i feeling better now...maybe

People leave, accept it and move on

I am restless tonight.
I feel unwelcomed at the place
I used to feel home at.
People who said would
always be there have left.
Moved on maybe.
Found someone better.
I feel like an intruder now
when I try and talk to them.
Maybe I am.
I can’t wrap my head around how
I can let it affect me so much.

- C

Who Am I? Part Four

Summary: Some scientific research into your reactions. 

Warning: This is an A/B/O, Rape/Non-con, while not a super graphic chapter I think at the end you will understand why I still included this warning.  A little bit of smut

Steve X Reader 

Tags: @divadinag @ariwolff14 @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @marauderice @el-bucky @kellyn1604 @negan–is–god @theariel85            .

Part One                           Part Two                       Part Three   

                His hand rubbed small circles on the back of your neck.  You curled into him, your feet resting on the couch.  With a smile glued to your face you let out a sigh of happiness.  

               “I didn’t hurt you?”  Steve placed a kiss on the top of your head.

               “No.” You shook your head. “I feel much better now.”

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Less sad Hollow Knight thoughts:

I sure did assume Zote was a vessel the first time I saw him because he does look an awful lot like the Knight at a glance, so I kind of imagine the Knight making the same mistake when first meeting him, but then after the Vengefly King is down, they go to check on him and he opens his mouth (?) and starts talking (??) and the Knight is baffled long enough for Zote gets through his whole introduction and then they’re just. crushingly disappointed and that’s way ruder than them being mad at him or blowing him off and Zote is deeply offended.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm sorry youre feeling crappy :( I hope you feel better asap! Maybe when youre well (or now if itd help you feel better)& have the time (I know school keeps you busy) could you write some jeddy w/ teddy comforting james after a fight w his dad?

Teddy stood for what felt like a long while staring at the outside of James’ door.

He was perfectly eye level with what looked like numerous black streaks left by the miniature fire crackers that Zonko’s sold. If he looked down at his hand, which was holding the door knob, he could see on the wood the soft scaring of what looked like a young James trying to spello-tape his door shut. Teddy sighed, thinking that was probably what James was wishing he could do right now. Teddy hit his knuckles on the frame softly.

When no response came he turned the door handle gently, opening it a crack, “James?”

“Go aw- oh.”

James’ eyes, which had had fire in them a second ago, softened and he turned away, sinking onto the edge of his bed with his back towards Teddy.

“’s just me… Can I come in?”


Teddy stepped over a few piles of forgotten clothes. He threw a sock off the bed to sit down next to James who looked about just as rumpled as his room did. He had soft, purple circles under his eyes and his hair looked like he had just rolled out of a deep sleep. He look soft- and in Teddy’s opinion bloody gorgeous- but sad.

Teddy trailed his fingers a long James’ wrist for a moment, waiting for him to talk first, before pressing his fingers into the spaces between James’. They both watched their hands as they fit together, perfectly.

“I shouldn’t have yelled.”

Teddy shrugged one shoulder, “I think you had a little right to yell. So you aren’t on the Quidditch team? Who cares?”

He does.”

“Well, he shouldn’t have reacted like that.”

James let out a soft growl from the back of his throat, his anger boiling up again, “He’s always comparing me to people. ‘m not as smart as Albus, Lily’s gonna be a bloody seeker in her first year, we all know that. Rose is bloody brilliant, Victoire’s going to be an amazing healer, and you-“

Teddy’s heart jumped in surprise. He hadn’t expected his name to be mentioned.

James looked at him, eyes sad and slightly lost, “Even you he compares me to..” James sighed, looking down again, “You can do anything.”

Teddy laughed a little in disbelief, “Are you joking?”

James shot him a pained look.

“James, he doesn’t compare you to me. I’m not even a part of this family. Not really, at least.”

“Yes, you are!” James protested.

“What, so I’m dating my brother?”

“Wh- well- I-“

Teddy raised his eyebrow.

James groaned, falling sideways against Teddy, head on his shoulder, “No…”

Teddy picked up their hands and pressed a kiss to James’ fingers.

“I just-“ James bit his lip, “I just wish he could- stop. Just not compare me to anyone. I mean, I’m not them. I’m just.. not. You know?”

“Well, personally, I prefer you that way.”

James laughed a little and Teddy politely ignored the way it sounded a little watery.

Teddy tilted his head slightly so it rested atop of James, “Really James. You don’t have to worry about that. Sure, maybe Quidditch is something he wanted you to do but he’s got a daughter for that.”

James’ voice came out quiet, “Then what’s he got me for?”

“I like to believe you were put on this earth for the sole reason of only because whoever’s up there realized that Teddy Lupin needed a James Potter but…”

James snorted, turning his head into Teddy’s neck, “You are such a sap.”

Teddy grinned, “Sorry.”

He felt James press a soft kiss to the skin of his neck, “Love you, y’know that?”

Teddy squeezed James’ hand, “Yeah, I know that. I love you too, you know that?”

“Mhm..” James sighed and pressed one more kiss to Teddy’s cheek, “‘m gonna go talk to him.”

“Okay. James,” Teddy caught his wrist before he got too far away and James looked back at him.

“You’re here for whatever you want to be here for.”

James smiled softly at him, “I know.”

Teddy watched the door a few moments, then leaned back on James’ bed, waiting for him to return.

darling it’s better down where it’s wetter (A Tall Tail)

summary: a bit of M-rated smut set within the otherwise-PG A Tall Tail universe. (if you like mermaids, Captain Swan, and alternate takes on 4B, I shamelessly suggest reading it; if not, all you need to know is that Killian is a merman with a magic cuff that lets him walk on land; Emma has one that lets her swim with him in the sea). fair warning: this is mermaid smut. (as in they are both merpeople and they get it on)

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE IN THE WORLD, @xpumpkindumplingx!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this is so late!!! But there was some talk ages ago about mermaid smut so……here it (finally!) is!!! I love you so much, darling A, and I’m so excited for our road trip/adventure in June!! *muah*

Lazy Saturdays had been few and far between in Emma’s life, and now that she knew them, she was beyond loathe to give them up.

Especially when there were days as gorgeous and warm as this one, with the sun beating down on them and a pleasant breeze toying with her hair. And days with absolutely nothing to do with the hours ahead of them but relax and enjoy each other’s company.

So far, they had done that last one a couple of times—first on the Jolly Roger, languidly as the early morning rays of light illuminated the cabin, then (quietly and quickly) in the bathroom at Granny’s while they waited for her parents to arrive.

And now, as they lay on the large, flat rock in the cove, if the gentle way he was tracing his fingers on her hip was anything to go by, they were headed that way again.

The sunbathing had been her idea—partly because she hadn’t had the chance to in ages, and partly to get to see him in the swimsuit she’d bought him especially for their mer-outings: a scale-patterned brief that closely matched the colors of his tail. (He had quirked an eyebrow in amusement when she gave it to him, but it quickly grew heated when he saw the hungry look in her gaze.)

They’d been lying next to each other, basking in the sun, eyes shut, but she was vaguely aware of him now leaning on his side and dancing his fingers across her hip, nudging at the edge of her bikini bottoms as his digits made their way toward her navel.

It actually felt pretty good, and she hummed in appreciation. “Do you like that, Swan?” he asked, voice low. “How about…this?”

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End Up Here

Just some more Bughead fluff to tide us over during this too long hiatus!

Betty’s eyes glistened with pride as she watched her fiance hang the framed cover of his first novel, about Jason Blossom’s murder, above the desk in his new office. It hadn’t been an easy road, to say the least. There had been so many ups and downs that sometimes Betty felt dizzy, like this was the worst roller coaster and she would never get off. But then there he was, all blue and brooding, his steady eyes and gentle hands, letting slip a new smile every day just for her. It made her feel a whole new kind of dizzy, a sickeningly wonderful spinning of the ground beneath her feet that she never wanted to end. 

And now they were here. Their first house was modest but perfect, paid for by the astounding sales of Jughead’s novel - not that she was surprised, she always knew how brilliant he was. Jughead insisted their whole house be painted a bright, sunny yellow, gazing at her with such love when they stood in the middle of their furniture-bare living room for the first time, her arms wound tightly around his neck after he’d swept her up to carry her across the threshold for the first time. She’d giggled and lent forward to rest her forehead against his, quipping about his questionable expertise in interior design. 

“You know, Jug, you’re supposed to carry a bride across the threshold. This is a little ridiculous,” she laughed, yet not making a move to be let down from his arms. Jughead laughed, his chest exploding with how happy he was right here, in this moment. He never thought he would make it here. 

“Well then, Miss Cooper,” he began, reluctantly setting her down on the ground. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” He knelt down in front of her, hands shaking as he reached into his pocket to pull out the little velvet box. Betty gasped, hands coming to cover her mouth as her eyes filled with the prettiest tears Jughead swore he’d ever seen. “Betty, I never thought I was capable of feeling the way I feel about you. Every day you make me better, whole, in a way I didn’t know possible. I can’t breathe when I wake up with you in my arms because I’m scared that one shift will blow you away from me forever. I never want to let you go. I love you, Betty Cooper. Will you marry me?” He lifted the lid to reveal the blue sapphire set in a gold band, surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds. 

“Juggie, it’s perfect,” she gasped, her voice catching around her tears. She didn’t just mean the ring. She meant him, their lives, their love. Him, kneeling before her in a completely empty room, nothing but him and her, expressing just how much they meant to each other. “Yes!” she exclaimed, realising in her awe that she still hadn’t replied. “Yes, of course!” A laugh bubbled up in her chest as he slipped the ring on her outstretched finger, moving to sweep her up and swing her round, burying his own damp eyes in the soft, warm crook of her neck. They’d made love that night, slowly and passionately, on the mattress that was on the floor in their new room, not wanting an inch to come between them.

She watched him now as he took a step back from the wall, checking to see if the frame was straight. He turned to where she was leaning against the door frame. “Good?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she replied, butterflies swirling in her stomach at his responding smile. 

The butterflies increased suddenly, filtering upwards slowly until Betty realised they weren’t butterflies anymore. “I’ll be right back,” she shot out suddenly, a crease between her brows as she turned and flew to the bathroom. 

“Betts?” Jughead called after her in worry, following a few paces behind. By the time he reached her she was heaving her late morning breakfast into the toilet, clammy fingers clutching at the cool porcelain. He held back her hair and rubbed soothing circles across her back until she leaned back sometime later, a light sheen across her face. “Betts, what’s wrong?” 

“I-I’m not sure, maybe it was something I ate? I feel better now, actually,” she murmured, her eyes still slanted in thought as she moved to stand. He was there instantly, putting a hand under her arms and guiding her to their bed, now with frame. 

“Still, I don’t want you getting any worse. Here,” he lifted the covers and gently pushed on her shoulders until she was lying back. He moved around, fetching her some water, placing a trash can by the side of the bed. He hovered, wondering if there was anything he’d missed. “Do you need anything?”

“Just you,” she mumbled sleepily, reaching for him with heavy arms. “Stay with me?” she asked. 

“Always,” he replied with a soft smile, slipping in besides her and pulling her gently against his chest, falling into a comfortable slumber.

Betty awoke feeling as bright and cheery as she had that morning. She looked down to see Jughead’s face squished adorably against the pillows, mouth slightly open and a possessive hand resting low on her hip. She bit her lip, brushing the soft curls back from his forehead. Him sleeping gave her a chance. 

The thought popped into her head immediately, as soon as she could get her breath back after throwing up this morning. She counted back, trying to work out the dates in her head. Was it? Could it actually be? 

She was back from the store on the corner before Jughead had even stirred. She paced back and forth in their bathroom, palms sweating for an entirely different reason as she looked at the white stick lying on top of the counter. Was it too soon? How would he react, would he be happy? Or, God forbid, angry? No, Jughead wasn’t like that, he was kind. Wonderful. 

As she waited for the timer to be up she let her mind wander. A little boy with Jughead’s dark curls and her green eyes. Or maybe a little girl, all dimples with a passion for stories. Either way, she couldn’t forget the image of Jughead cooing to a tiny version of himself, rocking the tiny bundle back and forth in their nursery. The image made her want to burst into tears all over again. He’d be a great dad. 

The chime rang out from her phone, steeling herself with a deep breath as she picked up the stick. 

It was her turn to kneel down before him, as she made her face level with his at the edge of the bed. “Juggie? Juggie, wake up,” she whispered, raising her voice slightly when he stirred. 

“What is it, Betts? Are you alright, is everything-” she cut him off before the panic could rise in his eyes. 

“Everything is fine, Jug. At least, I hope it is. I just need to tell you something.” He stared back at her in anxious anticipation, reaching for her hand. She raised the stick, plus sign facing towards him. “I’m pregnant, Jug. We’re going to have a baby.” She held her breath as his face remained still. “Jug?”

“Pregnant?” he asked, his voice slightly choked. Her eyes welled up.

“You’re not mad are you?” she got out, lower lip quivering. “I know it’s soon and we hadn’t even talked about having children but, I don’t know, now it’s actually happening I just-” Her sentence was cut short by his lips descending on hers, his hand coming up to cradle the back of her neck to pull her against him more forcefully. She raised her hands to cup his cheeks, letting out a small sob against his lips as she felt a desperation behind his kiss she didn’t even know he was capable of. When he pulled back to rest his forehead against hers his eyes were shut and there were wet trails left down his cheeks. She dried them with her thumbs as she couldn’t stop the smile that began tilting up the corners of her mouth. 

“A baby. We’re going to have a baby,” he whispered, finally opening his eyes to look at her. She nodded, biting back a hysterical giggle. “A baby!” He exclaimed, his beautiful smile lighting up his whole person as he sprung up from his place on the bed, wrapping Betty up in a tight hold and swinging her around. “I love you so much, Betty,” he cried into her neck as she laughed freely now, with careless abandon. Suddenly, he stopped, dropping her and pulling back with worry clouding his face. “Wait, I shouldn’t do that. Are you ok? Is the baby ok? I didn’t-” he stopped, placing a delicate hand over her still-flat abdomen. 

“Yes, Juggie, I’m fine. We’re fine,” she replied, holding onto his face and smiling at the thought of their baby inside of her, right now. 

“We are, aren’t we?” he said, eyes roaming over her face, that he would never get enough of, before leaning down to kiss her, delirious with happiness. It could never get better than this. 

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 15: Choose

Words: 1190

Tags: Fluff, Humour, Domesticity 

Week 15 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper!

Notes: Another dialogue fic… (sorry?) Please let me know what you think when you’re done! :)

Read on AO3 

“Could you please take this seriously?!”

“I am taking this seriously!”

“No, you aren’t. We’ve been sitting here for three hours and you haven’t made one sensible suggestion.”

“I have! You wrote down Leela, which I suggested. It’s not my fault you changed your mind and crossed it out.”

“I only changed my mind when I found out yet again that you’d suggested we name our child after a character from a sci-fi movie!”

“Okay, one, Leela was a character in the TV show Doctor Who, and two, what’s so wrong with naming our child after a strong female character from a science fiction? She’s my daughter, she’ll love her name and hearing all about where it comes from one day.”

“She’s also my daughter, Felicity, and I want her name to be special.”

“Almost every single name I’ve suggested so far has been special and you haven’t liked any of them.”

“Again, I go back to not wanting to name our daughter after-”

“Yeah, yeah, you’ve said it already. But since you won’t listen to any of my suggestions, let’s hear some of yours that are so special!”

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Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 03

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                  ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02

Originally posted by mvssmedia

note i remember the first time i wrote for chimchim was for my bestie , it was a great experience check it out if you’d like  why he read my diary

good luck for tomorrow @pinkrima

**chap 3 Accident !

Min yoongi pov

it’s been three months now and finally y/N was getting better i really don’t want to remember any of that bad days after she found out about her ex-best friend pregnancy even she tried hard to be strong she would never hide of me -me her best friend

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It’s actually possible to know from what side a Gem Monster is, giving their behavior.

Disclaimer: English is not my first language, therefore grammar, typing and other aspects of this essay may not be perfect, please feel free to comment me suggestions and mistakes that may help. As well as sharing your ideas! Also possible SPOILERS (If you are not to date with the show)

I am sure there is already people that has realized this, but it’s always nice to get this things written down so everyone can realize, share, and maybe get inspiration for other ideas. So, let’s get started.

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Show Me (Part Two)

Steve is the worst for breaking Buckys heart, but Bucky is a darling and forgives him anyway. Get to meet Clint and Natasha in this chapter!

Check out the MASTERLIST if you missed Part One!

“You’re so beautiful.” Steve whispered to the lanky brunette, pushing dark hair away from crystal blue eyes.

“Stop.” The teenager shook his head and grinned, and Steve ran his hands down that slim body, down to his hips and tugged him closer.
They both moaned at the contact, barely hearing each other over the thumping bass next door in the living room. Steve loved how he fit right into his arms like this.
“You’re drunk.”

“Yeah. Doesn’t mean I don’t want you. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

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i’ve learned through the past years that you should only surround yourself with the people who actually care enough about you to make an effort in your friendship. It’s really not fun to try to build a solid friendship based entirely on falseness, because it’ll just leave you more upset than before. Don’t do that to yourself. You don’t deserve it. I’m so glad that I’ve finally realized this and I can move on with myself. 

Rain Pt.3

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Guess who over-wrote again and has to cut it into two other parts. Yep, you guessed right. I think by the end I will have 200 parts.

Thanks to @btssugafairy for cheering me on and helping me through this -although she will deny it-

Genre : Fluff / Angst / Semi-Smut

Warning : Sexual content.

Word count : 4K

Request :  Where he make it up to the reader and she got pregnant and he just shower her with his love. just continue the story until the child has been born. Pretty please?? 😙 thank.you !!!! by : @m-a-r-i-c-r-i-s

“ I love you ” He whispered kissing your forehead.

“ I love you ” He repeated while moving down to your nose.

“ I love you ” He chanted as he started to thrust in slowly and passionately. His eyes never once left yours and his fingers forever brushing your skin.

He kissed you every chance he got, making your every insecurity fade away, nibbling and tugging at your lips so gently it sent tingles through your veins.

“ Jungkook-ah …” You met his every thrust with the same desperation, the same love. He missed this feeling, he missed seeing you writhe underneath him and because of him, he missed you.

“ I love you ” He breathed out in your ear as he came, his lungs airless but his heart and mind full.

“ I love you too ” You nuzzled his hair wrapping your arms and legs around him to keep his body close. To feel more of him.

With both your breathing, movements, and fluids blending together you just laid there and in every possible way, even though it wasn’t the first time, it was perfect. It wasn’t going to be the last either.

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anonymous asked:

15. medicine, and winteriron? :)

Bucky has been sick for the better part of the month.

It’s been miserable, for sure. Especially being around Steve who, contrary to his youth, remains healthy always. And so damnably chipper that Bucky actually chanced the harsh cold to make it to the store and stare blearily at the shelves while trying to find that vapor rub he loves so much. Because, let’s face it, Bucky is the hard, intense Bitch Face to Steve’s Labrador puppy smile and while he may love Steve like a brother that doesn’t mean he has to put up with his Little Miss Sunshine shit all the time.

He belatedly realizes that Steve should be the one out of the house standing lost in the pharmaceutical isle of Walmart. Since he lost his arm while in the army he’s always been more about immediate action than forward planning. Anything to keep himself safe. Just not always the best plan, per-se.

Either way, it’s in that isle, somehow only being able to find Baby Aspirin over literally any other kind, which Bucky gets bumped into.

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I miss having feelings for someone and I’m just now starting to accept that. The minute I start getting feelings, however, is when I start feeling uncomfortable and insecure. So maybe it is better to feel the way I am right now instead? Or maybe it’s worth it? Maybe I just haven’t met the right person that can both fill the void and make me forget my insecurities? Maybe I should just go to bed and stay sober for awhile? Yes

Just think about it for a moment.

Stiles and Derek are always thrown together because they’re living in a Grimm’s fairytale come to life (happy ending: uncertain), and they are part of a hodge-podge pseudo Scooby-Doo team, let’s be real.

Even when the supernatural decides to take time off (and it’s always random, because predictability is for losers), Stiles and Derek are still thrown together. Sometimes it’s late nights doing research on the new monster of the week, because heaven forbid the creature actually be something they know or at least had vague ideas about.

Sure there are pack meetings, putting multiple heads together and all that to figure things out. Go team. Or the super fun times where they practice fighting, humans not excluded. Yes Stiles realizes the necessity and practicality of it, it doesn’t mean he has to enjoy it.

Other times–Stiles and Derek seem to fall into a habit of just hanging out, just the two of them, less and less without prompting or barely there excuses.

So perhaps this cumulative bonding time or whatever has made it easy for Stiles to read Derek fairly easily. Okay, really easily. He’s pretty sure he has every twitch of Derek’s eyebrows catalogued and categorized, down to like, sub sub levels. The dude has really expressive eyebrows, though kind of necessary when he’s not always forthcoming with words. So.

And it’s perhaps gotten to a point where Stiles has dubbed himself Dereks-Interpreter-When-Derek-Doesn’t-Want-To-Communicate-For-Blankety-Blank-Reason(s)-Today. Again with the expressive eyebrows (and body language), Stiles is quickly able to suss out what Derek does want to say and fills in everyone else when necessary.

It doesn’t take long for the others to realize this (re: Lydia notices first, because of course she does) and make a few comments. The most surprising–and less innuendo filled–comes from Scott.

“Bro, it’s like you got the master key to his thoughts or something. I don’t know, I feel like you know him better than you know me, now.”

Maybe he can.

If the slightly raised eyebrow and the–damn, the gentled eyes Derek has directed at him, maybe it’s because Derek wants him to. Because, because he trusts to let Stiles in.

Later, when it’s just the two of them standing face to face with scarcely any room in between them (and when did they drift so close?) Stiles says softly, “Thanks.”

If Stiles can read Derek so easily, well, it seems to go both ways. With his fingertips, Derek tilts Stiles’ chin up so they’re looking at each other. His breath catches at the openness he sees.

“Thank you,” is Derek’s whispered response before closing the distance.