i feel ya sister

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Hey guys.

I apologize for being the wet blanket at the mo. The news about Carrie Fisher is really getting to me. Like, bad. The kind of bad where I’m gonna need to call my therapist while she’s on vacation bad.

Yeah, I know the whole “But you never even know her! Stop making this about you!!” thing and I get that. I’m not trying to make this about me.

I grieve for her family. I grieve for her. I grieve for a world without her in it. I grind my teeth at the fact that just yesterday, we were being told she was stable. I grieve for the complete suddenness of this. It feels like I’m one big ball of grieving.

I’ve always been attuned to people’s emotions. Call it bullshit if you like, but when enough people are sad or hurt or angry, you *feel* that. It’s in the air, in your veins. It becomes you.

Today is a grieving day, and the fact that I can’t lay in bed and sleep through it is turning me into a major depresso grump. I don’t take feelings like this and turn them into art, as much I’d love to for Carrie Fisher’s sake. I shut down, I reboot, I make things than after a nice joke or two.

I’m in shut down mode right now.

And the plain fact is, I can’t be on here (Tumblr) right now. Every other post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, or a gifset, or whatever. Which is good, it’s deserved. But man, I can feel my chest tightening up just thinking about. I’ve been crying most of the day, and lemme tell ya, that is not easy when you sit in a crowded office answering phones for eight hours a day.

I probably won’t be on for a bit. I just can’t handle this place right now, and I hope you peeps understand. (I’m not even sure why I’m making this post. Trying to explain, I guess, but words are just *pzzzrtblght* right now. It feels like I’ve lost someone I knew.)

Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t *shrug* You are who you are.

And, sorry for being the drama llama. Happens. I’m gonna go now.

I also love that Carver’s reaction to Fenris questioning Hawke about being a mage is to immediately jump to their defense. Unprompted, unbidden, regardless of whether you’re closer to friendship or rivalry (I’m pretty sure?), his first reaction, of his own free will, is to rise to their defense and to make it clear that he will fight Fenris to protect them.


Just wanted to make a quick statement about the Neoclassical fashion of the Regency Era.

@dailyvituperation Commented on a photo set and I realized that some may not know about the different fashions and age appropriateness. The comment was about the empire waist gown and how it seemed impossible that an endowed woman (I feel ya sister) would be able to keep her “gals” covered with such small space for the chest. 

The way I have had this style explained to me as well as read in articles indicates that the neoclassical, Greek statue, empire waist trends that were fashionable at the time were really only worn by younger generations of women. This trend can be compared to the flappers of the 1920s in that the ideal body shape was very cylindrical. 

Obviously the style of the dress didn’t keep woman with fuller figures from wearing the fashion. If you want to fall down a dark fashion hole, Google fashion satire. An example of the such a cartoon during this time (excuse the 19th C. body shaming) mocks the rising waistline. 

The fashion of the time that was worn by older woman, or maybe even younger woman with fuller figures goes back to the late 1790s and early 1800s. The dresses are similar to the chemise a la reine in shape but with some updates such as higher waistlines and difference accessories. Some examples have been provided at the top of the post. A more well known example of this, and I hate referencing Hollywood, would be the clothing worn by Mrs. Bennet in the 1995 Pride & Prejudice.

She still has the fashionable high waist but opts for the longer sleeves, covering the neck, and a sheer shawl.

Hopefully this helps create a better picture of regency fashion in your mind. I will be talking more about the difference in age and fashion when I discuss this era on my new site….whenever I get the time to work on it! 

And for good measure, I leave you with the wittiest cartoon I found while writing this. 

This is so ridiculous
  • My sister: Callie you kneed my chest!!!
  • Me: that's cause you climbed onto my knee!!
  • My sister: that part doesn't matter -_-
  • My sister: Callie I'm gonna get cancer
  • Me: what?
  • My sister: I'm gonna get cancer from this and it's gonna be your fault
  • My sister: it's like every time I breathe every time I move. It hurts like, really bad. And it's your fault.
  • Me:
  • My sister:
  • Me:
  • My sister: if I get cancer it's gonna be your fault.
  • My sister: I feel like, low key dead.
  • My sister: *whispers* fak u ya bitch
  • Me: I can hear your
  • My sister: yeah well u gave me cancer. So ://///
  • Me: please stop
Things too awesome to un-see

Anonymous asked: I just got back from an amazing missions trip, and it totally blew my mind. I didn’t know that ministry could be that fun and exciting, and I didn’t know that church could be like that. But now that I’m back, and I’m seeing things with new eyes. I haven’t said anything to anyone because I don’t want to sound mean, and it’s not like I think there’s something wrong with my church, but it’s just the same. Help?

Unka Glen answered: I feel ya sister. I had the same experience when I was your age, and I had the same reaction. The good news is, this is a very easy problem to address, even if solving it altogether may be a little tough.

There is nothing like the feeling of serving other people. Lifting up a hurting person gives your life a meaning that transcends everything else. We look for meaning in achievement, and success, and money, and notoriety, but no matter how much we get of those things, they just leave us wanting more.

After decades of doing the kinds of stuff you did on your trip, I’m still on the exact same high that you’re on right now. And the best news is, you can have that same experience where you are. Trust me, there is no shortage of people who need help in the world. You should feel like a kid in a candy store right about now.

But the larger problem is returning to a church culture that hasn’t seen what you’ve seen, and isn’t on the same page you are. In the end, living a quality Christian life isn’t about fitting in with all Christians everywhere, it’s about finding your own tribe within Christianity.

Your experiences, and the calling that God has put on your life, make you unique, and you deserve to be with people who understand that. Sure, you’ll have friends from all walks of life that you get along with, and who inspire and encourage you, but in the end, you also need an inner circle of people who share your sense of mission.

In the long run, you’ll need a church that shares your values, and who spends resources in a manner that reflects those values. But for now, what you really need is to talk to your friends, and see if any of them feel the way you do.

Tell them that you’ve seen how good it can be, and you don’t know where to go from here, and you’ll need mentors, and probably to plug into something that already exists, but that in one way or another, you’re going to hook this thing up.

Make no mistake— this is real.

  • Me [when writing a story]: There were no stars that night, the sky was covered in cloud. That had bothered Adrien before. It didn’t now. She surpassed them all; the Effiel tower behind him, the moon, the heavens. The blue of her hair, her eyes, her dress, was like an ocean reflecting all the nebulae and galaxies combined.
  • Me [when talking to my actual boyfriend, in actual real-life]: How are your eyes so blue? I just- like- they're SO blue. So pretty I just- fuCK!