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Four Weddings

Part 1 of this really fluffy series that I’ve been trying to write for what feels like ten years. I hope you guys enjoy it! Please send some feedback and fill this out to be added to my tag list! 

Word Count: 6000+

Warnings: Language and cute stuff 

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Tom was an idiot, he was sure of it. The only reason he even decided to go to these stupid weddings were because Joanne was going to be there, she was going to be at each of the weddings, and of course, when he found out she was seeing someone else Tom just had to RSVP with, “Yes I will be attending, with one guest.”

Now it was three days before the first wedding, and he was just as single as ever. “How hard can it be to find a girl to go with me to a few weddings?” he remembered telling himself when he sent in his RSVP months ago and had since forgotten about it. That is until his old friend, Jerry, who was getting married, sent him a message. It read, hey man! Can’t wait to see you and your girl at the wedding, been too long. Tom knew he was royally fucked.

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Sometimes I do this thing when I’m really stressed, where I’ll just sit for a while and sing until it’s all out of my system. I don’t…usually record myself doing that, but I was kind of curious what it all sounded like when I do this normally, so I left the mic on. And it’s…actually kind of nice?

tl;dr - Here’s 4 minutes and 27 seconds of abstract acapella singing, I like it, maybe you will too o:

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Tag ten of your followers you want to get to know better

Name: Stine

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Why I made Tumblr: I really tried to think of something funny. I´m honestly so disappointed in myself rn. 

Reason for URL: I actually gave up analalpha for this one. (All credit to the snapchat fan art where eddieregrettie was eddie´s username)

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BTS reaction: their s/o liking to party, bc it lets them show their dancing skills off

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long! xx

Kim Seokjin: 

I don’t see him as the type to go to parties a lot, so I think he would try to convince you to stay at home most of the time. The times he doesn’t he’ll go with you, mainly to make sure nothing happens, and just watch you and admire your skills while he stands on the side with a beer or something.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He definitely isn’t the type to go party, at least not very often. But he also doesn’t want to tell you to not do certain things. So i think he would just decide to let you go by yourself almost every time you wanted, trusting you completely. He might go with you from time to time, but it won’t be very often. Sometimes he might ask you to ask one of the members if they want to join, just because he feels bad for not coming with you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’d probably join you tbh. He’d love dancing with you. As long as you don’t take him to parties every week, he’ll join you every time his schedule allows him to. He’d love it, honestly. 

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d definitely feel a bit possessive over you. Who knows what drunk people might do, especially if they see someone moving like you do. And I don’t think he really goes out partying that much. Like, he’ll do it sometimes when someone wants him to tag along, but he won’t take the initiative. So I feel like he’d prefer to stay home, but would come along if you refuse.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he is kinda an introverted extrovert in a way, so sometimes he’s definitely up for joining you, and sometimes he just doesn’t want to see people. He’s got nothing against you partying to get a chance to dance, so he wouldn’t act that possessive. He’d mainly be worried about your safety, since people tend to be really stupid when alcohol is involved. When he comes with you, he lets you drink and stuff, as he’s there and can keep an eye on the situation. But if he wants to stay at home, he’ll ask you not to drink, so he can be sure you’ll be able to handle yourself.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

As long as he isn’t too exhausted from work, or busy, he will join you every time. He’d think of it as an opportunity to just not think about work. So he’d have nothing against you drinking, and would probably drink himself, and just stand on the sidelines and cheer you on, and join you every now and then.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he’d be an odd mix of Namjoon and Tae. Like, he’ll prefer to stay at home bc he’s not much of a party person. But if you really want to go, he’ll go with you to be able to keep an eye on the situation and protect you if needed. But when he gets there, he’ll probably forget about that and get kinda drunk anyways, and be your personal hypeman, and he’ll take the chance to show off as well, once the alcohol gives him the courage.

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future writings

 @bladebarnes tagged me and I have some new stuff I’m working on, so I’m gonna do this again :)

please don’t ask when these will be out because I still have to work out a writing schedule for my current works, but I’ll let you know soon enough! All these fics have open tag lists, so feel free to send me an ask here!

Crazy Stupid Love - Avengers AU

  • Based on the movie of the same name

Untitled Part 3 to Hit The Books

  • prof!evanstan x reader; will more likely than not contain smut, so if you’re a minor, don’t ask to be tagged

Champion - Eggsy Unwin x Reader

  • this is for Sarah’s Follower Appreciation Challenge, and it will be my first time writing Eggsy
  • Summary: All he wants to do is prove how much he loves you.

Young Blood - Peter Parker x Reader [series]

(I am toying around with this idea, I have no clue if I will for sure write it just yet)

  • When Tony Stark takes Peter under wing, he can’t help but be proud and excited to be the billionaire’s prodigy - until he meets Stark’s actual prodigy, reader. The two compete against one another, always trying to prove they’re better than the other - until one falls for the other. But who will fall first?

Let Me Love You - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

  • Request: You + Nat have been secretly together for months and are faced with a dilemma when Bucky confesses his feelings for you to none other than Natasha herself.

untitled latinx!reader x Peter Parker

  • yikes I have no clue what this is gonna be about yet but I hope something comes to me soon

everytime I post something :’D Stupid shit gets all the notes. But I’m not salty (sweet Ra, no! I appreciate if you like my stupid stuff!) - just had to make this reaction ^^

I put the blanks up, too. Feel free to use them if you need them (linking back would be nice tho, or tag me, I want to see them, if you use them). World needs more Yugioh memes.

‘When the duelist plays Graceful Charity’
‘When the duelist plays Pot of Greed’

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I seriously hope "The one who can't be tagged" isn't taking this shipping stuff seriously...I mean she has Thomas why is she trying to make mal/Harry a thing?

As i said before, i think that she feels attacked by the chemistry and most of the fans shipping harry x uma (because we are not blind lmao, who would ship mal x harry when there is nothing there, not even chemistry) and so she feels the need to make things up, like that stupid backstory, so that everyone see that she is connected with Thomas off and on screen

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heya ! how are you ? gettibg better ?? Do you sleep/eat correctly ? :0 so ! um, actually i really like Jaws, and i was wondering, if i could draw a little ccomic about him and my persona ? im pretty sure if i was his friend, i would be like the annoyibg hyper cuddling little sis lol, but just wanted to be sure before ! and if yes, i'll send it to you before posting it ! byu ♡

Hey! I’m doing well, feeling pretty good and getting as much sleep and food as I can healthily intake! And oh my goodness of course! Thank you for being so considerate and asking me first! I love when people draw up stuff with my bois it makes me stupid levels of happy. Feel free to draw up the comic, and please tag me when you post it so I can reblog it!! 

did my makeup again at 3 am and i gotta say i look so much better than usual its like idk whoever that is in the mirror.. tried to take selfies but photobooth just doesnt want to cooperate at the moment but thats ok. Just letting u all know i felt pretty good for a couple hours today and looked alright too 



The MMD is by melbert who runs the mOST ADORABLE Pit&DarkPit askblog I swear- so I figured it was appropriate to use their headcanon designs- I’ll change it if there’s a problem!

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1) How many works do you currently have in progress?

Uhhh, quick list:

  • Eldritch Southern Gothic Lovecraftian horror
  • Body horror phoenix thing
  • 2 fanfics
  • 1 zine piece
  • so five in total

2) Do you/would you write fanfiction?

i have never written a fanfiction in my life

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?

Ebooks are supreme. I love my Kindle to a stupid degree, I think largely because of the portability and sensations: I’ve stopped loving how a book feels in my hands.

4) When did you start writing?

When I was like 7-8, I’d tell oral stories to my older sister and we’d RP Pokemon aloud. Between 10-21, I didn’t really do anything? I read a lot of fanfiction and tried to write a fic, but mental illness delusions kept me from actually doing anything. I planned all sorts of stories but I never wrote them.

When I got hospitalized+treated, I wrote a really shitty story for NaNoWriMo. I didn’t really regularly write until I picked up Warcraft RP, and even then it took me a few years until I was steadily writing anything original. The past three years have been when I got my shit together.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

Original stuff? It depends on who’s interested! Right now, @froldgapp is reading my Lovecraftian horror stuff. For fanfic, though, it’s @voltronlaundryday!

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

Night, in my little chair in a room off from the living room. Whenever everyone’s in bed, that’s when I’m most productive.

7) Favorite childhood book

Harry Potter dominated my life fandom-wise, but… Absolute favourite childhood book? Probably one of the Redwall books. I had a lot of them, and I adored each. My love of Harry Potter came with some major caveats as a kid.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

Both! I’ve started to focus more on publication recently, though.

9) Pen and paper or computer?

Computer. My hands aren’t great for physical writing.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

I took one ‘creative writing’ course in high school that ended up being 99% grammar and essay writing. I did, however, have to write shitty fanfic for Brave New World, of which I only read half the book. I took a continuing education course in 2015 with an Actual Published Author With Good Sales which really kicked me in the ass to write original/long fiction. Instead of feeling like none of my writing was ‘good enough’, I started focusing on both improvement and the innate worth of my labour.

11) What inspires you to write?

People do! I want to make them happy and fulfilled, but I also want them to engage with ideas, pick them apart, and fall in love with the stories I’m telling. I want people to debate characters’ motivations, who is right and wrong but most importantly why, and walk away from my writing satisfied and fulfilled. Stories have a huge impact on how we act, and I think ayn rand’s entire bibliography of garbage certain stories have dominated in really negative ways. So my stories aren’t just about ‘have fun and enjoy’ but also an intellectual aspect. It helps that I love to tell stories too.

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Kageyama gets stupid when he’s drunk. 

Hi cilecile!!! Thank you so much for your kind words, they made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I couldn’t stop smiling after I read them! Kagehina, you say? Anytime ;) Hope you like these texts!!

Bonus Crack:

External image

You know you’re drunk when you hallucinate getting texts from your milk

I tried my scribbly color method on Megatron.

The end result was quite nifty.

So I think I might use this technique more often when I’m coloring my sketches.

But only when I’m feeling completely masochistic.

Megatron (TFP) © Hasbro
Art © Moi*

Random Guy: Why are so many of your ships gay ships :/ What’s wrong with lesbians?

Me: Gee, I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with how underrepresented women are in media in comparison to well-characterized, interesting males who are allowed to indulge in less cliche relationships with their same-sex counterparts. Unlike women, who, when they do appear in media, are more often than not filling an expected stereotype lacking in personality and real depth, or simply there as sex objects as opposed to living, breathing people with feelings, emotions, desires, and aspirations outside of romantic interests. 

Why the hell do you think?

Give me good, interesting women to be emotionally invested in and I would fucking ship them. 

Yo Budoblr! It’s Pants!

Just checking in on y’all for 2 seconds while my life is some semblance of calm. I’m still chuggin away over here, working on some personal goals before April rolls around. Week 2 of 9 and things are shaping up nicely in terms of routine and nutrition. The ice baths are effective as heck, but they suuuuuuuck (oh man, do i hate the cold OR WHAAAT). Thanks to  @jaxblade  for all the suggestions, hilarious videos and sweeeeet sweet tips!

Training is going well- and lots of it! I’ve been doing some martial arts exploration lately, which is why I’ve been so sparse. It takes up mad amounts of time, on top of my gym workouts and regular karate classes.  Cardio is up, up, up for the time being. I miss lifting but it’ll come later (week 5). For now its walk, run, kata, roll, repeat.
The sparing in jj is really what’s keeping me satisfied most, I think. I got to spar and grapple with a muay thai peep last week. Crazy great experience. I got popped in the face and a real time getting a handle on their guard. It hurt XD;

I’m also stupidly in love with an amazing gal. Agh. It’s great. I feel dumb constantly and get stupid smiles on my face when I think about her. Or when she calls, texts or sends me stuff. She sends me stuff. It’s great. She’s one more reason for me to train my tail off. And that’s that!

Anyway, keepin it fun and real over here! @indomitablespiritfingers  tagged me aaaages ago for a stop-drop-selfie. So now you can all see the little blanket-nest where Pants usually crashes at the end of the day (with my super cheese-wall quote to boot). And also, birb-shirt!

Train hard, Budoblr. I’m over here rootin for yehs!

I had a dream that panic! at the disco was doing a talent show for some fans to be in the next music video and brendon was the judge and if he liked the act he said “URINE” and if he hated it he said “UROUT” and frankly I feel blessed

pieceofclarkessoul  asked:

Hi! I need a favor, please?? I've been feeling so much Destiel negativity even though I ship it so much and I love it more than anything, but I have this stupid feeling that it could never ever become canon (i don't mean sex or whatever, just a confession) cause Dean's too deep in the closet, and he always acts so manly and loves girls and stuff, so can u please show me some destiel positivity, id be grateful :))

Hi! : )

Be warned that it got long^^’

I’m sorry about that. First of all, I’m sending you to my deancas positivity tag, because that always helps me when I’m feeling down re: destiel.

Second, I think this season is doing something very significative with Dean and his denial and self-policing.

Unfortunately we’ve had to wait more than we’d initially been promised - mostly because we’ve somewhat extended the second of the three arcs to fit in an extra season. That meant taking it slower in some areas and while I’m genuinely liking this season as a whole and ‘feeling’ it more than season 9, I believe in some measure it’s suffering because of that choice. Season 9 was already hard on Sam, Dean and Cas but on us, too, and it’s tough to get to season 10 and see… some more of the same. Moving forward in slow-mo can be very frustrating, especially with a show that already takes entire seasons for a bit of character development at normal speed.

Dean had made some serious progress in s8. It may seem like s9 erased that because he went through a regression there, but paradoxically, as of 10.13 I think Dean’s in a place where he’s more than doubled the progress he’d made by the end of s8, only… Imagine it’s sorta covered by his struggling to find himself and deal with his issues right now. That’s simplifiying it a bit but I think it gets the concept across. We got to Taylor thanks to season 9, too - meaning it keeps building even though it’s not always obvious, even though sometimes it’s more ‘in the background’ and hard to piece together.

The endings of 10.12 and 10.13 were still some of the most incisive and express character development we’ve had in the Carver Era IMO, as far as single events go. Even the 8x13 scene with Aaron was something new for Supernatural but not character development as direct and impactful as this, mainly because Dean still overcompensates immediately after and because of the incident.

I know I keep talking about this but seriously, I’m convinced if you’re looking for any clues that they really seem to want all the current pain and struggling to result in decent pay-off later, Dean enjoying Taylor Swift in front of Sam with a smug look on his face, and Dean implicitly admitting to Sam that he has hopes that affect him so deeply he thinks he’s not strong enough to stand it if he’s let down, are neon signs covered in fluorescent paint.

Supernatural often plays a form of bait-and-switch with Dean coming out of his many, many… many closets, this game where something under Dean’s facade is exposed, the facade is once again revealed for what it is, you learn that Dean hides this or that aspect of himself… But then Dean panics at this and retreats once more inside his fortress. Dean’s, like, this super shy tortoise, right. Anyways, by s10 you’ve basically learnt the rules of that game by heart.

Except that now - let’s do a recap:

Dean has never, ever truly broken that rule on the show despite how much it’s been toyed with. Until 10x12. It took ten fucking seasons but that dam finally broke open.

Dean has occasionally said what he thinks of himself even to Sam, but usually it’s been about thinking he’s trash. That reveals something about his state of mind but has never significantly helped him get better. But now he’s admitting more and more that he has a problem, and he’s letting Sam talk to him like Dean has a problem, he’s letting Sam and Charlie give him pep talks and talk to him about needing to believe in himself and all the things he would normally dismiss as bullshit and he’s doing nothing to imply he doesn’t need their help under the misguided assumption that Dean Winchester Can and Should Deal With His Crap On His Own. Dean is actually letting Sam help instead of fleeing or telling him to shut up or going into his full-on ‘be strong for brother’ mode where he is Ultimate Protector and His Mental Health Doesn’t Count. As far as first steps go, this one is huge.

Dean might’ve coated that statement in all the pessimism he’s feeling, but he still just straight out told Sam in 10.13 that he recognizes a greater part of the MoC problem is really about his issues. In two episodes he’s mentioned twice that he’s an alcoholic and he’s specifically mentioned that magic word called denial as one of his coping mechanisms. A denial, I might add, that perhaps he knows he applies to a lot of the notions he has about himself but obviously not much to his guilt itself, since that one’s always been much easier for him to admit and he’s been going on about how at fault he is for some twenty episodes now.

Talking about his issues is not actively confronting them, but it enables that, unlike pretending they don’t exist.

He told Sam he thinks he can’t do it like this, not as a general statement but specifically about finding a ‘cure’, i.e. about his healing. 


tried to reason with this week’s monster which he himself saw as similar to him, instead of deeming him a lost cause.

All these things happened in the last three episodes alone. It’s obvious he still has a long way to go, it was pretty blatant both in 10.11 and 10.13 that he’s still kinda lost and kinda looking for a path that suits him and some kinda anchor about who he is. Actually, this is probably the moment of biggest confusion about himself because all he knew about himself doesn’t hold true anymore, old models don’t work and other people’s models don’t work and he has to find his own and has no idea where to look. He’s guessing something (like the bunker or Taylor Swift or talking and accepting help) and completely missing in other areas (the veggie smoothies for example).

I totally believe these three episodes were meant to prepare us/the ground for what’s coming in 10.14 and after that, and that if you wanted to know whether or not Dean is coming out of this (heh) stronger a huge portion of the answer was here and it was YES. We were shown a glimpse of what sort of eventual long-term changes we can expect, too.

I realize I haven’t mentioned Cas or Destiel in the entire reply. That’s because my focus here is on the bigger picture, on whether or not I think before the end of the series we’re getting to a point in Dean’s character development where among a series of other things that are all part of it, he also allows himself to actively want and pursue a long-term romantic relationship and/or he can admit to and confess romantic feelings for Cas. IMO the answer, again, is yes. Will we? Chuck knows.

I know this is kinda specific but I’ve fully expected for more than a season and a half for Dean to get to the ‘I love you’ point before the end of the series with both Sam and Cas - naturally in my best case scenario with two explicitly different connotations.

I hope this helped some, honey.