i feel you stacy

  • Beca: I mean, hey, y'know, I like Chloe as much as the next girl. You know, clearly I have feelings for her, but feelings don’t mean love! You know, I mean, I have loving feelings for Chloe, yeah!
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: But I have… I have, you know, continuing feelings of love, but that doesn’t mean that… that I’m in love with her. You know?
  • Stacie: ...
  • Beca: I have… I have sexual feelings for her, but I do love - oh! Oh my god! Oh my god, Stacie, why didn’t you tell me?!
  • Stacie: We thought you knew!
  • Beca: WE?!
  • Stacie: Yeah, we all know, we talk about it all the time!

I really want to see more of the Bellas. I really want to get to know, actually know, each character. I want to see them grow and develop. I want to know what they’re each passionate about, like have you ever wondered what Cynthia Rose was studying? Maybe she was a physics major?? Maybe she’s a writer? I want to feel attached to their stories and I want to see how close they’ve gotten over the years. There were 3 years in between pitch perfect and pitch perfect 2, can you imagine everything they must have accomplished in that gap? And not just as a group but also as individuals. I want to see the things that have so tightly bonded this group of girls. I want to see their lives flourishing, and I want to see them crumble every once in awhile. What did they do in between all those rehearsals? Did they have game nights? Movie nights? Did they all study together? What did they do for the holidays? I want to know.

so a big part of gilmore girls is obviously the battling of social classes. lorelai in working class and her parents in the upper class— which leaves rory somewhere in between. there has always been an issue between lorelai and her parents about where rory really belongs. in season 5/6, this comes to a climax that, according to the fans, is pretty much the worst thing to happen in this show. rory steals a boats and then quits school and lives with her grandparents.

but here’s the thing: it’s not out of character.

even though everyone likes to paint rory as being level headed and frequently use the pro/cons list as an example of this, that is not always the case. rory has a history of making impulse decisions based on her feelings. past examples of this are:

  • running away & shoplifting after dean kisses her
  • yelling at the class once she is late for her AP test
  • making a speech in the s1 finale based on her feelings for dean
  • goes to new york in 2.21 to see jess
  • kissing jess at sookie’s wedding bc she likes him even though she’s with dean
  • sleeping with dean

yes, she makes pro/con lists. but you know why she probably does that? because she recognizes that a lot of her past mistakes are done on impulse decisions. of course she’s afraid of making the wrong decision she does it all of the time. 

right before she steals the boat, she is told by one of her journalistic heroes that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. her dream job. she is, understandably, upset. of course she doubts herself and her abilities. i am not surprised that she stole the boat and im not surprised that she quit school.

bad decision? yes. out of character? no.

ok here is the dean forester insult prose poem

Sit down, bag boy. Shut up and listen. I will fight you if I have to. I cannot believe that you are a real person. How do you survive? Does your neck hurt from bending backwards to keep your head that far up your ass? Do you see yourself? Your face is shaped like an egg. You literally have an egg face. The only way you could not look like an egg is if someone boiled you and then dropped you from the top of a building. To be fair, you would still look like an egg, but at least then you would have some color in your life.

There is a way to treat people. A kind decent, respectful way. You chose the other option. Feelings are not negotiable. There are no terms and conditions when it comes to love. You cannot bribe someone for the emotions that you are looking for. I hope that car goes Christine on your ass and kills you like Keith Gordon. You are a pile of garbage for thinking a girl owes you anything just because you love her. You are week old garbage— the wet, grunge kind that seeps through a dumpster and leaves stains. You know when you are about to eat a sandwich and then realize at the last second that the bread is green and fuzzy? That the cheese smells worse than feet and the turkey is wet and sticky? That is what your affection feels like. I do not have the ability to see into your mind, to know what you think about this, but I hope you know that your feelings are the equivalent of milk that has been sitting in the sun for three days. I have not touched you, but I can imagine that your hands feel like sandpaper dipped in honey. You probably smell like ranch dressing. Watching you is like watching a dog chase its own tail even though it does not have one. Do you know what you look like to me? Who am I kidding? You are so stupid that you thought Jurassic Park used actual dinosaurs. How could I think you would know when someone does not like you?

You are a sniveling, snotty, piss baby.  I cannot believe that people look at you and see the perfect boyfriend. You know what you are, right? If fuck boy was in the dictionary, a picture of you would sit right next to it. Girls are glistening goddesses next to you— why any of them find you appealing is a mystery to me. If your giant toddler body could fit into a canoe, I would poke a hole in your boat and then push you off to sea. Let the sharks eat you. I bet they would spit you out, too. They would probably think that you are too fucking bitter. For a goddam sea creature. They could probably taste the hate that lives inside your organs and do not want to accidentally catch anything from you. Sharks would rather die from starvation than feed off of your crusty ass.

Your shrill whine is the kind that only dogs can hear. I am sorry, but no one understand you. Do you think that you are so tall that no one can hear you? Please, you do not have to yell. I cannot take you seriously when all that comes out of your mouth is “wah wah wah wah.” A quick question: what do you think that you are saying? I sure hope that you know the bullshit that comes out of your mouth is stinking up the room. You are a walking fart. Why don’t you crawl back inside the hemorrhoid on Satan’s asshole that you crawled out of? You are like a yellow marker that tried to write over something dark and has now become a distressing yellow-brown color that no one wants to use anymore. You are the Times New Roman of people. I cannot look at you without seeing one of those pressed pennies from the History Museum.

Did you think that Night at the Museum was a documentary? Those people do not actually come to life. If they did, we could find the section from the nineteen fifties and place you inside that glass box where you belong. Cavemen have better manners than you. Even fucking cavemen know that they do not own their significant others. You cannot tell your girlfriend to stop being friends with someone and then get mad when your wife tells you the same thing. Your infidelity makes you nothing more than a soggy floor coupon. Somewhere there is a tree creating oxygen so that you can live. I believe that you owe that tree an apology. You are a literal piece of shit, sitting atop an otherwise perfect piece of cake. If someone asks me what the one thing is that would ruin cake, it would be you. They say that ignorance is bliss, but you must know the kind of crap you leave behind. Tell me, how does it feel to be the human version of a pit stain? Do you like being the sweaty, smelly reminders of exercise and pain? Do you like that you remind people about the nastiest hobby? I bet you do. I bet that you like knowing people cringe when they see your face. I know that I do.

Do me a favor and staple all of your fingers together.  I hope you accidentally drink piss instead of apple juice. Please swallow your tongue whole and choke on it. I want you to feel a thousand tiny paper cuts in every finger crack that you have. I wish you to step on a Lego everyday of your life until you die.  I want you to feel what knowing you is like.

It'll Always Be You

Request: Can you do one where like you were great childhood friends and when you were younger you promised to get married in the future and then you meet again in the future and your with someone and all that

This one shot went hard, I dunno, I’m sorry. Enjoy! :-)

You stand in the middle of your old, creaky treehouse that holds all your most memorable moments, eyes scanning over every last detail. This treehouse has held lots of secrets, lots of laughs, lots of firsts - lots of love.

Your eyes catch sight of the white printing paper, scribbled on with blue and purple crayon. ‘No pairentz, no petz, onwnly c, no dogz, ownly uz!’ You chuckle to yourself, grabbing at the paper.

“Don’t forget to write no pets!” You hum at your six year old best friend. “What about Molly?” He frowns. “Molly’s too big! No pets,” you slap your hand across your forehead. “What about…chester?” He looks at you with wide eyes, referring to your pet rabbit. “Mmm, fine. Only chester.” “How do you spell chester?” He pauses his favorite blue crayon.

“Just write c, only we’ll get it!” you smile proud of yourself. “Yeah!” He hums, tongue poking out from his lips as he crosses out no pets and adds the c. “Okay. Done!” He holds up the sign as you inspect it. “It’s good…but it needs…” you stop, snatching the paper and grabbing your favorite purple crayon then his blue.

He watches you, looking bored with his little head propped up in his small palm. “There. Now they’ll know who ‘us’ is,” you sigh contently at your neatly drawn picture of you and Luke.

“I like it, but why are we holding hands?” He gives a funny face. “Because,” you roll your eyes. “We’re best friends!” “So we can hold hands because we’re best friends?” He sits up right. “Duh,” you start putting the crayons back. “But Calum says girls have cooties,” he frowns.

“Calum’s stupid,” you hum, grabbing for the tape. Luke gasps, putting a hand over his mouth and pointing at you with wide eyes. “You said stupid,” he whispers. “So did you, I wont tell if you wont.” It takes him a second buthe nods and you get back to taping your sign up.

Of course you had to scribble out chester’s c from the paper when he’d ‘gone to a farm with his family’ a year later. There’s not one thing in this godforsaken treehouse that doesn’t hold a memory, even something as little as an old dusty book.

It’d been raining all night, your mom shouting up at you from the bottom of the treehouseto come inside already’ multiple times. But Luke just got a new scary story book for his tenth birthday and you two were determined to keep going until you found the absolute scariest story of the whole book.

It wasn’t like you two weren’t bundled up anyhow, you were in about 5 layers of clothes each, with a huge blanket Luke had nicked from his mom’s special closet that was meant for whenever guest stood over but she wasn’t missing it.

You’re sat impossibly close, listening to Luke as he reads - because he’s always been better at the voices than you were. He’s managed to get well into the book and you’d never admit it but all the stories were finally starting to catch up to you. Every little noise making you scoot a little bit closer.

Eventually, Luke’s hand swiftly finds yours. “What are you doing?” You crease your eyebrows but don’t retract your hand, liking the feel of safety it brings. “Holding your hand,” he shrugs. “Why?” You demand. “Because you’re scared and we’re best friends,” he hums. You narrow your eyes at him and he continues to look unfazed, waiting for you to get over it.

“I’m not scared,” you state coolly, scooting closer despite yourself. “Okay, then I’m scared,” he replies and continues reading. You’re not sure when but at some point his words become white noise and your focus lands on your hands.

It’s weird, but you like the feel. Like the way they fit like they were made especially for each other. And maybe they were.

With a breathy sigh, you sit on the ground, back against one of the wooden walls and can’t help but remember probably one the most memorable moments of your entire life.

“So, tell me,” you beam, knees pressed tight to your chest. “Tell you what?” Your fourteen year old best friend grins bashfully with tinted cheeks. “C’mon Luke, spill,” you roll your eyes. He shrugs his shoulders, “It was alright.” “No. Details, Lewi!” “What details? It was just a kiss. Our lips touched,” he brushes off.

“Why are you being so weird? You know I’d tell you details if I had mine,” you frown. “I don’t know what details you want,” he groans, looking out of the treehouse you’d both grown up in. “Just tell me like I’m one of the guys, what was it like? What did you do? What did it feel like?”

“If you were one of the guys you wouldn’t be asking me for details,” he grumbles. “Luke,” you pout. Finally, he sighs defeatedly, “It wasn’t anything special, I just sort of did it. It felt like pressing your lips against someone else’s.” “You’re no fun,” you huff.

His eyes dart up to meet your gaze not even a moment later and you can physically see the lightbulb go off above his head.

“Do you want me to show you?” He raises his eyebrows. “Show me?” Your brows knitting together. “Yeah, I could show you how I did it,” he hums. “Like…kiss me?” “If you want,” he nods. You think about it for a minute, nervously biting at your lip, but if you were going to have your first kiss there was no one or nowhere better than with your best friend in your sacred treehouse.

“Alright,” you decide. “Show me.” He bites back a smile and gets to his feet, pulling you up with him. He doesn’t do anything at first, just stands there while his breathtaking blue eyes flicker over your features. You admittedly get lost in his own looks, his blond hair actually done tonight for his first date, his overly bitten pink bottom lip set between his teeth, blue eyes dancing across your face.

“Luke,” you breathe impatiently. “Are you gonna kiss me now?” “Close your eyes,” he replies softly, stepping closer. You spare another moment before closing your eyes and await the gentle feel of unsure lips. It’s not the best kiss, granted you don’t exactly have much experience to compare it to, but you can tell he’s nervous and you think it would be a little awkward if it weren’t Luke.

Nerves and all, it does something. Sparks something in you, something you haven’t paid much attention to since the last time he held your hand. You open your eyes to see if he feels it too, if he’s getting that weird tingling in his stomach as well. But for once in your life you can’t seem to read him.

“Was that how it felt?” You ask dumbly. “I told you it felt like touching your lips to other lips,” he hums matter-of-fact. And, right. This is your best friend. It just felt like lips on lips. Except for the fact that it didn’t.

Your eyes gaze out the big window overlooking the small town. From a distance you can hear all the chitter-chatter and commotion from everyone inside, your house full of people you love and will miss terribly, all there to say their goodbyes.

You can feel him before you hear him, the small mumbled swears from the giant who long since outgrew the wooden ladder leading to the treehouse. You’ve always been able to do that, to sense the other before actually seeing or hearing each other. Your mom’s always swearing you were like that even whilst in their bellies and joking you two were some sort of soulmates.

“Knew you’d be up here,” he sighs once he’s finally made his way into the treehouse. You turn around to look at him, tears already welling in your eyes. There he was. The one you were going to miss the most, your eighteen year old best friend, your confidon, the most important person in your life.

The one you’d been avoiding all night for this exact reason.

“Don’t cry, you know I hate it when you cry,” he coos, not hesitating to sit and engulf himself around you. “Tell me to stay. Tell me not to go,” you croak into his chest. “You know I’d never do that,” he shakes his head, arms tightening around you. “Why not? We had plans. We were supposed to be going to uni together. Start our families together. Live by each other. You said you loved me. We said we’d never let the other go no matter the reason.. You said you’d always be there,” you cry.

“I do love you, I love you so much that I have to let you go. You and I both know you were always bigger than this town or any shitty uni it could offer you,” he replies calmly.

“What am I going to do without you, blue eyes?” You sniff. “You’ll always have me. I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I’m so sure of it - of us - that I’m telling you right now, we don’t need to worry about not going to uni together or starting our families together or even living by each other because we’re getting married.”

“What?” You pull back, wiping at your tears and sniffling again. “Not now, obviously, but in the future,” he meets your gaze. “That’s a big promise, Luke,” you reason. “It is. But as long as you promise to come back to me, it’ll always be you. Soulmates, right?” He offers a small, lopsided smile, his single dimple popping. You give a small giggle and nod, “Soulmates.”

“Do you remember that day I kissed you?” His hand finding yours, your fingers naturally lacing together. “Yeah?” you shrug. “It didn’t feel that way when I kissed Stacy,” he confesses. “Are you kidding me? You mean we wasted four years of our lives not kissing because you couldn’t tell me that?”

“I was worried! I always thought you didn’t like me,” he defends. “You’re an idiot. I don’t even know what not liking you feels like,” you retort. “I’m just that amazing huh?” He gloats playfully. “Eh, you’re alright,” you tease. He gives a look of mock offense and you can’t help it, leaning in to meet his lips with your own. And you come to find, that weird spark and funny feeling have yet to disappear, you’re not sure they ever will.

“I love you,” you whisper against his lips, heart already feeling hollow with thought of not having him. “I love you too, future wife,” he hums lightly, smiling into your kiss.

You share another first that night.


It’s a strange feeling seeing the familiar pair of blue eyes again after so many years. It’s like your body knows before you do - just as always. Your feet stopping in their tracks right in the middle of the crowded street, like you suddenly remembered you hadn’t turned the oven off before leaving the house.

At first glance you aren’t quite sure but as soon as you catch his eye, you know. You know and it’s so ground breaking, earth shaking, that you swear you lose your breath with it.

It’s only a second. A second where everything is coming back all at once before it’s all being taken away with the sound of a high pitched feminine laugh that sounds like some sort of melody. Suddenly, you’re hyper aware of the beautifully stunning woman at his side, long blonde hair and bright green eyes.

She looks happy, he looks happy, their hands clasped tight and his eyes are literally sparkling.

A feeling washes over you then. A feeling of sadness and happiness. Sadness because there he was, your supposed soulmate, happy and healthy with another woman. Happiness because there he was, happy as could be. He’s happy and that’s all you could ever really want for him. He moved on and found someone to fill your void. And for that you are forever grateful to that girl, whoever she is.

You hear your name and look away from the sight to meet the smiling face of your wonderful boyfriend. “Hi baby, good day?” You smile, letting him take your hand with ease. “Better now,” he grins, pecking your cheek.

As you two start down the block you spare a glance at your blue eyed boy and hope the woman that filled your void did what your own boyfriend did. Filled the void but not the place in your heart. Never the place in your heart. Because that - that was Luke’s.

That would always be Luke’s.


Just Look At Me: Part 6/?

I have fourteen asks in my inbox asking me to continue Just Look At Me so HERE YOU GUYS GO.

All of the previous parts can be found here.

(Also, I’m not sure how I feel about this, so be sure to stop by my ask and let me know what you’re thinking. Thanks, sweethearts.)


Percy picked Stacy up at her house a few minutes early. She was wearing a really pretty dress, and her brown hair was falling down around her shoulders and her eyes–she just looked really nice. He clenched his hands around the steering wheel and forced himself to keep his eyes on the road.

They ate at a popular restaurant downtown. Their conversations were easy and fun, and they were both smiling throughout the meal. After the first fit of laughter that Percy had fallen into, he had completely forgotten about those blonde curls and gray eyes. 

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Surprise. Tony Perry Imagine

Tony and you have been together for a long time. You are pregnant and he has to go on tour. You decide to visit him and find him in bed with someone. You two don’t talk for a while. You have to be pregnant without him. When you go into labor out of pain you call tony and he’s there for the labor/birth. He apologizes and you two make up

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I miss you.” I moan into the phone.  “I miss you too sweetie.” My boyfriend, Tony, says.  “The baby keeps kicking.” I smile, rubbing my belly. “He’s ready to come out!” Tony giggles.  “Woah, no he is not!” I chuckle.  “Well, I have to get going, babe. I’ll talk to you later?” He says quietly.  “Okay. I’ll see you soon.” I whisper.  “I love you.” He says quickly.  “I love you too.” I say before I hear him hang up.  “It really sucks being pregnant and having your boyfriend tour all the time. He might even be touring when the baby comes and it just really bums me out. We will never have any time alone.” I say to my temporary roommate, Stacy.  “Why don’t you surprise him?” Stacy says while eating a burger.  “What do you mean?” I ask confused.  “Go surprise him on tour! Sneak onto his bus and surprise him!” She says with a huge smile. “It’s romantic!”  “How would I be able to do that though? I need connections just to get near the bus.” I explain.  “Talk to one of his band members! Make sure they can keep their mouth shut.” Stacy says with excitement in her voice.  “I don’t know.” I say, pondering the idea for a little bit. “Just do it!” She smiles. “You’ll leave tomorrow!”  I smile, nod, and grab my phone to make a plan.  —— The next day ——  “Okay, so you’re all packed. Now text me when you get there and call me after and tell me how it goes!” Stacy says as if she’s my mother sending me away for the weekend.  “Okay, I will!” I giggle.  “Have fun!” She smiles before hugging me and going back inside.  Luckily Tony is playing a show only 6 hours away so the flight is quick. When I land and grab my luggage I see Vic waiting for me at the gate.  “Hey there stranger!” Vic says walking up and hugging me.  “Hey!” I say hugging him back. “Thanks for keeping this a secret.”  “Of course! It’ll be great!” Vic smiles, grabbing my backs and leading me to the taxi.  The drive is only twenty minutes and Vic and I sure make use of the time. Vic and I have always been close. He’s the one who introduced Tony and I and he’s always been a great friend to me.  The taxi drops us off across the street from where the buses are parked. Vic and I grab my bags and begin to walk to the bus.  “You nervous?” Vic asks with a smile.  “A little. Does it show?” I ask, trying to fix my hair.  “Oh yeah.” He laughs.  Vic walks onto the bus first and then signals me in.  “He’s in his bunk or in the back.” Vic says, pointing to the back of the bus.  I nod, drop my luggage, and walk towards the bunks.  I know exactly which bunk is Tony’s. Our baby was probably conceived on those Star Wars sheets.  He’s not in his bunk, so I walk towards the back room that the guys use to watch movies and play XBOX.  I open the door and yell “Surprise!” before I feel my heart fall into my stomach.  “Shit!” Tony stumbles. “What are you going here Y/N?”  It takes me a minute to process the fact the my boyfriend was just fucking some girl.  “Who is she?” The girl asks, not even trying to dress herself.  “I was his girlfriend.” I say before slamming the door behind me.  I run down the small hallway to where Vic is.  “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Vic asks, following me.  I don’t say anything. I grab my bags and rush off the bus.  Before I can close the door, Vic is walking through, following me with really concern.  “He was with another girl!” I cry out.  “What?” Vic asks, barely able to speak.  “He’s screwing some other girl right now Vic! I fly here to surprise him and he’s doing some slut!” I yell with tears falling down my face.  Vic doesn’t say anything, but pulls me in for a hug.  “Please take me home.” I say in between sobs.  Vic nods, grabs my bags, and we walk away from where the buses are and wait for a taxi.  Within ten minutes I am in the taxi calling Stacy, telling her what happened.  “Oh my god.” She says in shock. “What are you going to do?”  “I’m coming home.” I say.  I hang up with Stacy and Vic and I wait at the airport until it’s time for me to board the plane.  “I’m sorry.” Vic whispers, while hugging me.  “Me too.” I say quietly.  Vic kisses my forehead and waves goodbye as I walk onto the plane.  I hold myself together on the plane and just want to be in my own bed.  Stacy picks me up from the airport and we don’t talk to whole car ride. I grab my bags, go straight to my room, and cry into my pillow all night until I finally fall asleep.  — A few months later ——  “How are you feeling?” Stacy asks as she hands me a glass of water.  “Huge.” I reply, rubbing my big belly.  “You look like you’re going to pop!” She giggles.  “I feel like I am!” I laugh.  “So, are you nervous? Having the baby and not having Tony there?” Stacy asks with caution.  “It’s for the best. He hasn’t even tried to talk to me so he obviously doesn’t care. Why even both introducing my son to a father that will never love him?” I say, knowing I’m only lying to myself.  “We both know you don’t mean that.” Stacy says, rubbing my belly.  “Oh well.” I sigh.  I get up to put my glass in the sink when I suddenly feel this sharp pain in my lower stomach. I yell and drop to my knees.  “Y/N!? Are you okay?” Stacy asks, running to my side.  She helps me stand up and I see water dripping from my legs.  “Oh my god.” I whisper. “I’m in labor!”  “Shit!” Stacy yells. She runs into my room, grabs the baby bag I have packed and ready for when this happened and she grabs my phone. “Let’s go!”  She helps me up and walks me to the car. We get to the hospital quickly and the doctors quickly get me a room.  “How are you doing?” Stacy asks, walking into the room with water.  “I’m in pain!” I yell.  “Okay then.” She says, sitting down next to me.  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I say, trying to calm down.  She nods and smiles.  A few hours into labor I am still not dilated enough for an epidural.  “I can’t do this anymore.” I cry. “I need drugs or something.”  “Sweetie, you’re almost there. You’re doing great.” Stacy says, holding my hand.  “Will you go get me more ice chips?” I ask, wiping my tears.  “Of course.” She smiles, leaving the room.  I grab my phone quickly and dial a phone number I once had saved.  “Hello?” I hear the familiar voice say.  “I’m in labor.” I say, trying to keep calm. “Tony, I need you to get your ass over here. I’m in pain and it’s all your fault.” “What?! Oh my god.” He says in a panic. “What hospital are you at?”  “The one I’ve been going throughout my whole pregnancy. Oh yeah, you never went to any of my appointments.” I say rudely.  “Y/N, I’m on my way. Try and stay put.” Tony says.  “Oh yeah, I’ll try and keep this baby inside me as long as I possible fucking can.” I say before hanging up.  Stacy walks in and hands me the cup of ice.  “I called Tony.” I bursted out.  Stacy looks up at me in pure shock.  “And?” She asks.  “He’s on his way.” I said quietly.  “Good.” She says, looking back at her magazine.  I just stare at her as she smiles.  The doctor comes back in and checks me and I’m ready for an epidural.  The nurses help me and Tony rushes in.  “How far along are you?” Tony asks, out of breath.  “I have time.” I say shortly.  Tony and I sit there quietly for about 45 minutes until the doctor comes in and tells me it’s time to start pushing.  Tony is put in scrubs and grabs my hand.  “You can do this.” Tony whispers.  “I know.” I spit out.  “Okay, push!” The doctor says.  I push and squeeze Tony’s hand.  I stop pushing and I wait for the nurses countdown.  I push again and can feel the baby moving.  “You got this!” Tony says, smiling at me.  I continue pushing for what felt likes hours.  “I see his head!” The doctor yells. “Keep pushing Y/N.”  “I can’t.” I cry in pain. “I can’t do it.”  “You’re so close. Keep going.” Tony cheers.  The nurses countdown and I do the best I can to push the baby out.  “One more push!” The doctor says. “With all you have!”  I push as hard as I can and I quickly hear the cry of my baby.  “It’s a boy!” The nurse smiles.  They quickly clean off my baby and hand him to me.  I stare at him and tears begin to fall down my face. “He’s so beautiful.” I cry.  “Good job.” Tony says, kissing my forehead.  “This is our baby.” I say in disbelief.  He’s so perfect. He’s so tiny and beautiful.  I hand the baby to Tony and I see the tears in his eyes.  “I will love you more than anything else in this world.” Tony whispers to him.  “What are you naming him?” The nurse asks.  “I was think Aaron.” I say, looking at Tony.  “That sounds perfect.” Tony smiles.  “Aaron Perry.” I say to the nurse.  Tony looks at me in shock.  “Perry?”  “Well, he’s your son isn’t he?” I smile.  I kiss baby Aaron goodbye as the nurses take him so we both can get some rest.  “Y/N, I’m sorry.” Tony says, sitting next to my bed.  “You should be. How could you do that to me?” I ask.  “I was scared. You were pregnant and I don’t have the slightest idea how to be a father.” Tony says, looking down.  “Well cheating is definitely not the way to figure it out.” I say, trying to control myself.  “I know.” He whispers.  “We were together for three years Tony! I thought we were going to get married and I walk onto your tour bus and you’re screwing some girl!” I say, showing some anger.  “I’m sorry. I really am. I wanted to call you, but I didn’t know what to say.” He says.  “You could ask about your baby or the mother of!” I say.  “Y/N, I’m sorry. I really am. I love you so much. I want to be with you and I want to be with my son.” He says, grabbing my hand.  “Okay.” I say calmly.  “Okay? What does that mean?” Tony asks anxiously.  “It means we are not back together yet, but we are going to raise our son together and see what happens.” I smile.  “Really? Great! That’s great!” Tony says with a huge smile.  I take a nap and wake up to Aaron and Tony sitting next to me, bonding. I smile to the sight of the two men of my life. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Tony and I, but I know with this little bundle of joy, nothing can bring me down.  *I hope this was okay!! Send in requests!*

Smarter -Eisley

If I sound angry, I’m sorry
This body can only cry for so long
And if you want to blame me, then go on
I’m smiling now ‘cause I’m smarter than you think.