i feel you zoro

Something about the fact that the cute scared Usopp in syrup village is making fun of/annoying/cuddling/helping ‘The Terrifying Demon Of East Blue Who Will Slit Anyone’s Throat’™ on a regular basis gives me life.

I wonder if you had told pre-strawhat Usopp that he’d be hugging ‘The Demon Of East Blue’ on a regular basis and not get “killed” for it, would he go: 

“That’s a really bad lie even my goldfish-poop-island story is more believable than that” 


Thank you so much omg and I’m so sorry but this was the very first thing that came into my mind. :’D

They just wanted to have a walk together through a nice shopping street, when it suddenly got crowded. I think this was bound to happen. xD

rating: t
word count: 5.7k
genre: gen/friendship
warnings: moments of intense anxiety, topics relating to
 mental health and food/eating, death/suicide mention, vomiting
outside link: ao3
summary: Sanji smokes for a couple of reasons.

It hurt endlessly, worse than anything he’d ever felt, until, one day, it didn’t anymore, for a while.

It made him intensely sick, and that never really stopped, even when the pain did.

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