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Should of Been an Oral Doctor (M) ~ Suho x Reader

Summary: You visit your best friend, Junmyeon while he’s on work break; He happens to be a doctor and get sexually frustrated when around you, you feel the same.
A/N: I really like the idea of Doctor!Junmyeon it’s a beautiful thing like hot damn. I’mma also upload the next aesthetic later!
Genre(s): Smut, Oral, AU

Junmyeon noticed that something was wrong as soon as you walked straight into the doctors surgery that morning when you dumped your rucksack then yourself onto the examination bed.

The young man sat there patiently in his swivel chair for your rant about work or some other thing, but you didn’t utter a word and it surprised him. It generally did. As best friends you would always come to each other if something was sincerely ripping at you but your behavior caught Doctor Kim Junmyeon off guard today.

While you had your head buried frustratingly into the pillow of the examination bed and groaned into it, the young doctor had wild, filth thoughts clouding his mind; how he would do numerous things to you in this sound proof room while you screamed not his name but his profession into that pillow. Should he be having such thoughts about his best friend?

“What’s up?” Junmyeon’s crisp clear voice echoed across the room, almost startling the fuck out of your trance. You always loved his voice; soft like cotton but crisp like snow and always giving you an unhealthy, pleasing twist in your stomach.

Your answer was so muffled he didn’t understand a word, “Eh?”

A roll of his eyes and smirk had him standing off his desk chair, then he made his way over. Should he be doing this? Is this going to be the biggest fuck up of his life?

Hearing approaching footsteps coming from towards the room, your head lifted up from the pillow and you locked eyes with Junmyeon - He stood stick major still mentally screaming and asking what he was doing.

As your and Junmyeon’s eyes continued to lock onto each other’s for longer, another moment passed, then suddenly, he crawled onto the bed, hovering and pinning your hands above you head.

You gasped for air when you suddenly felt his hot breath in your neck, his warm mouth placing light and ticklish butterfly kisses on the sensitive skin there before he closed his chocolate hooded eyes, one of his soft hands running cupping your cheek, thumb gliding along while his other hand still held your arms above

And with that, the all too familiar butterflies awakened in your tummy, the ones you’d get whenever you would think of this reality actually over and over in your head; sending electric shocks through your whole body.

Holy fuck, is this a dream? Did you fall asleep on the examination bed?!

Everything tensed when his fingers trailed up to the bare skin on your thighs, after he pulled your leggings and baby blue spongebob boxer briefs that he didn’t hesitate to comment on at all; wasting no time. When his hot breath brushed making you whimper his name out and run your now free hands through his hair.

Junmyeon looked up at you with pure lust and sex driven eyes, not giving you a chance to regain a posture while as it was evidendant to you both that your breath was already unsteady, the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

The next moment, he pressed his lips against your cunt. His tongue flicked forward, tasting the juices that had started to leak from you almost instantly, you didn’t have time wonder how the fuck he learnt all this as he brought his teeth and lightly pulled at the sensitive skin of your cunt lightly, making sure he wouldn’t hurt you.

As loud moans continued to escape your lips when you felt the sensitive skin on your wet clit, you curled your fists onto the sides of the bed, the cold metal digging and numbing your palms as Junmyeon continued to pinch at your cunt with his teeth occasionally.

Your deep and quick breaths was all that could be heard throughout the room until you screamed out your best friends name, who suddenly stopped what he was doing; looking at you with dark eyes.

“What did you call me sweetheart?” His accent thick, breath hot against your thighs. Your body started to ache for his touch again, almost burning. “Doctor; Doctor please!”

“Much better” His tongue parted your lips, greedily licking off the juices your arousal had produced and gently shoved his tongue into, You felt your climax building inside of you, desperate for more of his touch.

Smirking once more, he went down on you again, wasting no time in shoving two of his fingers inside of you and pounding furiously as if he needed as much of a release as you did; his release being yours.

With his fingers were still fucking you, his tongue licked over your cunt, dancing over it so fast your eyes nearly rolled out of the back your head,
“Holy Fucking shit, Myeon”

You came hard around his fingers which were still massaging you to help you ride out your; Junmyeon pulled his fingers out of your clit, massaging your thighs his thumbs softly before like the start, pressing a small butterfly kiss to your cheek.

“Fuck..I’ve wanted to do that for so long,”

You have no idea

Hope you enjoyed :^
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Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part 2 of 8)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End as reported by Benjamin Cook

Production on Doctor Who has ground to a halt.  Tools have been downed. Cameras abandoned. And for why? Because make-up artist Steve Smith has arrived on set, in the Nobles’ living room, carrying a mongrel puppy dog called Jack.  “What is it?” asks Bernard Cribbins.

“It’s a dog,” explains Steve.

“Well, I can see that.”

He belongs to the lady across the road.  “She just threw it at me,” explains Steve, “and said, Catherine would like to see Jack, wouldn’t she?”

“Oh, I do, I so do,” coos Catherine Tate, taking Jack in her arms.

“Can we get all puppies off set!” pleads Simon Morris, the First Assistant Director. But no one is listening.

“Aww, he still smells of his mother’s womb,” says Catherine, taking a sniff.

“That’s disgusting,” exclaims David Tennant.  “Just wait til he pees on you.”

“Nah, I couldn’t have a dog that’s smaller than a cat,” reasons Catherine. “He is lovely, though.”

“Tell people it’s a hamster,” suggests David.  Meanwhile, across the room, Phil Collinson is ripping up today’s shooting schedule.

Previous parts are available here:  
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The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ] 

They didn’t want Shuu to change the calendar, they wanted to do it on their own, they’ve been trying all day.

callmedoctorwho  asked:

Hey, i don't know if you already analyzed the deleted scene from the girl who died, the scene where the Doctor is referring to Danny as a friend of ours and Clara is referring to him as a soldier who died, could you please write a little meta on that scene and how you perceive it?

I wonder at which point in the series it was written and ultimately not included, because it fits so well. Not only does it emphasise the re-emergence of soldiers as a theme in The Girl Who Died, but this deleted scene is a perfect prequel to Danny’s role in Clara’s goodbye, before she goes to face the Raven.

The Doctor’s line - ”A friend of ours” - shows a full acceptance of Danny, which Danny has more than deserved. But in the overall context, it also presents a greater acknowledgement of the parts which Danny saw in him and of what the Doctor thinks he is bringing out in Clara (“Turning them into fighters? That’s not like you… What happened?” - “You.” ). Danny Pink is a friend of theirs and he fits right in, among the generals and soldiers that are the two of them, lighting fires on bad days, saving the world on good days. And one day, Clara will do something terribly clever and horribly brave in one of those battles.

Clara’s answer is so much more complicated. “A soldier, who died.”  It’s four words, full of so much honesty and so many lies at the same time and it only becomes more so when she replies to the next question. “Because when all else fails, that’s what soldiers do.”  It’s the cold, hard, unhelpful truth in a situation in which they are preparing for war, even when it is still accompanied with a gentle smile. But there’s also acceptance there, from someone who had grieved in such an all-consuming way and has learned to move on. “You did your best, she died, there is nothing you can do“, she states when trying to comfort  the Doctor about Ashildr’s death later.

And yet it is hiding so much of their story, seconds after she recalled Danny with so much fondness, making her laugh even in such a hopeless situation. She cuts down all that love and his choices to make a sacrifice to a short remark which calls to mind defeat instead of heroism and doing good. Clara has put what happened behind her, but she hasn’t truly figured out how to engage with it. She lives in the present instead of the past, brushing it aside, and has not found a way to weave those together. But she will. “If Danny Pink can do it, so can I… Die right. Die like I mean it.”  When all else fails. For who she was and who she loved.

I remember the very first time I saw pics of Peter and Jenna. They were filming in Cardiff, the scene where they hug and go for coffee & chips. I said to myself “Yeah, it’s time I shipped something cheerful and bright”

Well, here I am one year later: a train wreck of emotions.

let me tell you guys something that has been on my mind ever since heaven sent aired, and it makes me unable to think about anything else going on in my life.

remember when we were all fantasising about 12 and Clara dying together? I mean, 12 regenerating in the same time Clara dies, because they’re just made for each other, and 12 is totally her Doctor? But it was impossible because Peter just came on the show and none of us want him to leave any time soon.


Think about the first time the Doctor died in Heaven Sent, the first day he arrived. The first time he saw the Veil and all these rooms. He didn’t know if his plan would work, he couldn’t be sure if the teleport machine would copy him or not. But if he didn’t take the chance, he was going to die in ‘Room 12′ without having tried. So he climbed up the stairs, etc, and burned himself. It worked. Now, think of the first copy that died. He actually died, you know? The first copy, who didn’t remember he punched the wall before, who was the first skull, who painted Clara. He died without the memories of his other punches to that wall because he didn’t have any. That death was maybe IT. The Doctor’s death.

His last words were: ‘How long can I keep doing this, Clara? Burning the old me, to make a new one?’ And then, the mind-TARDIS shut down. He died a few hours after Clara died.. :))

playing hatoful boyfriend for the firs time

me: haha, lol lets do the library nerds route, boring ones first lmao

me after finishing nagekis route:

me: HAH well :/ guess i picked a bad starter there, lets do this stuck up douchebags route next, surely ill feel nothing for this duster ass looking bintch

me after finishing sakuyas route: