i feel u lisa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kimbk !!!!! Thank you for all the amazing stories and support you’ve given this fandom!!

i hope you like anime girl body pillow seb 

@lisa-franck did the sketch for this and I colored it ;;u;;;

i think i know exaclty why i love Lisa Mishima so much

Lisa is not extraordinary Lisa is a regular high school kid who experienced intense bullying with a homelife not much better shes an extremely realistic character shes reacting to everything more or less realistically and true to how a real human would react she wasnt born under an special circumstance and wasnt destined to be overly amazing but look what she accidentally got tangled in shes handling it amazingly well there are so many people saying they really dont like her because she isnt capable of handling anything and im calling EXTREME BULLSHIT ON ALL OF YOU you are entitled to your opinion but i want to put it out there shes an extremly human character and you cant tell me you would handle accidently being forced to be an accomplice with the new transfer students that just happen to be big terrorists any better than she is shes probably handling this better than most people could and im just so proud of her damn im serious here #lisa protection squad

so the point is shes an extremely realistic and strong character and she is handling this better than you are giving her credit for and i love her for it