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It’s midnight and I have my first drawing done for the 7 Day Phanart Challenge made by the lovely @chillphann

Day 1: Mythical/Supernatural/Paranormal
Mythical themed characters and things are my weakness so i did a sketchy drawing of Satyr!Dan and a Dionysus-type kinda character for Phil.

Something that I REALLY liked about this chapter was the fact that right after Kaneki says he feels lonely (and Akira admitting that she feels lonely too), the next thing that happens is that she opens up to Amon, tells him how she feels, and Amon talks about loneliness too.

Akira thought (just as Kaneki did) that she was lonely, but Amon made her see that she’s not lonely at all, she has him, and as long as both are together and helping each other out, they don’t have to feel empty. They are alive, they are together… 

and I feel like Amon’s feelings expose Kaneki’s feelings too? Kaneki feels extremely lonely as well and I’m just extremely amazed by how Akiramon’s relationship is foreshadowing many things between Touka and Kaneki. Akira is not alone because Amon is there for her, he made her see that, and I feel like Touka is trying to do the same thing with Kaneki… telling him that he’s not alone, he doesn’t have to feel empty because he’s alive, both are alive, and as long as he “comes back home”, everything will be alright. Akira got her answer in this scene with Amon after expressing her feelings, and I feel like Kaneki might have his answer to the same question as well in the next chapter with the touken talk. 

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hi! can i request rfa+v and saeran reaction to mc who hates wearing short skirt and jeans.... well anything that exposes too much of her skin? i feel like im the only one who hates wear those clothes 😅 tysm 💕

I hate wearing short skirts too but jeans are the best! enjoy!


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“Good! I don’t want other men looking at you because you’re so sexy.”


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“You don’t need other men staring at you.”


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“Whaaaat! But aren’t short skirts cute especially if it’s worn by a cutie like you?? And what about jeans!!!”


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“Me too MC. My office skirts are quite uncomfortable… but thank god I have stockings.”


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“I think you’ll look good in anything you wear!”


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“As long as you’re comfortable, I’m okay with it.”


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“MC, remember that you’re mine and you don’t need to show off your skin to others. But I’m glad that you don’t like wearing these types of clothes.”

   ❛ ohhh, stop worryin’, everything’s fine. i’ve got a towel, don’t i? ‘nothing t’ fear when your towel is near’, that’s what i say.

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Mod Adrien, how are you physically ? It would be fun for the anniversary of this tumblr to draw all the Mods ! ♡

This is really nice of you and a cool idea (be sure to make mod EJ bigger and more awe-inspiring than Zoë and I) but you should probably ask this off-anon, so we can answer privately, and on our personal blogs.

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Hey qcknd, I've been watching your videos for so long and you've inspired me so much to be myself and made me feel so comfortable entering the tattoo word. I'm going to my first convention this Friday and getting tattooed by Akira Latanzio (!!!) Any tips or suggestions you'd have to ace the day would be loved. Keep doing you. Xoxo

I”M SO JEALOUS AKIRA IS MY ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re going to do great! For conventions I like to wear layers, and sort of like, break away clothes if that makes sense. Leggings with a skirt over top, so leggings can be removed. Also knee high socks so I don’t feel too exposed, etc. Bring cash so you won’t get stuck in a long ATM line, 
and give Akira all the love for me! He seriously paints every single day and loves tattooing. You picked an amazing artist. 

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I legitimately want to know what you think Kaze's opinion of Never Gonna Give You Up would be bc I srsly lov that song unironically

1. he would definitely like the song lol. He’d probably be like me actually where he doesn’t actively go out and listen to it but whenever he comes across it he just takes it easy and enjoys it lol.

2. his reaction would actually probably be a lot like this lol

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RS and DC switching costumes for a day? :^)

“How do you move in this?”  Elsword walked stiff-legged, trying to get used to the Freiturner.  Chung, on the other hand, had his hands over his stomach.

“I feel so exposed,” he complained.  “And your pants are way too loose… Why do you need this many belts?”

“Why do you need a scarf this long?” Elsword complained right back, tripping over the long-ass thing for the fifth time.  “Ugh.  How do you lift your cannon, even?”

“How do you lift your sword?”  Chung waved his hand, showing Elsword the black gloves.  “Hello, these metal things around your wrists are heavy.”

They stopped for a moment, staring at each other, then burst out laughing.

“You look ridiculous,” Elsword cackled.  Chung grinned.

“You do, too.”

Radio Chaos (Pt. 2)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook

Word Count: 3,593

Warnings: Sexual content, violence, drinking, swearing, trigger warning

Summary:  The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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You walked into the darkness of his apartment, not bothering to turn on the light – it was beautiful like this.
The living room was illuminated by the streetlights coming through the huge window on the left. The pine trees that were growing in front of his building were casting pretty shadows all over the floor, and you watched them dance in the December wind.

You went straight to his room, and he walked in seconds after you.

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Leaked (Luke Imagine)

“Can we take a picture!?”

So many people were screaming in his ear that Luke truly thought he might end up death. Add that to the fact that he had just woken up from a twelve hour long flight, and he was not a happy camper.

Regardless of his mood, he went down the line of fans, taking pictures and trying to be as polite as possible. His phone was in his hand, and then some girls would ask him to take the pic, and sometimes he almost dropped one as he juggled the multitude of electronics shoved at his face. Still, he thought he did a pretty good job, and by the time he got to van picking them up, he pocketed his phone and fell right asleep. Just another day in the life.


It was the awful pounding that really woke him up.

It was so loud and he was so tired. He barely remembered getting out of the car and stumbling into his hotel room last night. Who would wake him this early? On his day off?

“Shut up!” Luke yelled, pressing a pillow over his head and groaning.

“Open the fucking door!”

It was Michael, of course. What other douche would give Luke such a rude wakeup call.

“Fucking…” Luke grumbled, finally getting up and reaching the door. As soon as he opened it, Michael stormed in. “What the hell?”

“Have you seen twitter?” Michael asked urgently, eyes skimming the room quickly.

“No, I’ve been sleeping. Now go the fuck away.” Luke really didn’t like mornings.

“Y/N called me this morning. Crying,” This however, did get Luke’s attention. He paused, looking at Michael.

“Why wouldn’t she call me? What’s wrong?” His heart thumped in worry. Throughout your two year long relationship, you rarely called him in tears. What was so bad that you couldn’t tell him?

“She tried, but she said some girl answered.”

“What?” Now Luke knew there was no way that was possible. He had been alone the whole night, he wouldn’t cheat. “Who? What’d she say?”

Michael swallowed. “I couldn’t understand Y/N much over her crying, but the girl told her she was gonna ruin her life.”

Luke was listening, but he was also searching his bag and belongings for his phone. Finally, he spotted his jeans in a corner of the room and ran over, taking his phone from the pocket. It looked the same, untouched since yesterday at the airport.

But it wasn’t. As soon as he made the screen turn on, he was taken aback at the picture of Michael that was the lock screen, not the picture of you. Unlocking it, the wallpaper was a picture of Calum’s ass, the one where he’s standing butt naked at the counter. He would know, he had taken it and uploaded it to Facebook.

“This isn’t my phone,” Luke said numbly, thumbing through apps like Pintrest and the Kardashian game, apps that would never be on his phone. It was the same model -iPhone 6, black- but definitely not his. Someone had swapped them in the airport confusion.

He hit the twitter icon, which was still logged in to some fan account. Michael watched over his shoulder as Luke typed in his handle, going to his Twitter.

Luke’s heart rose into his throat as he saw the most recent posts on his account. They were pictures of you, naked pictures, pictures that he had sworn to have kept for only himself.

The conversation you two had had when the nudes had been taken came back to him in a flash. For the longest time, you refused him when he would ask, and he respected that. But then, one night, you had been in the middle of intense phone sex while he was on tour, and you sent a couple shots, which he had promised to keep secret. And he did. He turned off the cloud function, made a separate folder for them. He had a lock on his phone, too. It became a special occasion thing.

“Oh fuck,” Michael muttered, watching as Luke numbly scrolled through an assortment of dirty pics. Some weren’t too bad, just you in your undergarments. But some, some were extremely x-rated. Luke felt like he was going to throw up when he noticed the one that used to be his favorite. It was a simple pic of you with your eyes open, looking very fucked out and completely naked, with Luke’s come across your belly. That picture had the most retweets and favorites of all of them. Of course it did, it looked straight out of a fucking porno.

“Management’s working on shutting down your account. Twitter might do it first, though,” Michael said, knowing Luke was speechless. “The girl changed your password. I tweeted so the fans knew you were hacked…but, still, the damage is done.”

Luke knew it was stupid, but he felt like crying. You were definitely going to break up with him, and he knew that you weren’t the most comfortable person with your body.

“I’ve gotta go to Y/N,” Luke finally said, standing up and pulling clothes on over his boxers. He was in a hotel in LA, and you were likely at his apartment. Unless you had already left him. Since the flight had gotten in so late at night, none of the boys felt like crossing town at such a late hour, figuring a local hotel was a better option. Luke regretted it, now.

“I’ll call a car for you,” Michael said, opening his phone and speaking into it as Luke got all his shit and left, not looking back. By the time he got downstairs, sure enough, a car was there, and he didn’t say a thing to the driver except his address.

Getting to his apartment, there were fans outside of the front doors of the complex. He’s not proud, but he sent them the dirtiest look he could muster. He didn’t have time to deal with them. They got the message and graciously kept their distance. He felt bad. He knew they probably weren’t going to approach him anyway.

As soon as he opened the door to his apartment, he could hear your voice frantically speaking from the next room. He swallowed thickly and walked in, watching you speak quickly with your phone up against your ear. At seeing him, you hung up immediately, your glassy eyes staring at Luke in a raw form a betrayal that made his heart hurt.

“I’m so so-”

“Save it!” You snapped, trying to keep your tears at bay. You wiped your nose, staring at him. “How could you? You promised they’d be safe!”

“I don’t know what happened,” Luke pleaded honestly. “Somebody took my phone at the airport yesterday. I don’t know how they got in. I have a pass code lock on it!”

“It’s your fucking birthday, Luke, anyone could guess that!” You yelled, wanting to rip him apart. But one part of you wanted him to just hold you and promise that everything would work out. You knew it wasn’t his fault, not really.

“I’m so fucking sorry,” he tried again, reaching out for you. You bristled at his touch, but crumbled into his arms a moment later. He held you, eventually moving to the bed so you could both lay down.

“I know it’s not your fault,” you finally sniffled, palm splayed across his abdomen. “I just feel so… exposed. I think I might get fired, too.”

“You won’t. If you do, you’ll find a better job. Don’t worry about that part.” He blew cool air across your heated features, trying to calm you down.

“It just like… sucks, you know?” You sniffled after a while, wiping under your eyes and sitting up. Luke nodded and grabbed your phone.

“Let’s just delete twitter,” he said, opening the app quickly to check his account. Thankfully, the pictures were gone.

“Wait,” you said, a strange thing coming over you. “I just wanna see the pics again. Know what ones are out there. Earlier when I saw, I barely looked.”

Luke furrowed his eyebrows but nodded nonetheless, opening tumblr and searching the leak, knowing they would still be circulating there. He found a post of all of them and lowered his phone so you could both scroll through them.

“They’re kinda hot,” you finally said, trying to come to terms with them. If you couldn’t beat ‘em, join 'em.

“You’re kinda hot,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“I’m going to be in so much trouble,” you breathed out, laying back on the bed.

“Me too,” Luke said, laying next to you. “But hey, this stuff comes and goes, you know? Like, it’s a big deal now, but people will stop talking about it eventually.”

“If worst comes to worst, I’ll leak my own nudes to get them to stop talking about you,” Luke said softly when you didn’t answer. You looked at him seriously.

“I would never want you to do that, but would you actually?” You knew he wasn’t as confident as his bandmates, and he would probably get absolutely scorched by management.

He puckered his lips, leaning on his elbow to press a sloppy kiss to your lips. “For you, anything.”

Power of the Soul

REQUESTED BY ANON: I don’t know if you have any with sister!reader who has a secret relationship with Castiel, but if you don’t could you make one please where the reader is 19 and her and Cas are soul mates and had to hide it from the brothers but they find out? And can it be all fluffy please? Thanks in advance! :D

You and Castiel has always been close, since the day you met him when you were just a kid and it was the Kickstarter for the Apocalypse. At first, he was always with you, protecting you and always asking about how you are, he had become the closest friend you ever had, excluding your two older brothers: Sam and Dean.

Then, you grew up, and since he is an angel, he doesn’t and the soul of Jimmy Novak has left to go to heaven. Instead of being the young teen he met, you are now a grown up to a nineteen years old,

When you turned eighteen, you started to think about him more than a simple friend. You had strong feelings you couldn’t explain and they scare you. First of all, you are nineteen and Castiel is like… since-the-world-has-been-created-and-probably-even-earlier years old. Though, you talked to him, and he admitted that he has some too, and that he couldn’t explain it either, he never loved someone, he did care about some people, the Winchester family is the example.

You started to date, but in secret, scared that your brothers won’t approve. Castiel also figured it out, saying you two were soul mates, and that it seems that love can surprise you. A human and an angel… to you it doesn’t make any sense.

“What if… what will happen when I’m like sixty, old and white hair and… really old. Will you stay with me?” You ask snuggling closer to Castiel “I hate the fact that I grow up, but not you”.

“Me too” he said “but this is life, for you. I will stay with you all the way of it”.

You smile and lay your head on his stomach “it’s almost five in the morning, Sam or Dean will probably wake up soon

“Then, I need to leave” he kisses your lips and gets up.

You stay there, laying in the bed as you watch him exit the door. Though, when he opens it, Dean Winchester stands at the other side, his hand up as if he was going to knock.

“Cas?” He asked confused “what? What were you doing in (Y/N)’s room at this-“

He catches a glimpse of you, you just had the time to throw the covers on top of you to hide your body. Since you got your own room in the bunker, you can go to sleep in your comfy outfit: underwear, tank top and no bra under.

“Why the hell-“

Dean doesn’t know how to finish his phrase, too much things happening in his mind. Though one is the thought that he might still be dreaming.

“Euh… it is not what you think Dean” Castiel said.

“Oh snap” you sighed hiding your head in the pillow.

“What do you mean ‘oh snap’?”

Sam decides to appear in the scene, also looking confused at the sight of Cas, and you hiding under the covers as you feel too exposed.

“Euh, what’s happening?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know” Dean said “I was hopping Cas or (Y/N) could tell us”.

“Can I at least get dressed first?” You asked, your face hiding under the covers now.

“Yeah, meet us in the library” Sam said.

“You are coming with us, Cas” Dean stated in a deep voice.

Once you hear the door close, you jump out of bed, throwing on a random pair of jeans and just through a hoodie. You do not want to leave Castiel alone with your brothers for too long.

You enter the room, Sam, Dean and Castiel, seated at the table, no one talking.

“Now” Dean sighs “can you explain?”

You sit down, next to Castiel and grab his hand under the table, looking for any comfort and courage.

“Euh… it actually started a year ago… Cas and I are… um… dating?”

“Dating?” Dean repeated, surprised and mostly confused.

“Yes, we are more than dating now” Castiel said.

If you could have, you would have knocked your head somewhere.

“More in the meaning?” Sam asked, his eyes widen.

“Meaning that we are a serious… couple” you admitted, looking down “for a year now”.

“But” Dean points at Castiel “you’re like twice her age!”

“More than twice, Dean” Castiel said “I am-“

“I don’t care” he cuts him off “your nineteen (Y/N), how can you be in love with a grown up man, aka angel”.

“Your sister and I are soul mates, Dean”.

“Soul mates” Sam repeats as if he was trying to understand the words “it explains why all these years you were even more protective then us over her”.

Castiel nods.

“Really?” Dean looks at Sam “you are okay with that?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. They love each other and they are soul mates, Dean, we can’t do anything about that”.

“You know” you look up “one day I’ll be older than his body vessel? When I’ll be like fifty, I’ll look older than him, so problem solved?”

Sam laughs, nodding as Dean just scoffs.

“I’m totally not liking the fact that you hid it for a year… you guys ain’t doing anything… like…”

“Sex?” Castiel asked getting a shocked expression from you and your brothers “of course we do. It is very pleasant, I like to mak-“

“Cas” you stop him “I don’t think they want to know”.

“Nop, we don’t” Dean grimaced “just don’t hurt her, or I swear I will kill you”.

“(Y/N) already warned me that she will kill me”.

“That’s our girl” Sam laughed.

You look back at Castiel, his eyes shining as he looks at yours. Not worried to hide the relationship between the two of you, you snuggle in his arms, smiling.

If You Were A Movie {Kellic Oneshot}

Let’s start off my new blog with a bang.



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Look At What I Bought You

Prompt from phanfic - Shy!Dan in panties. ily.

yesssssss (i love shy!dan doing sexual stuff oh my)

you guys can imagine this in 2009 or now depends on what you like (i see it in 2009 lololol)

ALSO sorry i havent posted for a long ass time omfg im so sorry omgomg k go tell ur friends about this smut lmao (the end gets sappy oops)

Contains: fingering (bc lmao why not), phil calling dan princess, shy!dan, multiple orgasms (like 2), crossdressing slightly, phil calls dan a slut!!!, dirty talk woo, fucking with the panties on!!!


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i hope it's ok i'm asking this but i'm trying to understand what happened to junhyeok. was it because he was caught and violated his contract or fans got mad that he was dating a fan?? or worried were they about his image?? the articles seem to have diff opinions... i feel bad for him cause i think the fan was exposing too much for attention or something without thinking of him and what it could do to him... it's a pity to have someone u trust do that

I think it was a bit of both tbh. Most fans here seem chill but I think in the beginning there were fans who were a bit possessive and weren’t happy abt him having a gf and that’s why they stopped singing his parts when they performed and just gave him a major silent treatment. But I also think it was bc he violated his contract by going against the dating ban (some ppl say the ban is 3 years, some say JYP doesn’t really have one but baek ayeon said it’s different for each group. She doesn’t have a ban while some JYP artists do so day6 might of had a dating ban). Also allegedly he was giving her info about day6 that was supposed to be confidential which is definitley breaking contract. I really think that if he had dated a different girl who knew how to keep a secret and not try to flaunt her relationship with a famous person, none of this would have happened. Some ppl think JYP kicked him out (or coerced him to leave) instead of junhyeok leaving 100% on his own. I really don’t even know. So messy.

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Uuuh, 6 - please! Really want to know what you will make with that sentence!

Thank you :D 

Okay, this one got really sad… oops? Don’t worry though, it’ll all be okay. It’s also a bit ridiculous at some point, but yeah IT’S FAN-FICTION. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT :D. (also, sorry if this fic is kinda ooc, i just really wanted to write this) 

Warnings: Mention of abuse. 

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”


I walk though the hallways of Watford campus. I feel slightly light-headed after a night out with Agatha. She likes parties and I kinda like her, so that’s that. 

I have no clue how late it is when I walk into my shared dorm room. I look over at Baz’s bed, but I don’t see my roommate there. I wonder if he’s out as well. He doesn’t occur to me like someone who would like to party, but who knows. Maybe the fact that he’s quiet and mysterious doesn’t mean he’s not up for partying. I shrug to myself. 

I sit down on the edge of my own bed, bending down to remove my shoes, when I feel something. Or rather someone. 

I look behind me and see Baz asleep in my bed. Not just that. The duvet is not fully covering him and I can see the side of his right butt-cheek peeking out. I jump up from my bed, gasping.

Baz is naked asleep in my bed. 

I stare at him. He’s lying on his stomach, his face hidden, his arms around my pillow. I look over at his bed. Should I sleep in his now? 

I look back at Baz and trace my eyes over his exposed skin. I should wake him up. If I don’t he might move in his sleep and then he might not be covered up anymore. 

“Uh. Baz?” My voice is loud and clear in the quiet room, though my head feels drowsy. I hear a soft groan coming from Baz.

“Baz? Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” I ask him. He’s awake now. He looks up, sleep drunk but clearly shocked as well. I watch him sitting up, his body moving in an odd way, as if he’s struggling. The duvet falls of his chest, luckily it still covers the parts that need be covered. I take a better look at him and gasp. His face, his chest, they’re covered in bruises. 

Baz stares at me, eyes wide and gleaming. Panic shows in his face and I can see his chest rising and falling quickly. 

“Baz?” I choke out.  

He starts to cry. 


I look at Simon and I realize what’s happening. I realize what I have done. 

I try hard to push down the memories from earlier that night. The fear of being weak an powerless. They outnumbered me, which wasn’t hard since I was lone. They punched me to the ground. 

Simon watches me with a pained expression and I feel the tears running down my face. He wasn’t supposed to find me like this. This wasn’t supposed to happen. 

I remember coming here earlier this night, limping and bleeding. I remember not being able to think straight. I remember feeling gross. I remember the hot water of the shower too hot on my skin. After the shower I hadn’t put on any new clothes. Any moment make me feel short of pain through my body. I had just stumbled into bed, crying. 

But I went into the wrong bed. I hadn’t been thinking. Or maybe I had. I had wanted comfort. I had wanted safety. The only place that had felt safe was Simon Snow. Simon, my roommate who I’m afraid to talk to. He’s so out there and I’m so in here, but I loved him for it. Love. I had hugged his pillow, breathing in the scent, whilst I had cried. 

And now I’m crying again. Simon here with me. 


“What happened?” It comes out like breath. 

Baz doesn’t answer, he just goes over into serious sobs and I have no idea what to do. How did these bruises appear on his body. A body that is usually full of grace, but now it looks broken and weak. 

“Baz, please, can you tell me what happened?” I ask him, my voice cracking. Baz just shakes his head and I step closer to him. His sobs break my heart. 


Then Baz lifts his hand and takes hold of the sleeve of my shirt. I tugs on it. I sit down on the edge of the bed, facing Baz. I try to ignore the fact that he’s completely naked under the duvet. My duvet. 

“Baz? Did someone do this to you?” No answer. “Baz who did this?” He stays quiet, whilst the tears keep coming. 

“Can you take off you clothes?” He suddenly asks me, his voice sounding broken and raw. 


Baz looks down at his hand, still holding my sleeve. “It’s intimidating. I feel too exposed compared to you. Can you please take off your clothes?”

I give him a shocked look. “You can just put on some clothes?”

He starts sobbing again and I feel bad, though I don’t know what I did wrong. 

“I’m sorry, I think I’m going crazy. It’s just, I can’t put on clothes,” he tells me. “It’ll hurt…” 

I nod. I think for a moment and I nod again. Alright. We’re doing this. 

“Okay, but don’t look at me, when I’m naked I mean.”

“I don’t want to,” he says. “But will you… Will you hold me?” His voice is so soft that I can barely hear him. Though the words strike me; one by one. I can hear the shame he feels when asking me. 

“Hold you?”

He nods choking on a sob. I can’t stand the sight of him; smashed into pieces. I realize that I want to hold him. I want to make him whole again. 

I sigh, “Okay then. But… Can you look away as I dress down?” 

“Yes,” he says and he just simply closes his eyes. 

I start taking off my clothes. This is ridiculous. This is absurd. Still, I go through with it. All I care about in this moment is making Baz feel safe and at peace again. 

“Baz, don’t open you’re eyes yet,” I warn him, “but can you just, uh, scoot over?” 

He does as I ask and I lift the duvet, not looking down at his body. I get into his bed, feeling the warmth of him tingling on my bare skin. We are facing each other, his eyes are still closed but I can feel his breath spread out over my face. 

“You can open your eyes now,” I whisper. 

B A Z 

I open my eyes and look into Simon’s startling blue eyes. He’s here, he’s really here to comfort me. I want to cry again. 

I bring my hand up to his face and brush his cheek. “Will you hold me now?” 

We shift awkwardly into a proper position where Simon’s arms are around my middle and my head is on the curve of his shoulder and his chest. At some point sensitive parts touch and we both freeze. I shortly realize what exactly it is we’re doing and I almost freak out, but Simon holds me and I feel safe. 

“Thank you, Simon,” I tell him.

“It’s okay,” he whispers. 

“Sorry if this is uncomfortable for you.”

“Is it uncomfortable for you?” He asks me.

“No.” All I feel is safety and I start to cry. I cry because I’m relieved I have Simon to hold me now, something I’d never even dreamed of. I cry because my body aches and life isn’t fair. I cry because it’s just all too much. 

But he’s holding me and it’s okay for now, so I let it all go, knowing he’s here to comfort me.