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Komaeda and Hinata's relationship is extremely complicated and important in sdr2 but dr3 has basically retconned everything so literally none of Hinata's relationships other than Nanami have any relevance. Like in future arc we don't even see him with the other survivors because they just aren't important enough. In the narrative dr3 has crafted it wouldn't make any sense in dr3 for their relationship to get closure when they don't have any focus in this particular story.

^ Yes! This exactly! This is why everyone is mad about no komahina in despair arc, because it doesn’t give them build up to interact in Hope, and anyone who thinks they are still going to interact or have closure with this arc are pretty…optimistic? Very optimistic, I wish I could have your hope.

I mean, they might still, but it would feel a bit off, seeing as how they didn’t have any build up for it within the dr3 story. 

Today, in ideas that would have been 10000% better for the Kosplay Pack,

Cassie as Harley Quinn (hell, make it Suicide Squad Harley, we all know WB would kill for even more publicity)

Jacqui as Batgirl

Kung Lao as Fujin, we’ll take what we can get

Sonya as Wonder Woman

Johnny as the Terminator

Takeda as Scorpion

Mileena as Kitana, but like an intentionally shitty Kitana disguise

Kitana as Liu Kang

Kung Jin as Green Arrow

Bo Rai Cho as iroh or some shit

Tremor as a rock. Just a literal rock. Like a fifth grade production ‘the kid wasn’t gonna be in to begin with but his parents pitched a fit’ papier mache boulder.

blizzard: *adds a new dialogue line where mccree acknowledges that hanzo exists*
me: *wipes tear* holy shitttt i can’t believe mchanzo is real………..

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