i feel...horrible today

May God protect the minorities of Pakistan. All of them are treated so poorly just because they practice another religion. The Christians, Hindus, Shias, Ahmadis, Hazras, Sikhs, Parsis, Bohras, all of them. Let’s not forget that Muslim countries can oppress, but more importantly let’s not forget that though divided by faith we should still be united through humanity. Pray for Pakistan.

101. i hate wasting food and i especially hate throwing out food that my parents have made for me... usually i'll throw a few crumbs and smears of butter and spread on a plate or something to make it look like i've eaten but sometimes they make food for me before dinner and i get rid of it and i feel so horribly guilty. like today for breakfast mum made croissants and bought strawberries and cream to go with it and saved me one and i threw it out and i feel like a horrible person whenever i do this
Nightmares 2.0

(A/N): I’m so sorry you’re not feeling good anon :(

Request: Hey.. I really cant explain how horrible I feel today.. I dont think I can go on any longer like this.. Would you maybe do a Buck Imagine so I can distract myself? Maybe where you’re dating and one time he Comes back from a Mission, finds you asleep on the Couch and bucky adores this sight before he carries you to the bed and cuddles you till he falls asleep as well. In the middle of the night then he Wakes up to you having a nightmare, so he Wakes you, holds you and tells you all will be fine ?

Warnings: nightmares?

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    Bucky trudged through the door of his apartment tiredly, an entire day on the run wasn’t easy and he all in all was just happy to be back home. With a sigh he kicked off his boots, already pulling his vest and top over his head as he wiggled his pants off his body. 

    “(Y/N)!” Bucky called out as he had finally stripped himself of his suit entirely. “(Y/N) you home-” He stops yelling when his eyes land on a little clump of human on his couch, curled up under a mass of blankets as said human snored softly. Bucky smiled gently as he gingerly walked around the couch, stopping to crouch before (Y/N), nearly eye to eye with the sleeping human. 

   God, they looked so perfect like this, so precious and sweet, their face rid of any stress that they carried through the day. He couldn’t even begin to describe what it was like to look at (Y/N) like this, without the stress of everyday life, to see an expression of utmost comfort and happiness upon their face and Bucky just couldn’t interrupt that. So instead of waking (Y/N) up to get them to bed he simply slipped his arms around them and carried them bridal style to their room down the hall. 

   (Y/N) whimpered softly as small goosebumps broke out along  their arms, causing them to shiver within Bucky’s embrace. Bucky smiled down at them softly as he gingerly opened the door to his bedroom, hoping the old door wouldn’t squeak. He smiled victoriously when the door opened softly, revealing the warm and cozy room (Y/N) had fixed up for the two. Gingerly, Bucky laid (Y/N) down on the soft mattress, pulling one of the many blankets on the bed over their shivering form.

    He would admit the soft bed and (Y/N)’s sleeping form looked rather inviting and he did just get back from a long, tiring mission, it wouldn’t be to crazy to go to bed this early, right? Bucky smiled once again as he slipped in beside (Y/N), gingerly wrapping his arms around their waist so as not to wake them up. Unconsciously (Y/N) snuggled back against his warm chest, a soft hum, nearly a purr, fell from their lips, their shivering ceasing. Bucky himself hummed as he settled against (Y/N) comfortably, nuzzling his scruffy face into their neck.

    He could already feel himself falling asleep as soon as he had walked through the door but now, curled up beside (Y/N), the feeling of their body against his, the soft lights of their room only adding to the rather warm feeling around him only made him feel that more exhausted. With a soft smile and an equally soft kiss to (Y/N)’s neck Bucky finally succumbed to sleep, allowing his exhaustion take him over. 

    It was only a few hours later Bucky awoke to the same sounds of whimpering, this time louder and much more unpleasant. He groaned softly as he rubbed at his eyes groggily, his sleep filled mind still trying to decide what was making such a noise. It took him a total f .2 seconds to shoot up straight, his heart racing as he realized the sound could only be coming from (Y/N). His gaze flicked to the left of his body to see (Y/N) shivering once again, their entire body trembling as small whimpers and pleas for help fell from their lips. 

   On any other given day he’d refuse to wake (Y/N) up seeing as how the last time he nearly got kicked in the throat but now, listening to their sad little cries and watching the way they shivered he’d take that risk over whatever was going on right now. Immediately Bucky hauled (Y/N) against him, one arm wrapping around them to keep them as close to his body as possible while the other ran over their hair in an attempt to soothe them when they awoke. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N),” Bucky had murmured when (Y/N) gasped, signaling that they were now awake. “You’re okay, it was just a dream, I promise you’re okay,” He had no clue what (Y/N)’s dream was about but these were the words (Y/N) usually spoke to him when he had a nightmare so he figured why not use them on (Y/N). “I’ve got you now, everything’s okay doll,” (Y/N) shudders softly as they nearly crumple back against him, sighing in shakily as they do. 

   No one spoke for a bit, the nightmare too raw for both of them. Bucky had never seen (Y/N) like that before, he couldn’t begin to fathom what they were dreaming about and nor did he want to, all he wanted to do was take (Y/N)’s pain away, the same way they had done for him countless times. 

   “You good?” Bucky asks, pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s sweaty hair. (Y/N)’s breathing is a bit labored and shaky but at least it was returning to normal. With an almost hesitant nod (Y/N) answers the question all the while curling around Bucky further. 

   “I am now,” 


I feel horrible today. 10 months, 10 explosions. Do you hear it on the news? Maybe in the passing. Do people change their flags to Turkish flag like they did for France? Does all world cry like they did for Belgium? WE ARE HUMAN TOO. Yes, Turkey is a Muslim country, no we are not actually in Europe but please talk about this. I have a flight today. If it was yesterday I could have been dead right now. Please talk about this.