i feel sorry for this

Ok, I’ve waited 12 hours and had a good long sleep, thought it over, and I’m still kinda upset. Someone recently posted some false information about me and my actions while directly insulting me. I don’t want to have to post about this, because what can I do that won’t exacerbate things? But I’m an individual human being, and I try very hard to hold myself to a certain set of values, so it cuts me very deep when someone goes around telling other people that I’ve done things that I haven’t.

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Sooooooo Uhhhh I’m gonna fall off the face of the planet for… A bit. 

Nothings wrong! I’m fine, feeling much better from my cold although its still around. The thing is, my brain does this thing where at 3am, when I’m completely unconscious because I’ve been running around all day, I wake up for no reasons other than my brain wanting me to remember I have a millions things I need and want to do. And uhhh, I just have a whole lot I need to do art wise. Stuff that I’ve been trying to do, but because of my habit of getting easily distracted or caught up in other things, I have a literal BOOKLET of ideas that are just sitting on my nightstand wasting away. SO, to combat my very easily distracted nature, I’m going to just shut off everything that might distract me and focus on getting a few things done and then I’ll come back in a couple of days and overload you guys with content. 

Just wanted to let all ya’ll know, because I really don’t like leaving you in the dark or making you guys feel like I’m ignoring you when I’m just being a antisocial art obsessed nut. 

Okay, so I’m gonna attempt to go back to sleep. I love you guys, I hope your days are well, and you’re all feeling okay. I can’t wait to put out some stuff for you!!! 

- Mun.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! It’s my day and I get myself my good bun in a suit!









Full offense but racists are perpetuators of isfet, so therefore Set has nothing to do with them in any capacity. He may be a god associated with discord & confusion, but do not forget He actively fights on the side of Ma'at daily.

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10, please? I was thinking, set in Almaty, Beka with interacting younger sibling/niece/nephew, getting hit on, but wherever you choose to go with it is fine. Also, I think people are just shy; I certainly am. :-)

Prompt: The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids. 

Thank you! I totally understand being shy, I am not exactly great at talking to people myself… 

Partially under a read more, because this also got a little a way from me. Roughly 1k words.

It had been tough to take out time for this in the middle of the season, Yakov had been this close to pulling out what little hair he had left, but Yuri knew it was worth it, he couldn’t miss this. 

The scope of Otabek’s family was a little intimidating, and even though Yuri had tried his best to remember who was who, it was hard to keep track. He knew Otabek’s parents and sisters, but there were just too many aunts and uncles and cousins now, and he was worried about getting them mixed up, so he tried to avoid names. They were all very sweet to him, though, and kept plying him with all kinds of food, which endeared them to Yuri immediately.

It was a beautiful party, all in all, deserving of Otabek’s 20th birthday.

Except for one thing.

“Hey, Yuri, having fun? Where’s Beks?”

Yuri rolled his eyes so hard he could feel the strain, then jerked his head towards the centre of the room, where Otabek had fallen prey to half a dozen children, who were climbing him, occasional hanging off his back or arms, and for some reason clamouring to dress Otabek up as a pirate. Yuri had secretly been waiting for them to win, he really wanted to see pirate Otabek.

“Ah, yes. There he is. The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids, am I right?”

Yuri wasn’t entirely sure what that was supposed to mean, but he’d been called a girl before, so he felt entirely justified to snap at J.J.

“Why are you here again?” He didn’t turn around to look at him, just kept watching Otabek.

“Ah, you wound me. I am here because your boyfriend invited me. We’re friends.”

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Reason #143 I love Sun Mi

She doesn’t give a flying eff about how crazy she looks in front of Han Joo or the rest of the world and just goes about living her life.

She knows her supernatural abilities and everything that comes with it, will never allow her to live a normal life. So why waste time pretending to live one, when she knows she is bound to fail and be regarded as a crazy person anyway?


y’all this fic by @blizzaurus is the greatest thing to ever happen to my weak kabby heart 

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Our muses go sledding or ice skating.

“Weiss! Don’t let go of me!”

The heiress laughed as Yang clung to her arm. The buxom blonde caused what should have been an easy glide into a stuttering mess and clicking of skates on the ice. It surprised her how little grace her teammate had.

Weiss had grown up in Atlas, the winter wonderland all year round. Sledding, skiing, ice skating, it was all there whenever the inhabitants felt like frolicking in the snow. She had years of practice; her mother practically had begged her to take up the sport she could no longer pursue. It had almost become a chore while she was still in the Manor. But now, watching Yang stumble like a newborn deer trying to walk for the first time? It filled her with a not-to-uncommon feeling of pride and affection.

A hand went to Yang’s waist, trying to straighten her posture, “Yang, you aren’t going to get anywhere hunched over like that. Stand up straight.” The blonde attempted but panicked once she shifted in an unnerving way. “Come on. You are just scared of falling.”

“Falling? No. Sharp pointy blades at the bottom of our skates removing fingers? Yes.” Fingers dug more into Weiss’s arm. “Do I really have to do this?”

Weiss shrugged, “I mean, you don’t have to, but I like to and I would like a partner. I could always ask your sister-”

“No, no, that’s fine. I can do it,” came the hurried reply. The eagerness to deter her from her combat partner was adorable. Yang straightened up again, wobbly but more steady as she held onto Weiss.

“I’ll be here every step of the way.”

This earned one of those world-stopping grins from her friend. She never failed to get butterflies with that particular look. She tried her best to return it but it was starlight in the presence of the sun. When Yang’s hand slipped down from her upper arm, for a second, Weiss panicked. The warm gloved hand found the fabric of her thick jacket under her elbow.

“Okay. I think I can do this. Now,” Yang looked up from her feet into Weiss’s eyes, that look of fiery determination that Weiss loved admired. “How do I move?”

She laughed at the question, “Well, obviously one foot in front of the other. It’s just like walking. Except it’s not.”

“That’s really not helpful, Weiss.”

“Come on. Let me see your hand.” The blonde easily slid her hand the rest of the way down Weiss’s arm to find the waiting hand. When Yang moved to interlock their fingers, she couldn’t help but blush. “Follow my lead.”

It took several tries and a few near falls, but after half an hour, Yang was capable of at least skating somewhat on her own without Weiss’s help. That didn’t stop her, though, from skating up next to the heiress and grabbing onto her hand. She always blamed it on feeling unbalanced, but Weiss noticed that she blushed just as much as she had. After about two hours on the ice, they were both freezing despite the massive coats. Yang was still trying to master skating backwards - a trick Weiss wish she’d never shown her friend - and showed no real want to go inside where heat and friends were waiting.

“Yang!” she called, exasperated. “Yang, come on. Let’s go inside.”

Yang looked up with a grin. Weiss saw it in slow motion. The blonde wobbled and lost her footing, arms windmilling and blonde hair fluttering as she went down. She hit the ice hard and fell back, hair pooling around her head as she stared up at the near-night sky with a winded expression.

“Yang!” Weiss cried out, skating over to her fallen friend. When she reached her, she looked down at her with worry. “Are you okay? Did you hit your head?”

Yang laughed before shaking her head, “No, no, I’m fine. I just… I’m really not cut out for this.”

Weiss let out a sigh of relief and nodded, “No one ever thinks they are when they first get on the ice. You did really good. Only two major falls.”

“I will take your word on that. Help me up?” Yang held out a hand as she sat up slowly.

“Of course.” However, once her fingers wrapped around the outstretched wrist, Yang tugged her down against her. Weiss couldn’t help the indignant huff as she was carelessly sprawled over the blonde. Weiss had never paid too much attention to how bright Yang’s lilac eyes were when she was up to something mischievous. Or the way her hair looked so bright against the frozen lake under her. Or just how soft her lips looked. She shook her head to clear out thoughts that had started plaguing her months ago. “Ugh. Yang. Now how are we going to get up?”

Yang shrugged a little, keeping her grin and an arm around Weiss’s back, “Come on. You gotta at least lay down with me for a minute. It’d make me feel like less of a failure.” There was a little blush from the boisterous girl that made her nod and roll over. A minute passed, then two, then so many more. It was becoming clear to Weiss that there had been some ulterior motive to the tug but it was nice.

As the sun set, she snuggled closer into the space heater that she had been developing a hopeless crush on. The other girl took it as a sign to pull Weiss up to rest against her chest, an arm going under her neck and around her shoulders. Neither knew it, but they both thought it was the perfect ending to a day with just them. Weiss shifted enough to rest her hand against Yang’s stomach and turned more into the girl.

“This is perfect,” she whispered with a blushing smile.

Yang reached her other hand up to hold the hand against her, “Yes. You are.”

Weiss picked her head up to look over her face. The honesty and adoration she found in those beautiful eyes made her heart skip a beat. She could almost feel her face turn into a sappy, red mess. Yang’s grin somehow widened to take up even more of her face and she leaned up to sweetly peck the heiress’s lips. It was brief, but sweet. And just as magical as the rest of the day had been. It wasn’t anything like what she expected to come from the feisty, over-the-top blonde. But, it was absolutely perfect. Yang pulled back first, laying her head against the ice again.

“You had something sweet on your face. I had to get it off but you have me pinned.”

More heat overtook Weiss’s face as she rolled her eyes.

“Shut up, you dork.”

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you answered my ask i have been BLESSED;

sfkdmfk uhhh ok i really just need to say this but… i mean there have been a lot of posts about us and the “gang” or whatever going around and i just wanna remind yall we’re just girls with choices blogs like we aren’t some top bitches or anything,, please don’t start calling us like “fandom queens” or “moms” or something like i dont want this to be something where we end up with another h*lly situation…… idk im just sorta uncomfy about it?? 

obviously i love yall and i see ur posts and it warms my heart but im also wary of what that kind of reaction to things can create and i dont want any of yall to think im anything other than a bich with a blog ja feel