i feel ya tom

artisticalien44  asked:

Nah, don't worry, it ain't gonna change between you two, and if it did, it would probably be a good change. Ya need more confidence mah man.

Tom: *sigh* Yeah maybe I should, but on the other hand I never really wanted things to change too much between us. Not that I’m not wanting to tell him…just…ugh I think you get it…

Some nights he lured himself to sleep by imagining how he would word the favour for Glendower. He needed to get the words exactly right. Now he rolled phrases around his mouth, desperately reaching for one that would comfort him. Ordinarily, words would tumblr and lull through his mind, but this time, all he could think was

Fix me.

i decided to completely redo the tom keychain design. it just looked so stiff before and i wasnt all that happy with the proportions. im definitely happier with how this one turned out :0