i fell in love with a guy over the internet


Kim Eunsoo (Model): Wow…. Xiumin really;;;;His looks are astounding TT

I fell in love.

EXO Hwaiting!

Soldier. I like EXO. 89-er. J-gun.

It's embarrassing to admit, but I started liking EXO after watching their Weekly Idol episode. I’m straight…. (but) Xiumin is my style. I thought he was a lot younger than me, but he’s actually the same age as me..

Fanaccount of 140113 Idol Star Olympics Championship

1. While they were playing futsal, a Xiumin fanboy behind me yelled “Xiumin hwaiting!!!!” He was really loud….kekekeke


…Somewhere above me, a fanboy yelled “Yah!!! Xiumin!!!!!!!” Xiumin turned his head our way and looked at him…kekekeke

Thai Fanboy

Q: I like EXO’s Xiumin.

Hello, I’m a guy and I’m the same age as Xiumin.

While I was on the internet, I came across some group called EXO that debuted a couple years ago?

When I looked them up, one member (Xiumin) really caught my eye….

Please understand..

Q: I’m a guy but I really like EXO’s Xiumin.

It’s just that Xiumin is so cute

and petite

that I want to protect him…

I really like him. What do I do?TT

I’m a guy but..I like Xiumin so much..that I’m about to go crazy….

Q: I think I’m about to be Xiumin’s fan.

My older sister’s obsessed with EXO, so I looked them up, and came across a picture of Xiumin….He was so adorable that I was dumbfounded for a few seconds and thought he was a girl. Honestly, he looked so cute (young-looking) that when I asked about his age, someone told me he was 24 years old? I couldn’t believe that he was older than me;;

EXO would like fanboys, right?… 

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin. His smile is so adorable. I really like him.

Ah, I’m not Luhan.

My older brother is an obsessed Xiumin fanboy.

My older brother is a twenty two year old college student. He started liking Xiumin after watching “Wolf” on TV one day and now, he always watches Xiumin videos in his room until dawn. I can’t sleep because his room is next to mine. Recently, he’s also bought EXO’s Growl album in order to see Xiumin TT TT He even went to Myeongdong to buy a couple albums in order to go their fansign. Nowadays, he collects Xiumin photocards and spends 90% of what he earns from his part time job to find his photocards. He also had a girlfriend but he kept ignoring her for Xiumin, making excuses, breaking his promises, and ignoring her on kakaotalk….From the moment he wakes up (at 6am), he’s on his computer, looking up Xiumin stuff. In the afternoon, he tells me he’s going out to meet his friends but he goes out to buy hats and clothes that Xiumin wore before. After he comes back home, he goes back to looking at Xiumin stuff… He keeps telling me to like Xiumin as well (…) What should I do about this? I want my brother to leave the house and live on his own, but because he spends all of his money on Xiumin, he lives at home.. Plus, he’s also starting to like D.O and Baekhyun, and I think I’m about to go even crazier. Should I chase him out of the house? Whenever I’m about to sleep, I always hear “Hello, we are EXO! I am Xiumin!!!! Thank you~ Eureurongeureurong” from his room ….I’m even starting to memorize their songs TT TT TT

Somehow I became a fan…..

I don’t really understand myself .. I’ve never even liked a female idol this much before…

(I am a male student.)

I don’t understand why I search ‘Xiumin’ a couple times a day T T T

My friends think that I’m a bit weird.. /laughs/ I understand.


I always lurk around to see if there are other Xiumin fanboys. 


Do you guys think fanboys are weird? If you do, please don’t think that way~~ I feel lonely ^^

My older brother is a Xiumin fanboy

My brother is a 21 year old college student and lives at home… I’m so sick of him.. The reason why I got into Xiumin is because of my brother.. I can’t even sleep at night because I hear exo’s song and Xiumin’s voice coming from his room ..^^… He’s always watching exo’s variety shows and programs (…)

He has a girlfriend but I pity her. I want him to leave our house quickly…why did he pick a college that’s near our house?

Do you guys not like Xiumin’s fanboys?

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy. I’m not gay. Please don’t think I’m weird because I’m a fanboy. I really like Xiumin hyung…

Girls fangirl over IU and Krystal so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?


Ah~ I extremely like Xiumin


I failed my test… ah Xiumin

(curse) (Our) Minseok hyung…

Xiuming-hyung TT TT What do you think about fanboys?

Ha..I was a fanboy of Girl’s Day, but I feel like I fell into hell this time..It’s my first time liking a male idol like this TT.

Haa (curse) 


Girls think fanboys of male idols are gay? TT But girls fangirl over IU so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?

Baozi-hyung TT TT TT TT TT TT

hangh TT TT TT

What am I supposed to do? I’ve fallen for you.

I always look for Xiumin-hyung on Nate Pann. 

It’s all because of Pann!!!! How can anybody not fall for you when there are so many ssibdukk** pictures of you (on the internet)?

Xiuming hyung. I love you ♥♥

**ssibdukk = charming (attractive, cute, pretty, etc.)

I’m a guy, but I really like Xiumin

Hello. I’m a normal junior high second year student.

This might seem really weird

But I really like Xiumin

I don’t think I’m gay..

It’s exam week, but I think I’m about to go crazy because of this hyung. His face is pretty… you guys (fangirls) understand, right? Xiumin’s appeal?

What do I do… What do I do..?

His shouting skill from Mama era is so cute.. My photo gallery is getting fuller and fuller (b/c of his pictures). Is there a way I can stop liking him?.. Because of Xiumin, I’m starting to like the other exo members. Chen hyung.. I really like Xiumin and Chen. What do I do.?

+) I have one more thing to say

Is it weird for fanboys to go to fansigns..?

Xiumin Fanboy kekekeke

I came from Sehun’s talk !!!!!

At my school, there’s a Xiumin fanboy


He resembles a bear, and he’s a bit plump and cute. He came to my classroom and turned on EXO’s radio appearance. When Xiumin said “honey~”, he shyly had his hands in front his mouth 

and kept saying “Oo-mini hyung…Oo-mini hyung. Xiumin TT TT kyahhh~~~~~~ You’re so cute TT TT”

Wow, seriously, Xiumin makes even guys fall for him…

Even though I’m a guy, I really like Xiumin

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy (oong-nam)..

I don’t know when I started to like Xiumin, but I kept saving his pictures on my phone until one day, I found that I had 2000 pictures saved on my phone….I have a lot more on my computer.

What should I do? I’m not gay.

I only like Xiumin. My wallpaper, kakaotalk background, and phone theme are all Xiumin.

I never even thought a female idol was all that pretty before.  But when I saw his picture for the first time, I thought he was really pretty. 

One time, I pretended that I had a sister to buy his photo card. This is embarrassing to admit, but I even bought makeup to get his photocard.

What should I do .. I worried a lot about whether I should post this, but I decided to post this anyway. Do you think it’s weird that I like Xiumin?


130902 Sukira Radio Broadcast


Starts from 1:15 and ends at 3:03

R: What do you think about doing WGM?


R: Are there any celebrities that you want to be paired up with?

H: I don’t really know any female celebrities that well.

R: Me too.

H: But… you know… Ryeowook really takes care of exo.

R: Of course. Wait, does that mean you want to do WGM with an exo member?

H: I bet the viewer ratings would be really high then.

R + H: (laughs)

H: But, as you know, Ryewook really takes care of exo (…) Exo is our hoobae, but I’ve only seen them two times at weddings. Whenever they greet me, I always greet them back and run away because I haven’t learned all of their names (pause) but Xiumin!

R: Xiumin? Does that mean you want to do WGM with Xiumin?


R: You’re too much. People say that Xiumin looks like Sohee (T/N: Heechul is a huge Sohee fan)

H: Fine. Are you gonna go all out like that? Put me in the show with Xiumin. Add Sok-chun hyung (T/N: an openly gay celebrity) so we can make a love triangle. Call him!


Xiumin’s also a DBSK fanboy!



Color City

Hola Amors!

This time around it wasn’t a typical stroll in the city, we went one of the top spots in the Bronx for #graffiti, I have always been a huge fan of the art form with all the colors and grittiness of it. So what inspired my look? Color of course and this #Stevemadden sandals I fell in love with over the internet I found them strolling for a camera on Amazon of all places, I keep everything else in the look pretty toned down but with a pop of color on my clutch. Hope you guys enjoy the pics and all the color!

Dad, thank you for the allowance. Because of you, I was able to eat steak

These days, a lot of people on the internet, etc, have been talking about cooking steak at home, so I decided to cook some at home too 

So, I went to the supermarket in front and bought steak meat, the sauce, and mushrooms

When it comes to meat, it’s most definitely beef
When it comes to beef, it’s most definitely han-woo (Korean Native Beef; expensive)
When it comes to han-woo, it’s most definitely the ribeye
When it comes to ribeye, it’s most definitely yum-yum for me  

Meat, forever my life companion 

My heart beats (fast) whenever I see han-woo
*ba-bump ba-bump*

They say to spread olive oil onto the meat to prevent the meat juice from coming out (but I just splattered it all over the meat)

This way and that way *swish swish*

But I realized that you turn the thing..

They say to cover it with wrap afterwards. They, as in the internet 

Since I was bored while waiting, when I was taking selfies, wow, I almost fell for myself because how can someone be this good looking.. 
I realized something when I was writing this and it was that my socks have hearts on it
Therefore, I love you guys 

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V This meat will now be cooked 

*ba-bam* shooooswahhhahhhh

An evolution
The meat finally found it’s skill to summon the mushrooms

For me, who enjoyed using up a whole onion, I established fried onions instead of the steak sauce 

Hanwoo-nim waiting (for me) because I’m in the middle of wrestling with the “onion soup”

Forget that, the dish is complete EUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I..completed a steak dish
The steak was a really strong opponent 
No one could beat the steak 
Even the invisible dragon couldn’t win against the steak 

woahhhh ohhh it’s meat meatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeat

mm~ the smell is killing me (because it smells so good), just kill me *sobs*

By the way, I’m really good-looking.. wow….

I will eat you in one bite, just wait a little bit ohhoho 

He was taking proof-shots with the steak dish that he made for the first time but … the person who will be marrying this person will be really happy, huh? 
Yes, that’s right, that person will be really happy. How can someone who looks so calm and gentle make such a calm and gentle steak .. 
Not to mention….when I put the dish on top of there, the steak looked nicer than on the table, so I decided to eat on that 

Versatile luggage

But there’s a bigger problem than that 

I don’t have a fork and a knife
I mean, why would we (have a knife).. it’s not like someone’s gonna eat steak in the dorm..

Scissors too.. I think it’s a good alternative..(in the meantime, I found a fork)

Would you like some steak 

There was no one to take pictures for me today, so I took them myself ….ha…..

It came out properly, but it’s an ugly shot

Decided to eat like how you would in an anime


Spilled all the sauce on my pants 

Anyway, decided to stop playing around here and eat it 

Hanwoo-yah, just have me *sobsob*

In this picture, I came out as if someone shoved meat into my mouth when I had my eyes closed

Man, what kind of taste is this (Because it’s so good)

To wrap it up, a picture with my lovely han-woo *mwahmwahmwah*

I was really worried because it was my first time making steak, but … I think it’s good enough to call it a success 
I don’t know because I never made steak before
This is the best dish if it tastes good!
I’m satisfied because not a lot of ingredients went into this dish 
Dad, thank you for the allowance
Thank you for the food! (I’ll eat it well)

                                  Pics: Jin (A couple of the pis on the top are by Jimin)
                                  Taster: Jin
                                  Casting: Jin
                                  Special Guest: Kitchen Knife
                                  Allowance: Dad
                                  First place in husband-material: Jin

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
Please take out with full credits.

Monty first appeared on my radar with the release of the first RWBY trailer. That was on November 7th, 2012. At that time, I was a high school junior, and aspired to be a writer and artist. I was perpetually frustrated by my own mediocrity when compared to people in my age group and others on the internet. Over and over, I thought about giving up for good.

Then, this insane video featuring a small anime girl eviscerating dark lupine creatures came out.And I fell in love, and it got better. I drew fanart, wrote more, and made new friends because of the RT community. At the same time, this quirky Asian guy started appearing in more RT content, talking about his brainchild, a series called RWBY. 

The impeccably dressed man, Monty Oum, would appear out of nowhere, like a passing storm, and do his thing. “Monty’s a machine,” I heard RT employees joke. “He presses 5-5 on the microwave because it’s more efficient than pressing 6-0.” But Monty was more than that, more than the creator of Dead Fantasy and RWBY, more than an animator.

I remember one anecdote he shared that I’ll remember forever. It was something along the lines of: Produce, produce, produce. Keep making things and you’ll get better. If you let yourself fester on a single project, you’ll never finish it. Anyone can make something infinitely better, which is why we have deadlines. It’s okay to make something shitty, because over time, it’ll get better.

I adopted this mindset, and the way I perceive myself, my art, and my peers has improved drastically.

Rest in peace, Monty. You’ve changed a countless number of lives, including this one. I aspire to be just like you, because you taught me never to give up.

Thank you.

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There's were these two girls named Emily and Avery who met on the Internet and fell in love while laughing at memes and fangirling over these two guys named Dan and Phil who met on the Internet and created this entire world.

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