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sorry you're not feeling well, neither am i. but hey, we can have a depression party together. anyways, hope you feel better. <3

we can lay for hours in an empty room together silently with no clear concept of the passage of time where the only sound is the soft squeaking of the balloons the sad clown we hired for the depression party makes as they attempt to make balloon animals

they do not know how to make balloon animals

they are sad

So that new Camp Camp trailer dropped . . .

And you know, it’s be super weird if someone went through and screenshot every second their favorite character was on screen, especially when they’re a minor character no one else gives a shit about. What a ridiculous waste of time who would ever bother to do 



(and no I couldn’t get rid of the title bar just deal with it)

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Finally.. We get to take on real Evil.

Okay at this point I really dont get the point of antis???

I’ve been in fandoms for years (this is my 4th year on tumblr what up ) and I never saw anti stuff until I got into yoi. Like I was a superwholock blogger…Do you know what the most popular ship was in supernatural when I first joined? Wincest. Yup. An incest ship. A good lot of it portrayed when they were kids. There is a four year age difference and they are brothers. But what did I do when I saw it on my dash or in a character tag? SCROLLED PAST IT! I don’t like it and I don’t ship it so I don’t interact with it! It’s that simple y’all! If it makes you uncomfortable then avoid the tags and people who blog that stuff!

You wanna know another fandom I’m in? Homestuck. That shit is crazy and pretty goddamn weird. Most pairings are incest or have a huge age gap (There is smutty audio of Jade (13) and Bro(mid 20s/early 30s) on youtube) But you know what I do? IGNORE IT!!!! If theres something you dont like you block that post or that person. Thats all you have to do! All homestuck smut? All underage. If you dont like it then dont look at it. They are not portrayals of real people so it is NOT child porn (please read full definitions for once in your life PLEASE!)

In conclusion, anti culture is new, stupid, in like 3 fandoms and its getting annoying when their is so much discourse filling up the tags. Just…chill…okay?

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Oooh could you do a drabble maybe with Jacob having a sister and him finding out that she's been dating Newt?

You hold your breath as Jacob walks around, taking in every little detail of Newt’s apartment. It’s just outside of New York. He bought it a month and a half ago, but spends most of his time with Jacob at Tina’s. For good reason. You’ve stored a lot of your stuff in the apartment. It had taken you and Newt two solid hours of cleaning to make sure nothing of yours was left behind before Jacob came over.

Jacob points to a tree in the corner of the room. “Is that where that little guy in your pocket stays?”

Newt shakes his head. “Pickett stays with me. Refuses to leave.” Pickett pops his head out at his name. “Yes, you.” Newt mutters. “You won’t stay anywhere else.”

You watch him and Pickett hold a conversation, sighing at how precious Newt is.

His nose wrinkles up when Pickett squeaks out some apparently offensive phrase. “You’ve spent too much time with Tina.”

You giggle and pink tinges his cheeks when he glances up at you.

Jacob notices the gesture, assumes it’s your shyness coming out, and claps you on the back, pulling you to his side. “Isn’t this amazing? It’s magic. That’s a magical creature. He’s harmless but you should see some of the others Newt has. They’re amazing.”

You blush when Newt snorts. “Cool.”

Jacob doesn’t notice your discomfort. “Here, you want to hold him?”

“Oh, I-“

“Here.” He opens his palm, letting Pickett crawl onto him. “Don’t worry, sis. He won’t hurt you.”

You pretend to be excited but nervous as Pickett crawls up your arm, praying the little beast doesn’t let on that he has met you before.

“What do you think?”

“He’s cute,” you mumble.

Jacob nods. “You should see the rest. You’re going to love the little snake ones. What are those called, Newt?”

Newt, amused by your discomfort, glances at Jacob. “I think you mean the occamy.”

“Yeah, the occamy. They’re great.”

You nod, biting your lip to hold back your laugh. You do love the occamy. Newt had shown them to you the month before. Not, of course, that Jacob would know that. He thinks he’s introducing you to all this, to Newt, as though you hadn’t spent most of your free time here, one hand in Newt’s, the other holding a creature.

“I can’t wait to see them.”

Jacob wipes his forehead. “Hey buddy, do you have mugs in here yet? I need some water.”

“Oh, yes. The kitchen is down the hall and on the second door to your left.”

“Thanks, buddy. Don’t show her anything while I’m gone, okay? I want to see her reactions. Sis, isn’t this so cool?”

You nod. “Very.”

Jacob grins and turns, walking out of the room and into the hallway.

Newt raises an eyebrow when you face him. “He seems rather excited to introduce us.”

You wince. “I meant to tell him.”

“Just hasn’t come up that you’ve been late every night because you’ve been out with me?”

You blush. “I’ll tell him tomorrow, I promise. Let’s just get through tonight, okay?”

“What if I just go in the kitchen and tell him right now?”

You scowl. “I won’t kiss you anymore.”

“A bold threat.”

You lift your chin at his amused expression. “One I’ll hold myself to.”

Newt chuckles. “I suppose I shouldn’t test a woman.”

“No, you shouldn’t. You should kiss her, though.”

“After you threatened me?”

You shrug. “I mean, if you don’t want to.”

He shakes his head, crooked grin on his face, and steps forward, pressing a short kiss to your lips.

You smile at him when he pulls away but it turns into a frown when you see him pale. You turn to see what he’s staring at.

Jacob stands there, glass of water in one hand, jacket in the other.

He opens and closes his mouth multiple times before weakly holding the green jacket out. “Isn’t this yours?”

You stare wide eyed at your brother, a myriad of curses rushing through your head.

He lowers his hand, still in shock. “I’m not feeling well. I think I’ll go sit down.”

Newt looks between the two of you before sighing. “I think our plan may have just fallen apart.”

You nod slowly once. “He’s going to kill me.”

Can you imagine the betrayal people must have felt when Lord Snapcase turned out to be just as bad as Winder?
Maybe when he didn’t disband the Unmentionables, people thought, well, the city can’t function without them.
BUT they actively got WORSE after Snapcase!
The people remember The People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road, their dreams for a better future, a better way of doing things. All for nothing. All those deaths, all that idealism and bravery. For LORD SNAPCASE.

And then Snapcase goes too far, for too long, and is overthrown in turn. We do not know how Vetinari got into power, but I think it is save to assume that his name wasn’t shouted in the streets.
He is an assassin, thin and sharp and deadly. Dressed in black, with a goatee, can’t you see he’s just another villain, undisguised this time?
Another Patrician. Another madman. We know how this goes. Ye gods, he is legalising the Thieve’s Guild.

Slowly, Lord Vetinari disbands the hated Unmentionables. He stops the curfews, the pointless interrogations, the torture and disappearances.
But the change is gradual. Stable. There is no revolution, just a gentle change towards prosperity, peace, stability.

When he disbands the Unmentionables, there is no cheering in the streets. It’s not like that. It’s gradual, a steady decline in power, until they are gone.

And Vetinari himself, he justifies it with the argument that they are not an asset to the city. That’s right, people say, he didn’t remove them because they are abhorrent, awful and WRONG. He did it because they didn’t get the results he wanted.

All the people see is a tyrant, more terrifying than the previous ones, with more radical ideas.
And slowly, people forget. They forget how bad it used to be, how people disappeared every night.

But the city… The city begins to work.

Yoo so I’m about to go to bed soon, but I have a little favor I want to ask of you uwu

Could you guys maybe give me some criticism on my art? :0
It’s a bit weird to ask for this but I’d really appreciate it!

I already know most of the things I need to get better at when it comes to drawing, but I’d love to hear what you think

Also, feel free to tell me what you think of my improvement so far! ^O^

You can send me asks, message me and/or reblog and caption this, telling me what you think I’m good at as well as what I need to get better at

I’ll read what you have to say tomorrow when I wake up!
Good night!!