i feel special tbh

Listen, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if I was hiding a lost special, and I had planted a billboard-sized clue in one of my episodes with the words “on March 8th the secret will be unleashed,” I would almost certainly release a teaser on BBC One featuring a glitching Moriarty saying “You didn’t think that was the whole story, did you?” and if not that I would definitely put a surprise minisode on YouTube with the announcement for the upcoming lost special at the end… either one would get lots of buzz and people reassessing their impressions of series 4 and going back to do what all of us have been doing all along, looking for clues and playing the game they’ve laid out for us within the show itself… get everybody intrigued and excited again for this history-making insane wish fulfillment etc etc… who knows about Mofftiss I’m just saying that’s what I’D do…

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Spread Friendship And Love 🌸 Give a shout out to 5 of your irl friend or mutuals and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once your done 🌼

JUST 5? Sorry but I cannot follow the rules on that one bc there more than 5 who I want to mention here. So let’s go go go

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Everyone’s hating on Cyprus’ staging for “copying” Belgium 2015, but I’m happy they’re bringing a piece of Loic back to Eurovision

I’ve seen so many confessions in all kinds of places that say that girls get treated differently when players learn that they’re girls? I’m a girl, I’m pretty obvious about it, (I’d like to say I’m relatively feminine tbh), but I feel like I don’t get any “special” treatment or anything like that. We play the game and we all exchange mystery gifts during holidays. That’s all there is to it. I’ve never been sexually harassed in-game or anything like that. What am I missing?

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Okay so I am procrastinating doing the million school things I need to do by going down my own Dua tag and like…I still can’t believe this happened????       It was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I went to the concert alone but I have never felt more a part of a group… like the crowd was so amazing and everyone was so unabashedly excited about pop music. The energy was incredible I felt like I belonged for once???? And DUA was so electric and everything I could have hoped for and every song just felt so special and like IMPORTANT. And after all that I got to meet her and she was so sweet and took time with every fan???? An actual angel??? I am just feeling a lot of things about this night it meant so much to me!

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You're a Detective Conan fan??? (Honestly I thought that no one even knew it existed so I mean... Yay!!!) XDDD

OMG YES I AM ANON, YES I AM !!! I love detective Conan so much omfffg I actually just rewatched all twenty movies with my sister because we’re nerds haha

Seventeen as things me and my friends have said

Scoups: Ur lucky I wasn’t there I would’ve beaten all ur ashes

Jeonghan: My beutafil hair

Joshua: R u even habla enhlishhh

Jun: I would but I’m ugly… lmao jk I’m just too beautiful whatchu thought

Hoshi: I swear its 10/10 very nice™

Wonwoo: Does no one get the joke aww… no we get it its just that ur lame

Woozi: Is that an insult? I’ll burn u in hell boy 

DK: Everyone’s prob allergic to my happiness

Mingyu: There’s nothing wrong with him he just tol 

The8: Oh sorry I just facepalmed in 35 languages

Vernon: Leave my fetus self in the past thanks

Seungkwan: My little fetus self rage quitted but not in front of my parents that would be rude 

Dino: any1 wanna pbs and chill

Okay but like … Aren’t we going to talk about the fact that Mikasa is basically the combination of the two most important rebellious amnesia-proof clans ? 



last 3 selfies of this year. thank u all for loving me. i love you just as much, if not more, back. 💜 enjoy these.

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Phil is a very pretty boy. I don't know what that other Anon was talking about tbh. Phil is so special and beautiful. I feel like Dan would never leave for anything. They have that kind of bond ya know? So all I'm saying is Phil is so god damn hot and beautiful I love him so much.

phil is beauitful inside and out, i just want to live in his soul, he is so good and pure. but dont stress about anon, they were probs just trolling us, and i just wanted to post a million photos of phils face tbh. besides, they just wanted a rise, and i wasn’t gonna give them that. but yeah, they have such a strong bond, i dont think anyone needs to fear dan leaving phil

i feel like bts will always hold a special place in my heart tbh, like ill be 35 and hear a song of thiers or have it brought up and instantly feel warm bc of all the good memories they gave me.

To the sunshine in my every morning, the breeze in my every afternoon, the brightest little star in my every night, happy birthday! I’m eternally grateful that you’re born to this world. Thanks for coming to my life and painting the most beautiful rainbow inside my heart. There will never be enough words to describe how much you mean to me nor to explain how great it feels when i see you smile. Today is an open door to all greater things in your life. Go grab every chance that lies ahead, don’t be afraid. I’ll be there standing by you. Hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest, sweetheart. I love you, forevermore.  ✉♡