i feel there isn't a lot of variety

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I know there's a lot of mixed feelings about this news... however 5H are also signed and based on that article that recently came out about them, the lawyer was able to negotiate a lot of things for them, including ownership of their trademark so isn't this kind of a win?

I’m not having mixed feelings at all!  Louis’ deal is still distribution, unlike 5H’s, so the bones haven’t changed, but getting a US distributor/partner that announces the deal in Variety instead of The fucking Sun is already MILES beyond what we had before!

So I’m super excited!

I didn’t take any of my meds today, because of a variety of reasons, and now tonight I am sitting in a pile of self hatred and intensely wanting to be dead.

I cannot over state how important taking my medications is for me. They don’t even fix stuff, they just keep my mood stable enough for me to have room to work with myself.

So anyway, I feel like I want to die and deserve to die, and I have to take my damn meds tomorrow.

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Viria I'm transgender and I don't think genderbending is transphobic at all. All of my trans friends also think it's not transphobic. But we do believe there are some offensive things about it One: say you genderbend Sirius Black. That's fine, but you give her a banging body and put her in a sexy ass dress. It's implies that if you switch the gender you are also switching the fashion sense and interests. This isn't transphobic however it's gender stereotyping, which is wrong.

Ahh that would suck.

There are so so many opinions on this, so guys, can I please ask you about it here? If you’re transgender, could you please write me your opinion on genderbends? I feel like a lot of posts or people whom I talked to make it quite…black and white, and I want to hear more opinions to help clear it up a bit.

Although I do think the way I was doing them isn’t right because I totally didn’t think about any variety. So I have a different question. If genderbends are done, but with more different trans\non binary headcanons to it, would that still be upsetting for those of you who are completely against it?

I think it’s the last one I’m going to post about this, but I really need to hear more opinions and not just seperate few who speak for everyone.

Thanks in advance, guys!

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so what's the deal with gatekeeper goths who act like pastel/cyber/whatever goth isn't ~real goth? where does that behavior even come from? (i feel like maybe i could deal with it better if i knew what they were thinking)

My guess is they feel that the various permutations ~dilute~ goth, which is Their Special Thing. Which is ridiculous, because variety doesn’t lessen anything. 

So I suspect that the gatekeeper types feel like Their Special Thing Which Makes Them Special might be taken away, or shared with others, and that frightens them. So they lash out. 

Mind you, this is all guesswork on my part, but having seen a lot of gatekeeping behavior over the years in various circles, I think my guesses are at least close to the truth.

You know I’ve been thinking about why I love Bobbi so much and aside from the duh she’s Bobbi answer I was thinking that I love that she’s obviously a kickbutt character. Like her fight skills are nearly on par with May’s?

But she’s also allowed to be really funny and slightly nerdy (Star Wars tee, anyone?) and smile a lot. She reaches out to Hunter but still keeps him in check. We can clearly see that what Hunter likes to say about her is largely unfounded.

We’re seeing more of that light-heartedness, for lack of a better term, in May this season than we got last season and I’ve enjoyed that.

At the same time an important shift in Skye’s characterization this season is that she feels she has to kill that part of herself to survive.

So it’s refreshing to get to see how bubbly Bobbi is. How bubbly she gets to be while still being the character who can kick Hydra butt with ease.

And I’m not saying that like Bobbi’s better than May or Skye. Or that they should be more like her. I think we need a wide variety of characterizations and variations on tropes and trope inversions in women in media.

I’m just saying that aos could have made the call to make Bobbi a “cold” female warrior character. And they didn’t.

And I’m really glad.