i fell in love with them since the worlds

“There’s a girl I once saw at the station. A girl I couldn’t help but notice.”

This is fanart of Sunati and Austen, from an amazing webcomic called Always Human. @walkingnorth @alwayshumancomic

The series has just ended and I’d like to express my gratitude for this comic. I Still remember when Walkingnorth published the character designs for Austen and Sunati, and I remember eagerly waiting for the next episode since the first publication. I feel like I’ve gotten to follow these characters, and they have meant a lot to me. The struggles Austen and Sunati has faced throughout this series have made me connect with them, and in a lot of ways, they have helped and inspired me aswell. Just as Sunati and Austen has grown I feel as if I’ve grown alongside them. Overtime when the comic updated I’d feel excitement, and reading the updates I fell in love with the world, the characters and the emotions, not to mention the gorgeous art. Whenever I was stressed out about school, or my part-time job, I’d always remember that I had Always Human to look forward to, and so I’d have something positive to look forward to.  I have so much I’d like to write, but I’m not sure I could convey what I feel through words, that’s how precious this series have been for me. While I’m sad this series has ended, I’m also happy. I believe Sunati and Austen got a perfect ending, one they deserved. I have cried and laughed during this series, and so this I my thank you. Thank you @alwayshumancomic for creating this story which has meant so much to me. You’ve created an amazing piece of art that truly gives hope. 

Acting (Bob Morley x Reader)

Request: I just saw that you write for the actors so could I request an imagine where the reader is an actor on the show as well and her & bob Morley are super in love/best friends and everyone knows/sees it but them. thank you! Xx

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Living in the real world was hard. That’s why you always appreciate The 100, you were so thankful you had a role on the show. Acting has been your passion since you were young and not only does this show give you amazing opportunities, it let you meet Bob Morley. Watching him shoot his scene from afar, you admire the way his curly hair fell over his face. 

“Staring at Bobby again?” Marie states, standing next to your seat, “What is that like the 100th time this week?“ 

 "Shut up.” You smile, pushing her arm gently, “I’m trying to get into character." 

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I recently started reading LoK fic again (cos I'm excited about the comics), but there's so much new stuff. Do you have any recs? Love Spin the Rails, btw.

Thanks, anon! I’m going to assume by “Spin the Rails” you also mean all of @lokgifsandmusings‘s works on that series as well. If not, go read those. 

Aside from that, I guess I have a few recs, but none of them are particularly new. Actually, none of them are since I kinda stopped reading fanfic for the most part. Been busy. And I’ve recced all of these before aside from one, I think.

Kyoshi: Swan Song by @fell-dragon-domain is pretty freaking cool. It’s Kyoshi’s life story being retold to Korra by Kyoshi herself. Lots of lore and world-building, and an all-around fantastic character piece. 

The Trial by @tsaomengde: A psychological horror-ish fic about why airbenders are pacifists. One of my favorite TLOK GenFics, by far. 

Reparations by @carrogath: one of the weirdest Korrasami stories I’ve ever read, but also one of the most emotionally evocative. @beech27​ likes that it doesn’t have an ending because he’s also weird, but I kinda see his point. Kinda. 

Instincts of a Fearful Body by @emirael and @skyedancer-rae: this is honestly the only RedLotus!Korra AU (also technically an Equalist!Asami AU but not nearly as hardcore as you’d think) I could buy, and for good reason. Excellent characterization (everyone still feels the same, but under differing circumstances) and a genuinely engaging and interesting story. 

Ice and Stone by gxanderia: The big, badass and beautiful Asami epic that inspired me to write my own. Criminally under-rated and under-read.

Icarus and the Sea by @unpretty​: The only Zhurrick fic you’ll ever need. So good it’s canon. And also I “borrowed” so much of the characterization and backstory laid out here for RRaU it’s ridiculous. I mean, I always made note when I did, but still.

Anything by @raedmagdon and her many collaborators. I ain’t gonna tell you which ones made me cry because most of them do, to be honest.

You could throw a dart board at @ruminantmonk‘s work and find something good. Often strange, but always good. 

Oh, and here’s a fun game: there were four “prominent” authors, and their fics, omitted from this list. Try to guess who they were and why! :D No, seriously, I left hints!

Here, I’ll do the first one for you: @jtavington and “Unstable Equilibrium” because it doesn’t exist anymore and I’m still kinda bummed about that. :(

Anyway, that’s about it. Happy reading, leave a comment and kudos. Spread the word. All that great stuff. If you don’t I’ll know :D


Happy Birthday Chris!! I am so thankful for you. And I’m truly proud to be your fan!!

I fell in love when you introduced the world to Kurt Hummel and I’ve been in love since. Your books amaze me and I’m finally getting to share them with my niece, which is such an amazing experience.

I look forward to all of your future endeavors!!! I know you will continue to astonish me. I hope you can spend today celebrating how you choose with those you love!!

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can you do (separately) katsuki, shouto, and izuku proposing to their longtime girlfriend? thank you and love your writing!!

Sorry it took a while, Anon, I’ve been sick ;–; I’m so glad you like my writing!! Here you go anon!

Izuku Midoryia

Izuku could feel his hands begin to sweat as he lead you down a winding path, but there was no turning back now. Especially when it was such a perfect evening. He’ll finally ask you, his beloved Y/N to marry him. He leads to you an open field, framed with trees and flowers and other things that made it all look so beautiful. And they way you looked out onto the field and how your eyes seemed to brighten up? That was more beautiful than he could put into words. The two of you sat, laughing at inside jokes that you had made so long ago, singing your favorite songs, loving each other. Midoriya stared at you, at the radiance of your smile, at the way you found beauty in even the smallest of things, and he fell in love with you all over again. God, he loved you. “Y/N..Since we met, I’ve realized what it means to love someone. To love you. You’ve brought so much color into my world that now, I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Seldom do we find such people, and seldom do we find love with them. In a world that’s full of chaos, you are my haven, my shelter, my…everything.. Y/N..Will you marry me?”

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki wasn’t very…eloquent when it came to expressing his feelings toward you, his S/O of many years. He was even less so when he was trying to propose to you. He was trying to drop the most obvious hints, so why the fuck weren’t you picking up on them? Things like ‘Hey, Y/N, I think these dresses would look good on you or some shit,” were often met with “Katsuki, those are wedding dresses, I can’t wear those out.” He didn’t know why he decided to fall in love with such a dumbass, but there he was, and there you were. ‘Fuck it.’ He thought, turning towards you. “Hey, Y/N. You’re a pile of indigestible fuck, but you’re less shitty than the other people I have to deal with. Fucking marry me.” He said, shoving the ring he was hiding in his pocket into your hand.

“Katsuki….You’re an apocalyptic fuck-hat.” You said, looking at the ring.

“Is that a yes, shit for brains?”

“Of course it is, you insufferable cock-wagon.”

Yeah. Yeah, he definitely picked the right person to marry.

Shouto Todoroki

Shouto was not his father. That much he was aware of. So why was he so afraid of becoming his father? Why was he so afraid of becoming the monster his father was? He loved you. He loved you so much that he could never imagine hurting you.

“Shouto.” Your voice broke him of his deep thoughts. “You’re spacing out again..What’re you thinking about?” You asked him, gently taking his hand in yours. One thing he loved about you was how softly you treated him. After going through what he had been through, that’s all he wanted now. Tenderness, love, a gentle touch.

“Nothing..Nothing important..” He said, smiling.”Hey, Y/N..You’re are the person who’s most important to me..You keep me focused, and remind me why I want to be a great hero. I know I’m not my father, and that I would never hurt you in any way, but I can’t help but worry of what I could become. You..You wipe away those fears with so much as a smile. You, with only your laugh, your touch, your..being..make me so much better than I could ever hope to be..It’s sudden, I know..But Y/N..Marry me?”

why time after time is so good

ok so the main reason i planned on watching time after time is because it took two notable historical figures from victorian england, one of my favorite eras. i am a history nut so i fell in love the moment i saw the trailer for it. but the cool thing is it takes these two and puts them into their distant future, our present day reality, and has them navigating their way through and figuring out what they need to do (the ripper wants the time machine’s key and will not stop killing until he has the key and wells just wants to stop the ripper and keep jane safe) as well as both of them realizing the changes in the world since their time, especially the ones revolving around either their ideals (like wells with him finding out the future didn’t turn out as he’d hoped it would) or themselves (especially with the ripper finding out he was never caught). it’s just really cool in concept and even better played out in front of you.

and the amount of drama and suspense is insane here, jesus christ. just the entire mini arc with jane and the other girl, jules, in the apartment not knowing if either of them would live about killed me (especially on jules’ end, good grief. she may just wind up a minor character but i feared for her life)

also if youre an insane shipper person like i am, jane and wells are just too damn cute aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHH *dies*

 so there’s stuff for everyone which is why i love this show so much more now and you should really watch it if you arent


Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Steve saves voicemails from you

Warnings: injuries, some blood

My Masterlist

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

The house is dark and quiet when he gets back home. He tries to be as stealthy as he can. Toeing off his shoes and setting down keys and wallet in the foyer, he walks up the stairs and into the master bedroom. It’s been a hard, testing day and all he wants is to hear your voice. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he pulls out his cellphone and goes to voicemails. He clicks on the first saved one.

“Hi Steve. It’s (Y/N), but you knew that cause you have caller ID.” he chuckles quietly to himself.  “Anyways… I justed wanted to call and run some paperwork by you before I officially submit it. Not that I’m inept at doing the job or anything! I’d just like a pair of eyes to go over them, not that that’s all you are… Oh! And to thank you, I’d like to take you out to eat. You can choose the restaurant since you’re doing me this huge favor, which isn’t going to take long I promise!”. It all come out rushed as words flowed into the next and Steve barely was able to understand the words you had spewed. One of the many things he loved about you, you would talk a mile a minute when you were nervous, or excited.

“God, that sounded like a date didn’t it? I’m not asking you out or anything… Not that I wouldn’t love to go out with you!” He can hear your nervousness and the way you over analyzed the statement. “I just don’t know if you see me that way and you know what forget I said anything about liking you. God, (Y/N) shut up! Anyway, please call me when you get this message and if I haven’t scared you off.” A smile lights up his face every time he hears that message. Steve saved the voicemail a few days later, part of him had known that he would want it later on. He had called you back the minute he heard the voicemail and just as awkwardly asked you out.

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I know they're not a good person, but were you ever influnced or even listened to Ren Queenston and their various aliases?

Yes, very much so. Ren’s work was very important to me for a long time.  Their album Relapse was the first breakcore music I’d ever heard in my life when I was 14 years old and I instantly fell in love with the stuff.  When I heard Because Maybe for the first time, that’s when I decided that I wanted to make EDM someday.  

When Ren did the Bad Thing my whole world came crashing down, my faith had been betrayed by my biggest role model.  I came to the incredibly ambitious conclusion that I was going to surpass them someday, and do it without crushing anyone’s dreams.  

I’ve cooled down from that vendetta since (because i found out the hard way that fueling all your creative output with a revenge complex isn’t the healthiest thing in the world), but as a result I have a hell of a lot of anxiety surrounding the idea of disappointing any of the kids who look up to me.  I feel for every kid who grew up listening to Lapfox. I never ever want anyone to have to feel guilty for listening to my music. 


Summary: At their wedding, Yuuri spoke lovingly of how Victor had surprised him ever since day one - a day years ago, when Yuuri was young and Victor skating in the Junior World Championships.

Now, years later, Victor wonders what would happen if one day, he can no longer surprise Yuuri. 

For victuuri week day one (Victor: Surprises)

word count: 1k

read on ao3

“From day one, he never failed to surprise me,” Yuuri says into the microphone, his eyes soft, glancing at the Victor at his side before going back to surveying their guests. “Ever since I was little and I saw his Junior World Championships in Bulgaria. I fell in love with his skating then. It was beautiful, and every season was a new character he wore, a new surprise for the audience,” he chuckles, “The biggest surprise of them all, I suppose, was that moment in the onsen.”

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Kissing Headcannons:

•Laurance loves to be kissed on the tummy and thighs, those are the places you go to show who’s dominant in a relationship.
•Garroth loves soft kisses on the forehead and cheek but doesn’t mind rough ones on the neck.
•Zane likes playful kisses anywhere, although he’s really sensitive in the lower stomach area.
•Dante doesn’t really like to get kisses but to give them is his passion. He would actually take rough, wet kisses on the lips though.
•Travis loves kisses together. Like, passionate kisses on the beach or a town fair for a romantic vibe.
•Aaron is happy with whatever his spouse is happy with. Although, he won’t complain for hard kisses on top of his head.
•Gene is a naughty boy when it comes to love and is a naughty boy when it comes to kisses. He likes them anywhere that involves him getting undressed.
•Vylad likes to be swept off his feet and kissed slowly by surprise. Sometimes the kiss would turn into something bigger in a relationship if his spouse is okay with it.
•Kawii~chan just loves to makeout. It’s as simple as that.
•Katelyn is in charge of her life but not her relationship. She enjoys comfortable kisses and hugs after a long workout though.
•Lucinda often stays at other’s houses over night, so she’s used to the kisses that wont be there when she wakes up in the morning.
•Kim hasn’t really kissed anyone since high school. Although, she dreams of finally kissing her spouse when they’re crying to make them fell better. She thinks it would be romantic.
•Aphmau likes to be blown kisses from her spouse. She thinks its the most funniest thing in the world.
•Nicole absolutely adores eskimo and butterfly kisses, just to get close to her spouse’s face. It makes her giggle and smile like nothing else.
(I hope you see this! I’m still trying to figure Tumblr out XD and I love your Headcannons!)

Bad Girl Ch 25: Paris

I’m not dead! Sorry I’ve been gone but here is a double update! Sorry if this sucks! Please let me know how you feel about it!

My fingers tangle in Jiyong’s hair, his face burrows deeper into my neck, basically purring with happiness. We are laying on the couch in our apartment, he is on top of me, over the moon when I asked him if I could hang out there for awhile and ignore my work for the day. Of course he agreed and now here we are, limbs tangled in a comfortable embrace for the last two hours just napping and enjoying each others company. But the reason for my day of hooky isn’t just for a much needed cuddle session with Jiyong, Jihyo is coming over today, possibly with Jin and the boys and this seemed like the best place.

Jiyong looks at his watch and groans, “I don’t want to go.”

I chuckle, “You shouldn’t have agreed to that late afternoon meeting than.”

“But we were rushing and I am in a good mood so I was saying yes to everything at that point!”

“That is your own fault.”

“No, it’s yours’, I’ve missed you so much, how else should I have reacted when you asked to skip work and go home?”

“With some kind of self control,” I laugh. “I was not expecting you to throw everything off your desk and drag me out.”

He huffs, “I wanted to hold you.”

I hum, “I missed you too.”

“When are you coming home?”

“I haven’t given everyone time yet.” He just groans and buries his face deeper into the crook of my neck. An awkward cough brings us out of our couple moment. Jiho is there, ruffling his freshly died black hair. I cock a brow at him, “That’s new.”

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"I see," said the blind man as he fell down a flight of stairs.

I had told this joke over and over again, as dads are wont to do. For years, she put up with it but she finally snapped and filed for divorce.

After pleading her case the judge looked down at his notes.

“Mrs. Burger, you are asking for no alimony, half of your joint possessions, and one fifth of your husband’s income in child support, is that correct?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“And Mr. Burger, you had agreed to these conditions?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I see,” the judge said with a pregnant pause.

“Said the blind man as he fell down a flight of stairs,” the attorneys and I muttered in unison.

My soon to be ex began to convulse and heave, spittle flying from the corners of her mouth as the judge signed the divorce order.


The former Mrs. Burger-nee-Haversacky had spent many years speaking to a therapist from the confines of a padded room. She felt she had made great progress towards moving past her traumatizing marriage but she still needed one final evaluation to earn her release.

“Alright, Jane, I just have a few simple questions before we consider your release.” The therapist withdrew a large sheaf of notes from his case and idly scratched his salt and pepper goatee. His balding pate shone as though he waxed it daily, a peppering of black sprinkled in amongst the white and gray surrounding his capacious dome.

“Of course, Dr. Deuce.”

“First, how do you feel about your former marriage?”

She paused, thinking. “I’m content that it’s over and have many fond memories of my life during that time.”

A scratch of fountain pen on fresh legal pad, a tick-tock from the battery powered wall clock.

“And how do you feel about your children”

“I love them more than life itself, Doc. I couldn’t imagine them being gone.”

More scratching, more tick-tocking.

“And do you feel ready to re-enter the wide world? It has changed a lot since you were brought to St. Margraham’s.”

“I’m up to the challenge of adapting, I look forward to it!”

“‘I see,’ said the blind man as he fell down a flight of stairs.” An idle idiom from his childhood, oft repeated. It sent her over the edge.

She leapt from her chair, sending the wooden piece reeling into the wall to shatter, grabbed his fountain pen, and jabbed the point deep into his neck, through the carotid artery and through the jugular vein.

Mrs. Burger-nee-Haversacky, one Jane, was not released from St. Margraham’s. That day or any day thereafter.

I keep seeing posts about how Henry went to the EF, fell in love and had Lucy, and then ended back in Seattle but that’s not what happened. I know it’s confusing since in this show memory curses are so common but Lucy doesn’t know Henry when he answers the door implying that she has never met her father before that moment. The EF sequences were in the future happening sometime after Lucy knocks on his door and A&E confirmed this when they called them flash forwards. 

I actually think this signals a shift in the storytelling from flashing back to flashing forward. So we will have one storyline that is Henry and Lucy in the modern world dealing with the new curse/cursed people and a second storyline that flashes forward to the EF and the conflict with this gathering darkness. I think the main thrust of the season is going to be getting us to the point where Henry disappears (or maybe half of the season). We may still get flashbacks for key pieces of information but it won’t be a continual flashback into the characters past. 

Ideas for future choices stories!

Okay, so since TCATF is ending I thought about what other kinds of stories Pixelberry could release and here is what I’ve got so far!
(Long post ahead, sorry 😅)

- more fantasy and adventure books! I mean, there’s so much they could do!

- How about a “real” Sci-Fi story for example ? (I know ES is kind of a Sci Fi story, especially since there’ll probably be a lot of space stuff in book two -which I honestly can’t wait for! I’d love to see art of whatever planet that black beach from MCs vision was from!)

- Or how about historical fiction! I’d love to see something in 19th century London! Or 19th century Paris! Or 19th century Munich! Or 19th century St. Petersburg! Or preferably all four since those were pretty much the centers of art and literature in the 19th century and how awesome would something about a writer and an artist back then be?!

- Or maybe something about a scientist! (A but mad science wouldn’t hurt!)

- And a spy story! I already have an idea for one!

- Oh or how about an ES spin off, where an Intelligence Bureau tries to find out what’s going on on that island? Because I can’t believe that no one ever noticed anything weird about it, if even Jake has heard about those rumors of people going missing and dangerous experiments….

- And oh, a Pirate story, maybe?

- And something in revolutionary France!

- How about a story set in a different region of the world?

- A story set in South America

- or Asia

- or Africa

- or Australia?

- Or even one set in Antarctica, maybe about a group of scientists there?

- Or some Jules Verne like adventure? (Although ES gets close to this one, again)

- And definitely something about Ancient Greece or Rome! Especially since that would be a great opportunity for Pixelberry to put in all kinds of diverse characters, like a lot of people demand, since Ancient Greece and Rome pretty much didn’t care about heteronomia at all - I mean, pretty much all of their gods are LGBT…. and then there’s that one myth about the girl, who always felt like a boy and therefore dressed and acted like one, fell in love with a beautiful girl and married her. And because a goddess found them adorable and decided to grant the protagonist the wish of being an actual male, so she just kind of transformed the girl into an actual guy, and he and his bride lived happily ever after. I mean, a lot of people wanted a trans character in Choices, so why not like this?

Also, more relatable diverse characters from all around the world!
And please, PLEASE just one relatable European character, since all of PBs European characters are either nobility or rich and most of the time pretty arrogant. ( if you say Drake is also European and he’s neither nobility nor rich, may I say, that I doubt that? Especially since the last chapter. I don’t think anyone who isn’t American uses the term “sloppy joe” for that kind of food 😅)
And of course more male MCs

Again, sorry for the long post!

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to go about this one. Then I got this idea and fell in love. It’s been a while since I’ve written for Quicksilver so it might not be my best work, but it’s light and cute and funny, and it’s got Pietro being a little shit. Thank you to @scarecrowisfugly​ for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader is maybe scared of a thunder storm …and Pietro makes fun of them at first but realizes they’re really scared and comforts them…

“Truth or Dare”

This was ridiculous.

The Avengers were comprised of the most powerful people in the world – including a supersoldier, a Norse god, and a Russian assassin – and you were sat in a circle on the floor playing party games.

It hadn’t started that way. You’d all planned to go out somewhere and eat, but the weather had quickly taken a turn for the worse so Tony had suggested something else. Cooking up leftovers and pulling out alcohol, he’d suggested 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle before proposing Truth or Dare (a thankfully more wholesome option). Steve had countered with the suggestion of Monopoly but you all agreed that you’d like to remain friends.

Thus you watched as Pietro took his turn, reaching into the bag and pulling out a scrap of paper.
“It’s a truth,” he announced, “Who in the team would you most like to hook up with?

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“How do you know you love her?”

Well, last night I was driving through a storm in a city I wasn’t quite familiar with. Everything was chaotic, people were pulled over with their hazards on waiting for any sign of sun they could find.

But as for me?
I kept driving but along the way I noticed something. Every time I passed under a bridge, the lightning and rain were non-existent. I was protected by silence for the smallest fraction of a second. Everything was quiet while the outside world raged on. In the split second of traveling through, everything was at ease.

How do I know I love her?
Because everyone who tried before her was too focused on the rain. No one else knew what it was like to look in a girls eyes before you even knew her name and call them home.

That girl is my bridge.
Since the day I met her, the wars of today fell silent. Loving her is passing through hell with heaven on my right knowing that together nothing has the power to break us.

How do I know I love her?
Because everything is okay when she’s around. She protects me from the rain.


// this is how i know

(via @itsloren-notlauren )

The Cold Shoulder

Oooooh drabbles! In most fics people generally understand and accept the fell bros pretty quickly since they know how there world is, but it’s kinda odd that the fell bros are up to sharing so quickly. So how about a story were everyone is just really suspicious of them cause there lv expect undertale pap (and or blue I don’t care). Spicy cinaroll please, I need more of this paring. I don’t care if fell Paps is a hard core douche or just tunsundere, you do you man XD. Love your stuff by the by, bottom uf sans forevermore! (Derp this ended up long, my internet has been spastic so sorry if I sent it twice)

Me: This is the only time I am doing this because I fear that you will not see this post if I do a regular post instead. ;v;) 
I don’t know if I’ll be able to even tag you ^^”)

Hopefully you are notified! :O

So to reiterate (just in case): I don’t do submission requests as I mostly take requests from ‘asks’ when I ask for it. So when I ask for prompts in the future, just through my ask box is fine. The Submit box is for works you guys want to show me other than tagging. :)

That’s all, and sorry for the long wait too!! ;v;)


Pairing: Spicycinaroll

Words: 1, 061

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Click-Newt Scamander X Reader

A/n: I have so much stuff to do and I told myself I wouldn’t write this all now. I clearly lied to myself. I hope you all enjoy this, it’s a bit random. I love you all and have an incredible day
Summary: The reader has writer’s block and Newt helps them as they start to feel down about their abilities and passion
Warnings: fluffy stuff, all the fluffy stuff

This was edited again because certain things did not appear when I originally posted it

The window remained open in your flat as the sounds of people walking and cars whirring filled the atmosphere with a clever combination of business and daily life. Spring sunlight sifted into the room and lit up the walls. Your fingers rapidly punched away on your typewriter, ideas and words flowing from your fingertips and onto the white surface of the paper. The ink spun into words and phrases, ultimately adding the plot of the story that you had fostered inside the realms of your imagination. Clicks and clacks reverberated off the walls of your study area, and this attracted a certain Hufflepuff to enter.

“Still working on that chapter, love?”

“Unfortunately,” you muttered as you slumped your head down onto your desk, causing a stack of your notebooks to tumble to the floor.

With a drained groan, you reached down to collect them, however, a slight breeze had decided to remain out of your favor, thus resulting in some of the looser papers to lift up and float around the room. Newt began to collect the ones that had soared taller than your height, and he gently handed them back to you so that they could be added to the pile in your hand.

“Thank you Newt,” you said. You put them on the desk and returned back into Newts arms and leaned against his chest in frustration. You let a sigh escape, as you had been experiencing a bit of what was classified as “writer’s block.” Newt kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back lovingly. He knew you were stressed, he could see it when you woke up and when you crashed on your desk after pulling an all-nighter. He combed his long finders through your hair, earning a moan of content from your hidden face.

Newt remembered the day you two had first run into one another. He had stopped by a tea and coffee shop in New York out of curiosity and because it was quite cold out and he found himself in need of something to warm himself up. He fixed his coat and opened the door, instantly being hit with a scent of ground coffee and fresh bread. Out of the corner of his eye sat you, focused on writing inside of a notebook.

Newt was enamored with the sight of you. The way that your hair covered your (eye color) eyes and your gentle lips curved in concentration provoked a sense of attraction. It was if an invisible string had been wrapped around his heart and tugged on, telling him to be pulled closer to you. Not only that, but the scene of you being so involved in your writing also intrigued him immensely. It was as if you were lost in your own little world, unknown to you surroundings, unattached to the real world, and that to him, was beautiful. He wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, for his heart had been shattered before, but he couldn’t push the new found feelings away. He felt like he was a giddy student again, and he couldn’t fathom exactly why. How is it that without a simple introduction, you still had this effect on him?

He wasn’t even sure as to what your personality was like. Were you kind? Were you aggressive? Were you snobbish or prude or angelic? Do you laugh at people in pain or do you help them out? What if you hated animals?

Newt had pulled himself out of the trance and turned back to the counter where a young man was asking him if he was ordering anything. Not wanting to look like a lost lunatic, he settled on ordering a cup of tea. Maybe after he would have the courage to talk to you. He placed the order and paid, but when he turned back around to look at where you were sitting, you had left. He felt slightly down, for his chance had slipped past him.

He decided to sit down to enjoy his tea anyways. He didn’t want it to go to waste like his chance to speak to you had. Once he was finished, he prepared himself to leave by fixing his coat and such and he headed towards the door. He moved through the small crowd of people, but his body had collided with someone. It was you.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going and I kind of came in here bustling because I left my notebook and now I’m rambling.”

Newt’s heart fluttered. You weren’t mean or rude at all, you were simply sweet, like icing on a cake.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t watching where I was going either,” he said, earning a small smile from you. Your cheeks turned rosy and his heart started to skip beats at a time.

The two of you had begun talking once more, as you both ended up exiting the same way and walking along the same sidewalk. You talked for an hour or so before you reached your home, and Newt bid you a farewell after asking if you would join him at the shop again. You happily agreed.

Months sped by and after many dates, many kisses, and a few run-ins with MACUSA, he asked you to run away with him back to England. He couldn’t help the fact that he was falling in love with you, but you were a muggle, or No Maj in America. You knew of the wizarding world, and you couldn’t help holding in your love either. So you went with him, even though he doubted you would come. You got a new job as a small writer for a local paper and you moved in with Newt, leaving the two of you more in love than ever.

This brought you to where you were now, grabbing coffee and publishing small works by day, writing you novel by night. Newt knew how passionate about writing you were, he had seen the notes and ideas scribbled and edited in your notebooks, but he also knew what a toll it had on your life.

You often had moments of insecurity, doubting your skills and aspirations, and this happened to be one of those times.

“Newt I just can’t seem to make the plot interesting,” you mumbled, still snuggling into him. The block was agonizing to you, even if you didn’t necessarily show it.

“Darling, you’re an incredible and creative writer, I’m sure whatever you choose the plot will be fantastic.”

“But maybe, maybe I should just stop.”

Newt ceased rubbing your back and peered down at you in confusion. “Love. What in Merlin’s name are you talking about?”

“Newt do you really think that I can do this? That I can write something that people will actually pick up and buy and think is good? Because honestly maybe this is all just a waste of time.”
“Love no-,”

“Really Newt, writing a book was the worst thing I could have done. It’s all a bunch of nothing anyways. I’m not like you, I can’t write a book. I can’t do this. I was too foolish to think I could actually make something in this, this stupid world.”

By now you were hyperventilating and flailing your arms in a mix of frustration and anger and sadness all directed towards yourself. You had always questioned your ability to achieve a finished novel, one that could be out in the world, and all the nights of pondering about the outcome had kept you up.

Newt however did not understand how you had come to feel like this. He had read your short stories and poems before, and he thought they were wonderful. He thought so, and the beasts thought so too. It broke his heart to see you upset over your insecurity in your own passion. He knew you desired his more than anything, and he didn’t want to see you just throw it all away to run errands and write coverage on town events the rest of your life. Your talent, in his opinion, was too great and extravagant for such minor tasks.

“Y/n, listen to me,” he whispered to calm you down. He held your arms and lowered them back to your sides, looking at you right in the eyes.


“Darling I know but please, just listen.”

You silenced yourself and stared back with empty yet teary eyes. Newt continued on while wiping them away.

“Ever since the day I met you, I knew you had something that a lot of people at your work lack, and that, my wonderfully amazing and beautiful darling, is passion. You create worlds and pull people’s emotions in ways that some can only dream of. You are not ‘wasting your time’ at all, and your aspirations are nothing short of incredible. I love you, and I remember falling in love with someone who had a sparkle in their eye and couldn’t tear their hand away from writing stories and such. I fell in love with the most talented and astounding and passionate person.”

Newt scooped you up and twirled you around in his arms, to which you did giggle slightly before he went on.

“Y/n, whatever you write, will be so well written that people all over England, even all over America, won’t want to put it down. You amaze me every day, and I don’t want to have you think for a minute that you aren’t stunning at what you do.”

Newt beamed at you. He truly was proud of you, and he meant every word. Tears began to spill again from your eyes again, and he was worried, but then he realized that they were in fact happy tears.

“T-Thank you, Newt,” you murmured as you leaned up his towering frame to kiss you. He noticed this and hoisted you up in his arms to kiss you passionately.

“I love you darling, please don’t doubt yourself or your creativity ever again. It’s not right to do that to yourself when it’s so obvious that your work is beautiful, just like you are.”

He nuzzled his nose against yours, and for the first time that day, a genuine smile of cheer graced over your lips.

Clicks and clacks of inspiration filled the atmosphere hours later after Newt had made you take a nap with him. After getting rest that you deserved, you popped back up and ran to your typewriter. Newt had never seen you move so fast, and he had never seen you type so fast either. He followed you, in a slower pace, and observed you allowing your fingers to dance rhythmically over each key. He leaned down to kiss you and he cleared all the empty mugs away from your desk. You kissed him back, you smooth warm lips over his chapped ones packing in the love you felt towards the incredible man.

Newt exited the room and rinsed the abandoned mugs. He had a feeling that your writer’s block had been cured, all you needed was a bit of confidence and some sweet affection. Your frenzy and flowing of new ideas was evident, and he smiled at himself as the cool water ran over his fingers. You always had the inspiration and passion in you, he was aware of that. It was in all of your work. The inspiration for this story you had devoted your life to though, had just now seemed to fall into place. You were in your own world once more, your fingers creating the clicking and clacking that would craft your soon to be debut novel.

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Kiliel and 25 for the "I love you" prompts, please!

the way you said I love you
25 (in a blissful sigh as you fall asleep)



Tauriel didn’t say anything. The words were stuck on the tip of her tongue, suddenly unable to be expressed. She felt them welling up inside her, but it was suddenly so hard to say.

“Yeah, me too,” Kíli murmured. He lay curled up next to her in her bed. It was late at night, far too late for either of them to be up. They had school the next morning, after all.

Tauriel giggled softly at his joke. “You’re funny.”

“Is that what you wanted to say?” he said drowsily.

“No.” She smiled, snuggling closer to him. “Kíli.” She was too tired for this. Soon she’d end up saying something rash, something too honest.

“Mmmm.” Kíli sighed happily. “Tauriel.” He snorted softly. “See. I can say your name too.”

They lay together, dozing off to sleep. At last, when it had been minutes since either of them had said anything and Kíli’s breath was slow and regular, Tauriel judged it to be safe. He was almost certainly asleep, so he wouldn’t be able to hear her.

“Kíli,” she whispered. Her eyelids drooped and she felt herself sliding into the dream world. “I love you.”

She sighed and fell asleep in the instant after her confession, a smile spread across her lips, but even in slumber she could feel him squeezing her hand and whispering it back.

Come Fly With Me - Draco Malfoy Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! :D got another request for you! I feel like I’m slowly getting back on track! hahaha so I’m getting there! I loved this request so I hope you guys like it as much as I did :D

Anonymous said:May I request one shot where Draco dates a muggle?4 years after a war and after everything he had seen during battle he decided to change. He met a girl his life went this unexpected way. Can you write a moment when he shows her magic?He shows her some spells,potions(like Amortentia)and explains her everything. Then he shows her his broom and takes her on a ride. She’s at first like „not happening” but finally agrees. At first she clenches to him so hard he laughs but then she starts to enjoy it 

so, here it is! :D hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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Come Fly With Me

“Come on, love!”


“You will love it!”

“What part of no, did you not understand, Draco?”

“But- but I swear you’ll love it!”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy! I love you and everything about your world. The potions, the spells, I even understand Quidditch but you are seriously insane if you think that I’m going to get on a broom and fly with you!”

It had been four years from the battle of Hogwarts. Four years since Draco Malfoy decided to change after seeing so much darkness in his world. Four years since he’d befriended the Golden Trio. And then, almost a year later, he met Hermione’s childhood friend (Y/N) and fell in love with her almost instantly. The two of them quickly became friends and started dating soon after and now they were even living together. (Y/N) fell in love with everything that had to do with magic and their world and Draco loved showing her. That’s why he was currently trying his best to get her on his broom.

“But love, I promise you’ll love it!” he pouted with his best puppy eyes. “Please?”

“What if I fall?”

“You’re not going to fall” he said with a chuckle as he brought her closer to him. “I would never let that happen” he assured her kissing her forehead. “It’ll be fun. You’ll see why I love flying and Quidditch so much” he insisted.

(Y/N) looked at her boyfriend of over two years and couldn’t help but to think he looked adorable. He was like a five year old excited to show you something new. She debated whether or not she wanted to be up in the sky on a broom. She loved everything about Draco and the world he came from. She still remembered the first time he taught her anything about magic.


“I don’t get it.”

“Just trust me” Draco said smiling at his girlfriend.

“I do trust you, but I don’t understand the whole point of smelling it” she said pointing at the cauldron in the middle of the living room.

“Because that’s when you know it’s ready” Draco told her smiling. “Please?”

“I still don’t get it” she said even more confused. “It smells like you” she said casually. Draco felt the heat up his cheeks. Yes, they had been living together for a few months now but she still managed to make him blush all the time. That’s one of the things he loved most about her. “What?”

“W-well, this is the most powerful love potion in existence” he explained. “The thing is… the Amortentia smells differently to each person. See, it reminds each person of the things that they… like most” he told her.

“Oh” she said realizing why she smelled Draco. “What do you smell?”

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