i feel that this will not and well

so a good while after rose and kanaya start dating on the meteor rose comes up with a plan to try and get kanaya to spend the night with her. she relays her plan to a very distracted and Definitely Not listening dave who at the end of it tells her how great it is.

Her elaborate plan immediately goes to shit since it relied on her asking kanaya to cuddle and kanaya Was Not Sure What That Meant thus leaving rose to  decide if kanaya was trying to pull something on her but she eventually explains, while trying to hide how embarrassed she is, thats its sort of like a hug but longer. kanaya agrees because Hugs Are Very Nice I Will Give It A Shot but she also asks where exactly this is going to happen because she cannot so a pile anywhere that you can lay on.so rose,who doesnt want to make kanaya uncomfortable, grabs as many blankets and pillows as she can find to make a pile from them.

when kanaya puts her arms around rose and rose has another little gay breakdown because she Is Not Used to hugs and she’s afraid but after a few minutes of talking rose falls asleep in kanayas arms hoping she doesnt mind.

kanaya doesnt and she thinks rose is very cute when shes asleep.

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Ah I just found your blog and I wanted to say your art is so pretty! I love your style! I also wanted to say that I adore the way you draw Pidge.

You are so lovely

i just saw my life flash before my eyes
  • my mom: dad is gonna be home soon and he will turn off the wifi to your phone
  • me [sarcastically]: oh no whatever will i do without wifi
  • my mom [angrily]: your generation depends on wifi
  • me [stuttering with hesitation]: half your generation depends on life support

Watercoloured Elf - yeah i really didn’t know what else to call it xD but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I made an OC and now that I think about it I don’t think I ever used colour.. I wanted to try and work with watercolours to see how it’d turn out andddd needless to say I might use those from now on ^^” I’m super satisfied with the outcome. Here’s to more fanart^^ artblock begone!

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First and foremost disappointed with the ending but oh well…..at least they’ll be together forever…..

“Arc-v was really the first fandom that I think I really participated in, even though I never interacted with anyone besides one person (stare….) I’m still glad I was able to contribute somethings to this fandom even if it was untalented and rarely noticeable, Despite the ending….I’ll love Arc-v forever and always :)”

Welp onward to Vrains!!!!!

Guys! I’m in the middle of starting a new town but I was wondering what kind of town you guys would like to see. I’m debating on either making a light green rainy town, or a pink themed town next! Please let me know which you’d like to see!

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Top 3 TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory and House M.D.

Top 3 Characters: Lara Croft, Lisbeth Salander, Ellie Williams.

Top 3 Ships: Lara/Kurtis, Tormund/Brienne, and Nathan/Chloe (don’t kill me).

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