i feel you mamura

title: for a boy clad in iron

pairing: mamura daiki & yosano suzume

notes: i don’t write fic. i’m not so great at it, i think, or rather, i fumble my way through trying to find the characters and feel them properly but i have tried my best to deliver something sweet. maybe i can keep trying and we’ll get better. nora does all of this so much better. anyway, here’s my contribution, because an abundance of fluffy sweetness is what i provide best!

On a warm summer day, Suzume steals the first kiss from Mamura, and it tastes sweet of vanilla and hope and yearning.

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Your eyes, nose, lips,
Your hands that used to touch me,
to the ends of your fingertips,
I can still feel you.


“ Someday turn dark, I will shine for you

During the happy times and during the sad times, I’ll always be by your side

Your hand, your smile, your everything

No matter how much time passes, I shall watch from the place closest to you

My presence is like a daytime shooting star…for you”

Okay… With respect to the actual release date and i cannot really trust people not to reblog this outside of tumblr, twitter and what not… This is what i am showing until sunday. I have read the chapter as well, and weeeeeellllllllllll…. Excuse me while i bawl my heart out a little. And then also not telling until Sunday hah i know you guys can curse me but yeah… Just playing by the rules a leeeeettle…

The image above is the cliffhanger for this chapter. In case you are wondering what birthday boy is saying, its “ChunChun……?”

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What would a Mazume conversation look like on LINE? (trans.)

Hello :3

A few weeks ago on Yamamori’s twitter, there was a very cute conversation between a fan and Sensei concerning about what Mamura and Suzume’s LINE conversation would consist of. The fan had such a fun time much to Sensei’s amusement. Check it out, it’s so cute! 

(PS. Mamura is talking in a very guy’s way of talking (think tsundere-ish, not very polite, haha). Makes him seem very cool in that sense.)

Sensei! Thanks for replying twice! I’m so excited for the release of the 9th volume that my friend and I were playing pretend with Hirunaka no Ryuusei, it was so funny we couldn’t stop! I wonder what kind of person Mamura is on LINE? (Lol) I’m really curious (Lol)

LINE Screencap:

- Mamura is in green

- Suzume is in white

“That Girl” (What Mamura lists Suzume as in his LINE contacts)

Mamura 22.03: Because it’s you, you’re just going to go to Tsukiji again right?

That Girl 22.04: Yeah, Mamura come with me,

Mamura 22.04: Haa (Sigh), alright, can’t help it.

That Girl 22.05: Yaay~!! *rise up*  As expected of Mamura~ *kick*

Mamura 22.07: Seriously you… Haa (Sigh)…

Mamura 22.08: You know that time when we were walking (around Tsukiji) you were seriously like a dog!

That Girl 22.08: Hah?!

That Girl 22.08: *vivacious* (sfx)

Mamura 22.11: Haa (sigh)….So? When we going?

That Girl 22.13: If it’s in spring break, we can go anytime~

What a funny playtime you guys had there (Lol)

Roughly, I feel like he would use one lined answers and without a lot of punctuation~
He would use words like “Dunno”, “Oh really?”, “Got it” quite often. Probably.

Thanks for the reply! ( i _ i )One liners…. I see, that seems like Mamura (Lol). I feel like Suzume wouldn’t lose to Mamura’s conciseness and would bombard him with messages (Lol). But when I think about it, Suzume doesn’t have a smart phone! (Cries) ← I made a fundamentally wrong mistake!

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HnR Thoughts

I don’t know about you guys, but I was always thinking and feeling, that Mamura was the actual fist leading male;his story, his character development from the beginning, his maturing, the slowly and subtle progression of Mamura’s and Suzume’s relationship, the shooting star he saw with Suzume, Suzume always noticing Mamura’s behavior and all the little changes in his appearance and character, all these important little hints, that were thrown through the manga, were leading to that point(Mazume ending).

Suzume is Yuyuka’s daytime shooting star, because Suzume made her realize the true meaning of relationships like friendship and love, helped realize that Yuyuka’s feelings for Mamura were admiration, not love, and that she actually has real feelings for Togyuu, is in love with him.

Shishio is Suzume’s daytime shooting star, because he was the one that helped her find her way to her uncle’s home, encourage her make friends and the most important he helped her realize that her feelings for Shishio were admiration, teenage crush, not love(that’s my theory, my prediction for the future development), helped her realize that she has real feelings for Mamura, is in love with him.

I always felt that Shishio was just there to give Mamura and Suzume a purpose, to help Mazume develop, and lead to a Mazume ending.

And this makes a lot of sense to me.