i feel special tbh

Okay but like … Aren’t we going to talk about the fact that Mikasa is basically the combination of the two most important rebellious amnesia-proof clans ? 


I really regret not getting it on video but basically this is what happened before jbh during the part where everyone’s screaming aka the five minutes that were the cause of my death - Tinley Park 7/30/16
(disclaimer: some details might be wrong bc I was too busy dying)

Okay so he’s there with the lil blue spotlight on him and the entire ampitheatre is screaming as usual right. He takes out one of his in-ears, we scream even louder. He takes out his other in-ear, we scream even louder!! 

It’s been like over a min at this point and so he puts both in-ears in to I guess start the song, but we won’t stfu!! bc we’re literally in the presence of an angel?? So then we keep screaming and eventually he takes both in-ears out again and surprise! we scream even louder!! And my baby looked so so sweet up there watching us cheer him on and he had this smol smile on his face the entire time

OK BUT THEN comes the good part!! He goes to start the song (idk how much time has passed but it felt like 5 min stg) and so he puts his mouth to the microphone and literally only gets through the “e” sound in every (like cause the first lyric is “everybody’s got their demons” right) and we’re like ?? what he say homie? And we’re just continuously cheering him on nonstop bc taking a break at this point would be quitter talk. So we’re screaming and screaming, and he goes to sing again but this time he only gets through “every body” or smth before he turns around and starts walking away (presumably bc he’s :’) and can’t even start the song bc he’s so overwhelmed but in a good way) and at this time we kinda catch his drift so of fucking course we start cheering but like this time in an even more encouraging way!! Like yes baby you take all the time you need we’re here for you when you’re ready!! (there’s rly no difference between normal screaming and like the screaming after his second attempt to start the song, but I’d like to think he could tell!) Anyways then third try he’s able to start the song and it was beautiful and basically everyone was trying not to cry after that whole ordeal anyways I love Michael

i feel like im thinking about my polish gf and her dream too much and tbh i feel neglected, i thought we had something special but now she wont even message me anymore 😢💔


last 3 selfies of this year. thank u all for loving me. i love you just as much, if not more, back. 💜 enjoy these.

sometimes I forget that not everyone gets that feeling in their chest while listening to classical music

it’s so special and I’m sad that not everyone feels it tbh

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals ♥

Hopping on the bandwagon and making a year end ff~ Some of you I’ve been following for a long time and some I’ve only followed recently, and some are people I’m lucky enough to call good friends who are super adorable and sweet and I don’t deserve their love ;;

I hope you all had a relaxing holiday and have a fantastic new year ♥

See you all in FF and DGM hell next year~

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Sorry if I added some people twice or missed anyone, I get so thrown off by new urls it’s kind of sad 

Tbh I feel special because of the music video. There so many scenes and parts that only swifties would understand. I feel like we just have a good connection with Taylor and she’s opened up to us so much to personal things in her life.