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Backwoods of Opal Road | 11:03 p.m.

       “A stormy night as I’m making my way to a cabin that’s supposedly haunted.. Interesting. Maybe I’ll get lucky and actually have contact for once. Not so bad for my first journey into the deep woods of Oregon.”


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OMG so since windercheisse's fan daughter is more mouthy. I can imagine Mira and her proper bitching as Mira is obviously our queen of sass.

Mira would love having someone to finally bitch to without them complaining back at her.

(Please keep sending these asks in they’re super fun to draw) 

Orah (I believe that’s her name) Belongs to the wonderful @wunderscheisse

Next Gen + Godparents 

Harry more or less starts the Weasley godparent trend by taking his responsibility as Teddy’s godfather incredibly seriously. He considers Teddy his own kid, prioritizes him the way he would have loved to be prioritized as a child himself. He also does his best to tell him everything he knows about the wonderful people Remus and Tonks were. He understands him perfectly. 

Fleur insists that the godfather of her firstborn be someone smart, financially stable, soft-spoken, and not remotely related to the Weasley clan. When Bill suggests Viktor Krum, she wonders if she’d been picturing him when she set her criteria. He cries when they ask him, and forever teases that Victoire was named after him, instead of the victory at the Battle of Hogwarts. Fleur lets Victoire believe that until she’s old enough to know about the war.

Molly and Lucy’s godmother is their aunt Daphne, who never has kids of her own, but dotes on Molly and Lucy (and their cousin Scorpius, too!). Audrey is very close with her sisters, as all respectable pureblood siblings are, and hopes that Daphne can teach her girls the grace and smooth femininity Audrey had never perfected as well as the youngest Greengrass. Percy doesn’t get a lot of say, although there wasn’t anyone he would have wanted particularly if he had been asked. 

Lee Jordan is joking when he holds tiny baby Fred for the first time and says, “hey, check out my godson.” George and Angelina glance at each other, never having given thought to anyone except Ron or Ginny to take the position in their baby son’s life. It’s what his namesake would have wanted, they both think, and George says, “yeah, your godson’s pretty cute, isn’t he?” Lee isn’t around a lot, but when he is, he gives little Fred the world. 

Ron and Hermione aren’t planning on having children of their own by the time little James Sirius Weasley-Potter comes into the world, content to be perpetual aunts and uncles - and, after Harry had tearfully asked them six months ago, godparents - but that changed the day they saw each other speaking quietly to a tiny bundle in the other’s arms. They babysit one night, when Jamie is six months old or so, and have a long conversation after putting the little guy to bed about having one of their own. They always seem to credit him for their decision, and dote on him just a little more than they dote on their other niblings, even Lily. 

When Madame Maxime offers to be little Domique’s godmother, Fleur isn’t sure. Bill had talked about asking Charlie, and they still weren’t sure which school they were planning to send their kids to - Hogwarts, with all their cousins, or Beauxbatons, for the French roots Fleur feared they’d never quite pick up. It only takes an afternoon of watching Maxime with little Victoire before they’ve decide, though. She’s perfect. 

Ron and Hermione, being the godparents of James Sirius, decide to return the favor and ask Harry and Ginny to be little Rose’s. They’re delighted, and even though she’s born within a month of their own Albus, manage to shower her with affection and love right from the start and throughout her whole life. Although Rose’s hero is her mother, she still trusts her Aunt Ginny with more than she’d ever tell Hermione. 

After much consideration, Harry and Ginny ask Andromeda to be little Albus’s grandmother. Not only does Harry trust her more than anyone besides Ron, Hermione, and his wife, it’s also partially for Teddy, giving him one more link into the Weasley-Potter family. It turns out to be the perfect decision, especially once Al is sorted Slytherin and she understands like no one else can.

Draco Malfoy doesn’t believe in godparents, not after what happened with his own at the top of the Astronomy tower. Scorpius has plenty of love and support, though, with his own parents and grandparents, his aunts Daphne and Audrey, and, eventually, the Weasley clan itself. 

The award for the Weasley godparent with the highest ratio of dragons as gifts goes to Charlie, and Louis grows up with a love of folklore that Charlie passes on like he would to his own kids. 

Neville and Ginny are Luna’s two favorite people in the whole world, and both happen to be wonderful with kids, and have enough love to share with her twin boys. Neville cries she asks him, and immediately begins to love the boys like his own. He offers a sense of protection that Luna is never quite able to convey. Ginny hugs her best friend for a very long time, and swears to offer the best home-away-from-home possible for the boys. Luna never feels like a single mother with the two of them in her life and her boys’. 

Lily Luna’s idol is her godmother, and Luna does her level best to continue to love and inspire awe in the tiny redhead whose snark and manipulation complement Luna’s non-sequiters and huge, pleading eyes perfectly. They’re a team that Ginny is powerless against, and Harry rolls his eyes affectionately over. 

Myrna’s godmother is Hestia Jones, to whom Dudley owes his entrance into the Wizarding World. He wants to make sure that if his daughter does end up being part of that world - even if he hopes she isn’t - that she’ll be supported and taken care of and loved inside of it and out. Hestia is brave and wise, and turns out to be an excellent godmother, before and after Myrna’s letter. 

Hermione wants nothing more than to have Hagrid as Hugo’s godfather. Ron is hesitant - he lives with dragons and blast-ended skrewts, Hermione - but they ask him anyway, and Hugo spends long hours in Hagrid’s huge arms, and then trailing dutifully behind him on the ranch, whenever he can get Ron to agree to let him go. 

Hestia offers to be Rhea’s godmother, too. She never treats her differently than Myrna, even though she has very little experience with Muggle children. She’s the one to help Rhea understand Myrna’s world before Myrna can articulate the differences, and the one to show her the magic in both of their lives. 

Percy wanted to choose one of his siblings to be the godparents of Ken, but he wasn’t absolutely certain that Oliver wasn’t choosing based solely on Quidditch merit. Fleur seemed a good compromise.

George and Angelina officially ask Lee Jordan, again, to be Roxanne’s godfather, but he hadn’t been as involved in Freddie’s life as they would have liked. They know, though, that their little girl will grow up with all the support of all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin’s combined experience, so they aren’t too worried  about it.

The Weepies - Nobody Knows Me At All (cover)

@myrobotlandlord, thanku uwu

this song is a bit relatable, so i had a lot of fun recording! enjoy!

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plot twist: spiderman, black widow, batman, and other animal themed heroes are actually miraculous holders

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i was planning to draw this out actually but im a little caught up to finish it so here is a peter parker (from the movie that i remember as a kid) but this is such a good idea lolol

AAAlso sorry but uhhh I’m gonna casually clear my inbox and delete any “Nya-related” stuff sent because getting like 20+ asks with “Nya” jokes out of the blue made me a bit upset… I do like my online alias/name “Nyaps” because it sounds cute and all but honestly the jokes just stopped being funny like a year or two ago and these jokes are starting to make me hate all of my urls… 

BTS Reaction to You Having A Hairy Butt

(not requested but it’s not supposed to be a serious one so don’t get offended) 


“I mean I will still love you even if you have a hairy butt, it’s just different. I’ve never seen someone with a hairy butt before.” 

~ “Jin you act like you can get anybody.”

“But I am worldwide handsome.” 

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“Listen, if you are happy with it then so am I.” *low key thinks it’s cute* 

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“Hair? Where? I didn’t even notice. Are you sure?” *doesn’t want you to worry about it*

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

“Yeah, I noticed. I mean as a personal preference I don’t like it, but if you don’t care then I don’t care. It’s not going to stop me from beating that-” 

~ “Namjoon I swear to god!” 

“I’m sorry.” 

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“Um, I didn’t realize it was a problem. Mind if I look at your butt again?” 

~ “Jimin, no.” 

“I tried?” 

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“What?” *completely oblivious**gif* 

~ “Tae, you never noticed?” 

“I mean it’s always been dark. I can’t see in the dark, Jagi.” 

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*thinks you’re joking* “Hairy butt? Really?” 

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First impression: I think this person likes Fili. Now impression: This person is obsessed with Fili's hair. ;)




EVER. NEVER. *twitch twitch twitch twitch….*



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LIKE. Can we just… can we just take a moment and just think about the joy, the wonder, the extreme AWESOME POWER that is Fili’s hair???

I MEAN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMETHING SO MAGICAL? SO PURE?? I mean, we need to consider that his hair has magical properties. Now, of course, you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “Magical powers? How do you know it has magical powers?” 


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Even Fili is in awe of his hairs power. 

 It has many healing properties, of course. In fact, Fili didn’t die in BOTFA because his hair is magical, and as a result he healed Kili with his hair and also Thorin, and everyone lived and no one died.* …** See, his hair is actually made up of a million little galaxies, stardust, cinnamon, nutmeg, sunshine, and ALL THE WARM FUZZY FEELINGS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

 We cannot fully comprehend Fili and his hair. Our weak, feeble minds are not powerful enough to. But all we need to know is that his hair is very, very, very magical, his braids forever wrapping us up in its wonder and love.*** 

Like, if butter were hair, it would be Fili’s hair. And quite honestly, if sex was hair, it would most certainly be Fili’s hair. I mean I’m actually convinced his hair, which is made from a million little galaxies, stardust, cinnamon, nutmeg, sunshine, AND ALL THE WARM FUZZY FEELINGS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, is also the product of many simultaneous orgasms as well. Because, like….I mean:

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Watch as the orgasm pulsates through you right now. ****

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.I…..I need to sit down. 


*I believe this to be canon. 

**BOTFA is lying to you. 


****This is why I don’t write porn.

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How do you discover your name? I was essentially a cherubim of a non-abrahamic religion and i served a sun god. I know what I looked like and everything but I don't know my name

here’s our memory recall tag! and to expand, since names are especially finicky in terms of recalling identities: there’s a few ways that might be more “name based” that could help!

- witchcraft - I list this because it seems like there’s a really high correlation of angels that identify as witches? :^) but pendulums or other methods of divination might help you get on the right track (”did my name start with an “a”” etc) - this will probably work better if you have even a small inkling of what it could start with/a syllable/etc

- scrolling through lists of angel names. the downside to this is that 1) you might just find one that sounds pretty and figure it’s probably yours (oops, me) and/or 2) it gets really depressing after the first 300 names. if you want to give it a try, this is a super comprehensive list, though! (this probably won’t apply to you, since this is an Abrahamic list, but I thought to include it in case others are wondering the same thing/you could find a similar name?)

- literally just sitting there like a fool and making syllables - just say a bunch of random sounds. i know it sounds less than reliable but hey, it worked for me (I got the “aph” and clung to that like a branch (haha get it because my name means branch of god)

but in general, any kind of memory recollection will probably do. It’s a tricky process and could take you literal years. And it’s okay if it does. You’re not any less of an angel if you don’t know your name yet.

-Mod Anafiel


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