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Sometimes I am suddenly just struck by the realization that something that seemed so far away, so hard to achieve when I was younger is now completely feasible. Stuff like planning my own vacations, determining the direction of my life, and buying a pack of Capri Sun whenever I feel like it.

The Sun in the Feild

Wind shifted through the trees, blowing like a sea of green on shores of blue sand. The sun was warm on my face and the wind stirred my hair. There was music in the air, coming from an unknown source. I hummed along with it, it was somehow familiar, though I had never heard it before. I sounded like peace and home, like sun and sand, like a small cottage on the sea that I hadn’t visited in years. That image felt lonely, like it missed me, like the house itself felt my absence. It called to me. I didn’t know when I would return, or how long I had been away. I shivered, the sun didn’t feel so warm anymore.

Karamel love is a Yellow Sun.

I know Mon-El said that his feeling for Kara are his Kryptonite but he has shown that loving her and being near her has made him want to be better and be someone she and he can be proud of. I want him to tell her that she is not his Kryptonite, she is his Yellow Sun!!! He didn’t know how strong he could be until yes came along, she gives him the strength to be better. Or maybe it will be Kara….

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Life Support

The Librium gets me
out     and I can     breathe


Progressing my boots     through
another     wet


I’m not     so dying
     now     the

and rainsnow lets me feel     cool.
I’ve never been

but a     dark mess     sweating

I will never find.
And yet     streetlights     guide

     safely     to a    feeling
of knowing

light     its glow     like the pills
letting miracle


me     steadying me
like a sleepy public     aspiring
     to exist only

without thinking     too much
Just go out

a while    do nothing
and go     home     again.

It is     now new     your

      of armless     infinite     arms.

She could almost see herself glowing much brighter than ever. 

And even though it was such a rare occurance, she could remember it very well while he approached — almost as if it was her own light, and not his. That burning sensation, that blinding light. Something lingering in the back of her head, like a feeling, or memory long lost.

She could only trap his light for a few moments. But she always felt that slight connection, as if something was amiss. 

Was he that mysterious, with his blue smile and sweet words? No. Maybe it was just her curiosity towards those moments. But deep down, she felt, there was something else, hidden between the cycles, waiting for them to find out.

There was something about them.

About him.

About her.

She could only wonder. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy that moment, even if for a little bit.

The Eclipse

I saw @illustraice AU some time ago and got hooked. What an amazing AU! so I decided to make a fanart about it cause yaaaassssss it’s so good ç~ç