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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “17 - Zach Dempsey”


17. “Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?”

Word count: 1.530

Posted: 16th of May 2017

A/N: OMG! It’s my baby’s birthday, happy birthday to my angel and cinnamon roll, and I would appreciate it if you talk about MILES in my ask box. I am disappointed and sad too, so Miles would really cheer me up right now. I am so tired and I have some tests and oral tests for tomorrow, that sucks! I hate school so much and I can’t wait for it to end. Honestly.
I hope that you like this Zach imagine and I would appreciate it if you send some requests. Thank you so much, I love you all.

- G. x

Warning: few bad words, I think.

“Zachary Dempsey!” You shouted as you tried to catch your best friend’s attention. You were complaining about some iniquities of your Maths teacher about your surprised long test earlier that day, but you stopped when you noticed that he wasn’t listening to you.

You decided to have a picnic after school as you wanted to study for your Peer Communications exam together. Your final exams were coming soon and school was about to end, finally.

The day seemed so calm and tranquil. The mild and fine weather just came in as the colourful flowers bloomed and the trees suddenly became green. The heat of the sun kissed your skin as the howling gale made your hair sway in different directions and the only noise that could be heard was your fussy voice, together with the chirping of the birds.

“What the hell?” He jumped a little bit, accidentally throwing his pen on the blanket that you were sitting on. “What is your problem?” He asked with his furrowed eyebrows, still having his gaze concentrated in somewhere else.

“Dude, I was blabbering with no one!” You nudged him to catch his attention, but he was lost in his thoughts once again so you followed his lost gaze.

Your heart suddenly ached and your chest tightened as you saw him staring at a familiar and pretty girl from afar.

“Hannah.” You slowly nodded your head as you closed your heavy and thick Communications textbook. You remained in silence as you dealt with the deafening sound of the falling fragments of your heart.

Honestly? You really liked Zach since your Sophomore year. It started with a simple and innocent crush, but you started going out as friends and your feelings for him just grew wider and deeper. You tried to repress every emotion that you felt for him by avoiding him once, but it was useless because you kept on falling in love with him more and more every day, at first slowly, but then all at once.

“What’s up with her?” You curiously asked as you twiddled with the pen in your right hand. You stared at Zach and he suddenly looked at you.

“Just thinking about what happened during Valentine’s Day.” Zach answered and he flashed you a sad smile. You corrugated your forehead as he said that he didn’t have any date that night and he was going out with his friends, but it came out that he was with her, at least, that was what you expected that happened. “Don’t look at me like that, because I know what you’re thinking!” He playfully ruffled your hair and he gave you some loud laughs.

“Why? What am I thinking about?” You asked as you pretended to be innocent, obviously didn’t want to be caught.

“I was with my friends that night, stop being jealous.” He joked and he just laughed even harder when he received a loud slap on his arm, it didn’t have any effects on him as he was strong and muscular.

“I never thought that you weren’t with them!” You rolled your eyes as you lied through your teeth. Zach shook his head happily and you noticed how enthusiastic he was when you acted jealous around him.

“Yeah, right!” He rolled his eyes and he watched Hannah reading a book from afar. You watched her too and, although you could barely see her, you still had the chance to admire her features: long brown wavy hair, pink rosy cheeks and red full lips. She was beautiful and you couldn’t deny that it wasn’t impossible to like her, nevertheless her bad reputation at school. “Her date was Marcus.”

“They hang out together?” You curiously asked. Marcus had a really different behaviour compared to Hannah and it was strange for them to go on a date together.

“The Dollar Valentine of the cheerleaders.” He shortly answered as he finally closed his textbook too. You remembered how your previous Valentine’s Days went in the past few years and you were thankful that you decided to stay with your parents this year. “Marcus was an asshole though.”

“I have always said it.” You proudly stated as you flashed him a convinced wide smile. Zach nodded his head as he was agreeing to what you have just said. “Then what happened?”

“Well, he thought that Hannah was an easy one, just like what those school walls heard from some students about her.” Zach looked at you and he caught your eyes, but quickly looked away. “Long story short: Marcus wanted to have sex with her and, of course, Hannah rejected him.”

“Damn it! Where’s the fucking respect?” You complained and you furrowed your eyebrows as Marcus’ behaviour disgusted you. How can a man do something like that? It wasn’t even a behaviour to consider.

“I know.” Zach shortly answered. “Hannah spent the night crying as I remained with her, trying to make her laugh.”

“And?” You raised your shoulders as you waited for further explanations.
“And nothing, I talked and she listened. Nothing more.” Zach honestly answered and a dead silence was created between the two of you.

You knew Zach perfectly and you’ve always noticed it whenever he would lie about things. It didn’t seem that he was lying, so you believed him, although you still thought that he liked her.

Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?” You suddenly blurted out as you were trying to find some interesting topics to talk about. You hated the silence when it came to Zach, you find it annoying when you couldn’t find any topic to discuss about.

“What?” Zach slightly shouted and you could say that he was shocked too. He didn’t expect you to say those things. You couldn’t understand why you chose that topic out of all the possible topics in the world, it was embarrassing and you somehow hinted him that you didn’t find him interesting nor you weren’t interested in him.

“Well,” You knew that you couldn’t take everything back anymore. You were afraid of what he might say about it, but you needed to go with the flow. “she’s beautiful. Isn’t she?”

“She is,” Zach honestly answered and you harshly felt a dart hitting perfectly the bullseye of your heart. “but it doesn’t mean that I want to date her.” He emphasized his words, trying to make you understand his point.

“Why not, Dempsey?” You pushed yourself to the limit and you still continued on teasing Zach, even though you knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing for you.

“Because it’s a no, (Y/N)!” Zach ruffled your hair once again and you just laughed as you noticed that he was starting to be annoyed. He’s never liked it whenever you would take care of his relationships, neither when you talk about your celebrity crushes or your admiration for some people.

“Tell me why!” You insisted and you kept on laughing as Zach gave you a death glare.

You held your stomach as you cried for your happiness. Annoyed Zach was the best Zach and you just loved it. Your laughter, though, was interrupted when Zach wrapped his arms around your neck and pulled you backwards, making you lean your body on his chest.

“What the he-“ You were about to complain for his unexpected actions, but then he suddenly pressed his lips on yours to shut you up. You were obviously shocked, because why would he do such thing?

Your eyes grew wide as the happening still had to sink in your mind, but as soon as Zach moved his lips to deepen the kiss, you flutter shut your eyes and enjoyed the movements of your lips as they locked and fitted perfectly. You started to play with his hair and he caressed your face, slowly drawing some circles on your burning cheeks.

“That’s why, (Y/N)! I’d like to date you, instead of her, because I love you!” Zach whispered in your ear, confessing his feelings as you broke the kiss in need of air. He let your head rest on his chest and you flashed him a wide smile. “Is that clear now?”

“More than clear, Dempsey!” You laughed and you rolled your eyes as you lingered the smell of his perfume on his neck. You loved his scent and you couldn’t deny that he attracted you even more.

“So?” He raised an eyebrow as he held your hand tightly, interlacing his fingers with yours. “Can I try to date you, instead?”

“Try?” You jokingly questioned him. “I thought we are already dating?”

“Well, your thoughts are never wrong.” He winked at you and you both let out some soft giggles, being happy and thankful of the fast, but great moment that happened just a few minutes ago.

Being happy is underestimated, it is stereotypical, but Zach? Zach had that capacity to take you to another world, to make you discover new emotions to feel whenever you were with him. You were beyond happy for sure, because it was you who he wanted to be with and not anyone else. He chose you and, like what he has said, he loved you.

let's try it • zach dempsey

a/n: someone pls get me all of the holy water in the world

warnings: the beginning is major fluff, and then sin, siN, S I N

you look in the mirror, giving yourself a final once over and twirling. today was your 2 year anniversary with your boyfriend, zach dempsey, and he was taking you out for the night. 

 you’re still posing in your mirror when you hear the doorbell ring. the excitement rises in your chest as you bolt down the stairs. 

 "i’ll get it!“ you yell on the top of your lungs, but your mother has already opened the door.

 "hi zachary, you look very handsome tonight. have my daughter home by 2 am.” she says with a wink. your mother loves zach, and she knows how much you love him. 

 you stand next to her and playfully roll your eyes, feeling your face heat up from her embarrassing you.

 "thank you, ms. y/l/n.“ zach blushes before he pulls a bouquet of your favorite flowers from behind his back and holds them forward to you.

 "for me? you shouldn’t have!” your mom says to zach, laughing before taking the flowers to go put in water. 

 you giggle at her actions and zach pulls you in to a hug, kissing you on the forehead. 

 "you look so beautiful.“ he says while intertwining his fingers with yours. you swing your hands back and forth and smile.

 "and you look beautiful, too.” you say to him while giggling. he rolls his eyes and laughs, squeezing your side to make you laugh too.

 "bye mom, we’re heading out!“ you say, almost out the door. 

 "wait! let me get a few pictures first!” she exclaims from the kitchen. you groan and turn to pose with zach while your mom snaps pictures and random candids of you guys.

 "ok now get out of here lovebirds, i’ve had enough of you two.“ your mom says with a smirk. she kisses you on the cheek and you guys head out to zach’s audi.

 he opens your door for you, and then closes it once you get in, jogging to his side of the car.

 zach starts the car and drives you guys to your destination. the ride is mostly quiet, nothing but the soft music playing from the radio. he holds your hand the whole way there, and you admire him while he drives. 

 when you get to your destination, he stops the car, turns it off, and hands you a blind fold.

 "zach, what is this for?” you question him, feeling kind of worried. “just trust me, it’s a surprise. i promise i won’t let you get hurt baby.” he tells you. 

 he guides you along your way until he gets to the final place. you remove the blind fold from your eyes to find that you’re in the park. there’s a table set up in the gazebo with fairy lights all around. zach is holding a picnic basket and your heart starts swelling. it’s cute and thoughtful, and you stand there wondering what you did to deserve this angelic boy. 

 when zach realizes that you haven’t reacted yet, he becomes nervous. 

 "i’m sorry if you don’t like it, i- i can always take you to rosie’s an-“ he begins to ramble, but you throw your arms around him into a tight hug. "like it? i love it! how can i not? this is so sweet, zach.” you say, feeling yourself tear up. you were overjoyed. 

 "don’t cry baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!“ zach tells you, trying to make you smile. 

 you laugh and sniffle, walking to the table with him. he pulls out your chair for you and then pushes you in, making sure you’re all set before he sits down. 

 zach opens the picnic basket before pausing.

"i’m sorry, i’m not a chef baby, and the fact that my mom & sister are out of town didn’t help, so, we’re eating sandwiches, the dempsey special.” he says. 

 "i’m fine with dempsey special, you know i love your sandwiches, baby.“ you say to him with a big smile. 

 zach starts to dig in and you guys talk about anything, and everything. there’s never a dull moment around him. he can always brighten your day. 

 you guys get up from the table after eating to take a walk around the pond. it’s a beautiful sight. the moon is shining on the water, and there are little pink flower petals falling off of the trees and scattering everywhere. zach stops, holding your hand in his while staring into your eyes. 

 "i’m so in love with you.” he says. “you know that, right?” you squeeze zach’s hand. 

“and i’m in love with you.” you say to him while grinning. 

 he pulls a long velvet box out of his pocket. you gasp and cover your mouth as he reveals what’s inside. there’s a silver charm bracelet with 2 charms already on it. the letter ‘z’, and a rose. 

 "zach, it’s beautiful!“ you exclaim.

 "only the best for my baby.” he tells you with a cocky grin. he puts it on your wrist and you guys walk to the car, ready to end your night. 

once you arrive to zach’s house, you run out of the car and then open the front door, laughing wildly and hiding from him in the dark. 

 he comes in and calls out to you. “y/n? baby? where are you?” he asks. 

you walk over to where he’s standing, only being able to see his silhouette due to the street lights streaming in though the windows. you pull him closer by his collar and plant a firm kiss to his lips. he lifts you up, pushing you against the wall as he groans into the kiss. you tangle your hands in his hair and tug on his roots, eliciting a growl from his throat. 

 he breaks the kiss for air and leans down to trail kisses down your neck, causing you to moan. he makes his way towards the couch and sits down, still holding you. you place your legs on either side of his hips. you place your hands on his chest while grinding down teasingly on his growing erection. 

 zach grips your hips and presses you down harder on his crotch, causing you to gasp and then moan against his neck. being in this position sparked an idea inside of you. 

you kissed zach on the lips. “i want to try something new, baby.” you say innocently, looking him in the eyes. the streetlights stream in and you can see his expression flash into a curious one. 

 "oh yeah?“ he smirks. "what is it?” you bite down on your lip and stand up. 

 "let me show you.“ you say, taking off your shoes and underwear slowly. you walk over to him, pulling your dress over your head. as you got closer, zach parted his legs slightly, moving closer to the edge of the couch with anticipation, making you smirk. 

 you sit down, placing your legs on either side of his thigh, moaning and throwing your head back when you feeling your exposed clit come in contact with the denim. 

 you place your hands on zach’s shoulders, rocking yourself back and forth slowly, your arousal seeping onto his jeans. 

 "oh my fucking god.” zach breathes out, watching you with lust blown eyes. you smile and roll your hips faster, creating a delicious friction that brings you closer to your orgasm. 

 he admires you, the glint of the thin layer of sweat on your skin illuminated by the streetlights. the little sounds you make, the pants and gasps as you use him to get yourself off.  he flexes his thigh and it sends a jolt to your core, causing you to cry out. 

zach reaches out to knead your left breast in one hand, and guide your hips on his thigh faster with the other. 

 "baby, don’t stop.“ you tell him as you begin to palm him. zach moans and flexes again, making you cry out, coming undone on his thigh. your legs shake as you ride out your high.

"that. was. so. hot.” zach says as you attempt to stand up to get off his thigh. you smirk, but it quickly turns into a frown once you see the mess that you’ve made.

 "i ruined your jeans.“ you say with a pout. zach turns to you and places a kiss on your lips. 

 "baby, you can ruin all of my jeans if you’re going to do it like that. now where were we?” he says as he picks you up, carrying you to his bedroom to finish the night full of fun ahead of you. 

 a/n: i’m sorry for leaving y'all in the DUST, i just didn’t have any good ideas for the requests u guys sent me, and i wanted to write to the best of my ability instead of just throwing something out there. i promise i’ll try better to write more often 💞


Request: hi:)) could I please request a 13rw oneshot with Zach Dempsey x Reader where Zach is basically in love with the reader but she’s totally oblivious and all his friends joke and stuff about it but in the end he kisses her or something and then they get together pretty plss

Requested by: @clemmyclueless

A/N: Ok so this is my second fic so bear with me but i thought this ask was really cute so here goes nothing! (sorry its so short!)

Warnings: None

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Fem Reader

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“Hey hotness” Zach said smirking.                                                              “Hello Zach” Y/N responded as she shut her locker and turned to him.           “Want me to help you out with those books?” He asked trying to be helpful.      “Nah, its alright, I got it” Y/N said as she walked away. Zach watched her walk away until she entered a class room. He turned around and walked over to his friend group and started to talk with them. 

“I saw you talking to Y/N over there. Is she still very oblivious?” Justin said turning to the group The rest of the group laughed.                                       “Hey, its not her fault. I’m just not obvious enough…I guess?” Zach responded second guessing himself.                                                                                     “Dude shes so oblivious that she wouldn’t know your flirting unless it hit her in the head” Bryce said laughing.                                                                            “Shut up Walker.” Zach said angrily.                                                                    “Hey don’t get mad at me for speaking the truth” Bryce said while throwing his hands up in the air.                                                                                            “Whatever, I gotta get to class.” Zach said as he slung his back pack over his shoulder and walked away from the group heading to his next class.

Zach sat at his desk daydreaming about Y/N. He loved how her smile was radiant and how she was just like a big ball of sunshine. When ever she was around, it was like the whole room lit up. He just loved how every little thing she did was beautiful. Like how she would twirl her hair between her fingers when she was bored. Or how she would twist her silver ring around and around her finger when she was nervous. She was just so beautiful that she didn’t even have to try. Zach was quickly woken up from his daydream when Y/N bumped into him. 

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” Y/N said apologizing.                                        “Its alright. You can bump into me any time princess” Zach winked at her.        “Um ok?” Y/N said confused as she walked away.                                              “Hey wait up!” Zach yelled running towards Y/N.                                                “Yes?” Y/N asked Zach.                                                                                      “Can I walk you home? Your house is really close to mine so ill be walking that way anyway” Zach said.                                                                                       “Sure, you can walk me home” Y/N said shrugging.                                          “I totally get it if you don’t want m- wait I can?” Zach questioned.                       “Yup” Y/N said popping the p.                                                                            “Alright sweet” Zach said nodding to himself.

As they walked together they talked about everything and anything. They talked about how they lived so close but never really knew. They also talked about how they were in almost all the same classes but never really talked before. They even laughed about some things and Y/N laughed at Zach’s jokes (even though they were really cheesy). When they got to her house he walked her up to the door. 

“So I guess ill see you on Monday then?” Y/N asked as she began to unlock her front door.                                                                                                     “Actually I wanted to ask you something” Zach said stopping her from what she was doing.                                                                                                            “So I’ve kind of really liked you and I don’t know if your not getting my hints or you don’t return the feeling but if you don’t that’s fine and I underst-” Zach got cut off by Y/N crashing her lips on to his and kissing him. He was surprised at first but once he registered what was going on he kissed back. Y/N pulled away and started smiling.                                                                                              “God I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for like forever now!” Y/N said giggling.                                                                                                              “Wait. You so you’ve liked me the entire time I’ve liked you?” Zach asked.          “Well I’ve always liked you but I never knew if you returned the feeling so I never asked you out.” Y/N said shyly.                                                                  “What? I thought I was being super obvious.” Zach laughed.                            “Really? hmm I never noticed, But then again i’m very oblivious” Y/N said smirking.                                                                                                             “Ya. I kinda figured that out, but would you like to go out tomorrow? Maybe to Monet’s?” Zach asked.                                                                                        “I’d love to” Y/N said giving Zach a peck on the cheek. She then turned around and went inside the home.                                                                                  “Sweet” Zach said feeling all giddy inside. He turned around on his heel and started to walk home feeling very happy and he wished tomorrow would come sooner.                      

Mason (Part Four) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Here’s part four! I love hearing your feedback and thank you for your continued support! I’m really excited for you to read this, it’s my favourite part yet!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly (Feat. Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, & Zach Hyman)

Words: 5,811

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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(Side Note: I really love this gif!)

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Call out post…

(this is gonna be looong.)


..okay. thanks for listening to my lil rant, just needed to get that off my chest.

Anyway! I’m just here to call out all of my wdw tumblr friends, newer and older, and say thank you. If I miss out anyone, I’m sorry!

@nunu32001 was my first wdw friend, she’s so chill and funny and an absolutely talented artist! Nicole is a great friend, y'all go follow the Ring Queen, okay?

@sweetseaveydreams is literally the sweetest lil angel, and her fics are works of art, even though she’d never say so. Denay’s a keeper, folks. Follow her! Love ya, sweetpea.

@dannyboyseavey she’s so cool! We don’t talk much, but whenever we do I leave with a smile on my face. Maia’s fics are amazing. Follow her! I love her!

@tami-tami-ka1028 now I only just reached out to Tamika, but already she’s so friendly and incredibly relatable, I’m like, “whoa! she’s so pretty and nice”, which she is no doubt! I look forward to our future conversations! Follow her too, okay? I love her.

@seaveyslut Mama Kay™ is back and I am so happy that she is. She’s so loving and supportive & literally the fandom mother, and she’s qualified to be in every way! Follow her! I love her! *cough #kaniel *cough

@coolstoryshutupandletmeread zoe is super funny, a true meme lord, and a great writer too. She’s also the queen of song references. ;) follow her! I love her!

@jazzyjonah first off, she’s a literal supermodel and her voice is angelic! Hope is so lovely, it was her who gave me the courage to sing, and I think her fics are 👌. Follow her! I love her.

@jonahjunkie I can’t talk to her anymore :( cause of the closed messages but the times we did were fun and she’s still really cool and encouraging so yeah, I love her and give her a follow too! :)

Now, of course, there are still so many of you to get to know and befriend. You can rest assured that I’ll do my best to reach out to all of you! My inbox and messages are always open. Hmu here or @dreamypebbles (I’ll be more active on there) if you ever feel lonely or need advice or someone to fangirl & discuss about basically anything with lol I’m super, super chill. 😊

The name’s Jasmine, I’m also known as Pebbles. I’m a music-obsessed poet who loves YouTube and the wonderful Why Don’t We boys. Nice to meet you all, I look forward to talking with you soon!

You’re free to go now. Xx

At a Crossroads / Zach Dempsey

Words: 838

“Are you seriously going to be petty about this?”

“Petty?” you scoff. “I am not being petty. You just sat there while they was badmouthing me and my friends! You didn’t say a thing.”

Zach ran a hand through his hair, “What was I supposed to do?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you say sarcastically. “What do you think?” you demand. “Maybe tell them they was completely out of line and here’s a thought,” you continue, “stand up for your girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry, okay! I was taken back, I didn’t realise what he was doing.”

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Two Lines - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Zach gets the reader pregnant and how they deal with that situation”

A/N: Hi guys! So I didn’t wanna bring too much politics into this but I felt it needed to be there for the characters to have a balanced conversation about this. (Abortion mention)

Just last month had been the day that had ultimately changed your life forever. You and Zach had been fooling around at your house since your parents were out. You hadn’t planned to do anything- but things had escalated and when it came to it neither of you really wanted to go to the store to get condoms, so you thought: fuck it. Fuck that, though. Because of that you’d been put into a very difficult situation. Here you were, looking down at the stick with two lines on it. The two lines which told you soon enough you would have a child inside you.

Your mind was all over the place- how could this be happening? Of course, you knew how, but it seemed too incomprehensible to actually be happening to you. There was also that pesky little problem of Zach, and not knowing how on earth he would react to the news. Your fingers trembled a little as you pressed his contact- a little photo of Zach with a pink plush fish, making an adorable fish face.

“Hey.” Your voice sounded like it was ringing out in a large empty room, echoing around you.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zach sounded happy that you’d called, no idea what would come next.

“Can you come over? We need to talk about something.” You knew those words sounded vague and daunting, but it was all you could think of. Zach’s mood changed.

“Uh… yeah… I’ll be over as soon as I can.” There was a fear in his voice, one that those words often ignited.

“Okay, thank you. I’ll see you soon.”


Zach knocked on your door. The nerves consumed you and you opened the door.

“Hey… you sounded… odd… on the phone…” Zach entered your house apprehensively. He was twiddling his thumbs.

“Hey.” You smiled, trying to disguise your own nerves. “Lets go to my room. You might wanna sit down.”

The boy followed you into your bedroom, he knew it well and had entered it many-a-time, but this time it felt entirely alien to him. He sat on the edge of the bed ready to burst. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Just get it over with. Break up with me. A clean break won’t be easy but it’ll be much easier than-”

“I’m not breaking up with you Zach! Christ. Although i don’t know how you’ll feel about that after the news.” You perched next to him.

“This is so much worse than I expected.” You laughed sardonically.

“Okay you have to tell me because I am freaking the fuck out.” Zach looked very stressed. You sighed.

“Okay. Okay. Urghhh! I’m - I’m - bloody hell i’m bloody pregnant Zach!” You shouted. Zach looked as though he’d been hit in the face with something really hard. Which, metaphorically, he had.

“Say something. Please.” You begged.

“I- I don’t know, this is such a shock. I don’t really know what I’m thinking right now, but I love you and we’ll figure out whatever it is together.” He rambled.

“You’re not leaving me then?” You sighed in relief. Zach chuckled slightly, seeming to come back to his senses, and shook his head.

“God no. We do probably need to discuss what we’re - you know - gonna do with it.” He awkwardly motioned toward your stomach. “And be 100% sure that you actually are pregnant. Like go to the doctor to check.” Zach seemed to be reciting all the facts he’d got off TV since really - he was pretty clueless.

“That’s a good idea, I’m not sure when I can go, I’ll have to google that.” You blushed. “Shit. How am I gonna look after a baby when I have to google how to do most things?”

“Hold on. It is mine right?” Sudden realisation struck him.

“Obviously. I can’t believe you’d even question that!” You were offended.

“I’m sorry, I just had to check.” He was apologetic.

“It’s okay, we’ll know if it’s Asian.” You joked.

“You wanna keep it?” Zach asked.

“I don’t know - I -”

“Obviously it’s entirely your choice. And I’ll support you completely if you decide to have an abortion, but i think I’d like to keep it.” Zach went slightly crimson, clearly uncomfortable about stepping on your toes, but knowing you wanted his opinion.

“You do?” You said, taken aback.

“Yeah… I mean it’s gonna be our kid. I know we’re young, but what if it’s fate, or something?” He was nervy, but sure of himself.

“I think I’d like to give it a bit more time to think over. And you have to help me tell my parents… I’m not too sure what they’ll think of you after knowing we didn’t use protection.” You giggled slightly.

“It’s okay. You’re my number one priority and although I don’t particularly want your parents to hate me, you matter more.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You smiled at him and leaned in to peck him on the cheek.

“I can’t believe how cool you’ve been about this.” You grinned.

“I came into this thinking you were dumping me, this is a relief.”

“Yeah well we’ll see about that.”


Upon much debate, you and Zach decided to keep your child. It was a young girl who you’d named Hannah, after your close friend. Currently, you were sat in the hospital bed holding Hannah in your arms with Zach by your side.

“We did it, Zach.”

I loved you Pt 2

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Please talk to me.”

“I miss talking to you.”

“Stop avoiding me.”

These were some texts you would get from Zach, who  was desperately trying to talk to you, but the texts he sent simply made you angrier. ‘I miss talking to you’ my ass, you scoffed, he has been ignoring you for three months and  he has the decency to say I miss talking to you.

“Are you ever going to talk to, Zach?” Sherri asked you, as she leaned against the locker next to yours as you exchange your books in your locker.

“Zach? I don’t know a Zach,” you simply said, you were being petty, but you honestly didn’t care. He can’t just ignore you then come back and act as if it was your fault for it.

“Wow, that hurts,” Zach, the person you wanted to forget, said behind you. You rolled your eyes in annoyance, you were doing so well on avoiding him, was life against you today?

“Sherri, do you hear that? I think I’m being haunted by an annoying ghost,” you sneered, slamming your locker shut and walked away from the guy who broke your heart and trust. Sherri was right behind you, who was trying her best to get her two friends to talk again and mend.

“YN, please just let me talk,” Zach said behind you, grabbing your hand and turned you around so you guys were face to face. His face was pleading while yours was emotionless.

“Sorry, my family taught me not to talk to strangers,” you gave him a fake smile and tried to walk away but he had a tight grip on your hand.

“No, we are going to talk about this.” Zach grumbled, dragging you into a nearby empty classroom. Pushing you in, he closed the door and stood in front of it, preventing you to escape.

“What the hell, let me out,” you sneered, glaring at the tall basketball player.

“Not until we talk.”

“We’re talking right now, so, let me out.”

“Hear me out,” he pleaded. You sighed, giving up, dropping the bag off your shoulders and sat on top of a table and stared at him, mentally telling him to speak. He took a deep breath, looking conflicted on not knowing how to approach the situation that you’ve been trying to avoid for three days.

“I never knew you felt that way,” he finally said, after a moment of silence. You opened your mouth to say something but he raised a hand to stop you. “If you would have told me, I would have never asked her out, I would have asked you. I love you, YN, I have for a while now. I went out with her was because I did like her, but I didn’t love her, I thought I never had a chance with you because I was scared you would best friend zone me, I started hanging out with her more because I wanted to move on, I’m sorry. I really am, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you dropped me once you have a girlfriend, Zach. How would you feel if I have a boyfriend and forgot all about you?” You asked softly.

“I would…… feel jealous…. and hurt,” he whispered, looking down on the dirty school floor, avoiding your eye contact.

“Exactly. You promised me you would never leave me. Never forget about me. But you broke that promise.”

“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you,” he said, raising up his head, pleading for another chance. He took a couple of steps forward and stood directly in front of you.

“You can try, but I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for hurting me this much,” you told your best friend. Picking up your bag, you hopped off of the desk and walked out of the classroom, leaving the basketball player behind for the second time this week. You could feel your heart beating against your chest, you thought that you should have just forgiven him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to it, you didn’t want to be hurt again.

Wish (Zach Dempsey and Jeff Atkins)

Requested: yesss

Words: 2405

Warnings: Angst

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader x Jeff Atkins

So heyy I just wanna say heads up, the first part is based on a break up on a popular tv series! Tell me what show you think it is! And this will have 3-4 parts! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Serena, c'mon talk to me please!” Zach pleaded to Serena, his girlfriend for 2 years, as he closed the door to her house, and followed her to the living room. Thank god that Serena’s family was out and she had the house to herself for the whole week.

“I can’t even look at you right now!” Serena cried, throwing her bag on the couch

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i thought i was over boybands but………. i guess thE fUcK NoT lmao because it’s been less than a week and my ass is already w h i p p e d
for why don’t we

Mending a Broken Heart

Zach Dempsey x reader

Zach’s Pov  

Zach sat at another one of Jess’ high school parties, unsure of what he was even doing here. His friends had tried to get him to drink tonight, but he just didn’t feel like it. He hadn’t been in the partying mood lately – not since you had broken up with him. In fact, Zach hadn’t felt like doing much of anything since you’d broken up with him. You were such a huge part of his life and he missed you. He missed the way your smile would light up the room and the way your eyes would always find him in a crowd. Every time he saw you in the halls lately, you wouldn’t even spare him a second glance. Your smile was still there, but it seemed forced – not that anyone else would be able to tell. But Zach could. He knew you better than anyone. He also knew that you were hurting, but he didn’t understand why you were taking it out on him. You had been cold and distant, which was very different as opposed to your usually cheerful and friendly demeanor. Whenever he tried to talk to you, you’d blow him off. He understood you were having a hard time since the accident, but it still hurt to see how easily you had forgotten him.

Growing tired of the party, Zach stood up to leave when he bumped into someone. He glanced down and there you were. He lips parted in shock to find you here of all places. He hadn’t expected to see you at a party.

        “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

        “It’s a party, Dempsey,” Y/N replied, “So I’m assuming it’s for the same reason you are.”

        Zach looked at her confusedly.

        She rolled her eyes.

        “To drink,” was all she said before she was whisked away by Jess.

        Zach watched as Y/N downed several shots in succession and his forehead creased in worry. He looked around for Hannah, assuming she would be the one to drive you home since you were obviously here to get drunk, but it seemed that you had come alone tonight. Now that you were here, Zach decided to stay. If for nothing but to make sure you were safe tonight. So he sat back down with his friends, pretending to listen to their conversation.

Y/N’s Pov

  You could feel Zach’s eyes on you all night. You knew that there was a good chance that you’d bump into him if you came, but you tried to convince yourself that you didn’t care. It had been a few weeks since you broke up with him and you were over him. You took another look at him and gulped. Okay, so maybe you weren’t as over him as you tried to tell yourself you were, but it was starting to annoy you that he was watching out for you tonight. You didn’t need anyone to take care of you. You didn’t want anyone to take care of you. You threw back a couple more shots and caught sight of him making his way over to you.

“Y/N,” was all he said, but you could hear the pity in his voice. You hated it.

Instead of responding, you grabbed his hand and led him back to the living room where the music was loudest. You pushed him down towards the couch and he took a seat. Without saying anything you started dancing on him and you could see his cheeks flush a bit. Everyone around you started whistling and you could hear a few remarks being made by the guys.

“Get it, Dempsey!” Bryce called.

“That’s my girl,” Jess cheered.

You sat in Zach’s lap, grinding on him. You just wanted to have a good time. You wanted to forget the reason you had been so emotionally closed off lately. Zach suddenly grabbed a hold of you and whispered in your ear.

“Y/N, let’s go home.”

More than a little drunk, you nodded and head out of the house to his car. Your house wasn’t far and you got home pretty quickly. As soon as you were inside your room, you tried to kiss Zach, but he gently pushed you off of him.

“Not tonight, Y/N” he said gently.

You suddenly grew angry at his rejection.

“What’s your problem? I thought you wanted me.”

“Not when you’re drunk, Y/N. Besides, you broke up with me, remember?”

“I just wanted to have a bit of fun,” you huffed. “Why did you even come home with me then?”

“You know me better than that,” he sighed, “Besides, you wouldn’t have let me drive you home otherwise,” he responded softly.

It was true. You wouldn’t have.

“I think you should go,” you snapped.

He sighed and moved towards the door, but then stopped and turned around.

“I know you’re hurting, but I wish you’d let me be there for you.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said angrily.

“Y/N, he wouldn’t want this for you,” he spoke quietly.

You couldn’t believe that he was bringing this up right now. You couldn’t believe that he was bringing up Jeff when you had spent the entire night trying to forget the fact that your best friend had died not even a month ago.

“How dare you!” you screamed, “you have no idea what he would’ve wanted.”

“I know he wouldn’t want you to be getting black out drunk at parties. I know he wouldn’t want you to give up on all of your grades that you work so hard for. And I know he wouldn’t want you to stop feeling just because you’re afraid,” Zach said firmly.

Tears were running down your face by now, but you didn’t care. All of the emotions that you had been trying to push down, suddenly came bursting out.

He would’ve wanted to be alive!” You yelled.

Zach moved towards you, but you pushed him away.

“He would’ve wanted to play baseball! He would’ve wanted to graduate high school!”

You couldn’t hold back the pain anymore. The last few weeks had been an endless cycle of people telling you how sorry they were – of people looking at you like you were glass. You couldn’t take it. But as you were shattering into a million pieces right here and now, it really sank in that you’d never see your best friend, Jeff, again. All of the fight went out of you and you collapsed into Zach’s arms.

“Y/N – ” he said softly, afraid that if he spoke any louder, you would remember that you had broken up with him and would kick him out of your house.

The two of you moved to sit on your bed and he held you while you buried your face deeper into his shirt. After a bit of silence, he spoke again.

“Y/N, I know you’re hurting. I know you want to pretend like you don’t care, but you shouldn’t push away the people you love just because you’re afraid that you’ll lose them.”

You looked into his eyes and saw love, not pity. How could this boy know you better than you knew yourself? How could he still love you after everything you’d put him through these past couple of weeks?

“Zach, I-I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I couldn’t handle losing anyone else after him. I was afraid you’d leave me. I thought pushing you away would be easier, but I was wrong.”

“Hey, look at me,” he said “I love you, Y/N, and I’m not going anywhere, but you have to let me in. Let’s get through this together, okay?”

You nodded and laid down in your bed, the alcohol and emotional stress making your head pound a bit. You just needed to get some sleep. Zach covered you with your blanket and stood up to leave, but you reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Stay?” you asked.

Without a word, he slid in next to you and took you into his arms.

“We’ll get through this,” he whispered, placing a kiss to your forehead.

You drifted off to sleep in the arms of the boy you loved.  

Coming out||Why don't we||Preference 5

Summary: You have a son and he’s gay



A/n: As someone who is bi, i understand how hard it is to come out sometimes and I also understand what its like to not be expected, Im here for anyone who needs help!

Daniel Seavey- You knew son was gay around the age of six, you and Daniel had been guessing since the age of four when he wanted to go out as a princess for halloween, he didn’t like to play sports with daddy but he liked to shop and go out with momma, he watched disney princess movies and not MTNTs, but it all became clear when he was 7 and you and him where driving in the car on the way home. He had told you that he thought Jonah’s son was pretty. Both you and Daniel had known since then. Your son never realized the two of you had caught on because at the age of 16 he came out to both of you and told you he had a boyfriend, it was Jonah’s son.

That night when you and Daniel crawled into bed you both had smiles on your face, your son was out, in love and happy and thats all you wanted for him.

“I won, you owe me 20 dollars” You said causing him to snort.

“I knew this day would come, a bet is a bet” You added with a small chuckle on the side.

“I can’t believe you bet on our son being gay” He laughed bringing you into his arms.

“I didnt! I bet that him and Ashton(Jonahs son) would get together"You said. After a ten year bet you finally won, but you would have won anyways knowing your son was happy.

Jack Avery- The day your son came out was the most shocking day of your life. Not because you cared that he was gay, but because you two never saw it coming. When you were a teenager you had a gay guy best friend and although you knew that not every gay guy acted the same way the way your son acted was nothing like now your best friend had acted. Your son was the star on the basketball team(Jack was always so proud of him), you had never expected this to happen but when he had told you that he had a boyfriend both you or Jack couldn’t have been happier for him and invited  him for dinner the next day.

"Mom, dad, this is Jake” Your son smiled as a coloured boy around your sons age(17) walked in with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Jake this is my mom y/n and my dad Jack"your son smiled as the boy hand you the flowers and stuck out his hand for Jack.

"Its nice to meet you Mr.Avery”

Jonah Marias- The day you found out your son was gay wasn’t the day you were supposed to find out. You and Jonah had gone out to a grown ups dinner out with the boys and their wives, leaving your 17 year old son at home alone. You hadn’t been feeling well so Jonah took you home early, when the two of you had gotten home you asked Jonah to make you some tea while you went to change and tell your son you were home. After changing into some pjs you you walked across the hall and opened the door to your sons room only to see him laying on top  and kissing his best friend Tanner.

“Oh my god I’m sorry” You said shocked before grabbing the door handle and running out of the room. You walked downstairs your eyes wide as you met Jonah back in the kitchen.

“Um Jonah, I think our son is gay” You chuckled walking over to him and laying your head on his chest.

“What makes you say that?” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

“Well, I just walked in on him and-” You had started but were quickly cut off by tanner rushing out of your house, his cheeks red.

You sat your son down that night and talked to him about it all, you were both so supportive and extremely proud of your son.

Zach Herron- The day your son came out was hectic to say the least. You saw the fear in sons eyes as he sat you and Zach down in the dinning room, you could see him visibly shaking. You almost feared the words coming out of his his mouth, your son was eighteen and thats when you and Zach started having sex, had he gotten a girl pregnant?

“Mom, dad theres something I need to tell you” He whispered not meeting either of your eyes.

“No matter what you say it won’t change our love for you honey” you said reaching across the table and grabbing his hand causing him to look up while Zach just nodded in response.

“Im gay” he whispered, it took you a second but a smile fell on your face quickly.

“So no one’s pregnant?” you asked causing him to chuckle and shake his head but his smile dropped once he was met with his dads eyes. Turning your head to look at your husband of 20 years your face also turned into a frown when you saw the look of anger spread across his face.

“How do you know?” Zach spit out, causing both of you to be taken back.

“I -I have a boyfriend” He whispered, feeling ashamed of himself.

You and Zach had never had the conversation “what if our child is gay” talk, but you grew up with a gay brother and Zach had never said anything about it, you just assumed he was as opening and welcoming to the idea as you were. But Zach had been born and raised in Texas and you knew that not everyone there was as supportive as some other states were.

“Honey, why don’t you go and wash up before we go out to dinner” You smiled as you looked at your son, his head dropped but his frown still visible. Nodding his head without even looking up he leaves the dinner table, leaving you angry at your husband.

“Zach Dean Herron, I don’t know whats going on through your mind but our son just shared something huge with us and you hurt him. We are going out to dinner and when we get home you better have a different mind set or you can call Jonah for a place to sleep” You snapped, standing up and leaving Zach there alone, his fists still clenched and his face and his little less red.

Corbyn Besson- The day your 19 year old son came out to you had started off like any normal day. You and Corbyn were in the kitchen cooking and talking about old times with him and the band, you all were getting together at Jack’s tomorrow for a dinner, you hadn’t seen all the boys and their families in 3 weeks and you all missed them deeply.

You were chopping vegetables when your son walked through the door, a boy walking beside him, both with huge smiles on both their faces.

“Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Thomas” He blurted out of the blue, intertwining his hands with the other boys. You dropped the knife as a huge smile spread on your face, rushing over to hug both boys in front of you, you had been waiting for this for 3 years now and the time had finally come. Smiling as you pulled away, both your son and you looked at Corbyn with a shocked face.

“I like your shoes” He smiled, walking over and shaking the boys hand causing you to laugh along with your son. Corbyn supported your son, but he was a little awkward about it and bringing up shoes was the only way he could show he supported your son without getting all mushy and gushy about it. All and all both of you were happy as long as your son was happy.

Zach Dempsey Imagine (Part 2)-

“Give me another chance”

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You haven’t felt yourself these days. Your grades were dropping, you never got ready for the day, and honestly you lost contact with your friends. It’s only been 3 weeks, you remind yourself as if that isn’t a short time to spiral downward. It was just a fight, and just a break up, and just a painful goodbye. You only wish he didn’t have this effect on you. He loved you, didn’t he? You loved him, didn’t you? You sigh, letting yourself drag to your locker as you slowly open it. You knew you were overreacting about almost everything. The girl, the break up, everything. You should be fine, you could get ready, and friends are supposed to help you, but you can’t bring yourself to just invite someone over or find a cute outfit already made. Why did it feel so hard?

You felt a pair of eyes on you, this wasn’t the first time this week. You and Zach were the talk of the school. You were the part that got backlash, the too clingy girlfriend with the over reacting regrets who definitely didn’t deserve Zach Dempsey. You hated the rumors once again.You sigh, turning your head to see who it was this time.

 Your heart stopped for a second, you took in the tall boy who had a pained looked in his eyes that you mistakened for hatred. He turned away, nodding towards you, causing Justin to look back. “Go talk to her” he says to Zach, just loud enough for you to hear. You bite your lip and get your things and close your locker. You put your bag over your shoulder and started heading out. It wasn’t the day, it couldn’t be the day you were faced with the ‘I miss you and I love you, but I can’t be with you’ talk. You walked out, heading to the Library because you just weren’t in the mood to sit in a class, especially Biology. 

You almost expected him to talk to you, you expected him to run after you and you know that was stupid, you didn’t want him too. But you missed him. You wanted him and you couldn’t let go of what it was like to have him by your side. His small hand squeezes and quirky jokes, the way he smiles when he sees you down the hallway, the hugs from behind that seemed to make you melt because they were always more gentle. You even missed his endless basketball practices he made you join him in. 

You felt tears well in your eyes again, how could you be so stupid? Zach gave you everything, Zach made you feel more you, and you still didn’t believe him. You shake your head, standing up and making your way to his class. You needed him, you hated relying on someone so much but you needed him, and part of you believes he needs you too.

You get to his class and walk in, you ask the teacher if you can borrow Zach Dempsey for an article in the paper. You can almost feel his stare on you as he gets up and follows you out. You bite your lip and look at him. “Zach” you said softly, “What do you want, (Y/N)?” he says coldly. You let out a shaky sigh and look down. “I messed up Zach, you were honestly the best guy I ever had.” You say softly. “You were gentle and sweet, you always had a smile on, and you always gave me those hugs from behind that I secretly loved. I really miss the way you play with my hair, and the way you used to sing softly to me when I couldn’t sleep or you just wanted to be cute. I miss the basketball practices and the non affective biology tutoring and the way that you put that stupid spoon on your nose and it made you incredibly adorable, and I miss the way you say I love you. You said it once, but you showed it like a million times and I miss the ways you tried to show me. Zach, I really miss you” you whisper, feeling the tears fall. 

You saw him shift, a mix of emotions on his face. “What are you saying, (Y/N)?” he says softly after a few minutes. “I’m saying I miss you Zach, I’m saying I want you back” you look at him. “Give me another chance” you say softly. He bites his lip, throwing his head back a bit. “How do you do this to me?” he whispers, as if you aren’t there. “Please Zach, just think about it” you say, wiping your cheeks. You look at him, and you notice his eyes getting watery. 

“I have been miserable without you” Zach whispers. “I should be the one asking for another chance, you thought I was cheating and I got mad at you when I should have told you what was going on. I had to tutor that girl in Biology and then she asked me to help her with a scene for a musical and since I was already there I thought I should but you walked in and I don’t think I have ever seen you so angry and upset. I felt like a dick. Then when I admitted I loved you and I got scared because I was literally beating myself up for hurting you while further hurting you and I have been miserable. I haven’t slept in like 2 weeks, I barely get ready anymore, practicing basketball is a chore because I don’t have you to make it fun or to cheer me on and I am so sorry” He says, looking at you. “I need you back” he whispers.

You stand there, a bit shocked to hear it all but relief floods through you. You quickly wrap your arms around him, keeping him close and he holds you as well. He kisses your head softly and rubs your back gently. “I love you so much (Y/N)” he says gently. “I love you too Zach” you say, closing your eyes and just enjoying being by him again. You felt safe again, you felt like you were home, and for the first time in 3 weeks you felt a sense of belonging. You loved Zach, and nothing else seemed to matter.

Tournament- Z.D. Imagine:

Warnings: language, sex, oral (male on female)
Extra note: this is loosely based on a dream I had, with added and some changed things
And POVs change
Word Count: 1,330
Reader x Zachary Dempsey

Wattpad: spikedcherrycola🍒

Y/C/H: your color hair

3rd Person POV:

“Just two more game guys and we can win this basketball tournament for Liberty.” Coach says
Zach put his earbuds in and listen to his ‘Pump Me Up’ playlist.
“Ay Demps, is y/n coming?” asks Justin
“Yeah, why wouldn’t she. She is my best friend.” Zach says
“Yeah well you need to tap that before, I do Dempsey.” Bryce comments
“You know what Bryce, I’m sick of you commenting on people’s virginity. Just because we don’t force ourselves onto people.” Zach spits
Bryce walks towards Zachary and slams his locker.
“Talk shit again Dempsey and I swear to God, I will beat your ass.” Bryce says
The team walks out onto the court and the cheerleaders, scream and yell for the team.
“And give it up for 3 time champs Liberty High!” screams the announcer
Zach spots the beautiful girl with Y/C/H and a pale blue ribbon in it and her t-shirt displaying the number 7.
“We love you Zachary.” yells a group of girls and in return Zach winks at them.

Y/N’s POV:
I watch as Zach runs on the court and dribbles like his life depended on it.
“Dempsey! Dempsey! Dempsey!” the crowd cheers
Zach stands on the three point line, fending them all off and takes the shot.
“Yes Zach!” I scream and he winks at me
The week that has been melting my heart since forever, I was hopelessly in love with my best friend, Zachary, and I couldn’t even deny it.
“And that’s half time, with Liberty leading by 21.” says the announcer
We had opportunities to see the player during half time and I took my chance.
“Hey Zach.” I said
“Hey y/n.” Zach says
“Um I wanted to give you something for um your gym bag.” I say
“Dempsey.. two minutes.” says Coach and closes the door, leaving Zach and I out in the hall.
“What is it babe?” he smirks
I pull a pair of yellow lacy panties out of my backpack and hand them to him.
“These are for your gym bag.” I say
“Why? You don’t have to do this.” he says
“You’re a virgin and so am I, but I want you to have them for the away game.” I say
“To prove to Bryce?” he asks
“Zach, you’re missing the point. These are my panties.” I say
“I get that, but.” I cut him off
“Zach, I’m not wearing any.” I whisper
“Listen y/n, I have to go. Meet me at Bryce’s after the game.” he says
I walked back to the bleachers and sat.
“What happened y/n?” asked Sheri
“Nothing yet, but I hope he got the hint.” I say

After the game, I drive to Bryce’s house and enter through the back as always.
“Hey y/n.” said Monty
“Hello Montgomery.” I say
I walk over to the couch to see Zach and Justin playing a video game.
“Hey y/n, drinks in the kitchen.” says Bryce
“Okay.” I fake smile
I sat in Zach’s lap as I always do.
“Did you think about them anymore?” I ask
“Yeah I did.” he says
“I want you to be my first and to be your first Zach.” I whisper
“Can you wait for an hour tops y/n?” asks Zach and I nod
I go out and set in the side of the pool as Jeff comes out too.
“Hey you.” Jeff says
“Hey Jeffery.” I say
We set in silence as we drink our refreshments and I splash my feet around.
“You know I’ve basically done everything but put his dick inside me.” I say
“What?” Jeff laughs
“Zach, I want him to be my first and I’m trying. Sheri even had the idea of giving him a pair of my sexy panties.” I say
“Y/N, virginity is sacred. You can’t just rush.” Jeff says
“I’m not trying to. I want Zachary to have it, Jeff! I love him.” I say
“Does he feel the same.” he asked
“I don’t know, he told me to wait out here an hour.” I say
“Hey y/n, are you ready?” asks Zach
“Uh yeah, just let me finish talking and I’ll be in.” I smile
“I better go.” I whisper
“Listen y/n, please make sure this is what you want.” Jeff says
“I will.” I smile
Zach and I walked into a room in the pool house and sit in the bed.
“Listen..” we both say at the same time.
“You first.” I say
“Listen y/n, I’m sorry how I reacted to you and the whole panty situation.” Zach said
“No I shouldn’t have did that, it was just Sheri said I should initiate the action with you and I feel like a complete idiot.” I say
“Listen babe, it’s okay. You’re my best friend and my love for you is endless.. it’s just do you really want to lose your virginity to me?” he asks
“Yes Zach, I do. It’s all I can think about.” I admit
His body moves closer as he grips my waist, his thumb tracing my hipbones and his other forefinger tracing my lips.
“What if it hurts?” he says empathetically
“We will work through it.” I mumble
I feel my feet touch the edge as Zach gently pushes me in the bed. His hands tangling my hair and my hands gripping my face.
Piece by piece, our clothes come off and soon I’m bare to him. My feet flat on the floor, Zach stand in nothing but his boxer briefs.
“Relax.” he whispers
I watch as his raven black hair disappears between my legs and lays sweet kisses to my heat.
“Zachary.” I moan
His lips slowly slurp at the sensitive endings between my legs and I buck my hips involuntarily as his tongue swipes up and down and he adds two fingers pumping them in and out.
“I just want to do this y/n.” Zach says
“Okay.” I say with as much breath as I can

Zach’s POV:
“Okay.” she says
“I don’t have a condom.” I say
“Oh.” Y/N says and covers her body
“Give me 5.” I say and leave the room
I pull my clothes on quickly and walk out to see Jeff and Montgomery on the couch.
“Do either of you have a rubber?” I ask
Jeff shakes his head and I sigh.
“Here Dempsey.. take two.” Monty says and throws red foil packages at me
I walk back in to see Y/N in the sheets, here bare shoulders peppers with red marks.
“Got one.” I say and flash the pack
“Yeah, okay.” she smiles
I climb on the bed and make out with her a minute as I climb between her legs and secure the condom on my dick.
“Are you ready babe?” I ask
“Yeah.” Y/N says
I pull her hands beside us as I thrust gently into her.
“Uh.” she grunts
“Are you okay?” I ask
“Zachary.” she whimpers
“Do I need to stop?” I pant
“No keep going, make love to me Zach.” she moans
One of her hands grab the back of my head and the other around my torso.
“Y/N.” I pant
Small moans escape her lips as I continue to thrust in and out.
“Dempsey, are you in there?” I hear Monty’s voice say
“Not now Montgomery. I’m.. busy.” I grunt in between thrust
“Zach.” Y/N moans
“You feel so good y/n.” I pant
“Ohmigod.” she moans and bites onto my shoulder
“I’m gonna cum babe.” I moan
“Me too, I’m there.” she pants
Her teeth sink into my shoulder as she clenches on me tightly and her hips buck
“Y/N.” I pant and release into the condom, rolling off of her
“Maybe you should go see what Monty needed.” she whispers
“Actually, I have another we should use.” I smirk and bring her into my arms

Not Like That - Z.H.

Summary: Trying to comfort a heartbroken friend makes things seem like something it’s not. 

Requested by @princeherron

A/N: I suck at summaries I’m sorry. 

“Zach?” You knocked on the door, slightly opening it.

“Go away, I don’t want to talk.” You heard him grumble from under the sheets. His voice was so rough and broken, it hurt you to see him like this.

You stood at the foot of his bed, wondering what you could do to make him feel better.

After a few minutes, you walked over to the side of his bed. “Move over.” You mumbled, gently pushing him.

“No.” He refused, pushing your hands away.

“Zach!” You scolded, pulling the blanket off his head. He stared up at you, eyes red from crying and almost swollen shut. Your face soften, as did your tone. “Please, we won’t talk. I just want to be here for you.”

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Dating Zach Dempsey would include

(Don’t own 13 reasons why)
(Warning: might mention smut)

• the first day you met this handsome, hot giant, was when it was your first day at school

• you had just moved there so clay gave you a tour

• on that tour you guys just happened to walk by Zach and Justin the star basketball players

• Zach had instantly taken a liking to you

• from then on he always tried to talk to you even though, sometime he would get nervous.

•eventually once he kinda got to know you he kept bugging you for your number.

• at first you wouldn’t give it to you but then you have in and gave it to him because he was to cute to say no to.

• on the first date he took you to where you wanted to and paid for all of it without complaining

• after that he drove you home, and walked you to your porch where you shared a sweet gentle kiss

• I feel like Zach already knew he wanted to be with you so he would ask you to be his girl

• and of course you said yes!

• Zach loves to cuddle( doesn’t matter what poison he loves to be held or hold you)

• speaking of holding you, he always has to be touching you in someway
- but he doesn’t do much on PDA so he’ll usually wrap his arm around you waist or put an arm around you shoulder

• he’d drive you to and from school

• when your on your period(if your a person who gets them) he’s always the sweetest.
- he had to get advice from his mom and sister at first though.

• his sister loves you!!
- she always ask how your doing
- and sometime you guys will hang out
- and you help Zach to babysit her

• Zach will always make time for you, he never wants you to feel lonely or for you to think he doesn’t love you.
- he’s always ditches the guys for you

• Zach loves to see you in his clothing so he always lets you take his jackets or shirts, because there oversized and he thinks they look cute in you to.

• almost every weekend he takes you to a basketball court, to play basketball or teach you if you didn’t know.

• he loves to give you hugs and loves kissing you even more
- sometimes a simple kiss can turn in to a make out every once and a while

• you make out sessions are so heated and leaves both you guys wanting more.

• the first time you guys had sex, he was really gentle and caring making sure you enjoyed yourself and was comfortable
- he kept asking “are you okay”
- and would kiss all over your body
- and if you were a virgin, he would be a sweetheart whispering sweet nothings in to your ear to make you forget about the pain.

• when you guys had sex it was always mind blowing
- he could go for a few round if you wanted to
- he likes oral, but you receive the most because he always wants to make you feel good
- if you have trouble cumming, he’ll do anything to help you release.
-since he doesn’t think all the time you make sure the door is locked, or that your parents aren’t home
- because he is loud!!!
- and he love it when you are to

• Zach rather make love to you and hold your hands, but he will fuck you if you want being rough but not enough to hurt you.

•he loves to play with your hair, and you always try to play with his to.

• he leaves a lot of hickeys
- to be fair, you do to
- but he loves to show off his marks
- and doesn’t let you cover up yours so everyone knows who you belong to

• he can get really jealous, because he’s afraid to lose you
- but he’s mostly over protective
- especially around Bryce because he doesn’t want him to hurt you like he did to Hannah or Jessica

• I feel like you guys would have double dates with Justin and jess (idk)

• you and Zach would have a really close relationship.
- he would even tell you about the tapes
- but if he didn’t and you found out, he would tell you the truth

• his mom loves you even though she didn’t want to admit it at first
- but she saw the way you guys looked at each other
- do whenever your over she always ask if you want to stay for dinner

• Zach was the first to say I love you, but if you were the first one he would say it right back.
- he always tells you he loves you, because your perfect to him
- and if your ever insecure, he won’t leave you alone until he made them all go away

• when he’s driving he places a hand on your thigh, or he’ll hold your hand.

• he’d fight anyone for you, if they talked bad or they made him jealous

• if your feeling down he’ll do the spoon trick😂 and it always works because he’s so cute.

• he loves when you talk about something that you love, because you smile a lot and your eyes shine

• he doesn’t know what he would do without you, and he hope he’ll marrow you one day.

• your always there to comfort him, and vice versa

• when one of you guys can sleep you text or call the other

• you guys are definitely everyone’s favorite couple
- expect for those few boys and girls that are jealous of you.

• when he’s drunk you always take care of him
- but he’ll show you off more than usual
- like he’ll try to make out with you in public
- or keep telling you sweet nothings

• you something get him to something else besides going to parties

• you go to all of his games
- he’ll wink at you sometimes during the game.
- but you go mainly because he says your his lucky charm
- before and after the game he kisses you
- but you always try to escape the sweaty hug he gives you

• he always tells you how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you

• you love when he’s shirtless because like come on who wouldn’t want to see that.

• you’d fight a bitch if she flirted with him, even if your not a fighter you’d talk tough enough to scare them away
- he thinks your hot when your mad
- at least when your not mad at him

• you guys rarely fight, but when you do you guys don’t talk for a few hours or days to the most.

• you guys always somehow find your way back to each other though,
It’s kind like your soulmates😂😉

• you guys plan on going to college near each other so you can still be together.

• you support his dream of being a marine biologist and he supports all of yours

• he got you a necklace with a z on it so everyone knows your together
- you always wears it
- he always smile when he sees it on you

• sometimes in the middle of the night you feel zach getting out of bed and when you ask him what’s wrong he’ll say he’s just checking on his sister.

• everyone knows, how much you love each other, and that one day you’ll get married and have kids, and grow old together.
- your love is unconditional

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Then Don’t | Zach Herron

I shake my head as I make my way to the front door, thinking about how silly (y/n) and her best friend are when they visit. They knock and wait outside every time, even though it’s the furthest thing from necessary since the boys and I have known them for years now.

I open the door to see (y/n) standing there with a grin that I can immediately tell is forced on her face.

“Hey, Zach,” she says.

“Hey,” I reply, giving her a hug, refraining from asking her what’s wrong when (y/b/f/n) shoots me a look that warns me not to go there at the moment.

(y/n) pulls away from me, sends me another fake smile, and walks into the house to greet the other guys.

Once she’s out of range, I turn back to (y/b/f/n).

“What happened?” I ask.

She lets out a sigh.

“It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try and make it short. So, you know how she’s involved in the play at our high school, right?”

“Of course; she’s the lead role.”

“Yes,” she says, nodding her head. “Today, our director made her and the other female lead run through the same scene seven times in the two hours of practice after school. It’s a very physical part - the cast literally calls it the fight scene - and today, she actually got hurt.”

I close my eyes when I remember all of the times she’s come over with bruises and scratches lining her arms and legs after rehearsal. She never makes it a big deal and takes the pain of it all up in stride, saying it’s part of it. Of course I worry, but she’s always shut it down before I can do anything about it.

“At least I think she got hurt,” (y/b/f/n) continues. “You know her. She’s definitely not the kind to stop in the middle of a scene to tell the other lead to be careful to not hit the top of her right leg for the remainder of the fight. But today that’s what happened. I was super concerned because she has a very high pain tolerance, but was limping afterwards and I swear I saw tears in her eyes when the scene was over.”

As she pauses, I groan internally at the the thought of the girl I love suffering.

“I insisted on checking on it when we got in the car to drive over here, but she got all offensive and wouldn’t let me for the world. Point is, please keep an eye on her. Just… take care of her.”

I nod my head.

“Of course.”

(y/b/f/n) leaves soon after to finish a paper for school and I settle in the living room next to (y/n) on the floor.

I don’t miss how she keeps touching the area above her right knee or how every time I move closer to her she flinches away, just slightly, but still.

She’s always been too tough for her own good. If she’s hurt, she won’t tell anyone, mostly because she hates when people worry on her behalf.

I’ve just about had enough and have planned to pull her into the nearby bathroom to look at her leg when she stands, not without difficulty, I notice, and makes her way upstairs.

The other guys are involved in other activities, so I know for a fact they won’t miss our presence downstairs.

I walk down the hallway until I find the door to my bedroom closed. I head inside, knowing that I didn’t leave it like that.

A light from under the conjoined bathroom door leads me to think that that’s where (y/n) is.


I’m just about to roll my pants up to look at my leg when a soft knock sounds on the door.

“(y/n)?” Zach says.

I pull the fabric hastily back down and hold back a cry when it scrapes against the inflicted area of skin.

“What?” I say, trying to compose myself.

“Open the door.”

I stare at the locked handle and know he’s doing the same on the other side.

“Please, (y/n). You’re scaring me,” he says.

The sound of his voice almost breaking makes me heart shatter. I unlock the door.

He doesn’t rush in or grab me or scan my body with a worried expression. All he does is hold his gaze with my eyes, moving into the space and towards me with caution.

Then he’s standing in front of me. My breath hitches in my throat when his hands slide to my waist and rest on my hips.

Slowly, he pushes me to the point where I’m walking backwards, eventually running into the bathroom counter. Never breaking eye contact for a moment, he lifts me easily to sit on the surface. Only then does he look away.

He looks to my leg and I immediately known that (y/b/f/n) told him what happened in practice today.

When he reaches for my pant leg, I grab his hands, stopping him.

“Zach,” I whisper as he raises his eyes to mine again. “Don’t.”

But I know as soon as I say it, it’s not going to happen. His jaw clenches and eyes narrow slightly in determination and he rolls the fabric up over my knee, gently, but with enough force to show me that he doesn’t care about my objections.

A sound sort of like a hiss escapes my mouth when the clothing is finally pulled over the area that’s now throbbing in pain. My arms act on impulse and a sudden burst of stinging as I flail out to grab onto Zach’s arm.

My best friend looks up at me with utter concern before he even sees my leg.

“I’m sorry,” he breathes.

We both look down at the same time.

I expected the large black and blue bruise and cut and bleeding skin, but Zach obviously did not.

“(y/n),” he mutters before rummaging around in the cabinets under the sink, spewing out incoherent words.

He’s finally by my side again, and after dousing a cotton pad with cleaning chemicals, he places it on the probably already-infected cut.

“Oh my word,” I groan through gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry,” Zach says again.

I rest my hand on top of his when a fresh wave of pain rolls over me.

When I open my eyes, he leans his forehead against mine.

“I don’t want you to be hurt. I feel… very protective over you and you shouldn’t ever have to-”

“Zach,” I say quietly.

He was getting worked up, but at my interruption he calms down.

The moment he looks into my eyes, the world silent and still around us, I know I can’t wait for him - for us - any longer.

He leans closer to me, intertwining our hands on the counter on both sides of me.

“(y/n),” he whispers hesitantly, as if he’s afraid to speak, “I… I’m in love with you.”

My heart pounds in my chest.

“Just kiss me already.”

As soon as the words come out of my mouth, a gasp escapes as well.

Did you really just say that?

The smallest of smiles tugs at his lips.

“If I do, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

Again, I don’t think. My emotions speak for themselves.

“Then don’t.”