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Just saying hi because I feel the need to say that if you don’t come out of watching Gilmore Girls shipping Jess and Rory I have no place for you in my life cause you’re obviously stupid.

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Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.


rory & logan | written in the stars

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Dear Phyn, do you watch MCU movies? Do you know a lot about MCU ver. Tony Stark? Recently I’ve been thinking and I can’t help but realize that both Tony Stark and Mick Rory have a lot of similarities in common. They’re both my underappreciated babies. Mick was treated poorly by the legends teammates, and I didn’t see any better on Tony’s condition. Hey he literally changed the Stark Tower (personal) to Avengers Tower (team) for the avengers. [CONT]

(2) And I would like to think Tony also contributed a lot in their suits and weapons etc., but no appreciation was shown towards Tony (at least not in the movies). When anything shit happens, both Tony and Mick are the one quickly to be blamed, regardless of their previous contribution and the truth. I’m so disappointed with both the avengers and legends team where they can just simply pointing their fingers at the others and think that they themselves are free from any responsibility.

(3) In Age of Ultron, although the one who created Ultron was Tony (and don’t forget Bruce Banner helped him too, I know it’s because Tony asked him, but did he put a gun at Bruce’s head and forced him to do it? No. Bruce was an adult, he can made his own decision), but who actually pushed Tony into taking that final desperate step? Wanda. Without Wanda toying with Tony’s mind, he won’t even come up with this crazy idea, and yet I never saw Wanda apologized to Tony and the others *shrugs*

4) I also notice that both Mick and Tony have psychological issues. I think the symptoms were clear enough in the movies and TV shows. PTSD (both have been abducted and tortured), self-destructive behavior/suicide attempts (“I shouldn’t be alive, unless there’s a reason”) etc. (that’s all I can think for now, this is your forte after all, I love reading your analysis post) BTW both of them also have alcoholism issue (not sure Tony counted as alcoholic, but he does drink a lot in Iron Man movies)

(5) Oops didn’t thought I’d write so much, but this is just my personal opinion, actually I want to hear your opinions (even a whole new meta post, if I’m lucky enough?) regarding the common similarities between Tony and Mick. Of course you can reject my request if you haven’t watched any MCU movies, or you’re a Tony Stark hater. (You aren’t, are you?) Lastly, thanks for reading my (too long) ask. I hope my grammatical error didn’t confuse you, since English is not my first language. :)

Leaving this here in case anyone else wants to chime in or take off with this discussion, though sorry I don’t have anything personal to add ^^;


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It’s just not right now.

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I’m feeling very lost, these days. I have no job. I have no credit. I have no underwear!

so a big part of gilmore girls is obviously the battling of social classes. lorelai in working class and her parents in the upper class— which leaves rory somewhere in between. there has always been an issue between lorelai and her parents about where rory really belongs. in season 5/6, this comes to a climax that, according to the fans, is pretty much the worst thing to happen in this show. rory steals a boats and then quits school and lives with her grandparents.

but here’s the thing: it’s not out of character.

even though everyone likes to paint rory as being level headed and frequently use the pro/cons list as an example of this, that is not always the case. rory has a history of making impulse decisions based on her feelings. past examples of this are:

  • running away & shoplifting after dean kisses her
  • yelling at the class once she is late for her AP test
  • making a speech in the s1 finale based on her feelings for dean
  • goes to new york in 2.21 to see jess
  • kissing jess at sookie’s wedding bc she likes him even though she’s with dean
  • sleeping with dean

yes, she makes pro/con lists. but you know why she probably does that? because she recognizes that a lot of her past mistakes are done on impulse decisions. of course she’s afraid of making the wrong decision she does it all of the time. 

right before she steals the boat, she is told by one of her journalistic heroes that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. her dream job. she is, understandably, upset. of course she doubts herself and her abilities. i am not surprised that she stole the boat and im not surprised that she quit school.

bad decision? yes. out of character? no.

Team Logan
  • Before the revival: Quietly making the occasional fanwork, keeping to ourselves, only emerging occasionally to argue a completely false assumption by the antis.

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I need to reunion atomwave after the alien spacecraft, they're worried about each other

((Okay, I’m JUST a bit gone over the moon, and doing like fifty things at the same time and this is so random and I’m so sorry, it’s not better but hopefully you’ll like it >//////<))

Ray’s legs are shaking when his feet touch the ground, Cisco and Felicity are screaming into the comm with excitement and Ray tries to smile but he can’t. His heart’s still beating too quickly, his chest’s heaving and his mind buzzing with the need to make sure everyone’s safe. They might’ve stopped the weapon, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s alright, and Ray needs to check it is so, because he’s not prepared to say goodbye to anyone and-

“Haircut.” Voice growls from behind him, before he’s pulled back. He can see arms winding themselves around the torso of the suit, but he can’t feel them. He can’t feel them and that’s not enough. Seeing them is not enough hand he needs more right now.  

He pulls out of Mick’s arms quickly, pushing the helmet off his head, letting it fall to the ground. It lands with a loud sound, but Ray can’t care about that right now. Instead his hands fly to Mick’s face, pull him closer and Ray presses a kiss against Mick’s lips, needy and desperate. Asking, begging Mick to be alright.

There’s a quiet groan and Ray can almost imagine Mick rolling his eyes. They are in the middle of the street making a spectacle out of themselves and if there’s something Mick hates it’s the public display of affection.

But Ray doesn’t want to let Mick go, he needs to feel him just a bit longer, needs to touch him longer. He needs to make sure this is reality, not just another dream the aliens forced on Ray. But Mick’s pulling away already, and Ray can’t be blamed for the quiet whine escaping his throat.

Mick’s going to push Ray away. He’s going to glare and then turn away, walk off. He’s going to be pissed off for days and Ray won’t know what to do.

Only Mick’s not. He holds Ray at arm’s reach, he’s frowning and his eyes are running over his face, almost frantically.

“Haircut.” He growls. There’s something wrong about the word, something off about the tone and when one of Mick’s hands let go of Ray’s arm, just to burry itself into Ray’s hair, massaging his scalp lightly, Ray gasp. His eyes slip close and he can almost get lost in the moment, but Mick’s fingers pull at his hair lightly, forcing Ray’s attention back onto the man. “Are you alright?” The words are neutral once again, but Ray finally understands the stormy expression on Mick’s face. Mick’s actually worried about him.

It makes Ray’s nerves settle a bit as the warmth fills Ray’s chest and he can feel the smile on his own lips.

Mick stares at him, then rolls his eyes.

“I won’t believe you anyway. You’d just keep quiet about some internal bleeding or something.” Which is a bit unfair, because Ray at least has his suit. Mick has nothing just his gun. “We’re getting Gideon to check you over. ” He growls, dragging Ray to the ship.  

“Where are you two going?” Nate yells and Mick huffs.

“I’m getting Haircut out of that stupid suit of his.” The suit is not stupid. It’s also new and Ray and Cisco are going to make some neat upgrades to it and-

Sara wolf-whistles and grins.

“Don’t forget to meet us outside the Waverider in half an hour.” She grins, wiggling her eyebrows and Ray stares before turning to Mick.

“She thinks we’re going to have sex together!”

Mick doesn’t stop, just shrugs, throwing Ray a look over his shoulder.

“She’s not wrong.”

… fine. Ray can live with that.