn, Dorian’s mustache is silly, not going to romance him.  Or damn, Iron bull is funny looking, not going to romance him.  Then later fucking ending the game, starting a new character just to romance them because I fell in love with their lives, their story, their personalities.  I love them so hard and wish all the happiness for them that I can’t stand it.  Thank you Dragon Age for letting me know that it is possible for me to see a person for themselves instead of just their looks. 

 I’m still pissed Krem isn’t a love interest.

The Raven King Alternate Ending

So I had a lot of questions after The Raven King. I found the ending unsatisfying in a way that I’ve been carefully figuring out how to explain since I finished the book. There were so many components and it’s hard to articulate entirely, but in general, I was dissatisfied with Gansey’s plot, and more specifically the discarding of symbolism in the series surrounding his death. I felt that there were storylines that had been building to something that somehow fell flat. While there were some parts of the book I loved, the finale left me wanting so i pieced together an alternate ending to try to work out how i felt and I wanted to share it in case anyone else was feeling the same way.

Spoilers under the cut!!

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It’s my sona chillin with Mx!

This is a thank you gift for @bones-n-boners, for the Commission they did for me, as well as all of the hard work they do in general. 

Mx, I adore your work. One of the main reasons I’ve really been getting into drawing/design is because of you. I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, but never had the drive to do so. When I found your blog, and all of your work, I fell in love, and found the determination to become an artist. I may not have a tablet (yet, I actually plan on buying one soon), but what I do have is a sketch book, and I promised to myself that I would draw at least something every day.

Anyway, Sorry! I’m rambling. What I’m trying to say, from my sona to your sona, is that you’re a huge inspiration to me, and I just want you to know that I appreciate your work so much. Thank you, for everything you do. 






His kisses burned with desire, and when his lips collided with mine I was instantly on fire. In that moment, I knew I belonged to him. From the inside and outside. It was a short time, but he made me fall in love with him
with the slightest touch of his fingertips across my skin, the slowest flutter of his eyelashes against my cheek, the simplest brush of his nose against my own, and finally, the softest murmur of my name coming out of his mouth. 

I fell so hard.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #32 // @b00ksandp0ems
He had filled that emptiness inside of me, and I had depended on him for it. I had craved him because he had made me feel whole again. He made me whole again. And without even realizing it, I fell for him like a domino. I fell so hard I hadn’t even realized it was happening. He’s gone now, and he took the part he had filled in me with him. And now I’m empty again.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #12 // k.c.
She changed so much that it was hard to tell who she really was. She changed faster then the phases of the moon. No. Fuck it, she changed faster then the moon rose and fell. On Monday I would have to fall in love with the way her long red hair just reached the small of her back, and on Wednesday I’d have to fall in love with her short, choppy blonde hair. She changed so much, but every single person that she was, I managed to love. I was her constant, I guess. I just don’t know if that meant anything to her.
—  me and you against the world. (via- moments-stories)


August  1: Favourite book scene 

Share your favourite book scene with us. 

Sadly, as we all know, the Malec scenes are pretty scarce, but the ones we do have are all (for the most part) pretty damn adorable. 


- when Alec and Magnus fell to the floor from kissing so hard {Bane Chronicles; The Course of Love (and first dates) } 

- when Alec fell asleep with his head on Magnus’ lap {City of Lost Souls} 

- “I don’t want the world. I want you.” {City of Heavenly Fire} 

- basically anytime when someone talks about how Magnus’ eyes shine when he looks at Alec, and vice versa (ex:  “Magnus raised his head and looked up and over at Alec; it was a look that made Clary flush and glance away. There was so much love in it, mixed with exasperation and pride and despair. It was an unguarded look, and it felt wrong to see it.” {City of Heavenly Fire} )

-  “Instead of replying, Alec reached down and took Magnus’s hands. Magnus let Alec pull him to his feet, a questioning look in his eyes. Before he could say anything, Alec drew him closer and kissed him. Magnus made a soft, pleased sound, and gripped the back of Alec’s shirt, rucking it up, his fingers cool on Alec’s spine. Alec leaned into him, pinning Magnus between the table and his own body. Not that Magnus seemed to mind.
‘Come on,’ Alec said against Magnus’s ear. 'It’s late. Let’s go to bed.’” {City of Fallen Angels} 

-  “Magnus reached for Alec, but instead of rising to his feet, he pulled Alec against him, his hand sliding up Alec’s back to knot in his hair. Magnus pulled Alec down and against him, and kissed him,hard and awkward and determined, and Alec froze for a moment and then abandoned himself to it, to kissing Magnus, something he’d thought he’d never get to do again. Alec ran his hands up Magnus’s
shoulders to the sides of his neck and cupped his hands there, holding Magnus in place while he kissed him thoroughly breathless.” (i was basically sobbing here, mind you) {City of Heavenly Fire} 

-  “Magnus gave Alec a sidelong look as they climbed the rickety stairs. Alec caught the glance, and his breathing quickened; his blue eyes were bright. Alec bit his lower lip, and Magnus stopped walking. It was only a momentary hesitation. But then Alec reached out and caught his arm, fingers tight above his elbow.
‘Magnus’, he said in a low voice.” (because who does’t love lusty malec) {Bane Chronicles; The Course of Love (and first dates) }

I think that’s enough for now. But, just so you know, every time I see their names on the same page my pulse quickens so, like, these are not my only favorite scenes. 

I fell in love with you so hard. I gave you all of me, trying to show you how special you were to me, I wanted to be your happiness. I was so in love with you I was blind to the fact that you treated me like an option. You were my first for everything, you were my everything but that wasn’t enough. You stopped loving me months before we finally ended and in the end I was broken, the love was gone, and you didn’t care.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #577
I hope that you’ll never forget, and keep the memories close to your heart. Guard them like your most prized posession. Think of me when a word you randomly hear reminds you of my roaring laughter in the pitch black night, think of me when you listen to a song that once made me cry so hard that you had to pull me close, stroking my hair until I calmed down and fell asleep with my head resting on your chest. Think of me when you see empty coffee cups and old book spines and when the air outside smells like rain. Think of me with a smile on your face and a light heart. I don’t care if you think of me and feel regret, or hate, or the aching feeling of loss - I just don’t want you to forget.
—  Just think of me from time to time. Don’t forget about me. Please.
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