i feel the need to tag every country now

British perspective on the debate last night

- Holy shit America

- You lefties (democrats) doing alright?

- Brexit aint looking too bad right about now

- Brits are praying that if Dump Trump wins Theresa May (our pm) says fucking Nope to America!

- like Hilary being done with Trump is basically everyone’s reaction in every other country

- why the fuck are you all spelling it deabte

- did Hilary actually say anything?!?!?!

- a lot of people want Bernie back? I mean I’m getting that feel in the tag

- donald trump needs to shut up, everything he says and does is a contradiction

- the fact checking on Donald being wrong is the best

- Justin Trudeau must be preparing for all the people who may leave the usa and go to canada

- is canada laughing as much as britain is we wonder

-tho our laughing slowly turn to angry crying

- Brexit and the tories (current right wing people in charge of the uk) is still p bad tho so we feel your guys pain