i feel super creepy

Ehhhh I went through their blog and they want the KS web comic to end with either a double suicide or the abuser and victim getting together and having sex and a relationship like

Holy shit
Holy shit

Do you not realize how fucking scary that makes you look to abuse victims??

And nice job getting off to abusive “mlm” relationships as a white girl. That doesn’t make you look super creepy; fetishizing gay guys.

Sometimes I feel like a bad person but then super creepy people like this exists 😰

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whatre ur 5 scariest movies

hmmm tbh I don’t really get scared from horror movies! So I don’t know if these are actually super scary but a few I really like are

  1. Hush - I think this one is creepy because the killer dude is doing it for fun/picked random victims plus his mask is really creepy.  There was parts of him just watching through like windows and it was just super creepy looking I feel like it’s one of those ones where when you are watching you don’t want to look out at the window because the killer could just be lurking watching you!
  2. The Strangers- This one basically falls in with Hush.  The people just look freaky and the couple being terrorized were just so random it is just creepy thinking about random creeps doing shit like that…
  3. The Conjuring- OKAY BEFORE YALL @ ME let me just say this movie isn’t really terrifying or anything but she did have some good jump scares! I really like this movie and tbh just the conjuring franchise in general. With all the shitty ghost/demon horrors out there I feel like this franchise is actually quality and creepy. 
  4. Sinister- I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Again I feel like out of all the ghost/demon films this one really sticks out.  It has good jump scares, a cool unique plot, satisfying ending, and creepy looking demon villain thing. 
  5. The scream series?? - I really never thought these movies were creepy but I feel like some people would be really spooked by them.  I think it all depends on what scares you! If a knife wielding ghostface will scare you then these are perfect! 

I’m sorry this list is bad but I don’t know what movies are super scary I feel like I’m bragging by being like ohhhh nothing scares me uwu but like…not a lot of movies really actually scare me that much…

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are you an adult? just wondering. im an adult and i wanted to compliment you but im nervous about you potentially being a minor and being super creepy

im 16! i get why you would feel that way. i mean, complimenting is okay as long as its not in a creepy way you know. like if ur 20+ and u say im hot that would be creepy, but if u just say you like my hair or some shit like that then its cool

viiktornikiforovs replied to your post “Can someone please explain to me why everyone suddenly hates…”

For me personally, it makes me feel creepy. Because i talk abt super nsfw stuff and then to have a 14 yr old follow me and rb it w/ whatever comments like “i love hcs about this character getting [redacted]” its like…. No thanks, enjoy ur nsfw content but from somewhere else. Like i dont have a problem if they reblog my stuff because i cant stop my posts from showing up on their dashes and for me to say “14 yr olds should not even think abt anything nsfw!!!”

I totes understand that, thanks for replying!  I just get rlly confused as to why some people act like it’s a mortal sin for minors to be looking at anything nsfw *shrug emoji*

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I knew this question was coming and I actually paid attention to that and now I feel super creepy and I regret everything.

(But yeah. Phil smelled like a classic sexy man scent like burly it was life changing. Dan just smelled clean and sweet like nature. God I’m creepy.)

My case came! Thank you mygayisshowing for the edit. It’s beautiful.

Reasons That I'm In Love With Emre Turkmen

i. Ummm have you seen him? Look at that precious little face. Tell me that you don’t want to cuddle the shit out of him.
ii. GLASSES. They’re on his face and I love them.
iii. He is so adorable and SHY on stage. When I saw the boys live in DC I was literally 3 feet away from him. He looked so embarrassed when we yelled that we love him. I mean…it would probably be semi frightening for anyone but still. He’s just a musician up there doing his thing.
iv. He’s ridiculously talented. Like let me have your adorable, prodigy children.
v. He’s so sensible. Like a really rational, stand up guy. He said that the first 4 times that he met Mikey, Mikey was drunk (LOL) and it made him question whether he wanted to be around this type of person. Like he doesn’t want to get caught up in the wrong crowd. Omg what a cutie.
vi. He posts such simple sweet stuff online. He tweeted, “Hello, Twitter.” like yes hello emre let’s have a nice intellectual conversation and then maybe get married, yeah?

alright y’all im gonna say this!!!

those pictures of luke that were leaked today and 2 days ago with A* were private pictures of a private moment!!! please respect his boundaries with us and his privacy and do not reblog them!!! if he wanted to share them with us guess what!!! he fucking would’ve!!! if you respect him as much as you claim to please respect his privacy even if that means not reblogging the “super cute pictures”!!!

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Okay, so there's this boy at my school and he is super cute and my friend has a class with him and says he's "antisocial' but I really want to find a way to talk to him! I don't have classes with him except lunch period and seeing him around the halls and by my friends locker (we gave him the name "Lockerboy" even though I know his name is Jordan) and yeah anyway I just wanted to know if you had any advice BC im kinda shy and he's super cute and reminds me of Luke and I feel creepy but he's cute

you could always start with a “hi”, by the locker or when you pass him at lunch. You can get his attention and maybe next time he will say hi to you, and you can progress from there. 

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What do you think about Jonathan taking those pictures? I find it super creepy but I don't know how to really feel about it because I love him

I think the show already covered that and why the viewers shouldn’t necessarily just write it off as creepy. Like if you think about it with no context, a guy taking photos of people from afar at a house party and then of the girl undressing upstairs? Yeah, creepy. But when you take into account what we know of Jonathan (sweet guy, a loner, no real friends, no experience with girls) and the situation he was in, part of me wonders if I would take pictures too. Or anybody who normally wouldn’t, might take pictures too.

Plus Jonathan then expressed feelings of genuine guilt and remorse over taking the photos, and even he seemed puzzled as to why he did it. It was made quite clear, in my eyes, that he wasn’t doing it for “creepy” reasons – he didn’t want to take photos of Nancy undressing to look at later or anything like that. He just had a bit of a lapse in judgement.

Was it a good idea? No. But does it make him a bad/creepy/pervy person? HELL no.

I love Jonathan and I’m willing to defend (?) his bad actions because he seems to make most of his decisions with good intentions at heart, and he’s only human.

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I saw you at skyzone today and it was my first time recognizing someone from tumblr in public it was totally rad hope you had a great day

i feel like a celebrity but at the same time this is super creepy and idk how to feel help

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okay please explain how to best stare down a man to make him feel uncomfortable i need step by step here

i do two things depending on the situation. 

if a guy is just staring at you and it doesn’t feel super gross/creepy (but still uncomfortable) i just stare back without any friendliness in my face. tense eyebrows, wider eyes, frown. and you just stare ‘em down until they look away and you’ll usually see a change in body language or see in their face that they’re uncomfortable. job accomplished. 

now, if the dude is staring in a really creepy way, like he’s checking you out and thinking gross things.. i slow down my pace when i’m walking and stare at him until he notices me. typically they’ll look away for a second but then they’ll look back to see if you’re still staring. and when they do, just give him the meanest stink eye. 

i usually go for a look that includes stink/angry eyes, pursed lips (or sometimes i do that lip/jaw thing that people do when they’re like “oh no you didn’t”), and usually one raised eyebrow. and sometimes i’ll cross my arms and look him up and down. and you just stare at them until they look uncomfortable or ashamed or until they finally look away for good. (obviously don’t do this if you feel like he could be dangerous and you’re alone.. be safe too)