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Hey boys. I'm feeling down bc of my body. I'm fat and ugly and my mother likes to remind me of that all the time. Do you have problems with your bodies and self esteem as well? How do you handle those? Thank you.

Saeyoung: !!! No, no! Shush! Don’t say those things about yourself!

Saeran: Screw your mom. You’re fine just the way you are.

Saeyoung: Yeah, that’s right! You’re beautiful on the inside and out…people come in so many different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes you unique! So don’t pay any attention to what others think!

Saeran: I used to have a lot of self-esteem issues, especially when I was younger…trust me, I know what it’s like to live with someone who can’t appreciate you for who you are.

Saeyoung: You can’t let those bad thoughts get you down…you have to keep moving forward! That’s how Saeran and I got through all of our problems together, right? So don’t give up!

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Since you guys seem so interested in the Guilty Ford AU (THANK YOUUUU!!) I feel like noting some noteworthy notes.

Like how actually, his family really does seem to hate him (at first) even they think they hate him. They eventually come around and forgive him, but most of the town does not.

Ford doesn’t go out in public without someone he trusts like Stan, Dipper or Mabel. And even then he’s reluctant.
He tries to keep a low profile and if anyone gives him trouble he doesn’t give any back.

And his family isn’t always as sympathetic as they ought to be. Sometimes they get so fed up with all the negativity that they may say something harsh or just avoid him for a while.

Soos never really hated him. He’s incapable of hating anyone, he’s so sweet! But he does act very awkwardly around him and usually tries not to make himself noticed.

Wendy flat out hates his ass. Just from hearing about all the things he’s done and their limited interactions, she wasn’t crazy about him from the start. She won’t look away from him. She’ll stare daggers. BUT! Wendy has a heart. It may take her an extra long time but when she sees how vulnerable and broken he is, she’ll…be softer.

Guilt doesn’t go away just like that, especially with how heavy Ford’s burden is. It messes with your mind. When someone tells you “it’s alright, it’s not your fault, I forgive you,” that’s not the end of it. No matter how much you want to believe them, you can’t. There’s always something in the back of your mind that keeps you from accepting it. Because you can’t forgive yourself. And that’s what Ford has.
Even if he gets anywhere with his family he will firmly believe that he will mess things up again and that keeps him distant.

And should he finally accept that he’s been forgiven, it still will not end there. He will improve greatly. He will interact. He will laugh. He will be a smartass. But there will be triggers. Anything that someone says/does that hints that he’s being selfish or hurting them, he will be thrown back into that guilty-state for a moment and try to fix it. And that moment usually lasts a while.

He will also sometimes have his doubts in the progress he’d made (if they really love him, really forgiven him, really want him there)

Just some notes :D I love reading your fics and interpretations!

Much thanks Mystery Ben!

Apologies for not talking much, I honestly don’t have much to talk about with you other than the fact that I love the work you do and I was honored to somehow hang out with the MSA/Rainboom crew! (thanks aj) Safe travels to you all and looking forward to what’s next!

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swan queen for the shipping meme thing (because i love to suffer)

i feel you nonnie!

falls asleep on the couch: emma, mostly - she crashes after work and after dinner because regina’s food is just too satisfying (regina rolls her eyes but smiles as nudges emma up to bed) and after a childhood of new places and getting warmth and shelter where she can, emma can fall asleep just about anywhere. but once or twice regina falls asleep there, too, tucked into the corner of the couch with her family around her (safe, finally finally safe) and a movie in the background.

makes friends with the neighbors:
 regina on purpose - it doesn’t matter if henry is 16 or 60, she wants to know who is around her baby boy (and given storybrooke’s history it’s not an unreasonable concern) - and emma accidentally, because she maybe-sort-of breaks their window playing baseball with henry (slash showing off for regina) and needs to apologize.

is the adventurous eater: in a good way, regina - she loves to cook and try new recipes. in a bad way, emma - her food limits are nearly non-existent, and when henry discovers this, the phrase “refrigerator roulette” makes its way into the mills mansion (followed by you’re a terrible influence, miss swan and emma grinning obnoxiously around a bite of cheeze-whiz-covered-something that was most certainly not brought into the house on regina’s watch). ((regina asks how on earth can you eat that emma a dozen times but emma’s food is food with a thin smile and tight shrug following one inquiry brings a pang to regina’s chest and a fast end to the question.)) 

hogs the covers at night: neither - regina’s pretty still when she sleeps, but emma’s a furnace and has a habit of kicking the blankets down (resulting in quite a bit of mid-sleep grumbles and resituating until regina’s curled into emma. for the heat, of course. (she sticks with this explanation, even years down the road.))

forgets to do the dishes: emma - regina gives exactly one reminder, and then emma gets The Mask of Indifference which henry tells her early on means she messed up. (not that she needed that explained, kid.) after a while emma learns to trade her dish duty with henry’s trash detail, and things start to smooth out. ((well, after they all agree to never, ever speak of what emma did - or more specifically didn’t do - to regina’s all-clad copper core saucepan. ahem.))

tries to surprise their partner more often: both of them/neither of them - when they start whatever it is they’re doing (because both of them aren’t really sure how to react when henry refers to them “dating” - after everything they’ve been through dating is a far, far too simplistic description) they sort of fall into a comfortable family dynamic with henry because they are, after all, family, right? so neither are exactly interested in trying to woo the other, in sweeping declarations or grand gestures, etc. but the way they care for each other manifests in the little things that are unexpected (e.g., bringing the other coffee, setting out a warm towel, an i love you for no reason), these little intimacies that they’d both given up on but cherish. because neither of them expect anything from the other, so every little thing is a romantic surprise.

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: emma - it’s not cute. (although there may have been a few instances where regina didn’t mind…)

stays up til 2 AM reading: regina - because she’s a giant nerd (said with a teasing smile and metric ton of love, of course) that won’t stop researching until your eyes bleed. emma then grumbles and a) rolls over on her side if she’s really tired and makes a show of trying to block out the light (nice try, emma regina says dryly and casually turns a page), b) scoots closer and rests her head against regina’s side of the headboard pretending to read along (and most certainly not being needy) until regina slips her arm around emma’s waist or takes her hand, or c) presses hot, open-mouthed kisses against that spot on regina’s neck that makes her finally finally shut the book.

sings in the shower: loudly? emma - she does it when she’s alone and without thinking a few times, but when regina teases her about it she starts to ham it up, belt loudly enough for regina to hear while regina’s getting dressed across the bedroom. on the other hand regina mostly hums, and it’s part of the reason emma loves to slip into the shower with her in the morning, when she’s all soft and distracted and melodic like that. (emma can picture her singing to a little baby henry, soothing and comforting and just being there for him. (maybe she likes sneaking into the shower for other reasons, too. like how regina gets instantly breathless when her back presses against the glass, and the humming becomes a low, slow moan.))

takes the selfies: emma - regina thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, and she very begrudgingly appears in 25% of the ones emma tries to take of them. (she much less begrudgingly appears in 100% of the ones henry tries to take of the three of them.)

plans date night: regina - they don’t often do “date night” (see above), but regina is (not-so-secretly) a bit of a romantic ((after all she is a fairy tale character, and more importantly, a queen - she has certain standards)), and she’s not inflexible (emma snickers) but she definitely prefers for things to go as planned when it is something to be, well, planned. 

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who

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Lottie looks SO good without makeup I'm so jealous 😭😭

I was jealous too until I started to embrace my skin tbh! I was born with it and it’s up to me to look after it! I’m sure you have a gorgeous skin no matter what! I started using various masks, skin care products etc and wash my face regularly so I feel a lot better when I’m not wearing makeup, I highly recommend looking after your skin as much as you can! It will make you feel better, I love youuuu!

it’s gonna be forever

pairing: bokuto/akaashi
summary: saw you there and i thought, ‘oh, my god, look at that face. you look like my next mistake’
note: ao3; for camila; i wanted to write you something happy to cheer you up, and, well, who’s happier than bokuto? :)

Three years, and he was still the tallest player from the team. At least, he could pretend it was so as long as he made sure to always stay on the opposite end of the room from both Onaga and Washio. But that was just as good, he decided, because life was too short to get hung up on the technicalities.

Bokuto looked out at his former teammates and grinned broadly. This reunion was already off to a very good start.

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claim me as yours tonight
while i get lost in the gentle
lapping of water on the shore.
take everything in between
each word,
each i love you,
each second of me missing you.
make me your confidant,
your girl, and a place
you can call your home.
use my warmth to shelter
you from the storm in your heart.
my softness is yours
to protect you from your
own rough edges and emptiness.
be selfish with me tonight
and i’ll love you 
with a love that’s only
meant for you.

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