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Hello my dear! I know you'r out of Hetalia but ... I need to see how cute (handsome ♡) Wales is doing! 0_0 Aph Wales needs more attention and love. And i just adore your OC's! I'm begging you for fan-service ;) (#shirtlessWales #JustOutOfTheShower ...?)


how it should have gone

There was a girl striding through the crowd; the other Romans fell back for her, made way. She was tall - around Annabeth’s height - and dark-skinned, with a long black braid and an air of quiet confidence. She wore a purple cape and a determinedly neutral expression, though her lips twitched a little when she saw Annabeth helping Percy to his feet.

Annabeth knew immediately who this must be: Reyna, praetor of Rome. Jason’s descriptions had been accurate. Jason was also grinning like a fool as the girl approached, though he stood firm beside the rest of them. The girl - Reyna - stopped a few yards before the crowd.

“Greetings, Greeks,” she said in a carrying, formal voice. Then, quickly and much quieter, to Jason: “You’re late. The battle was yesterday.”

“Got held up,” Jason muttered back, his lips barely moving. “You seem to still be alive.”

“Percy Jackson has told us much about you,” Reyna shouted in her formal voice. “You are welcome here.”

Then she dropped it and muttered at Jason, “You pulled a Bobby.”

“How is Bobby?” He muttered back.

“He’s ready to kill you for being gone for eight months. Like I am. Watch your back.” She started to shout again, talking to them and to all the Romans as well, gesturing elegantly around at the city as she spoke more ceremonious greetings. Then, when she was done with those, she used the few seconds of dead air to nod at Annabeth, Leo, and Piper.

“I guess the three of you have been stuck keeping his dumb ass alive?” She murmured with the smallest of smiles, too quiet for the other Romans to hear.

Annabeth pointed at Piper and Leo. “Their job, not mine.”

“Excuse me,” said Jason, offended, “I can keep my own dumb ass alive.”

“I literally had to resurrect you,” Piper reminded him.

Reyna grinned at her. “Hard life.”

She turned and swept a hand behind her, indicating that they all should follow; as they began moving toward the Principia, Annabeth felt Percy squeeze her hand. Piper and Jason fell into step beside Reyna, just ahead of them. Annabeth watched as Jason and Reyna began discreetly attempting to trip each other, like siblings trying to fight without attracting the notice of a parent. Siblings gleeful to be together again, but too proud to say so.

Piper twisted her head around briefly to look at Annabeth. Her eyes were sparkling. She mouthed: I like her.

Which kind of like? Annabeth mouthed back, winking.

Piper didn’t even bother to mouth shut up to that, just turned around and flipped Annabeth a very subtle finger behind the back. Leo sidled up to Jason and Reyna, attempting to get in on the tripping game; Piper pulled him gently away before he could hurt himself.

this isn’t an oc… this is a -sona. so in other words it me

uhh i only like drawing it but so im not gonna dwell on it other than in design weh

@rpandrejevna ; Grace & Glaber.

Grace had been but a child as the city fell, her father left days before to help the romans but it came to bite them in the ass. The Romans didn’t keep true to their word is what she later found out, she’d been too young at the time to understand it all. All she knew was that her mother, and father, weren’t there and the woman who took her in while they’d been about their business left her as soon as choas stirred in the city.. she’d been spared by someone who felt pity for her. one of the bloody romans, and she ended up with a family where she lived in wealth.  

She remembers her family, she remembers how they were slaughtered in front of her eyes. She was grown up now, but danger still lurked everywhere especially with the gladiators that escaped. ‘’Bloody Romans are on there way.’’ Grace speaks, averting eye contact with her ‘father’ as he gave her a stern look. She’d never gotten truly used to speaking like they did. A reminder she could tell they disliked, for it reminded them she wasn’t truly their daughter, just a child they took in as their own because they couldn’t have children themselves. 

‘‘Do not speak to them unless they ask you a question, promise me gracie - you have to promise.’‘ the woman held onto my hand as I nodded. It wasn’t easy, because I hated romans more than anything. ‘‘They can take you away from us.. you can’t say anything.’‘ the older woman said. ‘‘I won’t.’‘ Grace would try at least. They probably came to get money, since they were supposed to PAY them now. 

i’ve kinda bcome a lowkey tumblr kid and that means writing emotional things @ 2am in my notebook and notebooks mean NOTEBOOKS and there’s a lot of diff things to do in journals that r sooo muchhhh funnn omg so here r my favourite ideas:

  • dream journal
    • i don’t rlly dream often tbh which is why it’s such a big deal for me when i do and i’ve been writing down my dreams whenever i have them which is SuPEs good bc the other day i had a dream i was d8ng bobby n it was so cute omg fml
    • if u do it daily, it’s rlly fun to look back at!!!!!
  • recipe journal
    • i’m like apparently a big kid now n that means cooking n ya. it sucks. i h8 cooking so much but i gta do it. perks r i like making cakes n that can go in ur recipe journal ALSO!!
    • if u have fam traditional recipes that u can’t remember bc ur not a cook yet n u forget things (HOW DOES MY MOM REMEMBER 92374283749 RECIPES) here is the place 2 put them :)))))
  • health journal
    • trying 2 do this thing currently where i don’t get fat unfit sO this is nice
    • track down ur water intake, ur meals, workouts, visits to doc, any meds mayb, health card, etc.
    • writing down ur meals helps 4 me so i don’t eat anything unhealthy bc i don’t like writing down that i had 5 chocolate cakes (which i do on occasion anyway but..)
  • short journal
    • a.k.a one sentence journal but one sentence is kinda short
    • 4 those who want to keep a journal but not write 4 028394023849 minutes a day
    • this is neat
    • how i would do this is u write for like 3 minutes or however long time-wise or however long word-wise or sentence-wise
    • but just keep it short! n snappy! :)))))))))))
  • art journal
    • these r soOOoOOOooOooOOOOOOOO cool but unfort i’m not tumblr enough to keep an artsy hippy one aka i suck @ art but u prob don’t!!! also who cares it’s UR journal
    • (i care. that’s y i don’t have 1.)
    • so ya
    • u basically draw
    • or doodle
    • or r hip
    • but u keep it in one place
    • n it’s hip
    • smtimes i feel like grace helbig but i’m not.
    • :((((((
  • reading journal
    • this would b cool if i had the time/effort/energy/wasn’t lazy
    • idk if u all have seen MUGGLEHUSTLE on twitter but they read harry potter and did commentary while reading it n i think that’s supes cool y’all
    • writing it in a journal seems a bit annoying
    • so i’d go w twitter
    • but if u can write it super quick n short n snappy i think it’d be cool to read back ur thoughts when u were reading a book 4 the first time
  • time journal
    • idk this is such a tumblr-y thing but BASICALLy u just pick a time of day (eg. 7:23 am) n write ur thoughts for that one minute
    • u can cheat n go longer if u want but not rlly don’t do that cheating bad
    • i think it would b nifty
  • bullet journal
    • we all knew this 1 was cming!!!!
    • but basically it’s like a super hip agenda where u customize everything
    • pros: u customize everything
    • cons: u customize everything (aka u could have a bad aesthetic!!!)
    • but it’s good i like it bc it’s me customizing everything and that way i can just complain about myself instead of a company
    • n it’s good for like task-y people (to-do lists and such)
    • tbh idk if i even use mine properly but there r hella lotta posts on this :):)
  • journal
    • where u write anything u want
    • combination of all above if u want
    • or just a diary
    • idk
    • journals r lovely
    • i hope u start one

hi ily also this is prob my last post ever on this blog which i am kINDA sad about but ty 4 the support n kindness shown n gl 2 every1′s endeavours i wish u all happiness n may the boy u like text u back all ur wise academic and family and love and friendship and anything dreams come true <3 <3 <3 xoxo kai

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U look like an angel in a renaissance painting

Thank u I feel like one. Kinda awkwardly graceful and lifeless but sorta beautiful.

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for the heart thing though i know we've only followed each other for about a minute but i love your writing A Lot! i know nothing about wynonna earp but the detail you put into your portrayal makes me feel like i do????? so yeah bless u for gracing my dash tbh

this is literally the cutest mistake ever & i loved it so much and hoarded it all the way until now.  dude,  i love your writing too !  this is the second blog i’ve followed you from and i really look forward to the our girls being able to fuck shit up together.  thank you so much for being kind on the dash and making beautiful graphics and just … encouraging the presence of carol danvers on everybody’s dash.

@dinopunching​     /     nice things.     /     always accepting. :*

Waffles & Rookie Proposals

This is basically 2.5k of fluffy prequel to my blanket fort fic Under Cover. You don’t need to have read that to read this though, obviously.

Dedicated to @rookiesinlove who gave the aforementioned fic a glowing review and then demanded to know about the Waffle House rookie proposal. Which I thought about, and kept thinking about, until I finally sat my ass down and wrote it. Hope you enjoy, dude!

Patrick’s restless.

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night, the second of a two-day break between games. They don’t have practice tomorrow, just a seven-thirty start time against the Caps. Technically he could be out right now, having some drinks, maybe trying to hook up. It doesn’t really sound appealing, for a couple of reasons.

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