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Sombra, Tracer, and Widowmaker's reactions to their s/o coming home all bloody n bruised because they got jumped by someone but they just happened to get away and run home? I'm super excited for this blog hhhhh I'm so gay.

Thank you so much! I love being able to share the gay with you! The “hhhhh I’m so gay” made me laugh. I feel that on a spiritual level.

Sombra -
She hears the door slam shut and runs out to see what’s wrong. She finds you leaning against the door panting. There are bruises and blood on your face. She immediately runs over. “Are you okay?” She asked. She pulls you close into a tight hug. You reassure her that you’re okay, just shaken up. Once she knows you’re safe, she runs out the door. A few minutes later she’s back with your phone and the other things they stole. “Sombra! How did you get this?” You asked, astonished.
“I tracked them down. Roughed them up a bit.” She replied proudly. She spends the rest of the night by your side making sure you’re okay.

Tracer -
You throw open the door, slam it shut, and then collapse against it. Tracer is by your side in a second. “Are you okay? What happened? Who did this? Are to hurt?” She yells.
“It’s okay. I just got jumped by a few guys. They only took my phone.” You reply.
She wants to go after them, but she would much rather stay with you. It takes a lot to convince that you’re okay and don’t need to go to the hospital. She helps bandage you up and doesn’t leave your side for a second.

Widowmaker -
You hurry through the door and lock it behind you. Widow hears the commotion and runs over to you. “Are you hurt?” She asks. You shake your head. “Who did this?” She asked sternly.
“Some guy stole my purse, he ran into the alley.” You reply.
“I’ll be back.” She says before walking out the door. About an hour later she comes back and drops your purse into your lap.
“He won’t be bothering you anymore.” She simply states before waking out of the room.

Vixx Reaction: Their s/o being short

I really felt this request on a spiritual level I am only 160 cm tall (that is like 5′2?). I hope you enjoy it :)

Leo and Ken would love it. It would give them the feeling they could really protect you and I dare you to go on your tippy toes, steadying yourself on their shoulders while trying to reach them for a kiss. They would melt

Hongbin and Ravi probably would not care about your height. They would think it’s cute when you need help to reach something. Especially when it is not high up at all from their point of view. But they would not make a too big deal about it. Would call you “Shorty” every once in a while but that is as far as teasing would go.

Hyuk  would tease you about it. He is the tallest among the members correct me if I am wrong. He is also a little prankster in nature and he would love to tease you and use your height for his advantage. The type to say things like “Give me a kiss and I’ll get it for you” when you are trying to reach for something on a top shelf. and let’and call you nicknames likes be honest he probably put it there purposely.

N would be a mix between Leo and Ken and Hyuk. He would love to baby his s/o so if they are short it would just add to that. He would live for you reaching up to hug or kiss him but boy he would also enjoy seeing you struggle. And if you think he wouldn’t make you peck him before he gets whatever you need from a high shelf you are lying to yourself.

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I just found your blog & you're one of my favorite accounts now (ノ∀\*) I hope your schoolwork is going well & you're having a nice day <3 I'm not sure if you're still taking asks, but I thought of a silly idea for the text scenarios & wanted to share before I forgot. Could you create one where Yui's texting the boys telling them to come save her b/c she's trapped in the bathroom by a spider & maybe Laito has a funny reaction too b/c he doesn't like creepy crawlies either? Ty for all the laughs

omg thank you so much??!??! hearing things like that really, really makes me so happy!! i’m so glad you enjoy my content, and i hope that you’re having a nice day too!! <3 anyway, here you go:

laito eventually got reiji to kill it, freeing yui from the bathroom once more

BTS reaction: their s/o having cold hands

I relate to this on a spiritual level. I’m very cold in general (like, the only time I actually feel warm is when I shower. Something has to be wrong with me). Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: He would get slightly worried. He wouldn’t understand how your hands could be so cold, when his weren’t even nearly as cold. He’d probably try to hold both of your hands in his own to warm them up. But if it’s the kind of date where he can’t (amusement park, arcade etc.), he will at least try to hold one of them.

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Suga: I don’t know why, but I feel like he is also a person who might get cold quite easily. So sort of depending on his mood, he will either be like “great, at least I’m not the only one who suffers” and then discreetly try to hold your hand, or he’ll be slightly more mushy. Like “should we maybe leave this place, and continue our date at a coffee shop?” or something, and hold your hand on your way, and keep holding both of them at the coffee shop.

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J-Hope: I feel like he is the complete opposite of Yoongi, and is the kind of person who never get cold, no matter what he does (Kookie and Tae are probably like this as well). And he’ll definitely be slightly worried. But he’ll not want to make a big deal out of it. You just have cold hands, that’s all. So he might ask you if you’re freezing and want to continue the date somewhere warmer. If not, he’ll be slightly less worried, but still try to hold your hands to warm them up a bit with his own.

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Ignore Jin just this once plz

Rap Monster: He won’t worry. He knows that some people get cold easier than others. But he will probably ask if you want to go somewhere else. Mainly because he doesn’t want you to get so cold that you get uncomfortable. And if you say no, he’ll probably lend you his jacket (if you don’t have one, or if yours is very thin) anyways, or at least take your hand and put it in his pocket, to help you get warmer.

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Jimin: He’s not continuing the date in this cold place. It doesn’t even matter if you say it’s fine. He probably doesn’t really care where you guys have your date, as long as he’s with you. So he reasons that you might as well have your date somewhere where you won’t be cold. Preferably the cinema or something, where he can cuddle you warm.

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V: Overly warm person #2. He’ll just solve it by hugging you and constantly hold at least one of your hand (although he’d try to hold both of them), even if it’s impractical. He’s not letting his baby get cold, especially not when it’s so nice to hug you and hold your hands anyways.

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Jungkook: Overly warm person #3. He’ll probably say something about how you should have dressed warmer. But right after he’ll just grab your hand without even looking at you and hold your hand inside the pocket of his jacket, and hold you quite close to himself. And ask you if you want to move the date inside somewhere. Because he’s a sweet human being like that.

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Heyo Bluefluke, I was wondering how one could find their true self and secondly how someone would heal themselves. Spirituality at the deepest level is very important to me, but I know that I won't be able to go beyond step two without healing.

The easiest way to know your true self is to observe your reactions to everyday behavior and gauge your emotional responses. Every time you react to something good or bad, no matter how trivial, ask yourself “Why did I do that?” and “Why do I feel that way?”

It sounds super cheesy but if you keep at it for a few weeks you’ll start to understand your subconscious and it’s patterns. You’ll start to see things that your brain does without your permission automatically and even though it at first seemed like it was you making those decisions that it is the false self pretending to be you, as weird as it sounds.

As far as healing goes you have to do two things:

First, forgive yourself. You are not perfect and you’re not supposed to be, otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything. Don’t hate yourself for flaws you can’t control and don’t punish yourself for mistakes, just learn from them. Your flaws and mistakes are battle scars, wear them proudly. The more pain you can endure the more of a badass you are and later in life you’ll be able to survive when others would crumble. Easier said than done, I know full well. It hurts. But no one that has ever done anything important didn’t get the shit kicked out of them physically and emotionally. 

Second, figure out what you like about yourself and celebrate it. Swim in the joy of your own awesomeness. If others don’t like that about you, fuck ‘em. You don’t have to fit in, you don’t have to conform. Refuse, resist. Because in a few years the only people in your life will be those you allow to be there. Like minds find each other and you’ll be surrounded by people that love you for the same reason you love yourself. 

Stick in there psychonaut. I believe in you and you should too.

Guessing Game

Hey guys! I was really bored, and wanted to talk to you guys! Then it got me thinking, what kind of person do you think I am!

Send me a message basically guessing things about me! It can be about my MBTI, personality, or even physical features, and you can also tell me why you think that way xD. Maybe you could also ship with me based on what little you know ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Who do you think my bias in bts, got7 or whatever group is???

Happy guessing hehe 😋😋 I’m so curious as to who you think I am irl HAHAHAHA. 

And I’m so sorry for my lack of posting, AP’s and stuff got me like 😑 

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^lmao @ this girl’s reaction ahaha

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^i was thinking, j-hope + nope = j-nope? sorry LMAO. but really, after i need u era, jungkook’s derp is on fleek

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- ADMIN J :)

You know what i love the most about how Kerry (& Tony for that matter) speak about their characters? You can tell that there is a high level of intelligence and deep, almost spiritual understanding of their characters, their complexities and the circumstances that surround their world. Also, I LOVE how KW & TG never feels the need to drag down other characters in order to convey this understanding. I for one cannot stand how much BY and SF in contrast insert personal, off-base projections into their rhetoric. And given how much they insist on repeating such projections, they consistently come across as delusional - hence the “What show are you watching?” reactions that always come from intelligent, engaged fans.
—  Quote by thecoolintellectual
What does being a "witch" mean to me?

A witch knows their place in the universe, and lives in harmony with the laws of nature. A witch learns about the law of attraction, and is tune with the energy of giving, and in turn, a witch receives what they have willed. A witch attempts to be attuned to one’s own body and it’s reaction to it’s environment, and seeks to know themselves on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A witch has a connection to the higher self, or god-head, which we all must come to recognize; the seat of the soul. This is what being a witch means to me. Naturally, I was always able to identify with the term, so it feels good to be able to connect with other witches.
Namaste, tumblr witch community!