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ASH! I read a spoiler for 8x06.....if you dont wanna know what it is stop reading right now. okay so apparently rick goes to the trash heaps and wants to convince jadis to fight with him (thats why he was taking pictures of everything to provide proof). anyway he walks in on her painting wearing absolutely nothing but an apron. she then, in typical creepiness, forces him to remove his clothes and give them to her and she locks him up anyways. im.......a mess. pls help.

Thank you for putting a warning on this. But yeah, I read it a little while ago and I’ve been staring at my screen trying to convince myself not to be pissed. But honestly, why the fuck does Rick need to interact with this woman naked? And why does she have to take his clothes? As if these junkyard people aren’t trash enough in every sense of the word, let’s throw in some sexual assault for good measure? Which I’m sure will never be properly addressed. I’m already tired.  

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight

Sometimes I hate being trans. A lot of the time, actually. While everyone else is moving forward, you’re feel like you’re waiting, waiting, waiting. For the next GIC appointment. For hormones to show any effect. For surgery. For the next surgery. For forms and reports and assessments to be filled out.

These things take weeks, months, years. Whole parts of your life get eaten away on waiting lists for services that are already stretched to their limit. And all the time you want everything to stop - to right itself in some magical overnight miracle. You spend nights crying and asking ‘why me?’ Why am I the one who has to be stuck here? 

But you will get there. I promise you. Nobody knows patience like us trans folk. We have to be strong, mentally, emotionally and physically, because we are forced to be by our very nature. It’s something huge to bear and it’s okay if you’re not always okay. It isn’t fun, and it isn’t fair. And it’s okay to grieve - for being born with the wrong parts, or for all the times that your body restricted you in life - for the things you wish you had. Grieve if you need to. 

There is light and dark to everything in life. Being trans is no exception. Keep going. Wait and fight and grieve and celebrate and live - in the way that only we trans people know how. 

You’ll come out stronger in the end.


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