i fell in love with this book so hard

I never quite understood why girls would cry over their broken hearts, or whine about how much ‘he loved her’ or spend their days constantly thinking of him. But then I fell, I fell hard. And it all became so clear: the late nights, endless tears, the constant babbling. It suddenly made perfect sense.
—  Classy

I hope one day
you will regret
pushing me so hard
that you fell backward
from your own force.

(you are the cause of your demise.)

—  by shelby leigh
With him, it wasn’t a “slowly, then all at once” type of love. I did not fall gracefully in love with him; I fell flat on my face, so hard and fast that it left me pained and littered with scraped and bruises. It was the kind of love that was intense in every way possible, and even though it came and went fast, it left me broken and hurt for a long time. And though I have picked myself up off the ground, I will always be marked with the scars he left me with.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1235
What Happened To This Fandom????

I’ve seen a lot of posts about this, but i just wanted to share my personal experience i guess and what this fandom has done to me. I have barely any followers so i’m not sure this will even get around :/ When I read Throne of Glass I became obsessed with Sarah J. Maas’s books. I read up to Queen of Shadows and then had to wait for EoS. During that time i couldn’t pick up any other books cuz I thought they just couldn’t compare. Then I found out there was another series by her. ACOTAR.

ACOTAR honestly changed me. It changed my view on things and at the time i was going through a really hard time and i was just very depressed. The series helped me heal but the biggest thing was how real the characters felt for me. I fell in love with all of them.

I don’t have a single friend who reads. Only a couple of my close friends even know I like to read cuz everyone else judges me and I have really bad self confidence issues so I’ve kept it to myself. But it’s been killing me more because I can’t talk to anyone about this book in person and i hate it. I can’t let all of my feels out to any of my friends.

So I joined Tumblr. And I was amazed. At how so many different people from all over could make so many new friends and just endlessly talk about this series. I haven’t posted anything (this is my official first post) cuz I was always nervous and shy that people wouldn’t like me or something.

But I loved just watching everyone rant and just have fun talking about this amazing series and how it brought so many people together! Until ACOWAR came out.

Personally, I loved ACOWAR because it continued with the characters i fell in love with and it healed me even more. That’s my opinion and i absolutely respect everyone else’s. But.

Every time i would look at tumblr, there was a HUGE argument over small things i didn’t even realize you could argue over. It broke my heart to see people that were once together as friends and family and supporters… a FANDOM, fall apart. I had no idea what to do.

I started getting worried to look at Tumblr cuz I hate seeing people argue like this. This fandom makes me SO happy beyond words. Like i’m speechless of how amazing everyone is. I love every single one of you.

The fan fics you come up with, the edits you make, the hilarious and relatable posts you make is incredible. And the fact that it all revolves around ACOTAR makes me even happier since i have no one to talk about it with.

Please, please, please, take a minute and remember why you post what you post, why you write about these characters, how you met others through this fandom, and most of all, please don’t fall apart.

I’ve never been apart of a fandom before and this has been amazing even tho i don’t post anything, just witnessing it. It’s incredible.

So please, don’t argue. If you don’t like someone’s fanfic than don’t read it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion that’s perfectly okay! But respect their opinion like they would respect yours. Everyone is different.

Yes, I ship Elriel which has been an argument lately. Yes, i love the whole “die together” thing that Rhys and Feyre did because i like cheesy romantic stories and i loved that! But that’s just me! I 100% see why people would disagree, and i respect that because i know people are different and you can’t always agree.

Those are just two examples but what i’m saying is PLEASE don’t argue over things like that! Let Sarah J. Maas write whatever she wants! It’s her books. And if you don’t like them don’t read them.

Overall my message is to be kind to each other. We’re running out of kindness in this world and it kills me. This is where I come to be happy. So please be nice and respect each other. You’re all outstanding and talented and wonderful people and i want you all to know that you’ve changed my life even though i don’t talk or know any of you. I hope to post more after this and make friends so i can talk about ACOTAR with someone.

Thank you if you read this. I love you all. Please come together again and rebuild this amazing fandom. You won’t regret it❤️


…he told them the story of the girl from Bantry who came to the New World, and who brought her belief in Mad Sweeney the leprechaun with her, for hadn’t she seen him of a night, down by the pool, and hadn’t he smiled at her and called her by her own true name? 

- American Gods, Chapter Eight

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'Outlander' EP on Jamie and Geneva's sex scene — and casting a certain young character
Nice use of a Bob Dylan song, too

The Outlander writers had a lot to accomplish in penning “Of Lost Things,” the fourth episode of season 3 that introduces — and immediately says goodbye to — several pivotal characters from Voyager, the third book from Diana Gabaldon’s series on which this season is based. There was Isobel Dunsany, the woman who falls hard for Lord John Grey, a closeted gay soldier; Lord Ellesmere, a rich elderly man who seeks a young bride; and Geneva Dunsany, the young lass who’s forced to marry him. But none are nearly as intriguing as Willie, the cute consequence of Jamie agreeing to take Geneva’s virginity in exchange for keeping his identity secret from her Jacobite-loathing mom.

Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts talked to EW about the challenges in making the latest episode, along with how easy it was to cast Willie, and why they went with a contemporary tune to end the emotional episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we tackle the plot points, what served as Helwater in Scotland?
Matthew B. Roberts: Helwater is called Gosford House. It’s on the east coast south of Edinburgh. It’s just a big estate with a big beautiful manor house where we used the insides. Gosford was used as Helwater, and then we used the exterior of Hopetoun House [near Edinburgh] as Ellesmere’s Estate.

Have you run out of locations yet in Scotland?
Scotland has many amazing houses and castles and forests and moorlands. All of those things are great for us. We try to stay as close to the studio as possible. But as we’ve gone three seasons, we started to do what you would call ‘shooting it out.’ You know, we shot this area. We shot that area. We now are moving into our fourth season of shooting. We’re expanding the reach a little bit. It has to not look so much like Scotland anymore.

There was so much story to cover in this episode. Geneva is there…and then gone! So long, Lord Ellesmere! How challenging was it?
That’s normally the biggest challenge of doing any episode. We have to hit those high points. There are so many people who read the books and pick out moments that are special to ‘em. There are a lot of fans who love the smaller moments in the book and we can’t fit all those in and we know that. Even within the writers’ room, we could have five different favorite moments and we have to decide which one is going make it into the show. So, it’s not only the fans who do it, but the writers do it, as well. That’s usually the biggest challenge.

Did it take a long time to find 11-year-old Clark Butler, who played Willie?
Surprisingly it didn’t. He kind of jumped out at us during casting. And the way we cast now isn’t the way we cast, you know, even five years ago. Before, everybody would come in and read. Now much of it is done online. So, [the casting director] gathers them all up and then sends them. We can watch [auditions] on our iPhones if we wanted to. And we were all spread out all over; all over the place when we watched the casting. Clark jumped right out. We all agreed. And we don’t normally always agree.

Were you looking for a perfect resemblance to Jamie?
No. We cast the best person for the role. The best actor. That’s been true with almost every single person we’ve cast. Sam is not really like the way Jamie is described in the book and Claire isn’t described like Caitriona. But now they’re beloved. They’ve taken over what people imagine in the books. I think that’s a testimony to their acting and how they’ve really brought these characters to life. That’s the way we cast now.

“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” was such a gorgeous choice for the final montage.
It’s a Bob Dylan song. We were talking about actually getting the Bob Dylan version. And then he won the Nobel Prize so we were like, oh, we’ll never get that. And then we heard this band cover it and kind of fell in love with it. It really sang to us because of Jamie and Claire being separated. That’s why it won out. We very rarely use contemporary songs. In editing, we were trying to figure out the right moment to start it because we don’t do a lot of montages either. But that one really worked out.

You sure stepped up the sex between Jamie and Geneva.
With Jamie and Geneva, it’s definitely sex. It’s absolutely, purely sex. It’s certainly clinical for Jamie. But there is a lack of intimacy. He’s just doing it to get out of the predicament that he’s in. But we step up the intimacy between Jamie and Claire. It’s more about showing the smaller, intimate moments between the couple once they get back together. The lack of intimacy between Claire and Frank just helps to enhance the intimacy once Claire and Jamie get back together.

Want to get some scoop about the episode’s big kiss between Brianna and Roger? Click here.

And the discussion about episode 4 isn’t over yet! Tune in at noon ET on EW Radio, Sirius XM 105, to hear me and Amy Wilkinson interview Hannah James, who played Geneva.

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

The King’s Omega- A Challenge

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, some swearing

Summary: A fight is breaking out between King Crowley and the mean alpha. What is at stake? When Y/n is considered, that would be everything.

Author’s note: I know I am so late with this…I’m sorry. Forgive me. Let me know what you think… much love!

Word Count: about 1000 words. 

Catch up….Part 1, Part 2 , Part 4

 You couldn’t believe your ears. Did this man really just insult King Crowley of all people? Were alphas normally this hostile? Did they growl, snarl, and fight just like in the story books? 

“Or what?” Crowley repeated his voice as bewildered as his face. He was staring at the man like he had basically grown three heads and a tail. Then Crowley’s face fell, becoming hard with anger and annoyance. “Or what!” He bellowed, enraged. “I’m the bloody King, you blundering idiot! You dare question me?”

Originally posted by boundbyantiheroes

      The imbecile had the nerve to smile back at Crowley. “Yeah, King-“ he sneered, his canines flashing in the light. “Who are you to tell me I can’t play with an un-mated omega. She could be mine by the end of the night.”

     You were beginning to get annoyed. You didn’t view yourself as some prize to be won, no matter how flattering two alphas raging over you felt at the moment. This was dangerous. Arguments between alphas tended to escalate in the stories you’d heard, and you couldn’t fathom the King getting hurt over you. That would be a shame. 

   The growl that came from Crowley then was dark and menacing. It was loud as well, vibrating across the room, causing even some of the larger alphas to take a step back. “Tell me, imbecile- what good is an alpha that has to force himself on his omega?”

    That much was true. Forcefulness doesn’t equal love or a bond. It wasn’t what you had set out to find at this ceremony, and it wasn’t what you wanted for the rest of your life.

      “I won’t have to force her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’ll be in my bed with my mark by midnight,” the man says, reaching forward to grasp your upper arm in a bruising hold. 

   Crowley steps forward again, nose to nose with the other man as he rips his hand from your arm. He growls at the man as you wince in pain from your newly found bruise. “You dare to fucking challenge a king?”

    ..The King was furious! To see the Little Omega being hurt by the mean alpha was a disgrace to his kingdom, him, and especially her. The King tried to make the mean alpha leave the Little Omega alone, but the mean alpha only wanted to fight…

  The entire room was aghast into a silent stupor. No one was moving any longer, the music had quickly been cut off, and everyone once again had their eyes on you. This ball was beginning to turn into a war zone over you and you had barely said ten sentences! 

    It was at that moment that the Mater stepped in between them, pushing against their chests until she could fit between them comfortably. She was glaring at them, and it was in the hint of fire in her eyes that you really wondered if she was helping or hurting the situation.

    ….The challenge had been made for the bond of the Little Omega, and ultimately the crown. For a true King would never let his Omega be won, nor would he turn down a challenge, and no honest alpha would challenge an opponent and not accept the consequences if he lost-

    “Momma, honestly. If the dual risked so much for the King, the mean alpha, and the little omega why even go through with it?” thirteen-year-old you asked looking up from painting your toes.

  Your mother looked up from the page and sighed. “Y/n, how come you are always interrupting the story? You’ve heard it a million times,” she says with a chuckle. 

  You shrug, going back to painting your nails. “Just seems important to ask what you think, duh,” you mumble.

    “I’m sorry, sweetie. Your papa comes home tomorrow and I…” your mother begins, but trails off. Her right hand raised to rub over her heart absentmindedly and you wondered what she was thinking.

   It was true your parents had been pushed into mating, and you had come as the result. It was also true that your father was almost never home, due to his position in the King’s personal guards. But part of you recognized the longing your mother held for your father. The love that shined through the years of not enough touches, and wishful thinking when they did get to spend a few moments together, even if neither of them would admit it.

   “Anyway,” your mother continues with a brief smile., “I guess they go through with the dual for different reasons-”

   “Like what?”

……When the challenge had been verified and the rules set. The King knew what he had to do…

   “King Crowley!” The Mater yelled in a scolding tone, causing Crowley fiery red eyes to snap towards her. She turned toward the other alpha, “and whoever the hell you are. You are ruining the ceremony! A challenge has been made for the crown and this…girl.” The Mater gestured to you and continued, “King Crowley- do you accept?”

      “You bet your bloody arse.”

 “I hope you know I will win, King Crowley,” the other alpha snarled. “And just remember- when I do…she’ll be in my bed by midnight.”

 Crowley growled, his teeth snapping together so hard you could have sworn they may have chipped. “No,” he snarled back. “I will. I will keep my crown, my kingdom, and MY omega. And when I win you’d best be prepared to be tortured a kind of torture that even the mention of in years to come will run shivers down the bravest man’s spine.”

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GUYS I worked so hard on this last night, I’m sure I went through like 10 different disneyland vlogs and you know each of those are at least 15-40 min long.
I finally read the damn book and I immediately fell in love with these two. Story was MEH, but I stayed for them

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Unexpected Interruptions

Percy x Reader

 Rated S for Stupid Smut (Because I suck)

A/n: First off I want to apologize for the trash you are about to read, I’m horrible at smut. Secondly, this took way longer than it was supposed to. Sorryyy

It was so quiet.

The day had been lazily dragging by without a single scream of terror or shouts of orders being thrown at yourself and other campers that had stayed behind for the winter. You yourself staying behind to help your best friend Leo Valdez with his projects other campers requested for him to make or fix. You being there to take care of Leo whenever he worked too hard on things to the point of passing out or whenever he refused to leave the bunker to go grab something to eat, you were there.

Every once in a while when you can convince the workaholic to take a break, you too would take the time to sit back and relax. Now was one of those times where you took advantage of that time by finishing that new book Annabeth recommended to you about a week ago. You had started it that afternoon once she’d given it to you, heading down to the beach and reading till sundown, finishing less than half of the book and heading back to your cabin to continue, where all of your noisy half-siblings were.

In short, you never got to read in peace once you got to your cabin, which is also the reason you’re laying in your boyfriend’s bed in cabin 3. Percy being the only residence here besides the occasional visit from Tyson made staying over really convenient, especially since you’ve made it into your little hideaway.

You snuggled up to Percy’s pillow, taking in his sea salt and somewhat minty scent that strangely mixed into the blissful smell that was your boyfriend. A grin lifted the edges of your lips as you thought of him, distracting you from the captivating book you were so enthralled in. You shifted your position to what you thought would be a more comfortable position onto your side before groaning and flipping on your stomach to continue.

A squeak of the door made your head turn to identify the intruder, the sound of grunting and shuffling told you that it was probably Percy coming back from training younger campers.

True to your suspicion Percy shuffled into your sight, his face breaking into a grin when he saw you lying on his bed looking so cuddly and cute while reading your book, “Thank gods you’re here.” He groaned out while easing himself on the bed and crawling up to you.

Wrapping you in a warm embrace he continued, “You look so cute and cuddly laying in my bed, honey.” He kissed your temple slowly, his lips lingering there while he traced feather light patterns down your arm and attempting to pull your hand away from your book to kiss it, but eliciting a soft whine from you as you refused.

He huffed in annoyance and decided to pepper kisses down the side of your face leaning slightly in front of you to peck your lips quickly.

“Percy,” you whined again, “It’s getting good and you’re in the way!”

You flipped the page quickly as you began to wonder what the main character would do next. Before you could even read a single word of the new page; Percy yanked the book from your grasp and placed it behind his head.

You gasped, “Perseus Jackson! Give that back now.”


You glared back at his amused face and made a grab for the book, but his reflexes were faster than yours and he rolled off the bed with the book in hand.

“I want your attention and this stupid book is depriving me of that!” He whined cutely, his eyebrows creasing and his eyes becoming puppy like.

You held back the grin that wished to replace the scowl taking residence on your face, “Percy. Book. Now.” You spoke firmly with a hand on your hip and the other hand held out in demand.

He grinned ’How cute...’ Percy thought as held in his squeals of how cute she was knowing it would only further enrage her.

However, Percy unintentionally hinted at his plans of not giving in so you lunged forwards, determined to retrieve your stolen book.

However, you only caught air as you soon realized Percy had sidestepped your attack, a smug smirk mocking your weak attack choice, “I thought I taught you better than that, babe.”

You huffed and shook away the hair that hung in front your (e/c) eyes, “ Shut it, Percy. I didn’t know that this was an evaluation, now give me my book back!”

“All I asked for was your love and attention, was that too much? This book is in the way. I’ll give it back later if you give me what I want…”

Percy licked his lips and winked at you, giving you his usual signal that he wanted to make out with you. You rejected the idea this time, staying strong and ignoring the way your heart picked up speed at his actions, “No give me the book!”

This time you swung your foot around the back of his knees and pulled forward to give him no choice but to fall backward. Although he did catch you by surprise when his hand grasped your shirt and pulled you along with him.

Your breath left your lungs as you landed hard on Percy’s chest, internally scolding yourself for being so unaware of his move. That’s when you noticed exactly WHERE you fell…


“Hi there,” You felt his voice rumble through his chest as he spoke, “All I asked for was cuddles and love but I don’t mind this at all.”

You moved your hands to either side of him as you tried to lift yourself off of him, but your attempts were futile since he locked his arms firmly around your waist. In fact, it only made things worse.

Percy groaned as you accidentally rubbed against his crotch, lifting his hips up to meet yours in instinctive response.

You bit your lip at the sight of him groaning, ‘Gods he’s so hot…’ You thought to yourself.

Percy looked up at you with lidded sea green eyes, “Please do that again~”

Hesitating was what caused him to whine a bit in need, also causing your panties to pool with your arousal. You started to grind on his crotch which elicited a soft moan to fall from your lips and his head to fall back onto the floor, his eyes screwed shut. You sat up and placed your hands flat on his firm chest that he worked so hard to achieve.

His hands slipped up your body, massaging your hips before moving up your stomach to your breasts. Your lips parted in a silent moan as he reached behind with one hand and unclasped your black lace bra while his other flicked the nipple he had uncovered.

“Percy,” you gasped, tearing his focus from your body to your voice,“Bed. Now.”

Percy didn’t have to be told twice as he sat up and locked his hands tightly around you as he somehow clumsily stood up whilst carrying you. He dropped you on the bed, automatically connecting his mouth to yours in a greedy kiss.

He sat between your open legs, his hands riding your shirt up to pull it off. Your mouths separated for what felt like hours as he shimmied your sweater off your warm body; your chest exposed to the chill air of the cabin making your nipples perk up even more.

Percy didn’t leave your breast unattended as his hands cupped both of them in his large hands, absentmindedly flicking and pinching one nipple with his forefinger and thumb while his mouth paid close attention to the other swollen nub. He kitten-licked and sucked on it as he looked up at your face– mouth agape in silent moans and eyes lidded, meeting his lust filled gaze.

He released your nipple with a pop, lifting himself up enough so he could tug at your leggings, “Can I…?” He asked almost bashfully, it always shocked you how he goes from a sex god to the dorky boyfriend you know so well.

You nodded quickly with a smile, lifting your hips up so that he could tug the black fabric down your legs faster. Once they were off fully, Percy looked down at your underwear– or should he say lack of underwear.

“Are you seriously wearing a thong?”

You felt your face grow hot in embarrassment, you found yourself stuttering out a simple answer.

“Do you… Not like it?” You asked hesitantly, afraid he thought you were a bit too risqué with your choice of undergarments.

“No no no,” he said quickly, licking his lips,“ I love them.”

He hooked his fingers in the strings and started to pull them down and off when your words stopped him,
“This is a bit unfair.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the only one naked here,” you pouted,“ I want to see your body too.”

He smiled at your words and leaned down to peck your lips sweetly,“You got it, baby girl.”

He moved off of you long enough to remove his dirty CHB shirt and blue jeans. He crawled back over your waiting body with a smirk,“ Better?”
You looked his body up and down with a smirk, “Definitely.”

Your hands smoothed over his chiseled chest, his rippling muscles were most likely hand made by the gods themselves. You sighed in contentment, a small smile slipping across your swollen lips as you traced over his abdomen slowly.

Percy let out a puff of amusement, "Someone’s fascinated,” He teased, leaning down to leave his markings on your neck.

You couldn’t stop the small moan that left your lips, your body arching upward to brush against his own, which elicited a hum of pleasure from Percy as a response.

He pulled away to admire the small purple and red markings that began blossoming across the nape of your neck, smiling at his masterpiece proudly before glancing up at you with a mischievous smirk. Anxious of his next move you chewed on your bottom lip, breath hitching as he began to kiss down your stomach. You watched as he slowly made his way to your now bare sex. He spread your legs further making you blush. His hot breath fanned across your sex causing you to whimper in anticipation. Your hands gripped the sheets beneath as he finally pulled your lips gently apart and took an experimental lick.

“God, you taste amazing..” He purred as he finally began to attack your sex with soft nibbles and licks. You bit lip painfully trying to hold back your moans. His tongue pushed into you slightly and you lost it you couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Oh god…P-Percy, Mmm..Fuck!” You screamed, your hands making their way to his hair tugging at it slightly. He pulled away and grinned at you like you were his prey.

“Do you wanna cum now or do you want me to ease your orgasm out of you, sweetheart?” He whispered against your sex making your back arch slightly.

“I-I want you to ease it out of me…P-Please?” You knew you sounded desperate, begging like a child who wanted more candy but you had waited too long for this to happen.

“Okay babe, don’t worry…I’ll take care of you.” He got off the bed after giving you a kiss on the forehead, making his way to his drawer. He rummaged through it and quickly pulled out a condom. He knelt back on the bed about to open it when you whined grabbing his attention. You shook your head and he looks at you uncertain for a second.

“I’m on the pill…I wanna feel all of you…” You bit your lip hoping he’d agree, you’d waited too long for this and you didn’t want that barrier.

“Okay sweetheart… I want you to tell me if I get too rough okay? I don’t wanna hurt you.” However, the idea of Percy getting rough only served to turn you on more, but you nodded anyway and spread your legs in invitation making him groan as he gripped his length.

He crawled over to you pressing a passionate yet sweet kiss to your lips before nudging your entrance. You let out a little whine, thrusting upwards making his tip push in, he growled before slamming in the rest of the way with a firm thrust. You screamed out in pain and pleasure, burying your head into his shoulder, clinging to him like he was your life line. After a minute you felt the pain subside, you wiggled your hips experimentally. You whimpered and thrust up once again this time with more force.

“S-Shit, Y/N don’t do that.” He groaned.

“Jesus Kitten you feel so good,” Percy added his jaw clenching in restraint. After calming down a little he decidedly took control of the situation, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back into you roughly. Your nails dug into his bare back making his thrust faster.

“Faster..” You screamed as he sucked a bruise into your neck, his growls getting slightly more feral which only served to bring you closer to your end. You felt the pit in your stomach making you pull back and look into Percy’s eyes.

“P-Percy…I’m close…” You whimpered your eyes tearing up from the amount of pleasure you were feeling.

“M-Me too, sweetheart.” He panted softly his right-hand intertwining with yours, he leaned down and kissed you with so much emotion, you felt your stomach coil tighter and you moaned against his lips. He pulled back and whispered in your ear.

At the worst possible timing, Leo Valdez came barging in, his usual mischevious grin plastered across his tanned skin, “Hey Percy, wanna help me- HOLY HEPHAESTUS!” He shrieked in surprise.

As if it couldn’t get any worse that it already was, Percy and you both were too close to climax when the unexpected intrusion happened and both came with loud moans, immediately separating once the new third party made himself known.

Percy instinctively tossed the messily bundled blue sheet across your bare body before scrambling for his own clothes to hide his body from Leo’s prying eyes, “What the hell are you doing in here?!” Percy hissed, tugging his boxers up, his pants following shortly after.

Leo swallowed nervously, “I was about to prank Jason and wanted your help.” He explained quickly.

You groaned and waved Leo out of the room with muffled curses following the retreating boy.

“Make sure you wrap it up!”

Percy tossed the closest thing he could grab– Your bra– and chucked it at the laughing Latino who caught it with ease, wrapping the strap around his head like it was a bike helmet.

Percy gasped and shouted a quick, “Hey!” before running after the cackling son of Hephaestus, his shirt still forgotten on the wooden floor of cabin 3 along with the still naked you hiding underneath the covers, facepalming at the dorky hotness that was your boyfriend.


Naomi Nagata Appreciation Week: Day One | Moment I Fell in Love With Naomi

Now that I’m home and finished, I can yell about how much I love Naomi. Like with Alex, I read the books first, and loved Naomi from the moment I laid eyes on Dominique (who… is… so good. Naomi always in my heart.).

From the moment Naomi told Holden off for not signing off on her paperwork I loved her. She hit every note in just one episode. Her private vulnerability, her honesty, her sharp wit, her smarts. Naomi was beautiful and beautifully done. 

Naomi is a character who has been through so much, hit such lows that it’s hard to believe she made it here, the strong woman she is. And yet… voila. She’s one of my favorite characters, and this entire episode she really makes an impression without really showing all her cards. I love her so much. She’s always going to be a favorite of mine. 

Rescue •P4•

Avengers x Reader

Masterlist | Rescue Masterlist | Part Three

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word count: 1305

Warnings: there is nothing in this part but angst

A/N: hoooo boy. Are you guys ready? I don’t think you’re ready for what’s about to go down. I have no regrets. I had so much fun writing this. Enjoy 💛

“Viruses.” a sly voice speaks. There’s an accent. It sounds…French. Or…no. It’s German. “Such pesky things. Ah. But you know plenty about viruses, don’t you, 108?” I gasp at a clench in my stomach. “Oh, dear, don’t worry. I’m only helping you.” the voice hums a laugh. My arms are on fire. Shots of pain course through my skin. I scream, jolting out of my rest position. But I’m yanked back. My body is restricted. I try to pull my eyes open. I can’t.

“Oh my. I didn’t realize just how much they mucked up your mind, dear. But now I see. Such marvellous work.” I feel a piercing in my ankles, but it’s internal. I yell out in pain. “Don’t worry. You’ll be in tip-top shape. Soon. Very soon. The Reform has you now.”

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Heart breaker

He’s charismatic. All the bad guys are. He makes every girl he ever meets feel special. He winks, he talks you up, he leans in real close. His smile can make you lose your breath. He tells you you’re perfect. He messes with your mind. Flirting comes as easy as breathing to him. God. I really loved him. Not like the other girls who blush and crush on him for a week. No. I loved him. I knew his ambitions, his flaws, his fears. I’d met his family and played basketball in his driveway with his sister. He took me to my first dance. I fell so hard for this boy. He proved to me that you’re never too young to fall in love. And then he broke my heart. Crumpled it up and left it at my feet. You didn’t love me, and I never should have expected you to. We’re just kids, and you’re just my heart break.

-“don’t fall in love with people like me”

Something just like this

I LOVE this song and I wanted to write about it for a long time so here it is.

LogicxPrince (tagged as Logince)


“I want something just like this”

Sometimes, Logic found himself laying on his bedroom, reading a book about champions and knights and princes and super heroes. At the same time, he liked to listen to a song that talked exactly about that, about risks that would be taken if one fell in love with any of those categories of people. And honestly, being a person that hates taking risks almost as much as Anxiety, he found it hard to let go and just imagine what his life would be like if he had a lover with all those attributes.

But one day, he had been tired, working on a project for at least two days straight with less than five hours of sleep, so when he got to his room, all he could do was put on the song ‘Something just like this’ and close his eyes, trying and failing to get some well deserved sleep.

Because of his failed attempt, he decided to open his eyes and stare at the starry sky over his bed, smiling at the brightness of the galaxies, the mystery of the nebulas. He loved that their rooms could be anything inside Thomas’ mind, because sometimes it was the only place where he could truly relax.

And that day, thinking he was alone, he imagined in the end of the sky a castle. A space castle. And from there, a constellation prince came closer, reaching out for him, trying to take him by the hand and failing because he was sky and Logic was earth. They could never unite.

And then, someone opened the door, and both the prince and Logic looked down to see the actual Prince staring at them, confused and obviously admired.

Logic had forgotten the door open. Shit.

“R-Roman!” Logic said, his room suddenly losing all its beautiful attributes and becoming, well, his usual room with grey walls and white ceiling and wood floor. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know how to knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer” he said, walking inside and smiling at Logic. “That was beautiful. Who was he?”

“He? He who?” Logic asked, looking away, but Prince chuckled, closing the door before rushing to sit next to Logic.

“The prince in the skies” the royal said, smiling. “Is he your lover? The one person that you love?” He asked, excited, and Logic frowned, laying down and curling up with his back to Prince.

“I don’t love anyone. I don’t know what you’re talking about Roman” he mumbled, closing his eyes. He was tired, and he didn’t want to discuss the subject. He really didn’t. But Prince was different from the others. He had no sense of personal space.

“Come on Logan” he said, taking the teacher’s hand. “I know that’s not true! Tell me who it was! Is it someone or is it just an imaginary lover?”

“More latter” Logic mumbled, and then slowly turned back around, staring at their joined hands. “Stop touching me”

“Alright” Prince said, letting go from him and grinning. “Now tell me. Tell me everything”

“Ugh…” Logic groaned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. “Do you know the song 'Something just like this’?” Prince nodded. “Well, it really speaks to me… For some reason. You know, I read so many fiction books, from Aristoteles’ scholar texts to Fifty Shades of Grey, and yet nothing, nothing comes close to my passion for Princes and Knights, like the ones from King Arthur and those tales from the Dark Ages, or even Robin Hood. It’s so weird that someone like me has such… Interest in people like them, driven only by their courage and beliefs” he said, sighing and looking at Prince. “I don’t know…”

“I understand” Prince said, smiling softly at Logic. “I honestly never thought I would have a crush in such a strict and smart teacher” he continued, smile becoming a smirk, and Logic’s tired mind took at least a minute to understand what those words meant. And when he did, he blushed lightly and looked up at Prince again.

“That’s not what I meant” he said, weakly, but Prince shrugged, holding his hand again.

“Well, I’m the closest you will get” he said, tangling their fingers and making the teacher blush deeper. “I can be your knight, if you want”

“Roman, what are you d-” Logic tried, but soon the royal was leaning in and pressing their lips together and Logic took two seconds to melt, his free hand going up to Prince’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing back in the most excited way.

And even though Roman was no real knight, Logan had to admit:

It was better than any of his dreams.

How I Met Michael Jackson.

June 26th 2009. 

I remember it like yesterday. I was only 10 years old at the time and I was quite the early bird. I always liked to watch the news and be awake before everyone else. (now it’s the complete opposite) Anyway, I remember drinking my milk and turning on the news to see a bunch of people crowded on a grassy area near a hospital in LA. The headline had said that Michael Jackson had died.

At the time, I didn’t know who it was until my mother woke up and I asked her. (the only recollection I have of MJ before he passed was hearing “ABC” on a ringtone commercial back when I was way younger) I honestly can’t remember her reaction, it was blank. I’d soon find out later on that she was a fan long before I was. Sadly, my brother incorrectly informed me that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and therefore I should be happy that he’s dead.

So considering I knew so little, I happily chanted because that’d be a good thing if it were true. I still feel guilty for that. I know I was only a kid and that my family was ignorant but still. The next morning after that, “Rage” a popular Australian music video show was paying it’s tribute to Michael. That’s when I first saw him. They were playing “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”. I was in awe, all I could think was “wow this song is funky and boy can he dance!”

I had never seen anything like it. 

This urged me to go on YouTube and search up all his music videos. My first favorite song of his that I just couldn’t stop watching was “Rock With You”. My mother soon took notice in my growing interest and began to buy me best hit CDs, concert DVDs and tons of merchandise, some the merch I own was even sold for his “This Is It” concerts in London. I can’t even begin to imagine how much that is probably worth today.

At first, I was reluctant of Michael Jackson. I was a curious and naive kid who wanted to know why he turned white, why he had surgery and why he was accused of being a child molester. So I educated myself day and night with everything I could find. From magazines to Wikipedia to websites. Unfortunately, the first interview I ever watched was “Living with Michael Jackson” definitely not the best one to watch.

It took some time for me to understand everything but I’m so glad I did. When I realised that he was a innocent child inside just like me, I was drawn to him forever. I fell in love with his humanitarian side. He inspired me to be better and he became my ultimate role model. I had photos of him stuck to my school books and was always so conscious of my peers judging me and him.

I knew nobody who liked him except my mother and to this day, it remains the same. MJ fans are so hard to find in Australia, well at least where I live. My memorabilia is quite large compared to others. I have three whole boxes full of CDs, DVDs, along with posters, books, cards, figures, and other miscellaneous things. I’m so thankful I have a mother who supports the people I love. 

So whenever I look back on all the stuff I’ve collected, it brings a warm smile to my face.

Michael Jackson was the first proper musician I ever liked. Before that, I hadn’t really listened to real music yet. He was my first everything and I’m so glad I discovered him while I still had my childhood innocence because I just would’ve judged him like everyone else I know.

Just recently, I’ve managed to watch him live again for the first time in three years. I will admit to slightly neglecting him while taking interests in other bands and artists. And it honestly hurts because I can’t watch him without being reminded, I can’t help but well up in tears because this man was everything to me. Nothing else mattered but him. He still matters to me in many ways, his undying love for me is in my heart and it will never leave my soul.

I’ve loved other people like him and I’ve grieved massively. I’d love to be the super obsessive fan I was once and watch him everyday but it hurts too much. As I’ve grown up, I’ve become a extremely sensitive person and I’m very aware of the painful life he lived and it breaks my heart whenever I hear about it because he didn’t deserve it. I just can’t dwell. There’s so many things that piss me off and I’d love to chat and talk about it all day but I don’t feel like giving any assholes recognition for trying to destroy a innocent and loving man.

But what I can say is that I’m still a big and loyal fan to Michael Jackson and I always will be. I still defend the man at every chance I get because I love him and it won’t ever change. Seriously, I don’t care if it’s my family or even a stranger. If you don’t like the man and you continue to misjudge him, you can fuck off out of my life because he will always be there unlike you.

So that’s it, I’m sorry this is so long. I could on and on about this man and what love and strength he’s brought to me. So always feel free to message me. I have endless memories and joys of him. Nothing makes me happier than gushing over someone I love.

Sincerely Yours,

I was never into the HP book, but liked the movies as a kid. I was never a die hard fan of the movies either (although I enjoyed them), because I always felt something was missing in them, and some situations were confusing. Recently though, I read all the books, and I fell even more in love with the story and characters. Now, when I watch the movies I’m so let down; they dulled down such a rich story. I also can’t look at diehard fans who’ve only watched the movies.

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okay. okay.

first, it’s important to acknowledge: yeah, that is absolutely not the way to deal with a kid. snape goes too far here & it’s important to keep that in mind. examining his head space and why he reacts the way he does isn’t my way of trying to excuse his actions, simply to put them in context and examine why snape - who is portrayed as a very calm and stern character for the most part and who we’ve never seen physically harm a student before (or after) this moment - would react that way. 

what harry sees is snape’s worst memory. and it’s important to remember that snape doesn’t give harry permission to view it in any way  - harry sees the pensieve and looks. harry’s fifteen; he should know not to look at people’s private memories, esp since he already does know what a pensieve is due to his accident with dumbledore’s pensieve, which was much more innocent.

however, to be fair, harry looks out of frustration, not bc he wants to view snape’s private memories; he assumes that, like dumbledore’s pensieve, snape’s memories won’t be of a personal nature or will concern the war. part of the reason i think this moment is so important is that it humanizes snape for harry - before this, harry undoubtedly only thought of snape as a nasty teacher or a member of the order. afterward, i don’t think that’s the case, bc he realizes that snape has his own demons, his own humiliations, an actual history.

so snape comes back to find harry potter viewing one of his most private and humiliating memories, to find harry potter - a student he has worked very hard into intimidating to keep in line, a student who he wants to respect or fear him - witnessing an abject humiliation at the hands of harry’s father. even if snape were as even-tempered and kind as, say, remus, that would probably inspire some amount of stern words. but we know that snape doesn’t handle intense emotions well ESPECIALLY when he feels that he’s being humiliated or made a joke of (see poa for instance) and he often reacts with a lot of anger. 

my argument for snape’s reaction: he’s humiliated and he reaches for anger first bc it’s the most familiar for him. snape grew up seeing and probably being tossed around by an angry man - that’s how he knows how to handle humiliation, how he knows to handle disciple, the first tool he instinctively reaches for when under stress. does that make it right? absolutely not. but snape’s anger and lashing out doesn’t come from nowhere, it doesn’t exist in a void, and it has an explanation.

finally, i think it’s important to read beyond that moment to harry’s reaction. harry is the recepient of this rage, the one who is being tossed around - and doubtless that might inspire some triggered feelings for harry after his childhood. but this is what he says after snape has tossed him out of the office:

He had no desire at all to return to Gryffindor Tower so early, nor to tell Ron and Hermione what he had just seen. What was making Harry feel so horrified and unhappy was not being shouted at or having jars thrown at him; it was that he knew how it felt to be humiliated in the middle of a circle of onlookers, knew exactly how Snape had felt as his father had taunted him, and that judging from what he had just seen, his father had been every bit as arrogant as Snape had always told him.

Show Me Love 15

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Plot: They say if you love someone, let them go.  Thankfully Natasha doesn’t believe in that lovedy-dovey shit, and she’s tired of seeing her friend hurting.

Warnings: Natasha always has to do everything around here, maybe angst?, FLUFFFFFF and Bucky FINALLY pulls his head out of his ass. 

A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Here we are, everyone!  The end!  I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!  I’ve got some more stand alone pieces on the way, as well as a few multi-chapter fics cooked up!!! Also, keep an eye out for more one-shots of Dr. Barnes.  I’m far from done with him lol Omg look at baby Seb in this pic I’m dying

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⬅️⬅️PART 14 ||| THE END

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For the first time in weeks, you woke up well rested, The comforting presence of Pietro beside you no doubt having helped.

The man in question was pressed right up against you, the little spoon in your cuddlefest, and you couldn’t help but smile.  Unwinding your arms from his large form, you dawned a robe and silently snuck out the door.

When you reached the kitchen, an all too familiar and entirely too chipper at this point in the morning presence was already waiting for you with a shit eating grin spread across her face.

“Morning, hot stuff.”

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