i feel weird calling him by his actual name


Alan is the best at drawing, and Ryota is the worst. Ryota trying to justify his drawings by saying his bad drawings are flowing with originality lol


Ryota drawing of the principal it’s not that bad actually.. i agree, it does brimming wit originality lol

Play With Fire

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC x Thomas


Word Count: 11,023 

A/N: So this is my first Thomas fic and it’s really fucking long lol. This takes place in The Scorch and none of it is canon, I just thought it would make for a good story. I could have split it but I said fuck it and just left it as one long story. So I hope y’all enjoy it because it took me a while to get this done. Also, instead of Googling names for different explosive devices, because I’m paranoid lol, I just made up a name so that would be the name in Bold.  

Names. They give everyone their identity. Your name is part of who you are. I don’t have a name. Not one that I remember anyway. I was known as Subject 2184, according to WICKED. I have no memory of who I was before they got their hands on me. I spent most of my life locked in the facility.

Until he showed up.

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So watching The hunchback of notre dame and all I can think of during the Hellfire song is the Priest Gabe!au falling in love with the reader and willing to do whatever it takes for the reader to be his, god be damned.


Gabriel Reyes was a cherished member of the community, someone parents trusted and children adored. His sermons during morning mass were enough to actually wake people up and make them happy to be at church at the crack of dawn. Being a priest, he believed in being dedicated to the community and would regularly serve food to those who were less fortunate. There’d been numerous occasions where he would open the doors to his home for anyone who didn’t have somewhere to go when the weather got colder. When he wasn’t working at the church he was helping children with their homework at the aftercare program at the nearby youth center. 

He was a very good man but something felt off about him sometimes. 

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xiubarista99  asked:

Hi 💕 I hope I just got in time hire for drabbles request 😅 can I ask you for 316 with bad boy!au Minseok? Love ya ❤️

“I swear it was an accident.”

“I’m not interested, sorry,” you said for the nth time to the guy who just didn’t seem to listen. He had been hitting on you for a while now, not seeming to give up. Not only that, but he was really drunk too, which only irritated you further.

As annoying as he was, you wanted him to leave before your boyfriend arrived knowing it would not end well for this man if Minseok had to come around to see him shamelessly flirt with horrid pick-up lines that were enough to make you cringe.

You were waiting for your boyfriend in the park because the two of you were supposed to go on a date, but he messaged you saying he would be running a few minutes late.

Minseok was protective of you and had this thing where he always wanted to keep you safe under all circumstances.

“Come on, we can go back to my place and I can show you a good time, baby girl,” the man slurred. You cringed at the pet name. Minseok was the only one that could call you that without you feeling weird about it. You got a whiff of his breath which reeked of alcohol and you wanted nothing more than for him to be gone.

“No, I told you that I’m not interested. And I highly suggest that you leave now before something bad happens to you,” you say. You were actually being nice by telling him to leave. You really didn’t want there to be a fight when your boyfriend arrived.

“Is that a threat? I love feisty girls,” the man says, taking a piece of your hair in his hands, his face nearing yours. You leaned back since his proximity was making you feel uncomfortable.

“She said she wasn’t interested, are you deaf?” the man was forcefully pushed off away from you by none other than your boyfriend who, by the way, looked very angry.

“Relax man, I got here first,” the guy says, standing up straighter in an attempt to appear more intimidating, but that only angered Minseok even more who punched the man square in the face, successfully knocking him out.

Your mouth fell open in shock as you watched the man fall to the ground.

“What have you done?!” you shouted not believing the sight in front of you.

Quickly getting to the ground, you checked to see if the man was still breathing.

Once you were assured that he was in fine, you stood up and glared at Minseok.

“I swear it was an accident!” Minseok raised both of his arms, defending himself against your accusing stare, “I didn’t mean to knock him out, but he’s so drunk, it was bound to happen anyway.”

“Minseok!” you said sternly, “yes, he was drunk. What could he possibly do anyway, you didn’t have to punch him in the face. What are we going to do with him now?”

“Leave him there,” Minseok shrugged, not really caring what happened.

“Are you serious?” you scoffed, “you’re going to leave him? You know you could get into trouble for this right?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” he smirked at you, causing you to give him another glare.

“Okay sorry,” he sighed, “he won’t remember what happened anyway. He’s drunk, remember?”

“True,” you agreed, “but we still can’t just leave him here in the middle of the park.”

“It’s a safe park,” he shrugged, not caring what happened to the unconscious man on the ground. The only thing that was on Minseok’s mind was taking you somewhere else where he could finally spend some time with you.

“Minseok,” you stated, you were slowly losing your patience.

“Fine, fine,” he gave up, “I’ll move him to the bench over there then, is that fine?” he sighs.

You nod your head, thinking that it was better than leaving him in the middle of the park. The bench under the tree was fine.

“Why are you such a good person to people like him?” Minseok huffs while lifting the man, carrying him over to the bench.

“So that you don’t land up in jail.” You say blankly.

If it wasn’t for you, you were almost certain that Minseok would have ended up there long ago.

“I agree with this man, you really are feisty,” he smirks at you. You rolled your eyes at his response.

“Shut up, or do you want to end up like him too?”

Bullymagnet |Soul Mate Mix n Match AU

So I wrote a good chunk of this in the bullymagnet discord chat and well, decided to add more and share it with the peeps who are too shy to hang with us in the dumpster club house.

also idk how many words this is.

and here’s the fic!!

“Ahrgh, I cant read this stupid thing,” an irate voice whispers through Max’s mind, the words he’s heard thousands of times now, his soul mate’s ire towards what must be the compass mark. He could probably recite it perfectly, recreate the same emotion and tone - heck even the actions probably, but then people would know. So instead Max coughs, attempting to cover up his snort.

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I'm reading Starved again (I've read it so many times now), and I just?!?!?! Love this fic so much?!?! Particularly the whole scene in pt4 where it already feels like an intervention, but then the other sides realize what Virgil's doll was for, and it hits them so hard. And then it hits the reader so hard. And Roman just whispering "to get a hug?" and all the feels just slam me in the chest every time. And Patton swears, and as much as I dislike swearing, I really can't fault him this time. ugh

I just really love Starved. It’s my favorite. That scene is particularly striking. All the other sides were convinced and they were sad because they didn’t want Virgil to hate them. They didn’t want him to have to resort to beating up a doll, and it would be so much better if he could just talk to them. But they think he doesn’t want to. so they’re alright, they guess, with him beating something up as long as it helps him cope. And then he tells them and they realize. And it’s the best. Ty.

Random-Snippets: Anon, I can’t tell you how much these kinds of comments mean to me!!!! I love hearing about the specific things that worked for people, and this is just so detailed, thank you so much, first of all!!!

And yeah–interestingly enough, when I was writing pt 4, I didn’t realize that’s what the others thought. I couldn’t figure out why they were being so…weird? About things? Like were they actually just that mad about Virgil taking their stuff? ‘Cause that’s not really THAT big a deal, is it? Suerly? 

Then I remembered something I’d read in a book by Stephen King (shocker) called Duma Key–something about a character who’d suffered a head injury and used a ‘dammit doll’ named Reba when his memory loss made him feel enraged. It was a strategy to keep himself from lashing out at his friends and family. And I thought, “Hey! Logan would likely know about something like that.” ANd that’s how that story finally got its 4th chapter (anyone following this blog at that time may remember that Starved ch 4 gave me a fair amount of difficulty. Nowhere near what Anti-Anxiety has, but it was still a struggle.) 

Not only did that give me the perfect reason for the others’ behavior, it also gave me a chance to put in some misunderstanding–a parallel conversation, if you will, where Virgil thought they knew what the clothes had been for and just thought they were embarrassed and ashamed of how pathetic he was, but where the others thought the clothes were to make a dammit doll Virgil could beat up on when he was too frustrated with them to think straight. It made both sides feel bad, because the others thought Virgil hated them enough to want to beat them up in effigy, and Virgil thought the others were ashamed of him.

Then when they figured it out, it was that moment of “oh holy shit” on both sides, ya know? I live for moments like that, and I was so happy this fic ended up setting itself up for one. (I say the fic set itself up because I honestly feel like I’m along for the ride 99% of the time when I’m writing, and I just wait and see where I end up. Usually it works out. Sometimes… *sigh* Sometimes not so much. Bleh.) 

But yeah anyway, sorry for the rambles but this comment made me supper excited and happy and I wanted to share with you the inspiration for that particular bit of the story! <3 

Thank you again, anon!!! <3 <3 

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I'm amazed how they find actors! Arita is already killing me (*´꒳`*) what a majime otoko lol

He’s sooooo majime that I feel weird calling him just “Kenji” even though I’ve typically referred to every actor by given name (or common nickname).  I feel like I have to call him Arita Kenji all the time, like his name just needs that extra gravitas because of how serious he tends to be.  

But like, he’s really cute in an intimidating sort of way… lol

After Duelist Kingdom, everyone’s like, “Man, we’ve gotten so used to thinking of the Other Yugi as just another side of Yugi’s personality, it’d be weird to consider the possibility that he might actually be his own person :/”. So they just…don’t? They don’t start treating him like an individual for all the remaining months he stays with them. And then after Memory World they’re like, “we’ve gotten so used to calling him Other Yugi/Other Me, it’d feel weird to start calling him by his actual preferred name now :/”. So they don’t!

And on a meta level, it kinda reads like KT going “Yeah, I know I changed my mind and decided to make Dark Yugi a ghost instead of a Hollywood Split Personality, but I’m still sort of attached to my original idea, and you readers probably are too.” But in-universe, that’s just a shitty way to treat someone? Atem never stops talking about how much his friends mean to him and how they inspire him and how he’d do anything for him, and meanwhile it winds up looking like his “friends” don’t even want to acknowledge his basic humanity because it’d be a little inconvenient.

Good Friends Die

Request: Would you be interested in doing a Patrick x reader one where the reader is his internet friend and they’ve haven’t got a chance to meet yet. The reader loses someone close to them, your choice. Patrick finds out about the death and he flies out to support the reader for the wake of funeral, what have you. I just lost my Grandma and I feel utterly alone…

Warning: Angst, family member death

Pairing: Patrick x Reader

Words: 2957


Stumpomatic is online

The notification pinged in the corner of my laptop. Of all the names he could have given himself, he called himself the same thing he called his guitar. Patrick was a weird one, but he was my friend. I would almost call him my best friend. Even though we haven’t actually met.

We were testing out this messaging system that was like the old AOL instant messaging back in the day. His friend designed it and it seemed to work well. No viruses had attacked my computer yet.

Stumpomatic: hey (Y/N)! what’s up?

Patrick and I met through Tumblr. He didn’t really use it that often, we just met when he commented on a post I made about music. That got us talking but with Tumblr’s messaging system being shit at the time, he sent me the link to test out this one instead.

MusicisLife: oh not much. Trying to work on this homework but I seem to be procrastinating

Stumpomatic: Sorry should I let you work on that?

MusicisLife: Nah, don’t worry about it. If I wasn’t talking to you, I’d be looking at something else.

Patrick and I were about the same age. He said he was in college for music theory but did some stuff for a band on the side. We would talk for hours at a time. He would even try to help me with homework. We’ve had our fair share of late night conversations where we stay up until four in the morning.

I helped him through a bad break up a while back. He was drinking a lot and didn’t seem to care whether he lived or died. Once he was able to find himself again, he made a point to make himself heathy. He told me that he lost weight and was able to cut back on his drinking. I was proud of him.

Later that night when I was finishing up homework at almost one, Patrick messaged me.

Stumpomatic: I really wish I could meet you. You’re so cool and one of the few people that understands me. Hopefully soon.

MusicisLife: Yea. Hopefully soon.

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Chapter 03: The Weekend

“You should really come with me. Monday, classes are cancelled for the random security testing that the Dean is requiring. Besides my parents would love if you came. Shelly is already excited; she talked about you the whole while we were out shopping." 

Eva nodded as Kelly spoke. The words going through one ear and out the other. Regardless of what her friend said Eva wouldn’t bombard them with her presence for such a personal family event. She loves Mr. and Mrs. Griffin but this wasn’t the time for "pops up”. 

Besides, this weekend Eva had plans.

She hoped for them, anyways. 

“No…..you guys go and enjoy yourself. I’ll be fine here.”

“Doing what? Studying for a test that’s weeks away? Sounds so exciting." 

"Hey! I need this 4.0 to continue if I plan to finish at NYU. And trust me, I do." 

"One weekend won’t kill it, Eva." 

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Too Much

hello! this was requested by @itsmultifandomshit and after a long long time of being on hiatus, i am here and ready to write again! im sorry this took so long, i hope you like it!

genre: fluff (feat. slight angst)

word count: 1.5K

warnings: none!

     "Hey dude, wait up!“ You called after you best friend who was walking a little bit too fast.
     "I wait for no one! Walk faster (Y/N), we gotta go!”
     “I still don’t understand why I have to come to this though.“ You replied, finally catching up.
     "Because, I wan’t you to meet my other friends! I know you’re gonna like them.”
     "Andddd because you love meee…”
     "Yeah yeah, let’s go.“ You tried to hide your blush by walking faster. “So how many people are actually going to be there?”
     "Well, I don’t really know, but it will be all of Seventeen, hopefully all of Pristin, and maybe NU'EST and a couple others from Afterschool.“
     "Oh… jesus. That’s a lot.”
     "Well, it is a company party. They’ll be a lot of other people than that though, but you don’t really have to talk to them. I don’t know them that well either.“ He glanced at you, and you looked down at the sidewalk to avoid his gaze. "Hey, you’ll be fine, okay? Just stick with me, I won’t leave you.”
     "Promise?“ You mumbled.
     "Of course. Why would I want to ditch my best friend?”

     "Oh my GOD this house is huge Minghao, where the hell are we?“
     "It’s our CEO’s house,” he said with a smile, opening the door for you. You hesitated to step in, but he placed his hand on you back gently and nudged you forward. “You’re gonna be fine (Y/N). I promised, didn’t I?” You took a deep breath and stepped in, Minghao right behind you. Someone must have heard his voice because they quickly came to the door, pulling him in for a hug. He was tall, with very pointed features. The two talked quickly in Chinese, way too fast for you to understand. You lightly grabbed Minghao’s arm, hoping he would introduce you.
     ”(Y/N), this is Jun! He’s the other Chinese member I told you about.“ He said, smiling warmly at you. His smile made you so happy, it was so unique and so beautiful. It fit him well. ”(Y/N)? You good?“ He said, snapping you out of your daydream.
     "Oh, yeah! Sorry. I’m (Y/N)!” You shook Jun’s hand before you heard people calling his name from the other room.
     "Hey, I’m gonna go check in with Hoshi.“ Minghao said. Was he actually leaving you alone even though he just promised not to?
     "Can I come?” You asked nervously.
     "Sure, come with me.“ He led you through the crowd, talking to tons of people you didn’t know.  It was beginning to feel weird just clinging to him the entire time. What if he wanted to hang out with his other friends? What if he was getting annoyed by you? You wanted to leave, but you wanted to stay near him. The room started to spin, but you didn’t want to worry anyone, so you stayed quiet. A long while later, he found Hoshi. Finally, someone you’ve met before.
     ”(Y/N)!“ He yelled over the music. “How are you?”
     "I’m good!“
     "Do you wanna dance?”
     "Uhhh, I’m okay!“
     "Are you sure?”
     “Positive.“ You said, laughing nervously. You loved to dance, but you’d honestly really rather not get seperated from Minghao. He gave you a weird look. Oh god, maybe he wanted you to go. Maybe he needed time with other friends. Before Hoshi left you stammered some sort of "never mind”, as he dragged you out to where people were dancing. You felt a bit nervous seeing so many people grinding, but you took a deep breath and just let go. You eventually started to let loose and enjoy yourself. Of course, dancing wtih Hoshi will do that to you. The two of you took a breather some unkown amount of time later.
      “Where did Minghao go?” You asked him once you were safely in the quiet(er) kitchen.
     "Uhhh I don’t know, wanna go look for him?“
     "Sure, thank you!” You replied, your energy still pretty high from dancing. You stepped back out of the kitchen, and someone immediately called Hoshi’s name. He game you an apologetic smile, and he was gone. The nervousness and fear and being away from the only people you knew struck your heart once again, and you rushed to find Minghao. About twenty minutes later, you still couldn’t find him, so you went and sat on the porch. Almost like it was planned, your phone rang.
     ”(Y/N)?“ Minghao asked, "How’s the party?”
     "It’s alright. Where did you go?“
     "Um, about that. I somehow got roped into going to taco bell with vernon and some of his friends.”
      “I’m really sorry. I went to go get you but I couldn’t find you and they said they were leaving-”
     "You’re rambling Minghao. It’s alright, I’ll get a ride home.“
     "Okay. Are you really okay?”
     "I’m okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.“
     "Wait- Vernon shut up I’m gonna throw my taco at you- (Y/N) wait can I come over after- VERNON NO" 

Dial tone.

     ”(Y/N)? Why are you out here?“
     "Yep. Is everything okay?“
     "Yeah I’m fine I just….”
     "Listen I know I just met you but you can talk to me, I’m good at keeping secrets.“ He said, rubbing your arm.
     "Ohhh my god I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really like Minghao,” you hesitated, expecting him to laugh, but he didn’t. He looked at you with a kind expression and let you go on. “and I was aleady freaked out about coming to this, and now he’s having fun with his other friends and I feel too clingy and it’s weird and complicated because I want to spend time with him but what if he gets annoyed with me? What if he never wants to hang out with me again? What…. what if….” you interupted your own list of issues with a quiet sob. “What if he hates me?” Jun didn’t say a word, but just gave you a hug and let you cry. “C-can you drive me home?” You managed to say.
     "Of course.“

     The ride home was very quiet. You were so embarassed from crying in front of someone you barely knew, even if he was this kind. He walked you up to your apartment, gave you a hug, and you were on your own again. As soon as you shut the door, you heard a phone ring. Was it yours? You looked around, it definitely wasn’t yours. You listened through the door, it was Jun. He picked up fairly quickly.
     "Minghao? Whats going on dude where did you go?” He quieted while Minghao talked. “You need to talk to her dude. I’m serious, I know how you feel, trust me. Tell her.” What? Tell who what? “Sure, I’ll come pick you up. Bye.” He walked away. You sat on your small couch, freaking out even more than before, but trying desperately to calm yourself down. Too soon, you heard a knock on your door along with quiet voices. As quiet as you could be, you pressed you ear agaisnt the door. It was Minghao and Jun.
     "Just knock again!“ Jun.
     "I’m nervous!” Minghao.
     "Just, hold on-“ three more knocks made you jump, so you finally opened the door. Jun smiled at you and winked subtly.
     "Can I come in?” The younger asked.
     “Yeah, of course.“ He stepped in and sat on the couch. "Jun, why is he here?” You whispered.
     "You need to talk to him! Trust me, please (Y/N).“ He begged.
     "Fine. But if this goes wrong I’m blaming you.” He shot you another smiling and closed the door. Trying to hide your nervousness, you sat next to your best friend. “Listen…” you started.
     "I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t want to ditch you. You didn’t deserve that. Are you okay?“
     "It’s alright! I don’t mind really…” he grabbed your hand, startling you.
     "Jun said you were crying, please talk to me. I know you (Y/N). Something is up.“
     "I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve been so clingy. I don’t mean to be, I just…” your eyes started to water again, “You’re my best friend, and I really like you. I’m sorry.”
     ”(Y/N)….“ you began to pull away, but he pulled you even closer into a hug. “It’s okay (Y/N), it’s okay to cry. But, if it makes you feel any better, I like you too.”
      “Like… like like?” You asked, pulling slightly back so you could get a good look at his face. He grinned.
     "You sound like a middle schooler, but yeah. Like like.“
     "Why didn’t you tell me?”
     "Me? Why didn’t you tell me is the real question?” You didn’t answer. He didn’t follow up on anything just said. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you. 

     “So, are we dating now?” 

Something for the Lancelot fans haha.. I honestly dun remember Lotor ever addressing to anyone but Allura by their name, it’s always “Voltron” or “you”.. Like I don’t actually remember him ever calling Keith (who he interacts with most and actually introduced himself to him) by name (maybe he does I just dun remember) 

and then I remember there’s this one part where he for some reason goes “My dear Lance” (before pushing him off a cliff, dun get excited), and it like really throws you off like wtf why is this suddenly feels so personal haha, how does he even knows his name?

I dunno it was just a funny weird thing

anonymous asked:

What does jimin-ssi mean? Is it like a form of affection or what? How come the other members don’t call each other that?

Actually they do. Jungkook’s just been using it a lot these days and saying it in weird ways so it somehow became a bit of a pet name. He’s done it several times before but he’s been breaking personal records recently.

“씨” = Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir…
When we call someone’s name in a polite way, we say “씨” after the name. Just like Mr Jimin.

I just feel like it’s a problem solving tactic for him lol. We all know that JK has shown his discontent at being seen as the baby to Jimin and calling him Jiminie or Jimin-ah in public or in front of the cameras too often would be a bit disrespectful so this is the next best thing.

anonymous asked:

I have sort of a weird question and I hope I can explain it right. How do you choose what names to use? In Hunger, Shouyou is his name but Hinata is a nickname, but in Thirst you use his full name, god and demon Hinata are both Hinata and not Shouyou, in wasteland au is only Kageyama (so far) but in HotJ it's only Tobio... How do you decide which one to use? Even when you use their full name, how do you decide how to call them?

Ha, this is actually a fun question… it’s something I tend to contemplate a decent amount before I start writing! A lot of the times, it’s just what feels the most “natural”, and it varies based on the story. Specific examples:

In Hunger, since I’m going with sort of a vaguely European feudal setting, Shouyou doesn’t have a last name (because he’s a royal). But he does in Thirst, because he’s a commoner there. And Kageyama is “Kageyama Tobio” in both, because in Hunger, he’s a commoner; and in Thirst, he keeps his common family’s surname (as a Lamb, he would have taken on the name of whoever he eventually married).

Incubass/Dreamless, although now a larger verse, is still part of the group of fics I did for RC’s 30 day NSFW challenge, and I simply decided to use Kageyama and Hinata for all of those. Everything besides Dreamless was canon-verse, and for some reason it usually feels more natural to me to use their family names when I write canon, since that tends to be what they go by/call each other in the series. Also, I felt like an incubus would just be known by one name, and “Hinata” seemed a bit less humanized and more distant than using his given name, if that makes sense?

Sun god!Hinata in Somewhere to Belong is much the same, in that I wanted that sense of otherness. My general thought was that no one actually calls him Hinata, they call him “sun god” (and probably other titles) out of respect, which is why it’s a big deal that Kageyama calls him Hinata so freely. Beyond that, it felt awkward to try and give him an even more intimate name, so I just left out Shouyou entirely. “Hinata” does mean “sun”, after all. Kageyama is called Tobio in that fic basically because I had done the same with Asahi in This Place in the Sky (which came before it). But then I liked the thought of the narrative for that series always using the mortals’ given name, since they are the POV characters, and we are very much in their head in those stories.

This sort of started off a trend for most of my stories. The stories that I feel are most introspective, where I want the POV character to feel particularly open and narratively sympathetic, I tend to use their first name. Because this is also likely how they’d think of themselves, and I want it to feel like we’re inside their head.

But I have weird exceptions all over the place… Wasteland is one. Shouyou does actually call him “Tobio” a couple times in Survive, so Kageyama told him somewhere along the way what his first name is. Shouyou on the other hand only uses his first name… for reasons that I’m going into a deeper explanation of in Defy! :D Another weird one is Heart of the Jungle, where it’s swapped, because although it does have a lot of focus on Hinata’s emotions, Tobio is only able to tell him his first name (he doesn’t remember “Kageyama”). And after Hinata had introduced himself, he only really learned “Hinata” – he probably does know Shouyou is also Hinata’s name, but it’s not the first one he learned, so he doesn’t use it.

SO basically, I tend to have some kind of loose ~feeling~ that guides me one way or the other, but it’s based on POV and story content, mostly!

anonymous asked:

Regarding that first name calling post, why does Roy only use ranks with riza, like yeah he use ranks with everyone but like with maes he calls him Hughes and calls " havoc " " fuery " using their last name BUT riza. Even tho she's the closest to him.

yknow its true, he rarely calls her just hawkeye, usually just lieutenant or lieutenant hawkeye. i could only assume it makes him uncomfortable/reminds him of her father. i feel like bertholds death was the first death roy witnessed or really held onto like that so he was probably decently traumatized by it…but cmon roy, thats your gf. cmooooooon. its her last name, roy. get used to it.

[edit] OK out of curiosity i just double checked my royai folder lol and he actually never calls her just “hawkeye”, and barely ever says “first lieutenant/lieutenant hawkeye” usually just uses “lieutenant.” its such a weird little detail, especially since - as you mentioned - he calls his other subordinates all by their last names.

anonymous asked:

What pet names do you think the pack would call their significant other? Also what's your fav pet names. I'm a sucker for kitten and babygirl

- i think for sam and emily they just go with the classic “sweetheart” and “hun” but idk i dont wanna paint them as the uber domestic mom and dad couple bc they’re still like in their early 20s so i like to think sam hits emily with the occasional “sweet-cheeks” or “sugar-bum” something sweet but a little cheeky LMAO.
- for jared and kim i think any switch-up of their name is plausible. “jare”, (kim likes to think she’s funny for constantly calling jared “old man/grandpa” in various languages), sometimes new names all together like “jimmy”, “john” if kim is joking around. for kim– “kimberly” is always fun for the whole pack, “cornwheeler”, “corn-pop”, i have a picture of jared and kim play-fighting or some cheesy cute stuff like that and him calling her “little girl” (which also leads to kim calling jared grandpa in some language in response), and ocassionally jared uses “baby” or something like “sweet-pea” in private cuddle sessions :’’))) or when he’s like super proud of kim or smth he’ll be like “thats my baby :-))” wow i wish i had a bf lol someone just end me :-)))) 
- rach and paul are the wild-cards– they can use any sort of category of couple nicknames and it would work for them. i like to think that rachel likes to torture paul a little when another girl tries to get a little too close to her man she’ll slide next to him and just be cringingly clingy and say stuff like “hey honey-pumpkin i think we left the toaster on at home!!” or “schnookums we have to get back real quick we have to feed mittens the kitten soon!!!” LOL. i can def see them using the names u used like “kitten” and “baby-girl” during the sex tho ;)) u kno ;)) fdjhffhjds hahahahaahajsj kill me but fr i think for everyday they just use “rach” and “p” :-)) 

- seth seems like the kind to greet you like “hey youuu” but in that rlly sweet cute melty way when a guy u like says shit like that ur like :) hello :) its me ur right!! 
- jake is definitely a “babe” dude– uses it too often, sometimes his partner is like “do u even know my actual name or am i just “babe” to u now lmao” 
- quil is someone i rlly cant see like he’s a bit of a joker so i think he’ll use inside jokes as nicknames and everyone else around him is just like “wait what did u call ________” “uh i called them ‘mahogany’ do u have a problem with that” 
- leah has a real appreciation for classics like “sweetheart” as well (and she secretly loves those cheesy ones like “pumpkin” and stuff :’’))) 

**AND NO MATTER WHO THEY’RE DATING, IMPRINTEES AND PARTNERS ALWAYS USE THE FOLLOWING: “mutt”, “dog”, “mongrel”, “hound” “canine”, “pup”, other various dog synonyms (bonus points for those who jokingly call their respective partner their “service animal” LMAO)

True Name, True Love - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but after the episode last night (which I only saw this morning) I felt this one was necessary.

WARNINGS: Potential spoilers (TEEN WOLF S6EP8), crappy Google Translate (I do not speak Polish as a language, but I want to learn it)

SUMMARY: Stiles feels as though you’ve been through a lot together, and finally decides to tell you his real name.

NOTES: I’m still shook after the episode.


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Headcannons because, fuck it’s 12:24 am and i did this for the second night in the row glob damn it!

Adrien purrs. I’m a strong believer in Adrien becoming MORE of a cat after he got the ring and just flat out purring if somebody caresses his hair just right(I’m pretty sure this is fannon by now, but we gonna start this shit out nice and easy).

Speaking of Adriens cat nature, before he got the ring(and my smol son was incredibly lonely) he had to find ways to entertain himself. And thus started his obsession with yarn. Even before his mom left and things were happier, Adrien couldn’t be in 20 foot radius of yarn. He will find it and he will play.

When Marienette finds out she laughs a little and then makes sure to always have yarn in her room/house when he’s over. She don’t get the cheap shit either. If he’s gonna destroy and scratch at it, might as well get the durable shit so it can last.

Once him and ladybug/ Marienette and him start dating he may or may not have let it slip they were dating when cornered by the press, because he is human and he does get nervous when talking to new people so he lets EVERYTHING slip out. (plags surprised he hasn’t let it slip he is chat noir)

His mom had a lot of weird and cute nicknames for everyone. He picked up her habit very young ( like once he could actually speak, young), hence all the pet names for ladybug.

Marinette is no exception to this nickname rule

He likes to call her bugaboo the most, even though he can’t say it when they’re Adrien and Marinette.

PUNS. (Yis, yis I know we all know Adriens likes his puns) but it’s also his coping method. Making a joke out of a really bad situation makes him feel better and not, you know, have a panic/anxiety attack. He used to do it out loud (when he was alone)and force himself to do so. Now it’s just impulse. He can’t not do it anymore; it just comes out .

When his mother left, he had a lot of panic attacks. His father was more distant and nobody paid him any attention and when they did speak to him it was only about work (and even then it rare, they would mostly speak to his father. They would talk to him to put him in a certain position or to move his head a certain way) and he feels helpless because nobody [not even his own mother] loved him enough to stick around or care for him. When the sadness and pressure got to much he had a panic attack(only when he was alone and he can let it slip because again the emence pressure put on him to act like Jesus’ personal angel in public made him feel like “shit if I panic now I’m gonna get in trouble”

Most of those public panic attacks consist of him go stock still. His eyes widen and water a bit . He breathes in more air. He looks like he just realized something or has allergies.

In private though, he’s just taking as many shuddering breathes and openly crying. He manages to breath in and breath out slowly until he can breath properly again. After these panic attacks tho he just openly sobs until he falls asleep.

While Mari’s never felt with panic attacks (sure she panics but never something like what Adrien goes through) she does all she can to help him. She researches what someone should do when their friend is having a panic attack and memories the steps by heart so that when Adrien needs her, she can actually do something other than back rubs (those come after tho)

Adrien basically raised him self. I mean his mom was around for all of ten years but in hindsight it seems like a lot when really it’s not. Plus there was a lot of help around the house. Sure his mom was their but that was only really to play games or to keep him company all day. If he fell and scraped his knee, the help would get a band aid. The help would cook. Etc.) He’s practically living alone for 5 years now (he gets his own band aid, he keeps himself company, etc.).

When Mari catches on that he doesn’t let any one take care of him (1, he doesn’t know how to get help, 2, he feels like he doesn’t deserve the help) she makes it her personal mission to do all the shit he shouldn’t have to do alone with her.

Sure we know Adriens as a cinnamon bun and a sinamon bun, but he’s just a sinamon bun. Like once he is fully comfortable with his friends, PUNS my dude, PUNS(it’s still his method of coping tho, cause wow people are here and they spend time with him but what if they leave? What if they don’t like him no more? What if they grew board of him and tossed him to the curb?)

Anyways, they really only know Adrien as a cinnamon bun for the first year and once he is FULLY comfortable, his puns slowly start to come out. It shocks them how many puns he has for any situation . ANY SITUATION.

Our girl Mari, she’s so fucking smart. After the shock of hearing terrible puns come out of his sweet boy face (hehe,dumb boy with a dumb boy face) she notices little things. Like his eyes shift back and forth to all of his friend s to see if what he said is okay, the slight nervousness he hides behind all the (admittedly clever) puns. How he always falls back on a pun when he seems unsure. She starts to pun back as to show him, “hey we like you, we think your funny, we are your friends don’t be nervous”

Adriens a kitten. Kitten everything. Kitten sneezes, kitten eyes (they always held this tenderness and love) kitten face (I mean he’s adorable) kitten whiskers (cause puberty doing him dirty and it’s not letting him grow a beard whyyyyy)

Adrien is really tech savvy. His father always buys him the latest technology and on those day where he was alone (as per usual) he would start tinkering around with diffrent programs. He slowly (but surely) started getting smarter and smarted. He learned how to hack the security system (every morning, the first thing he does is turn the security cameras in his room off, and makes sure they stay off) How to unlock the special cabinets contain all the junk food he was only allowed once in a while.

The first time his friends find out, it’s when The ladyblog got hacked and was getting destroyed by the person. Like straight out deleting all Alya’s hardworking and posting really really inappropriate videos. She comes to school in a full out panic and Adrien of course is like “say no more fam,” goes to the school library(mind you with all of them (Mari, Alya, and Nino) trailing behind him like lost and confused puppies) pulls up some weird computer voodoo shit, and not only brings back the blog(with all the things that had been deleted) but found out we’re the creep who was hacking her was and all his information “so should I call the police or…?” And there all just in awe because, woah this cute little cinnamon bun was now a cute nerdy cinnamon bun, wtf no the balances of the world had been destroyed.

Everytime Mari steals a phone (it’s happened four times, what’s four more????) Adrien is the one to help her break in cause if you can’t beat em join em

Adrien’s heart is so (shockingly) big (considering the fact he was barley shown any love) which is were a lot of his stress comes from. Because how does one show affection????

While Adrien had too much time on his hands, he’s actually only read less then half of the books in his room (most of those books are decoration, no one thought he would actually read them). He’s only read that portion because he was too busy reading fanfiction on those books he read.

Adrien’s love for physics came from reading some of the physics books in his library. It fascinated him how physics is literally life.

It fascinated him to the point of him conducting his own experiments on gravity and forces and such. Like throwing himself off of his skate ramp to test gravity experiments( yes there was multiple)

Rock nerd (he collects rocks and separates them by kind: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

He’s one of those people who always has a lot of snacks on them, not only for Plag but for himself and others too. He’s the soccer mom of the group, always pulling out snacks for everyone (because Alya is ultimately the mom of the group)

He is clean. This is a huge help for Mari cause she’s not so clean and he helps her clean her room

He doesn’t like fish. If he’s at a dinner or something he’ll eat it but he won’t like it. The only seafood he genuinely enjoys is lobster and shrimp

Stationary King! It’s mainly because he seen his mom always bought stationary to send thank you cards and stuff. He adopts this quirk as well.

When there identities are revealed, they don’t get together right away like some of yalls fanfiction be showing. It takes time (ALOT OF TIME BECAUSE THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CANT FIGURE EACH OTHER OUT EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE S AM E C L A S S). They become bestfriends, they learn each other inside and out.

Adrien initiates the relationship and Marinette says (obviously) yes. They keep it a secret though because, well those are other headcannons for another day 😁☺️😏

Thats really all I have. So long story short: Adrien is our son and we need to protect this cute cin/sinamon bun.

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I was thinking about this earlier and wanna hear what you think. So, I feel like Opal will always call Ronan Kerah(?) and will call Adam by his name for a while but might change that after he and Ronan get married so what do you think she'd call him then? (like daddy or papa) and if they adopt other kids will they all just follow suit and call Ronan Kerah even though they all think it's weird af? idk I just love thinking about this.

Opal calling Ronan Kerah is actually precious. Imagine though if she has speech & language problems when she first starts speaking out loud in the real world and she tries to say “Adam” but it comes out like “dadum” like….. she basically starts calling him dad because she tries to shorten it to Ad and then she’s full on calling him dad and she picks up what the word means and she just starts calling him dad all the time and yeah, daddy too bc that’s cute. When Ronan realizes she’s actually calling him dad and not some version of Ad, he sort of kind of dies