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Inktober #11


The road you’re heading down is going to change you. There’s no coming back from it.

                                                              I know.

Hi taylorswift

I was hesitant to share some of my personal life,but here goes…..💔

I wanted to show u 2 people who are very important to me in my life. My nana and papa.

As you can see, they have personality! I taught them how to face time w/me (they are in Texas/I’m in Chicago) to help w/missing each other. The other pic is if them at my wedding in 2012. It’s crazy how things can change so much in such a short time.

Sadly, my papa passed away last year kind of suddenly & I’m still feeling the pain. I miss him everyday. When I called he used to answer the phone with “HEY KID HOW ARE U?” My nana has since not been the same as u can imagine.

I still call my nana everyday. Sometimes 3-4x/day. It’s hard.

My heart was feeling heavy today so I thought id write. 💔

Miss u,