i feel woefully inadequate

I’m in the middle of studying for a chemistry test, and I’ve been on Facebook to message my friends questions and whatnot. In the middle of our conversations, two of my friends have sent me screenshots of their friends posting their acceptances to Harvard. Congratulations to their friends on a tremendous achievement. However, it’s left my friends and I feeling woefully inadequate. And I think it’s important to remember this time around when admissions are starting to roll out that you do not have to go to an American Ivy League school to be proud of yourself. You have not failed if you have not done so. 

This is not to put down Ivy League graduates or students in any way. They have earned respectable reputations through their hard work and dedication. I am merely pointing out that you are still a worthy and smart person regardless of your choice of university, or college, or whatever you decide to do post-secondary.

I have felt a little miffed because I have some friends who applied to the States to amazing schools like Cornell and UPenn and I’ve felt a little ridiculous applying to lil ol’ Canadian schools. This is silly. The schools I’m applying to are good schools, the best in my country, and just because I go there instead of an American school does not make me inadequate, or a failure, or even just plain dumb. It makes me someone who’s going to go to a good school, just not an American one.

tl;dr: You are not made up of the school you go to, or the acceptances or rejections you receive this winter. You are a lovely person with so much more to you than this application process.

love & light <3