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For Better Or For Worse (Usnavi x Reader)

Author’s Note: So this is based off of @mercuryze‘s proposal headcanon which I love. Honestly, all credit goes to them. I just wanted to write it as a proper one-shot. Check them out, they’re really good. To @mercuryze, I hope you like this! 

Summary: Usnavi proposes to reader. So much fluff. Like, too much fluff. FLUFF.

Word Count: 1,595


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A Barisi Primer / Fic Rec

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all the new Barisi fans. Now that the 16th season of SVU is available on Netflix, I’ve been seeing a lot of new Carisi fans (obviously) but also a lot of people who see the potential in a Barba/Carisi pairing (somewhat less obviously).

So, in case you’re looking for fic (/understatement), let me rec some stories I’ve enjoyed.

A few notes:

- The list is in random order, and it’s by no means exhaustive (sorry if I’ve left someone out!), but it might still be useful to new shippers.

- I limited my recs to AO3 because I’m lazy and it’s easier for me to find links there, but the Barisi tumblr tag is a treasure trove of awesomeness and I suggest you get scrolling, if you haven’t already.

- I will, however, tag some tumblr users who have fabulous Barisi tags and tons of great stories (not to mention gifs and edits) on their blogs, to get you started:

notmyyacht, raptor–whispererchiltonsfluffyhair, frederick-chilton-ruined-my-life, law-and-order-sv-do-me, skittle479, anexcessoffeels, booyah-carisi, yunafire, and many many more you can find with a bit of scrolling. You won’t even have to scroll that far down, the tag moves kind of slowly (/gross understatement).

- Lastly, I’m only reccing 1 fic per author, but you should read all the Barisi these people have written because it’s legit. And also because, like, you’re gonna read all the Barisi that exists anyway, there’s not a lot of it.

The List:

In Vino Veritas by etothepii

Beautiful story. Extremely realistic, it includes a case that’s just perfectly integrated, great dialogue, and great interactions between Sonny and the rest of the squad, with some real world building. Also, a very interesting spin on Sonny and how he goes through life, as well as a warmly sympathetic yet in-character Barba.

baby let me be your second best by thatviciousvixen

This one hits me where I live. It really captures the pairing as I see it. Sweet, dear Sonny being all happy and bubbly and loveable, but not understanding that he is all those things. And Rafael not being quite the hardass workaholic many assume him to be. There’s great insight into Barba in this one, about how he balances his job and his personal life. It’s sweet, fluffy, a little angsty and just lovely.

Ready and Waiting to Fall by wordsinbetween

One of the first stories I ever read for the pairing, and one I really love. A post-December Solstice story (so new viewers might want to watch episode 16x16 first, since it gives poor Barba some backstory). This fic is such a warm fix-it, it’s moving in a realistic, almost matter-of-fact way, and it’s so beautifully descriptive. It really makes you feel what the characters feel.

Pratfall by headbuttingbears

Hilarious and sexy. The hilarity lies in the fact the set-up is totally over the top, and yet Sonny and Rafael’s reactions are totally in character. The sexiness lies, well, everywhere. Great dialogue, a lot of fun, and a great ‘starter’ fic for new shippers, I think. This author has written a lot for the pairing, so do check them out.

Plus One by cocoamooseketeer

The classic ‘Person A needs a date for a wedding’. Let’s face it, we all like to see the main tropes when it comes to our OTP. The classics are classics for a reason, and this wonderful little story proves it. Sonny is cutely clumsy and Barba is calm and collected, and they talk, and they dance, and they just fit. A feel-good story if there ever was one. For the exact opposite, a feel-terrible story, you might want to try ‘Visit’ by the same author. Or not.

Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails  by blithesea

Adorable beyond words. Rafael-centric, in which Rafael is called to babysit Noah. And he gets a little help which he may or may not need. Very in-character, with Sonny being super helpful and eager, and Barba being hilariously grumpy. Great set-up, realistic reactions, a bit of implied pining (which I do love) and an overall lovely story.

Arrest Me by Xavantina

Delicious, delicious smut. Which could describe all the stories by this author. This particular story is kinky with a side of feels, and it should fit your needs perfectly if you’re a new shipper of this rare pairing (i.e. you’re looking for all the precious smut you can find). For those who are so inclined, she’s also written some Amarisi (Amaro/Carisi, talk about rare pairings) which is just, yeah.

Peccable by wordhouse

Tiny yet great. A sexy lil’ ficlet that’s just perfectly them (them, as in cocky Sonny and scowly Barba, making a mess).

Untitled by greasycarisi

Adorable domestic fluff. Because we all need that too. That angst-free, cuddly, warm sweetness. Sonny and Rafael paint their bedroom, and it’s a lot cuter than you could ever imagine.

And, um, let me also rec my own work again, because why not:

I’ll be Home for Dinner by Kaye_21

The first fic I ever wrote. Because I love Sonny, and I wanted to write something longer from his perspective. The jumping-off point is the squad’s less than enthusiastic reactions to Sonny’s input, and the meat of the story details Barba’s subtle encouragement. The story is canon-compliant (if Barba wanting to get into Sonny’s pants can be considered canon-compliant. Which it totally can). It has 2 sequels (and a third one in the making, ahem).

Oh and I hope you all watch this video in HD, just because:

So, new viewer with good taste and a keen eye for awesome pairings, treat yo self to some Barisi. There isn’t a lot of it out there, but what is out there is pretty great. Enjoy and, hell, maybe contribute! That’s how I started, my thirst for more Barisi is what got me writing. Maybe the same will happen to you!

Imagine realising that Mike likes you back

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for the wait and sorry if this is a mess. I’ve rewritten it so many times and I liked this version better than my other and I didn’t want you guys to stay waiting even longer for something. So sorry if this is bad) 

Imagine realizing that Mike likes you back

Loads of people developed crushes on their superiors, well that was what you kept telling yourself. It wasn’t like you could help it. He was nice, sweet, respectable and attractive. What could you do? Nothing, and that’s what you did. You kept your feelings a secret because there was no chance that he liked you, the way you liked him. And you were great at acting like you had no romantic feelings towards him, maybe too great.

And you kept the act up…well, until everything changed.

“You know he only does that because he likes you,” Sonny commented casually, turning away from the two-way glass and looking away from your Sarge interrogating someone.

“He what?” You spluttered in response, completely taken aback to the point where you had to turn around and face him just so you could lean on the small shelf by the glass.

“The Sarge has a crush on you, Y/N,” He repeated, gesturing through the glass at said Sergeant, Sergeant Mike Dodds.

“That one?” You asked, pointing at him through the glass.

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@destinyjoyhope and @pika-ace came up with an anastasia au and i… got carried away


Fandom: Law and Order SVU

Pairing: Dominick “Sonny” Carisi x reader 

Summary: Imagine going undercover on a case with Sonny as a couple

Originally posted by emilyabeth

You reached for the door handle, then pulled your hand back, then reached for it again, hesitating as your hand hovered over the cool metal. Your hair was curled, heels long making the exposed part of your legs look longer than a mile, you looked hot as hell but was slightly worried about what the others would think. This was your workplace so of course they had only seen you in nothing less than a blazer and black pants. The outfit was for undercover and that required you do dress up like this but even so it felt weird stepping into the squad room feeling this fancy. 

“C’mon Y/N!” Carisi shouted through the door. “We don’t have all night.” He said, fixing the collar of his shirt. Rollins punched him in the arm knowing how much she hates being rushed. You took a deep breath and just ripped the band aid, turning the knob and swinging the door open before you could psych yourself out again. 

You stepped out and cringed as everything around you stopped. The room fell silent as the attention drew to you. You pursed your lips together, stepping forward, this released some of the tension as most of the people standing around went back to what they were doing. The only ones who kept their attention on you was the squad. 

“Damn Y/N.” Fin called, making the rest of you chuckle. 

“You know the plan?” Liv asked once again, handing you your purse. Liv’s voice snapped Carisi out of his trance and he exhaled a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. You nodded at her, checking your purse for your phone and other stuff. 

“Get in, get the info, get out.” You recited to her. The victim of your current case was a member of a couples only club. The club was very protective of their members information and more Manhattan judges were part of the club than one would think so it was going to be a lot harder than usual to get a warrant. So instead of going through all that two of you would just have to go undercover and it ended up being you and Carisi because you two had the best chemistry or so you were told. Carisi held his arm out for you to take but your hands went to his neck, loosening his tie. 

“You look too much like a cop.” You said. Carisi’s ears turned pink as the tips of your fingers brushed the skin on his neck. You tossed the tie onto a nearby desk. He stepped back as you started to un button his shirt. He couldn’t handle the proximity to you or the feeling of your skin on his. He swallowed the lump in his throat, hoping the tension in his crotch wouldn’t grow. 

Carisi cleared his throat, trying to clear those thoughts from his head and focus on the case, but you looked so damn pretty. You took hold of his arm and he tensed up, you squeezed his arm trying to comfort him, only to end up measuring his bicep. 

When you got to the club, the bouncer looked you up and down and Carisi hand pulled you closer into him, pretending to be protective of you. You flashed him a smile and he opened the door for you. Inside, people crowded around a stage, watching as three people had sex. You looked at Carisi to see his eye’s wide, red face looking pink under the dim lighting. You put your hands on his face, making him look at you. 

“Eye’s on the prize, detective.” You whispered, not meaning for it to come out as seductively as it did. He swallowed deeply again as you lead him to the bar. 

“Hey.” You bit your lip, smiling at the bartender. “There was a really hot guy working here last week, Harry I think his name was?” 

“Terry, he’s not working this week, but look around, I’m sure a pretty thing like you will find someone to play with.” He said, wiping down the counter. 

“What about you?” You flirted. “Do you wanna play?” You smirked when he smiled at you. Carisi stepped closer to you. 

“Play time.” Carisi chimed in, letting the bartender know he was still there and part of the situation. 

“Diana, I’m going on my break.” The bartender smirked, and Carisi’s arm found your waist once again. The two of you followed the bartender to a private room, so you could get your information. The guy was pissed when he found out you were NYPD but had no other choice than to tell you what he knew. 

The two of you left the room, hand in hand, at first you were hesitant but Carisi gave you that lop sided smile that you loved and convinced you that you had to sell it, even if you already had the information. 

In the taxi, he sat beside you with an arm over your shoulder, you leaned back into him, the stress of the day finally reaching you. 

“You’re so gorgeous.” He whispered into your hair. At first you though you heard wrong because you were half asleep but then you craned your neck up to look at him. Your faces were inches apart, his lips dangerously close and eyes that dared you to kiss him. 

“Sonny, we’re not undercover anymore.” You whispered, contemplating letting yourself give into temptation. 

“I know.” He stated. You didn’t need to think about what it would be like to kiss him anymore because he made that decision for you, placing his lips on yours. At first he was hesitant and gentil but as soon as he felt your lips moving against his, he let go, letting another part of him take over in a kiss that not only woke you up but left you feeling like you were walking on clouds. 

~YAY I have moree 


He’s a whole new form of life.

I Just Want To Make You Feel Good

Warning: NSFW.

You knew you were going to get pounced on when you got home. The way Sonny kept looking at you, always having at least one hand on you. He either kept his arm around your waist when you were both standing and talking to your friends or a hand on your thigh when you were sitting.

It wasn’t a possessive move; it was him wanting to be close to you whenever he could. His unpredictable, hectic work schedule made your time together rare and special. So when you did see each other, you wanted to make up for all the physical intimacy you didn’t get in the days you were apart.

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Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured

Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured

“Are you okay?” Sonny asked for the umpteenth time as he wheeled you out the hospital doors and towards your car.

“Yes, Sonny,” You reassured, “I’m still fine, exactly the same as two minutes ago when you asked me the last time.”

“I know. I know.” He sighed, “It just keeps me sane, asking and making sure.”

“Well, I’m going to go insane if you keep on asking.” You chuckled, only to stop as pain vibrated through your torso.

“Are you…” he went to ask, stopping the wheelchair dead and coming over to your side.

“I’m fine.” You stated, trying to be confident but the pain was breaking through your tone as you gripped the armrest.

“Just relax, Y/N.” Sonny pleaded returning to the back of you and beginning to much the chair towards your car again.

“Tell me that after you get shot in two places.” You commented, but complying with his request and snuggling into the chair all the same.

“I’m not recklessness enough to get shot at in two places.” He teased, rubbing your shoulder.

“Watch it,” You warned playfully, “Or you won’t need to be reckless to get shot.”

“I’m pretty sure, I’m good for four weeks.” He smirked, parking you beside the car and coming around to your from, to gesture at your arm which was in a sling.

“I’m coming for you.” You stated, making the pointing gesture with your good arm.

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I Can’t Sleep in the Wake of Saturday  (Sonny Carisi)

Word count: 1393

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Small mention of an assault, but nothing too graphic.

I love Sonny Carisi lmao even tho this is kinda bad but

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Library Surprises

Warning: NSFW.

You rub your eyes as you spend yet another night in the library, writing yet another paper. Those feel like they never end. The only thing that makes this night bearable is having your boyfriend with you.

Sonny notices you’re becoming frustrated with the assignment in front of you, so he reaches over and squeezes your thigh under the desk and offers you a reassuring smile.

“Doing alright, babe?” he asks you. Sweet, caring Sonny always makes sure to check up on you, make your life easier if it’s in his power.

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anonymous asked:



Warning: NSFW

  • For the majority of your relationship, Sonny had been the one with a filthy mouth
  • For this reason, he’s always surprised–and extra turned on–when you start to talk dirty
  • “I want you to fuck me so hard I feel it in the morning, Dominick.”
  • “You know what I really want right now? I want to sink down on my knees, to choke around your cock, to have you fuck my face till my eyes water.”
  • “I want you to leave bruises, leave marks all over my skin. Give me something I can’t cover up so everyone knows I’m yours.”
  • “Come on my face, babe. Let me have it.” or “I want your cum inside me. I want you to come in my tight, wet pussy/ass.”
  • “Ah, fuck me, Dominick. Pound into me so hard I can’t sit down tomorrow.”
  • “I don’t want to be able to walk straight when this is done, Dom. I want my legs to be jelly so that when I walk into the precinct tomorrow they all know how good I got it last night.”
  • “Show me how good you can give it to me, baby. Make me yours.”
  • “You want to watch me fuck myself on your cock, baby? Hm? Want me to tie you to the bed and bounce on your cock?”
  • Anything and everything you say drives him crazy
  • (He has a praise kink, so his weakness for your dirty talk isn’t surprising.)
  • He could get off on your dirty talk alone
  • But, if he does come before you, he dedicates his time to getting you off (at least one time, but usually more)

vanessa-found-a-boy  asked:

Ship thing (if it hasn't been done already): Sonny X Reader?

Who said “I love you” first: Sonny would. He’d know what his feelings are and he’d know that he wants to tell you as soon as he can

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both of you, your picture reminds Sonny of what he’s fighting to protect and his picture reminds you of what’s waiting

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Both of you but post-it notes all over the apartment so that the messages don’t fade. The post-its are color coded and bright colors so they’re easy to spot

Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Sonny would. Sonny is the kinda guy to buy little gifts whenever he sees something that reminds him of you. Cheesy gifts are his specialty because he knows exactly what’s going to make you smile

Who initiated the first kiss: Sonny did. He had wanted to kiss you all night on your date and the polite person he is, he asks if he can kiss you, making sure you’re ok

Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Sonny does. He wakes up early for work and sometimes when he knows that you’ve got to wake up early he presses kisses all over your face until you finally wake up

Who starts tickle fights: You do, it always starts with cuddling at then you start tickling Sonny’s sides which then turns into an all out war

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Sonny does, he likes the intimacy of it and always asks before he he joins you to make sure you’re ok with it

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: You do. Sometimes Sonny can’t leave the precinct at times so you’ll bring him lunch and drop by to see him

Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Sonny was, he was worried he’d screw it up somehow and so he was nervous the entire time.

Who kills/takes out the spiders: Sonny does because he knows how much you hate spiders

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Both of you, the two of you are so in love that you’d proclaim it from the rooftops sober. It just so happens that alcohol helps

masterlist - request

requested by @zabyasachi: fluff just pure carisi cuddling tummy rubbing tear wiping fluff all the whispered carissimas and i love you. so much sonny. im such a little bitch for that italian man

also @coffeeandcannolis wanted me to use the line “he takes the next monday off and spends it with you in the park, holding your hand lightly and kissing you sweetly. you’re surprised you don’t have a cavity at the end of the day, but you like it” from a headcanon i wrote that can be found here

word count: 841

warnings: none

You had expressed loneliness four times before Sonny took the day off, staying in bed with you for the whole day.

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(whoops i accidentally deleted this ask straight after i posted it so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)