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zoro/sanji | 4.5k words

Step One: confession.
Step Two: get together.
Step Three: act like a couple in public.

Zoro and Sanji are never good with following instructions.

Or, the one where everyone thinks they’re dating, Sanji is oblivious, and Zoro takes everything in stride. Sometimes a love story can go in reverse.


this work is commissioned by anonymous; if you’re interested in that, i still have a slot open.



Like most troublesome, headache-inducing things that happen to Sanji, it starts with a bored Luffy.

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Thank you so much omg and I’m so sorry but this was the very first thing that came into my mind. :’D

They just wanted to have a walk together through a nice shopping street, when it suddenly got crowded. I think this was bound to happen. xD

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A scenario what if law and zoro likes the same girl? hahaha You are really great thank you so much!

Aaah thank you so much for saying that! I’m sorry for taking too long, work has been a bit erratic and tired fufu, but here it is! Since this was a bit open, I kiiinda did a thing and I hope you don’t mind too much??? This is a bit risky… threesomes are still tabu? And I don’t know if it’s too long for a scenario?

aaaah hope you like it omg (it’s a bit long)

Zoro watched you, more like stared at you, as Luffy puts his hat on your head, lifting you in his shoulders as he starts to run around, having a race with Chopper and Usopp around the deck.

You were laughing, your smile almost splitting your face in two and he felt his heart flutter with a warm sensation. You’ve been on board the Thousand Sunny with the rest of the Straw Hat crew for almost five months now, and everyone welcomed you with open arms, you won everyone’s trust and even something else from certain swordman.

He wasn’t expecting it, though, to feel something more than a friendship and a family feeling towards your, especially not after so little time with you around. It was your fault, it’s what he likes to repeat himself, it’s your fault for having some kind of special spot for him: following him around the deck, watching him training, even asking him if you can train with him. 

Little things make bigger things, and he soon found that those little things you did became this big things he’s feeling swirling on his chest and the pit of belly. He likes you. A lot. And it was starting to get out of his hands.

However, he wasn’t expecting either to form an alliance with, pretty much, a stranger. He wasn’t expecting to have an ally that feels the exact way about you.

He wasn’t stupid, he’s an observant, and he noticed Law looking at you the way he feels he looks at you. That glint of desire in his eyes, licking his eyes one in a while when he looks at your form or looking warmly at you when you do something silly or when you invite him lunch.

Yet again, it was your fault, because you seemed to grow a special spot for him too, and Zoro couldn’t help but feel this whole situation as a competition. For your feelings. For you.

It’s a swordsman thing, he thought, because Law caught his sight and he saw the flames burning in his grey eyes. And he knew that Trafalgar Law is up to the duel.





Zoro felt a vein almost popping out of his forehead. 

Two days ago, Zoro came to the conclusion that he certainly can’t have a real duel with Law because of the alliance, (and Luffy would probably be really mad at him for fighting about something so stupid. “Besides! [Name] likes me better!”, he can hear it and it’s gross), so they came to an agreement.

Ask you who do you like the best. Who do you want to kiss. Who do you want to be in a relationship with? Who-

Anyway, who do you prefer.

And he totally was no expecting that answer from you. But he knows you’re saying the truth because, well… you’re pretty bad at lying, And he just knows by seeing the soft pink hue covering your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You look more tiny than you already are and he suddenly feels this urge to wrap you in his arms and protect you from the worlds.

You’re seriously gonna be his end.

“Both?”, Law asks, incrediously visible on his voice and Zoro fight back the urge to knock him off at his harsh tone. 

“Yes, both”; you whisper, fidging with your fingers. “I feel something special for both of you. They’re a bit different from one another, but I can’t have myself to choose one of you when I feel like I need both of you to be happy”

Zoro notices the effort is taking you to speak up your feelings, and by the way Law shoulders are relaxing a little bit, he knows he does too. 

He sighs, a hand relaxed on his swords and the other placed on his hipbone. You’re looking up at him, and he feels a little hope that you feel a little bit more attracted to him, but he doesn’t say it out loud, instead, he sighs once again and walks two steps towards you until his towering over your form.

“Zoro…”, you mumbled and he feels adrenaline rushing through his veins, without thinking, he cups your face between his hands and meets his lips with yours.

The soft sound that leaves your throat makes him groan softly as he licks your bottom lip, asking for permission to introduce his tongue into your mouth. The wamth of your mouth making him dizzy.

Your hands soon enough find the curve on each side of his waist and he shivers.

He then pulls apart softly, letting you breath and hide your flushed face on his chest. Zoro turns his head to the side and finds a slightly flustered Law standing behind.

“[Name] said both”, he mumbles, swallowing the bad taste those words leave on his mouth. “So what are you doing there?”, he can’t help but grin as Law approaches to both of you, an equal grin on his face.

Zoro certainly doesn’t like sharing. He is no hero. If he has sake, then he’s gonna drink it all by himself. No sharing. However, he learned to kinda enjoy it, seeing your smiling face as Law cuddles you between his arms, his face nuzzling your neck, making you giggle softly every time he whispered something into the crook of your neck on in your ear. The three of you hidden in the Crow’s nest while everyone’s outside, enjoying the sun.

He learned to enjoy it, as you catch a glimpse of him and your hand instantly reaches for his. He smiles, because he always smiles when he looks at you, and walks towards you both, slidding his fingers through yours, squeezing your hand softly.

“Move over, it’s my turn”, Zoro says, pushing Law softly. The latter mumbles something on your neck, and he groans.

“C’mere, Zoro”; you say and your arms open up to him, He beams at the sight.

He learned to enjoy it because… sharing isn’t that bad after all. As long as you were happy he was more than willing to do anything. 

Something about the fact that the cute scared Usopp in syrup village is making fun of/annoying/cuddling/helping ‘The Terrifying Demon Of East Blue Who Will Slit Anyone’s Throat’™ on a regular basis gives me life.

I wonder if you had told pre-strawhat Usopp that he’d be hugging ‘The Demon Of East Blue’ on a regular basis and not get “killed” for it, would he go: 

“That’s a really bad lie even my goldfish-poop-island story is more believable than that” 

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Holy crap!! You're still here after all these years! I was the askmdluffy blog from way back when :'D I was feeling nostalgic and search up you and ask-zoro, and i can't believe you're still active! It's good to see you!!

come back you lil bitch

i miss you

fk u bottomless pit rubber shit 


also i wanna keep in touch with old askblogs if you’re down find me on my personal <3 or shoot me a message so we can talk or something :3

rating: t
word count: 5.7k
genre: gen/friendship
warnings: moments of intense anxiety, topics relating to
 mental health and food/eating, death/suicide mention, vomiting
outside link: ao3
summary: Sanji smokes for a couple of reasons.

It hurt endlessly, worse than anything he’d ever felt, until, one day, it didn’t anymore, for a while.

It made him intensely sick, and that never really stopped, even when the pain did.

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How would Smoker, Doflamingo, Zora, and Luffy react to their s/o doing something extremely cute?

Had fun doing this one 😊

Smoker: would pretend he was busy with marine work and stuff and when his s/o tripped over his sea prism staff and looked all ditsy he would blush because she looked so helpless and would offer to help her “please try to be more careful, when you act cutesy and all its hard for me to pay attention to work”

Doflamingo: Doflamingo would just sit back and watch the show. He would try to conceal his grin but his s/o would keep at it and then he would come behind her hugging her waist and whisper. “You know you’re cute and I feel like a true king with you by my side”

Zoro: Zoro would try not disturb his s/o because he wanted to watch them more but failed to do so and they got caught and told them “Why did you stop, you looked very cute”

Luffy: Well Luffy would just start to laugh and join in as his s/ o did something adorable and played along. He would constantly try to see if his s/o was blushing “Oi _____ don’t blush! If you blush I’ll blush because you look adorable!”

~ Admin Lost Baka