i feel the vibes

okay just to be cheesy for a sec, but I feel like Harry’s just got such an old soul, but combined with a perfect finger on the future, like he just gets what works and what doesn’t, and what’s up and coming, and how far he can push the envelope while still bringing people in to him. I know that whatever he does is going to be amazing, but 70s-inspired British rock just feels so in his wheel-house. I feel like he’ll just take this vibe, and when people listen to it, it’ll feel familiar and nostalgic, but also feel like something no one’s ever heard or done before, and I just can’t wait to see it all happen when he’s ready :’) 

hello, all.
so I need a big favor…

my sister in law just had a bad miscarriage recently, and is struggling with her grief…
&since I live far away, I can’t do much to comfort her and my brother.

I was hoping for any spell suggestions that could possibly help ease the pain and give them a bit of light during their dark time.

thank you so much for reading.
much love,

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i'm not gonna expect anything about dan's 'long time coming, big deal' video tbh ,,bc i'll be surprised either way but ??? it's better to set my bar low ?? then i might get pleasantly surprised, or maybe not, who knows?? it might be a big deal or maybe not,, you never know with dan sometimesbut i'm not gonna shoot for the stars for some extreme video ?? but honestly, we won't know until we see

hm yea i’m not really expecting anything, however i feel it could be that seeing as how he has been strongly dropping hints the past 6 months, but it might just  be some kind of other personal thing/project he’s just never told us either or who knows, honestly dan could put out a video of him eating cheetos and i’d be happy


if you’ve never listened bts while ur hella depressed and exhausted with life, then you’re not living

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Don't stress about the age au!! :DD Take as much time as you need, you don't need to draw anything for anyone and theres no point drawing for it if you don't have inspiration or it doesn't make you happy ^^ // just-servamp-trash

Thank you so much!~ Man, that’s good to hear, cause I was low key starting to feel like people were… worried? I don’t know what vibe I was getting. D:

 But really thanks! It is hard to make myself work on it if I don’t feel “the inspiration”. Your right. I shouldn’t feel guilty for drawing what makes me happy. ^^

Support bi people who have a strong preference for women

Support bi people who have a strong preference for men

Support bi people who don’t have a strong preference for any gender

Support bi people who are only attracted to women and nb people

Support bi people who are only attracted to men and nb people

Support bi people who are attracted to women, men, and nb people

Support bi people who are bisexual or biromantic but not both 

Support trans and nonbinary bi people

You don’t get to decide who’s “bi enough”. Support ALL bi people.