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New Vegas Companions reacting to male courier confessing to having a crush on them? (Including The King and Benny please?)

If I accidentally refer to the Courier with ‘they’, sorry, it’s a habit at this point. Also, I’m REAL sorry but I don’t think I’d be able to write Benny realistically, I feel like he would react pretty much the same as when you try to black widow him. Also as far as I know, Veronica is only interested in women, so that’s how I’m gonna write her.

Arcade: After the Courier had confessed to Arcade, he could practically see the wheels turning in his head. It took some time for Arcade to process what he had just said; once he had, he was a nervous wreck. He covered his mouth in hopes of hiding his expression from him. Romance hadn’t really been on Arcade’s mind for a long time, so the Courier’s sudden confession hit him like a train. He inhaled deeply, “are you, certain of this?” He was clearly trying to avoid eye contact. The Courier assured him that he meant it. His assurance seemed to only make Arcade even more nervous; he put his hands on his cheeks and turned around. A solid minute had passed before he turned back around, “I’m- I’m really not sure how to respond to that.” Straining to keep eye contact, Arcade stood up straight, “if you would, please give me some.. time, to think about this.” The Courier told him that’d be fine, and any time after that, Arcade was much more conscious of both his and the Courier’s actions.

Boone: The Courier was watching intently as Boone kept guard over their little camp. Without warning, the Courier told Boone that he had a crush on him. Boone didn’t look at him right away, he was thinking of a response. He’d been so hung up on Carla for so long that he almost forgot what it was like to feel like anyone in particular. He finally looked at the Courier, “are you being serious?” The Courier’s response left no doubt that he was completely serious. Boone looked away again, “If you would, please allow me some time to think.” Boone isn’t a wordy person, so the Courier had no idea what could be swimming around in his head, either way he had to respect his space, and how much shit he’s already been through.

Ed-E: I’d be mildly concerned if someone had a genuine crush on Ed-E…

Lily: Lily is basically your grandma soooo

Raul: The Courier had asked Raul to take a look at his weapon, it’d gotten pretty roughed up. While Raul was working on said weapon, the Courier told him he liked him. Raul glanced at him, then back to the weapon. “Boss, I don’t know if I’m the kind of person you should feel so strongly about. I’m old” The Courier insisted that he liked him nonetheless. Raul sighed, “listen boss, I like you too, you’re an alright guy. I just don’t like you in the same way, I’m sorry.” The Courier wasn’t entirely surprised, but it still felt bad. Raul noticed how upset he seemed to be, “either way, I still enjoy traveling with you, so if it’s alright with you, I’d like to keep helping you out.” He finished repairing his weapon, and handed it to him with a smile.

Rex: n o.

Cass: The Courier and Cass had stopped for a drink, he saw this as the perfect time to confess his feelings for her. Cass’s initial response was just a scoff. There was some silence before she turned to him. “No shit? You really feel that way about me?” After confirming that he really meant it, she scoffed again. “Y’know, I don’t really know when the last time someone said they liked me was.” She looked at the cup of alcohol in her hands, “I’d be lying if I said I never thought about you in that way at all. I guess I just figured it’d never lead anywhere.” Cass sighed heavily and leaned back, “Ah what the hell,” she drank the rest of what was in her cup, “what do we have to lose?!”

Veronica: Veronica used any downtime she could to give her power fist a tune up. While she was busy working away, the Courier told her that he had something to get off his chest. “Yeah? What’s that?” She didn’t even look up. He confessed that he’s had a crush on her for quite some time; that was enough to grab her attention. Her cheeks reddened slightly, “Oh jeez, I uh, I don’t really know what to say..” While playing with her sleeves, she looked up at him. “I’ve never really had feelings for a guy or anything, so, I’m sorry…. Feel free to tell me everything that’s so likable about me though.” She smiled and laughed.

Vulpes: Vulpes was, needless to say, surprised to hear of the Courier’s feelings for him. Rather than giving an immediate reply, he just kind of looked off in the distance. Once he finally collected his thoughts, he looked back at him. “This is, certainly, an unexpected development.” He cleared his throat, mildly nervous. “I’m not, entirely sure how to respond. I can’t say that my feelings for you are the same, but I don’t think that it’s impossible for that to change in the future.” The Courier was, as expected, a little bummed out, but considering that Vulpes said he could change, it gave him hope.

The King: The Courier had decided it was time to pay the King a visit, so the two were sitting together, having a nice chat. The King’s sentence was interrupted by the Courier’s sudden confession, which left a surprised look on the King’s face. He looked at him, then to his own hands, “I appreciate your feelings. You’re a real stand-up guy yourself, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve already got plenty of rowdy boys to look after.” He gave him a warm smile. “Please don’t be afraid to drop on in every now and then though. I enjoy your company.”

There’s so much Jungkook on my dash and I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing.

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Does race matter for a lover to him?

Real Talk

Sarantsatsr Dotharl is like any traditional Dotharl, he respects strong individuals regardless of their race. With that being addressed however, he is not above having preferences. Some races sport certain physical qualities that simply exhibit strong and combative backgrounds. A good example are the female highlander and roegadyn as they embody fortitude. Certain races simply possess physical traits that give an edge over the women of others but he also has some bias going where disdain is thrown around without shame. To put it simply, while it boils down to how well you apply yourself to the thing - certain women have a better edge - some are born with it and others have to build it. 

But one must keep in mind that preferences do not mean the same as standards, there are always exceptions. Having a strong will and aggressive nature can go a long way, even if one such woman doesn’t fall into a certain archetype. After all… he has had a crush on a midlander or two. 

It’s all about how they present themselves. Strong mental and physical fortitude go a long way to make up for any short comings. Dotharl admire power and ferocity - Saran is no different, sport that and a lady has earned herself a ticket. 

Hope that helps, my writing sucks :( As always though, I appreciate any and all questions. Thanks for the ask Anon!

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What do you think Toshi would have done if Nighteye hadn't been able to keep Isamu's identity from him this thought has plagued and i really need to know (0>0)/ like for serious

I feel like Toshinori would be… very bitter, about it. And that’s not something to really hold against him, I think, because here’s this version of his lover, young and not at all aware, representing all the secrets he didn’t know Isamu had. Here’s a version he can’t interact with, without offsetting the timeline too much, here’s a a kid constantly reminding him that the future is not his to hope for.

And after the injury, because he surely would still be reckless- probably moreso, actually- he probably contemplates approaching Izuku, because he knows how Isamu must have gotten OFA, can connect the dots now. He may contact him sooner, “discover” him and question his morals as a test before offering to train him. 

And it’s not really… a good thing, that he’s training Izuku. Because that bitterness is still there, and while he doesn’t hate Isamu/Izuku, doesn’t wish anything drastic on them, he wished he’d known, at least, that he could have prepared, that there was so much as an /inkling/ as to what he’d have to face to what his lover knew. To what his lover didn’t change for some reason.

And Izuku, as much as he likes All Might and all he stands for, would notice the air the man gains around him, the distance and twitchiness, and he’d… not get as close. Would still care, but would be constantly second-guessing himself. And it’d lead to a more insecure Isamu, when he first goes back to the present, a longer courtship before they finally came together, slightly more paranoia when meeting those from the blond’s past.


Happy Birthday to our cute sunshine hero ♡ |
↳ ★ Kirishima Eijirou ★ 10.16 ~ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ ♥

Why I love Max Mayfield
  • When Max is introduced you think she’s gonna be a stereotypical tomboy, but she has way more depth
  • Like instead of being the stereotypical guy’s girl who says shit like, “I only hang out with guys cause girls are too much drama,” she walks right up to Eleven, so excited to introduce herself and become friends with this girl she’s heard so much about
  • And even though Mike’s feelings for Eleven are what’s keeping him from letting her into the party, she recognizes that’s not Eleven’s fault and she doesn’t hold it against her (she’s more emotionally mature at 13 than I am now, tbh)
  • She uses words like “presumptuous” and “derivative”
  • You’d think after everything she’s been through with her family, she’d be emotionally closed off, but she’s so vulnerable and honest with Lucas while they talk on top of the bus
  • She straight up stabs her abusive step-brother with a syringe to stop him from beating up Steve (LIKE SHE PROBABLY SAVED STEVE’S LIFE, NBD), not only badass but such a smart move
  • And then she takes her babysitter’s bat with nails and tells Billy that his abuse towards her and her friends ends now. what a brave bamf.
  • She wears pants to the snow ball because it’s what she feels comfortable in and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks (and she still looks super cute and feminine)
  • She’s played by Sadie Sink, a literal angel
  • In conclusion: Max is amazing and I love her

highlights of the bloopers video:

- the contrast between phil’s amazingphil voice vs actual phil lester voice aka deeper

- the amount of times they groomed each other and made wishes on each other’s eyelashes

- the fact dan thought he was getting a phonecall but it just being a phone timer

- seeing the copacetic moment once again aka one of my fav ever gaming channel moments

- the diet coke accident at the end bc phil goes into dad mode immediately

- the gradual transformation of dan’s hair

- the usual domesticity just fullscreen and uncensored

- the warmth i feel in my chest after watching it

Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))