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marry me a little [t.h. x reader]

summary: reader and tom were a couple once, they had a tough breakup and now he’s showing up again, but !!! reader’s already found someone new.  genderneutral as always, cuz you don’t need to be a dick about it

words: 1038

a/n: this was inspired by “marry me a little” from company!! and it’s my first ever imagine with this dude, so iiiiii hope you enjoy it xx

„Marry me“, he said quietly, a small trace of hope lying in his soft voice.

“What?”, you whispered. Your voice, however, was broken, drained by your hopeless try of not breaking out in tears.

“Marry me. And everybody will leave us alone.”

“I can’t marry you”, you uttered, wiping away a tear, which was on the brink of rolling down your cheek. His eyes were damp as well and redder than the morning sun after a rainy night.

You can be my best friend

I can be your right arm

We’ll go through a fight or two

No harm, no harm

You breathed in, trying to calm down a bit. “I can’t marry you, Thomas”, you said again. Not even knowing why, your heart was breaking. Slowly. Seeing him this way, reminded you of your shared past. You kept thinking about how it ended, yet a small voice inside of you felt bad for having to destroy his hopes right now.

Love me just enough

Warm and sweet and easy

Just the simple stuff

Tom, however, couldn’t understand your reaction. He knew you were the one for him. The one true love, the one true person, who got to touch him. Not only in a sexual way, but on a deep, emotional level, he thought he could never reach. Once you stepped into his life, his whole perception of things changed within a brief moment. It felt as if a silver lining dashed through the darkness of his life, leaving him behind in a constant state of love and comfort. You had loved him. He adored you. He’d given you everything he had in his life, it was enough and you both knew this, but it still wasn’t enough to fight together against the gloomy sides of life.

“Tell me why we couldn’t leave now and get married. It’s the best for both of us and you know it”, Tom exclaimed. His voice shaking.

“I can’t marry you, why are you so stubborn about that?”

Tom turned his back to you. He was near to crying. His hands ran over his face, wiping away his tears of a never-occurring future together.

“Tom…I’m getting married! In two weeks already. I’m no longer a part of you. Please realize that…that we’re over. We’re done.”

Want me more than others

Not exclusively

That’s the way it ought to be

It was true. You two were no longer a couple. For three years now, actually. It’s been some time now. You moved on, you found a new lover, somebody who could make flowers bloom for you, even in the middle of winter. You thought back of you and Tom. He didn’t stay, when the sun was gone and downpour was coming. He left.

Tom didn’t move on. He tried. He met some people, he kissed some of them. But no one gave him the same feelings, as you did. And now, after those three years, he showed up at your house, hoping he could be a part of your life again.

“It was a mistake, Y/N. It was all a mistake and I know that you know this”, he said loudly.

“I know that you hurt me!”, you cried.

That response hit both of you so hard, that you two were unable to say anything for the next couple seconds, before Tom started again, digging even deeper in those old wounds, he teared up again.

“It was inevitable. Back then, Y/N. I was…out of my mind. I was so amazed by all the attention I got and…I know that I made a mistake, I’m sorry.”

“Your ‘sorrys’ won’t change what happened, Thomas. I was madly in love with you and you just…walked away. You know how fucked up I was? In those past few years? And now you just decide to show up at my house again, wanting me back? No, Tom. It’s over. I don’t wanna see you again.”

Oh, how gently we’ll talk

Oh, how softly we’ll tread

All the stings

The ugly things

We’ll keep unsaid

Right now, you two were close, yet separated. Tom thought about your breakup nearly every day and night. He was unable to sleep, knowing you found someone better than him, whilst the best thing for him was you.

“I really hurt you, did I?”

You nodded your head. “You really did.”

“Your new one…makes you happy?”

You nodded your head again. “Yes, very. As I said, we’re getting married in two weeks.”

Tom smiled softly at you, before turning around, slowly walking up to the door, wanting to leave.

“Tom, wait!”, you exclaimed.

He turned around again, facing you. Oh, how you fell in love with those dark-brown eyes, how he looked at you every morning when you woke up. How they sparkled, when you told him you loved him for the first time.

“We…we could have been here, right?”, you asked quietly.


“Ending up here. Together. In a house. Waiting on getting married, waiting on a future together.”

His glance went on the floor, as if he was trying to find an answer there. “We could have. If I hadn’t messed it up.”

You sighed. “It wasn’t all your fault, Tom.”

He looked up to you again. “What?”, he kept repeating himself.

“I should have supported you more. I shouldn’t have been a barrier in your life.”

“You weren’t a barrier in my life.”

“I was, Thomas. I was!”

“Stop saying this, you were the best thing in my life, love.”

He walked up to you. Instantly, you put your arms around him, he laid his around you. You rested your head on his chest, some tears falling onto his jumper.

“Don’t cry”, he comforted you.

“I’m not crying.”

He chuckled. “You are. I know that, Y/N.”

Slowly, he escaped the tight embrace with you.

“I’ll go now”, he whispered, turning around again.

“I hope you find what you’re looking for, Thomas”, you said with a smile.

He waved at you, before opening the door and leaving into the sunny day, knowing that he has already found, what he should be looking for. And now having to live with the knowledge, that he will never have you in his life again.

Study Buddy (alternative ending) | Tom Holland Smut

Requested: no
Rating: R for smut!!
Summary: You’ve been working way too hard for school, Tom sets out to help you relax in the best way he knows how. (This is basically the same as the other imagine if the same title except in this one it’s alternative in the sense you guys ~do it~ to relax ;)) lmaooo ).
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You groaned, letting your head fall onto your crossed arms that lay on your desk. You sat in front of your computer, trying to work on school. You were more stressed than ever, with deadlines coming up sooner than you wanted them to.

You felt overwhelmed and while you knew you should probably take a break, you didn’t want to lose whatever train of thought might pull into your head the longer you sat at your desk, growing more and more tired, and less and less motivated to work.

“Hey, love, still working on school?” Your boyfriend, Tom stepped into the living room where you sat at your desk top monitor. You turned your head without lifting it from your arms to get a look at Tom, who walked over quickly to where you sat. You nodded in response to his question and he hummed in acknowledgment. “How’s it going?”

“It’s going, I guess,” you said with a flatter tone than usual. You hated to risk Tom thinking you were cross with him and not just frustrated with yourself and school, but you were so tired that you didn’t have the will power to make your voice more enthusiastic.

“Well, love, why don’t you take a break? Feel like I ‘aven’t seen ya all day,” Tom placed a kiss to your shoulder. You hummed in approval at the contact, your body ached from sitting in one spot for so long, your legs felt cramped, your back ached from hunching at your computer, your heart ached because you were tired of working (and a bit lonely working all on your own), and your head hurt from thinking as hard as you could all day.

“Ooh, babe you’re really tense!” Tom said, putting both hands on your shoulders, beginning to massage out the knots in your back. You groaned quietly when he began to work on a particularly tense spot and he smirked a bit, pitting you, but now his mind was occupied with the thoughts of the effect his hands had on your body.

“Love, I’ve barely seen your beautiful face since I got back touring, I miss you,” he whined, continuing to massage you. “Why don’t you take a break for just a few hours,” you sat up, turning slightly to face him. “I’ve really gotta do my work,” in all reality it wasn’t due for another few days, you were sick of thinking about school though, so you were anxious to get this work done.

“What’s on your plate for today, princess?”

Tom had ulterior motives, he genuinely wanted to help you get done, but only to make you feel better, but he couldn’t deny that he missed touching you after being on tour.

“I just want to get my studying done today,” you explained as Tom planted kissed down your neck, his hands still massaging further and further down your back towards your ass.

“Well, my beautiful smart girl,” Tom punctuated his words with a kiss to the top of your head, his hands dangerously low on your back, “why don’t you let me give you a massage, and while I do you can tell me everything about what you need to study, and then we can play a review game?” His hands squeezed lightly at your ass, or at least what he could reach with you still sitting in the chair. You wanted to resist, but with his lips on your neck and his hands kneading yoir hips you couldn’t say no, so you simply nodded, you had underestimated how much you’d missed Tom’s touch while he was away, you’d planned on making his time on break more exciting but so far you’d been mostly holed up doing your work.

“Good, alright, well, why don’t you come lay on the couch and tell me about what you remember,” he suggested and you nodded, laying on your stomach on the couch. Tom got a pillow for your head to rest on, and you put your head down, arms extended slightly forward. Tom’s hands were warm, and set to work on your back. “Princess, you’re not wearing a bra?” He questioned, running his hands under your shirt so he could feel your soft skin. You shook your head ‘no’, confirming his theory, his hands passing from the small of your back to your shoulder blades, working out all of the tense spots he could find, every once in a while kissing your back. You told him about all the topics you’d have to know and by the time you made it to more specific facts, his hands were sliding over your ass, making you pause. “Keep talking, princess,” he teased, knowing he was making it slightly difficult.

You continued to talk and Tom’s knowing hands massaged out your legs from your toes to your thighs, his fingers intentionally brushing against your core as they moved to massage the curve of your hips.

You whimpered, Tom knew what he was doing and now you were in on his plot.

“Tom, please,” you said, moving your hips. Tom gently pinched the spot where your ass met your leg, making you jump slightly. You were so responsive, especially after the two of you had been apart for so long. Tom couldn’t help but think to himself that this was going to be fun. He grabbed some papers from your desk that he had seen you studying off of before and walking back over, your eyes never leaving his body as he did.

“Now, how about a review game? He questioned, holding up your papers,” you nodded, curious to see what he had in store.

“Alright, how about we up the stakes, on the game though?” You raised your eyebrows at him to communicate your confusion and skepticism.

“I’ll touch you, and believe me I can feel that you want it, YN, he teased, his hand grasping between your legs where you could feel pressure had already started to build. “I’ll touch you,” he repeated, palming you through your shorts. “And I’ll continue to get you off as long as you get the answer to my questions right, if you get one wrong, I’ll stop and start over somewhere else,” you nodded eagerly, just wanting Tom to touch you.

“Alright, love, you ready?” You nodded again, flipping over and taking off your sweatshirt, leaving you in only your short-shorts and underwear. Tom smiled at your eagerness and kissed you on your lips for a moment before pulling away, his hand skimming over your torso, from the waistband of your shorts to the bottom of your breasts. “Oh, and no touching yourself, or me,” Tom said.

You nodded obediently, just wanting him to touch you. The first few questions had gone well, but then it was time for the geography section of your final. “What’s the capital of Portugal?” Tom asked, his hand stroking firmly back and forth over your covered core, his finger flicking at your clit through your clothes as his had passed the area. You were whimpering, your eyes squeezed shut. “Tom, please,” you begged, you knew that he already knew you couldn’t think of the answer.

“Do you know, princess? Just guess,” he chucked, eyes flirting from you to your study guide. You bucked your hips into his hand, hoping he would abandon the game and just focus on pleasing you.

“Babe, what is it?” He teased, finger circling your clit now through your thin shorts. “Please, please just touch me, Tom,” your climax building.

“Sorry, babe, the answer is Lisbon,” he said, and retracted his hand, now it gently skimmed over the skin of your inner thigh. You felt like you could cry, so desperate for release.

“You’re alright, pretty girl, now, what’s the capital of Peru?”

“Lima,” you panted and he nooses with a smile. “You’re so smart, darling, so pretty, so hot,” he grinned, his hand once again rubbing over your sensitive core, applying gentle pressure.
“Take them off,” you said, lifting your hips slightly and nodding towards your thin shorts.

“As you wish, darling,” he said with a smirk, his tone light. He hooked his fingers into your waistband and pulled down your shorts, your body left covered only by a lacy pair of underwear.

Tom hummed at the sight of your underwear and brought his hand back up, rubbing you over your underwear. A few correctly answered questions later and his fingers were pumping in and out of you slowly and deeply, you were moaning louder than ever, your hands grasping at the couch above your head.
“Well, princess, that was the last question,” he said, and pulled his hand away, standing up. You sat up instantly.

“No, Tom, please, stay, please make me feel good, I need you, I-”
“Easy, my love,” Tom said, taking off his clothes except for his underwear. “I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that,” he cooed, sitting at the opposite end of the couch, you nodded happily, relaxing into your original position, lying back down on the couch.

“Now, one final question, darling, what do you want?” He smirked, you were no stranger to this question, Tom often asked you this in times like these and it never failed to make you even more excited, his voice low and gravelly.

“Your mouth- your cock,” you whimpered, reaching a hand out towards him.
He grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers, leaning forward and pulling your panties down with his teeth. He got them mid-way down your thighs before using his free hand to pull them off of you completely. His hand returned after once again sliding up your body to grab your other hand as his head went between your thighs.

You gasped as he began kitten licking everywhere, then paying special attention to your clit. Tom and you had done this enough times that he knew exactly what you liked. His tongue darted in and out of you rapidly, the tip periodically moving over your clit. You knew you looked completely wrecked, sweat glistening on your skin, your voice beginning to grow hoarse and your eyes watering due to the amount of pleasure you’d received.

“So goddamn beautiful,” he spoke with his face still in contact with your core, you moaned at his praise and squeezed his hands in yours.
He continued his work on you with his mouth until you let out a moan louder than any before, your legs shaking and pleasure racking through your entire body, your eyes squeezed shut.

“So good for me, darling,” his voice was raspy and he removed his hands from yours to pull his tight underwear down, his bulge apparent. His length seemed to get even bigger once it was freed from his underwear.

You whimpered, Tom positioned himself over you, his eyes widened suddenly. “Shit, okay I’ll be right back hang on a second babe,”

He came back seconds later after digging through a drawer in the next room, coming back with a condom packet he opened with his teeth. He rolled it down his length and returned to his position over you, your hands pinned above your head with one of his. He used his other hand to line up his cock at your wet entrance, circling your core with his tip a few times before you said “enough with the teasing, fuck me already,” your voice much breathier than you’d anticipated.

“Anything for my beautiful, smart, amazing girl,” Tom smirked and pushed into you suddenly, you yelped, quickly adjusting to his size. He sensed you were comfortable and began to pump in and out of you faster and faster, keeping a steady rhythm. Your hips met every time he pushed into you and you moaned his name so loudly you worries the neighbors would hear what the two of you were doing on the couch of your living room.

Tom pinched your nipples one at a time, the other hand keeping yours held firmly in their position above your head. He kissed down your body while still thrusting fast and deep into you, reaching down to rub at your clit again. “Such a good girl for me, aren’t you, such a fucking good girl, YN,” he moaned and you felt your release hit you without warning.

Your body convulsed, your eyes rolling back slightly and your entire body feeling like never before, bliss completely taking over. Tom was quick to follow, his hips shaking rapidly as he finished, pulling out of you after a few slow thrusts to ride out your high.

He removed the condom and threw it away in the next room along with the wrapper. Coming back, his eyes scanned over your body, glistening with sweat and eyes closed, still enjoying the sensations that followed such a strong orgasm.

“You alright?” Tom said, pulling his underwear back on and sitting on the couch, pulling your legs so they laid on top of his. You nodded, completely blissed out.

“I circled all the answers you had trouble with, obviously some of them were because you were a little distracted,” Tom teased. You smiled and rolled your eyes at him. “You’re going to do great on your exam, alright?” You smiled, your boyfriend was so sweet and thoughtful, you’d almost forgotten that this had all spiraled out of you being tense at your computer.

“Thanks, for making me take a break,” you smiled, “definitely worth it,” you added wth a small laugh. Tom laughed along with you. “Good, you’re definitely less tense now,” he teased back and you rolled your eyes, a smile still playing on your lips.

“Want to get cleaned up? We could shower and order take out and relax some more?” Tom offered, his hand rubbing sweetly over your legs again. You nodded and Tom gently picked you up from the couch after standing, carrying you to the shower. “My sweet, genius girl,” he spoke as you started the water. “How did I get so lucky?” You smiled, leaning over to kiss your boyfriend. “I ask myself the same thing every day.”

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Hii, so I saw your airplane/cozy tom holland post and if you haven't already, you should definitely write a "mile high club" with Tom, ya feel 😏😏😏

okay i have like 12 requests for this so I should probably do it lol

  • okay so Tom is annoying on Planes like he’s gunna mention the mile high club at least 20 times during a flight
  • he’s only gunna be half serious because he knew you’d never actually do anything like that
  • so he’d be surprised when on a night flight to China you’d start getting handsy 
  • he’d kind of just cock an eyebrow at you as you leaned in to kiss his neck
  • I mean it would be dark in the cabin and the flight would be mostly empty so no one would really see you 
  • he’d kind of melt into your touch as he slipped of his headphones 
  • ‘‘y/n what are you doing’‘ he’d whisper 
  • ‘‘well you’ve always wanted to join the mile high club babe’‘ you’d wink at him and honestly he’d start to get hard
  • you’d lean and press your lips together and his breathing would be all shaky as he cupped your cheek
  • ‘‘cant..get..caught’‘ he murmur in between kisses
  • you’d grab two of the blankets that the airline gave you and sprawl them over each of your laps
  • your lips would be back on toms neck as you started to palm him through his sweatpants
  • and omg his eyes would be rolling in the back of his head and he’d be squeezing the arm rests while he bucked his hips against your hand to try get more friction 
  • he’d let a little moan out that only you could hear and the sound would make you clasp your thighs together
  • he’d notice that and slowly slip his hand into your leggings and slowly start rubbing little circles over your clit 
  • you’d both be bucking your hips into each others hand trying to get more friction 
  • and your head would be against his shoulder moaning into his ear 
  • and his jaw would be locked and he’d be so focused on rubbing your clit
  • you’d both decide that going to the bathroom would be too risky so you’d stay seated hands fumbling under the blankets
  • he’d slowly push two fingers into you and you’d let out a strangled moan into his ear and that would be too much for him 
  • he’d grab the back of your hair and pull tight while his fingers worked their magic
  • his fingers would be moving so fast and he’d be telling you what a good girl you were in your ear 
  • ‘‘my good little slut’‘
  • that would drive you over the edge and you’d bury your face in his neck as you came 
  • he wouldn’t let you come down for long though,he’d have both of your hands working on his hard length 
  • he’d be bucking up into your hands with his hands still in your hair 
  • ‘‘is this what you wanted y/n,getting me this hard on a plane’‘
  • he wouldn’t last long,the grip on your hair would tighten and he’d moan out your name with one final thrust into your hands
  • you’d both sit there panting for a minute before you reached into your bag for some tissues
  • you’d try to clean up without being seen and you’d both giggle everytime a flight attendant walked past 
  • ‘‘y/n next time could we try it in the bathroom’‘
  • ‘‘who said theres gunna be a next time Tom’‘ you’d smile and swat his arm 

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Some nights he lured himself to sleep by imagining how he would word the favour for Glendower. He needed to get the words exactly right. Now he rolled phrases around his mouth, desperately reaching for one that would comfort him. Ordinarily, words would tumblr and lull through his mind, but this time, all he could think was

Fix me.

i decided to completely redo the tom keychain design. it just looked so stiff before and i wasnt all that happy with the proportions. im definitely happier with how this one turned out :0