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A Barisi Primer / Fic Rec

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all the new Barisi fans. Now that the 16th season of SVU is available on Netflix, I’ve been seeing a lot of new Carisi fans (obviously) but also a lot of people who see the potential in a Barba/Carisi pairing (somewhat less obviously).

So, in case you’re looking for fic (/understatement), let me rec some stories I’ve enjoyed.

A few notes:

- The list is in random order, and it’s by no means exhaustive (sorry if I’ve left someone out!), but it might still be useful to new shippers.

- I limited my recs to AO3 because I’m lazy and it’s easier for me to find links there, but the Barisi tumblr tag is a treasure trove of awesomeness and I suggest you get scrolling, if you haven’t already.

- I will, however, tag some tumblr users who have fabulous Barisi tags and tons of great stories (not to mention gifs and edits) on their blogs, to get you started:

notmyyacht, raptor–whispererchiltonsfluffyhair, frederick-chilton-ruined-my-life, law-and-order-sv-do-me, skittle479, anexcessoffeels, booyah-carisi, yunafire, and many many more you can find with a bit of scrolling. You won’t even have to scroll that far down, the tag moves kind of slowly (/gross understatement).

- Lastly, I’m only reccing 1 fic per author, but you should read all the Barisi these people have written because it’s legit. And also because, like, you’re gonna read all the Barisi that exists anyway, there’s not a lot of it.

The List:

In Vino Veritas by etothepii

Beautiful story. Extremely realistic, it includes a case that’s just perfectly integrated, great dialogue, and great interactions between Sonny and the rest of the squad, with some real world building. Also, a very interesting spin on Sonny and how he goes through life, as well as a warmly sympathetic yet in-character Barba.

baby let me be your second best by thatviciousvixen

This one hits me where I live. It really captures the pairing as I see it. Sweet, dear Sonny being all happy and bubbly and loveable, but not understanding that he is all those things. And Rafael not being quite the hardass workaholic many assume him to be. There’s great insight into Barba in this one, about how he balances his job and his personal life. It’s sweet, fluffy, a little angsty and just lovely.

Ready and Waiting to Fall by wordsinbetween

One of the first stories I ever read for the pairing, and one I really love. A post-December Solstice story (so new viewers might want to watch episode 16x16 first, since it gives poor Barba some backstory). This fic is such a warm fix-it, it’s moving in a realistic, almost matter-of-fact way, and it’s so beautifully descriptive. It really makes you feel what the characters feel.

Pratfall by headbuttingbears

Hilarious and sexy. The hilarity lies in the fact the set-up is totally over the top, and yet Sonny and Rafael’s reactions are totally in character. The sexiness lies, well, everywhere. Great dialogue, a lot of fun, and a great ‘starter’ fic for new shippers, I think. This author has written a lot for the pairing, so do check them out.

Plus One by cocoamooseketeer

The classic ‘Person A needs a date for a wedding’. Let’s face it, we all like to see the main tropes when it comes to our OTP. The classics are classics for a reason, and this wonderful little story proves it. Sonny is cutely clumsy and Barba is calm and collected, and they talk, and they dance, and they just fit. A feel-good story if there ever was one. For the exact opposite, a feel-terrible story, you might want to try ‘Visit’ by the same author. Or not.

Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails  by blithesea

Adorable beyond words. Rafael-centric, in which Rafael is called to babysit Noah. And he gets a little help which he may or may not need. Very in-character, with Sonny being super helpful and eager, and Barba being hilariously grumpy. Great set-up, realistic reactions, a bit of implied pining (which I do love) and an overall lovely story.

Arrest Me by Xavantina

Delicious, delicious smut. Which could describe all the stories by this author. This particular story is kinky with a side of feels, and it should fit your needs perfectly if you’re a new shipper of this rare pairing (i.e. you’re looking for all the precious smut you can find). For those who are so inclined, she’s also written some Amarisi (Amaro/Carisi, talk about rare pairings) which is just, yeah.

Peccable by wordhouse

Tiny yet great. A sexy lil’ ficlet that’s just perfectly them (them, as in cocky Sonny and scowly Barba, making a mess).

Untitled by greasycarisi

Adorable domestic fluff. Because we all need that too. That angst-free, cuddly, warm sweetness. Sonny and Rafael paint their bedroom, and it’s a lot cuter than you could ever imagine.

And, um, let me also rec my own work again, because why not:

I’ll be Home for Dinner by Kaye_21

The first fic I ever wrote. Because I love Sonny, and I wanted to write something longer from his perspective. The jumping-off point is the squad’s less than enthusiastic reactions to Sonny’s input, and the meat of the story details Barba’s subtle encouragement. The story is canon-compliant (if Barba wanting to get into Sonny’s pants can be considered canon-compliant. Which it totally can). It has 2 sequels (and a third one in the making, ahem).

Oh and I hope you all watch this video in HD, just because:

So, new viewer with good taste and a keen eye for awesome pairings, treat yo self to some Barisi. There isn’t a lot of it out there, but what is out there is pretty great. Enjoy and, hell, maybe contribute! That’s how I started, my thirst for more Barisi is what got me writing. Maybe the same will happen to you!

It’s always fun looking back at old shows and games from your childhood, realizing the ships you had before you even knew what shipping was.

ITH/Fallout 3 AU

Alright, so @a-weird-blog-in-general and I were discussing this for a while, and so we’ve come up with a Fallout 3 AU for ITH, starring Sonny as the Lone Wanderer (are you really surprised at this point? I REALLY need more variance in my aus…)

Keep reading

Sonny Carisi SVU
pairing(s): Sonny/OC (female), Barba/OC (male)

Summary: Sonny Carisi is busy, as a new detective with the special victims unit and a law student his days and nights are filled to the brim. So when he meets a cute nurse on the job the last thing he needs is a reason to see her again…or maybe he does.

Find this series on ao3 here

1: Neighbors :: read @ ao3 (UPDATED/rewrite: 1/27)

2: First Date :: read @ ao3

First Kiss  :: read @ ao3

Hot Nurse  :: read @ ao3

3: Drunk Girl from Long Island  :: read @ ao3

4: Morning After  :: read @ ao3

Morning After, Part 2  :: read @ ao3

5: Interrupted  :: read @ ao3

6: Cinco de Mayo  :: read @ ao3

Badge  :: read @ ao3

7: Oh, Brother  :: read @ ao3

8: Chinese  :: read @ ao3

9: Army Brats  :: read @ ao3

10: Keys  :: read @ ao3

11: Dishes  :: read @ ao3

12: Brotherly Advice  :: read @ ao3

Baby Nate  :: read @ ao3

13: Some Space  :: read @ ao3

14: Our World  :: read @ ao3

15: Staycation  :: read @ ao3

16: Late  :: read @ ao3

17: Rolling Thunder  :: read @ ao3

18: Wingman  :: read @ ao3

19: Long Night  :: read @ ao3

Good With His Hands (Barba/OC) read on ao3

20: I’ve Got a Secret  :: read @ ao3

21: Family Stuff  :: read @ ao3

22: Spaghetti Dinner  :: read @ ao3

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30: Sixth Night  :: read @ ao3

You Would Wish Long (and Long to be With Him)  :: read @ ao3

Gift that Keeps Giving  :: read @ ao3

poptarts :: read @ ao3

31: Double :: read @ ao3

32: Don’t Take it Home With You :: read @ ao3

from “Collateral Damages”: It’s Late and it’s Cold

Walt/Raf extra Dinner and a Movie

inspired by “Unholiest Alliance” Faith

33: Liar, Liar :: read @ ao3

Third Word Sonny with his baby daughter fluff.

Laundry Day

Lunch Date Alex side story, pre-Sonny

Off the Diving Board Alex side story, pre-Sonny

34. Blow Out the Candles :: read @ ao3


Toss and Turn

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36.2.Doctor and Missus


Coughing and Wheezing

What’s Frittata with You?

Lock the Door NSFW

Good Yelp Reviews NSFW

Somewhere Down the Line dad!Sonny and teenage Teddy

Snap Story

Tricks N Treats Halloween dad!Sonny

Election Night

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NOT Head Over Feet

Cops and Robbers Bisexual Halloween Sonny

Ex-Factor Sonny/Kathleen Stabler

Nor Anymore Heaven or Hell Sonny/Alex future epic

@destinyjoyhope and @pika-ace came up with an anastasia au and i… got carried away

(whoops i accidentally deleted this ask straight after i posted it so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)