i feel ya nick

I just watched Socalyalcon and....

OH GOD, WE’RE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!!!!!!! Here are my thoughts (totally out of order I guess)

• Cece worried about Jess again and giving her advices (WHY DID IT TOOK SO LONG THOUGH?)
• Schmidt being a friend too (WHY ONLY NOW?)
• I already smile and my heart melts just by seeing Winston and Aly sharing the screen. I don’t even care what they’re doing.
• I think this is the first time we saw Reagan all smiley and nice, and it finally felt like she actually cares about someone (Jess) and isn’t just like “someone please get me out of here”
• All those brand new flashbacks were cute
• All those flashbacks to old episodes got me screaming. Most of this season makes sense now!!!!! The execution is still terrible though, because a lot of things still don’t make sense and I can list them if you want to, first of them being the “I’m in love”) and It took them 20 episodes to address their point here, that’s not good story telling. This definitely helped me to tolerate this season a lot more but it’s still a bad season.
• Jess constantly breaking into Cece and Schmidt’s house got me laughing all the time lol
• I love how comfortable Nick is around Jess, it’s very natural to them. I guess this counts as something coming from Nick, right? Also the fact that he did notice at the end that he kept going to Jess as a girlfriend when he should be going to Reagan.
• FINALLY we saw Jess actually having an attitude about this whole situation she got herself into. First she tried to put an end on being Nick’s “girlfriend”, then when she noticed she was the architect of her own misery, in her own words, she quickly decided to fly away to Portland to give her, Nick and Reagan a break. I can’t believe they’ll still last two more episodes without her though, just like I can’t believe they’ll last 6 episodes after “Glue” and so many episodes in total!!
• Cece saying that it’s not like Jess introduced them and Schmidt reminding hem that Reagan and Nick met because Jess went on jury duty LOL.
• Cece mispronouncing the episode title, hahah, I feel ya, Cece.
• I still think NICK (and Reagan) need to notice they don’t survive without Jess. I would love if they explicitly noticed it like Jess did, but I doubt this will happen.
• I’m still not really excited for the next episodes because I don’t like when Jess is completely separated from the rest of them but if that ignites something on Nick and if it’s implied somehow that Jess not being there for them anymore is the reason they’ll break up I’ll be okay.
• Very excited for the finale!!