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so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

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see, like, missy has been a very touchy character in this regen?

she snogs the doctor, and constantly rests her arm around him/on his shoulder (outside st paul’s, and once she’s free on the plane, to name a few times), and just holding on to him for dear life when he kisses her in the graveyard. she wraps her arm around osgood. in s9, she reaches into clara’s personal space to make her have the vortex manipulator, and she sits very closely to the doctor in the ship.

getting into people’s personal spaces is a very quick and effective way to make them very uncomfortable, and she uses this to her advantage to scare osgood, and her just being nearby people makes them nervous.

the scene in which she reaches for the doctor (and to me she looks like she’s reaching to fix his coat, like in s8 with the unit/cybermen in the square scene),  he steps back, and it shows she wants to be near him and touch him for her own comfort, not to make him uncomfortable. she instantly stops, and freezes and looks down and laces her fingers together, kinda shakily. she doesn’t continue her attempt, which is something the old her might have done - stepping forward and not allowing a rejection in the first place.

[gif from @the-clever-boy-in-the-funny-hat​]

12 recognizes, however, how much she needs that contact, but isn’t ready to give it. he’s not much of a hugging person, but he understands that she needs that from him, so he does what he can. her reaction to this, like she’s taking a breath, about to speak, is so fundamental. she knows he’s trying to help her too, but doesn’t know how to convey how much she needs it without embarrassing herself/acting ooc.

i feel that missy really needs that hug. she really, really needs it. even just from bill. she hasn’t really had physical contact with anyone in years, presumably, and that does things to a person whose character revolves a lot around it. she’s restraining herself so much.

How would Starfleet react to Star Wars clone troopers?

They’d be assholes about it. Not individually of course, but Starfleet itself? They’re not big on eugenics, I mean look how they treated any sort of Augment from Khan to Bashir, and since Kaminoans pride themselves on creating perfect clone beings devoid of defects…well, the higher ups in Starfleet would huff and puff about it being ethically and morally corrupt and then probably make a comment about how these mass-produced Augments (cough clones cough, but they’d refer to them as Augments, I’m sure) should probably be put down, you know, because their very existence is unjustified.

(I’m not salty about Starfleet’s opinions on Augmented humans. Not at all lmao. What put that silly idea in your head?)

This would of course be decided by a board of directors that had never met an actual clone. Anyone that did would know in a milisecond that the fact they were genetically modified takes nothing away from their humanity.

Btdubs I want to draw clone troopers in Starfleet uniforms now so that’s gonna be a thing. Because crossing fandom streams is fun. That has nothing to do with what I just discussed, I’m just writing it down so I remember later.


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part 2 of 8)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End as reported by Benjamin Cook

Production on Doctor Who has ground to a halt.  Tools have been downed. Cameras abandoned. And for why? Because make-up artist Steve Smith has arrived on set, in the Nobles’ living room, carrying a mongrel puppy dog called Jack.  “What is it?” asks Bernard Cribbins.

“It’s a dog,” explains Steve.

“Well, I can see that.”

He belongs to the lady across the road.  “She just threw it at me,” explains Steve, “and said, Catherine would like to see Jack, wouldn’t she?”

“Oh, I do, I so do,” coos Catherine Tate, taking Jack in her arms.

“Can we get all puppies off set!” pleads Simon Morris, the First Assistant Director. But no one is listening.

“Aww, he still smells of his mother’s womb,” says Catherine, taking a sniff.

“That’s disgusting,” exclaims David Tennant.  “Just wait til he pees on you.”

“Nah, I couldn’t have a dog that’s smaller than a cat,” reasons Catherine. “He is lovely, though.”

“Tell people it’s a hamster,” suggests David.  Meanwhile, across the room, Phil Collinson is ripping up today’s shooting schedule.

Previous parts are available here:  
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The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ] 

Paladins’ s/o giving birth

A/n: If you wanna change the names of the babies you can.


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-Somehow super calm and prepared. It lowkey calms his s/o down.

-Mr. I brought everything needed.

-aka, he’s prepared. He even has stuff his s/o doesn’t need. He’s more prepared than his pregnant s/o, but I digress.

-He really wants to hold your hand during the process, and he won’t admit it, but his human hand HURTS. He really wants to switch hands at some point, but he can’t just casually say, “Hey, Y/n. My hand is hurting.”

-Like, don’t even try it. But he’s there every second he can be. He’s so amazing at soothing his s/o and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do.

-Doesn’t retaliate if his s/o curses him (which they do)

-” I love you y/n, and I don’t think you should use that kind of language.”

- In the end his s/o gives birth to an adorable baby girl named Sango. She is a carbon copy of his mother, but with his s/o’s hair colour

-He’s really hesitant to hold her, like she’s so small. And Shiro is a giant. He doesn’t want to hurt her.

-Then he holds her and he’s hooked. Like, nothing else matters. He’d fight anyone if they hurt his baby girl.


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-Lance wished he had four arms to hold them all tightly to him and never let go.

-Bag, check, clothes for her s/o and the baby check. Food and water in case of an emergency, check.

-But, he is not mentally prepared.

-For about ten minutes he’s excited as heck. Like, Lance is going to be a father.

-Then it dawns on him, he’s going to be a father. Of an actual baby, who wears diapers. And cries. And needs Lance to take care of them.

-Then he’s freaking out. And his freaking out causes his s/o to freak out. So Lance may not be the best to keep around during the actual procedure.

-He tries to calm down, but it fails majorly.

-He tries his best to make them feel good but ultimately fails when they actually have to give birth. He tries though and that’s all that counts, (that’s what he tells himself)

-His s/o ends up giving birth to a set of triplets two girls and a boy named Lila, Daya and Leo. While Lila and Daya look like y/n. Leo looks exactly like Lance as a baby said for his eye and hair color


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-Sweet boy was caught off guard. He was so busy taking care of his s/o that he forgot that they have to push a baby out of their body.

-So when his s/o tells him their water broke, Hunk.exe has shut down.

-he’s going around and getting everything he forgot to pack. While simultaneously trying to make sure his s/o is alright.

-During the actual birth, he tries to be helpful he really does.

-But he over indulged himself on videos about what could happen during birth and he’s freaking out.

-Tries to give a pep talk of some sort to his s/o while they’re giving birth but he can’t. Like this is all too much for him.

-A part of him wants to walk out before he passes out. He doesn’t. He almost passes out then stays. He’s a good husband.

-He ends up with a set of twin girls named Tia and Monroe who look more like his s/o But has Hunk’s hair color.

-he cries. Like a baby(yes pun intended)  His s/o was able to give him two amazing children. And a part of him hopes they can bring him more.


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-Ok, Keith is prepared for battle. He’s not prepared for birth giving. His s/o tells him their water broke and he doesn’t realize what it means for a second. Then they clarify and Keith is up and ready to go.

-He casually picks up his s/o and speed walks to where they need to go (which his s/o has to remind him at times where they need to go) and sets them down as gently as possible.

-During he’s really supportive, but at the same time I feel like he’s glaring at the doctor for not helping relieve the pain.

-”Why can’t you stop the pain?”-”Keith, I came too late for the anesthesia. I’ll do it without.”

-The million dollar question is who’s calming who down. Like, Keith is trying to help you. But at the same time, you’re worried he’ll fight someone if they put their hands on the wrong place.

-During the actual birth giving, he’s trying to hold onto his s/o as tight as possible while holding them like they’ll break.

-His s/o gives birth to a tiny baby boy named Alec, by galra standards who looks more like y/n’s dad but with a blueish hair color.

-At first he’s so nervous to hold the baby. But once he’s in Keith’s arms don’t expect that baby back.

-”Keith, did you just hiss?”


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-You think Shiro knew what he was doing. He’s an amateur compared to Pidge. She my friend knows everything you could know.

-Once her s/o’s water breaks she’s calm on the outside, but on the inside she’s freaking out. But she read somewhere she should keep the pregnant person calm during labour so here Pidge was dying on the inside while telling her s/o everything will be alright.

-Once her s/o is screaming out in pain Pidge is there to make sure everything is fine. Even though her s/o screams at her angrily.

-”No no no. Katie Holt! If we have another baby it’s going in you!”

-Just to make you feel better she agrees.(which she is somehow convinced to actually do)

-Her s/o gave birth to a healthy baby boy they named Luca.

-Once Luca is born, Pidge is prepared to raise a smart kid who people will simply hear talk and think “is that Katie’ boy?” 

Fun fact: Hunk needs more gif sets. Like there aren’t enough for just him


now then.

let’s get back on the topic of his memories.

he thinks every part of his old mind is destroyed. nothing left. but what he doesn’t know is there’s a small shred of his memories, his old life left in him. but it’s buried deep away, only awoken while he’s asleep. once he wakes up, it’s gone and forgotten again. sung caught onto this fact by watching his dreams, and he had an idea. what if he messed around with that? maybe… maybe he could wake it up. get him back.
he forced havve into sleep mode and shut him off, and dragged him all the way down to his lab and ripped him open.
many hours and many tears later, after lots of poking around and rewiring, he got nowhere. no progress. nothing.

he gives up. he accepts the fact that he’s alone. he’ll never get to talk to his kind, he’ll never have a chance to share fond memories or learn what his people were like.

he turned havve back on, apologized for knocking him out like that, and locked himself in his room for the night.

that night, havve dreams again. dreams of home.

but it’s different this time.

he’s aware.

he can see.

he… feels.

a feeling of longing. nostalgia. …sadness.

what was happening to him? why was he getting so emotional over a place he didn’t recognize? he was so confused. overwhelmed. he never felt this much. he was shaking. starting to get scared.

he’s never felt scared before.

he was suddenly ripped from this dream, and woke to the face of a very worried doctor sung who was shaking him awake.

he was overheating in his sleep and making very worrying sounds. sung thought he was dying.

the feelings were still there. he still felt an overwhelming sadness. he needed to know what was going on. but instead…


sung froze, suddenly scared. he explained that it just never came up, thought he didnt care-

havve stood. sung shut up.


and he did.

havve stared at the image of him. his single, dead, lifeless eye, his iris still tinted a pale green. wires hung from his face, patches of metal framing his jaw. long black, dirty, lifeless hair hung from his head in patches. faded freckles along his cheeks and nose. long pointed ears.

and then the memories came.

sudden and quick, his mind overflowed with images of his home, himself, and his family. his planet. everyone.

he stared at sung. sung looked scared. very scared.

havve broke down sobbing. sung rushed over, hugged him. asking what was wrong.


sung hugged him tighter, his core humming. havve shoved his face into sung’s shoulder, shaking.


sung explained. he was afraid havve would be angry. afraid he would leave. afraid he would break.

and he apologized. he kept apologizing. he cried as he did, an endless stream of “sorry"s and “i didn’t want to hurt you”.

havve hugged him back.



How do I stop loving you?

How do I stop loving you?

How do I stop leaving you little notes when I know you’ll never see them again?

How do I stop leaving the coffee pot on, expecting you to come bounding down the steps and nag at me to, “replace the creamer once you’ve finished it, Spence.“

How do I build up the courage to sleep on your side of the bed knowing that once it’s been slept on the smell of your skin will be gone and replaced by the smell of mine own?

How do I stop bringing home a bouquet of flowers from your favorite flower shop everyday, knowing you’ll never receive them?

How do I stop waking up and expecting to hear the silent wheezing coming from your nose?

How do I stop expecting to come home and hear the light pitter patter of your feet against the hardwood floors we used to share?

How do I stop imagining what could’ve been? White picket fence, a few kids, and growing old together.

How do I stop replaying the last words I ever said to you, in my head like a broken record player? “I don’t know why I even try, all we do is fight and fight, I think we should take a break.”

How do I stop my heart from breaking every time I remember hearing your voice break when you pleaded, “Spencer, please, you don’t mean that I love you.”

How do I stop hearing the door close just a few hours later, not realizing then that it would be the last time you walked out of our shared apartment?

How do I stop waking up with the smell of ammonia burning my nostrils as if I were back in that hospital watching you slowly leave me behind?

How do I stop remembering reaching out to grasp your small limp hand up, tear ducts ready to burst, and hearing a long flat piercing sound that penetrated my ears, realizing that the monitor had flat lined?

How do I stop blaming myself, because I can’t. I can’t stop imagining what was going through your head while you were driving down the interstate highway in the rain going 20 miles over the speed limit. Hydroplaning, they said it was and I knew what it meant, I just didn’t understand how. I mean hydroplaning is when a layer of water builds between the wheels of a vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs. I know that but you were always an overly cautious driver. I know you were because I remember teasing you about it just a couple days prior. “I can’t believe you literally drive like a grandma! I mean you do know that statistically 143 accident a year are caused by slow drivers right?” only receiving a lighthearted chuckle in response.

How do I stop the feeling, that same tightness on my chest when the doctor said that he had done all he could and yet he still couldn’t save you, the realisation that I could’ve. Because if I had never said that I wanted a break, you would have never left and I wouldn’t have to imagine you sitting on our obnoxiously yellow couch, that you’d insisted on buying because “You, Doctor Reid need a little brightness in your life.“ You’d just be there instead.

I mean how absurd! I don’t even remember what we were fighting about!?

How do I stop loving you?

The answer is I won’t.

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Hi! I came into the fandom in 2015 and I guess I'm a ~Misha Stan~ bc he's great but what are his receipts??? What terrible things has he done?? Like, I've listened to all the crazy things he's done through cons and all but I heard he pretended to be a doctor??? I just... feel like I don't have the same receipts as other misha stans on these things!!! Thank you!!

oh i wouldn’t say “terrible” things necessarily. he’s just open about, like, times when he’s not always the best parent or when he did something stupid. like, when he tells the story about maison saying “i wish for this,” he spends half the story talking about how he was being impatient and ornery with his kids and not appreciating spending time with them during their most formative years. like, he’ll readily admit his downfalls so it’s kind of hard to criticize him for them. 

the pretending to be a doctor thing….is probably the worst thing he’s ever admitted to, so you’re good on that front. the thing about misha is that we know he has a good heart, so most of the crazy stories he tells comes from a place of wanting to do good in the world but being a bit more chaotic than lawful or neutral. 

dreadvesty replied to your post “one thing that fucks me up especially in like space/sci-fi stuff is…”

lol I love this

do u enjoy my pain

They didn’t want Shuu to change the calendar, they wanted to do it on their own, they’ve been trying all day.

Guys why does New Divide by Linkin Park remind me of this movie my dad let me watch with this girl with a gun leg

I remember the very first time I saw pics of Peter and Jenna. They were filming in Cardiff, the scene where they hug and go for coffee & chips. I said to myself “Yeah, it’s time I shipped something cheerful and bright”

Well, here I am one year later: a train wreck of emotions.


Steven Moffat and Romance. My rambles about how Jekyll reinforces my belief of TJLC.

          ~Spoilers for Jekyll and Sherlock and Doctor Who (11th) bellow~

I watched BBC’s Jekyll expecting to add to my understanding of Moffat’s writing style. I got more interesting comparisons than I was expecting. I would love to start a discussion about comparing Sherlock and Jekyll, because I have only begun to delve into the complexities.

One episode into Jekyll, I was unsurprised to see a lesbian couple casually mentioned. Coupling reveals that Moffat has a bit of a thing for lesbians, and he likes to casually slip lesbians or mentions of lesbians into his other shows. That was a bit of an aside, but I often hear people saying that Johnlock won’t happen because of Steven Moffat, and that just seems way off the mark to me.

Moffat’s writing of Hyde had some distinct similarities to his writing of mind palace Moriarty in His Last Vow. This post shows the direct comparison: (x) Bonus recycling dialogue Doctor Who and Jekyll edition with Claire and River Song: (x)

And then there was episode 6…WHAM BAM plot twists. I have not read “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” but from the summaries I have read, the original text seems like a straightforward split personality case. In the original story, Hyde kills someone and Jekyll writes a letter acknowledging that he will become Hyde permanently. So what happens in Moffat’s version of Jekyll? Everything is revealed to be about love through complicated plot twists.

Watch this scene: (x) I am going to add the text bellow too.

Tom’s mother: People think Hyde is rage or hate or greed or lust. But Hyde is far worse.

Claire: What is he?

Tom’s mother: What was the first day you knew you could kill anyone? Anyone at all if you had to?

Claire: The day I first held my children.

Tom’s mother: It’s our oldest deadliest impulse, the need to protect our own at the expense of any other living thing. And we give that impulse such a nice name, don’t we? Hyde is love. And love is a psychopath.

Cue my brain connecting to Sherlock: “Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator.”
Moffat paints love in such a dark light in both Jekyll and Sherlock.

Essentially, Moffat took a piece of classic literature and turned it into this odd grand romance. A character played by Mark Gatiss revealed one of these romantic plot twists (and with that I need to pause for a moment and laugh). The note handed to Jekyll said that there was no medicine that caused Jekyll to turn into Hyde that it was the girl (Claire) all along.

Cue my brain connecting to Sherlock: “It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

I don’t really understand the logistics of the change happening because of Claire. It honestly seems like a huge gapping plot hole. Am I supposed to believe that the original Doctor Jekyll loved Claire so much that he developed a split personality to store the vicious side of love? The transition from a purely cruel and child-like Hyde to a Hyde who is willing to sacrifice himself for his cloned wife and their children is sudden and frankly ridiculous. The show was cut short, so Moffat had to figure out a way to end it with less episodes than he was expecting, but he chose the romantic direction.

Moffat does love twists like that ending with Dr. Jekyll’s mother. One thing that I am certain of is that we have not seen anywhere near the end of plot twists in Sherlock. The successful nature of Sherlock allows for more time to slowly build in foreshadowing for twists and cliff hangers.

Let’s go back to the scene where Moriarty lines mirror Hyde’s dialogue. Was this unintentional or was Moffat trying to tell us something? This comparison makes me think of LSIT’s M-theory, in which Moriarty is viewed as obsessed with Sherlock in a romantic/sexual way. The character types don’t translate exactly between the shows, but I see Moriarty as similar to Hyde, Sherlock as similar to Jekyll, and John as similar to Claire. Moriarty’s behavior can fit into the obsessive side of love, but unlike Hyde I don’t see Moriarty making any grand romantic gestures. I also think that Hyde only made the gesture that he did because at that point he was connected to Jekyll, and so the good side of love was blending in with the bad side. Moriarty and Hyde both enjoy toying with people and their emotional reactions. Even though Jekyll’s mother says that love is a psychopath, I see Hyde as more of a child than a psychopath, and I don’t see Moriarty as a psychopath either. Sherlock/Moriarty have many similarities though they are not quite as similar as Jekyll/Hyde, but Sherlock/Moriarty display the opposite sides of the same coin (consulting detective/consulting criminal). Jekyll and Claire’s relationship ends up being the most important part of the show, and Sherlock and John’s friendship is already the most important part of Sherlock.

The above River Song and Claire dialogue seems more likely to be an unintentional repetition, but there are also some similarities between River and Claire. Both women have complicated backstories involving evil organizations creating or controlling them in order to manipulate the main character of the respective shows. Both women cause the main character of their show to be viewed in a more romantic way than the character was classically viewed. I saw the Doctor as more asexual until Moffat started writing him. The Doctor had feelings for Rose Tyler, but I didn’t see those as sexual. Whereas River Song makes comments that are undeniably sexual. In Jekyll, even if Jekyll was married in the original story, Moffat took that relationship and expanded its importance. Jekyll only loved one woman all those years across generations. Bringing Sherlock back into the discussion, I read the Sherlock Holmes stories as separate from anything romantic or sexual until BBC Sherlock’s writers set the seeds for that direction. All of this makes me think that Steven Moffat really is a big romantic.

Jekyll begins like a typical Jekyll and Hyde adaptation, but then a romantic plot twist changes the entire meaning of the split personalities. This modern adaptation could have followed a more typical Jekyll and Hyde plotline, but that is just not what Moffat does. Sherlock and Jekyll initially seem like shows about a detective and a scientist with a split personality respectively, but they are both ultimately about the relationships between the characters. I believe Sherlock will follow a similar twist reveal pattern as Jekyll, but will not fall into the plot hole territory that comes along with the romance in Jekyll.