i fell getting into my bed

Fluffy & Cuddly {Sentence Starters}
  • "Hey, scoot over. You're squishing me!"
  • "I didn't say you could stop hugging me."
  • "Stop hogging all the blankets!"
  • "You make a good pillow."
  • "How long can we stay like this? Because I don't want to move."
  • "Are you falling asleep on me?"
  • "You weren't watching. You missed the best part!"
  • "Don't stop playing with my hair."
  • "Would you mind handing me the remote?"
  • "Stop, your feet are cold!"
  • "Look, if you want food, you have to let me get up."
  • "You're warm. I'm cold. Let's cuddle."
  • "You fell asleep on me. Maybe you should go to bed?"
  • "Well, my arm's asleep, but I'm glad you're comfortable."
  • "Stop changing the channel, you jerk!"
  • "You're getting crumbs all over the blankets."
  • "I see you eyeing that pillow. Don't you dare."
  • "Don't move. I finally got comfy."
  • "Would you stop wiggling?"
  • "Hey, are you still awake?"
I never liked sleeping with other people. I would get too hot or my arm would go numb and I would inevitably pry myself away and retreat to my own side of the bed. I never liked sleeping with other people until you fell asleep holding me as if I was a priceless treasure that someone might try to steal from you in the middle of the night. I still wake up periodically throughout the night but now I wake up to your kisses on my shoulder and I briefly realize how happy I am before drifting back to sleep. No, I never liked sleeping with other people but then again, I’ve never liked any of those people as much as I like you.
—  Letters to you (7-21-2015)
if you were my girl

I would:
•wake you up gently with nose & face kisses
•run my fingers on your back until you fell asleep
•have flowers & dinner waiting for you after a long days work
•watch your favorite movie, even if I hate it
•slip out of bed quietly so you can get as much rest as you need
•listen to you pour your heart out about whoever made you mad or upset that day
•treat your family as my own
•build blanket forts for movie night bc who needs to be an adult anyway
•fuck you in the blanket fort
•the usual
•maybe the counter
•or the hallway
•or the shower
•my mood apparently changed half way through this
•someone date me damn it


So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.

Clueless (1995) dir. Amy Heckerling


-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???

Dialogue Prompts for Cuddling

1. “I’m so sleepy, and you make a great pillow.”

2. “You’re so warm.”

3. “Wait, don’t move, please?”

4. “Are you sleeping?” “Shush. Pillows aren’t supposed to talk.”

5. “Are you going to get up?” “Good joke.”

6. “Where are you, wait are you still in bed?”

7. “Play with my hair.” “No I’m tired.” “Babe please, I’ll sleep after I swear.”

8. “Since when do you cuddle?”

9. “This bed isn’t made for two.” “Clearly cuddling isn’t a concept to you.”

10. “I’m never getting up, just so you know.”

11. “You want to cuddle…with me?”

12. “You fell asleep on me, so I put you in bed.”

13. “I will lay on top of you if you don’t sleep.” “I’m okay with that.”

14. “Are you playing with my hair?” “Yeah.” “But its making me sleeping, actually don’t stop.”

15. “Pull over I wanna sleep in the back.”


robert managed to tear himself away from the noisy pub and take a minute to call diane and wish her a happy new year. he found himself in his room, his and aaron’s and his eyes fell on a letter addressed to him, laid out on his side of the bed and written in aaron’s scrawny handwriting. he picked it up and smiled before beginning to read:

dear robert,

i know midnight will come and i’ll not be able to get the words out because you’ll probably snog me and i’ll get carried away and forget we’re in my mum’s pub, so i thought i’d write this instead.

i suppose this is a thank you, actually yeah it is a thank you. it’s a massive one actually because no matter what you say about me being strong and able to get through anything, it might all be true but i know i’m stronger when you’re by my side. i know that i would have ended up dead if it wasn’t for you, all alone in that scrap yard just trying to escape and run away from everything and everyone. trying to run away from you too.

i didn’t want you to save me that day or all the days after that when you didn’t even know you did. when you’d show up at the pub and buy me a pint and stop me from thinking about him or the trial or anything else that made me want to run away again. but you did, and you stayed and it took a while for me to get my head around that. you staying. you wanting me again after everything i’d told you, after every time i’d pushed you away and lied to you when i said i didn’t want you near me. i’m glad i let you back in though because robert, i never stopped loving you. i know that might be hard to believe, i know that i was pretty good at hating you for months but honestly i never stopped loving you and i just want to say thank you for still loving me too. even after everything you know, everything you put up with when it comes to me.

this year has been the worst year of my life because of him. but also my happiest, because of liv. and you of course you i’m only messing (not) somehow you made me smile and have a reason to look forward to the future even when it wasn’t looking anywhere near bright enough. you dealt with me pushing you further away when i wanted you even closer to me and for that i’m sorry. really sorry because you probably thought that i didn’t care or that i didn’t think of you in all of it, but i did. i did and i just wasn’t able to tell you (i’m shit with feelings robert - we both know that)

anyways, you sorta proposed to me this year too and i crashed the car in response. says a lot doesn’t it? so then i had to propose to you to make up for it and now … engaged. me and you. i think that’s the happiest i’ve ever been, in that hospital room, just me and you, no one else around us. you don’t know how long i’ve wanted just that, just you and me. you’ve given me the happiest day of my life and then you gave me the happiest christmas too (don’t tell me you didn’t like the snowballs because i heard you ask lis for the recipe)

i have a new year’s resolution, it’s to tell you i love you more and make sure you really know. this one i promise i’ll keep, i promise to make sure you know it even though i’m awful at letting you know sometimes.

you’ve made mistakes, and then i’ve made some and then you’ve made more but that’s us i think and i’m sure we’ll stay like this when 2017 rolls around. but then again we’ll be husbands soon won’t we? husbands. and we’ll have the mill to decorate and colours to choose for bedroom walls and i’ll plan many ways to kill you whilst you tell me black can’t be the colour of our bedroom and the furniture has to be oak. but i’ll still love you, like i always will because somehow i can’t help myself. maybe next year i won’t have to write this down, maybe i could be as soft as you and just tell you to your face but then again i know you’re soppy and you’ll probably treasure this like some sap so maybe not.

all my love, your husband to be (i like the way that sounds)

robert had tears in his eyes as he finished it, wiping them with his sleeve before turning and seeing aaron sheepishly standing there.

“you read it?” aaron ducked his head and then blushed before feeling robert crash into his arms and kiss him hard on the lips.
“happy new year aaron,” robert whispered before seeing aaron smile.
“happy new year rob,” aaron whispered back, kissing robert and still smiling.

Protected (Part 10)

Summary: Reader witnesses something horrible and somehow Bucky ends up being her bodyguard

Warnings: angst, fluff, smutty, POSSIBLE TRIGGERS FOR CLAUSTROPHOBIA, throwback to part 2

Word count: 1670

A/N: This is back and shit’s about to hit the fan1!! There are 2 or 3 parts left and ya’ll gonna drown me for the ending I have planned, GET READY!! 

‘Protected’ masterlist


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2 weeks later

Two weeks had passed since Tony and his team found Mrs. Hallie. My sweet neighbour who didn’t deserve any of this. It shook me to my core and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop thinking about her cold, bruised face when I had to identify her; when I heard about how she was tortured and beaten before finally killed. I began having nightmares, seeing her in my dreams. I couldn’t bear it, so I just laid in bed until I was completely fatigued and unwillingly fell asleep.

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Don't Tell Me Its Over

@lclb12 inspired this sequel to my Adam Cole fic All in the Game.​

Your relationship is growing with Adam but then things get serious.

A little smutty, a little fuffy, a little angsty.

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“So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.”

Clueless (1995) dir. Amy Heckerling

btswifi  asked:

BTS reaction to them accidentally hitting their girlfriend or pushing her off the bed when they are sleeping thank you~ ❤


He’d feel so terrible at first waking up to your big thud on the floor then he’d laugh.

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He’d tiredly help you back into bed just so he could cuddle you more.

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He slept through it.

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He’d apologize and pick you up and lay you back into bed. He’d cuddle you and massage he kicked you to make sure you won’t hurt anymore than you already have.

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He’d feel like he committed some horrific crime towards you. Endless apologies.

“Oh my god, are you okay? I’m so sorry. That was an accident. It won’t happen again. I’m so sorry.”

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He’d simply make sure you were okay, but wouldn’t let you back in.

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This kid would feel bad when you fell. But once you try to get back into bed, he’d start teasing you endlessly until you both fell asleep once again.

“Aww you really wanna sleep with me that much?”

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I hope you enjoyed it. <3

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"If You Can't Sleep..."

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,300
Warning ~ This got surprisingly heated, but I wouldn’t count it as smut.
Note ~ I tried writing something from Shawn’s POV and it actually turned out alright.

The bed shifted again as Alex wiggled around to get comfortable, ending up with her head buried against my chest. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist, hoping she had finally found a position to fall asleep. But it wasn’t long until she was moving about again.

Cracking my eyes open, I watched as she sat up and kick the covers off her body. Faint moonlight leaked into the room, highlighting, well every good part about her; like the way her hair flowed down her back in messy waves, or the fact that the shirt -my shirt - she was wearing way too big for her and was practically falling off her.

Sitting up, I caught her hand before she had the chance to leave the bed, “Baby…”

Alex jumped at my voice, which made me chuckle. She was so adorable sometimes. Turning around to face me, her voice coming out weak, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s alright.” I pulled her into me, my heart doing a little jump when she pressed a small kiss against my shoulder before rested her head in the same spot. Her body instantly relaxed into mine, “Is something wrong?”

Shaking her head, moving to look up at me. Her bare leg brushed against mine, sending a wave of tingles straight to a place that I shouldn’t be thinking about at three in the morning, “I just can’t sleep.” The frustration was clear in her voice.

“Well, if you can’t sleep, we could always have sex? That should tire you out.” I half joked, my heart did the jumping thing again as she shoved me in the chest playfully, giggling quietly. But the other half of was so up for the idea because she was seriously getting me all riled up.

And Alex must have sensed this as her hand ‘accidentally’ brushed somewhere very inappropriate. She failed at holding back her laughter. But all I focused on was the way she bit down on her bottom lip and how she looked up at me with wide eyes, in a sort of innocent way which didn’t help the situation.

Before I had the chance to do or say anything she was climbing onto my lap. An involuntary groan jumped from the back of my throat as she situated herself, the cute little smirk on her face told me she knew exactly what she was doing. I wasn’t going to stop her anytime soon.

Leaving a trail of warm kisses along my jaw, her hot breath sent shivers running through me as she whispered in my ear, “Do you want some help with your little problem?”

My mind went blank as her hips came alive against mine. I brought our mouths together in a very sloppy kiss as I tried my best to hold back the string of curses forming in my mouth, knowing my parents and Aaliyah where asleep down the hall. But when I felt her tongue lightly run along my bottom lip, I fell apart. She was normally never this confident with this kind of thing, but I wasn’t complaining one bit.

The hottest thing happened as my hands found themselves crawling up her shirt until they rested on her bare hips, muscles tensing as my fingers gently starched at her soft little stomach, making her moan in my mouth. Her hips jerked against mine as my hands kept higher. I smiled when I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

With one hand shoved in my hair, Alex lifted her hips from mine. At first I whined from the loss of contact, but she made up for it by intensifying the kiss. Her free hand tugged at my gym shorts, pulling them down far enough so they were out the way.

Moving away from the kiss completely, she sat back, lifting her arms above her head in a silent command. I complied, slowly peeling off the shirt leaving only her pajama shorts and underwear. My eyes scanned her newly exposed chest and stomach, something I rarely got to see.

“You’re so beautiful.” I whispered, my finger followed one of the longer scares running across her stomach. Instead of pulling away like she normally would, she just smiled and brought me back in for another kiss. It was much slower this time but still filled with just as much passion.

She broke away too soon. Her lips lingered close to mine, teasing me. I went in for another kiss, but all she did was nip my bottom lip, giggling when I let out a loud frustrated moan.

“Shhhh, we don’t want to wake your family.” Her voice came out all sexy and breathless, “I want to try something.”

Confused, I was about to ask her what she meant, but my words got stuck as she started popping hot little kisses down the front of my throat, and all the way down my chest and stomach. Her eyes caught mine as she reached the waistband of my boxers, pulling them down just like the shorts.

Another loud moan escaped as a surge of pleasure ran through my body. One of my hands tangled in her hair, while the other tugged harshly through mine, attempting to relieve some of the tension building up inside of me. Then she did something very good with her hand and I had to squeeze my eyes shut and bite my tongue to stop myself from being too loud.

But when I opened my eyes again I was lying in bed alone. Beams of sunlight filtered through the curtains into the slightly less familiar room. The loud sounds of the busy city outside quickly brought me to the conclusion that I wasn’t at home, but in fact staying at some hotel.

Sitting up, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and was about to get up when the bathroom door opened. Steam poured out as Alex emerged, running a towel through her wet hair. Much to my disappointment she was already fully dressed in black jeans and a lose grey shirt.

“Good morning.” She smiled, her voice was way too cheerful. I will never understand how she can stay up till three in the morning editing videos and still wake up at six and not be grumpy.

Dropping the wet towel on the floor she sat on the bed next to me, but I wanted her closer. Grabbing her hips, she let out a small yelp as I dragged her onto my lap, bringing her in for a much-needed kiss.

Smirking knowingly, Alex pulled away and quickly slid off the bed, “You must have really enjoyed that dream.” I stared at her with wide eyes, “Shawn, you woke me up moaning, it wasn’t that hard to figure out.”

“Then why didn’t you help me.” I tried to sound cool, but the words came out more as a whine.

“Because you were sleeping and couldn’t consent to it.” She reasoned. Okay, fair point.

I went to grab her hand, but she just laughed and took another step back, “Baby, please.”

“Nope. Anyway, it’s your problem.”

“But you caused it.” I argued, but I already knew I wasn’t going to win this fight.

“Actually, your brain imagined it. I just so happened to be a part of it.” Alex shot back, “I’m going downstairs to grab breakfast with Andrew and Geoff. You have about half an hour to get off and get ready before you need to meet us. I’ll just tell them you slept in or something.”

Although I was tried to act mad, I could help but smile as she leaded in and gave me a surprisingly heated kiss before pulling back. Stunned, I sat and watched as she slipped on her shoes and shoved her phone into her bag before rushing out the door with nothing more than a quick 'I love you’.

As soon as the door slammed shut I slipped my hand under the covers and tried to recall the dream. 

a brief collection of some of the Tolkien dreams I’ve had, in no particular order

(all of these really happened, I swear)

  • During Frodo and Sam’s march to Orodruin when they’re pretending to be orcs, an orc captain asks Frodo if he’s okay. Frodo admits he’s suicidal. The orc captain tries to provide emotional support and vents to Sam about how Mordor’s military-industrial complex is killing all their youth and he wants to change that, but he’s unfortunately only gonna be able to protect Frodo until they get to the Black Gates and then it’s open war.
  • I was lying on a bed, surrounded by people who were speaking Quenya. I tried to lift my right hand because it itched, but it wasn’t there. When I tried to sit up someone told me to lie still. Red hair fell into my eyes.
  • Frodo and Sam get to Mount Doom but all the lava is frozen so they have to dig a hole in the ice-lava to bury the Ring and destroy it. Meanwhile a random dwarf from Valar know where is on the other side of the lava hacking his way through with a battle axe trying to get to Frodo and Sam and kill them.
  • I was a famous author and went on Stephen Colbert’s show to be interviewed, but halfway through the interview Sauron showed up and I had to song-battle him (I failed, and then Elrond had to come save my ass).
  • Legolas and Gimli broke into the Dwarvish afterlife in Valinor by accident and wound up having dinner with Thorin’s Company. Thorin not only didn’t recognize them but thought they were both dwarvish women. Legolas was horribly embarrassed and insisted Gimli go find Gloín and tell him the truth right now. (Bonus points goes to this dream, because mid-dream I started thinking ‘wow, this would make a great fanfiction’.)
  • Bilbo was pissed off because he couldn’t find his favorite tea.
  • Somehow I wound up on the field of corpses after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. I found Fingon’s severed head and what was left of his corpse, and I held the head in my arms and sang ‘History Has Its Eyes On You’ from Hamilton to it as an elegy.
Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 14: Where is she?

Summary: Waking up the next morning is calm and all until Jay wakes up.

Words: 1149

Is it mine? Masterlist


“(Y/N), we’re here.” I blinked my eyes a couple of times not realizing what I was told. “(Y/N), come on.” I just nodded my head way too tired to give a shit when I felt another nudge.

“What’s taking so long?” I heard Jay yell, anger dripping in his voice.

“Sorry, Jonny.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes to wake up.

“It’s fine. Let’s just get you inside. You can rest better in there.” Jonny held out his hand and helped me out. I leaned against the car and closed my eyes. I heard Jonny sigh and felt him pick me up.

“Thanks, Jonny.” I fell asleep after he placed me in a bed. I didn’t know if I was in Jay’s room and frankly didn’t care. I was out of it at this point. I had a fun day with my friends and it ended the worst way it could have. On the plus side, I could see Jonny and my friends were safe with no knowledge of my relation to Jay.

I woke up when I felt something beside me move. I looked and wasn’t shocked at all when I saw Jay. He had his arm resting on the baby bump. If I didn’t know he was a murderer and crazy as hell this would be a sweet moment. Well sweeter than it was. I looked at the time and it was nine in the morning. I sighed as I gently pushed his hand off and left to the bathroom needing a shower. As I got out of the shower, I sniffed the air smelling something delicious. I started smelling bacon. I smiled once I realized I was right. Bacon and pancakes. I wondered who was making breakfast. I looked inside the room I was sleeping in. Jay was sleeping still. I luckily didn’t wake him up. I spotted my suitcases and smiled. I put on some casual clothes since I wanted to be comfortable with what was about to happen today. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and saw Jonny sitting in the dining room.

“Morning, Jonny.” He looked at me and stood up walking towards me.

“Morning. You hungry?” I nodded rubbing my belly to further my exaggeration.

“Starving. I could smell it in the shower. Did you cook?” He just shook his head and chuckled. He rubbed my head messing up my hair.

“I’d burn the house down. Boss hired a chef, maids, drivers and other people to make things easier on you.” I shook my head.

“Did he threaten them?” We sat down as someone placed a plate in front of me. I went to grab food as Jonny spoke.

“No, money was good enough for them. How’d you sleep?” I just shrugged.

“I slept. Did you?” I looked at Jonny. He looked sleep deprived. Jay always worked him too hard.

“This ain’t about me.” Jonny was an open book. Except not at all. It always difficult to get a straight answer out of him.

“Ain’t about me either.” I sighed trying to think of something else. “The baby kicked last night. Before I saw you guys. I was so happy, it was the first time Alex kicked.”

“Does he know?” I put my fork down looking at him while we spoke.

“I told him it was a boy yesterday and his name.” I ate a piece of a pancake when I was done speaking about it. “Holy shit. These are delicious.” I looked at Jonny and noticed he wasn’t eating. “Eat.” He didn’t take care of himself well especially when he was worried.

“I already did.” I rolled my eyes knowing he didn’t.

“Jonny, eat.” He ignored me pushing his plate away.

“Aren’t you worried?” I took a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah, I am. What was I supposed to do? Fight him? His men would shoot me. He’d shoot you. Kill my friends. That’s not something I wanted. I’ll do my best with what I can here. Not much I can do if I wanna keep you safe. I don’t understand why he wants this kid so badly.” He held my hand.

“I think he may actually love ya. Who wouldn’t?” I just laughed.

“Good joke. Not funny. There is no way he could love anyone, especially me. He would never want to show weakness. It’s probably to prove no one can get far without him finding you if he wants to.” Jonny just shook my head.

“Nah. He cares at least a little. Just try to help him. Maybe you can.” Jonny got up and kissed the top of my head.

“Gotta go get ready for the club tonight.” I was confused. Jonny wanted me with Jay? And why was he not in the hospital? He was just shot.

“How’d you get out the hospital? Why are you going out so soon?” He faced me.

“Nothing bad. Didn’t die. Gotta work. I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about me.” I just shook my head.

“Just want you to be careful.” I took another bite.

“I will. Tell the maid when you’re done to take you to the baby room. You’re supposed to choose the stuff for it.”

“Alrighty. See you tonight?” I was hopeful of seeing Jonny more often.

“Maybe, don’t wait up. Get some rest.” I nodded.

I was finished with breakfast and started heading to the kitchen bringing my dishes back but a maid stopped me.

“I can take those for you.” I handed her the plates. She placed them in the sink.

“I’m (Y/N). What’s your name?”

“Edith, Miss (Y/N). We really aren’t allowed to socialize so please excuse me.” She started washing the plates.

Jay was harsh to them. I asked her to take me to the baby room and she did. She left immediately saying she had tasks she had to complete.

‘I really hope he hasn’t hurt them. Though, I’m sure him just being him is enough to be afraid.’ I opened the door and gasped. The room was huge. I don’t know what I was expecting considering this whole place and Jay’s room. There were shopping magazines on the floor and I assumed that was what I was supposed to choose from. I was calmly circling things as I looked through them. Designing the baby’s room at home was nice and doing it here gave me another time to enjoy it. I kept looking through it until I heard Jay yell. What the fuck was going on?

“WHERE IS SHE?” I sighed. He really thought I left. I got up but doing it while being pregnant was hard and took longer. “WHERE COULD SHE HAVE GONE?” I was at the door when I heard a gunshot and jumped. I quickly ran out to the hallway.

“JAY STOP.” He came out of his room aiming his gun at me. He was pissed.

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Second Chances-2

The front door of Herman’s house opened, he came out to the car, coming to the driver’s side. I opened my door, stepping out, stretching my muscles after a long ride.

“Did you drive all night?” He frowned at me.

“I didn’t feel like stopping.” He pulled me in for a hug, I wrapped my arms around him. “I missed you big brother.”

“Missed you too. Let’s get the munchkins in the house.” He got Cora out of her carseat, carrying her inside, I carried Lucinda. He led me down the hall to an extra bedroom, that he had decorated for them. Laying them down in beds, we covered them up. “Go get some rest.”

He pushed me out into the hall, towards the room across from the girls. I fell into the bed, letting my eyes falling close.

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Title: The Moment
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 585
Characters: Alex Summers x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Mentions of nightmares
Notes: Request from anon for “Alex Summers dealing with his PTSD and nightmares about Cuba and Vietnam and waking up in a cold sweat and his s/o is there and she’s telling him it’s all gonna be okay and stroking his hair and he just loves her so much and oh my god ima make myself cry, I have issues and I need some Havok fluff, whenever you’re free love?”

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Nightmares weren’t uncommon for Alex Summers. They always involved waking up in a cold sweat with intense fear filling him completely. The bed looked like he’d gotten in a fight with the blankets, leaving him with nothing but a messed up sheet and a trembling body. He fell into the routine of waking up from a nightmare, steadying his breathing, then getting up and taking a shower, as it was always impossible for him to fall back to sleep after such an event.

Tonight had the potential to be just like all the others, but there was one factor that made all the difference: tonight, Alex had you.

Instead of waiting for the terror to jolt him awake, he was woken by you softly shaking his shoulder, saying, “Alex, wake up. C’mon, babe, wake up.” He bolted upright into a sitting position so fast that if you had been leaning over him, he most likely would have knocked you out. His head whipped from left to right, checking his surroundings, before realizing that he wasn’t in some camp in Vietnam – he was in his bedroom. Upon hearing you murmuring, “You’re okay, Alex. You’re safe, you’re okay,” he fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily.

Gently, you pulled Alex’s arm so that he would come to you. He complied, laying his head on your shoulder and chest, slinging a heavy arm over your waist. A sigh of contentment immediately left his lips when you began running your fingers through his hair and rubbing slow circles on his back. There was a long silence before Alex said softly, his voice still raspy from sleepiness, “I’m sorry, doll. I forgot to warn you about my nightmares.”

“You have nothing to apologize for, sweetheart. You’ve seen a lot of shit; I’d be surprised if you didn’t have nightmares. Just relax and get some rest, okay? I’ll be right here if you wake up again,” you replied, pressing a kiss to his still-damp forehead. You felt Alex nod, his nose brushing against your neck, and his arms tightening around your waist. You continued to rub circles on his back, and it wasn’t long before his breathing slowed, returning to the steady pace you had had heard before you first fell asleep. You were right behind him, falling into another deep, dreamless sleep.

When Alex awoke the next morning, sunlight pouring into the room through the cracks in his blinds, he nearly panicked when he felt that he was alone in the bed. His arms darted out in an attempt to pull you closer to him, but he felt nothing. Then, the scent of bacon and coffee found its way to his nose, and he sleepily stood from the bed and made his way to the kitchen.

You heard his heavy footsteps, and turned to see Alex in nothing but his plaid pajama pants. He was rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands, and his hair was sticking up in all directions. After a long yawn, he trudged over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind you, and resting his chin on your shoulder. Peering over you, he could see that you were making bacon and pancakes, and he could hear the dripping of the coffee pot. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, before nuzzling his face into your neck and closing his eyes.

Unbeknownst to you, that was the precise moment Alex Summers decided that he was completely and utterly in love with you.

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andreil + facetiming
by francis and sur

“What’s up Josten?” Andrew says, voice tinny though the microphone on the phone. They have the newest iPhone 6, since they succumbed to the foxes pestering of their out-dated flip phones. This way they could video chat, or at least that was Neil’s way of convincing Andrew the expense was worth it.

Neil couldn’t really tell where Andrew was through the tiny picture given to him from Facetime, but it was clear he was not at his hotel in Seattle, the city where his pro team was playing tomorrow night.

“Why are you not in your hotel, getting ready for bed?” Neil finally replies, done studying the background of the city behind Andrew.

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Love and Hate-Part One

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Summary: You’re a new student at Beacon Hills High. Where you met with an old “Friend”. 

Liam Dunbar X Reader

Let’s pretend Liam and Hayden still hate each other and that they never fell in love with one another:) 

(Sorry Layden  shippers)

(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

(Y/N)’s POV: 

I woke to the sound of my alarm and groan in annoyance. I slide my finger across the screen, stopping the sound that I dread to hear every morning. 

I stay in bed for ten minutes contemplating my life. I hesitantly get out of bed and felt the cold breeze against my toes.

I grab some clothes out of my wardrobe and head to the bathroom, to freshen up and to put some makeup on and to do my hair ready for the day ahead. 

After my shower, I grab my books, pens, pencils, my laptop and other necessary items and place them in my bag.

I grab my phone and put my shoes on. Before walking to the kitchen to have breakfast. 

After eating, I grab my car keys and walk into the garage. I unlock the car door and place my bag on the passenger’s seat. I put my seatbelt on and put the keys into the ignition opening the garage door afterwards. 

I turn the keys bringing the engine to life. I reverse out of the garage and close the garage door before driving to my new school, Beacon Hills High School.
I finally arrive at the school’s parking lot and look for a car park. Once I parked the car, I grab my things and lock my car before walking to the school entrance.

I walk towards the school entrance and stood there, feeling my heart beat rising. I finally gain the courage and walk through the two doors in front of me. I stood there and look at the crowd of students walking by, smiles plastered on their faces, laughter fills the air and the smell of body odour and cheap perfume mixes with it. 

I walk towards the front office, following the signs on my way there. Once I arrive I walk through the wooden and walk towards the desk. I see a young looking women and start speaking to her. 

“Hello dear, how can I help you?”She asks looking away from her computer screen. 

“I was just wondering where I could get my ah timetable and locker things?” I reply given her a soft smile.

“I could do the for you sweetheart. All I need is your first and last name” She saws returning the smile.

“My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N)“ I say.

“Thank you, I won’t be long” She says and begins typing away.

“Okay” I reply and look around the small building.

I walk around and look at the small details that make the room look sort of cosy. Until I heard a voice which pulls my attention away.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I have your locker number and combination and your timetable for you. Have a lovely day” She says giving me a warm smile.

“Thank you Miss Harper and you too” I reply returning the smile.

I walk out of the small building and walk down the hallway looking at my timetable and then I turn my attention to my locker number, which happened to be 1538 and walk around trying to find my locker.

After an eternity I finally find my locker and start placing my school supplies into my locker and leaving the ones that I needed in my bag ready for the next lesson. 

I start walking towards my next class, passing by a bunch of students next to a locker on the way there. While searching for my English class the bell rings which causes me to run frantically looking.

I get to my class taking a deep breath trying to regain myself. I stand up properly and brush myself off. 

“You must be our new student” Someone says pulling my attention towards him.

“S-sorry I’m l-late sir. I-I got lost on t-the way” I explain still trying to breathe.

“That’s pretty understandable you’re a new student here. I’m Mr August by the way” He says 

I finally look around the room and notice everyone looking at me. I give them all an awkward smile and turn my attention back to the teacher.

“You can take a seat next to Mr Dunbar” Mr August says causing me to choke a little.

“The same person that punched me in the face, Dunbar?” I ask slightly agitated. 

“I said I was sorry” I hear a familiar voice say.

I turn to see a brown haired, blue eyed boy which causes me to glare at him from across the room.

“You punched her in the face” Mr August says sending him a disapproving look.

“We had a little misunderstanding that’s all” Liam replies chuckling afterwards.

“You could say that. But I’m not sitting next to him, there has to be someone else” I whine. 

“Don’t worry we all say that” I hear someone say. I turn to see a girl and she sends me smile which I return. 

“Just take a seat Miss (Y/L/N)” He says and points to my worst enemy.

I walk towards my seat and sit down slamming my books on the desk. 

“So Dunbar had any outburst yet? Hit another girl possibly” I whisper sending him a smirk. 

“I don’t like this either. So we can pretend like we don’t even know each other” Liam whispers glaring at me.

If looks could kill I would be dead and so would everyone around me. 

“Liam can you shut up. It’s annoying that I have to hear your voice everyday” I hear someone say. 

I turn to see the same girl from before and send her smile and mouth thank you which she returns with a nod. 

"Oh, Dunbar you know I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be any fun” I whisper and lightly punch him on the arm.

“Look I said I was sorry. When are you going to accept my apology?” Liam whisper yells.

 I look at his hand which were gripped tightly around the wooden table. I look at Liam curiously and continue looking at his hand again.

“You’re even weirder than before” I whisper and look towards the front.

“You’ve got that right” I hear the girl say again.  I chuckle at her response and continue looking at the front.

“Miss Romero, Miss (Y/L/N) leave Mr Dunbar alone and focus on class” Mr August says. I throw my hands up in surrender and start writing what on the board.

“This isn’t over Dunbar” I whisper glaring at him. 


My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest it was beating so fast. Why though, I do admit that Evan was very handsome. ’Did I get the right number?’ Evan sent another text, drawing me out of my thoughts. ’Yes you did. Lol xD’ typing the quick response while hitting send. I took a quick breath and smiled to myself. The phone started to vibrate.

Oh lol if you’re busy then I can text back another time.’ I smiled at the screen and fell back onto my bed.

Nah I was just walking into my room so it took me a minute lolbut anyways whats up?’ I wonder if I can ask him about Tyler and Craig? Would he get mad? Does he even notice the glances between them? Craig and Evan are really go friends so he must know. Before I could really think about it any farther Evan had text back.

Just sitting around about to get cracking on some homework.’ I looked over at my bag and sighed.

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