i fell asleep during class

aaaa thank you friend!! tbh i was just a really bored kid growing up and that’s what that amounted to

like you know that one kid in high school who always had the most extra notes with little drawings as bullet points and filigree first letters, and doodled fancy borders around lists and imitated different fonts on different pages, yeah when I bothered taking notes at all, that was me.

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Can I have some Highschool au prompts please?

Sure thing! 

-We’ve been assigned as project partners but??? I have literally never seen you in this class before?? Do you even go to this school?? 

-I’ve gone to the same school as you for years now, and we have almost every class together, and you are somehow well acquainted with who I am but I have no idea what your name even is and I am so sorry. 

-You sit in front of me in one of the classes and the only interaction we ever have is every morning when you turn around in your seat and put a new sticker on my binder? Why do you have so many weird stickers??

-We hang out in the same area on campus and we have a lot of mutual friends but we have somehow never met each other but now we keep making awkward eye contact and people are starting to get weird ideas

-We both apparently missed the memo about ditch day and now we are the only people in our first class

-You clearly want to sit alone but this is seriously the last available seat on the bus so could you please move your damn bag and let me sit down. 

-You noticed that I usually don’t have a lunch so you started packing a lunch for me and I am so shocked cause I didnt know someone could be so nice and pure???

-My mom/dad is a teacher and you are always hanging out in their classroom and it bugs the crap out of me but you are apparently just trying to get their permission to date me????

-I fell asleep during class and you apparently gave my your jacket to use as a blanket/pillow but now I am totally attached to it and you are never getting it back. 

-I used to walk home every day and once you realized you asked you parents if they could give a ride home too but you totally regret it because now they love me and keep asking when you’re gonna ask me out. 

I didnt feel like doing my usual dialogue prompts and thought I’d give situation prompts for once. I hope you like them, and I hope they help you. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me! 

We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 12

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: The plan. The bank. Saving Scott and Derek, keeping Boyd and Cora inside. But I’m not part of the equation and my simple presence there could change the entire scenario.

Word count: 3299

A/N: So many words omg!! And again, none of the gifs are mine !

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I hardly closed my eyes that night. I couldn’t stop crying, thinking about my mistakes, my defects, how my life had become so hard and complicated. To regret my choices. My family that I was just missing more and more, as well as my friends from my world. It was unreal, I didn’t belong to this world. And all through the night, sobbing and fighting against sleep, I kept telling myself that maybe I should have left when I had the opportunity. That I should only give up.

I had lost the trust of the only person who had given it to me. All this because of the curse and the voice. I was a virus, I was breaking the rules of the supernatural. And I didn’t even know why I was here.

The only time my eyes closed for sleep was to dream of nothing. I was asleep but it was as if I remained awake, my energy wasn’t coming back. In my dream, I was standing in a room without limits, without color, without sensation except the cold that bit my bones. Alone in silence and darkness, standing and waiting.

I was pulled from my sleep by the bell of the front door and by a tired voice that went to open. Melissa had a day off but was working tonight if I remembered well. I heard her open the door and talk to someone, then call me.

“Y / N, Allison and Lydia are there, get ready for school,” she said from below down the stairs. Obviously Scott hadn’t come back, he still didn’t trust me. I groaned in my pillow before getting up, getting ready and going down where Lydia and Allison were waiting for me.

“Looks like a car passed in your face.” Lydia pointed out. Allison gave her a Shut up, it’s not polite! Look, to which she replied with a “What?”

“I’m going to look for something at work to help you sleep tonight,” Melissa mumbled, stroking my arm before going up.

“Thank you …” I whispered, head down before walking out. “Come on,” I snorted.

The ride was quite normal. I sat in the back and Allison was normally talking to Lydia.

When Allison parked her car in the parking lot, Lydia came out and started talking as if I wasn’t there.

“So mystery girl leaves a bruise on our arms that turns out to be the logo for a bank? What’s she trying to do? Give us investment advice? ”

“Not at this bank. It’s been closed for years. “Allison answered without looking at me and I went out of the car to follow them, head down.

"Why aren’t you telling Scott?”

“Because according to someone, I need to find something real.” Allison said as she opened the trunk to take her bag, revealing the metal clamps hidden underneath.

“Which reminds me, I can’t drive you home today. I had an errand to run after school.” She added with a glance at me meaning her sentence concerned me. We went back to school and Lydia walked to her locker, muttering something about a cute guy and I found myself alone with Allison.

“We meet near my car after classes, don’t be late alright? And I want to remind you that’s dangerous… ”

“I know,” I mumbled. “I know. But I want to come. ”

“Do you only know why I want to go?”

I thought for a moment before turning my head and grabbing a sheet with the pictures of Boyd and Erica, both missing. Allison nodded positively without really understanding how I knew, and that’s when the doors opened on Scott and Stiles. The latter only gave me a brief look before turning his attention elsewhere, while Scott, for his part, looked at me with sad eyes. He wanted to trust me, I knew. But he couldn’t, not yet. They both passed by before leaving to class. I sighed as I reminded myself that I had the same schedule as Scott. I put back the sheet of the missing on the wall.

“Something happened with Scott?” Allison asked me. I didn’t answer and started to go to my class.

“See you after class,” was all I told her.

The day was long and I passed it alone. Usually I was eating with Scott and Stiles, being a bit ecstatic about the classes and the characters, but not today. Because tonight I was going to enter the bank with Allison and try one last time to change positively the future. And that stressed me, I didn’t mind listening in class, let alone talking to people. Especially with Scott, who no longer spoke to me, which broke my heart even more. And then I was so tired that I fell asleep even on my desk during Mr. Harris’s class, which was strangely patient with me, contrary to the way he treated the others. He came knocking on my desk to wake me up, making me jump as I glance around and saw everyone staring at me.

“Sleep at night, Miss McCall, please.”

“Sorry …” I mumbled as I straightened up.

After the class, I saw Scott hesitating to come and talk to me. I was about to leave when he finally decided to come to me.

“Hey …” He started and I turned slowly toward him. “Nightmares?”

I shook my shoulders as I fixed the floor.

“Haven’t slept …”  I answered. The discomfort grew between us.

“Y / N, I wanted to apologize for …” Scott started but was interrupted by Stiles calling him near the door. I took the opportunity to check the time and noticed that if I didn’t hurry I would arrive late by Allison’s car.

“I have to go,” I hurriedly say before leaving the classroom. I had to pass by Stiles, who pushed himself to the side without a word to let me pass. My eyes didn’t leave the ground, unable to cross his gaze. The gaze of no one actually. I picked up my breath that I didn’t know I was holding back when I heard Stiles talking to Scott, which froze me on the spot outside the classroom.

“Are you still worried about her?”

“I know she doesn’t want to do anything wrong …”

“But you don’t trust her anymore, right?”

“You could say that… ”

I kept a sob before running awkwardly out of the school, where Allison was waiting for me near her car.

“Is Everything fine?” She asked me, seeing my eyes reddened.

"Yes,” I answered dryly. I didn’t want to talk about it, my heart hurt too much. “Let’s go.”

Allison wanted to wait until the sun went down before going to the bank. So we revised her plan, which basically consisted of strolling through the abandoned bank and finding clues. I felt like laughing, if only she knew.

We went back to her car and she took us to the place. After breaking the chains with the clamps, she entered first, beckoning me to follow her. The interior was very dark and a lot of debris littered the dusty floor. We had to be careful where we put our feet and stay silent so that we don’t get heard. I almost said “by whom?” But I abstained. It was a crucial moment of my plan, if I failed everything else was going to fail as well.

I had no right to make mistakes.

After turning back to watch if no one was following us, Allison turned on a corridor I recognized. I stretched out my hand and pulled her out just in time, as Deucalion’s druid darted towards her to stick her against the wall. Ms. Morrell knocked on the wall instead and looked at me with surprise and incomprehension. How could I know what she was about to do?

Allison was too surprised to see her guidance counselor to notice that I saved her.

“Ms. Morrell?”

“Keep your mouth shut, and listen close. You have no idea what you just stepped into. Right now you’ve got maybe 20 seconds to get your ass hidden.” The druid tells us and I grabbed Allison by the hand to take her into the storage room before anyone continued the useless discussion.

“Okay,” I said, opening the door and putting Allison in it by force, closing the door and locking it. Allison gave me a suspicious look. I was acting strangely again.

But I didn’t have time to worry about losing her trust, I had never really had it anyway. I put my ear against the door and heard footsteps. My heart accelerated in spite of myself and I curse myself. I made a sign of silence to Allison, looking for the bottle of ammonia, which I waited a little before pouring on the ground. The footsteps passed near the door and I heard someone stop. Kali. I closed my eyes strongly by putting my hands on my mouth to block the strong sound of my breathing hoping that she would pass the door without trying to find out.

Eventually, the sound of footsteps resumed and I was able to let go of my breathing silently. Seeing that the liquid from the bottle was going to reach the bottom of the door, I motioned to Allison to remove her jacket, which she did without asking me any questions. Once put on the liquid, I put my head against the door trying to calm my heart rhythm.

“How … do you do,” Allison whispered.


“To stay so calm, know exactly what you have to do,” she added just as low.

I kept a little nervous laugh. In truth, my heart was about to explode. She didn’t know the fear that gripped my throat. I wasn’t part of the equation, I wasn’t supposed to be there, so the plan could mess up and deviate from the original episode at any time. Kali could have easily smashed the door on hearing two hearts beating wildly. Everything could go wrong.

“You don’t know how frightened I am,” I whispered, closing my eyes.

I didn’t saw Allison open her phone light. But I heard her scream, which she stifled and then I remembered.

Erica was with us in the room. I knew that if I looked, I was going to be sick again and scream. I just couldn’t look at her body. So I positioned myself so that my gaze was placed on the door and not on her.

I don’t know how long we were locked in the room. But I knew we couldn’t get out right away. If I remembered well, we had to leave only when the sounds of fighting began. So I listened, paid attention to all the noises, hoping with little luck that Scott listened to me and repelled their rescue another day.

But I doubted it.

And my doubts were confirmed when I heard noises. Sounds of struggle mixed with howling wolf screams.

It was the alarm, so I opened the door and signaled to Allison to follow me.

“Scott …” Allison mumbled, but I didn’t answer and opened the door looking both ways. The path was clear, so I ran down the hallway, following the noises and Allison beside me tensed.

We arrived in front of the open vault and in front of me I saw for the first time a werewolf battle. It was dark and only the moon illuminated the bloody fight that was happening.

Derek was fighting his sister while Scott was fighting Boyd and neither had the advantage. Allison rushed to the circle in order to break it.

“No!” I shouted as I approached Allison to keep her away from the circle, while Derek shouted at her not to break it. Allison pushed me violently.

"Stay out of it! Don’t stop me from saving them! ”

“By releasing them into the wild?!” I shouted at her, my embarrassment and shyness suddenly gone. I couldn’t fail this part of the plan, even if I had to knock Allison down to do it. I walked quickly to the circle, detailing it. Then, my gaze landed on the fight, Boyd who was killing Scott, his claws planted in his stomach. I couldn’t break the circle, but I could undo it long enough for Scott and Derek to get out and then close it to lock up Cora and Boyd? But for that, they had to move away from each other, otherwise everyone would go out at the same time.

My brain was turning at a mile.

"If you do nothing, I’ll do it!” Allison yelled at me as she approached the circle again. My heart accelerated again and I decided to act on a whim. My heart began to pound in my chest painfully. It was a stupid idea and above all, suicidal. I got up by waving her to stay where she was.

“Derek, Scott, as soon as you can, run to the door! Allison …” I turned to her.  "As soon as Derek and Scott have a respite… break the circle but just enough to put it back up after.“

"You’re not seriously going …” She started but didn’t finish seeing me step into the vault.

“Y / N!” Scott cried against the wall, spitting blood.

"Hey Boyd!” I shouted, now in the vault. The effect was instantaneous. The two wolves turned to me and let go of their opponents to scream in my direction as they pulled out the fangs. Fear paralyzed me for a moment. They were about to charge me, they would come and cut me up.

"Go !!” I screamed at Derek and Scott, but I couldn’t see if they followed my plan because I had to deal with two enraged wolves that started running towards me. My legs didn’t want to move, I was paralyzed by fear.

Go, move Y / N, move!

Then I remembered. Something that made me even more afraid than the two beasts that were rushing towards me. Something I feared, which gave me nightmares. It was even more stupid than getting into the circle, but I knew that if I didn’t try I was going to die.

"I come from another w …” I began before being interrupted by the pain, so powerful that my legs began to move on their own. I pressed my hand against my heart, throwing myself behind a row of metal locker and the two wolves missed me.

It was the first time that the pain saved my life, that the voice in me was useful.

However, now I had to survive Boyd and Cora by having this feeling that my heart was being cut in half. I crawled on the floor behind the lockers, searching for my breath, seeing the two wolves recovering from the wall they had eaten in the face and whose golden eyes fell on me with ferocity. I swallowed by not feeling the pain coming down, as if the voice was pissed I used it to my advantage.

And that’s when I told myself for the first time that I was going to die. If it wasn’t for their claws that would shred me, the pain would finish the job.

Boyd was the first to attack. He jumped on me, but I had the reflex to put myself on my back and lift my legs to push him away. However, he grabbed my right leg and planted his claws, which made me howl with pain. He was going to drag me along and both of them would cut me to pieces. And with the pain in my chest, I was never going to manage to get out of it. I wasn’t ready to die, not now. I didn’t want to die!

I closed my eyes tightly while waiting for the end, but instead I heard a voice. Scott.

“Hey!” Boyd dropped his grip on my leg and Cora and him turned to the source of the noise and both received a powerful punch in the face. They fall a few yards behind, very close to me still coughing as I held my throat. I panicked at seeing them so close to me and felt arms help me get up. I looked up at Allison that was helping me getting on my feet and Scott and Derek who were transformed and ready to resume the fight. Allison dragged me out of the vault and my wound left a trail of blood in the way. I kept coughing and took a look at the mountain ash line. It was broken, but only slightly and easily repairable.

Allison dropped me outside as the fight started again. Eventually, the pain in my chest began to go down and I managed to breathe normally again. And I swore that I would never use the pain again to get me out of such a dangerous situation.

My hand landed on my wound which was at the height of my tibia a little under my knee, grimacing in pain.

"Scott… Derek… They… must get out …” I mumbled with difficulty.

But as I spoke these words, Scott and Derek were knocked down and Boyd and Cora took advantage of it to escape from the vault before I could even think of closing the line.

I had to watch them run away helplessly, letting myself fall back onto the cold ground where I held a sob, still holding my wound.

I had failed.

Scott and Derek stood up and walked out of the vault. Immediately, Derek grabbed me by the collar to get up and stick me against the wall, not worrying that I got wounded trying to save them.

“What have you done? They went out! You know what that implies? ”

“Yes,” I answered calmly, suddenly empty inside, staring at his face in blood. “That means I have failed again. That I will never succeed in saving anyone. It means that everything is ruined. ”

“Let her go! Y / N!” Scott added as Derek let me free. I was expecting Scott to stick me up against the wall as well and yell at me how stupid I was, but instead he took me in his arms.

"Never do that again! To put you in danger like that … never again!” He said, pressing me close to him.

"Sorry …” I mumbled as I felt tears coming to my eyes. I snuggled up against Scott. He had an odor of sweat and blood and was breathing heavily against me. I was persuaded that my clothes would be covered with his blood, but I still passed my arms around his chest.

“And you …” Derek muttered at Allison.

“You want to blame me now?  I’m not the one turning teenagers into killers!”

“No. No, that’s just the rest of your family.”

“I made mistakes and Gerard isn’t my fault.”

Oh no. Not that conversation. The conversation I thought I could avoid. No one needed that right now.

“And what about your mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell her, Scott.”

Scott was still holding me up against him and raised his head sadly as he heard his name and understood. Boyd and Cora were in the wild. I had no time to lose with this discussion, but I couldn’t leave Scott’s comforting embrace. His arms around me, he managed to remove a part of all my fears. But I knew I had to take action and get out Plan B very quickly, even if I was slightly hurt. It was nothing compare of what was about to happen. But for now, the fear was making my body shake. So I could just listen, powerless.

“What does he mean, Scott? What does he mean?”

In the next chapter: Plan B. Trying to save the next virgin victim, but for that, I’ll need help. And a driver.

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Ranting Time: School Edition

Before I do my writing sprint, I just want to quickly say this:

I appreciate school. I really admire the fact that I can get a free education in a safe place. But this is about the way the school system is set up, particularly high school (along with some teachers I had in middle and elementary school). 

People recommend that teenagers get eight hours of sleep or more.

People recommend that you spend an hour exercising daily.

People say to eat well. To have a good balance of vegetables, fruits, grain, etc daily.

People say to participate in extra-curricular activities, community service and clubs.

I appreciate all the advice. I do. And I want to follow it all. But understand when I say that I can’t do all of these things. I’m not going against them because I don’t want to follow them. But I physically can’t without losing my sanity.

I might be a teenager. I might be a really young person “full of youthful energy”. But sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep at 3am just to finish your essays and projects. 

Sometimes I want to go to sleep at 2pm in the middle of your class –not because I’m trying to be disrespectful– but because after staying up all night to finish a literature project, my eyes can’t physically stay open to watch you talk about chemistry. 

And no need to call me lazy, I already feel guilty about not being able to reach your expectations.

I procrastinate on assignments. I admit it. Because some days, I choose to sleep as soon as I get home. Why? Because I’m tired. Can you blame my body for wanting rest? You never taught me how to manage my time, but all of a sudden, I’m supposed to be a master?

Oh, don’t worry! I’ll eat oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and an apple this morning! Just give me fifteen-twenty minutes to cook it! And another twenty minutes to eat it!

Oh, wait! Looks like I’m late for school because of that breakfast! I’ll be sure to wake up earlier tomorrow!

Oh, no! That means I have to go to bed earlier to get eight hours of sleep!

Oh, no! I have to finish this project first before I go to sleep and it’s nearly 2am All those clubs and chores really ate up my time!

Oh, no! I overslept because of that project, so I guess I can’t cook that breakfast!

Oh, no! Now I’m so hungry during class, so I accidentally fell asleep!

Oh, no! Etc.

I try. Okay?

But I’m human. I’m sorry I feel like sleeping all the time. Honestly, if I were a teacher, I would hand out bags of chips as prizes. There’s more I want to say about this, a lot more. But I’m too tired.

This actually seemed like more of an apology letter, than a rant xD

Well then, dear high school, I’m sorry I failed you. I will hereby try harder next year. But until then:

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Info: Stellaworth Bonus Drama CD

CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Track 1

…? What? Were you looking for me? … Ah, I was pretty wet and school uniform was heavy. I was in the mood to sleep and too sleepy to get up, so I slept like this. *sigh* “This way you will catch a cold.” you said? I don’t care about it. *sneeze* What? Don’t make me say it, how bothersome. I’m not leaving here. Do you intend to stay here forever?

Your wet shirt is getting transparent. Did you come here just to show this appearance? … It makes no sense trying to hide now. I’m already tired of looking at your nude look. Your shirt… is so wet that is disgusting, right? How about you take it off sooner? *sneeze* Geez, you are so annoying..! If you don’t want me to catch a cold that much, do something about it. … You can, right? If you’re so worried about my body… come here. … You are falling upon me… is a good view. This way the rain will end soon.

…Hey, the water that drips from your hair and clothes is cold. Fulfill your role properly. If I get wet, what will you do about it? … Ah, but your hands are blocked, so you can't…There’s no way, I’ll help you. … I’ll take off your clothes. …First the button… it’s completely stuck in your skin. If you don’t come closer I can’t take off your clothes… Lean over a little more… yes, come closer to me…

*suck blood* Why are you surprised? You’re the one who leaned over me. *suck blood* These drops of water are irritating, one after another… It’s annoying, so you should take it all off. … It’s raining, no one will come here. Even if someone comes, wouldn’t you be happy being seen? …Come on, take it off. Let your posture fall more… I’ll help you.

Is that so? Next, here is good, right? *suck blood* Mixed with rain water… the taste of your blood is reduced by half. But pressing my fangs against this cold skin isn’t that bad *suck blood* …? “Fever”? There’s no way I get that. How stupid. …That’s irritating. There’s no way to know if someone has a fever just by touching the forehead. If there is, do that this way. *suck blood* So? Was that enough? … “It’s hotter than ever”? Something rare happened… well, that’s fine. If I have a fever… I just have to drink your blood. If I do that, the fever will end soon, right? … Your body is getting hot too. Even after getting wet by rain… It’s really an indecent body. *suck blood* Hey, don’t become dizzy. You don’t want me to get wet, right? *suck blood*

Track 2

Hey, wake up… I didn’t expect anybody here… Huh? You fell asleep during class? So, you were left here? …You feel ill since this morning, huh. Yesterday, you seemed to be feeling good while you were hit by rain… I didn’t say anything wrong, right? How about you go back early? It’s been some time since classes started… well, in 30 minutes it will be over though.

Go back quickly! I’ll use this-..! You-..! *you fall* Why are you dizzy? I don’t care if you get hurt, but don’t cause trouble. …You are hot… if you go back to class with that body, you would have to go to the infirmary anyway… Your breath is warm, you’re also powerless… Furthermore, you’re trembling. Are you feeling cold? … Come here. “What?” you ask? You’re trembling, so I’m hugging you like this, geez… Hey, you gained weight? There wasn’t meat here-… Hey, are you listening? …What’s with that face? Huh? “What face?” you ask..?! Such an erotic face. Like when I suck your blood.

Are you inviting me? Even with a fever… You’re really leecher. …Huh? You’re just becoming red because of fever? With that face you don’t have persuasive power… Is that so? I’ll test on you the medical treatment of vampires them. *suck blood* Your blood is hot… Don’t try to escape! … What? My hands are so cold that feels good? Is that so? *suck blood* So? It’s a good medical treatment, right?

My earphones are disturbing me… you, put them. The best climax will be played very soon. *suck blood* …Your blood seems different… but I don’t dislike this… Next is here. Give me more. *suck blood* …In which part is now? …Ah, this next solo is the climax… like you. *suck blood* …Was that good? Of course, because it’s a famous conductor. Impossible to be bad. …This face… Is the music good? Or my fangs are good? You can’t answer anymore, huh? Close your eyes and listen… you can feel the music, right? Yes, this way. Cry with the best music and fangs.

Track 3

…? You came to the infirmary… Are you still feeling ill? … You are already better. Is that so? … Huh? Me? I'm… ah, yes, I’m feeling ill now. I’m in the infirmary, wasn’t that obvious? My head hurts so much that it seems like it will break and I’ve got a fever also. You transferred it to me. No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault. …“You don’t have a fever.” you said? Why do you know? Just by touching my body a little is impossible to know if I have a fever or not. …What do you have to do to know it? … You have to do this. *kiss* …So? It’s hot, right?

So this time is your turn. …Come here. Let me suck your blood. With your blood taste I know everything about you. …“Something happened?” Not really. I said that, right? I’m feeling ill now. Come here fast..! *suck blood* … It’s the taste of your blood..! That hot taste last time was not bad, but as expected this is…! *suck blood* …the most delicious! It’s your taste…*suck blood*

Which do you prefer? …I’m asking which wound you want to be sucked. …This wound in your breast, when I sucked your blood while we were being hit by rain? …Or this wound in your neck? …If you like, I could make a new wound also. Here, for example. *suck blood* …What? Are you getting excited? Doing it in a bed made for patients sleep… you are very shameless… using my ill as an excuse…

Somebody came. Hey, pretend you’re ill. …Just scream as if you was in pain. You should be good at that. …Yes, cry more..! *suck blood* …He left, huh? …Huh? If he was cheated with that? *laugh* Didn’t he thought that the patient was sleeping? …Because you did that voice, it seemed like you are saying “There are two people in the bed, so go away fast!” …What patients squirm their body and creak like you? …Or else… that was really your intention? …You wanted that someone listened to your voice? …Whatever. Let me suck your blood more. *suck blood* …You’re shedding tears. It’s that good? … Even in convalescence, it’s surprising. …You’re the one who don’t understand where we are. You’re making a voice that can be heard beyond the door. *suck blood*

Somebody is coming again… Hey…*suck blood* …Pressing your lips anyone will be able to hear… you… *suck blood and laugh* you’re really an interesting woman. You have the courage to act…Well, I don’t dislike that part you. Because I’m willing to completely look down upon you and reveal your real nature… Come on; let me suck your blood more… From now on I’ll make you feel even better.


Translation team member: Runa

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Come And Get Your Love

486 words

Taehyung hated the learning part of chemistry. Dalton’s law and dimensional analysis and covalent bonds–who cared? … Well, they were important concepts, but that was beside the point; all he really wanted to do was do lab stuff, like play with potentially harmful chemicals.

While the professor droned on, Taehyung sighed, propping his chin onto his palm.

He glanced beside him. His lab partner, Jimin, was full-on napping behind his laptop. Taehyung wished his face wasn’t buried in his keyboard, or that his sweater hood wasn’t covering his fluffy, copper hair. He could really use something pleasant and cute to look at.

Taehyung has been harboring a crush on his lab partner since the semester started about a month ago; since he first glanced at him the moment he walked through the classroom door. Since then, he made sure to sit next to him, and to offer himself as his partner for the lab portion before he could even breathe a word.

Taehyung took a moment to gaze at the soft, small hand that he noticed always got engulfed by his own when Taehyung grabbed beakers and test tubes out of his hands (which may have been on purpose); the patch of smooth skin of his forearm, revealed by the hoodie sleeve Jimin had pushed up to his elbow earlier.

Taehyung idly began tracing his gel pen over Jimin’s skin. It was too smooth and blank for him not to. 

Write it, a devilish part of his brain challenged him. Write what you’ve been meaning to tell him since Day Fucking One.

Well… why not? He could just rub it off before class ended. And they were friends; Jimin would take it as friendly humor. Maybe.

He waited a few seconds, to make sure he didn’t suddenly wake up, before scrawling:

For a good time: XX-XXX-XXX.

Suddenly, Jimin’s head shifted. Taehyung sucked in a breath, and at the last minute, and without any better ideas, shoved Jimin’s sleeve down to cover his markings.

Jimin raised his head and groggily turned to him, blinking. He must have slept hard.

Taehyung hoped his ears didn’t look as hot as they felt.

Ugh, he has such a cute face,
he thought with an inward groan, How the fuck? Who thought creating this human being was a good idea for my soul?

Vaguely, they both heard the sounds of the other students getting up from their seats–class has ended. 

“Did I miss anything important?”

“Nope,” Taehyung chirped, a little too optimistically.

“You didn’t pay attention, did you?” Jimin chuckled. He stood up to fold his laptop into his bag. “Well, see you!”


Jimin discovered the writing when he went to the bathroom. He pulled his sleeve up to wash his hands and noticed the stark black writing on his left arm, slightly smudged but still legible. 

He smiled to himself. “Idiot Taehyung,” he muttered.

It took him long enough.

But no, seriously, sleepy story time:

Kuroko is clearly waiting for the perfect opportunity there, which will be when Nigou finally succeeds in wedging himself between Kagami’s arms and the basketball. He snaps an entire album’s worth of pictures and then spends the rest of the day clasping his phone like a precious thing and doing the sparkly thing with his face again.

Kagami spends the rest of the day very confused because Kuroko doing the sparkly thing with his face is usually reserved for getting treated to a milkshake or making a particularly critical shot but neither of those happened today and shit is this Kagami’s imagination or does he keep glancing over and what, what happened, what did he do, gdi Kuroko why do you do the things you do!

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Straight White Boy Problem #562

I once fell asleep in the back of a class during a movie and when the teacher called my name I jerked my head back and hit the brick wall behind me, causing my classmates to laugh at my erroneous nature

i-tried-but-the-fandom-won  asked:

If you are still doing the prompts, could you write something about Bill annoying Dipper during school? How he followed Dipper out of Gravity Falls, I have no idea :D but I think it would be cool if Dipper fell asleep during class (because he's way too smart for middle school) and Bill entered his dream to tease/torment him. It's can be as lighthearted or creepy as you want.

Dipper fought a yawn as the teacher went on with her lesson. He was just so tired, because this class was so boring. He sighed a little, glancing at the clock. He couldn’t believe summer was already over, and he was back home with his parents, and now back to school.

He missed Soos, and Wendy, and most of all, Grunkle Stan. He missed having those cool adventures and finding weird creatures. He yawned this time, rubbing his eyes.

“Man, that lady can sure yank it up, huh Pine Tree?”

Dipper’s eyes widen and he turned around to see a familiar floating triangle, just dangling around. He nearly fell out of his desk and looked around to see if anyone else was seeing this. Bill just laughed, going from one place to another.

“What are you doing here?!” Dipper whispered.

“What? Can’t I visit my most favorite person ever?” Bill asked.

“No! How are you even here?! You should be back in Gravity Falls!” Dipper exclaimed.

“Ohohoho, simple-minded Pine Tree. I can be anywhere. At anytime. Whenever I feel like it! Perks of being a dream demon, you know.” Bill said, swinging his little cane around.

“Well, go somewhere else! You’re gonna get me into trouble!” Dipper scolded, glaring at the demon.

“Who, me? Hey, I’m not the one sleeping in class, kid.” Bill said, chuckling.

“What?” Dipper asked.

“Whoops!” Bill exclaimed and used his cane to smack Dipper’s face.

Dipper woke up with a startled yelp and looked around. He noticed he was on the ground, the side of his face stung a bit, and everyone in the classroom, including the teacher, was staring at him.

Dipper blushed and awkwardly laughed. “U-Um…”

“See me after class, Mr. Pines.” His teacher said, glaring at him.

Dipper sighed, slowly getting up and getting back into his seat. “Yes, miss.” He said miserably.

Dipper frowned when he swore he could hear Bill’s loud cackling in the back of his head.

º✧* imessage » ________.
  • dylan: i took two vicodins during lunch today and then i fell asleep in class and my teacher gave me detention
  • dylan: detention
  • dylan: since when did i go back to fucking middle school

● “I got lost on the way to class and now I’m in detention with these fucking hooligans wait hang on these guys are pretty nice, dID I JUST MAKE A FRIEND” au
● the “meeting new ppl because of alphabetical seating” AU
● “you were passed out in the hallway before school and I panicked and tried to wake you up but you were just napping and now we’re sitting up against ur locker talking about why u didn’t sleep” AU
● “you’re always in the library at this time reading the same book and you caught me trying to read the cover” AU
● “who the fuck is [ ] and why are love letters adressed to them always getting put in my locker” AU (with optional “ooohh, that’s why” extension)
● “I gave someone a fake locker number earlier this year and now the owner of that locker is coming to kill me” AU
● “shit I love my best friend, but I value their friendship so I’m trying to act normal and get over them” AU
● “I fell asleep during the film in class and you filled out my notes/worksheet for me I owe you a slurpee” AU
● “I fell asleep during the film in class and you taped a sign to my backpack that says ‘ask me about my nipples’ so I’ve got a week of detention. With you, as it turns out” AU
● “I taped a sign to your backpack that said 'ask me about my nipples’ so that you’d be in the same detention as me cos I like you” AU
● truth or dare at a sleepover gets weird/personal and characters are 1) uncomfortable 2)enjoying a dare a bit too much 3) refusing to answer a truth 4) forced to admit a thing AU
● “I really like talking to you so I keep making up excuses to do it” AU
● “this guy keeps texting me what do I say to make him stop” “gimme your phone” — “shit I think you broke him” AU
● “this whole dating thing isn’t working for us, so we’re really close friends instead” AU
● “you keep messing with your outfit so I tell you you look great and you blush and now I’m in too deep holy shit you’re cute” AU
● “you looked uncomfortable with grinding with your date so I broke in and saved you” AU (either pulled them away or got in the middle, you decide)

Matt Epsinosa: Love at first slip. Part one.

I slumped down in my desk, setting down my bag as I did so.  I was so fucking lost, my mom left us, my dad was drunk all the time, and everybody was so consumed in their own lives that they just forgot that I’m still breathing. Or trying to anyways. I looked outside the window, just getting a glimpse of the courtyard. 
It was days like these, the ones where the sun is shining alone in the sky, no clouds trying to cover up its bright rays. Where the grass seemed to be just a little greener, and the air seemed to smell a little nicer. It was days like these that I remember how beautiful of a place the world is, and how I seem to forget all the little things. Days like these let me travel to my own fantasy world, A world of opportunity, a world of ignorance, a world of pure bliss.
Unfortunately I’m stuck in a classroom on this beautiful day. A small room lit by blinding artificial lighting, where the smell of cleaner and expo markers is almost suffocating, where even your thoughts are incoherent while listening to the monotone lecture being stuffed down your throat. I feel like a prisoner, and if I’m honest with myself I know I am. Sitting in this room I have nothing to do except to chip away at my sanity.
I shut my eyes feeling the walls close in around me, while a breath slips out of my mouth taking all my inner demons with it. As I hear my name I’m jerked away from the all consuming black hole in my subconscious.
“Y/N? There will be no sleeping in my classroom. If you have a problem staying awake in school maybe you should spend some more time sleeping at home rather than partying all night.”
I roll my eyes sitting up slightly, although not enough to show any interest in what he’s saying.
“Mr.Clenning, I stayed up last night completing the homework you and all of my other teachers have assigned me. If you would like me to sleep at night, assign a smaller workload. Until then I find it very selfish of you to deprive a young developing teenager of their sleep schedule.”
He turned to his desk, shaking his head in disapproval of my attitude . He scribed a note onto a small slip of paper. He’s assigning me a detention. I shake my head in disapproval, just as he had done to me. 
“Mr.Clenning, assigning me detention will give me less time to complete my homework assignment during daylight. I guess I’ll be asleep in your class tomorrow as well.”
He walks over to me shoving the slip in my face as if to show he’s already made up his mind. I snatch it out of his hand sticking it in my notebook. It doesn’t matter to me what he thinks, I mean those who cant do teach. He turns around walking to the board, grabbing one of his precious expo markers. “You know Mrs.Y/L/N, I’m here to teach you. I can’t do that while you’re sleeping. My homework isn’t the problem, it’s your time management.” and with that I walked out of the classroom, slamming the door on my way out, as if doing so would change his mind.
I walked down to hallway, and then down into the lower floor. Detention. I stood in front of the door not wanting to go in, entering the room ensured that my parents would find out. My dad would slap me, and my mom would call me from Chicago exclaiming how much of a let down I am to the family. This was my 7th detention this semester. I wasn’t a bad person, I just had trouble staying attentive. I was always lost in a sea of thoughts, all independent from each other. Trying to put my thoughts together was like trying to translate an unknown language.
I gently pushed the door, letting it to swing open just enough for me to slip through. I walked over to the monitors desk setting down the slip I so graciously received. “Sign in ma'am.” I nodded my head complying with her directions. Once finished I scanned the room seeing a couple familiar faces until I spotted an empty seat. I trudged over to the seat throwing my things onto the floor by my desk. How was I going to explain this to my parents, Sorry you’re stuck with a fuck up for the rest of your lives? I slid down into the chair running my fingers through my messy hair. I sighed letting my thoughts take over. Each one saying their own opinion, having their own story. When I finally did open my eyes I was shocked to see a tall figure standing above me. “You’re in my seat.” I exhaled shaking my head in annoyance. “You don’t own the school, find another seat.” He turned his head to the side “I don’t want another seat.” I chuckled not because I found what he was saying to be humorous, but simply because I was done with his bullshit “Just fuck off, I’m not in the mood for your shit right now.” He shrugged “Nah, I want my seat. But I’ll make you a deal, you tell me your name and I’ll forget your simple mistake.” I sat up shifting the weight of my body so I could face him directly “If I didn’t make it clear, I’m not in the mood for your shit right now, just find another god damn seat would ya?“ He sighed, smiling as he did so. Who did he think he is, a fucking prince? He turned around scanning the room for open seats until he just so happened to stumble upon the seat in front of me. Fucking fantastic. I rolled my eyes as he picked up his chair and flipped it around so it was facing my desk, “Why don’t we share, huh?” I slumped back down into my seat. “I’m Matthew, but you can call me Matt.” I looked at him, going over his features with my eyes, examining every detail of him. He leaned back in his seat “This is where you tell me your name,” I smiled pulling out my notebook from my bag “That’s for me to know.” he tilted his head to the side, watching me as if I were on display. Just as I had done to him not even a second ago “Don’t worry, I’ll find out one way or another.” And he did. That was the day I met my first love, Matthew Lee Espinosa.

Tell me if you want me to continue this or if I should just leave it. ;) love you guys byeeee!