i feel super conflicted about shipping this

2017′s TaiYama Week ★ Day 1. When and why did you like Taiyama?

MMMM… The first Taiyama prom!! yay!

It’s kind of weird, as my dear sister said @confundida25 (whose entry you can read here) I didn’t ship Taiyama when digimon adventure happened, because heteronormative and that. 

But with digimon I guess the key is the time, a lot of things happen between adventure and tri, with the chossen children, with the fandom and with me. The fandoms right now are all about the headcanon, the society is more open and the young adults that follow digimon tri are diferents from the kids that followed tri. 

Digimon tri had been doing a very good job talking about “adult” problems on a very sensitive way. The meaning of the adulthood (Joe arc), dealing with failing on something that you use to resolve so easily (Izzy), people don’t take you serius because you are a girl (mimi), uncurable desease (TK) and motherhood (sora). Thats are problems that the fans of digimon had to deal with, specially the “now that we are adults we must to let it go our digimons” is a real feeling of the digimon fanbase. 

But what is the Taiyama issue? It is again Yamato and Taichi having an argument about what side choose. Do the must fight with all the forces? Do they must find other way to resolved the problems? 

But the point is that that discussion isn’t that long. They must figth, the less posible while they figure it what is happening and cause the least damage. 

At the end of the second OVA when Mimi and Joe get the ultimated level the discussion it isn’t about fight or not. At the begining of the third OVA the discussion is Do we need Omegamon? do we must used the fuse to fight? 

The problem of Taichi and Yamato is not a problem about the war, it is a problem about the fusion. Because “be together” isn’t as easy as it was when they were children, now there are “other stuffs”

Like whaaat?

That’s it that is the conflict. 

When do I started shipping Taiyama? two specific moments:

(your sister traying to ask you about your “confusing feelings”)


(the was he flirting with me? do I like that he was flirting with me? Will he stop to flirting with me?)

Yes, I had that same face Taichi, 

Taichi and Yamato are dealing with feelings that are confuse. The narrative is I grown up with this guy and is super easy for me to “fuse” with him and we create something so powerfull.  But everyone else is fighting on a diferente way, no one else is doing this, and being togethers feels natural but it requirets a lot of work, must because we can’t put a name on this. There is a girl whit whom any of both could had this kind of feeling, but it didn’t happen with the girl. WHY? WHY IS THIS THAT DIFICULT? WHY DO I FEEL THAT THIS MUST BE MORE EASY? 

Why do I ship Taiyama? because Taiyama is not just adorable, because digimon tri is smart and is given us a portrait of a problem than a lot of digifans  faced.

Even if this is queerbending it is one of the most smart and sensitive discurse that I had ever saw, even when the final resolution would be just get the fusion and not the canon taiyama romatic relationship, the narrative of the Taiyama is canon. 

The sora arc didn’t said it was about motherhood, but was about motherhood. The Mimi arc didn’t said feminist, but was about young woman empowering; TK arc didn’t said incurable desease, but was about that. 

And Taiyama arc didn’t said “getting out of the closet”. But it is about that. 

As a digifan whose had one foot inside and one out of the closet, this arc is so important. 

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As a lesbian, can I fetishize gay men? I used to read and write m/m fanfic before I knew I was gay, but I had a lot of internalized lesbophobia and those fics helped me accept gayness in others and eventually myself. But now it seems like most people believe that women who write or read m/m fic are bad and fetishistic/homophobic? Including gay women I assume? I'm feeling a lot of conflict over this, and I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts :) thanks!


I think a lot of people are under the impression that only straight girls can be yaoi weirdos. I’ve met cis bi girls, cis pan girls, and even a few cis lesbians who were super creepy about m/m shipping and yaoi. So I think it’s cis girls in general??

Last anon. But like idk, maybe I’m wrong?? I know it’s mostly a cishet girl thing, but I’ve met quite a few non-straight cis girls who were just as bad. Is it rly only possible for cishet girls though?

it’s entirely possible for anyone who isn’t a mlm to fetishize m/m

for a lot of wlw, reading m/m is a tool of self-exploration (due to fandoms mostly focusing on m/m and w/w getting sidelined and other reasons) and there’s nothing inherently bad about just reading fiction/liking m/m pairings, but you have to recognize that there is a line that if you cross, you’re crossing boundaries. be respectful and you’re fine

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Super excited for this! Can't wait for everything to be squared away (just hope it doesn't also fall on a ship week I'm gonna write for. That would be too much haha)

We’re so happy for the excitement!! This is going to be so much fun. Don’t worry, we’re going to be as conscious as we can be about other weeks so whump week doesn’t conflict. But, if anyone is super worried, feel free to send us a message with the dates of that particular week so we make sure not to overlap!