i feel super conflicted about shipping this

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Omg please stop me. I am so emotional and crazy. I am feeling so much hostility towards Jackson in Yours, Unfaithfully. The writing is so pretty and he's so perfect but am I bad for wanting her to still be with Jaebum anyways? I'm feeling super crazy and conflicted about it because I love Jackson but JAEBUM. I just can't get behind the ship 😭

You’re not crazy!!! It’s definitely a natural reaction. We’ll see how it all plays out 😘❣

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As a lesbian, can I fetishize gay men? I used to read and write m/m fanfic before I knew I was gay, but I had a lot of internalized lesbophobia and those fics helped me accept gayness in others and eventually myself. But now it seems like most people believe that women who write or read m/m fic are bad and fetishistic/homophobic? Including gay women I assume? I'm feeling a lot of conflict over this, and I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts :) thanks!


I think a lot of people are under the impression that only straight girls can be yaoi weirdos. I’ve met cis bi girls, cis pan girls, and even a few cis lesbians who were super creepy about m/m shipping and yaoi. So I think it’s cis girls in general??

Last anon. But like idk, maybe I’m wrong?? I know it’s mostly a cishet girl thing, but I’ve met quite a few non-straight cis girls who were just as bad. Is it rly only possible for cishet girls though?

it’s entirely possible for anyone who isn’t a mlm to fetishize m/m

for a lot of wlw, reading m/m is a tool of self-exploration (due to fandoms mostly focusing on m/m and w/w getting sidelined and other reasons) and there’s nothing inherently bad about just reading fiction/liking m/m pairings, but you have to recognize that there is a line that if you cross, you’re crossing boundaries. be respectful and you’re fine

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Oh cool, are you a fan of SNK too? 😅💕

Um if you can call it that. Because SnK is like a part of my soul (albeit a painful dragging part but w/e). Literally, the series that made me ghei (thanks eren). I still stay for the characters, even if the storyline is a bit missed up atm XD

It’s another super prevalent uhh hobby of mine really, all the anime otaku stuff, but I try to keep it separate from this blog (and occasionally fail) in order to prevent conflict of interest XD

But…if you ever want to talk some more about SnK and find out what the first ever homo ship I ever had was (though it’s quite obvious…ly controversial) feel free to message me, and if you also into Haikyuu!!, Detective Conan, Yuri on Ice, LoZ, Psycho Pass, No.6 or whatever else  maybe you’d be interested in the private disclosure of my anime blog… :)  

<3 <3 <3