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Not So Vanilla 

Summary: The reader is stuck in the friend zone with Archie but desperately wants out. She’s so in her head that she doesn’t pick up on the constant hints Archie drops, or even listen to what Jughead tells her. One party changes all that. 

Word Count: 5458

Author’s note: Okay this is my first Archie imagine!! Please let me know your thoughts and I’m sorry it’s long but trust me theres a lot of smut;) I want to write more Riverdale so tell me if you like it!

You were sitting at a booth in Pop’s across from your best friend Jughead, eating some fries and a milkshake. Jughead was in the middle of one of his philosophical rants about this small town and, “ All the damn secrets within it”.

Riverdale had been turned upside down ever since of the murder of Jason Blossom, and everyone was acting differently. Jughead swore something was up and suddenly your small group of friends turned into, “ Mystery Incorporated” aka the characters of Scooby Doo.

You were distracted from what Jughead was saying when you saw Archie walk in to pick up an order. The thing about Archie was that you were good friends, but you’d always had feelings for him.

The reason you never acted on it was because your other best friend Betty had been in a similar boat, and when she confessed her feelings Archie explained he didn’t feel the same way. Betty was incredible and if Archie turned down her you’d hate to see what he’d do to you.

Betty had moved on and actually started to have something with Jughead, but you still felt like by the laws of girl code it was a no go. Regardless you couldn’t help but stare and let your thoughts drift.

There was always something about Archie that made you think he wasn’t as “innocent” or  “vanilla” as he seemed. Maybe it was because you weren’t so innocent yourself, but that was something not a lot of people got to see.

The more you thought about it the more you realized Jughead was right, the people of Riverdale did have a lot of secrets. You were pulled from your day dreaming when a fry hit your face, “ Earth to (y/n) stop staring I can basically smell the angst radiating off of you”.

Rolling your eyes you threw a fry back, “ Come on Juggy maybe you’re just threatened that someone might have just as big of an imagination as you”. The Archie you truly wanted lived strictly in your imagination because in real life you couldn’t act on your feelings.

Jughead grinned, “  I have a feeling your imagination turns 50 Shades of Orange themed when you look at Archie, and I am NOT threatened by that”. He began to laugh, amused at his own joke leaving you sighing.

If there was anyone who knew just how dirty your mind could get it was Jughead, but that’s why you loved your friendship. You shot right back, “ Don’t even make me bring Betty into this it’s called a Betty Bomb for a reason and I wonder how she makes you explo-”.

Your sentence was cut off when Archie forced Jughead to push over, sitting down in the booth. Jughead sat there looking all to smug watching a blush creep over your face, praying that Archie didn’t pick up on what you’d been saying.

Archie picked up a fry, “ What were you guys talking about? Normal “this is all a conspiracy theory” stuff?”. Jughead went to open his mouth but you cut him off, “ Something like that…what are you doing here?”.

He leaned forward and sipped from the straw of your milkshake, a weird look in his eyes as he did so. Once he’d drank long enough he explained, “ Picking up an order for the ole man I swear we better do something tonight because if I stay in my house any longer-”.

Jughead intervened, “ You’ll end up like Jason Blossom?”. Archie laughed, “ Jeez Juggy that’s morbid of you…but I guess so”. You felt your mind begin to run wild thinking about what plans the night could possibly bring.

Jughead looked to you, “ You know (y/n) was saying the same thing earlier, she’s just dying to have some fun tonight”. Archie raised an eyebrow and a smirk formed upon his lips. He was intrigued, “ Really doll? I figured you were spending too much time with Jughead over here and going to the dark side”.

Archie had many pet names for you ranging from doll to princess, and they were all really outdated. That was the thing about this town and the people within; you could all be so old fashioned at the same time you were living in the 21st century. Each time he used one of his nicknames it made you core ache.  

You smiled, “ With everything that’s been happening recently I think we all could have some fun….distract ourselves from the current episode of Pretty Little Liars that we’re living in”. Both boys laughed, it was all too true.

You heard the clack of heels which only meant one thing, Veronica. She walked right over to the table after saying hello to her mom, “ Hello Archiekins and the rest of the rag-tag gang”.

Unlike you Veronica had no problem showing her feelings for Archie, and she walked right over Betty while doing so. Jughead sighed, “ That’s what we’re referred to as, the rag-tag gang?”.

She made Jughead push down again as she slid into the booth, making space for herself where there was none. Archie placed a hand on Jughead’s shoulder, “ Don’t worry Juggy, you’re the ragiest of them all”.

Jughead rolled his eyes, getting annoyed with the little space he had, “ You know I think there’s a limit for how many people can sit on one side of a booth…. yeah Newton founded it”. Veronica had put all her attention on Archie so Jughead’s comment went over her head.

Munching on a fry she asked, “ So what’s a girl like me to do on a night like this?”. Jughead made a face meant only for you and you couldn’t help but giggle. Betty was able to see the good in everyone, and she was the one of the few who could find it in Veronica.

Veronica had been a classic mean girl at her old school but was trying to fix her ways, with everyone BUT you. There was always this tension between you both, and it was all her creation.

In your life of sin all you truly needed was; Jughead, Betty, and Archie. When Veronica was thrown into the mix things became unleveled, but you hoped that you’d soon get to the bottom of whatever was causing it.

Archie looked to you with a smile on his face, “ Well (y/n) suggested we do something fun, and I say we embrace her wild impulses”. He finished his sentence with a wink and you felt your heart leap from your chest.

Veronica wasn’t as amused, “ You’re kidding right? She’s a total Janis not a Regina”. Archie rolled his eyes, “ I don’t know what’s worse Ronnie the fact that I understand that reference or you ability to forget it’s always the quiet ones”.  

Jughead choked on his milkshake at Archies comment, if only he knew. Archie patted Jughead on the back but raised an eyebrow at you, picking up on what had just happened. Trying to downplay things you laughed, “ Come on Jug you should know how to drink by now”.

After catching his breath Jughead replied, “ Sorry (y/n) I just had a revelation, maybe we should hangout at your house..won’t your parents be on a work trip”. You wanted to kill Jughead but instead just smiled.

Veronica grinned, “ Let’s have ourselves a little project x shall we?”. You shook your head, “ Uh how about more like The Breakfast Club”. She rolled her eyes but both Jughead and Archie seemed down.

Archie laughed, “ Anything that will get me out of the house I’m down, let’s invite Betty too”. Veronica tried to hide her disappointment, but both you and Jughead picked up on it. Smiling you replied, “ I’m sure Jughead would love another night with Betty huh Juggy?”.

Once again he threw a fry at you, hoping to distract from how red his face was. Veronica smiled, “ So I guess that means you pair off with me Archiekins”. You wanted to pour your vanilla milkshake over her head right then and there.

Archie looked to you, “ Sorry Ronnie but I think I’m going to have to watch over (y/n) tonight, make sure she actually has fun for once”. You grinned right back at him, and the thought alone made butterflies take flight in your stomach.

Veronica got up, “ Well I should be going, text me the details and I’ll grace you all with my presence later” she tried to hide her anger towards everyone else but shot daggers at you. Finally she walked away leaving you three alone.

Archie took another fry, “ I know Ronnie is trying her best to be a good person but I wish she’d respect my space”. You’d always thought that Archie was interested in Veronica, but that all just changed. Jughead gave you a look that said, “ I told you so”.

You spoke your mind, “ I wish she’d respect mine two I swear she has it out for me”. Normally you’d have stayed out of drama but you wanted to see how Archie would respond. Pop called Archie’s name meaning his order was ready.

Before leaving he took one last fry, “ She’s just jealous of you (y/n)… I don’t blame her”. With that he was gone. You thought you’d faint right then and there, did Archie basically just say you were better than Veronica Lodge?

Jughead crossed his arms over his chest, “ I believe there’s a certain saying for times like these…ah yes….I told you so”. You were too happy to be annoyed by his comment, your heart flooding with feelings.

Grinning you explained, “ Did Archie just say Veronica has a reason to be jealous about me? Veronica couldn’t be more of the classic “it” girl Juggy..”. Whenever you compared yourself to Veronica you always came up short due to your own insecurities.

Jughead rolled his eyes, “ What have I been telling you for weeks? Archie likes you (y/n) and Betty likes the idea of you both too”. You nearly choked on your milkshake….Betty knows? He continued, “ Look Betty and I spend many a night pondering certain topics and you and Archie are a common one….basically you have her blessing”.

You were confused, “  She really doesn’t mind Jug…you sure? I love Betty and-”. Jughead started to laugh, “ Let’s just say she’s been too preoccupied to care…”. A smile formed upon your lips not only because Jugheads sexual comment but that fact that two of your closest friends finally found someone who loves them back.

Jughead continued, “ And anyways Betty knew that Archie was just a classic school girl crush and that they work better as friends, but for you and Archie….”.   You were feeling so many emotions at once you felt you could explode.

Smiling you explained, “ I feel so relieved Juggy I was scared that Betty would be hurt if she knew how I felt about Archie! Oh god does this mean I have to actually act on my feelings now?”. You’d spent so much time imagining scenarios with Archie that possibly making them come true was scary.

Jughead grinned, “ Let’s just call this party tonight disney because-”. You finished his sentence, “ It’s where dreams come true”. You shook your head, feeling a mixture of uncertainty and excitement. Jughead called for the check, “ Come on (y/n) we have places to be, things to do, and a Ginger to make very very happy”.

Jughead used a suggestive tone while saying the words “very” because he knew how badly you’ve wanted to be with Archie. You placed down your half of the check, “ Well let’s see how the party tonight goes-”.

Your sentence was cut off by no other than Cheryl, “ Party tonight…is Pop’s suddenly handing out fortune cookies because this is giving me serious Freaky Friday vibes”. Just when one door closes another door opens, and you wouldn’t mind slamming this one shut.

The last thing you wanted was for Cheryl to come, “ Sorry Cheryl I meant to say our close get together, inner circle only”. She laughed, the kind of laugh you hear before someone pulls a trigger or drops a bomb.

Placing a hand on her hip she replied, “ Oh sweet naive (y/n) nothing in this town happens without me knowing, I’ll be there tonight and you’re welcome in advance”. She was gone as quickly as she had come.

Jughead shook his head looking up, “ He taketh as soon as he giveth”. Cheryl had the power to ruin this party on a biblical scale, locusts and all. Getting up you sighed, “ Let’s focus on the good for once Jug, like how Archie Andrews actually likes me”.

Getting up from the booth as well he placed a hand on your shoulder, “ It’s only been five minutes and it’s already going to your head, how the mighty crumble”. Rolling your eyes you walked out of Pop’s and made it back towards you house with Jughead.

Within five minutes you were already there, entering your empty house. Jughead spread out on your living room couch, “ When the cat’s away the mice will play”. That analogy painted a vivid picture in your mind, your house trashed.

Turning to him you laughed, “ Well I just hope the mice don’t go crazy…”. Jughead smiled, “ It’s going to be fine (y/n) the only people that matter tonight are; you, Archie, and Betty. The rest could be real mice for all I care”.

It felt good to have such a loyal best friend, Jughead really was like no other. Within a second your door bell rang and Jughead just had a grin on his face. Opening the door you realized it was Betty, with about three boxes of party supplies.

She smiled, “ Juggy here explained you were in over your head so your lifeboat has arrived!”. All you could do was giggle and just be thankful for how caring Betty was. She placed the boxes on the coffee table and clapped her hands together, assessing the situation.

Jughead held up a finger, “ Before we go off to battle I should relay the game changing drama that has unfolded”. Betty raised a eyebrow and sat down next to Jughead, “ Do tell Juggy”.

He looked to you and then Betty, “ We were at Pop’s and were visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, Cheryl the ghost of no other than Christmas past because no one willingly spends time in the present with her, Veronica the ghost of Christmas present because she’s somehow always in our lives, and finally the ghost of Christmas yet to come…Archie”.

Betty grinned, “ Now why exactly is Archie the ghost of Christmas yet to come?”. If Jughead wasn’t smiling like a madman before he was now, “ I’m passing the torch to (y/n)”. Betty was beaming with excitement and anticipation.

Blushing you explained, “ Well as per usual Veronica was being a bitch to me and Archie said it’s because she’s jealous of me..”. Jughead intervened, “ That’s not all our sweet little (y/n)”. Jughead was loving this moment because you were finally realizing that you were worth it.

He knew how insecure you were and he hated it, he wished he could go into your mind and rewrite each bad thought you had. Biting your lip you continued, “ He said he didn’t blame her for being jealous..”.

Betty let out an excited scream, “ OMG I told you Jughead!!! Archie totally likes (y/n) I KNEW it!”. You felt relieved to know Jughead wasn’t lying, she really was happy for you. Still you wanted to double check, “ It’s not weird for you Betty I don’t want-”.

She cut you off, “ Trust me (y/n) Archie was just a really intense crush for me before I knew what actually caring for someone felt like….and what it feels like when someone cares about you the same way”.

As she spoke she looked to Jughead and you swore there was a sparkle in both their eyes. You placed a hand over your chest, “ Awe you two melt my heart, as long as I know I’m not hurting you and you’re happy now that’s all that matters”.

Jughead scoffed, “ Now can you remind me why we tolerate Veronica, she not only has a thing for Archie but also has some weird vendetta against (y/n)”. He was right, you wanted to know why Betty still remained friends with her.

Betty smiled, “ Look Veronica is trying to be a better person, and when you try most often than not you also fail…but I don’t want to be a reason why she doesn’t try at all”. How could Betty be so compassionate?

You shook your head, “ But Betty she clearly has a thing for Archie and doesn’t even try to hide it and she knows what happened between you both!”. Jughead nodded his head, agreeing with you. He hated that Veronica clearly took advantage of Betty.

She just shrugged her shoulders, “ I know trust me I see it, but I know Archie doesn’t care about her. He wouldn’t support Veronica trying to get out the last of her mean girl ways”.

Betty continued, “ Archie cares about you (y/n) and so it doesn’t even matter how Veronica acts because he’d never act on it. She only wants him because he wants you (y/n) and soon she’ll get the hint”.

Shaking your head you replied, “ I guess Betty but it still irks me to know she didn’t even talk to you about it”. Once Betty set her mind to something there was no changing it, if she wanted to still see the good in Veronica than damn straight she would.

Jughead sighed, “ Oh Betty Cooper the world truly does not deserve someone as forgiving and caring as you”. He kissed her forehead after he finished his sentence and she looked so blissfully happy.

She clapped her hands together, “ Okay enough drama talk I think it’s time we get this party going”. Betty started to unpack the boxes which included things from plastic cups and snacks to a first aid kid.

You started to pick up around your house and before you knew it you’d spent an hour and a half setting up. When it was finished Betty smiled, “ It’s perfect, now we have to get ready”. Jughead looked himself up and down, “ This is as ready as I’ll ever be, you two can go get ready upstairs”.

You and Betty looked to each other completely giddy, it had been awhile since you’d gotten all dolled up. Betty had brought along a light blue dress and ballerina flats for herself. You decided you’d wear a short black dress that hugged your curves but flared out, simple yet stunning.

You paired it with a black lace choker and short black pumps and when you turned around Betty’s jaw dropped, “ You look so good (y/n) Archie is going to love it”. Betty did her normal makeup look and you did a gold smokey eye and pink lip.

Betty’s mood changed, “ I love it, but why are you so dressed up?”. You’d almost forgot to explain that Cheryl was coming, which meant the rest of the school as well. Rolling your eyes you said, “ Cheryl overheard us in Pop’s which means she’s bringing the entire school with her”.

Betty looked mad for a moment but shook it off, “ Who cares? All the matters is that something finally happens between you and Archie tonight and when you look like that how could he resist?”.

Laughing you hugged Betty, her kind words meaning so much to you. You did a slow spin, “ I guess I do clean up nicely huh?”. Looking at your phone you realized another hour had passed, making it nine o’clock.

Now that you were ready you and Betty headed downstairs, preparing for the possible arrival of any guests. Walking down the stairs you realized music was already playing and there were voices talking.

In your living room sat; Jughead, Kevin, Ethel, Veronica, and Archie. When you walked over to them Kevin whistled, “ Shit (y/n) you look good! If I weren’t gay-”. Veronica cut him off, “ But you are…nice clean up job guys”.

Betty smiled, “ Tonight’s a special night” and she looked to you and Archie as she said so. Archie smirked, “ You look really good doll, black has never looked better”. Jughead winked at you, hinting to Archie’s feelings for you.

You smiled, “ Thanks Archie you’re not looking too bad yourself”. He winked at you and leaned back into the couch. Kevin was eager to start the night, “ So when will our other guests be arriving?”.

Before you knew it the doorbell rang and Jughead said, “ Speak of the devil…literally we might as well be summoning the devil”. Opening the door you were greeted by Cheryl, and nearly half the school.

Cheryl smiled her fake smile, “ One keg in the backyard boys the other in the kitchen”. Stepping back you allowed everyone in, flooding your house. Cheryl turned to you, “ You look good (y/n) hoping to finally tie down Archiekins?”.

Faking a smile yourself you replied, “ Something like that…”. A strange look appeared on Cheryl’s face and you suddenly feared you’d fed her inner monster. She made her way towards the living room where everyone was sitting and placed a bottle of tequila on the table.

You followed suit, trying to brace yourself for whatever she had planned. Cheryl placed a hand on her hip, “ We’re going to play a good old game of truth or dare”. Jughead laughed, “What are we five?”.

Cheryl shot back, “ No Jughead we’re just a group of people that need to be forced into action right (y/n)?”.  You nodded your head hoping Archie wouldn’t pick up on what she’d been hinting at.

She continued, “ The rules are simple pick either truth or dare, BUT if either option is to much for you take a shot instead”. Looking to Jughead you didn’t hide your apprehensions, this could go really bad really fast.

Betty wanted to help, “ I’ll go first Cheryl” but Cheryl just shook her head. Grinning she said, “ Aw sweet Betty you’re a little to naive for this, the first round goes to Archie”. Cheryl winked at you before asking her question.

She smiled, “ So Archiekins what will it be, truth or dare”. Archie just looked at you and then giggled, feeling daring himself. He replied with dare and those around you roared with excitement.

Cheryl smirked, “ I dare you to choose who you’d rather hook up with, Veronica or (y/n)”. You felt your heart stop beating and you just looked to Jughead and Betty, too paralyzed to do anything else.

Archie didn’t hesitate, “ (y/n)” and he winked at you. You never wanted him more than in that moment, and the rest of the room roared again. Cheryl turned to you, “ Do I have to dare you to kiss him or are you going to give the boy what he wants?”.

You bit your lip unsure of what to do but then you remembered what Jughead and Betty had told you, “ All that matters tonight is you and Archie”. Both Jughead and Betty were trying to hold in their excitement, but were miserably failing.

Summoning up the courage you extended a hand to Archie, “ Now or never Arch”. He took your hand in his and let you lead the way, beaming with excitement. You lead him upstairs and did your best to ignore the comments and cheering from everyone else.

When you got upstairs you lead him to your room closing the door behind you. You stood there unsure of what to do next, and he picked up on it. He picked your chin up with his fingers, “What’s the matter doll?”.

You told the truth, “ Are you sure you like me because-”. He cut you off by placing his lips on yours, he tasted lightly of cinnamon. As he kissed you his hands explored your body, roaming up and down your curves.

He began to kiss your neck and whispered into your ear, “ I’ve wanted you for so long (y/n) you don’t even know”. It sent shivers down your spine and caused goosebumps to appear all over your skin. Archie brought his head up to face you again, “ Talk to me doll, let me know what you want”.

He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb begging you to speak. You barely got it out, “ I want you Archie”. Your words caused a smirk to spread across his face and his eyes to light up. Licking his lips he replied, “ Good girl”.

Archie lead you to the bed and you were now straddling him. He rested his hands on your hips and you began kissing again. This time his tongue explored every inch of your mouth, he needed more.

As the kiss intensified your grinded your hips against him earning a groan from him. Archie started to kiss down your neck until he found that magical spot and sucked, “ God Archie”. You felt him smile against your skin, proud of how good he could make you feel.

You groaned again when you felt how hard he was, your confidence growing. His fingertips brushed your upper thighs and he started to push up the hem of your dress, his touch sending waves of need to your core.

He whispered into your ear again, “ You look so damn good in that dress doll, but you’d look even better out of it”. It was your turn to smile and you leaned back, beginning to take off your dress. Archie sat there watching you with lust filled eyes, completely in awe.

Slowly you pulled your dress over your head and off of your body keeping eye contact the entire time. Archie was biting his lip trying to hold back from taking you right then and there. When it was off your body you grinned, “ Your turn”.

He smirked, “ Fair is fair (y/n)” and he took off his shirt. Leaning forward you rested your hands on his chest as he took off his pants. Grinning you said, “ Working for your dad this summer did have it’s benefits”.

There was barely anything separating you from Archie and you felt how hard he was. Archie leaned forward and kissed the valley between your breasts, coaxing you to undo your bra. Taking the hint you unclasped it from behind, the cold air making your nipples erect.

He began to suck on your left breast, “ God you’re beautiful (y/n)”. As he swirled his tongue around your nipple you moaned his name loudly, making his erection grow even more. Your voice was shaky, “ Archie I need you”.

Archie took his mouth off of your nipple and instead massage your breast, “ All I needed to hear (y/n)”. He slid down his boxers and you took off your panties, now nothing separated you both. Archie bit his lip, “ So fucking beautiful”.

He positioned himself at your entrance, pausing to make sure you truly wanted this. Looking down you saw a different look in his eyes possibly love, “ I want this so bad Archie…I want you”. He smiled and kissed you passionately, crashing his lips into yours.

Archie finally entered you, slowly letting you adjust to his size. You were still straddling him and feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure you rested your head in the crook of his neck. Archie felt your walls tightening around him, “ God (y/n) this feels so good”.

Feeling more confident you started to rotate your hips, moving back and forth. Archie groaned, “That’s it doll…fuck”. His hands gripped your hips guiding your body to move perfectly with his.

It felt so wonderful to be so in sync with him and you started to moan his name. You began to kiss his neck, leaving marks resembling the ones he’d left on you. You’d never felt anything like this, being this close with someone both emotionally and physically.

Maybe it was because the beginning of this year had started with death that you felt this exact moment represented so much more. The both of you had stopped letting things get in the way and were truly living.

He groaned, “ You feel so good (y/n)” and you felt him starting to thrust his hips up. Your bodies were moving together as you started to bounce up and down. Feeling him enter in and out of you was all too much.

Each time he entered fully into you he hit your g-spot, and you felt your orgasm coming. Archie felt it two, “ Fuck (y/n) I’m going to cum”. His thrusts got even quicker, pushing you closer.

Your face was still in the crook of his neck, “ I wanna see your face baby”. Moving your head you made eye contact with him and saw his lust blown pupils. Leaning forward you kissed him, intensifying the moment.

Picking up the pace you went faster as well, needing to reach your climax. Archie took his lips off of yours and moaned loudly, this all too much. He barely got it out, “ Cum with me (y/n)”.

His words pushed you over the edge and you felt your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. Suddenly every nerve in your body was on fire from the amount of pleasure you felt. Your eyes closed shut trying to handle everything you were feeling at once.

You felt Archie twitch inside of you as his orgasm washed over him. You both moaned each other’s names, it was the only thing your brains could process. He held onto your body tightly and you felt him shake beneath you.

The both of you were lost in the moment, neither of you had felt something like this before. You rested your head in the crook of his neck again, “ Fuck Archie that was amazing”. He turned his head and kissed your forehead, a huge smile on his face.

Suddenly he shifted so you were now on your back and he was hovering over you, propping himself up with his elbow. Looking down at you he grinned, “ I can’t believe we waited so long…”.

As he spoke with his free hand he dragged his fingertips lightly down your body, sending shivers down your spin. Smiling back you replied, “ I always knew there was another side to you Archie Andrews”.

Biting his lip he replied, “ And you’ve barely explored it”. The entire mood shifted and you suddenly felt extremely needy again. He winked, “ Don’t worry (y/n) I’m not done with you yet”. He placed his lips lightly on yours, wanting to take his time.

You ran your hands through his bright orange hair making him groan, and you felt him smile. He pulled his head back, “ And I always knew there was another side to you doll, and I want to take my time exploring it”.

Biting your lip you imagined what that would mean for you both. Before you could continue there was a loud banging on the door, “ Wrap it up love birds, the sheriff is busting this popsicle stand”.

You both started to laugh knowing by the phrasing it was no other than Jughead. Archie yelled back, “ Way to ruin the moment Juggy!”. The both of you started to get dressed, and you wished you could lay your bed with him forever.

Jughead yelled back, “ Trust me Archie I heard you were finished, I’m not ruining anything!”. You heard him laugh from the other side of the door, proud of his own joke. When you were finally dressed Archie pulled you close again, “ Because I got cutoff, I really like you (y/n) and although you make me fucking explode by just thinking about you I want more than that”.

You felt the butterflies in your stomach again, “ I really like you two Archie…for more than just how hard you can make me cum”. He started to laugh and you knew you were falling in love with him, but you didn’t know he was falling in love two.

Jughead yelled again, “ You’re going to want to get down here and talk to the sheriff with Kevin because I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to fool around if (y/n) is grounded for life”. Archie kissed your forehead again before leading you outside of your room.

Jughead went to open his mouth but you cut him off, “ No more comments Juggy, I’m too worn out for that”. Jughead’s jaw dropped, feeling extremely happy for you but also shocked. You didn’t care that you’d have to talk to the sheriff, Archie Andrews was now yours and that’s all that mattered.

“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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I Always Get What I Want

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Kai Parker x Reader

Kai keeps tugging on reader’s skirt , she tells him off but the story is only beginning…

WARNING : smut
*not my gif

Y/N had spent the evening at a party at Whitmore house dancing and drinking with Kai. It wasn’t what she had had in mind but for some reason Kai had attached himself to her the entire night even tho a lot of girls had tried to catch his attention. She had to admit it - he was pretty good company even tho at moments he was annoying the crap out of her. Afterwards Kai had offered to walk her to her dorm ‘for safety’. They walked in silence for a while , climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor where her room was. Kai walking a few steps behind her.
“Would you stop doing that?” Y/N asked after for the 100th time probably , he had tugged her skirt down. All evening Kai had been tugging her skirt down with a weird look on his face and it was starting to drive her insane. At first it was “accidental” and she was willing to let it slide , but he kept doing it and she had had enough.
“Ohhh , don’t act like you don’t like it.” Kai said wrapping his hands around her waist. “Do you think I can’t hear your heartbeat getting faster every time I touch you or that I don’t notice how your breathing turns shallow every time I stand too close to you?” he said leaning in to whisper in her ear. “You act so innocent but I know you are not. You want me to fuck you like the dirty little slut you are … ” smirk clear in his voice.
At these words Y/N’s eyes widened. Kai had no filter when it came to the things he said , but this was a little too much for her and she slapped him hard , pushing him away and turning to walk the last few steps before her room.Kai ’s cheek was red from the slap Y/N had just given him but instead of getting him to back off , it had the exact opposite effect on him. He just wanted her more and he always got what he wanted.
“Damn …” he said rubbing his cheek , his familiar smirk returning on his face as if nothing had happened.
Y/N opened the door and was just about to close it when Kai rushed inside after her.
Of course. she thought. He is a vampire , how did it slip my mind.
A split second later Kai had pinned her to the wall , his body pressing hard against hers and his hands pinning hers above her head.
“I am not falling for your little act … You want this just as much as I do.”  he said, his breath tickling her skin.
Y/N had trouble breathing because of how close he was standing , so close there was absolutely no space between them. She tried to get free but his grip on her was too strong. He was right about all of it , but she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that.
“It’s not an act.” she said trying to keep her voice steady , even tho it was completely useless considering he could hear her heartbeat and he probably already knew exactly what she actually felt at the moment.
“Is that so?” he said ,his hand reaching between her legs , slightly lifting her skirt up. His fingertips agonisingly slowly tracing their way up her inner tight towards her sweet spot , his breath tickling the skin on her neck. Kai’s fingers wound up under her underwear sliding two fingers inside her in and out at a steady pace. Y/N bit her lip , letting out an involuntary moan and Kai grinned.
“I knew it.” he said resting his forehead on hers , looking into her eyes. He let go of her hands and took a step back from her not taking his eyes off of hers.
Kai’s eyes were almost black with lust and as much as Y/N tried to fight it , she wanted him … now more than ever. She grabbed his shirt and pulling him closer to her again. Y/N’s  lips crashing against his as her fingers tangled in his hair tugging on it slightly. Kai pressed his body against hers again , his hands on her waist sliding down her butt and back up again tugging at her shirt pulling it up and over her head in a split second. His hands roaming her body sending waves of electricity into her bloodstream. She lifted one of her legs wrapping it around Kai’s waist pulling him closer , his crotch grinding against hers. Soft moans escaping both of them. Y/N could feel his length getting harder the more they grind against each other. He moaned in her ear , leaving sloppy wet kisses on her neck.
Kai’s hands tugged at her skirt , pushing it down all the way down alongside her panties in an a swift motion…
Y/N’s  hands reached for his jeans unbuttoning them and pushing them down as much as she could before palming him through his boxers. Kai groaned , his lips lingering close to hers making her completely lose focus. She no longer had idea where she was , all Y/N knew in that moment is that she craved him.
“I want you Kai.” she moaned softy in his ear.
Kai helped her push his jeans off , her hands tugging on his shirt pulling it over his head sending it flying across the room. Y/N pulled down his boxers stroking his length , a groan escaping his lips. He used his vampire speed and a split second later they were on the bed.  Kai leaned in to kiss her , his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth while his hand sliding down and his fingers found their way inside her sliding in and out slowly making her moan his name, making him grin. Y/N tangled her fingers in Kai’s hair pulling him closer and tried to wrap her legs around him but he pushed them away not letting her. He traced his way down her body , leaving sloppy kisses all over her body , pausing for a moment to cup her breasts , nibbling on her nipples … his fingers tracing soft patters on her skin.
“Kai … ” she moaned , her fingers tugging at his hair as he continued tracing his way down to her sweet spot. He spread her legs wider and buried his face between them , his tongue sucking on her clit. Y/N’s moans getting louder as Kai was eating her up.
“Please .. Kai ” she moaned. “I need you.”
Kai grinned and leaned in to kiss her harder than ever , all the meanwhile teasing her with the tip of his length against her entrance.
Y/N cupped his face locking eyes with him. “Fuck me” she said out of breath , pressing her lips on his.
Kai grinned , all the while he had waited to hear her beg for him. He teased her for a moment longer and pushed his length inside her at once making her scream out. He buried his head in the crook of her neck and began thrusting inside her , slower and deeper at first , then faster …changing the pace every few thrusts making her squirm underneath him. Y/N digging her fingers in his back.
“Fuck.” he moaned out biting lightly on her earlobe. He loved seeing her fall apart like this and knowing he was the reason for it.
Kai kissed her neck softly suddenly , feeling his fangs coming out , a moment later he sank his fangs into her neck. Y/N gasped but didn’t push him away. He took her hands , intertwining his fingers with hers holding them over her head as he was feeding on her while thrusting in faster and faster , making her moan her name. Their moans  getting louder , colliding in perfect harmony reaching their high almost at the same time.
Kai leaned in kissing her deeply , collapsing on her body catching his breath. He pulled out and laid next to her , turning his head towards her.
He bit his wrist bringing it to her for her to feed. Y/N wrapped her hands around his wrist , drinking his blood.
“That was … amazing … We should do that again sometime.” Kai said trying to catch his breath.
Y/N leaned in to kiss him. “Not a chance.” she said getting up from the bed.
“We’ll see about that…”

NOTE : So , I don’t have much experience writing smut🙈 ; usually I just tiptoe around it (I’m a little shy , working on changing that) but I hope you like it anyways …☺

True Love

gif is not mine

Title: True Love

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (also Gabriel starring as Castiel)

Word Count: 1,101

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @hunterpuff! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Castiel was sitting on a bench in a park.  He tried to stay close to the bunker, just in case you needed him.  He never strayed too far these days.  Lately something had been bothering the angel.  Ever since the two of you had started dating, he kept worrying about who you were really in love with.  Did you love him, or his vessel?

“Hey Castiel,” Gabriel greeted as he sat down next to his brother.  “I’m surprised you’re not with [Y/N].  I usually catch you attached to her hip.”  Gabriel glimpsed over at Castiel who remained silent.  “Everything okay in lover’s paradise?”

“Not exactly,” Castiel mumbled, letting out a small sigh.  The angel met his brother’s curious gaze.  “Do you ever get the feeling that [Y/N] likes me for my vessel and not who I am?”

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“Kooooooookie” you groan in annoyance. You glare at your best friends sleeping figure on the bed shaking him slightly. “Hey you. Wake up” you budge him with your foot gently. “Shhhh y/n” He grumbles sleepily. You lean forward and whispers “breakfast time” into his ear causing him to shoot up. “What? WHAT IS IT!?” He shouts looking around the room. You slap your forehead and roll your eyes. What the heck man you think to yourself. He sees nothing of importance and wraps his arms around your waist pulling you down next to him. “DO I have to get up? Why can’t I lay in bed with you all day” You push away your best friends sleepy advances too embarrassed to allow this to continue. You look around looking for any excuse to get up and start to shuffle your legs around when you feel more of his skin then you would if he was wearing shorts or pants to sleep. “Uhhh. Jungkook you aren’t sleeping in your boxers are tou?!” You begin to raise your voice slightly “mmhmm” you hear him hum. Your heart begins to race when you feel a slight buldge begin to form. “Kookie I get that it’s the morning and your a boy and all but this is a bit much were friends and friends don’t get boners over friends.” You state trying to knock some sense into the sleeping boy gripping onto you tightly. “Jungkook pulls you in tighter slipping one of his legs in between yours unknowingly rubbing against your womenhood.“y/n you smell good” he slurs in a gruff voice. He puts his face in your shoulder and begins to softly plant kisses along the skin there. “Kookie. Stop it. Wake up.” You begin to shuffle around nerves taking over. He nips softly at the skin causing moan to escape your mouth right next to his ear. His eyes shoot open “Y/N???!! What are you doing here!!” You shove your way out of his bed fixing your clothes. He shoves the blanket off his body to expose a buldge coming from his white boxers you find the nearest pair of shorts and throw them at him. “Just get dressed weirdo we had plans to go see a movie today remember?” You turn around your cheeks flaming. You walk out and slam the door behind you. You walk over to your best friends bathroom and splash your face with cold water to try and extinguish the flames on your cheeks. Jungkook walks in behind you and passes you a towel “are you hot y/n? You’re kinda sweaty.” He chuckles. You pat your face dry and throw the towel at his face. “What?!” He exclaims as you Storm away still embarrassed by the events that just unfolded. “Sorry y/n” he says walking out towards you pulling a white shirt over his head his soft toned muscles flexing, you trail your eyes over his body his lean toned body taking it all in ‘Since when did that boy… stop being a boy’ you think to yourself. You lean towards him crossing your arms “You think I’ll forgive you so easily. You’ll be buying me an ice cream later just for that” you tease him. “Fine fine fine” he chuckles as he pulls a black cardigan over his shirt. The movie not catching your attention, you begin to doze off slightly causing you to lean into Jungkooks shoulder. He looks over at you surprised and looks down to see your tank top being pulled down showing off the top of your black laced bra. Jungkook swallows a lump that begins to form in this throat and softly shrugs of his cardigan and lays it over the top of you. He takes a deep breath and begins to think ‘how do I casually tell y/n that I can see her bra? How do I tell her her chest is hanging out? How do I tell her she has nice soft skin?’ He sighs and continues to watch the movie. After the movie you awake to hear Jungkooks voice whispering your name. “Let’s go get that ice cream” You rub your eyes as Jungkooks cardigan slides off your shoulders you notice your bra showing and looks over to see Jungkooks cheeks turning a slight shade of pink “please keep that with you” he coughs out. You tie it around your waist and walk out of the theater. You guys arrive at a small ice cream parlor and both order a cone. You walk outside to sit in the sun while you eat your ice cream in an awkward silence. “So how was the movie? Also your ice cream looks really good” you say to break the silence as you lean forward and take a small lick of his ice cream. His eyes widen and he turns his head “it was boring not worth the money spent” he says looking at a bird walking in front of the table. You cock your head to the side in confusion because you guys always share foods and he never reacts like this. “You fell asleep about halfway through and looked cold so I gave you my shirt.” He says smiling at you trying to act as if he didn’t just blush. You lean back into the warm metal seat and lick at your ice cream until a part of it melts down off the cone and down your hand dripping onto your chest. “AH fuck.” You groan as you lick the ice cream off your arm leaning forward to grab a napkin causing the Ice Cream to melt farther down your tanktop. “Kookie a little help here please man?” you say looking at him. He looks at the small mess and licks his lips “uh yea sure no problem y/n” he gets up and throws away a half finished cone. He grabs a napkin and softly whipes up the mess on your chest. “Umm y/n I think thats enough ice cream for today” he chuckles nervously. You guys walk back to his house and he opens the door for you letting you in first. As soon as you step through the doorway you feel him rush in quickly behind you. He throws you over his shoulder and walks over to his room. He throws you onto the bed and walks over to his closet throwing you one of his shirts “Put this on please y/n. This is torture just put it on I’m begging you.” He looks at you pleadingly “uhhh ok?” You say making a face you throw his shirt on over your tank top taking in his smell. ‘He smells nice’ you think to yourself. You slip off the tank top and drop it onto his floor. “Happy?” You ask him. He takes a deep breath and walks over to you “noo. I’m not. This is weird. When I saw your bra I just felt all weird. When you had me clean up the ice cream like I usually would i just got really nervous. I can’t stop staring at you today.” He leans forward and pushes you back onto his bed laying on top of you pressing his knee between your legs. “Kookie what the fuck dude-” You begin to shout as he interrupts you by kissing you. He takes a large warm hand and slides it up your borrowed shirt and grabs at the soft tummy skin pulling your lower body closer to his. You begin to protest but quickly decide against it loving the way his lips mold perfectly against yours. You slide his white shirt up off his body leaving him gloriously shirtless.you pull away from the kiss breathless “ok so what does this mean for us now” you say in a shaky breathless voice. He quickly replies with “obviously we see eachother as man and women now instead of friends. If you’d have me I’d like to try being your boyfriend seeing as how we practically already were” he says in between planting kisses down your neck. You lean your head back and bite your lip ,nervous since you know for a fact this is both of your first times doing something like this. *** pg 13 and R rated stuff so back off if you a kid mk?***** You wrap your legs around his waist causing his hard member to press against your dampening womenhood. He begins to grind into you between the clothes in between you. His clothed tip gentally pushing itself unknowingly into you cause you to let out a slight hiss. He stops and begins to fumble with his pants as your hurry to take yours off in pursuit. He throws his blanet over you and presses his tented member against you feeling the dampness against him. He lets out a deep moan at this feeling. His head leans back in a delightful manor. He slides one hand down your lacy panties as you slide one into his now painfully member. You smear precum over his head as you begin to pump his hard hot member. He inserts one finger into your core and pumps at a painfully slow pace. He pulls both pars of underwear down to get a better rhythm. You lean over underneath his bed to grab a condom from where his mom gave them to him just for when he finally chooses to be sexually active. You push it against his chest as you plant kisses and bites all down his neck and adams apple. He unwrap the rubber and slides it down his member and looks at you waiting for a positive sign that you are sure about this. You nibble his earlobe and pur softly “do it.” He begins to insert it as tears fill your eyes at this new painful sensation “FINALLY! WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS” You gasp loudly and quickly pull the cover over your body to see the boys standing in his doorway with big cheeky grins. “GET OUT” Jungkook yells as he throws a pillow at the door making all the boys run out of the way. He gets up and runs to slam the door shut and throws himself on to the bed. “I’m sorry. I got carried away I didnt hear them come in i didnt know they were coming over” You pull him into a sweet kiss and whisper “why let that stop us. Now where were we” You say seductively pulling him back down on you

Imagine Chris helping you through a hangover.

A/N: Part 2, y'all. ✌🏻️ You can read this as a standalone or go over and read Part 1, ‘Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.’ Whatever you feel like, this is for your enjoyment; you don’t have to feel obligated. Also- I’ve decided to make this a four part thing, maybe five if I decide to write the wedding. Inbox me if you want to be tagged to this mini-series. Anyhooooo, that’s all I have to say. Bisous 💋

You awoke with the world’s worst hangover; it wasn’t the first time but it’d been a long time since you’d one with this level of discomfort. You’d heard the saying ‘it hit me like a train’, now you were actually experiencing it. You couldn’t remember much of last night, you just knew you partied a little too hard at Carly’s bachelorette party. You couldn’t even remember how you got home, you suspected it was Luca- your best friend and only sober member- that put you in a cab. You made a mental note to call her, as well as Chris, to inform them that you were in fact alive.

You opened your eyes and immediately closed them again, wincing at the tiniest amount of sunlight peeping through the blue curtains. Blue curtains? Weren’t your curtains purple? You were in too much pain to take a second look; you weren’t overly concerned, you were sure it was just your hangover messing with your vision. You groaned and grabbed the nearest pillow, burying your face in blackout darkness because somehow closing your eyes weren’t enough. Fatigue and nausea washed over you, finalizing your decision to stay in bed all day. A bed that- oddly didn’t feel like your bed.

You pushed the pillow off your face and forced your eyes open to take in the room that was definitely not yours; you were in too much of a daze to realize it was Chris’. You sat up a little too quickly and your head spun, the urge to throw up everything you ate and drank last night overwhelmed you. You groaned and hunched over, burying your face in the bundle of sheets while pressing your fingers against your throbbing temples.

“Mornin’ sunshine.” You heard Chris’ voice and you realized you had somehow ended up at his place instead of your own. You looked up at him; he stood in the doorway with tightly pursed lips, obviously biting the inside of his cheek to suppress his urge to laugh at your misery. “How are you feeling?” He asked, a soft chuckle broke free as he walked over. “You look very beautiful.” He smiled as he teased, taking your hands in his as he sat down.

“I know, can’t you see that I’m on top of the world?” You joked and he chuckled softly; he was always sweet to keep his voice down around hungover you. “I really did it this time,” you managed a soft chuckle yourself, running a hand through your hair. You were surprised it wasn’t knotted or tainted with specks of vomit; did you throw up? You couldn’t remember. “What happened last night? How did I get here?”

“Well- according to drunk Y/N,” he began, brushing his thumbs gently up and down the back of your hands. “You can always find your way back to me.” He told you and you smiled. “I think Luca put you into a cab, there was a text from her on your phone for me.”

“Why didn’t she just text your phone?” You narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“Beats me,” he shrugged then chuckled, “she’s your weird best friend.” You chuckled at that. “Now-” he released your hands and rose to his feet. “I know you want to stay in bed all day but you need to eat something. I would bring your breakfast to you in bed but- we both know you have that insane rule of no food in bedrooms.”

“I’m sorry, do you want cockroaches and ants when you sleep?”

“C'mon,” he chuckled and held out his hand for you to take. “I got some coffee, pancakes and bacon waiting for you downstairs.” Your stomach growled with excitement at the sound of your breakfast. “Caffeine, grease, carbs, and sugar. Just what you need to get over this hangover,” he winked with a click of his tongue.

“Oh God.” You groaned and let him pull you to your feet. “Everything hurts, Chris.” You whined and rubbed your throbbing left temple when he released your hand and wrapped an arm around you. “That’s it, I am never drinking again.”

“You do realize you say that every time you wake up with a bad hangover, right?” He chuckled as the two of you made your way downstairs. Your eyes narrowed slightly at the two fully packed duffle bags by the door; one of them was yours. “Yet here we are,” he teased you and you rolled your eyes; somehow, that hurt too. “Look on the bright side, it’s Saturday and you don’t work on the weekends.”

“I’m a screen writer, as long as I’m breathing- I’m working.” You retorted and he chuckled softly. “But I don’t have to go into the studio which is good. But I do have a script to finish which-” you heaved a sigh, “I can’t seem to do, so not so good. Don’t you ever get sick of your job?” You asked, completely forgetting who you were talking to. “Right-” you pressed your lips together when you remembered. “Who could get sick of being Captain America?”

“You forget I’m not always Captain America, I’ve had my fair share of bad roles that make doing what I love a bit of a drag.” He reminded you and you sighed again. “Sweetheart, I know your work can get a little taxing but- you are doing what you love to do. Yes, you’ll get the occasional bad job but you’ve also had some really great ones. Shall I take you to your Oscar to remind you how much you love your job?”

“No,” you chuckled. “I’m very aware of how much I love my job, after all-” You looked up at him and planted a kiss on his jaw. “It is what brought us together. Don’t mind me, it’s just hangover me talking. She’s a bit of a bummer.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “drunk you is much more fun.” He took his arm off you as the two of you entered the kitchen. He went over to the coffee pot and poured you a cup, he creamed and sugared it before passing it to you. “Here,” he grabbed the plate of pancakes and bacon he prepared for you and put it in front of you as you took a seat at the breakfast bar.

“I’m sorry I woke you up last night,” you told him after taking a sip of your steaming hot coffee. “I bet you weren’t so happy to see me at such an ungodly hour,” you joked and chuckled softly. “Next time I go out and party without you, take your key from me.”

“Oh stop,” he chuckled. “I’m always happy to see you, you’re my girl- there will never be a bad time to see your beautiful face.” You smiled and he smiled back. “Plus- I’m an actor, ungodly hours are my sweet spot,” he shrugged nonchalantly and you laughed. “You are extremely lucky I made you take that Advil last night,” he pointed out with a smug smile, “otherwise you wouldn’t be laughing right now.”

“Can you catch me up on last night?” You placed your cup down and started cutting your pancakes up. “I’m sure I did something stupid, I always seem to do that when I’m drunk. So- what did I do this time?” You asked then forked a chunk of pancake into your mouth.

“You broke your favorite drinking glass,” he told you and your face fell at that new piece of information. “Don’t worry, I’m sure I can get Stan Lee’s team to send another one. I’ll probably ask for a plastic version so you can’t break it after a bender,” he teased and you chuckled. “But that was about it, nothing overly stupid.”

“That doesn’t sound like me, did I say anything stupid?”

“Nope,” he shook his head. “Well- you asked for Fruit Loops but- that’s not that stupid, you’re a bit of an addict when it comes to cereal.” You narrowed your eyes, pondering. “You were drunk off your face, what were you expecting from yourself? Oh- you did strip off your dress in the kitchen. That was fun for me, you were a sight to see.” He teased and you chuckled. “Not one of your best drunk moments but it was a pretty good one.”

“I’m glad you still found me amusing.” You giggled and he nodded, chuckling softly. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask.” You began when the image of the two duffles came back to you. “Why are there two duffles by the door? One of them is mine so- I know it’s not you going on some business trip. Are we going somewhere?” You quizzed.

“I was thinking of taking you to the cabin for the weekend,” he nodded. “I already packed everything and the car’s ready to go. I was just waiting for you to wake up to have breakfast before we leave.”

“For the weekend?” Your eyes narrowed in confusion. “But it’s Saturday and it’s-” you glanced at the clock. “Ten-thirty. By the time we get out to the cabin, it’ll be like four and we’d be exhausted from the drive. We won’t even spend a full day there 'cause we gotta get back before Monday, so what’s the point?”

“I just feel like it,” he shrugged. “Don’t be a bummer, it’ll be fun. I got a playlist and car snacks and- everything we usually get when we drive out there. Plus- I already called Scott to go out there and set things up for us, if I cancel now- he’s going to be pissed.”

“Chris, I am suffering from a major hangover and I have a script to finish writing. Do you really think now is the best time to go out to the cabin?” You asked and he nodded, smiling. “Can’t we just- go next weekend, or even wait until Christmas to go? We can get our families out there and do a whole thing. It’ll be so much more fun and less time constricted.”

“I can’t wait that long,” he shook his head.

“Why not?” You narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“I just can’t,” he answered vaguely, smiling. “Eat your breakfast while I go sort out the rest of our stuff,” he leaned over the bar top and kissed your cheek before walking out of the kitchen. “We’ll leaving in half an hour so-” he glanced back at you, “do what you need to do, take another Advil if you need.”

“You can call Alex if I don’t finish my script on time!” You called after him and winced at your own loud voice. “Honestly.” You muttered under your breath and continued to eat your breakfast as Chris picked the bags up off the floor and walked them out to the car.

He popped the trunk and unzipped his duffle, pulling away the first layer of his clothes to reveal the Tiffany&Co ring box that he’d been hiding for months now. After last night, he simply couldn’t wait any longer. There was no perfect timing, there was just the perfect person and you were his perfect person. He was ready for what was going to be the best weekend of his life whereas you were completely clueless and unaware of what was yet to come.

The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 5

“Jersey Devil”

Previous episode analysis - 1x04 Conduit.

Ah yes, Jersey Devil.  The episode about two strange human beings driven by ancient, hereditary traits to survive - one a sexually-territorial male who stays hidden from the world, and his mate, who, guided by reproductive needs, leaves the safety of her ‘tribe’ in an attempt to procreate.  

Oh and there’s a couple neanderthals running around eating people, too.


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BRUISES (Pt.2) - Read part one here

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

She stood with her back against a faded old tree, colors of green covering her body like a shield as she hid, breath heavy. She could just make out the edge of a white wooden home, looking cozy with its bushes and chimney’s producing smoke, the orange glow of a sunset settling over the family home. She stuck her head out once, making sure the coast was clear before she tiptoed towards the house, Kai’s freshly washed grey jacket in her trembling hands. She was almost at the front door when she was thrown to the side of the house, Kai’s strong grip pinning her to the side wall of the house, eyebrow arched as he raised a finger to her lips.

“What are you doing here?” he hissed under his breath. “How did you find me?”

She raised the crumpled jacket up and signalled at a white piece of fabric that stuck out the top. It had an “if lost call,” followed by his phone number, printed atop the tag in messy sharpie, making it almost too easy to track him down.

“Right, Papa Parker labelling my hand me downs like I’m a child.” Kai snatched his jacket from the girl’s hand, “Did you call my family?!”

“Yeah,” she shrugged, “I did what I had to.”

No no no,” he panicked silently, “what did you say?!”

“I told them the truth; that I wanted to return their son’s sweater.”

“Oh my god,” he sighed, rubbing at his temples with agitation. “My parents are going to know something’s up.”

“Why’s that?”

“Nobody ever calls for me,” he laughed bitterly, “I don’t have anyone who would care enough to think of me so much as think of me twice.”

“Well I did,” she snapped, forcing the jacket against Kai’s chest, her nostrils flaring.

He looked down at her, much more than a pretty face, that bravery and stubbornness a good look on her.

“You were just going to walk right up to the front door and announce yourself, weren’t you?” he shook his head with a chuckle.

She nodded, to which he gave a long pause, chewing at his lower lip before grabbing both of her hands in his. His soft fingers gently laced through her own, palms pressed gently together as he whispered a soft incantation, blinking through his long eyelashes when he was done.

“What just happened?” she asked quietly.

“We’re invisible,” he said as if it was no big deal. “And since you clearly won’t give up on leaving me alone, than I’m going to have to keep you safe.”

He could’ve kept her invisible without holding on to her longer, but he liked the feeling, and she didn’t know better, so he held on the whole way into the house and up the rickety wooden stairs, the feeling sending waves of comfort through his skin. On the way up, they passed two small children, who sang happily while dancing through the corridors, freezing in their tracks and ducking behind a wall with when they saw Kai approaching, which didn’t seem to phase him one bit. Finally, they reached his room, the smallest in the house, empty aside from a small bed in the middle, no family photos strung around like in the bustling corridors outside. Kai quietly locked his door, turning to press his back into it with relief while releasing the girl’s hands.

She stood there, staring him down, fingers twirling at a loose piece of fabric on her minty green dress. When she didn’t say anything, Kai asked, “why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you,” she admitted with no hesitation. “I wanted to know if you were okay.”

That stirred something within Kai’s cold chest, his heart fluttering at her words, “why?”

“You tried to push me away the other night, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw you, it couldn’t be,” she rambled, her cheeks blushing furiously. “I-I don’t know, something about you just seems to draw me back,” she stammered.

He raised a brow, shaking his head in disbelief, “I guess we’re both testing ourselves then. I didn’t think you’d find me, for your own sake, but a part of me…” he trailed off, heading to a small side table by his bed. Kai reached in and pulled out a shining silver ring, diamond-less and plain, but beautiful nonetheless.

“I made you this,” he said, lifting the ring up so it glinted under his bedroom lights. “It’s kind of like an apology, for melting off your other one.”

“Oh,” the girl smiled, outstretching a hand, “thanks, Malachai.”

Hearing his own name was still so weird to him, he thought as he slid the ring down her finger, a perfect fit. His hand on hers, he lifted his bright blue eyes to the girl’s, instantly pulling away to escape the tension.

“So,” the girl smiled, “does this mean you’ll let me be your friend now?”

“Friend?” he uttered, the word foreign to him, “y-yeah, sure.”

They were interrupted by the noise of chatter and clattering silverware from down below. 

“Do you need to go eat now?” she asked, sad to go so soon.

“Uh, heh, no,” he said, walking around her and sinking down onto his scratchy old sheets. “I’m kind of not invited,” he said. “I mean, sometimes I go, but then it’s just silent, awkward, you know.”

“Why?” she asked with a frown, plopping down beside Kai.

“Well, even though I wouldn’t siphon any of them, that doesn’t mean they don’t think I’ll try, or that I’m just some black thundercloud of death,” he joked seriously.

“So, do you eat?”she pressed on.

“I sneak down when I can, but I always get in trouble if I get caught.”

“A lot of trouble?” the girl whispered, eyes falling down to the fresh bruises on Kai’s skin.

This time he didn’t pull away, he simply froze as she brought her fingers up, eyes lifting to his for permission. Kai gave a nod, to which the girl began to gently trace her fingers over his sore skin, her touch like a drug, sending a relief like electricity through the heretic’s skin. His eyes fluttered closed as he drowned in her flowery scent and the feeling of her skin to his. She trailed her hand right up to the edge of his sleeve before drawing back, not daring to go further. When he blinked his eyes open again, she was sat still, looking at him as if he were as fragile as glass.

“Thanks,” he said, not really knowing what else to say.

She laughed softly, “why thank me?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “for being here.”

She smiled with embarrassment, “so, uh, can you tell me more about your ‘coven,’ or magic, or whatever?” she asked to divert the topic.

“It’s not just our coven,” he said, glad to talk about something that didn’t make his emotions fly all over the place. “There are other’s too. And there’s more than witches as well. I’m not sure in the whole werewolf thing, that seems a bit farfetched to be honest, but vampires-”

“Vampires?!” she gasped in shock.

“Yeah,” he smiled at her reaction, “and, don’t tell my dad, but I even have some of their blood.”

She sat in shock as Kai protruded a vial filled with red liquid from his pocket, lifting up the ruby red substance so she could see.

“How-what?!” the girl asked.

“My dad stashed some away, and I don’t know why but I also have no intentions of asking. But I do know our family has got into some sticky situations with the vampires, they’re not our friends, so I’m guessing it has something to do with that.”

“Why would he have a problem with them?” she inquired, intrigue written across her features. 

“Witches and vampires don’t get along,” he said, “but I did some research on them from some of our coven’s journal’s, and it’s been like than since forever.”

“Wow,” she gasped in awe, “that’s so…cool, strange, I don’t know?!”

“Here,” Kai said, handing the girl the vial, “good luck charm.”

Kai fumbled around for some loose black string, sliding it through the cork’s vial and bending forward to tie it around the girl’s neck. He tried to keep his eyes anywhere but those eyes as he fumbled around her exposed flesh, drawing back quickly when he was done.

“I don’t know, apparently if you drink that stuff and die with it in your system, you become a vampire. But again, don’t hold me to that.”

“That sounds amazing,” she smiled, fidgeting with the vial.

“But don’t,” he warned, serious now, “seriously.”

“I won’t,” she promised, locking her pinky around Kai’s, “good luck only.”

He smiled, genuinely, for the first time in a long time, certain for sure that he was the lucky one. 

“He’s not the one for you” - Peter Park Imagination 

 “Why are you being so quite? I though we were on a date?” You questioned your friend peter looking up at him with a smirk as you placed a napkin in your lap. 

He turned his head away from the small fuzzy tv set in a corner of the restaurant and looked at you. “Im sorry. They were talking about a bank robbery . I guess Spider-“ 

 “Yes Spider man saved them. I cant wait till you meet your incredibly weird superhero crush so you guys can swing into the sunset.” You cut him off cooing at peter with a laugh. “I bet he still stays at home with his mom.” You teased knowing Peter always got riled up when you even joked about the “Avengers” or anyone “Super” in that matter.

 “I don’t have a crush- and no he doesn’t! I mean I don’t think he would…this conversation is changing”. He perplexed jabbing a mouthful of noodles into his mouth. “Okay that’s fine. Now that we talked about your love life, time for mine.” You took a sip of your water before setting the glass down in a very professional manner. Peter only waited, chewing absently as he watched you be so extra. “I have found my soul mate. The end” You stated seriously looking peter into his eyes.

 He shook his head, already knowing who you were talking about. “Its that new transfer student“ he exasperated smirking at you.

 “Its the new transfer student- yes!” You beamed nodding your head adoringly with a smile. Peter could only shake his head as he chuckled whilst playing with his noodles, his chopsticks mixing the noddles and vegetables bits together. “He’s just…his smile is so bright, and he even has a little gap but it looks cheeky on him. And his hair looks so soft, I never wanted to brush someone’s hair before but I would with him!” You exclaimed placing your elbow on the red table cloth to prop your head up with your hand. 

 “If you brought me here just to fan-girl then you should’ve gone with Ned. He would do good at stuff like this.” Peter mumbled seeming un-amused. You reached out to stroke Peter’s cheek, he blushed quickly, swiping your hand away.

 “No my iridescent pea-pod. I invited you because it seems like we never see each other. Well-ever since you got the stark internship” You prodded peaking at your own food as Peter looked up at you with a wary look. You understand the Internship was a BIG deal, especially to Peter who always wanted to work for a establishment based on his creative inventions. 

 “Sorry about that. Its just-school and Aunt May plus the Decathlon; not enough hours in the day you know?” He pouted sincerely, his eyebrows scrunched with guilt.

“I don’t need a hour Parker, even a minute with you would make me happy.” You stated sounding gushy but Peter was used to your cliche Tumblr quotes. He blushed anyways, as you guessed, this time taking the attention off himself by trying to sneak one of your egg rolls. You let him take it, snorting as he looked up at you with a proud face for taking your food so effortlessly. 

“I-I have a date to homecoming”.You stated watching him chew. He gulped down the food, awaiting who it was as he took a sip of water. “That boy I was just talking about. Harrison-…he asked me.” You spoke nervously. A few weeks back you had asked Peter to go with you on a neutral bases since you both had no intent’s of having ‘real’ dates. You watched as Peter only shook his head disapprovingly, feeling chastised you spoke up “What?! He’s a nice guy.” You defended. 

Peter hesitated, swishing around his food one more time. A cucumber slice had fell onto the red cloth, creating a grease stain. 

 “He’s-…He’s not the one for you Y/n.” Peter stated bluntly looking from his food up to you. 

 “I think I can find that out for myself. Oh-unless your physic then I’ll consider that.” You sassed crossing your arms.

 Peter crossed his arms as well, leaning back in his seat while staring at you with the same incredulous look. “Y/n he just broke up with his girlfriend 2 weeks ago- which did I forget to mention they started dating 3 weeks ago? Do you really think its formal to go with someone like that?” He questioned raising a eyebrow at you. 

 “Yes-yes I know. But its just a dance. Think of me as Hermione and Harrison Victor Crow.. It’s not a big deal. Just a dance.”

 “Just a dance?” He restated with a grumble and sarcastic tone.

 “Peter you act as if this is a life-defining moment. You and me were going together on a neutral bases. Why cant Harrison and I do that?” You questioned him. 

 Peter caught his words in his throat as he looked up at you. He uncrossed his arms, picking back up his chopsticks. “Whatever Y/n.” He rolled his eyes slyly whilst chuckling under his breath.

 “Why are you being ignorant? Honestly?” You asked. 

 “I don’t like him. I don’t like you going with him. That’s it.” He clarified shrugging.

 “At least tell me you’ll grow some balls and ask Laura or someone so I don’t feel all guilty and shit” You spoke trying to ease the tension. 

“Not going anymore” Peter stated before eating more of his food. You stared at Peter, watching him as he numbly ate while avoiding your eyes.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 225
summary : Reader and Kai are dating. One day she passes out and nothing Kai tries heals her / wake her up so he brings her to Jo.
* not my gif
Kai met her shortly after he got out of 1994 when he went to Whitmore to visit his sister Liv. Y/N was nice to him , a stranger who wouldn’t shut up while waiting for the Whitmore bar to clear out. She had been there studying all alone , then Kai noticed her and the only reason he had was because at one point she had turned around , scolding a group of boys for talking too loud while she was trying to study.

   "Would you SHUT UP!?“ she had said. “Some of us are actually trying to study for the exams and don’t plan on flunking.”
  “Woooo !! Who cares ?!” the guys have replied at which point she had gotten up , taken their drinks and nearly poured them over their heads … until Kai had stopped her.
  “Now , now … that’s no way to talk to a beautiful girl like her is it ?" 

The rest of the day until she had to go back to her dorm , they spent together. Weirdly Y/N somehow didn’t mind his constant talking and he found himself telling her his life story. The next day he went looking for her , and the next …and the next. Kai could rarely find someone willing to stand his obnoxious self and Y/N had peeked his interest. After the merge his desire to be around her only grew stronger , he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Every time they were together he wanted to touch her to kiss her and one night as they were walking back to her dorm room after a party , he had actually kissed her. Eventually they started dating and she told him her secret. Y/N was a witch.

   "Oh , that explains why you believed me that first day we met ! I thought you were just pretending…” said Kai , poking her playfully in the stomach. “I should’ve figured it out… but you , you kept me distracted.” he said smiling , leaning in to kiss her gently , biting her lower lip. “Now I love you even more.”
   "You love me ?“
   "Yes ! … I love you Y/N. I never thought I’d love someone but I do and I am so happy it’s YOU that I love.” he said brushing his fingers through her hair.
 Y/N smiled nervously for a moment , gazing into his blue eyes sparkling.
“I love you too.”

* three months after * 

It had been almost two weeks since they had officially moved in together. Waking up to Kai every morning , knowing she’d see him right after classes without having to leave early to go study in her dorm room was the best. He was the perfect boyfriend and even though they had their fights from time to time , both of them pretty much always made up the same day , sometimes an hour after the fight but they never went to bed upset with one another. They loved each other that much. Neither of them could stand causing the other pain or watching the other in pain.
It was the end of term , summer’s approach could be felt in the air and the skies were blue every day. Y/N sat on the couch that afternoon , books spilled all around her , her hair pulled in a pony tail. Last exam for the year was happening tomorrow and she was trying to refresh her memory last minute … and her brain was filled to the brim.
“Where are you going ?” Y/N asked jumping up from the couch and into Kai’s arms. “I wanna go with you.”
Kai smiled and tapped her nose. “To the store. It seems like we ran out of milk… and ice cream …and those pretzels you like and a couple of other things.”
“OH that reminds me - can we get donuts ? The pink ones with the white sprinkles and the creamy filling inside ?” she asked excitedly making Kai laugh.
“What is it with you lately? I am starting to get worried…”
“Nothing’s up. I am just hungry.” Y/N pressed her lips against his before he swept her off her feet carrying her towards the door , both of them laughing.

About an hour later when they got home it turned out Y/N had had a lot other things on her mind other than the donuts. They cooked dinner together and later sat on the couch cuddling while watching some TV show none of them were paying attention to. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes off her and Y/N had the same problem.
“The day we met was the happiest day in my life.” said Kai suddenly , pulling her closer to him. He kept doing that even when there was no way for her to get closer to him. “Well , except the day you told me you love me.”
Y/N traced his jawline with her fingers before kissing him gently.
“Mine too.” she smiled , her gaze falling on the clock on the wall. “I am going to get ready for bed.” Y/N said getting up. “The exam is first thing in the morning…”
Kai watched her go into the bathroom , smiling to himself trying to figure out how after all he had done , he was lucky enough to fall in love with her and to have her love him back.
About 5 minutes later there was a loud noise coming from the bathroom and Kai ran there to find Y/N on the ground unconscious. He lifted her up bringing her to their shared bed , caressing her face.
“Y/N? Can you hear me ?” he said softly. Kai tried a spell after spell , none of which seemed to heal whatever it was that had caused her to faint so suddenly. About 15 minutes passed and she was still out. Kai started to panic and he called Jo , asking her to wait for them at the hospital. Reluctantly his sister had agreed , only because it was Y/N’s life on the line.
Kai carried her to the car and ran a couple of red lights on the way to the hospital. He didn’t like this feeling - worry. It was tearing him apart on the inside. He couldn’t imagine his life without Y/N anymore , that life no longer existed for him and if something happened to her…
No. he shook his head pushing the thought away.
Jo was waiting for them at the hospital entrance with a nurse and a medical gurney. Kai lifted Y/N’s body onto it and along with his sister and the nurse went into her office. 

“Would you stop pacing like that ? It’s distracting …and annoying.” said Jo , holding a needle about to stick in Y/N’s arm for a blood sample.
Kai stopped pacing and glared at his sister. “Well I am sorry sis. The girl I love is laying unconscious and my magic couldn’t heal her. So excuse me if I feel anxious…”
Jo closed the vial turning towards her brother. “I understand you are worried , but pacing is not going to wake her up.” she said calmly. “I’ll be back as soon as the blood test is done , it should tell us whats wrong.”
“T-thank you.” Kai said.
Jo nodded and walked out.
Kai sighed , pulling a chair towards Y/N’s bed. He took her hand in his , placing a gentle kiss before stroking her cheek with his fingers.
“Please wake up.” he murmured. “I need you to wake up… I’d do anything.”
A half hour passed and slowly Y/N started regaining consciousness. She squeezed her eyes for a moment , her eyelids fluttering open . Y/N turned her head around only to find Kai starring at her with a smile and a relieved look on his face. It took her a moment to realise where they were.
“Hey … How are you feeling ?” he said softly , kissing her forehead. He could tell she was confused as to why she was in a hospital. Her eyes widened for a moment asking a silent question. Kai knew Y/N didn’t like hospitals or doctors at all and when she started to get up , he placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back onto the bed gently. “Shh calm down. You fainted , I couldn’t wake you up so I brought you to Jo. She um … ” he hesitated for a moment , worried if he told her they took a blood sample she might faint again or something. “… she should be back any moment now with the results.”
Y/N stared at the ceiling. “Ugh .. I hate hospitals … and blood tests.” she muttered.
Kai laughed under his breath , sitting onto the bed next to her lightly putting his hand on her stomach for a moment.  "I know you do sweetheart , but it’s OK. I’ll protect you if they try to kidnap you or anything…“ he winked at her.
"Shut up.” she laughed , punching playfully his shoulder.

Jo opened the door and both of them turned towards her in unison. Kai stood up taking a step towards his sister. Her expression was unreadable which made him even more worried. Now for sure he knew that’s the feeling he hated the most - worry.
“Glad to see you are awake.” Jo smiled at her. “Kai , you may want to sit down for this one. I know I need to.”
Kai sat on the bed holding Y/N’s hand while Jo sat on the chair next to them.
“How bad is it ?” he asked terrified of the answer. Kai hated the fact his magic hadn’t been able to help her and whatever it was , he feared he might lose her.
“Not bad at all actually.” said Jo with a small smile turning towards Y/N. “Congratulations. You are pregnant.”
“What ?” both of them asked in unison.
Y/N looked at her boyfriend’s sister , her mouth hanging open then looked at Kai who was looking at her with the same shocked expression. She was at a loss for words. Now it all made sense - her weird food cravings which she had dismissed as stress eating for the exams. Y/N hadn’t even realised her period was late because of how wrapped up with classes and exams she had been.
“I guess my future niece is a siphoner just like his father. That’s what caused Y/N to faint. The baby had probably been siphoning for a while now , it just hadn’t been this strong.” smiled Jo.
Kai placed his hand on Y/N’s stomach again smiling nervously. “I am going to be a dad ?” he looked up at the love of his life , a smile spreading across her face as she sat up in the bed. “Oh my God..!” He pulled Y/N into a hug and a passionate kiss , then he jumped up and hugged Jo in a surprise attack.
“Oh…!” she said awkwardly hugging her brother. “That’s new.” she laughed nervously. “You can take her home. I’ll try and find something that will keep those accidents from happening again.”
Jo turned around , leaving them to have their moment.
“Jo ?” Kai called out after his sister. “C-could you not tell .. father? I don’t want him … to know about … her or the baby.”
“Wasn’t planing on telling him about either..” she smiled at him , walking out of the room.

Y/N got up from the hospital bed taking a step towards her boyfriend.
“I changed my mind.” he said turning around with a serious expression on his face. “THIS is the happiest day of my life.” he smiled.
Kai shortened the distance between them in a second , his smile never leaving his face. He pulled her into a hug , lifting her off the ground and spinning her around.
“Kai ? I’m getting a little dizzy …” she laughed.
“Sorry.” he said letting her feet back on the ground. “You OK ?”
“Never better.” she said with a smile and pressed her lips against his. “We are going to be a family , Kai. I can’t believe it. This is -”
Kai shut her up with a kiss. He had never known such happiness existed let alone that it would happen to him. He knelt down in front of her lifting her shirt up and pressed his lips on her stomach while placing his hand on it. “Hello little one. I’m your dad…and I … I already love you.”
Y/N couldn’t help but smile. The scary leader of the Gemini coven was melting right under her eyes. Who would’ve thought ?
“Kai ?”
“Yes , sweetheart?” he pulled himself up until they were face to face. Y/N couldn’t find the right words to say. They were going to be a family and that was the pregnancy was the happiest thing that could’ve happened. Y/N snaked her hands around his neck pulling him closer to her (as if that was possible seeing how he had pressed his body against hers) and kissed him.
“I love you.” she said simply.
Kai lifted her up twirling her in the air. “I love you too.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

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Spring. Taisho Era Japan, 1920. There is a small percentage of the population that is born with mysterious, magical tattoos. When these people find each other, an inexplicable feeling runs down their spine and they somehow know the other person is just like them—especially if the tattoos have a pre-determined affinity to each other.

That is exactly how Kageyama, the young noble, and Hinata, the blacksmith’s son, met.

Rating: Mature |Pairing: KageHina |Tags: 1920′s, Magical Tattoos, Soulmates

[Read the full fic on Ao3]

Kageyama’s tattoo had led him to this shop.

So, if anything could be considered fate, this was the closest thing to it.

“…a knife? Not a sword? Or a rifle?”

“I said I want a short knife,” Kageyama insisted, twirling a crème boater hat on his right index finger as he mulled over the flat display on the register counter. Though the storefront of Red Sun Blacksmith’s could use some work, especially the tattered noren dangling in the entrance and the crude, unfinished style to the wood of the interior, all those useless details were blown away by the magnificent craftsmanship of the weaponry. Deemed one of the best blacksmith shops in town, Red Sun made a wide assortment of weapons that ranged from simple daggers to intricately carved, golden-plated rifles. Every piece boasted maximum efficiency: katanas so sharp they could cut hair, guns that shot quick enough to match American imports. Plus they also had that extra touch of care and love for the trade. Oh, and of course, the prices were fair.

“I was just surprised,” muttered the blacksmith, hand rubbing the stubble on his chin as he watched Kageyama browse. “Most nobility like getting ridiculously elaborate swords and guns. But then again…you’re known to be quite the black sheep.”

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Andy Biersack Imagine (I suck at titles lol)

“You and Andy would be so cute together!”

“Oh please, not again…” You chuckle lightly. Your friend had been trying to sit you and Andy up for weeks now. Andy had been one of your friends for a few years now and you wouldn’t do anything to change that.

“Oh come on! Y/N, I just feel the connection when you tell me you guys hang out, or every picture I see of you two! You can see the sparks and I swear I’m not the only one.”

“Everyone picks on me about it, but they know I never saw Andy like that.”

“Really? Not ever? Not once did you wonder what it would be like to have Andy as your boyfriend.”

“I…. well, like once or twice, but it wasn’t necessarily my fault, I had some weird dreams and I would woke up and wonder but, technically no.”

“That’s not what it sounds like.” You sigh.

“Seriously Y/N, its okay to admit you feel something with Andy, I’m not saying it because I’m judging you, Andy is a smoking hot babe, there, I said it. We all know Andy is really attractive.”

You knew this, all this information she was saying was just a repeat of the lecture she gave you about every 2 weeks.

“I know he is, he is attractive and the girl that he decides to go with is going to be one lucky girl, listen Y/F/N. You tell me the same stuff every time we have this talk about Andy. You tell me it’s okay to admit I feel something, I tell you that no matter what, Andy will always be my friend and that my past relationships ruined the friendship I had with them because when I didn’t feel the same, shit got awkward. You tell me that it’s different with Andy, that Andy wouldn’t make you feel awkward and I tell you it’s not that simple to face a guy that confessed his whole love for you and to call them friend again, you tell me that I have to feel something and give me examples, like when Andy took me to prom because I had no one, like when Andy hugs me a lot, or does little favors for me. It’s all just friendly stuff.” You finish your little rant and took a deep breathe. You were hoping you didn’t sound that rude, it just got tiring to have to keep repeating yourself.

“Y/N, I’m not trying to force you into a relationship with Andy, I’m just telling you what I know. When I say Andy isn’t the guy to make things awkward, I don’t mean if you tried a relationship and things didn’t work. Andy clearly likes you, but he’s not going to make a move because he doesn’t want to hurt you because he cares and loves you. It’s really sweet. He knows you better than I do, and I’m your best friend. He knows that all your previous relationships went sour and you felt like you couldn’t speak to them afterwards being it was too awkward, and that’s why Andy wants to make sure you’re ready. He doesn’t want to lose you because things get awkward. He is such a sweet guy and I just wish you would see just how much he does for you, the look he gives you, and stop being clueless. Don’t forcefully push away feelings, because that’s straight up unhealthy. Now, you don’t have to listen to me, but just think back to all the stuff he does for you, think about your connection with him. I understand it’s scary to risk losing such an amazing friend for a relationship, especially when you have such a perfect connection with them, but you just need to know it’s okay.”

You sit there, processing the words she just told you. Unlike all the other times she had talked to you, it was like something in her speech registered in your brain because you didn’t feel a need to deny what she just said. Unlike any other time she had spoken to you about Andy, it really made you think about Andy.

“Hello, you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m just….”

“Thinking what I said because you finally realized I’m right? Nah, just kidding about the being right part. But for real, you are thinking about it, right?”

“Yeah, I mean…. Kind of. I don’t know. I really don’t. Listen, now that you put it that way… I wouldn’t mind being with someone like Andy, I mean… he’s perfection. But what the hell on world do you think he likes me for?”

She laughs. “You’re kidding. You’re seriously asking me why he likes you? Oh Y/N, you are really overthinking now.”


“THINK ABOUT IT. I’m pretty sure Andy would take a bullet for you if it came down to it, that’s love Y/N.”

“I guess.”

“No, you know. You know Andy would do, hell he already does, anything to make sure you’re okay and happy. Isn’t that right? How many “bad days” have you had since you met Andy versus how many you had before?”

“I mean, a lot. He’s certainly changed me for the better, I’ve never really felt sad when he’s with me. He’s always made me feel like… someone cares. Someone cares for me. I feel important, wanted by Andy.”

“Exactly, that’s love Y/N, and you know it.”

“I gu- I…. I know.”

“Yep. Just think about that next time you two talk, okay? He’s just waiting for you to give him the sign that you’re mentally and physically ready for this, he doesn’t want to pressure you into something and ruin his chance. He’s waiting for the perfect time.”

“And I’m guessing I’ll know when.”

“Of course, it’s up to you. I gotta go, but just give yourself some time to think, alright? Love ya.”

“Mhmm, love ya too Y/F/N. See you later.”

You hang up and think about the conversation you just had. It was like she had knocked a hole into these walls you had built up about anything more than a friendship with Andy. You started to realize that maybe, just maybe she was right. You were nervous, you weren’t going to lie. Your past relationships were kind of shitty and it made you wonder if you even wanted one. But with Andy, you knew you could trust him, you knew you could be with him for the rest of your life and be happy. That’s when it clicked. You could be with Andy for your life and be okay with that. You were be delighted to spend your life with him. It’d be a nice adventure.

Speaking of the devil, your phone began ringing again and sure enough, it was Andy. You press the green answer button.


“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Andy, you’re just the person I needed to hear from.” You chuckle and suddenly you feel nervous, nervous? You had never felt that with Andy.

“Really? What’s up?”

“Oh nothing bad, I just… really wanted to talk to you.”

“Awh, well I’m free today, how about we go get something to eat? I’m straving.”

“Yeah, that sounds great, what at?”

“How about Claire’s diner, I meet you there in 20?”

“Sounds great, see you then.”

“See you.”

You hang up and get up quickly. You throw on a tank top and flannel, keeping on the jeans you had on and slipping on your shoes and head out the door.

20 minutes pass, you get to the diner early and pick out a booth in the back. You figured if you were going to bring up this whole thing to Andy, you wanted to in privacy.

For the first time in the years you known Andy, this was probably the most nervous you been. You had no idea what to say or how to say it. It was like waiting for the doctor to call your name out, nerve wrecking.

You hear the bell chime and see the tall and lanky boy looking around. You wave as he looks in your direction and he smiles, walking over to you.

“Hello love.” He sing songs, giving you a small hug before sitting across from you.

“Hey lanky.” You chuckle.

He smiles. “So, how was your day so far?”

You look down at your menu. “Pretty good, talked to Y/F/N for a while on the phone, you know she goes on and on.”

“She’s the one that always thinks we’re dating right? Comments all the kissy face and heart emojis on our pictures?” He chuckles and you force one.

“Yeah, that’s her. She’s determined that we’re soulmates.” You realize that you say it a little too jokingly and regret it.

“I wouldn’t mind that, you’re okay.” He jokes back, smirking.

“Okay? I’m the queen and you know it.” You strike a royal pose and he laughs.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” He shakes his head. “I’m a king, I could be the king to your queen, if ya know what I mean.” He wiggles his eyebrows and you laugh, shaking your head.

“How do you always make things sound so wrong?”

The waiter comes by and collects your orders and goes back, leaving you and Andy. You decide to keep hinting through Y/F/N, hoping he gets the hint.

“But seriously, she said we’re destined for each other. Every phone call I get….”

“She must like me then, we’ve only met a few times though.” He laughs, taking a sip of his drink.

“She knows ‘em when she sees ‘em, that’s how she met her boyfriend Damien. I remember when they first met, she told me “He’s the one for me, I know it. Just wait and see, this will be my longest relationship yet.” And almost 5 years later, they still are happy than ever. I’m waiting for him to propose to her anyday now.”

“Awh, that’s sweet. That’s honestly relationship goals right there.”

“Right? She’s amazing and in a way, I trust her with what she says, I mean, she hasn’t been wrong about things like that yet.”

“Really? So you think we might actually be soulmates?”

You shrug, suddenly your nervousness went away and you had this weird confidence.

“I don’t know, what about you?”

“I think we totally could be. I mean we’re both pretty damn awesome.” You laugh.

“No but seriously….”

“You’d be an amazing boyfriend.”

“You really think so?”

You nod, smiling. “If you spoiled her like you do me, of course.”

He chuckles. “I don’t spoil you, I just give you what you deserve.”

“Oh c’mon, I don’t deserve any of it. I don’t deserve having such an amazing person like you in my life, I got pretty damn lucky.”

“But Y/N, I AM the lucky one. Having someone like you in my life….”

You can’t help but smile and look down. Your orders arrive and you both take a break from talking to eat, afterwards, you both start walking out together. You get to his car and turn towards him.

“So, about our conversation…. Does your friend know something?”


He sighs but smiles. “The way you described her talking about us, it sounds a lot like what I’ve told my friends, you sure she doesn’t talk to them?” You chuckle.

“Wait, so you actually talk about me to them?”

“Of course, you’re beautiful, lovely, sweet, funny, cute. They’ve been waiting months for me to make the first move and I’ve been too damn nervous, and plus I knew you were always iffy about relationships and I didn’t want to risk anything until I knew you wanted it, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable because I know you do easily. But Y/N, now all my cards are on the table. Yes, I’ve liked you for some time now, and I’ve waited months to tell you, but if you’re not feeling it now, understand that I will wait for you as long as you need, I’ll always be here for you waiting because… I know that I want to be with you. And I don’t want you to feel pressured to say yes because I’m confessing my feelings to you. I just simply want you to know that I want you to take your time and I don’t want you to feel weird around me. I’m pretty sure you knew I felt something towards you all these weeks, but…. Yeah. I’m… I’m not sure what to say now, but there. You know everything now.”

You were speechless, but not in a bad way. You didn’t have those weird feelings like you did when everyone else confessed they liked you. Andy’s made you feel… different.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him tightly. He seemed shocked by your action but quickly hugged back.

“I appreciate you telling me because I wanted to and…. I don’t know, I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to ruin anything with you because…. Well it’s happened too many time before. But now… I’m willing to give us a chance because I have a strong feeling that this is what I want, I’m pretty confident that you are who I want to spend my life with. I have basically for the past few years and… I don’t know. I love you a lot.” You laugh at the last part and so does Andy.

You connect eyes and you quickly press your lips to his, his hands grip your waist and you smile. It felt right, nothing felt wrong and everything seemed to go in bullet time. After pulling away, Andy presses a kiss to your hair.

“So we’re official, eh?” He jokes.

“Yep, can’t wait until y/f/n hears about this.”

“Same with the guys. You want a ride home, girlfriend?” You laugh and smile.

“Sure, let’s go, boyfriend.”


This is probably the longest imagine I’ve made, it’s about 2,300 words and I totally didn’t mean for it to be but I got really carried away. xD I hope you all like though, feedback is appreciated.

Fools Part 2

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Jungkook x reader.

Warning: Abuse (from father, even if you have the nicest father in the world just pretend you have a terrible one. And for those who are going through actual abuse. I am dearly sorry fro using it in this story. I hope you find a way out of your hell.) Strong language, Sad, love, possibly some smut (in the future)

How to read the story:

(Y/n) = your name.

(btw I would recommend listening to Namjoon and Jungkook’s version of Fools before reading. On my watt pad page ill post the media and I’ll try and do the same for my Tumblr blog? Yeah, anyway this will be a multi part. Love you guys!)

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Title: Werewolf in Michigan Part 1

Character: John Winchester

TV: Supernatural

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

This is for my friend, @texasgal2222, hence why the OFC bears her name!

“John… it’s Teresa. Listen, I need your help. The town I live in; something weird is going on. My husband- never- torn- please? I’d rea- -ppreciate it,”

John listened to the voice mail at least six times and he couldn’t piece together the missing words other than she needed help.

Teresa Bronx was someone he had grown up with. If he were to be honest, Teresa was his first love, but things happened and Teresa moved, not really having a say in that situation.

Then Mary came along and they were married and had Dean and Sam. He honestly thought that he’d never see or hear from Teresa again.

Snapping his phone shut, he pushed his rear off of the Impala and went to the hotel room that he shared with his boys.

They needed to get on this and fast.

Closing the door, we walked by the two twin sized beds, knocking each of the boys’ foot with a tiny bit of force.

Both jumped awake, snorting as they realized that sleep time was over.

“Sorry boys, but we have our next case,”

“Uhgg, what time is it?” Dean asked, squinting at the clock.

“Time to get your tails up,” John replied, sitting at a table with his laptop.

Typing away as Sam and Dean stretched and yawned, John found the place where Teresa had called from.

“What do you have?” Sam asked, plopping down in a chair and rubbing his eyes.

“Got a call from an old friend,” he paused, reading, “looks like Werewolf attacks in… Michigan,”

“That’s about a seven hour trip, Dad,” Dean said.

Looking up at both of his sons, John smiled, “Looks like you best get to packing,”
“Dad, this town isn’t even on the map,” Dean said, from the passenger seat.

“Well, this is where the signal came from, so that is where we are going,”

So far it had been nothing but mountains and flat land. It had seemed like that they weren’t moving.

John immediately slammed on the breaks, scaring the boys.

“The hell!?”

“Jesus, Dad!”

“Sorry boys, but shut up and look,” John pointed to what was beyond the windshield.

The fog was so thick, so dense that they could barely make out the sign that set on the side of the road.

Dean squinted, leaning forward in his seat, “Welcome to the town of Quaker. Population…. I can’t see the numbers.,”

Slowly, John inched the Impala forward until it had disappeared into the fog.

Some of the thickness had thinned out, but it was still hard to see. Still, John continued to drive at a snails pace.

He sighed with relief when the fog gave way to a quaint little town. It was still overcast, but not nearly as bad.

People were scattered about the town, eating, walking their dogs, window shopping and so on.

Dean tapped John on the arm and pointed to their destination, “Last building on the right,”

~Bronx Antiques~

John pulled into a parking space and shut the car off. Pulling the keys from the ignition, he began to fumble with them as his nerves became frazzled.

“Dad?” Dean tapped his arm.


“You alright?” he asked.

John cleared his throat and shook his head, “I’m fine son. C'mon, let’s go,”

Dean and Sam shared a look before exiting the vehicle.

Entering the building, the doorbell chimed three times as they each crossed the threshold.

“Hi, can I help you?” A young girl in her mid teens stepped from a back room.

John’s eyes widened at the sight of the girl. She looked so much like Teresa did when she was a teen.

When Dean noticed that John wasn’t speaking up, he gave his father another weird stare and shook his head.

“Yeah. Hey Darlin’. We’re looking for Teresa Bronx. Is she here?”

The teen blushed, then nodded. Holding up a finger, she turned on her heel, “Hey Momma. There’s some men out here that wanna talk to you,”

“On my way, Issie,”

John felt his chest tighten at the sound of Teresa’s voice.

When she came around the corner, wiping her hands on a towel, it seemed like time had frozen.

Teresa looked exactly as he remembered, only her hair was shorter and she wore glasses.

She froze when she spotted him, her blue eyes getting tearful.

“John?” she gasped.

He could feel his own self getting choked up.

She walked faster over to him, hugging him for all she was worth.

“Hey Tere,” he whispered, giving her a squeeze.

“You came,” her voice skipped.

John rubbed her back, continuing to whisper, “Why would you think I wouldn’t?”

“Old memories,” she cried.

John pulled back and cupped her cheeks, “Listen Teresa, that was a long time ago. We were just teens,”

Teresa nodded and gave a watery laugh. She pulled off her glasses and wiped underneath her eyes to rid her face of tears.

“Sorry, it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions lately.” she said.

Dean coughed behind John, making him glance over his shoulder.

The boys looked uncomfortable, but curious as well.

“Teresa, these are my boys, Sam and Dean. Boys, this is Teresa. We grew up together.”

Sam and Dean leaned forward, shaking Teresa’s hand.

“Nice to meet you,” she smiled.

She put her arm around the teen, who seemed to look like she felt out of place, “This is my daughter, Issie,”

She kissed the girls head, “Like John said, we grew up together,”

“Ohh, he’s the one in the photo album at home,”

“Yes he is,”

Issie held her hand out, “Nice to meet you Mr. Winchester,”

“You can call me John, Issie. Nice to meet you too,” he said, shaking her hand gently.

Issie shook Dean and Sam’s hand, getting bashful.

“Please come in. Can I get you all anything?”

At that moment, Dean’s stomach growled. He clutched it, laughing, “Sorry, we’ve not had lunch yet,”

“Oh! Well, let me lock up and we’ll go to the diner across the street,”
While Teresa and Issie were in the restroom, Sam and Dean demanded some answers from their father.

“C'mon Dad, you gotta let us in on this,”

John shrugged his shoulders, “You know everything, Dean.”

Before the conversation became heated, the women returned.

Everyone ordered their food; the silence slightly uncomfortable.

“So why don’t we just cut the chase? Why are we here?” Dean asked, slightly annoyed.

The door chimed, indicating another customer.

“Mom, it’s Baisley. Can I go talk to her?” Issie asked.

Teresa nodded and smiled, “Sure, Iss. I’ll come get you when the food gets here,”

As soon as Issie left the table, Teresa’s smile faded from her face, her eyes becoming hard. “I planned on telling you, just not in front of my daughter. You said you were hungry and what I need help with isn’t suitable for the table,”

“Dean,” John said, looking up from his hands at his oldest.

Dean sighed, “I’m sorry… just hangry, I guess,”

The waitress put the food on the table, getting out of the thick atmosphere quickly.

Teresa sighed, “Let’s just eat and when we go back to the shop, I’ll tell you what this is all about,”

Issie was called back over to the table to eat, making quick work of her meal.

In between bites, she begged to stay the night with her friend, which Teresa granted.

Back at the antique shop once everyone ate and Issie safely with her friend and their parents; it was time to get down to business.

“The curiosity is killing me, Tere. What do you need help with?” John asked, taking off his jacket and placing it on the back of a chair.

Folding her arms, she looked at each Winchester and sighed one dreaded word…



Imagine helping Jared after a break up

How much longer will I have to ring this goddamn doorbell?! I ring and I ring, but there’s no answer. When I’m about to start kicking it I get an idea. I take my phone and dial the reason I’m here.

“And?” Is the first thing I hear from the other side, “Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m outside” I can even feel the anger coming out with my voice, “I’ve been ringing for the last half an hour, I’m getting tired”

“Oh… Well, there’s a spare key hidden in the bushes”

“You could have mentioned that when you asked to come here, don’t you think?”

I follow Shannon’s instructions in order to find the key, which was pretty well hidden. When I get my hands on the key I’m finally able to get inside the house. Oh God, how I wish I would’ve just get the hint and head back home. But no, I was being the super cool chick helping her boyfriend.

The place is a complete mess. Just by the smell I can tell that the windows haven’t been open in days; there’s clothes everywhere; dirty dishes on the sink, breakfast and coffee table. I continue walking to the stairs, noticing the same pattern: garbage and dirty clothes on the floor.

“Jared?” I start calling his name, just so he knows that there’s someone inside, “Are you in your room?!”

As I feel myself being ignored once again, I keep walking towards Jared’s bedroom. The door is open, and I can see that he’s under the blankets.

“Jared?” I ask once again.

“Leave me alone”

His voice sounds thick from under the blankets, and I know I’m invading his space, but today I’m on “get your shit together” mood. I walk with loud stumps to his bed, taking the covers and pulling them out of his body with more strength that I intended to.

“WHAT?!” He shouts, taking his pillow to cover his body.

“Like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before” I laugh, “Come on, off your bed!”

I receive the pillow on my face with unnecessary force. Jared turns to one side on his bed, forgetting all shame about me seeing him on his underwear. I throw the pillow back at him, feeling the anger growing on my chest.

“Stop fucking around, it’s already been a month!”

“Did Shannon send you?” He asks me, still in the same position.

“Yeah, and I was also tired of knowing you were locked down in your house when Maggie is already whoring around!”

“She’s what?!” Jared jumps from the bed to take me by the shoulders.

Ok, that got his attention.

“We saw her at a bar the other night, she was with some guy” I shrug, not giving it that much importance, “Why do you think I want you out of your bed? This place is a complete mess”

“So Shannon sent you…”

“He’s outta town” I shrug again.

Jared releases his gap on me just to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Again, why did Shannon sent you?” He insists.

“Well, you need a bit of help, don’t you think?”

“No, I don’t think so” He says, defensively, “And why send my ex to help me?”

“Ask him, I don’t have the answer to that” I say, already getting tired of this.

“So, he wants me to get over my ex girlfriend by sending his girlfriend, who happens to be my ex girlfriend too?”

“Well, that seems like a puzzle” I mutter, rolling my eyes.

“Ok, I’m cool with that” He says, getting on his feet.


“Nothing, just… What do you have in mind?”

A lot of things actually.

“Ok, first task: Get in the shower”

Jared nods one time, taking a few things from his drawers before getting inside the bathroom. I use the time to take some of the dirty laundry out of the bedroom, open a few windows and let the air come into the house. With just a few changes his room already looks better.

When he comes out of the bathroom, a towel on his waist, and the hair soaking wet I ask him to get dress and meet me downstairs.

I do the same in here, getting laundry on one side, taking dirty dishes to the kitchen, and garbage on a can. Jared joins me a few minutes later, bags under his eyes and hurt knuckles.

“Did you get into a fight or something?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it”

“Whatever. Do you have any groceries?” I ask as I open the refrigerator door, only to find rotten apples in one of the compartments, “I guess you don’t… What have you been eating all this time?”

“It was full when it happened” He yawns, taking four garbage bags outside, and by the time he returns I already have my bag on my hands, “You going…”

“We are going out”

“I don’t want to go out” Jared mumbles, “I’ll wait here, I can clean the rest while…”

“Does it look like I’m asking you to come with me?” I ask him, crossing my arms, “Come on, I’ll get you a carrot if you are good”

“A carrot?” He asks me, looking at me with a weird expression when I take his arm to start walking to the door, “Why would you get me carrot?”

“Well, I can’t buy you ice cream at the corner shop, you’ll have to settle with a carrot”

“I hate you” He whispers.

“I know you do, baby, don’t worry”

We drive in silence, Jared constantly changing stations, getting me annoyed by the minute. When I get tired of his uneasiness I slap his hands, making him get scared by my reaction.

“Hey!” He shouts, punching me in the arm.

“Can you just calm? You’re driving me crazy!”

“I can’t, actually”

“Why? We are just going to the grocery store, it’s not like I’m going to throw you in a stage or something”

“What if we see her? What if she’s with this new guy?”

“Who? Maggie?” I give him a quick look, his eyes wide and his hands shaking a bit, “Don’t care about that whore, and if we see her, you are going to ignore her. You have permission to run under my skirt to hide, if you want”

“Don’t call her a whore… And you’re wearing jeans”

“Really Jared? That whore cheats on you and you want me to treat her with respect?” I end up laughing, “And I know I’m wearing jeans, it’s just a saying”

He doesn’t say a word until we are at the grocery store. I was too cruel during the ride here, but come on, she cheated on him for months, and then she acted like she was the victim. She’s a whore. Period.

In any case, I owe him an apology.

“Hey” I stop him in the middle of the cleaning aisle, “I’m sorry, ok? Not for being a bitch about Maggie, but for being a bitch with you”

“You’ve always been a bitch” He laughs, and I know he’s not mad at me.

“Fuck you, Jared”

We get a bunch of food for Jared and some cleaning supplies. I forbid him to pay for all the stuff and I carry him outside as I notice a change of mood in him.

“Hey!” I shout, Jared stops midway entering the car. I throw something at him, scaring him, “A carrot”

Jared laughs, finally getting in the car. When I join him in, I feel his hand taking mine, giving me a little squeeze.

“Thank you” He mutters, I smile in return, feeling a bit better for him.

When we return, Jared gets in charge of cleaning, while I restock the refrigerator, and cook something healthy for him. I can hear the energetic footsteps on the second floor, and it warms my heart to know that I’m actually helping him. Shannon tried to accomplish this for a month, and in just a few minutes I had done it. Jared just needed someone here, not over the phone, he needed to see that we care about him, and that we want him to feel good.

“Do you think it was my fault?” I hear Jared asking, scaring me.

I take my hand to my chest, trying to regain my breath. When I turn around, I see him leaned on the doorway.

“This mess? Definitely”

“You know I’m not talking about that”

“I know” I leave the food aside to walk and place myself in front of him, “Remember when you told me you were scared because your feelings for me were starting to change?” He nods, looking confused, “That’s what you’re supposed to do. You talk about things. If you really care about the person you’re sharing your life with, you don’t go around disrespecting what you’ve been building together”

“But I’m always touring, she must have felt alone”

“Yes, you travel a lot, and even I felt lonely when you weren’t around. But guess what, that’s not a reason for cheating!”


“But nothing” I interrupt him, “You’re amazing, Jared. Talented, caring, and a great lover. You deserve better”

“Is it too late to steal you from your brother?” He laughs, taking my arm to pull me into a hug.

“Yeah, way too late, buddy” I laugh too.

“I love you” Jared whispers in my ear.

“Me too, Jared. Always”

I break the hug, taking him closer to the stove.

“Have you finished upstairs? Help me with this”

I know Jared is not going to forget Maggie in one day, letting someone go is a process, and I wanted to be with him through it. I experienced the same grief when he told he didn’t love me like he used to; and I’m sure I am the right person to help him now.

Unexpected: Part 40

The Unknown Chapter Index.

Unexpected Chapter Index

“Why did you sleep here last night?” Eric opened one eye to find Morgan looking down at him, he looked at Aleks bitting on his fist, then closed his eye again.

“There was a baby on my side of the bed”

“You could’ve taken him to his own room”

“You decided to take the baby instead of waiting for me. I respected your decision”

“Can you hold him while I take a shower?” By the tone of her voice Eric could make out the little eye roll she gave him. He sat on the couch and took Aleks, while Morgan walked to the bedroom he placed him in the corner of the couch and covered him with the blanket he was using. He dashed to get himself a cup of coffee and returned to see Aleks look around quietly, his hands fisting the blanket in his hand and moving it around.

He let out a little smile and took a sip of his coffee, placing his hand on top of his legs to hold him still.

Aleks held his hand with both of their little ones, taking it to his mouth and biting into one of his fingers, drooling his hand in the process.

Eric continued with his coffee while Aleks continued biting his fingers. He read that maybe he was starting to teeth, so his gums must be itching.

“What are you doing?” Morgan appeared from behind the couch, talking with a big smile to her baby boy. “Bet daddy’s hands are delicious and dirty”

“I washed it” he said taking a final sip to his coffee. “I’ll take a shower and we can head out”

Morgan nodded and fed Aleks while Eric took his own shower. She prepared breakfast for herself while holding Aleks to her chest. Then she changed him and got him ready to leave.

“He ate?” Eric asked from behind her, she was finishing with the last button

“He’s fed and changed, he’ll be a good boy for a few more hours”

“Good” he moved to pick him up and took a blanket “I’ll handle him, you go the infirmary and ask for a physic evaluation.”

“Why?” She said frowning, Eric walked to the door and began heading out the apartment

“Because…” He vaguely replied and exited the apartment.

He hoped Morgan wouldn’t follow, and luckily she didn’t, now he only had to keep Aleks entertained for a while.

Morgan was hating the avoidance Eric was giving her right now. He was usually very bold about what he wanted, but she knew he didn’t wanted to push her because the faction and the city weren’t her top priority. But she also knew she was an adult, and that meant doing things we don’t want to do.

She headed downstairs and entered the infirmary.

“I need a stupid physic evaluation” she said to the first nurse she found, she just dropped what she was doing and led her to the end of the hall to a room with a treadmill and a few machines.

“I’ll have someone check on you in a bit”

Morgan nodded and moved to the center of the room while she thought.

How were they going to make this work? She could feed Aleks in the morning, leave him hopefully asleep with Eric, go out to train the group, check on him while lunch, probably feed him again… She was hating the situation already. She was going to go to everyday with her baby to be with her baby only in the nights.

“You’re not here by choice I take it” she turned to Anne and shrugged her shoulders.

“When the head leader of dauntless speaks…” Anne began to hook up the machine to her chest and her scalp

“These will measure your heart rate and your brain waves as you train, and these” she said taking a few that look like needles “will measure the stress your limbs make while you’re working out to make sure they’re in shape.”

She slowly pinched her with the needed in the back of her thighs and in other spaces in her legs.

“Now, I’ll manage the treadmill’s speed and inclination, I’ll test you for a few minutes”

Morgan nodded and prepared herself to run in the treadmill, worried that the cables could tangle and make her fall, but as she began she hardly noticed them.

“How’s Aleks?” Anne asked while checking the monitor

“He’s great, I think he’ll start teething anytime soon and I’m looking forward him starting to eat solid food.” She replied

“And you’ve been adjusting well to mother hood?”

“Well, it’s easy when it’s the only thing I need to worry about. Eric didn’t let me work and I only had to take care of Aleks”

“And now you’re working again”

“Yeah, against both our wills, I know Eric just wants me to take care of Aleks, and I too want to just take care of Aleks, but now we’ve got a whole thing going with the fence and the outside”

“You can stop now” she said slowing down the treadmill’s pace. Morgan hoped off and began to unclasp the receivers.

“I hate the idea that I won’t be seeing him as much”

“You just make sure to match your working hours with his sleeping time and you both will be fine. I’ll print up the results”

She waited for a half an hour to get the results and on the way up she walked around some departments to begin a check up, get more weight off Eric’s shoulders.

When she finally reached the office she could hear the little wimps of Aleks in the inside. She hurried and opened the door, finding Eric rocking Aleks slowly.

She walked to him and looked down, Aleks complaining again in his arms.

“Here’s your thing” she said leaving it in the desk. Eric leaned in and took it

“Start the rounds in the compound, I’ll take a look at these”

“What about him?”

“He’s fine, he’s probably has a gas, if he gets more fussy I will take him to you” he walked to the door of his office and exited, leaving Morgan sighing and taking the papers and exiting the office behind Eric.

She made her rounds and had some quick lunch not once running into Eric.

He on the other hand had revised the test results, and was hopping there was something wrong with Morgan, that way he would have a reason. But Morgan was in really good shape.

He walked to the armory and headed to where Creed usually hung out. He opened the door to the gate, looking at Creed lift his eyes to him and leave the things he was focusing on.

“How’s this little one?” He said taking Aleks from Eric’s arms and ruffling his long hair.

“That’s not what I wanted you to grab” he said giving him the papers. He held them with the hand that was holding Aleks while looking at the report.

Eric couldn’t help to feel a little bit jealous at Creed’s ease while holding Aleks, not bothering every second if he might fall from his arms or if he was holding him right, or maybe Eric just worried too much.

“They’re OK” he said frowning. Eric sat down at the chair in front of the desk. Creed sat down at the one he was originally at and placed Aleks in his thigh.

“I was hoping this was a valid excuse to prevent Morgan from training the outsiders”

“If you don’t want her to train then don’t train them”

“But what if something happens outside and they don’t defend us”

“Then we’ll deal with it when they come knocking on our door”

“I would rather have that first line of defense, the other factions leaders are already up my ass”

“And Christine”

“Specially Christine”

“So do it”

“I don’t want to ask Morgan to give up her family for this”

“Either way, that’s not your decision to make, you can present her with the choice and she’ll do whatever she feels like doing”

Aleks grabbed ahold of the papers Creed was working on and fisted them, trashing them around

“Can you cover me for those?, Morgan gets mad about paperwork not being on time”

“Really?” Eric said frowning.

“Yeah, she goes all out, like here she’s my boss and two minutes after my shift ends she’s all cracking jokes with me. It’s weird”

Eric heard Morgan’s voice on the hall and looked at Aleks perk up and look at the door.

“I love when he does that” he said.

“I don’t, means I’m about to get chewed”

“You’ll be fine” Eric crossed his arms and looked at the door, Morgan appearing in the way.

She looked down at him with a little frown then she heard a little yell coming from Aleks. She gave him a little smirk and walked to him.

“How my handsome baby boy?” She bent to kiss his cheek, and Aleks’ hands grabbed her by the jacket, it was all she needed to take him from Creed’s lap and give him another kiss while holding him by the back of his neck. “What’s this?” She said taking the papers from one of his hands.

“That’s my report, thought ill hand it over to your assistant”

Morgan smiled and took the paper away.

“He says they’re shit” she left the mess on Creed’s table and began to walk out.

“What does he know?” Creed grabbed Aleks’ feet making him let out a chuckle.

“Get them to Eric’s office when you’re done, I still have to check some other stuff. Say bye daddy” she grabbed Aleks’ hand and waved it at Eric.

“And bye uncle Creed”

Morgan fisted Aleks hand to weakly flip him off, which made Eric chuckle.

“Very nice of you, to teach your son that”

“Someone has to” she gave him a smirk and looked at Eric quickly before leaving the cage. Eric’s sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“You have to do something quick, in two months time you’ll have transfers to train and Morgan can’t rip herself in three”

Eric just nodded and stood up from the chair, leaving Creed to finish up his report.

He was at home before Morgan which weirded him out, but she came a few minutes later. Eric was sitting down in the long side of the couch, feet up and eyes closed. He had a headache and was at a loss of words.

“Con you take my boots off?” Morgan said pulling up her feet to Eric’s side, he untied both of them and watched as she stepped on them to take them off, holding Aleks to her chest.

She then kneeled on the couch and sat in between his legs, laying her back to his chest and patting Aleks’ back to make him sleep

“You can’t both sleep on top of me”

“Wanna bet?” She closed her eyes, feeling Eric’s hands move to her arms, up her neck and to her jaw. “Can’t you just ask me and quit the attitude?” She looked up at him. Eric shook his head and moved her face out of the way.

“I don’t want you to do it.”

“Well, being an adult means we don’t get to do what we want sometimes. This is bigger than what we want. This is what the city needs”

“Still” Morgan tilted her head up and Eric took that opportunity to kiss her on the forehead. “Well talk about this later”

Morgan gave him a little twist of her lips and leaned her head in his chest, closing her eyes.

“We have to resolve this today” Eric again kissed the crown of her head.

Morgan slept for half an hour before she woke up to move Aleks from on top of her and lay him in the couch next to Eric, covering him with a blanket and then plopping down again on Eric’s chest, this time face down, her arms going around his waist and her legs tangled with his.

Eric had his hand on top of Aleks to keep him in place, and his other one on Morgan’s lower back, as much as his arm would reach.

He always had one thought in his mind, it was the same one he had been having for several years now, but now he realized that the concept was the same, but his priorities weren’t the same.

Before it was ‘my job, my road to leadership, my team, my office, my apartment, my needs. Me’

Now that had shifted to almost another dimension now it was ‘my faction, my teams, my responsibilities, my friends, my night outs’… And then it was 'my family, my son, my house, my Morgan’

He looked down at Morgan, her cheek pressed to his chest, he moved the hair out of her neck and touched her cheek with his knuckles and thumb.

“Morgan” he called, she lifted up her head and opened her eyes, they were red and showed tiredness. “I love you”

She let out a little smile with a tired sigh and slumped down in his chest again.

“I love you too” she muttered, hugging herself closer to him and closing her eyes to sleep again.