i feel ya charlotte

A small gift that I hope will make you feel good.  @minister-of-candy

I know you’re going through some tough times, a new job, some complicated situations, a rollercoaster of emotions. But don’t worry, these kinds of situations will make you a strong and determined person.

Never go to sleep thinking “tomorrow will be a bad and hard day.” You have to go to sleep thinking, “Tomorrow will be a new day.” It’s always a new day, even if you do the same things. And the new of every day is “the attitude”.

The attitude can make an ordinary day turn into a special or quiet day or better. (I know it’s easier said than done, but think of the things you like, your goals and remember that you have friends, family, Perospero… x3  who love you and take care of you). It’s not about looking for a way out of problems, it’s about finding the door to get into the problems and finding them solution or a better comfort.


—– (Matla and Perospero)——

(Art: Octubre1996 or Octubre1996art)


Charlotte: Really? Awh, that’s so thoughtful of you…thank you, really. I appreciate that. I can reassure you, though…that was an exception. If it was something about the shifts, we’d all know. *laughs and shakes head* I don’t know what that bartender had against you. Probably wasn’t happy to come in to cover for me. I was just…feeling a little under the weather yesterday, is all.

Conifer: Oh! Okay. That makes sense. Sorry, I really didn’t mean to be a stalker…

Charlotte: You really aren’t! Good to know SOMEONE is looking out for you…*sighs* Look, I gotta take over. Want to come with?

Conifer: I’d like that, yeah. Maybe nothing alcoholic today, though. I feel like once in a week is my limit.

Charlotte: *laughs* Wise, I feel ya. After you.

okay so no one told me that when you actually fall for someone, you want to be with them all the time and you think about them more than you think about any other thing and you can’t help but grin when you hear their name and it physically hurts not being able to reach out and hold their hand and kiss them and every time they smile you feel like your heart is going to burst out of its cage just to show everyone just how hard it’s beating.