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Listen, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if I was hiding a lost special, and I had planted a billboard-sized clue in one of my episodes with the words “on March 8th the secret will be unleashed,” I would almost certainly release a teaser on BBC One featuring a glitching Moriarty saying “You didn’t think that was the whole story, did you?” and if not that I would definitely put a surprise minisode on YouTube with the announcement for the upcoming lost special at the end… either one would get lots of buzz and people reassessing their impressions of series 4 and going back to do what all of us have been doing all along, looking for clues and playing the game they’ve laid out for us within the show itself… get everybody intrigued and excited again for this history-making insane wish fulfillment etc etc… who knows about Mofftiss I’m just saying that’s what I’D do…


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my need 2 hug geoffrey no middle name downes was so insurmountable that i had 2 buy a narwhal & name it geoffrey

bc lets be real geoff is Definitely a damn narwhal esp one with galaxy print & the silveriest goddamn horn ever

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Spartos and Camellia for the flower prompts? Your blog is great, keep it up

Camellia- my destiny is in your hands

“Father, will he be back soon?”
The little ones voice timid, as if he was too afraid to ask, as a lot of people watched the older son of the great Knight-King leave the city, accompanied by strangers. Spartos could see the two times his brother looked back at them, smiled and walked even faster, he seemed to almost run, maybe still a bit scared, maybe he was excited. But Spartos just felt sad, even if his brother looked so happy.
He could feel his father’s hand on his head, gently pushing down before the king turned around and walked back into the palace again, knights following, until soon Spartos stood alone, looking after his brother’s long gone silhouette.

Training was hard, relentless even. Day after day Spartos trained, sometimes until his knees gave out, sometimes only until he couldn’t feel the wounds from the day before anymore. And when he passed by the entrance of the city, he couldn’t hold back from taking a peak outside, just wanting to see if maybe someone was to return from his journey.

But there was no sign of his brother. There was a letter once, sporadic, short. He seemed to do well, their father was pretty pleased, Spartos… Not so much. Growing older and older with every year passing, he soon became a proper man. Suddenly he was faced with way more than just being the son of the Knight-King. And with everyday more, Spartos understood why his brother left, as he too, longed for his freedom, far away even.

So many years had gone by and even if Spartos had given up on his brother’s return, he sat down onto his table, pulled out the fine paper, with the broidered with camellia flowers, and started writing. He wrote about his life so far and excused himself for not being there should Mystras return in his absence. By the next rise of sun, Spartos was gone, the letter signed affectionately with: “… and now, that my own journey may begin, I must  thank you for never disappointing me, even as my destiny was in your hands.”.

When Darius found the envelope, it left the usual stoic king’s heart aching, when he realized that he had lost two sons that day.

Okay but like … Aren’t we going to talk about the fact that Mikasa is basically the combination of the two most important rebellious amnesia-proof clans ? 


N. Ventrata, N. Miranda, N. Lady Luck. These three are the pokemon starter equivalent in the pitcher plant world

I’ve seen so many confessions in all kinds of places that say that girls get treated differently when players learn that they’re girls? I’m a girl, I’m pretty obvious about it, (I’d like to say I’m relatively feminine tbh), but I feel like I don’t get any “special” treatment or anything like that. We play the game and we all exchange mystery gifts during holidays. That’s all there is to it. I’ve never been sexually harassed in-game or anything like that. What am I missing?

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Seventeen as things me and my friends have said

Scoups: Ur lucky I wasn’t there I would’ve beaten all ur ashes

Jeonghan: My beutafil hair

Joshua: R u even habla enhlishhh

Jun: I would but I’m ugly… lmao jk I’m just too beautiful whatchu thought

Hoshi: I swear its 10/10 very nice™

Wonwoo: Does no one get the joke aww… no we get it its just that ur lame

Woozi: Is that an insult? I’ll burn u in hell boy 

DK: Everyone’s prob allergic to my happiness

Mingyu: There’s nothing wrong with him he just tol 

The8: Oh sorry I just facepalmed in 35 languages

Vernon: Leave my fetus self in the past thanks

Seungkwan: My little fetus self rage quitted but not in front of my parents that would be rude 

Dino: any1 wanna pbs and chill