i feel stupid for some reason

“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.

  • what he says: don't win the war 'till I get there
  • what he means: don't die before I can get there to save you
  • what he says: I'm with you 'till the end of the line
  • what he means: I realize that you think you have to go it alone and you're hurting because everyone you love dies but I'm not going anywhere. I'm with you until death and every step of the way before then
  • what he says: don't do anything stupid while I'm gone
  • what he means: I'm worried about you, please take care of yourself since I can't be there to keep you safe
  • what he says: but I knew him
  • what he means: he feels really important for some reason and he gave me a name, please don't take him away from me
  • what he says: even when I had nothing I had bucky
  • what he means: I've been mourning him since I came out of the ice and even when I had nothing more than the clothes on my back and a fake hospital room I had the memory of him. Also when we had nothing back in Brooklyn he was the one true constant in my life
  • what he says: this is my choice
  • what he means: if I have to die I want to do it with dignity and I'm not sure I want to go on without him - he's my entire life and it isn't fair that I survive when he didn't
Hold on for Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Summary: You loved him. He didn’t know. And then, on a mission, you go and do something stupid. But maybe it was for the best.

Word Count: 1198

Warning(s): blood, gunshot wound

A/N: i’m not really feeling this one, especially with how well granted did about a week ago. i’m trying to get through what i have left then i have some part two’s to do! also… the end is vague for a reason so do with it what you will ;-)

Prompt: Hi! Idk if you’re still taking requests but if you are, can I ask an angsty-fluffy one that has the line “I made the biggest mistake of falling in love with my /best friend/.” Or something like that. Or the girl’s in love with her best friend who likes someone else/doesn’t see her until she gives up on him trope? Steve/Reader, please. I SO love your writing and I can’t wait to read more!😊 - anon

“Shit, there’s more of them then we thought.”

“Hey, watch your language.”

Steve turned his head to look back at you just long enough for you to catch the glare he shot at you. You couldn’t help the smug grin that captured your lips, patting him on the back, and mumbling an apology. It obviously wasn’t the time to be making jokes, being that you were on a mission and all. But you really couldn’t help making fun of your best friend. Especially when Steve just made it so easy.

“On my count,” Steve whispered, and even though you were right behind him, he was amplified over the comms, just in case you were to get separated. “Three.”

You tightened your grip on your ICER. Steve moved his shield to the magnets on the sleeve of his uniform.


Steve looked back at you again. A soft smile crossed your face, forgetting, just for that split second, what you were there for. He nodded, and you broke out of it and nodded back.


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They’ve met.

Mmmkaaay… ESTP girl here again lol. Okay, so I always seem to be angry for some reason. But I don’t know why. It annoys me. This is why I’m a thinker instead of a feeler. Emotions are dumb and stupid and irrational and I hate them. How can I find out why I’m always mad?

(Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist, so this isn’t professional advice.)

Personally, as a feeler most of the time I think emotions are dumb and stupid and irrational, so you’re not alone; it’s not just thinkers who feel that way (in fact, since feelers tend to intensely feel ALL THE THINGS, much of the time, they have more reason to hate their feelings!).

That being said:

Lower Fe’s have this problem of analytically comprehending other people and their (”irrational”) feelings, while being semi-insure how they feel themselves; many try and rationalize their emotions, or just explode, rather than dealing with them – so the fact that you hate feeling angry all the time and want to know what the hell is the deal here means you’re a mature human being, who doesn’t want this handicap in life. Good for you. That attitude will take you places.

Now, what’s making you angry? Is it something in your life? A relationship that isn’t satisfying you? A coworker who is getting on your nerves?

Sometimes the outer symptom (in this case, rage) hints at some deeper issue at work in your subconscious; often, when we’re full of resentment, whatever sets us off isn’t what’s actually bothering us. It’s just that this person happened to do something that released your anger, which you’d pent up over … something else.

So what makes people really angry inside?

Hurt. Disappointment. Betrayal. Broken trust. Abuse. Being neglected, forgotten, mistreated, passed over, shunned, mocked, maligned, teased, pushed around, bossed, the list goes on.

What’s gone on with you? What’s in your past? What hurts have you had? Have you dealt with each one as it happened – and I mean, really DEALT with it, or have you stored up resentment for a long time over something you’re not “over,” if you’re honest with yourself?

This is crucial, if you can do it: as a lower Fe, find a FEELER to talk to about this. FE NEEDS TO EXPRESS ITSELF IN ORDER TO COMPREHEND THE DEPTH OF ITS FEELINGS AND DEAL WITH IT. You literally need to “talk it out.” Pay for therapy if you need it.

If you have a Feeler friend (Fe is especially good), turn to them. Talk about your anger. Let them help you talk through old feelings, to try and figure out what’s going on. It’s better if they know you well. Listen to them. Don’t try and rationalize away their advice. Don’t ignore your feelings or pass over them – you do that, you’ll stay angry.

Also, as a Se-dom type, I HIGHLY recommend finding something physical to do, to drain your anger. Channel it somewhere productive. Exercise is a great way to diffuse emotions of any kind and is just good for you. :)

- ENFP Mod

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I don't know if this is a stupid question but I haven't been a mythical beast for a very long time. Why do people dislike Malex being a thing on This is Mythical (I personally have no opinion, I just wanna know)

Not a stupid question at all! Though, I can speak only for myself answering this question. I think Mike and Alex getting their own show at This Is Mythical channel is a good thing because I hope we will see less of that Malex thing on GMM and GMMore episodes from now on.

Maybe some people think and fear that Malex is taking over and draw the attention away from RandL, the reason we all came here in the first place. I do feel that sometimes they are shoving Malex onto our faces and try to make it a thing. For an example when they took Mike and Alex to meet the miniature horse, Miniwheat, which Rhett bought for Link as a birthday present. I am forever bitter about that we didn’t see Rhett and Link meeting the horse instead of M&A. And that is just one example, there has been many things we would have loved to see RandL doing but instead we got some random crew members doing them.

Of course, I don’t mind people liking Malex but I dislike seeing it on GMM because I am here for Rhett and Link. I like seeing their chemistry and see how their lifelong relationship is carrying on every day. Being friends with someone over thirty years is mythical to me. Youtube and other medias are full of Mike&Alex type of friendships and I’m not interested in that. Rhett and Link started their whole business from the scratch and it’s based on their relationship with each other and I think the focus must remain on them.

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Others can leave their own opinion/thoughts on this post too. :)


Marissa: CARRIE! I can’t believe I finally got to tell you… When I signed up for this competition, I had no idea you’ll be here! You’re my idol, I know all of your songs… especially I like this one: “you’re so oblivious, don’t you know how much I feel for you, you stupid nerd…”. For some reason I imagine you singing this to Logan, and I’m just rolling on floor laughing!

Carrie: Well, it may or may not be a great concept, thank you Marissa.

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Is it bad that I really don't want Dan to be changing his YouTube name? A bunch of people think that's what it's gonna be and its actually really worrying me and I don't even know why?? I'm a person who happens to dread drastic changes in life, and for some reason this would be one to me? I mean it's not my life or my decision, but I feel for some reason like I'd cry if that's he outcome? Idk really I guess, and this all may seem a bit stupid/childish but it's got me a lil worked up I guess?

Your feelings are valid buddy - change can be pretty scary at times. There’s nothing stupid/childish about being unprepared for something changing, especially if that something is dear to you. Don’t beat yourself up over this, srsly. I will say though, with change, can come adaptability. 

Like, I know this isn’t the same but Dan recently went from having straight hair in every video to embracing his curls - what used to be a big deal in the phandom has now become the norm. It’s possible this could happen with him potentially changing his username. It may take time but don’t think that your current feelings are forever, with change comes more change - but it’s not the end all and be all, ygm?

That being said, I doubt dan is gonna change it any time soon as ‘danisnotonfire’ is his like, brand image/name. It’s what people know him as most, so to get rid of it completely would be a loss I think, even for him. He may rebrand what ‘danisnotonfire’ means over time, as he grows especially, but it’s still unlikely that he’ll put the name ‘danisnotonfire’ to one side (any time soon).

But srsly, it’s okay to have concerns. I find my worries spike up when these like a lack of certainty and being unprepared for that uncertainty, so maybe just find a way to be prepared for any outcome when it comes to Dan’s name and stuff - in the end, Dan changing his username doesn’t mean he’s disappearing or going anywhere, there will still be ripples of who he was…in the end, it just means his online persona is growing with his real life self :) that’s always a good thing tbh, it means more new/different content for us, and can even make Dan happier because it means he’s not stuck to the old stuff he could feel pressured to be attached to.


I don’t know if that last stuff made sense but if you wanna talk about this more, I’d be happy to listen as I know worries are tough to handle with alone, especially when you feel silly for having them (spoiler alert: you ain’t! i’m sure you’re not the only one concerned either!)

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listen friend I kNOW IT'S STUPID AND ALSO A LOT OF HECKING WORK AND SORRY but I kinda drew us and I was wondering if maybe I reblogged it again it would be the last thing on my blog and since we're mutuals i was hoping it'd show up on ur dash but like not even mutuals u just follow me for some reason so anyways I just want you to see it and I'm trash I'm sorry but yeah love you dad

i must’ve missed it!

 feel free to either message me it or reblog and i’ll check it out :,D

A more melancholy day

I’m feeling rather low energy today, even though nothing of significance has set me off.

For the sake of processing, here are the two things that caught me off guard today and made me feel more empty than the level I’m already operating at:

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is it normal to get extremely angry at someone for a stupid reason like that they're sitting next to you showing you shirts they wanna buy or wanting to have some casual conversation but you're looking at/thinking about something else and you feel like you're going to explode and can't focus on what they're saying if you don't say anything

I don’t know if it’s normal, but it’s a common way to respond to being interrupted.


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Folks at r/Judaism would like to know why you spell G-d with a dash?

I don’t usually. But I hang out with some people who do, and sometimes I do it by osmosis, and sometimes I do it because of OCD-related freaking out over violating taboos I don’t even believe in, which is probably the real reason for like half the superficially religious stuff I do.

A few times I’ve done it on purpose because I feel like it’s a useful way to distinguish between silly secular contexts like “Oh my God, that’s crazy”, versus actually having some semblance of religious awe; “G-d” seems like a real and awe-inspiring being in a way that the overused term “God” doesn’t. But overall it’s completely unprincipled and I feel kind of stupid about it.

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Bish I'm highkey happy af rn, because apparently the "hickey" on Jungkook's neck was just a mark from stress. He gets them all the time. He even got them when he was fetuskook. For some reason I forgot. I'm so fuckin lit rn like I thought he had hoes, and my stupid ass was all up in my feelings. But we Gucci, we always Gucci. Bless🙌🏽 but on a serious note I hope they gets some rest after this tour. They been working real hard for our entertainment, and I appreciate tf out of them.

FROM STRESS???? omg omg omg, this just made me feel lowkey bad bc i fr slandered and drug jungkook up n down my blog for being a cheater. IM SO UPSET. i knew i should’ve known he wasn’t a cheater. he would never lie to his girlfriends like that. IM SUCH A TERRIBLE GF YALL DONT TOUCH ME,

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I post motivational stuff every day, but liberals and so-called ‘socialists’ just don’t want to put forth any effort at all.  Even with a body like this, you just can’t reach them, and if you do get them to work out a little, you can’t even get them to hold onto any gains at all.  They think I’m 'stupid’.  Sad.  Sometimes I wonder if I truly am evil, especially when I’m in the middle of fucking.  Those thoughts just make feel like I’m ready to break out into a hot sweat, and thinking that way makes me more aggressive for some reason.  They’re afraid of freedom and want to pretend that they care about helping others.  Yeah man, well I guess if you can’t make them want to try, you can at least smack that ass a little harder.  Some nights I love to rage out and flex that crab pose when the lights are low.  Just feels good to let off some steam…or turn up the steam, I guess, depending on the mood I’m in.

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I just realized why I never understood who was who in Ghost. Because some people would refer to Fire as Fire then others would say Alpha, and people said Omega about Omega but he had another name too. Then people switched places and there was a Mist all of a sudden so I ended up with 7 ghouls, instead of 5. I feel stupid but whatever.

If you ever get confused again, whatever instrument the ghoul is playing regulates their symbol/name

Lead guitar- Fire
Guitar- Aether
Drums - Earth
Bass- Water
Keyboard- Air

Omega was a fan given nickname because of the sticker on his guitar, and the name just stuck. Same with Alpha…

Quintessence is an alternative name to Aether.

Mist wasn’t a real name, it’s just something some fans did for reasons I don’t know, so don’t let that throw you off.

  1. Never let someone try to tell you you’re “fat”, “ugly”, or “not good enough”. Because listen to me when I say that you ARE so beautiful and definitely good enough.

  2. If you ever feel like the walls are closing in, or you’re feeling all alone, or feeling like you don’t matter…Listen to me when I say, YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT AND YOU DO MATTER! You’re important for so many reasons, some of those reasons you still have yet to find out, but YOU WILL FIND THOSE REASONS! You just gotta keep going, keep fighting those thoughts out of your head, and everything will be okay. You are absolutely NOT ALONE!

  3. Find joy in the stupid things. Who cares what other people think? If it makes you smile, or feel giddy inside, or even feel the tiniest shred of happiness, then sweetheart, you enjoy the shit out of it! Smile so big it makes your cheeks hurt! You deserve all the happiness.

  4. Make other people happy, you’ll find yourself becoming a more positive, happy, person.

  5. You make sooooo many people happy, more than you can actually know, so please, keep fighting and stay strong, for the sake of yourself and all the people who care about you…

  6. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Even when you feel like you’ll never amount to anything, and that the concept of believing in yourself seems completely impossible to you, just know that I believe in you and so do a whole lot of other people. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

“You can fly?”

The “no superheroes” origins AU where it turns out Tim’s best friend does, in fact, have super powers. Awesome

(Two teenaged boys pull a bunch of really, really stupid stunts to find out what Conner can and can’t do: the series.)

Life Is Worth Living

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Sister!Reader

Request: Can I please request a Barry imagine where he catches his sister self harming? Thank you.

Word count: 1.054

A/N: It’s so sad to write this request, also because it’s a serious topic that, unfortunately, happens in many people in this world we’re into.
If you ever feel sad or lonely, don’t hesitate to inbox me and I am ready to talk to you. If you ever feel the need of killing yourself, please don’t do it! There are people around you that care, so please! I can be a normal writer and I may not count for you, but I am giving you a reason not to. Please.

I love you all.

- G. x

Warning: !!Self harming!!

One, two, three.
You remembered words that buzzed in your ear like a bee:
fat, stupid, never enough, those were some of the words that float on your Red Sea.

Four, five, six.
You took a deep breath and they were just playing some tricks.
You hoped they were, but they hurt you like bumping your head on the bricks.

Seven, eight, nine.
You picked that stainless steel tool and you drew a line.
At first it was cold and you were tired, but then said that it was just a minus sign.

Ten, twenty, thirty.
Your breath hitched and you became thirsty.
You counted faster as you wanted to be beautiful, intelligent and trustworthy.

Forty, Fifty, Si-
You counted as your brother went in to see.
You let your tool fall down and you hid your secret Red Sea.

Your teary face fell on your study table as your weariness started to invade your body. You were trying to finish your kind of poem, entitled “The Red Sea”.

It was originally your story, your story when you used to harm yourself, your story when your brother, Barry, caught you drawing on your wrist, instead on your sketch papers.

You difficultly remembered what happened when you arrived at fifty-nine, but your brother told you everything when you started to question him what has he seen.

It’s been a long and hard day at school. You never liked your school, because you never had a chance to have any friends there, so you’ve gotten yourself bullied. You were called as fat, stupid, never enough and some other harsh words that people, normally, couldn’t swallow either.

You hated the people around you, except your brother Barry. You adored Barry, since he took care of you and he’s always tried to protect you. You loved it when he told you that you were the best sister he’s ever had, but people’s negative comments were more powerful than his compliments.

That day, you had enough and you felt alone, isolated, stressed, frustrated and angry. Your emotions were so strong that you decided to hurt yourself. You felt that you were fat, stupid, never enough, a failure, a factory defect and many other more things.

You didn’t know where you found the courage to do such thing, because Barry has always taught you that you shouldn’t hurt yourself, no matter what happens. You might have grown without your real parents, but Barry, together with Joe and Iris, your adoptive family, made you feel loved.

“What are you doing, (Y/N)!?” Barry shouted as he entered your room, he saw what you were doing and it was clear to him, it was just hard to accept.

“Bar!” You said as your energy ran low. You tried to draw long and deep minus signs as you counted how many seconds you’ve lasted. You let your sharp tool to fall on the floor and tried to hide your bleeding wrist, also called as your Red Sea, but it was too late.

“(Y/N)!” Barry shouted as he tried to keep you awake, panic was filling his emotions, your breath was hitching. “Stay awake, okay?”

“Bar.” You weakly called him as he carried you and you suddenly blacked out.

Everything ran through your head as you woke up from a long rest. You were in a hospital room, a drip fluid bag filled with clear dextrose attached and your wrist was covered with white bandages.

“(Y/N)!” Barry exclaimed as he saw that you were finally awake. “How are you?”
“Better.” You said, but weakness was still heard in your voice.

“I’m sorry if I neglected you in these days.” He was sad and down. You felt bad, because it wasn’t honestly his fault.

“Bar, don’t worry. It wasn’t your fault.” You caressed his cheek with your free hand. “Instead, thank you for being a great brother.”

“Shh.” Tears ran down his cheeks as he pressed a kiss on your temple. “I would’ve never accepted it if I managed to lose you too.”

“I’m sorry.” You sighed.

“It’s okay, don’t feel bad. I am just telling you that you need to have a little confidence for yourself. Don’t ever let words to knock you down, they might hurt, but I know that you are stronger than them.” He seriously told you as he caressed your hand. “Those bullies just feel better if you give them what they wanted. So please.”

“Thank you, Bar.” You sweetly nodded as you understood his words.

“From now on, I will always be by your side. Okay? I will always give you reasons to keep you from doing it once again. I will always listen to you whenever you need to talk or whenever you feel sad.” Barry sincerely promised as his tears stopped streaming down his face.

“Thank you for being my angel sent from above.” You bit your lip as you saw Barry smile widely.

“People make mistakes, (Y/N), but it doesn’t mean that you have to give in. Okay?” He remembered you.

“Okay.” You smiled weakly at him and he appreciated your effort.

“I love you so much, my best sister.” You giggled a little bit. He knew how you loved it when he says so.

“I love you too, flatterer!” You winked at him and he let out a laugh.

“Live another day, because I know that life is worth living!” He caressed your cheek as you nodded with a smile on your face. “Especially when you live with me.”

“Oh, shut up!” You both laughed loudly as you left your thoughts behind. “But thank you for being my hero, Flash and Barry.”

“You are my hero.” You stretched your arms so you could wrapped your arms around him. You both shared a tight hug, where you could feel his warmth and brotherly kindness.

Fat, idiot and never enough were the words you used to hear from people around you, but you knew how incoherent they were when they started to call you a hero, a survivor and you suddenly became beautiful, intelligent and trustworthy.

That’s what our society is: you suddenly become a beautiful and flawless person when you were about to lose your battle or when you stopped fighting and you gave up from winning against them.

Sadly, this is our society and it sucks. ​


“ Gosh… I was really stupid. Right at this moment, it has nothing to do with me or him… I have a duty as a lawyer. And nothing matters more than that !! ”