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Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x03

Yet another solid episode! This season is going to be a winner. Also, THE BARISI CORNER IS OFFICIALLY BACK :D

But first:

Overall Thoughts

OK, this wasn’t much to write home about, but it was more than serviceable. All three actresses were very good so they kept me engaged, the case was pleasantly twisty but not convoluted, Sonny had significant input as a lawyer (and I loved how Liv was all “we’ll follow Carisi’s suggestion!”) and Barba delivered a heated and eloquent closing argument. I enjoyed it.

Squad Thoughts

More sharing of personal information! I swear, Sonny and Fin have talked to each other more in these last two episodes than they did in the previous 3 2 seasons! And they didn’t need some random case-related segue, either. This week, they were just driving to a crime scene, and they were shooting the breeze on the way there. You know, like normal colleagues do. Like real people do. Not cardboard cutouts. Something small like that, something as silly as stealing candy as a little boy, it can breathe life into a scene which would otherwise be mundane.

The thing is, even when an episode is not as exciting, it’s still worth watching just to see our characters interacting and being friends. That’s what SVU seemed to have forgotten, and it’s also the key to making a watchable procedural. Let’s face it, all the cases have been done before (often by SVU itself, because it’s been on for a hundred years), but the team interactions can )and should) be enough to maintain the viewers’ interest. This season, it’s clear the team dynamics are being cultivated, instead of being ignored, and that makes me happy.

The Barisi Corner


Just like I hoped, it’s like S18 never happened. We’re back to the S17 Barisi dynamic of friendly teasing and inside jokes. In the deleted scene from the premiere, we got the classic “booyah, Fordham law” type of interaction, except in its advanced S17 form. Where in S16 Barba would be biting with his remarks, in S17 and in the 19x01 deleted scene he was just making a joke for the sake of a joke, because that’s what they do. Sonny tries to impress Barba, Barba is totally impressed, and then he makes a joke to pretend he’s not actually appreciative of Sonny’s input.

In this episode, we got an even more advanced interaction. We got Sonny making a smart legal observation not just to impress Barba, but because he wanted to contribute to the case. And, just like in S17, Barba was impressed, and then he used a joke not to diss Sonny, but to praise him.

See, there are two kinds of humorous Barisi interactions.

There’s “Sassy Sonny Tries to Impress Barba” which comes complete with Sonny’s dimples, and Sonny’s smirks, and Sonny’s cocky remarks like, “Oh, Rafael, are you mad you didn’t think about it first?” This type of Barisi interaction always ends with a Barba side-eye and a snarky comeback. When Barba knows that Sonny is flaunting, he’s always quick to shut it down. That’s the joke. Sonny starts blathering on about a hypothetical argument, just to show off his legal skillz, and Barba is amused, but he also acknowledges the alterior motive, i.e. Sonny’s desire to get Barba’s approval.

But then there’s “Dedicated Sonny Tries to Crack the Case” which comes with Sonny’s frown and Sonny’s desire to get justice, and Sonny’s casual use of legal terminology like “obfuscated.” This type of Barisi interaction always ends with Barba subtly praising Sonny, using a joke to cover up a genuine compliment. When Barba knows that Sonny is trying to be helpful, he’s always quick to encourage it. That’s Barba’s favorite thing. Seeing Sonny creatively solving a legal problem with no ulterior motive. Sure, their games are fun, and they’ve been fun for 3 2 seasons now, but at the end of the day they’re both trying to get justice, and Barba loves it when Sonny focuses on their work.

That’s the thing. Both Sonny and Barba have evolved. Sonny used to thirst for Barba’s approval, early on, in S16, but soon after that he found his confidence, and his footing, and his place on the team. He still tries to show off for Barba, because it’s fun, but that’s no longer his main motivator when he speaks legalese. Sonny isn’t a law student looking to get that A, he’s a lawyer looking to get that D. And his actions and words have come to reflect that. Now he doesn’t just state the obvious as Barba jokes “save it for night school.” Now, Sonny has original ideas which can actually help SVU.

And Barba, who treated Sonny so condescendingly at first, Barba has come to see the change in Sonny as well. The humorous element of their interactions persists, because Barba is a snarky bastard, but now those same interactions are loaded with respect. With friendship. With flirtation. Barba is no longer dismissive of Sonny, and hasn’t been for a long while. Barba sees Sonny as a useful presence in the squad, with legal knowledge the other cops don’t possess, and it’s clear he welcomes Sonny’s observations. It’s right there in his smile smirk. Barba is willing to listen, and he’s even willing to entertain the notion that Sonny just might think of something he didn’t, which is beautiful to see :’)

Barisi Hopes

Now all I want is that other type of S17 interaction, the quiet support. Sonny always supported Barba in tougher moments, like the death threats (what death threats lol?), or a trial gone wrong, but Barba also supported Sonny, especially during that Catholic Church case, as we all remember. I’m loving the new showrunner’s tendency to use humor to display the bonds between our characters, it’s just the perfect thing to balance out the grim nature of the cases, but I’d love to see some more muted, more emotional moments between them (between all of them, but Barba/Carisi especially, lol). We have an entire season ahead, so there’s still plenty of time. I’ll be waiting.

For now, I’m just happy the classic Barisi dynamic is back.

I’ve said it time and time again, and I don’t even mean romantically (that’s what fic is for). Those two characters, Barba and Carisi, they have a dynamic that’s gold. Clashing personalities (Sonny is dorkier, Barba is more sarcastic), contrasting temperaments (Sonny is sunnier, Barba is a little more bitter), common interests (the law), a reluctant mentor-mentee relationship (which has evolved now that the student is no longer a student, though he’s far from being a master), a constant willingness to joke back-and-forth (which keeps building up their relationship and strengthens their bond), fundamental differences which breed a potential for unexpectedly emotional moments (“I admire your…”, because Sonny is an openly affectionate person, and Barba and his wide eyes tend to shy away from affection), it’s all there.

Good writing, plus a willingness to explore that bond, plus the natural ease Peter and Raul have with each other as actors, plus Sonny’s sweetness and Barba’s sass = television gold. And Barisi gold :’)

Yummy Thoughts

Barba was flirting. End of story. Textbook “there is no heterosexual explanation for this.” And I’m grateful.

Barba Thoughts

I’ve always said it, I prefer seeing “shrewd legal mind” Barba instead of “slave to his emotions” Barba, but the latter sure is fun to watch. That closing was intense, and you could see that Raul really dug his teeth into those lines.  I mean, damn. It’s not every week that he gets to really show off, with more than an eyebrow raise or a smirk, but when he does, wow.  I was just thinking, they rarely let Raul have a legitimate monologue, even though he’s a lawyer and theoretically we could be watching his opening and/or closing arguments every week. This episode tells me that the writers might be saving those moments, and using them sparingly, so they’ll have more of an impact. And I think they’re right.

That said, I wonder if we’ll be seeing a focus on Barba’s more emotional side, to better juxtapose him to the upcoming ADA, who’ll be more black-and-white and (I’m assuming) less emotional. If so, this was a smart way to start doing that. In this episode, we still saw how smart Barba was, but we also saw a passion we don’t often see from him. I’m assuming Barba and Peter Stone will clash on more than their positions, they’ll clash on philosophy, as well, and I hope this was an example of that. We have to see the “new” (but old) Barba, he has to be established first, under the new showrunner’s reign, and then we can be introduced to Stone, and see what they have in common and what they’ll never agree on.

Stray Thoughts

Just like I thought, last week’s dramatic ending (and Sonny’s potential subsequent trauma) was not directly referenced. It may come up again in the future, but again, as I said in last week’s post, this is classic Original L&O stuff, a self-contained dramatic episode which ends and is never mentioned again. L&O in its earlier seasons was much less serialized, and I think the new showrunner is bringing that back. I don’t mind it.

Another thing I didn’t mind? Flirty Sonny using his masculine wiles to cozy up to that witness and get her to help. Now that’s how you use your assets :D

“CONFIRMED.” I love Fin.

That old high school pic? I love that NBC employs people who have a passion for graphic design :’)

More background on Sonny’s family! The show remembers he has a niece! His mom used to cover for him for childhood shenanigans! He went to confession for stealing candy! Classic Carisi material. And continuity galore. This is the Sonny we know and love.

Amanda dismissively saying “pills, booze” to judge a woman who was on prescribed anxiety meds and enjoyed, like, a beer? Never change, Amanda. actually, please change (that said, yay for continuity!)

What a waste of Annabeth Gish.

So Brooke Shields is the grandma? Wasn’t that what everyone guessed? I was trying to come up with other guesses because I actually believed them when they said “no one has guessed who she’ll play”. Oh well. That said, she looked amazing, and I’ve always liked her. It’ll be nice to have someone with a (seemingly) kinder demeanor fighting against Liv. Not a criminal or a lawyer, you know? We haven’t seen that before.

Amanda and Liv’s jackets keep slaying my existence every week.


Did I write more than 900 words of this post about a 5-second Barisi interaction? HELL YEAH I DID :D

Imagine Carisi making Barba a mixtape. Like an old-school cassette mixtape. And Barba thinks it’s silly (because it is silly, but he’s kinda endeared too, though he’d never admit it). He’s all “Carisi, no one owns a cassette player anymore.” And Carisi just shrugs and smiles shyly, cos he figured that, but he wanted to anyway. 

But Barba goes and buys an old cassette player from a vintage store or a thrift shop or something. He hunts one down, just so he can play the damn tape. And of course he hates every song on there. But he treasures it anyway, and he listens to it when he’s unwinding after a tough case, and those songs become some of his favourites even though he could never admit that out loud. 

And one day Carisi overhears Barba listening to his mixtape, and he’s caught by surprise for a moment, but then he’s just so. damn. happy.

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x01

A new season of SVU, and a new series of these posts! It appears I still have a lot of things to say about this show, lol. Welcome to new readers/followers, and welcome back to my old friends :D

Overall Thoughts

A good premiere. Surprisingly so. I forgot what it was like to watch SVU without my blood pressure rising every 2 minutes because of muddled messages and heavy-handed preaching. We had a relatively straight-forward case, good actors playing the perp and the victim, a memorable defense attorney, good dialogue (what???), a little rule-breaking which gave us interesting legal arguments, a little team work. I liked it.

There was a stronger-than-usual focus on Liv, but she is the star of the show, and this was a pilot of sorts, so I was expecting it. This premiere was about the new showrunner tweaking the format and the overall vibe of SVU for Season 19, so I didn’t mind that he chose to focus on Olivia. I wish we had something other than Noah drama for her to do, but I suppose that’s the easiest source of anguish for her, writing-wise, so the investigation storyline makes sense.

Squad Thoughts

We didn’t get as much of the squad as I would have liked, and everyone’s characterization was pretty thin, but again I attribute that to the new showrunner’s attempt to set the story and use broad strokes to define the main players. I hope we’ll see more character development later on in the season.

At this point, I felt he wanted to re-establish all the characters, so he chose to showcase (in a somewhat clumsy, overly expository way) everyone’s main attributes.

Sonny - Italian, smartass funny, lawyer with morals
Amanda - mother, weirdly attuned to perps, abrasive
Fin - rule breaker, fashionable (lol), has negative fucks to give
Barba - smart, sarcastic, supportive
Liv - mother, leader, saint

I think there were better (and certainly more subtle) ways to convey all of those things, but again, if we treat this premiere as a pilot, I can see where the showrunner was coming from. He wanted to show us which parts of the old show he wanted to keep, and which parts he wanted to change.

We know he sees Sonny and Amanda as platonic buddies, so he gave us the classic S16 dynamic (Sonny getting on Amanda’s nerves with his law stuff and her snapping). We know he wants to establish a bond between Amanda and Liv, so he gave us that lovely supportive moment between them. We know he sees Barba and Liv as close friends, so he gave us warm, shoulder-bopping Barba (awwww, btw) (also, Rafael, my guy, you’re friendzoning yourself at every turn). We know he wants to show a tortured Liv, so he gave us both the Noah moments and her chastising Fin as his boss, because (finally!) she’s concerned about lawfulness.

Bottom line, I can see the effort to build new (and rebuild old) team dynamics, something sorely lacking in S18. So I’m willing to wait it out and see what else the writers want to do this year.

Sonny Thoughts

Again, the show focused on the few things we already knew about Sonny, and gave him a few (mostly clunky) lines to establish his personality. The writers went a little too hard with the “jokes” (that fridge thing especially, yikes), but they also gave him that solid line about revenge being a food group. I’ve always thought Sonny was at his strongest as the comic relief (not the butt of the joke, mind you. Just the character who brings some levity with his Munch-like, out-of-left-field observations.) so I’d be happy to see S19 returning to that.

Sonny and the Law

The show also remembered that Sonny is a lawyer. Sort of. They remembered he went to law school, at least, which is something. I do wish Amanda had been more specific, perhaps saying, “I know you think you’re a bigshot now that you passed the bar, Carisi, but STFU” but we can’t have it all. Plus, the writers were smart enough to have him be the one to question Fin’s actions. Sonny’s always had a strong moral compass, but he’s also been a stickler for the rules.

This was a textbook (a Constitutional Law textbook, in fact) case about the rights of the accused. Someone like Sonny (a former law student) would certainly enjoy arguing the merits of both sides of the argument, and he’d probably think nothing should undermine the rule of law, if only from a philosophical standpoint. Conversely, someone like Amanda (or Fin) would only think about the bottom line. So that conversation (and Amanda’s anoyance) worked for me.

Mostly, I appreciated the fact the writers remembered that Sonny cares about the law. I was reminded of the police brutality episode in S17, when Sonny was so adamant about getting a warrant, and Liv was less so. 

I’ve made several posts about Sonny being a caught-in-the-middle type of character, having a cop’s heart but a lawyer’s mind, and I’m hoping this season might revisit that. Sonny is not just another generic cop. He has more nuanced opinions, and he articulates them. He speaks out, even when his views isolate him from the rest of the squad. That’s what makes him stand out.

Which brings me to:

Barisi Thoughts/Hopes

I’m really looking forward to seeing Sonny’s interactions with Barba this season. I’m curious to see how the new showrunner wants to play that angle. As I said, Sonny is not just another cop, but he’s also not a prosecutor. Theoretically, he won’t agree with Barba either. He’s always been somewhere in the middle.

Sonny is the character who can complain about jurisdiction or a international law and get shit from the other cops, but he’s also the character who can say something like “hindsight” to support his fellow cops when a lawyer like Barba just doesn’t get it.

And yet, Barba gets what the other cops don’t. And we know he’s shown interest in Sonny’s potential legal career. I’d be happy to see them arguing about the specifics of each case, but I’d be even happier to see them forming a front against the rest of the squad, or discussing Sonny’s hesitation to leave the force even when he spends most of his time arguing the legalities of it all.

There’s a lot to mine, when it comes to the Sonny/Barba dynamic. I hope the writers take advantage of the characters’ history, their contrasting personalities, and their unique (to this group of people) shared perspective when it comes to the law.

Sonny may no longer need a mentor, but he could use a friendly ear.

Stray Thoughts

Sonny’s ass.

Was that a CGI cab in the opening?

Fin’s surprised/amused “I didn’t even know it was legal!” was everything.

Liv’s new/old hair is flawless.

Barba felt like a lawyer again. For the first time in a long while.

Is Brooke Shields with Child Protective Services?

The squad was following the guy but they didn’t have anybody covering the exits? Nor did they have anybody with the victim who was about to testify (i.e. the victim whose death would kill the case)? Come on.

Are Cassidy and Munch working together now? And can we see that?

Will Chase was fantastic. One of the best acted perps in recent memory. And Amy Smart was great too. As was Peter Jacobson. Truly, solid dialogue makes all the difference. We had great guest stars last season, but they were mostly wasted. In this episode, they all had a chance to shine.

Legal arguments? Cases cited? Foreign governments intervening belatedly? A defense attorney who was extremely smart but not extremely evil? One who chose to use his legal knowledge instead of resorting to victim-blaming? What?

A Latina wife of a perp who did the right thing? A black victim with sympathetic characterization? A less than wealthy victim with sympathetic characterization? What??? What show is this? (seriously, it’s so easy to be mindful of things like that)

Speaking of the victims, how about respecting their wishes not to testify? Wow. That said, Sonny did seem to get momentarily possessed by the spirit of S18!Benson, when he tried to say that they could subpoena the first victim. I’m just glad that he looked and sounded conflicted and regretful, even as he was trying to say it. That detail, the way Peter practically mumbled that line, like he had a hard time even saying that out loud, it made the moment count. You can look for justice, and you can sometimes be harsh in that pursuit, but our characters shouldn’t lose their empathy.


After a whole year, I finally watched an episode of SVU without it feeling like a chore. Or without having to fast-forward through anything. This premiere was hardly groundbreaking, but it was a decent, competently written hour of television. At this point, in S19, that’s the most we can ask for. I’m glad we seem to be getting it.

  • Sonny Carisi: See, Rafael, you're capable of being a nice guy. Why do you give me such a hard time?
  • Rafael Barba: I'm not sure.
  • Sonny Carisi: Well, Amanda seems to think its because you have feelings for me.
  • Rafael Barba: I do have feelings for you.
  • Sonny Carisi: You do?
  • Rafael Barba: Yes, I feel that you're a little annoying.

Confessions : A Companion Piece (2/2)

Inspired by the work of @summermint. (X)

But what if Sonny receives on the very first day of each month, an email sent from an anonymous email account, containing a tiny confession from someone who loves him?

This is how it goes … and how Sonny feels about it.

1st January - Sonny sits behind his desk, anxious energy twisting and writhing low in his gut.  He squirms in his seat, mind reeling.  Work had piled up in the time he’d spent agonizing over his life choices and he does his best to at leasat make a dent.  Sometimes he forgets what he’s done.  He does paperwork and argues with Rollins for fun and the small gift box with the purple wrapping fades to the background.  For a minute.  Until he catches a glimpse of the receipt on his desk and the fear starts up again.

What if Barba knows?

What if he takes one look at his note and laughs?

Oh, God.  What if he calls Benson?

Sonny groans.

He’s a few seconds away from braining himself on his desk for his own stupidity - and to keep himself from ever having to face the consequences - when his computer chimes.  A happy, innocent sound that completely belies the nature of his existence at that moment.  An email.  He notices the unnamed sender and almost deletes it, imagining already a pitch for cheap designer sunglasses or Viagra, but the subject line stops him.

To my Sonny

He clicks the message open, hungry eyes scanning the few meager lines of text.  His heart jumps in his chest and he blinks.  First in confusion, then in joy, and then in something like abject terror.




What were the chances?

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Happy Birthday

to my dear @avenuepotter

@skittle479 gave me the plot bunny for a little story for you. I know you love tragedy and that navy coat… and I love Carisi. So it’ a match made in heaven. ;) for story purposes the black and navy coat are used interchangeably. Artistic license, you know.. also i’m a really shit writer so this story is told mostly in gifs

Also my PC at the first draft so this was quickly reposted and not proofread so hope you like it and can follow all it’s silliness. :)

You’d think being the literal incarnation of SonnShine, you would be too hot to wear a coat all the time. I mean, it’s HOT IN HERE!! or is it just me? just me? ok, continuing on…

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A Barisi Primer / Fic Rec

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all the new Barisi fans. Now that the 16th season of SVU is available on Netflix, I’ve been seeing a lot of new Carisi fans (obviously) but also a lot of people who see the potential in a Barba/Carisi pairing (somewhat less obviously).

So, in case you’re looking for fic (/understatement), let me rec some stories I’ve enjoyed.

A few notes:

- The list is in random order, and it’s by no means exhaustive (sorry if I’ve left someone out!), but it might still be useful to new shippers.

- I limited my recs to AO3 because I’m lazy and it’s easier for me to find links there, but the Barisi tumblr tag is a treasure trove of awesomeness and I suggest you get scrolling, if you haven’t already.

- I will, however, tag some tumblr users who have fabulous Barisi tags and tons of great stories (not to mention gifs and edits) on their blogs, to get you started:

notmyyacht, raptor–whispererchiltonsfluffyhair, frederick-chilton-ruined-my-life, law-and-order-sv-do-me, skittle479, anexcessoffeels, booyah-carisi, yunafire, and many many more you can find with a bit of scrolling. You won’t even have to scroll that far down, the tag moves kind of slowly (/gross understatement).

- Lastly, I’m only reccing 1 fic per author, but you should read all the Barisi these people have written because it’s legit. And also because, like, you’re gonna read all the Barisi that exists anyway, there’s not a lot of it.

The List:

In Vino Veritas by etothepii

Beautiful story. Extremely realistic, it includes a case that’s just perfectly integrated, great dialogue, and great interactions between Sonny and the rest of the squad, with some real world building. Also, a very interesting spin on Sonny and how he goes through life, as well as a warmly sympathetic yet in-character Barba.

baby let me be your second best by thatviciousvixen

This one hits me where I live. It really captures the pairing as I see it. Sweet, dear Sonny being all happy and bubbly and loveable, but not understanding that he is all those things. And Rafael not being quite the hardass workaholic many assume him to be. There’s great insight into Barba in this one, about how he balances his job and his personal life. It’s sweet, fluffy, a little angsty and just lovely.

Ready and Waiting to Fall by wordsinbetween

One of the first stories I ever read for the pairing, and one I really love. A post-December Solstice story (so new viewers might want to watch episode 16x16 first, since it gives poor Barba some backstory). This fic is such a warm fix-it, it’s moving in a realistic, almost matter-of-fact way, and it’s so beautifully descriptive. It really makes you feel what the characters feel.

Pratfall by headbuttingbears

Hilarious and sexy. The hilarity lies in the fact the set-up is totally over the top, and yet Sonny and Rafael’s reactions are totally in character. The sexiness lies, well, everywhere. Great dialogue, a lot of fun, and a great ‘starter’ fic for new shippers, I think. This author has written a lot for the pairing, so do check them out.

Plus One by cocoamooseketeer

The classic ‘Person A needs a date for a wedding’. Let’s face it, we all like to see the main tropes when it comes to our OTP. The classics are classics for a reason, and this wonderful little story proves it. Sonny is cutely clumsy and Barba is calm and collected, and they talk, and they dance, and they just fit. A feel-good story if there ever was one. For the exact opposite, a feel-terrible story, you might want to try ‘Visit’ by the same author. Or not.

Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails  by blithesea

Adorable beyond words. Rafael-centric, in which Rafael is called to babysit Noah. And he gets a little help which he may or may not need. Very in-character, with Sonny being super helpful and eager, and Barba being hilariously grumpy. Great set-up, realistic reactions, a bit of implied pining (which I do love) and an overall lovely story.

Arrest Me by Xavantina

Delicious, delicious smut. Which could describe all the stories by this author. This particular story is kinky with a side of feels, and it should fit your needs perfectly if you’re a new shipper of this rare pairing (i.e. you’re looking for all the precious smut you can find). For those who are so inclined, she’s also written some Amarisi (Amaro/Carisi, talk about rare pairings) which is just, yeah.

Peccable by wordhouse

Tiny yet great. A sexy lil’ ficlet that’s just perfectly them (them, as in cocky Sonny and scowly Barba, making a mess).

Untitled by greasycarisi

Adorable domestic fluff. Because we all need that too. That angst-free, cuddly, warm sweetness. Sonny and Rafael paint their bedroom, and it’s a lot cuter than you could ever imagine.

And, um, let me also rec my own work again, because why not:

I’ll be Home for Dinner by Kaye_21

The first fic I ever wrote. Because I love Sonny, and I wanted to write something longer from his perspective. The jumping-off point is the squad’s less than enthusiastic reactions to Sonny’s input, and the meat of the story details Barba’s subtle encouragement. The story is canon-compliant (if Barba wanting to get into Sonny’s pants can be considered canon-compliant. Which it totally can). It has 2 sequels (and a third one in the making, ahem).

Oh and I hope you all watch this video in HD, just because:

So, new viewer with good taste and a keen eye for awesome pairings, treat yo self to some Barisi. There isn’t a lot of it out there, but what is out there is pretty great. Enjoy and, hell, maybe contribute! That’s how I started, my thirst for more Barisi is what got me writing. Maybe the same will happen to you!

Imagine realising that Mike likes you back

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for the wait and sorry if this is a mess. I’ve rewritten it so many times and I liked this version better than my other and I didn’t want you guys to stay waiting even longer for something. So sorry if this is bad) 

Imagine realizing that Mike likes you back

Loads of people developed crushes on their superiors, well that was what you kept telling yourself. It wasn’t like you could help it. He was nice, sweet, respectable and attractive. What could you do? Nothing, and that’s what you did. You kept your feelings a secret because there was no chance that he liked you, the way you liked him. And you were great at acting like you had no romantic feelings towards him, maybe too great.

And you kept the act up…well, until everything changed.

“You know he only does that because he likes you,” Sonny commented casually, turning away from the two-way glass and looking away from your Sarge interrogating someone.

“He what?” You spluttered in response, completely taken aback to the point where you had to turn around and face him just so you could lean on the small shelf by the glass.

“The Sarge has a crush on you, Y/N,” He repeated, gesturing through the glass at said Sergeant, Sergeant Mike Dodds.

“That one?” You asked, pointing at him through the glass.

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Happy Birthday to Kendell!

@booyahkendell, Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy my gift, a short Barisi drabble.

Carisi even took lessons for their wedding dance, but yet it came down to swaying like they were at prom. Rafael held him close, chest touching, feet occasionally bumping into each other, hands on his back embracing him. He had the softest look in his green eyes, they caught the shine of the fairy lights his sisters insisted on putting up. He wasn’t smiling, it was a face he’s seen all too often before. He’s trying to figure something out.

“What are you thinking about?” Sonny asked, their breaths mingling.

Finally a small smile broke at his lips as well as some rapid blinking. “Oh, just, how we got here.”

Sonny leaned in quick for a small kiss on the cheek and returned to staring and swaying. “I would think that would bring up a smile.”

“Hmm.” Rafael thought, “In most circumstances, yes, it would. But I was thinking about how you shadowed me for the Hodda case.” He shook his head. “I just remember how annoying you were.”

Carisi gave a small laugh. “Wow, really? Of all the things to remember, you remember how much I tried to kiss your ass?”

“You still do that to a degree. I also remember how eager you were to impress me and comfort me. At the time, yes, it was ass kissing. But now looking back on it you really cared and I can’t believe how oblivious I was.” Barba stretched up to give a kiss on his temple.

Leaning back he thought again of how lucky he was. And how beautiful the man in front of him is. A once perfectly coiffed head of hair was now slightly tousled, silver and blonde in the light he looked like a vision. And to add to the ensemble, eyes as blue and bright as the afternoon sky.

“Glad you realized it sooner or later though.” Sonny said, licking at his pink lips and rubbing his hands down Barba’s back.

Rafael sighed and dropped the smile momentarily, “Yeah. When I realized you had feelings for me, I realized that I had feelings for you. It hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Sonny smiled and laughed softly. “When was that? When I asked you out? When I thanked you for helping me pass the Bar?”

Barba cut him off before he could continue. “No, no, I started to figure it out at the wake.” Even now they can’t even say his name. “You told me not to worry about Heredio, because you were taking care of it. I figured that helping me out was some kind of coping mechanism and maybe it was, but you cared about me. How you looked at me and continued to care about the case and my well bringing it made me realize that you probably love me.” Rafael paused and buried his head into his husband’s neck. “I sat in shock in my apartment combing over every interaction we had, bullying myself for being so stupid.”

Sonny whispered into Barba’s hair, “You then invited me over…”

“And the rest is history.” He finished.

Detaching himself from his parterns neck, leaving a kiss or two behind, he looked back up into his eyes and smiled.

Soft music played and paired with the fairy lights it gave the whole room a whimsical feel to it. Amanda sat back at the bar watching the two love birds love each other. They looked so engrossed together. Smiling, giving kisses here or there.

All of Barba’s cold hearted-ness and Carisi’s enthusiasm it’s hard to believe they’re married now. And they look as in love as anyone could get, how did they get here? In a few years they went from Barba endlessly teasing Carisi about basically anything, to Carisi giving out handwritten wedding invitations while Barba awkwardly stands behind him.

Barba’s tux (now reduced to a sleek black vest and an undone bowtie) somehow perfectly companioned Sonny’s perfectly kept tux. They were puzzle pieces that somehow fit.

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Sonny and barba fighting over you? while you're dating sonny

OMG OK SO i feel like youre also an ADA so youre around Barba all the time and he has always had a thing for you but of course never said anything so Sonny snatched you up. Whenever Barba is around the both you he tries to piss off Sonny by getting a little too close and leaves lingering touches and pretty much openly flirts with you but you just kinda let it be so one night when youre all working late, Barba just crosses the line and Sonny snaps and is like “i need to speak with you privately” and drags you next door to your office and TOTALLY FUCKS YOU AGAINST YOUR SHARED WALL LIKE AGAINST A BOOKSHELF SO THAT BARBA CAN HEAR THE BOOKSHELF SLAM AGAINST THE WALL AS SONNY FUCKS YOU GOODNIGHT

Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured

Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured

“Are you okay?” Sonny asked for the umpteenth time as he wheeled you out the hospital doors and towards your car.

“Yes, Sonny,” You reassured, “I’m still fine, exactly the same as two minutes ago when you asked me the last time.”

“I know. I know.” He sighed, “It just keeps me sane, asking and making sure.”

“Well, I’m going to go insane if you keep on asking.” You chuckled, only to stop as pain vibrated through your torso.

“Are you…” he went to ask, stopping the wheelchair dead and coming over to your side.

“I’m fine.” You stated, trying to be confident but the pain was breaking through your tone as you gripped the armrest.

“Just relax, Y/N.” Sonny pleaded returning to the back of you and beginning to much the chair towards your car again.

“Tell me that after you get shot in two places.” You commented, but complying with his request and snuggling into the chair all the same.

“I’m not recklessness enough to get shot at in two places.” He teased, rubbing your shoulder.

“Watch it,” You warned playfully, “Or you won’t need to be reckless to get shot.”

“I’m pretty sure, I’m good for four weeks.” He smirked, parking you beside the car and coming around to your from, to gesture at your arm which was in a sling.

“I’m coming for you.” You stated, making the pointing gesture with your good arm.

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Warning: NSFW

  • For the majority of your relationship, Sonny had been the one with a filthy mouth
  • For this reason, he’s always surprised–and extra turned on–when you start to talk dirty
  • “I want you to fuck me so hard I feel it in the morning, Dominick.”
  • “You know what I really want right now? I want to sink down on my knees, to choke around your cock, to have you fuck my face till my eyes water.”
  • “I want you to leave bruises, leave marks all over my skin. Give me something I can’t cover up so everyone knows I’m yours.”
  • “Come on my face, babe. Let me have it.” or “I want your cum inside me. I want you to come in my tight, wet pussy/ass.”
  • “Ah, fuck me, Dominick. Pound into me so hard I can’t sit down tomorrow.”
  • “I don’t want to be able to walk straight when this is done, Dom. I want my legs to be jelly so that when I walk into the precinct tomorrow they all know how good I got it last night.”
  • “Show me how good you can give it to me, baby. Make me yours.”
  • “You want to watch me fuck myself on your cock, baby? Hm? Want me to tie you to the bed and bounce on your cock?”
  • Anything and everything you say drives him crazy
  • (He has a praise kink, so his weakness for your dirty talk isn’t surprising.)
  • He could get off on your dirty talk alone
  • But, if he does come before you, he dedicates his time to getting you off (at least one time, but usually more)