i feel u charlie

nick and charlie go to Disneyland Paris together the summer before Nick leaves for university and they wear mickey ears the whole time :’)

day 10: with animal ears

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

  • Dean and Rowena
  • Rowena
  • Dean
  • Rowena and Dean
  • Sam trying his best to find a way to cure his brother
  • DeanRowena
  • Rowena being c u t e
  • Dean being an adorable puppo
  • Dean complimenting Rowena twice
  • Dean reaching back for Rowena’s hands when Sam pulls him to sit down on the bed
  • Just Rowena and Dean
  • Rowena’s wink towards Dean
  • Sam being done with Dean 100%
  • Anyway did I mention Rowena’s smile
  • Dean playing with Rowena’s voodoo doll
  • Rowena telling Dean a story (her past)
  • Rowena helping the Winchesters
  • Dean and Rowena
  • Rowena driving Dean’s Baby and going to save Sam!!!!!
  • Oh, and Rowena’s post-it notes to guide Dean????
  • Rowena knowing exactly where the Winchesters put their stuff AKA the back of the Impala
  • R o w e n a
  • D e a n
  • Rowena being badass and flinging that witch bitch to the floor
  • Dean shooting the other witch to save his baby bro and looking terribly proud of himself like a child who received the best grades out of his whole class
  • Btw Dean and Rowena pranking Sam!!
  • Sam looking like he’s about to cry but still managing to smile because his brother is still alive and healthy and well
  • Rowena and Dean smiling knowingly at each other
  • R O W E N A & D E A N
  • aaaaAAaAAAAaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAH
the signs as always sunny episodes

aries: mac and charlie: white trash
taurus: the gang buys a boat
gemini: charlie kelly: king of the rats
cancer: dennis and dee go on welfare
leo: ass kickers united: mac and charlie join a cult
virgo: the gang gets whacked
libra: dennis reynolds: an erotic life
scorpio:  sweet dee has a heart attack
sagittarius: the d.e.n.n.i.s. system
capricorn:  the maureen ponderosa wedding massacre
aquarius: the gang misses the boat
pisces: the nightman cometh

cam made a post like this about characters they can play on DST RP servers so i will too
  • Characters I can play to my own satisfaction: Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, probably maxwell if it's not a challenge server that would make the game distractingly hard, Wolfgang probably maybe
  • Characters I don't feel like I can do justice to: Wendy, Wigfrid, Charlie if u got that mod, Warly, Woodlegs, WX-78, Wes
  • Characters I could RP just fine but usually can't handle the game mechanics of but if it was a really casual game/game for n00bs itd be ok: Willow, Webber, probably Woodie
  • Characters I've never tried to RP, but could probably manage with: Wickerbottom, Walani
  • Banned: Wilbur