i feel very strongly about a lot of things and i try to be as informed as possible before i do something like this

OK guys hear me out on this but- I think that the entire TAZ world, or at least the seven red-robes are running on a constant majoras mask/refuge year long loop that resets with the earth being devoured by The Hunger, and that there is a second voidfish that (up until now) kept this a secret

There will be a tl;dr at the end

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more autistic rachel thoughts because i did them late last night and forgot like all of my favorite points:

  • obviously rachel is literally psychic now, but there always had to be something specific about her that would make her an ideal candidate to host delphi.
  • she’s always been super intuitive, asking very insightful questions that freaked out the stuffy rich snobs she grew up around, and sitting very silently and just observing everything about the world around her.
  • a lot of autistic people who are very intuitive and even prophetic have suggested that it’s actually a kind of very advanced subconscious pattern recognition; many autistic people are super good at spotting patterns, and if you’re good enough at it, you can predict certain things because of the pattern of details signals something to you subconsciously.
  • this extends past predicting events, and can actually affect how you see people— “he looks like he’s about to do something illegal” and then the next day you see his mugshot on the news.
  • you can bet this didn’t go over all that great with her parents. they think she’s “weird” and “odd” and she says strange things and asks questions about topics that she has no business knowing about are always trying to make her more “normal”. it’s actually really sad because she was just a bright happy kid trying to share cool information and inquisitive and curious about the world but they just…don’t receive it well at all
  • her parents took her to all kinds of doctors to try and “fix” her, but once they threw out The A Word they got too frightened by the stigma and refused to accept the diagnosis, so fortunately rachel was spared from the more horrifying “treatments”
  • but she did have her fair share of horrible aids who forced her to stop stimming by grabbing her hands or yelling at her to make eye contact
  • her parents were always torn between wanting to control her and not wanting to look like bad parents who make their kid scream in public, so if she starts to get really upset and looks like she’s on the verge of a meltdown they back off and just grudgingly let her do whatever she wants so she’ll be quiet
  • she likes to wear the same thing every day and like you know her mother is mortified about this and she doesn’t want people to think she can’t dress her kid properly so they have a lot of fights about it, but eventually rachel ends up getting her way because her mom just gets so flustered and exasperated
  • when people snap at her for “saying weird things” as a child, she goes nonverbal and just retreats into herself
  • she has a series of unsuccessful therapists and eventually her parents just get so frustrated that they stick her in art therapy bc at this point they’ll try whatever works
  • rachel LOVES art therapy
  • it’s a great sensory experience for her, it allows herself to get her feelings out more successfully than she ever could with words, and she’s a very visual thinker (like many autistic people) so it just comes naturally. she can also express herself in more unconventional ways and call it “art” and that’s acceptable, even encouraged.
  • lol rachel is so like model artist like pretty much every great artist was either gay or non-neurotypical and rachel is both
  • she has a type of synesthesia where colors are linked to textures and emotions
  • she paints her dreams a lot, or she just paints her feelings. a lot of her first paintings like when she was a kid are just abstract paintings of colors
  • but once she starts really developing a passionate love for art her parents start to get Upset because like yeah at first she seemed a lot calmer and better behaved but like…it’s just therapy she’s not supposed to become an artist
  • which is why they start pushing clarion so hard bc they’re starting to be like “okay okay the therapy was fun but like srsly when r u gonna like…be normal”
  • as she gets older she stops feeling sad and empty and starts getting angry at how she’s been treated. so she stops trying to be “normal” and instead goes as far the other way as she possibly can.
  • she’s not a big fan of personal grooming and just does whatever’s manageable (hence the “i’m brushing my curly ass hair while it’s dry, i don’t care if it has gold paint in it i’m not washing it”)
  • she’s not so great at adhering to the status quo and just accepting “that’s just the way it is” sounds like a ludicrous explanation to her, so this is what pushes her to look critically at the world and become so radical at such a young age
  • i mentioned this before but she doesn’t really have a gender or strong connection to her gender. this is very common because 1. lots of autistic people think of themselves as their brains/thoughts and may feel a type of dissociation towards their bodies, not feeling fully connected or in control of them 2. gender is really just another kind of social norm, and many autistic people struggle to understand the purpose of social norms in general or just don’t particularly care about them 3. so as a result a lot of autistic people have a systematic sort of understanding of gender as a set of behaviors/actions/presentation and may be unable or strongly dislike performing these certain behaviors/actions/presentations, and thus they just conclude they don’t have a gender.
  • she doesn’t wear bras or shave (and god forbid makeup). it’s sensory hell and also contradicts her feminist principles. many birds with one stone.
  • she loves cats, adores cats, cats are her favorite companion forever.
  • all animals are her friends and she does not eat them (aside from loving animals she also just really can’t stand the texture of meat, so again, two birds one stone).
  • she has a rainbow keychain that she loves dangling the keys on and threading it through her fingers
  • rachel and her autistic gf reyna? incredible, amazing, best idea i’ve ever had
  • gah i really love that because their symptoms are so different but there’s also that underlying thread of Sameness that u feel when ur with another autistic person…luv that companionship
  • (i just have to mention this somewhere but rachel is a luna lovegood/lilo/mabel pines kind of autistic and reyna is a elphaba thropp/dipper pines kind of autistic. that will be all)
  • also rachel who says exactly what she means because she figures it’s the most direct and easy way to communicate, which sometimes makes her seem quite blunt but also has it’s merits (this is canon percy says “she let you know how she felt” and doesn’t try and play games in the beginning of tlo). she’s sick of miscommunication and people passing judgement on her for some unwritten social rule that she doesn’t understand so she just lays it all out there and figures people can take it or leave it.
  • um also rachel who introduces herself by her full name??? because That’s her name. all of it. if you say it in pieces it’s not her name anymore. word order is important you can’t just take the elizabeth out that’s what’s on her birth certificate that’s Her Name
College Advice

With one semester under my belt and a so far unblemished GPA, here’s a list of everything I wish I had known before I started college (plus some stuff I figured out along the way):

1. Read the syllabus for your class and then go one step further: pick assignments that you can do ahead of time, like readings, and then actually do them. At least at my university you hit a point about a month or so into school where all of the sudden you have no free time. Earlier on you’re going to have some slow weekends. I’m not saying do it all at once, but if you take away some easy but time consuming assignments earlier the whole semester will feel a little smoother. Important though: You still have to review your notes/work when relevant or you’ll be screwed later on.

2. The first like two weeks of school as a freshman you are shuttled through dozens of social events, infofairs, and mixers. You may find that you make a lot of friends at first, but then once that one month marker passes you look up from your textbooks and realize you haven’t spoken to another human outside of classes in days. Try to have at least one recurring social thing going on, whether that’s meeting friends for dinner once a week, going to a club meeting or a study group.

3. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Like seriously, if something is just not making sense, you need to get another person involved. Sometimes studying alone and Google only go so far! Office hours are good and so is tutoring. Ask classmates too if you can. I really hated my chem lab, and there was one lab where the data we got basically defied the laws of physics. I ran into someone from my lab section on the street and vented about it- turns out she had the same problem, but more importantly, she knew what caused it! My lab report was still pretty bad due to the nonsensical data, but I had a coherent answer when it came time to explain error.

4. Go to class, participate, and be nice to your professors. If they host optional reviews, definitely go to them. Depending on the prof’s style, you may be able to just sit and listen or they may expect you to bring questions. Have at least one just in case. The reason why this matters (besides networking and engaging in active learning) is that a lot of professors make a component of your grade “participation”. I had a course where I was borderline between an A minus and and A, which could have dinged my GPA. My grade basically was going to come down to a rewrite of a paper. I went to a not very well attended test review and got extra hints about what was going to be on the test and what the professor was looking for, which boosted my final test grade, and though I can’t prove it I strongly suspect my professor used my participation grade to nudge me over the edge to an A.

5. This wasn’t one I learned, but one I realized other people didn’t know: your school very likely pays a crap ton of money to give you access to academic research databases through the library. Use them, oh my god, please use them. For one thing, I’ve found it’s just plain easier than attempting to do regular research- you get lots of good, relevant, generally sound information; you can sort in cool ways (like if you don’t want outdated research you can set parameters for the time of publication); and most have pre-made citations! It’s cool! Even if you don’t have a research project/paper just go on once and dick around a bit, it’s pretty fun. That being said, if you are assigned a project requiring research and citations, don’t do what you did in high school and cite a bunch of news articles about scientific advancements or the results of studies. Go find original sources. You need to learn how to read published research in any case. (I’m speaking from a STEM major perspective but these databases have tons of cool stuff for arts and humanities students too- entire books, anthologies of art, images for use, music files, recordings of plays and performances, etc). But the reason I bring this up- in a group project in a communications course a well-intentioned teammate brought us a random person’s blog post about conflict in the workplace to cite in our speech. She had no idea she had access to like thousands of psychological and sociological research papers, books, etc. on the subject. Another student in that class orally cited a buzzfeed article about procrastination- unless you have a really good reason (like maybe you’re a communications student analyzing listicle style writing or the influence of social media on journalism) please don’t cite buzzfeed.

6. People talk a lot about networking, so I’ll just mention one specific and easy way to do it even if you’re not super outgoing: join a club or organization related to your major/career field. You will meet people who have experiences you can learn from, even if you may compete with them for some things (maybe they tip you off to an internship they had last summer or to a professor’s favorite snack/hobby). You will also potentially meet some staff members from your department who can give you info about research/internships and possibly write you rec letters. This worked for me- I joined an org for students pursuing teaching, I’m one of a few freshman (maybe the only one actually) who attends regularly, and I ended up getting to know the director of the supply room who does the hiring for student interns. Now I have a job as a workroom intern to make some extra money during school. More importantly, it basically lets me meet and work with the whole department who can potentially open up opportunities for me. (Plus according to one intern sometimes you get invited to the staff Christmas party and all the professors get sloshed).

7. Wait to buy your textbooks, but not too long. If it’s a niche book (i.e. your school uses something written by your professor that no one else sells or cares about) there will come a point where they are out of copies and you will have to ask to photocopy someone’s lab notebook every week. Basically, wait until the first day of class, determine what you really need, ask someone who’s taken it before (or ask on your University’s subreddit) whether the book is essential, then make your purchases. Also! If you have to purchase an online access code for homework stuff, check if an online textbook is included. Don’t buy a hard copy in addition to it. It’s not worth it and you may even be able to check a textbook out from the library for that one time you’ll actually read the textbook. (When I say that, I mean you can read it for a few hours in the library- they won’t let you leave with it).

8. Don’t go into any class believing you are “bad” at a subject. I used to say all the time that I hated math and I was bad at it. I really lucked out, because I ended up enjoying Diff Calc this past semester. Because I liked it, I was willing to practice more and I found that I got less frustrated when things were hard. I realized that “being bad at math” was a lie I had told myself, basically, and it wasn’t helpful. Learn to treat your brain as a tool or a muscle. You can learn to do basically anything with enough time and effort, and struggling with something doesn’t mean you’re “bad” at it. It just means you’re working out your brain. I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s true. Having the idea that your intelligence is fixed and limited stunts learning and just makes you feel like crap. Realizing that your intelligence is fluid helps you be kinder to yourself, ask for help when you need it, and lets you focus on accomplishments over failures.

My askbox is always open if people have questions about the transition to college!

I begin this letter by, ironically, apologizing.  I am not the best writer, nor the best historian. I will do my best to convey the most accurate account possible, but know that I am, of course, biased and grieved. It has obviously deeply affected my state of mind, and every day I can barely bring myself out of the downward spiral of endless thought. Forgive me.

A lot of people might tell you that it was entertaining at first, amusing even. When it happened everyone didn’t really know how to react – but eventually we all figured out how.  Our melting pot of emotional reaction rapidly churned into a thick, hot rage that no one dared try to simmer.  We were united, all of us, for the first time in history.  But it was a slow start.

It was early September when it got there, right above one of the Galapagos Islands. A group of Spanish scientists were the lucky few to get the first look.  It was small, dark, swirling, and sporadic.  The media liked to say it was about a tenth the size of Rhode Island, which was not a very helpful benchmark for anyone not familiar with Rhode Island. It floated, or rather simply existed, 1.44 miles in the sky, and occasionally dropped down a few yards, much to everyone’s horror.  The color of it was like staring into a black sun; mosaic waves of darkness swirled around and sparked. It smelled strongly of ammonia and sulfur according to anyone who went close, and one scientist liked to say it felt like staring death in the face.

I can’t begin to describe to you all that happened in the first few days.  Scientists from every corner of the globe, every backwoods nation and fringe group, demanded access to the newest Ecuadorian landmark, whose government was not too willing to comply.  At first, select small teams were permitted admission, closely monitored by the Ecuadorians.  But when a U.S. carrier strike group shows up at your door, all international law and decorum goes out the window.

They figured out pretty fast what it was, a wormhole of some sort.  A very, very weak one. Helicopters and planes could fly within a couple hundred yards from it and only barely feel a pull.  That pull increased almost exponentially as anything went closer to it, as several birds were the unknowing producers of that knowledge. Electronic systems worked fine, and other than the small gravitational interruption, nothing was horribly wrong with the gigantic black blob in the sky.  Yet.

About a month or so after it had gotten there, when the media was just beginning to start covering anything else, a black cube the size of a truck spurted out from the center of the hole with incredible force, slowed down to terminal velocity, and then sunk into the South Pacific. Of course this was all captured on film; by now thousands of cameras and satellites were aimed at it, and a city of yachters had gathered beneath, despite the smell.  The whole world was shocked that the silent, putrid, black sun had actually done something other than suck up the occasional bird.  I was horrified. I thought we were going to be invaded.  That cube was not natural.  It wasn’t a meteorite or a speck of dust or anything you’d expect to be on the other end of the line. It implied, practically proved, that something intelligent was over there.  

People thought the box might be to communicate, that perhaps it was a sort of radio or beacon.  We soon found out what it was.  Before we even had time to get divers down there, it burst. Most of the blast was held in by the ocean’s depths but still a colossal geyser of water sprang up, almost touching the blob itself.  The explosion seemed nuclear, but we were assured it wasn’t.  Some sort of conventional explosives, several times stronger than any nuke we owned, had created the largest crater on Earth’s floor in the span of a second.  The waves flushed rapidly in every direction, toppling the yacht city and swamping the coasts of the islands. Hundreds died instantly.  

The fallout spawned itself in the form of rage and panic.  Were we being invaded?  What next horror would fall through the sky? How can we stop this thing, how can we turn it off?  The second question was soon answered, as a day later thousands more boxes fell through, each in succession, each various sizes.  A quarantine zone was declared, as everyone expected the worst.  But these cubes never exploded like their precursor.  They sank to the bottom, fell on top of each other, and slowly but surely piled up towards the surface.  

Weeks later, when the dilapidated pyramid of boxes had begun to pierce the waterline, whoever was in charge had concluded that the threat was low enough to send someone in to investigate.  The team that went in noted that the cubes were coarse to the touch despite the sea water, the edges were perfectly formed and sharp, and there were no markings to give any hint to their purpose.  Taking a box back with them to the continent, the collective effort to open it began. As time ticked down, pressure mounted.  Debate raged over whether it was wise to even open it at all. Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, rose the cries from the streets. But it wasn’t the people’s call to make.  The boxes were soon opened, the answer revealed, and the questions began.  

Garbage. Millions of boxes of garbage had been streaming from the black mass.  Information trickled in, but people begged for more. It was alien, from a civilized culture.  Bipeds, more advanced than us, larger, omnivores. It was amazing what we could tell from their trash.  It was an instant view into some other part of our universe.  When more boxes were opened we continued to learn.  But there were no photos, no paintings, no art or culture of any kind.  The clothing, or at least what we assumed to be clothing, was uniform and exact. Everything was bland, simple, and spartan.  Soon, discoveries became rarer and rarer, as the items became just copies of the ones found prior.  Finally, nothing new was opened; just a hundred or so items of compressed waste had formed their gift to us.

The pile on the other hand, had become a problem.  It, combined with the blast, had devastated most of the area’s ecology.  The boxes had also slowly bled a red slime, likely a coating of some sort, which had dyed the ocean for miles. All fish in the area were floating to the surface, dead and cancerous. The birds stopped flying anywhere near.  The tortoises crouched down in their shells and gave in.  The Galapagos were dead.

It didn’t stop. The dye and waste had slowly began to affect every drop of water on Earth. There was no one who did not feel its terror. It was biological, ecological, and psychological warfare.  It was an unending barrage of terror.  It was death.

So I hope this letter reaches you, whoever you are, and I hope you learn how to comprehend it. You have destroyed our planet. You have defied our attempts at reconciliation and communication, and you have been a brutal, silent antagonist for too long. It is time for you to understand. My letter to you is just one part of the millions to be sent through the rabbit hole tomorrow.  Know that it is just a fraction of what you have sent us.

Reasons why some people don’t like Yennefer

Having been part of the witcher fandom for more than a year now I have had all the time I needed to watch the never ending waifu war between Triss fans and Yen fans. And I’ve read a lot of things. Among other things, Triss fans saying again and again and again that “normal” people should choose Triss and that the one choosing Yen must have some kind of serious issues. On the other side, Yen fans seem so often desperate about the fact that the other team doesn’t see Yen’s true self and vulnerable side. I’ve also read so many times Triss fans saying that we don’t see Yen’s flaws and can’t stand it when people point them out. Today as a Yen fan (who happens to like Triss as well by the way, but this is not the point), I’m trying an experiment. I’ll try to find an answer to the “how can people not like Yennefer” question.

Well first I think that it was intentional from the very beginning. And when I say beginning I’m not talking about the games. Sapkowski himself stated that he never intended to write Yennefer as a likable character, as a character who would “please the reader”. And indeed to be honest Yen can be hard to like.
First because she hides who she is very well behind a cold and emotionless mask. And thing is, a lot of people won’t try to look beyond that mask, simply because a lot of people think that actions define who you are as a person. So if you act cold then you are cold. If you don’t show emotions then you don’t have them. If you pretend you don’t care, then you don’t. But fact is, life is not that simple. A lot of people actually hide their emotions in order to protect themselves, we all do to some extend. Yen is a master at that game and who could blame her knowing her past? That is a side of her personality to which I very strongly relate because I’m very much the same. For this reason maybe, I have become very good at noticing masks and people who use them and I always try to see beyond those masks. It’s something I do naturally, without even realizing it. And there are two things I learned from it : first, people who use masks and hide who they are at first are usually great people and they are worth the trouble, and second : some people will never be able to, or want to look beyond the masks. For that reason, to some people Yennefer will never be more than the cold, bossy woman you can see when you first meet her. And maybe they are not entirely wrong, because in a way Yen IS that cold, bossy woman, in her actions she is in any case. Plus I think it is not entirely wrong to say that what you choose to show the world about yourself defines you in a way. But I still think some people are missing half the information they need to see the big picture.

I know what some of you will think at that point : “But I’m pretty sure I understand Yennefer perfectly and I still don’t like her”. Well I think that’s very possible and once again very intentional. Because let’s face it, even beneath the mask Yennefer is not perfect at all. I love that character very much. I love how strong and resilient she is despite all she has been through. I love her self confidence probably because I would like to have a little bit more of that myself. I love the way she is willing to give everything she has and everything she is for the people she loves because I’m very much the same and can really relate to that. I love her wits, I love her sarcastic sense of humor. I love how smart she is, how much she loves to learn things, how good she is at teaching other people. I think she really has a good heart too, and as a matter of fact there are several examples of her randomly helping strangers in the books.
That being said I understand very well that there are downsides to all that. I understand that her self confidence can be seen as arrogance, especially when it leads her to make mistakes or to think that her way of getting things done is necessarily the best. I get that some people don’t like sarcasm. I know that sometimes Yen will see some sacrifices as « necessary » to protect the people she loves and will not hesitate to make these sacrifices and I get that some people will see that as selfish.
And I think all of this is great. I think it shows that the character is very realistic and very well written. Because here’s a fact : one cannot please everyone. The thing you love about someone could be the very reason why some others will dislike that person. And I love the fact that this is true of Yen (and every single character in the witcher books). I love that Sapkowski took that HUGE risk. Because yes most writers, especially fantasy writers, will prefer to write their main characters as unrealistic to make sure that every single reader out there will like them and thus like the book. Either that or they will write about a huge cast of characters, because when you write about a lot of characters every reader can find one they like (that would be, let’s say G.R.R Martin’s style). Sapkowski didn’t do any of that. He kept a small cast of three main characters and yet decided to write them as flawed, and realistic, and somehow not entirely likable. And I admire him for that, it makes me love his writing and Yen as a character even more.

So yes, Yennefer cannot be liked by everyone who reads the books, that’s a fact, but what about the games. Well even though the games are not perfect regarding the way they wrote her I think overall they did a really great job, and to some extend everything I’ve said so far about the books stays true in the games. But I also think that CDPR’s take on the universe gave people more reasons not to like Yennefer, artificial reasons this time.
First, well obviously Yen is not in the first two games and CDPR presented in those games the Triss romance as “obvious” without giving the player any background from the books. I must say that I have played the games first and well I kinda liked Triss and I kinda liked the romance with her. I wasn’t THAT much of a fan, it wasn’t one of my all time favorite ships, but well it was kinda nice. And even though I didn’t think the chemistry between Triss and Geralt was that great I still thought of Yen as a bit of an intruder before playing the third game. So I can very well imagine the way some people, the ones who were really invested in the Triss/Geralt relationship, felt about it. I mean it happens to me sometimes when I play a new game, or read a new book to kinda “hope” that it won’t be that great because I want my old favorite stuff to still be my favorite and I feel kinda guilty about feeling otherwise. It’s stupid maybe, but I get that sense of loyalty to something you like very much. And in order to protect that love you have for the old stuff sometimes you voluntarily don’t see how great the new stuff is. I’m not saying here that all Triss fans still prefer Triss because they are being reluctant to let go of her and see how great Yen is. But I think it does have an impact on the way some people see Yen as a character. I think they “have” to dislike Yen in order to make sure that she won’t interfere with their canon romance, with the picture they have in mind.

Finally, I think unfortunately that the games have had an impact on the way people see the books, and this is the thing that makes me just a little bit sad. Because the last point I think is relevant to understand the way people see Yen is the fact that everyone is reluctant to change their opinions on things. Once you think you know something and have made up your mind about how you feel about that thing it takes a very open minded person and some kind of courage and effort to change your point of view. And even though I really like CDPR’s take on Yennefer, I do think that they didn’t show the entire picture. And I’ve seen so many people reading the books after having played the games and taking their opinion on the characters with them and transposing those opinions into the books and having an interpretation of the books which is in some way based on the games. And I think it’s a shame. Because fact is, whether you like the books or the games better is up to you BUT the games are based on the books, not the other way around. Meaning that CDPR’s characters are an adaptation of the books characters, they are CDPR’s view on the characters. So transposing CDPR’s characters into the books is a little bit like choosing deliberately to see only one side, one interpretation of the characters instead of seeing the whole picture and making your own interpretation. It’s a bit like seeing the sunlight through a green glass and then being able to only see it through that same glass even though you are missing on a whole part of it. Or to use Sapkowski’s own words it’s like mistaking the stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky.

I have to add there that I don’t intend to start yet another waifu war with this post, I’m not blaming anyone, just trying to understand the way people see Yen as a character and how the games can have an impact on the way people see the books. I am fully aware that this is not a one sided thing, that some Yen fans also have a need to dislike Triss for some reason, that some of them won’t like her in the games because of the books, or the other way around and that could probably make a topic for another post just like this one. This post only intended to make people reflect on the issue so please read it with an open mind.

backwardsandinhighheels  asked:

Hey Rose, aside from Chanukah, what are some other ways to show that Darcy is Jewish? Thank you!

So this depends on a few things, including how religious you think Darcy is.  Everything I’m saying applies to any character, btw, but I’m tailoring my responses to a young unmarried Jewish woman living in NYC with primarily non-Jewish friends, which - hey - I’ve got plenty of experience with!

Options include:


Hanukkah (Chanukah is fine, transliteration from Hebrew is weird) is obviously a big one, but it’s not the only one.  

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im kind of confused by always sunny like what is it actually about? like some of the things in it make me rly uncomfortable like the whole thing with carmen and mac's homophobia and the casual racism nd stuff in it nd i just dont kno how im supposed to react to it like am i supposed to love it and find it funny or hate it and the characters or? idk nd ive been on the iasip reddit as well and its a lot different from what ive seen the fandom on here talk abt tbh? idk

this is a really good question! and one that i had myself before i started the show. unfortunately it’s not something i can answer very briefly so please bear with me. i’m just gonna throw out the facts and things as i see them and then you can draw your own conclusions on how to feel about the show; i will readily admit that it has more than its share of legitimate issues and that the show just isn’t for everyone.

so the basic premise of the show is that four self-centered assholes (joined by a fifth self-centered asshole in season 2) own a shitty irish bar in south philadelphia. they never actually RUN the bar, though, because they’re too busy trying to run get-rich-quick schemes or because they’re doing other stupid things.

if you ask the writers, they will say that there IS no premise; it’s just a show about these horrible characters living out their sad, pathetic lives.

the truth is somewhere in the middle– the show is one third social/political satire, one third nihilist comedy, and one third character-driven tragedy.

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4 Tier Survival
4 Tier Survival

4-Tier Survival. The tiers are as follows:

  • TIER ONE: This is your everyday carry (EDC) on person. You should have this with you 24/7 or as close to 24/7 seven as possible. Basically, if you have pants on, you should have these items with you.
  • TIER TWO: This is your EDC bag. You should have this with you or within reach 24/7. Take it with you to work, the grocery store, running to the gas station, etc. If you walk out the door of your house, it should be with you.
  • TIER THREE: This is your 72 hour kit, bug out bag, SHTF bag, or any of those other catchy names for them. At a minimum you need one. If you only have the funds for one, so be it. But, eventually I would suggest having one for the house, the vehicle and possibly at work if you have the space to store one.
  • TIER FOUR: This is for long term preparedness. This is long-term food and water storage and procurement methods. Always prepare your home to shelter-in-place first. Then, if you have a secondary bug out location, prepare it. Depending on the disaster or emergency you may or may not be able to bug out. On the other hand, you may be forced to evacuate or bug out.

Before I go any farther in this article I want to give you a great piece of advice:Develop and hone your knowledge, ability and skills over the knives, tools and kits. A vast amount of knowledge and skills with a minimum amount of tools will keep you and your family alive a lot longer than a vast amount of tools and minimum amount knowledge and skills will.This may seem contradictory to what this article is about. But, do not lose sight of this advice. Everyone knows someone who has the newest, best whatever it is but no clue how to use it. This makes them look like a fool. Don’t be a fool.
When creating the tiers, I kept in mind the basic needs of a survival situation, shelter, water, fire, food and I am going to add protection. In a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) situation, protecting yourself, your family, home, supplies and gear could be a paramount priority. The first three tiers will enable you to get to your fourth tier. We all find ourselves away from 
Now, let’s discuss the tools and supplies I feel are needed for each tier. This is by no means the end all, be all list of what is needed. This is what I have come up with for my kits. Feel free to add or take away as you feel necessary. This is based off of my skill set and my family needs. I wanted to condense a lot of information into a single article and basically get you thinking about what you will need. I want you to come up with your own kits. I also wanted to show you that all of the tiers are possible. They will take some time, energy and money, but anyone can do this.
Note: I will not get very technical in the types/brands of items to carry. Use your own judgment; remember, most times you get what you pay for. Also, I go by the mantra, “Two is one, one is none.”
TIER ONE: On-person EDC

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality folding knife of your choice. Make sure it is sharp. You are more likely to injure yourself trying to cut something with a dull knife than you are using a sharp knife.
    • Quality multi-tool. There are many options available. Look at the type of environment you spend the majority of time in, consider your skills, and use this to decide the brand/style of tool you want to carry.
    • Lock picks/Bogota – I choose NOT to carry these as of now. Remember what I said about skills earlier. I know I don’t have the skills needed to use these. Now, once I develop the skills, they will be added to my EDC.
    • Small compass. Just to get a general direction if needed.
    • Pen and small notepad. I personally like the waterproof kind. Nothing like getting caught in the rain and losing everything you have made notes of.
    • Small survival whistle.
    • Cotton bandana.
    • P-38 can opener. I carry one on my key ring. I forget it is even there, until I need it.
  • Cell Phone
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone that they carry anyway. [JWR Adds: It is important to also keep a 12 VDC cell phone “car charger” handy.]
  • Cordage
    • 550 Cord. There are lots of different, creative ways to carry. There are bracelets, key fobs, zipper pulls, belts, even lacing your boots/shoes with it. Learn how to braid your own items.
  • Fire
    • Small brand name lighter. Cheap and easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Small firesteel. Another cheap, easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Tinder. Could be a magnesium rod, dryer lint, or any brand of quick tinder that is out on the market now, you should know what works. I prefer magnesium rods; they take up less room and are light.
  • Firearm
    • I am not going to start the never-ending conversation of discussing brands and calibers.
    • Find a gun that you can comfortably carry and shoot.
    • Shoot, a lot.
    • Shoot from behind cover, kneeling, sitting, lying down, standing, off hand, from one yard to 25 yards.
    • Shoot some more.
    • Practice reloading, practice reloading behind cover, practice reloading standing, kneeling, lying down, off hand.
    • Practice some more.
  • Light
    • Small flashlight. I personally look for an LED version that runs off of AA or AAA batteries. Look for one that is waterproof or at the very least water resistant.
    • Keychain LED light. Look for one that has a locking on/off switch. These are easier to use in the fact that they do not have to have constant pressure on the switch to illuminate.
  • USB Drive
    • I use my USB drive to store all types of important documents and other information I run across and want to save. I have encrypted my USB drive in case it falls into the wrong hands. (I strongly suggest doing this.) Also, save the information under nondescript names. In other words, don’t save the file as: “Insurance Papers” or “Social Security Cards”, etc.
    • Birth/Marriage Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Driver’s License
    • Insurance Policies/Cards
    • Vehicle Registrations/Insurance
    • Medical/Shot Record
    • Recent Check Stubs/Bank Statements
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Property Description
    • Another option/addition to this is online file storage. There are many places available on the internet to store files on a remote server and be able to access from any computer or cell phone with internet access.

Some people I have seen carry as much as possible on their keychain. The only thing with that is if you lose your keys, you have lost a lot of your gear. I carry some stuff on my belt, some in pockets and some on a keychain. I have even seen and thought about carrying some items around my neck. Whatever you feel comfortable with and what works for you is best.

Tier two is going to contain pretty much everything from tier one except bigger and better.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife of your choice. Again make sure it is sharp.
    • Sharpening stone.
    • Quality multi-tool. I would look at one to complement the one from tier one. A little larger and possibly features that the other does not have. I personally wouldn’t want the exact same model from tier one. Look at the ones that have the screwdriver possibilities.
    • Small entry bar or pry bar.
    • Larger more reliable compass. Possibly a GPS system if you are so inclined. If you are in a large urban environment, I would have a city map in my EDC bag.
    • Pens and notepad again. Plenty of pens and permanent markers.
    • P-51 can opener.(A scaled-up version of the P-38.)
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • This is where I would keep a wall charger for my cell phone.
    • I would also think about one of the emergency chargers that run off of batteries at this point.
    • I also carry a pay-as-you go phone in my EDC bag. On some occasions when one service is down, others are still up and running. It’s a cheap insurance policy.
    • Radio of some sort. Depends on your location and abilities.
  • Cordage
    • I would carry no less than 25 feet of 550 cord in my EDC bag. The more the better. Again, options here, braid it to take up less space, key fobs, I’ve seen some braided water bottle carriers. Use your imagination
    • I have run across Kevlar cord, no personal experience with it. But, something I will check out.
    • I would toss in some duct tape and electrical tape here. You can take it off of the cardboard roll and roll it onto itself and it takes up very little room.
    • Possibly some wire, picture hanging wire works well.
    • Possibly some zip ties. Various sizes as you see fit.
    • I also have a couple of carabiners clipped to my bag.
  • Fire
    • Another cheap lighter.
    • Larger firesteel.
    • More tinder. Personally I prefer the magnesium, but whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Firearm
    • I personally don’t see the need to carry a second firearm.
    • I would however warrant the carrying of at least two spare magazines for the handgun in tier one.
  • First-Aid
    • Basic first aid kit.
    • Package of quick slotting agent.
    • Basic EMT shears.
    • Basic pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach tablets etc.
    • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
    • Baby wipes.
  • Food
    • I always carry a couple of energy or meal replacement bars in my bag. If nothing else, I may have to work through lunch and need a snack.
    • Some people will toss a freeze-dried meal or MRE if they have room. Personally, I don’t.
    • A small pack of hard candy.
  • Light
    • I personally prefer a headlamp at this stage. You can use a headlamp as a flashlight; you can’t use a flashlight as a headlamp.
    • If you don’t go the headlamp route, choose a higher quality flashlight than tier one.
    • Extra batteries. On the subject of batteries, do your best to acquire electronic items that use the same size of battery.
    • Another keychain light. I have one attached to the inside of my bag to aid in finding items inside in low-light situations.
    • Some people carry chemical light sticks in their EDC bag. I have found battery operated light sticks that also have a small flashlight in one end I prefer to carry.
  • Shelter
    • I keep a packable rain jacket at all times and depending on the weather a packable pair of rain pants. Remember, your clothing is your first form of shelter.
    • I also keep a couple of “survival” blankets in my bag.
    • I keep a couple of contractor style garbage bags as well.
  • Water
    • I have a stainless steel water bottle that stays in my pack at all times. If I am traveling longer than my normal commute, I will toss in a small collapsible water container.
    • Ziploc bags.
    • Two-part chemical water purifier.
    • Filtering drinking straw.
    • Toss in a couple of standard coffee filters to filter sediment if needed.

Now, bear in mind, my EDC bag is not for long-term survival. I feel like I could sustain myself for several days if I needed to with the contents of my pack. However, that is not its intended use. All of the tiers are designed to sustain you until you can “make it” to the next tier.

My EDC bag is the same bag I use for school every day. Granted I cannot carry a weapon or ammunition into the school building. My point is you don’t want all of your Tier Two items to be so big and bulky that you can’t comfortably carry them. All of this stuff is in addition to my school books and papers and tablet. For those of you that are curious, I prefer a messenger style bag. But, again, whatever works for you and is the most comfortable.

TIER THREE: Larger rucksack or backpack

A lot of people would call this the 72 hour kit. I feel that this is a bit of a misnomer. Granted, 72 hours is a good figure for most people to shoot for. However, I feel that in this stage of the game, you should be able to carry enough to survive indefinitely.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife. If you want you can double up from tier two. Depends on your requirements. Remember, two is one, one is none.
    • Small quality folding shovel.
    • Quality hatchet.
    • Small machete. If you feel that your knife is up to the task of clearing brush, no need for one. Also, if you are in a true bug out situation where people could be looking for you, you don’t want to clear a highway through the brush.
    • Some type of saw or saw blades. There are some nice pocket chain saws on the market now. Or you could carry blades and fashion your own handle or frame.
    • Tools for forced entry if warranted. Pry bars, bolt cutters, etc.
    • Tool kit. Depends on your location and environment. At the bare minimum carry enough tools to repair anything that you are depending on in a survival situation.
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • Depending on the level of the disaster cell phones may or may or may not be working.
    • Again, depending on your location and abilities, depends on the type of communications you should carry.
    • One thing I have not seen widely talked about is two way radios. Obviously this would be if more than one person is in your party. However, now you start talking about batteries and chargers.
  • Cordage
    • At least 100 feet of 550 cord.
    • Depending on your environment, climbing rope, harness and gear may be warranted.
    • Tape, electrical and duct.
    • Zip ties, various sizes
    • Wire, picture wire.
    • Carabiners, various sizes.
  • Fire
    • Cheap lighter.
    • Firesteel.
    • Tinder.
    • Camp stove. Small, lightweight, portable. A lot of good information about this out there. Pay special attention to the type of fuel that the stove you select uses.
  • Firearm

This depends on the type of situation you are in. I will list the types of firearms I would have, not necessarily carry, and reasons why. If this is a true bug out situation obviously the adults in your party could carry at least one, more than likely two, long guns.

  • We have already discussed a handgun.
  • “Modern Sporting Rifle”. Be it an AR based platform, an AK-47, Mini-14 etc. I personally like the AR platform. However, A’s can be a bit finicky if not properly cleaned and maintained. Something you may not be able to do well in a TEOTWAWKI situation. So, I would grab an AK-47. Whatever your budget and preference lead you to.
  • .22 caliber rifle. There are many options, I personally recommend the Ruger 10-22. There are several collapsible stocks available. This is for hunting small game.
  • Home defense shotgun. I would suggest a 12 gauge. The options and setups are endless. You can go as mild or as wild as your budget and imagination allow. This is not something I would necessarily always grab. However, this is something I feel that no home should be without. The sound of a shell racking into the chamber of a pump shotgun is a sound that will deter most people without even firing a shot.
  • Extra magazines and ammunition.
  • First-Aid
    • More advanced first aid kit. There are pre-made ones on the market or come up with your own.
    • Quick clotting agent.
    • EMT Shears.
    • Pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach pills, etc.
    • A week’s supply of any prescription medications.
    • Any supply of antibiotics or narcotics that you can procure.
    • Knowledge of natural/herbal remedies. Here is a great area where knowledge can help you a lot longer than supplies can.
  • Food
    • If you want to put in a three day supply of freeze-dried meals or MRE’s. Go for it. But here is where procuring your own food will come in handy.
    • I would suggest some type of mess style kit for cooking. Again, your choice.
    • Fishing kit. Fishing line, assortment of hooks, sinkers and artificial bait if desired.
    • Fishing “yo-yo” traps. Can be set and left alone to catch fish while you are doing some other task. I feel these are a necessity. They are light and take up little room.
    • Snare kit. I would suggest several pre-made snares and supplies to create more.
    • Traps. Connibear style traps, an assortment of sizes. 4-6 is all you should need.
    • Frog gigs. Could also be used for spearing fish, depending on your location.
    • You also have a firearm for taking small or large game.
    • Knowledge of wild edibles in your area or bug out location.
  • Light
    • Again, I would suggest a headlamp and extra batteries.
    • Use your discretion for what else you may want/need.
  • Shelter
    • Two changes of clothes. One for warm weather and one for cool/cold weather. Again depending on your environment.
    • I would suggest at least 3 pair of underwear and 6 pair of socks.
    • Packable rain gear.
    • Quality bivy style shelter or tarp.
    • Quality sleeping bag. Again, do some research. See what fits your needs and budget.
    • Sleeping pad if wanted.
    • Possibly a pocket style hammock.
  • Water
    • Stainless steel water bottle.
    • Chemical water treatment.
    • Water filter/purifier. Again, look at your budget and needs. There are several nice options out there.
    • Coffee filters for straining out sediment.
    • Collapsible water storage.

TIER FOUR: Long term preparedness.
Even though this is the largest of all the tiers, I will probably go into the least amount of detail. There are many great sources of information concerning long term preparedness, SurvivalBlog.com being one of the best, if not the best, in my opinion.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Obviously any blade or tool previously discussed. Except full size versions.
    • An ax, saws, shovels, garden hoes, rakes, etc.
    • Possibly a plow, seeder, etc, for planting a garden.
    • Variety of hand tools.
    • Automotive tools, carpentry tools, etc.
    • Sewing machine, needles, thread, clothing patterns, etc.
    • Begin thinking of ways you can use your tools and knowledge to develop a skill that can be used for trade or barter.
  • Communication
    • Short wave radios, ham radios, etc.
    • Two way radios.
  • Cordage
    • Large amounts of any cordage or supplies under cordage already discussed.
  • Fire
    • Cast iron stove.
    • Fireplace.
    • Begin thinking now about how you will be heating your home in the winter. Think about how you will be cooking your meals. Also, think about how you will get fuel for your fire.
  • Firearms
    • We discussed in tier three the types of firearms I felt were needed.
    • Begin thinking about amount of ammo you can and are willing to stockpile.
    • Begin thinking about reloading your own ammunition. Begin thinking about stockpiling supplies. This can be turned into great bartering items.
  • First Aid
    • Begin developing a large first aid supply. Think about what you will need to do without a doctor present. Suture kits, surgical kit, trauma kit, etc. There will be no running to the emergency room.
    • Begin thinking about dental supplies. Again, there will possibly be no dentists to go to.
    • Again, knowledge is key in this situation. There are some good books about this type of thing. Take a first aid class, learn CPR. Learn as much as you possibly can.
    • Study about and begin stockpiling medications.
  • Food
    • There are many more articles to be written and read on this subject alone.
    • Start developing a small reserve of foods that you eat on a regular basis that have a long shelf life. Start with a week; go to a month, then three months, then a year, then longer.
    • Begin thinking now about storage. A year’s supply of food for your family will take up a considerable amount of space.
    • Expand on the amount of items you have from tier three. Increase the number of traps and snares you have.
    • Think about obtaining a variety of seeds to plant in your garden.
    • Again, there is a vast amount of information to be found on this subject alone. The main thing I want you to understand is this is doable, on any income. Start small and work your way up to larger quantities.
    • Do not get yourself into a financial burden by going out and buying a year’s supply of food at one time.
  • Light
    • Begin obtaining lanterns, fuel, mantles, etc.
    • Begin thinking about candles and candle making.
    • If you are so inclined, begin thinking about solar panels for your home or shelter location.
  • Shelter
    • Begin making those small repairs to your home. Things that may be fairly quickly and easily fixed now may not be so easily fixed later. I’m not talking kitchen remodeling; I’m talking leaky faucets, broken windows, drafty doors, etc.
    • Think about having a metal roof installed if you don’t have one already.
    • This is the time to think about a secondary survival location. A remote, rural location. Think of this as an investment. It could be used now as a vacation spot. Use it later as a retirement home.
  • Water
    • Begin storing water. Think not only about drinking, but also cooking and cleaning.
    • Again, start small. Begin with a few days worth; then weeks and months.
    • Start thinking about long-term procurement and storage. Gutters that empty into water storage, etc. Think also about purification on a large scale.
  • Miscellaneous Things to Thing About
    • Sit down and make a list of normal, everyday things that you do around your house, cleaning, washing, “personal” business, entertainment, etc.
    • These are activities that require items that you will not be able to run down to the store to get.
    • Toiletries. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene, etc.
    • Cleaning. Bleach, disinfectant, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Entertainment. Cards, board games, puzzles, books, etc.
    • Think about large quantity storage of fuel; for cooking, heating, anything with an internal combustion engine, etc.

Again, I have very briefly touched on long term preparedness. There are numerous articles and books on long term preparedness. Read them. This is meant merely as a primer to get you thinking about long term survival.

anonymous asked:

hey you mentioned using valerian root, i have some and was considering trying it, anything i want to know first?

I would advise doing a lot of research yourself prior to trying it. Safety is paramount. As I said, it causes heart problems in some dosages for some people. Read up on counter-indications, especially if you take medication of any sort. 

A lot of people say this (but please don’t ignore it!): ask a doctor prior to starting valerian use. I actually had a long talk about it and other herbs with my former psychiatrist back in Ohio, and she helped me choose the ones that were right for me and would not interfere with my normal medications. 

For example, she told me St. John’s wort was off-limits for me, but valerian and kava were fine, and helped me find some books with dosage information in them. 

One rule I have here on my blog, though, is that when mentioning herbs like valerian, I only talk about my own experiences. I specifically avoid giving specific instructions for using them, because I am neither a medical doctor nor a licensed herbalist. 

Everyone is different, and you never know what you might be allergic to, or how a herb (really, some herbs are drugs) will affect you. I just have to emphasize caution. Valerian, especially, is extremely powerful, and my mom has actually seen some overdoses on it brought into the hospital where she works!

If you do decide valerian might be a thing for you, have done your research, and talked to relevant professionals, as well as understanding the risks, here’s some general tips.

A lot of people get it and think they can just pop it in a normal tea and use it that way. The truth is, pouring boiling water over valerian is pointless because the essential components of the plant evaporate in hot water, and drinking it gives you no effects. I myself do cold water infusions of the stuff, and it works well for me.

The big point of valerian, mostly, is to relax you. I have two standardized (for me) recipes that I use with valerian. Both are cold-water infusions. One uses lavender along with the valerian - for relaxation. The other is straight valerian. You’d have to choose dosages with help from a herbalist or doctor, and research and know the risks.

Most often, it is used to induce sleep, though. Given that people usually use it in an infusion, you’ve got to keep, uh, toilet issues in mind. If you drink valerian or another tea, wait a bit before actually settling in to sleep, and do a toilet break just prior to curling up under the blankets. 

If you don’t, you might wake up in the middle of the night and have to head for the washroom, which interrupts your sleep, and makes the whole thing less useful. I mean, as far as I know, interrupted sleep kind of makes the sleep less restful, so why would someone want that? 

A word about the scent. Some people hate the smell of valerian. A lot of people say it smells like old socks. The taste can be unpleasant as well - it’s quite bitter and since smell and taste are very linked, you might feel like you’re drinking or consuming old socks. 

I hated the smell and taste at first, but if valerian is helpful to you, it becomes less awful over time. Basically, your mind begins to associate the smell with the effects, and you don’t mind it as much.

One last thing - the scent itself is powerful, if distasteful. A year back I was working night shift and would sometimes make a brew of valerian before going to bed each morning. 

I had a process for doing this that included a ritualized magical grinding in a mortar and pestle, and often, I’d find myself becoming sleepy just from the grinding. The scent alone can make you relaxed, though it’s awful for a lot of us. 

I apologize for being unable to provide information on non-infusion ways of taking it. I’ve never used valerian tablets, nor tinctures. I made a valerian tincture once, but eloped (yeah - I ran off to Europe and got married!) and had to toss it before it was done infusing. So I can’t really give information on those.

I can’t tell you whether you should try valerian or if it will work safely for you. Be careful and use your better judgment. Know the risks, of course, and I really do strongly urge consulting a medical professional or herbalist before using it. 

With anything that can be termed a drug, it’s my view that the individual is responsible for making the choice themselves, and I realize that while I know how something effects me, I can’t possibly know how it would affect you.

Monster (Pt. 2)

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader

◊ Word Count: 2,102

◊ Summary: Werewolves aren’t meant to be messed with, but unfortunately, you don’t really have a choice.  

◊ Warnings: slight sexual content 

A/N: I tried to finish this quickly because I know you all have been waiting for this part. Sorry if this sucks, writing a 1 a.m. probably isn’t the best idea.

   |Chapter 2

The first thing that broke through the haze in your mind was the pressure on your wrists. Your whole body felt odd and heavy, and a dull ache throbbed in your skull.

When you finally were able to wrench your eyes open, you almost screamed.

You were in a strange room you’d never seen before. The walls were rather bare, and the floor was spotlessly cleaned. The only object that you noticed in the room was a desk. It was obviously someone’s bedroom, and that wouldn’t have been much of an issue if you weren’t chained to the bed. Weakly, you tugged on the handcuffs locked around your wrists, but your body was barely cooperating with your brain.

The door opened on the other side of the room, revealing the last person you wanted to see at the moment: Oh Sehun.

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doveenthefox  asked:

What can be the effects, and how severe, of "indirect" psycholigical torture? For example, forced witnessing of the suffering of others? Case in point, a slaver group takes 5 aptives, and tranports them in a small, coach mounted cage. However when they resist too much, they choke one of them (who was already injured and lost market value), and throw the dead body back in to the cage for a day? I also wonder how the captives would look upon the deserter from the slaver group who frees them later.

What you’re describing is not psychological torture but plain ol’ torture. Which doesn’t affect my ability to answer it but it is something you should keep in mind when you write this scenario. If you call it ‘psychological’ you might look like you’re condoning it or trying to lessen the impact on victims.

Dismissing torture by calling it ‘psychological’ is a hallmark of American pro-torture arguments. It’s the sort of phrasing torturers use to make something seem less awful than it is. By the UN definition in the Declaration Against Torture this is torture, not ‘psychological torture’ just torture.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether something is having a physical effect on your characters remember the brain is a physical organ and that ‘psychological’ effects like depression and PTSD cause changes in the structure of the brain.

In the scenario you’ve got you can’t separate the effect of being beaten, kidnapped and restrained from the effect of seeing a companion die and being forced to live with the dead body. (Both of which, separately, would meet the UN definition of torture). There’s nothing indirect about this scenario and I would expect the effects to be severe.

Your captives will be dealing with whatever injuries they received when captured, even if these were ‘just’ bruises. They’ll also be exposed to the elements, which depending on the climate and weather in your setting will have different effects. But it’s unlikely to pleasant and you shouldn’t discount the effect of cold, heat or damp. It sounds as if they’ll be restrained at least at some points. They may have injuries from the restraints.

They may also be suffering from positional tortures and stress positions due to the cramped nature of the cage and the number of them packed inside. They will probably not all have space to stand, sit or lie down at the same time, forcing them into stress positions for at least some of the time.

Together this means they’re likely to be sore, sleep deprived and physically weak. Due to the cramped conditions of the cage and lack of hygiene facilities they’re also all at risk of infection and a host of illness caused by poor diet and poor sanitation.

So they’re not in good health even before we consider their brains.

When it comes to emotional and psychological responses to torture I think it’s important to stress that people respond differently. There are common responses but there’s no right or wrong response.

I think the most helpful thing would be if I repeat some of the most common psychological effects here and you can refer to ScriptShrink’s blog for more information on each one. In this case I would expect your characters to have multiple, severe, conditions as a result of torture.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the common conditions that I think relate best to your scenario-



Suicidal thoughts


Persistent memory problems

Difficulty learning new skills

Difficulty relating to others

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Long term Personality Change

Panic attacks

Self harm and addiction are also very common but I’m not sure how many opportunities your characters will have in that regard.

I’m also going to add that watching their companion die illustrates how cheap their lives are to the slavers, and how little control they have over their own lives. But I would not expect it to produce hugely different psychological and emotional responses than more common tortures. Their may be more of an element of survivors guilt for some of the characters, but that’s the only real difference I can think of.

Which leaves the final part of the question: how would they respond to someone from the slaver-group freeing them?

This is going to vary a lot depending on the characters and possibly what the effects of torture on them as individuals has been. For example if one or more of them is having problems with persistent anger (a common response to torture) then they may be more likely to attack the person who just helped them. They might even kill him.

If they’ve become anxious or paranoid as a result of torture they might just bolt. Run and scatter in to the wilderness. That’s not a response I’d recommend from a writing point of view as it might well lead to them dying.

They might passively accept this ex-slaver as their leader and follow them for a while. Because they might in this time period have gotten used to the ‘fact’ that other people are controlling their lives. It might take them time to recover enough to assert themselves and their own wants and needs.

Conversely torture and trauma might have led to them feeling very strongly connected to each other and very set in their opposition to the slavers. In which case they might close ranks and leave the ex-slaver behind, cutting him out of their group.

Emotionally speaking torture survivors have reported many different responses during and immediately after torture. Anger and fear are common. But so is a sense of affirmation of their own self and beliefs.

Personally since you have a group of people I think the best thing to do is to show different responses in each individual character. I don’t mean they all need to have polar-opposite responses, but try and fit both the conditions/symptoms and the emotional responses to each individual.

Because people do respond differently and a group gives you an opportunity to show that. You can have anger alongside catatonic depression, you can have passive helplessness alongside someone with a renewed sense of purpose.

So long as you make sure it’s clear that there’s isn’t a morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response to trauma and you show why each character feels the way they do all of these are valid ways to write your characters. It’s up to you as the author to decide which are best to use and which work best with each character.

I hope that helps :)


it’s been a long time coming and i’m trying this a second time, but we need to talk about skye, daisy johnson, quake, and the inevitable backlash that i guess i should’ve seen coming but damn, i actually am kind of surprised by some of the stuff i’ve read. this may suck because i’m trying to get this out quick before i stall again. so. sorry.

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Which Pokemon anime rival are you? (Bold what applies to you)

(Thanks to the new tumblr update, you’ll need to copy the whole test, delete it with the ‘x’ button and paste it again so you can bold/edit it)


  • You have a bit of an ego.
  • You’re interested in the science of things.
  • The people close to you have a big influence on you.
  • You used to be passionate about something you’re not so into anymore.
  • A lot of people like you.
  • You have a lot of charisma.
  • You’re still friends with people you knew when you were young.
  • You feel like you’ve cooled down overall over time.
  • You use information and knowledge to your advantage.
  • You bounce back from bad times fairly easily.


  • You can be childish at times.
  • You have big dreams for the future.
  • You’re quite naive and easily fooled.
  • You believe in your friends as much as you believe in yourself.
  • You like to nickname others.
  • People consider you eccentric.
  • You have some insecurities.
  • You really hate being teased or tricked.
  • You strongly believe in keeping promises.
  • People often underestimate you.


  • You are fairly confident in your abilities.
  • You insult people you care about.
  • You have a caring side.
  • You don’t know how to react to compliments.
  • You’re good at encouraging your friends to succeed.
  • You prefer to do things your own way.
  • You’re easily flustered.
  • You come across as arrogant sometimes.
  • You are irritated easily.
  • Most people you know like you.


  • You hold grudges against people.
  • You’re very flamboyant.
  • You’ve crossdressed before.
  • You love to embarrass people you don’t like.
  • You have a reputation for being strange.
  • You’re quick to hate people.
  • You’re very manipulative.
  • You like to prank people.
  • Even your good friends are wary of you sometimes.
  • You’re hurt by even very small things.


  • You are fiercely competitive.
  • You only put time into something if you think it will benefit you.
  • There’s no stopping you once you have your mind set on something.
  • Some people consider you ruthless.
  • You respect people you know are above you.
  • You have little respect for people you think are beneath you.
  • You strongly dislike displays of weakness.
  • You like to plan out every possibility in advance.
  • You work better alone.
  • You really like orange juice.


  • You support others, even when they’re pitted against you.
  • You think people should be fully dedicated to something once they start it.
  • You are somewhat androgynous.
  • You’re unswervingly loyal to your friends.
  • You hate people who are overly rude.
  • You’re passionate about one particular thing.
  • You can focus easily..
  • You’re friendly to everyone who’s friendly to you.
  • You’re still friends with people from your childhood.
  • You’re good at providing constructive criticism.


  • You are quite arrogant.
  • You believe in your abilities.
  • You’re often bothered by small things.
  • You notice small details.
  • You curl your hair.
  • You don’t like confronting your problems.
  • You’re good at making excuses.
  • You think you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts.
  • You’re a hard worker.
  • You find people’s embarrassment funny.


  • You have a crush on someone.
  • You like teasing people for fun.
  • You nickname people.
  • You go to great lengths to help people you care about.
  • You like to keep old friends close.
  • You’ve had the same best friend since childhood.
  • You’re easily frightened.
  • You try to look more impressive than you are.
  • You often try to follow your friends rather than decide what to do yourself.
  • You are sometimes overconfident.


  • You have felt let down by someone important.
  • You’re quick to dismiss people.
  • You idolise someone.
  • You enjoy photography.
  • You usually keep your feelings to yourself.
  • You take failures very hard.
  • You view mental strength as a very important quality.
  • You take promises very seriously.
  • You are very quiet and reserved.
  • You like to plan ahead.


  • You don’t like dragon type Pokemon.
  • You’re a sore loser.
  • You have high expectations of others.
  • You believe you’re one of the best at what you do.
  • You’re easily frustrated.
  • You have a big appetite.
  • You are often overconfident.
  • You value winning above all.
  • You judge people before you know them.
  • You try to resolve problems as soon as they surface.


  • You take criticism very badly.
  • You try to appear refined and sophisticated.
  • …you’re not very refined or sophisticated.
  • You seek revenge when you feel like you’ve been wronged.
  • You often exaggerate stories.
  • You are hate some people for no good reason.
  • You can come across as obnoxious.
  • You try to learn from your mistakes.
  • You’re very straight to the point.
  • You consider yourself very knowledgable.


  • You are very studious.
  • You admire many people.
  • You use notebooks often.
  • You are very excitable.
  • You are nervous easily.
  • You like to learn new things.
  • You think you can achieve anything with enough knowledge.
  • You like to travel.
  • You value other people’s input and advice.
  • You are fairly short.


  • You like baking.
  • You have a fairly high opinion of your abilities.
  • You aspire to famous one day.
  • You are very focused on one particular skill of yours.
  • You don’t get hung up on romance.
  • You’d rather make peace with an enemy than continue to dislike them.
  • You like teasing people.
  • Your favourite colour is blue.
  • You’re fairly laid-back.
  • You have great focus.


Gary- /10

Ritchie- /10

Drew- /10

Harley- /10

Paul- /10

Zoey- /10

Ursula- /10

Kenny-  /10

Trip- /10

Georgia- /10

Burgundy- /10

Sawyer- /10

Miette-  /10


Rose Quartz = Pink Diamond theory

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I am not a native speaker. If my grammar is not correct, please forgive me.

I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.

We can’t know for sure, yes, but the evidence against the “Rose Quartz is PD”-theory is quite heavy. I picked out the most discussed points and if you want to add something, feel free to contribute!

First thing that everyone is arguing about (mainly in the youtube comment section for some reason ^^; ) :

Quartz is a type of diamond!
No. Quartz’ are often mistaken for diamonds, but their mineral structure is not the same.

Rose IS a quartz and even if you call it diamond a thousand times - she will never be one. She is PD’s version of Jasper. A very strong warrior (and maybe the first general of PD’s army). Jasper even tells us that she saw Rose as an equal opponent on the battlefield. She admired her strategies.
They have a caste system in homeworld…
That means they can’t be de- or upgraded from their position.
IF Rose was PD, Jasper would have said something different about her for sure. Diamonds ARE in charge and their rank/title/whatever-you-want-to-call doesn’t change just because they start a rebellion.

But maybe she changed her name!
Even if she CHANGED her name do you really think Jasper would call her by her ‘rebellion’ name? I really doubt that.

Jasper respected Roses fighting skills and may have also respected her as a person, despite the fact that she started the rebellion…
‘Respect’ does not mean ‘sympathy’ after all.

Based on her respect for Rose, Jasper would call her by the ‘real name’.

Some say that the Crewniverse just didn’t want to foreshadow and that’s why Jasper doesn’t call Rose PD, but they could have easily avoided foreshadowing by letting Jasper say something else about Rose.
As professional writers they would cleary try to dodge that more elegant.

But you can argue a lot on this point.

The Diamonds are ALL fusions and Rose is just part of a PD fusion!
This is actually an interesting aspect. It would of course explain the fact that Rose is very small compared to e.g. Yellow Diamond.
Like the big Ruby-fusion, the Diamonds could be made out of small identical yellow/blue/white/pink diamonds. 

However, this is a pure spectaculation with no evidence whatsoever. 

Some theories even take a step further and say the bubbled Bismuth in Lions mane is the second/third (we can’t know) part of the PD fusion.
In my opinion this is very unlikely to be true. Bismuth is a metal and can be turned into a crystal formation when melted at 271 °C.
(you can find a full explanation of Bismuth on wikipedia of course, because my explanation is rather small and not that informative).
Why would Bismuth, a non-mineral + Rose Quartz (and a possible third part) equal Pink Diamond? That doesn’t seem logical to me.

Roses height + the similarities with Jasper and how this is displayed in the show.
In the pyramid in ‘Serious Steven’ we see a picture at the wall that displays Rose Quartz fighting Yellow Diamond (the gem is on her chest, seems to be like an older form of YD).
Rose is the same height as YD on the wall and many fans claim that that is an OBVIOUS piece of evidence that Rose was in the same position/was the same height as the other diamonds. 
Some fans are also convinced that Rose shrunk herself afterwards by reforming multiple times in order to be closer to her allies. 
This can be partly proven wrong if you look at ‘Sworn To The Sword’:
Pearl shows Steven and Connie a memory via her gem where Jasper and Rose both appear and even if they are not in the same shot- they seem to be about the same size. 

Setting this event and the picture on the wall into a timeline, the only logical outcome would be that Rose was her actual size we’ve always seen in the show when she fought YD.
I mean why would she fight YD first and then Jasper? 
Homeworld was defeated by the gems and it’s a clear defeat when the leader or the authority (in this case it were multiple authorities too) gets their ass kicked somehow. Jasper is a warrior and she was probably run over by Rose first.

Like I said before, it can just be partly proven wrong
In Pearls memory Jasper was A LOT taller than Pearl. The perspective may have been distorted for dramatic effects. Remember when Jaspers sword is right above Rose? She seems so much taller there than Pearl OR Rose. 

She has special abilities!
Yes, Rose has a special connection to nature and can somehow control plants.
She also has healing powers which is a very specific and unique talent for a gem to have, just like Sapphires Future Vision. Abilities like Future Vision seem to be an equivalent to possessing weapons, but Rose Quartz has not just one but TWO abilities plus her shield. 
It makes her very special indeed and other Quartzs like Amethyst or Jasper don’t seem to have something like that. 

Strange enough, Roses ability to grow plants of any kind is something that she only could possibly do on earth. 
Did that ability develop ON earth? A question that might will be answered by the Crewniverse.

But the real question is:

Does anything of that prove that she is Pink Diamond? 

I personally don’t think so.
We don’t even know if Diamonds possess special abilities like Rose does.
Why should that even automatically indicate that she is a diamond? Pearls sentence ‘she is one of a kind’ definitely makes sense, because maybe Rose IS one of a kind. Maybe she is the most unique Quartz that anyone has ever seen. Let’s look at the evidence

-She is the first anarchist in homeworld.
-She starts that rebellion completely alone, but she SOMEHOW manages to gain enough allies to fight the homeworld gems back to homeworld, she even defeats the Diamonds (with her allies together).
-She developes some awesome magic abilities on the earth, something that no other gem has done before. 
-She gives ‘birth’ (if you want to call it like that) to a half-gem/half-human hybrid

To conclude my theory: 
I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.
I believe she is a very special and unique Quartz that managed to think ‘outside the box’.
I believe that ESPECIALLY because she is ‘just’ a Quartz and not a Diamond that she is extraordinary.


I guess I would be pretty disappointed if the Crewniverse reveals that Rose is PD.
It would actually mean that she is such powerful, influencing gem, BECAUSE she is a diamond.
I like the idea of a ‘common’ (well, more common than a diamond) Quartz being the rebel way more than the leader becoming rebellious.


So I just saw the photoset of the boys leaving a London nightclub featuring one quite drunk Michael Clifford (but that’s a whole other story) and I noticed this.

I could be grossly misinterpreting this as I don’t know Ashton (obviously) and I’ve never seen him in person but to me, he looks sad. Really sad.

Whether or not what I’m about to say has anything to do with why he’s so down is unimportant, as this is something I’ve been wanting to say for a while.

Recently, I’ve noticed Ashton getting a lot of hate. At least 95% of this is because of *rumoured* girlfriend Bryanna Holly and a certain video. I just wanted to say a few things.

I am in no way saying that what happened in that video (I won’t say exactly what as this seems to spark more hate) was okay, as it was something that I feel strongly against, or that it never happened. I myself have seen the video so I have seen the proof myself. What I am saying is that the video was from a few years ago (two or three, I’ve heard different things - once again proving that YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ ON TUMBLR). People can change a lot over that amount of time. Everyone is capable of redemption and learning from their mistakes.

It is appalling that we use a website and are a part of a community that constantly brings up issues of tolerance and love and yet refuse to accept that because something was a certain way previously, it must still be the same. I have seen numerous people claim Bryanna has not changed, yet have acknowledged that they have no proof of this.

If someone has irrefutable proof, please bring it to my attention as I myself would like to know the truth.

But essentially what I am saying is, don’t hate Bryanna (or Ashton for dating her) for something that happened years ago.

Another disturbing thing I’ve noticed is that Ashton is getting hate for his treatment of fans lately. Like I said, I don’t know the guy personally. But I highly doubt many people on here do either. Don’t claim that he’s “changed” when you didn’t know him to begin with.

One of the things I’ve read is that he hasn’t been taking photos with fans lately. This one is possibly true as until earlier tonight, I hadn’t seen a photo of him in several weeks. HOWEVER, if it is true, none of us have any idea what the reason for this is. Perhaps he was in a rush. Maybe he was upset about something. Maybe he was just having an off day. Why must the first conclusion always be that he is a jerk?

I am truly sorry if you saw Ashton and weren’t able to get a photo. I’ve never even come close, so I understand your anger. But I’m about to say something that might get me a lot of hate.

If Ashton had never taken a photo with a fan or rarely ever did it, the expectation wouldn’t be there. In most cases, your anger is coming from envy. Other people have met him before and gotten photos, so why not you?

I feel like this could be the cause of the Bryanna Holly situation too. If Ashton wasn’t dating Bryanna and you stumbled upon her video on your own, knowing how long ago it was filmed, most people would defend her and say she could have changed.

I’m not saying your opinions aren’t valid, just check whether they’re coming from a place of envy and you might be surprised to find the world isn’t as black and white as you made it out to be.

What if the reason Ashton looks so sad in these photos is that he’s seen some of the hate towards himself and Bryanna? How would you feel if your words made someone you admire so sad?

Think before you type. Try and be happy that Ashton is in a relationship he seems to be enjoying. Give people second chances. Don’t judge people based on what you read.

*if anyone has any information that could justify any of the hate I’ve seen, please let me know. I’ve written this very long post and I don’t want to come off as ignorant if I’m wrong about anything*

Barry Allen Imagine - Paralyzed (Part Two)

Author’s Note: Apologies for putting the second part up so late. Had a lot going on the past few days but now I’m all free so I will be trying to get through all the requests within this week itself. :)

Also, please do leave behind some feedback as to what you thought of the series so far. I’m feeling a bit iffy about it and would really like to know if you all feel the same.

Part One

The Creature has gotten its orders.

The Creature must kill without hesitation.

The Creature must destroy the Light and Hope of Central City.

The Creature tries to disobey.

The Creature does not want to kill any more.

The Creature does not wish to bring about the Darkness.

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maktuxb-deactivated20161126  asked:

Do you have any tips as to how to maintain your notes/ create a new notebook for a subject (I joined late). thanks x

Hello! Okay, so you haven’t specified whether you’re talking about paper notebooks or digital ones (I take the majority of my notes digitally), but let’s talk about both. Hopefully this helps, but if you had something more specific in mind, let me know and I’ll do my best to help out. Answering under a cut because it’ll probably get a bit long. 

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